Danny Phantom Fan Fiction ❯ Under It All ❯ Chapter 6

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Hours later found the halfa sitting on the side of his bed, Sam tucked warmly under his comforter. He didn't know what to do now that she had passed back out again. The Gothic beauty was breathing normally, her temperature back to normal and yet he could feel that she was different. Something had happened, something that was happening to the Goth and Danny was at a loss for what was happening.

"Sam, what's wrong?" he asked the sleeping woman. She didn't answer of course, but he didn't expect her to, he just wanted to voice his worries. She was asleep, his best friend, his soulmate, was resting, and right now that was a good thing. She was healing, or so he hoped. At that moment she began to mutter, her words belligerent as she groaned and began to throw off the blankets. Danny quickly moved over her, his ice blue eyes confused as she settled quickly, her body stilling under him. Her breathing became normal again, her mouth still as she lay there sleeping again. "What was that?" As he looked down at her he felt his heart stop. Her lips were just inches away and they looked so inviting.

It had been an urge that he had suppressed for a while, the need to claim those lips, though they had been claimed in the past, the times watching male after male seek her attention, had made him crazy with envy. It had been Tucker that had made him realize, though at first he had blown it off, denied that he felt anything but friendly emotion for the teen that had been his friend for as long as he could remember. She had been so lovely, so beautiful in her ways and yet so annoying as they had grown up together. She was pushy, bossy, and just all around mean at times, but she had also been so much more than he had thought possible for one person. At a young age she had made so many decisions that even older people had found confusing.

He had remembered when she had told him at the age of five that she wouldn't work, no, she would be a singer. Then at six she would also be an artist, and then finally at eight that she would be a writer, but not before turning ten and claiming she would be all those things. It was around that time that she had also decided to be an ultra-recyclo vegetarian. It had been shocking since she had long before decided not to wear anything but black as well as a few other dark colors. Nothing pastel or girly had been able to make her cut, though her mother tried on multiple occasions to push it.

Suddenly it occurred to him that he was sitting on top of his best friend, the one that had just been too hot to touch and now too cold, the strange words coming back to him. I don't want to die, but I feel I am through. Was Sam keeping something from him? Did she have a sickness or was it something else? She had said that those first words had come from a dream, something she hadn't seen anywhere else. Maybe these words were like that too... Taking one last look at her he headed for the bathroom. He needed a bath and needed to clean up after their mess.

Sam found that her body wouldn't stop, the feeling, the chill coming over her body and making her fingers shake as she held them before her ice blue eyes. ICE BLUE?! How had that happened?! Looking down she found herself looking at her mirror of herself. It was different though. Her hair was no longer raven in appearance. No, it was a light blue while her eyes were ice blue. What was going on with her?!

You are one of us.

I can feel the anger

The Goth looked up, her blue eyes looking in the darkness around her when it changed. It because what appeared to be an icy wonderland. There were large icicles everywhere, in fact she couldn't see anything but those crystals. Taking a step forward she remembered what she had been looking for when the ice had appeared around her. Who had spoken to her?

You are one of us.

I can feel the rage

Again, the same words, but a different voice this time. Taking a step forward she ran smack dab into a large ice block. Muttering something dark under her breath she tried to walk around it only to find another one. Looking around her in a complete circle she found more of them popping up, blocking her in, but that's not what drew a gasp from her. Inside each of the blocks were shadows, darkened items in them.

You are one of us.

The water cleanses me

Taking a closer look at the ones before her she realized they weren't items, but people. Their eyes closed, but they had light blue hair and were pale in appearance. She wanted to know where the voices were coming from and at the same time she wanted to know who these people were in the ice blocks. She got one answer as the woman before her opened her ice blue eyes to mutter the phrase.

You are one of us.

It washes my soul

"What the fuck?!" Sam cried as she fell back.

You will become as we have, the powers flowing through you, killing you and rebirthing you. Death awaits you with a dark future of eternal life imprisoned.

I wonder at the serenity

The relaxation of it all as I slip away

Sam shook her head, her body stiffening even as she willed it not to. She felt it in her fingers first, a painful chilling sensation that crept up her arms. It was moving so fast that she didn't have time to react, to run. Within minutes she found herself encased in ice, her body still in the sitting position. "No!"

Sam sat up with a muted scream, the warm body next to her shifting as she felt the chill in her throat. It was like ice coming up as she closed her lips in attempt to stop it, but all it did was fill up her mouth.

"Sam?" came a groggy voice as Danny wrapped his arms around the shaking form of the Goth. "Are you okay?" She shook and then nodded her head before finally having to release the cold from her mouth. At that moment Danny's ice blue eyes grew wide. "What the fuck?!" The raven haired woman began to cry at that moment, her eyes filling with tears so quickly as she fought to make the halfa release her. She was so scared at the same time the fear was that she wasn't going to die, but that there was a chance Danny would be affected too.

She wasn't blind. The halfa was the closest person to her and she was one of his few close friends too. This would hurt him and wasn't sure if it would cause something else to happen with it. The domino effect. She would like to think that he was going to be able to handle losing a friend, but she knew from seeing his future without family was a rather bleak one and not one that she would have him experience.

"Sam, we need to find out what's happening," he whispered while at the same time pulling her closer to him.

"I'm dying," she whispered, almost too softly for him to hear her, hear her he did, his face moving away for a moment. "I'm dying to be reborn." Danny blinked in confusion. He didn't understand and Sam began to explain, her voice soft and shaking softly. She hated being weak and having to explain something that scared her wasn't easy. She didn't want to be encased in ice, living forever though she would already be dead.

"So, now we have more words to your poem," the halfa stated. "More understanding of what is happening to you, but no idea how it happened." She almost nodded when it struck her what might have done this. It had started right after that battle with the creature that had managed to hit her. She pointed it out to him. "That would make sense. Now, we have all the answers except how to cure you." That was it. So easy when Danny was helping her. Yet it was always that way with her and the halfa before her. He helped her exist when there had been days she wasn't sure she should exist.

"Thank you, Danny." He looked at her in confusion. Why was she thanking him when all he did was help figure something out, nothing big. He looked at her, his ice blue eyes searching the amethyst ones, his eyes drawn into the haze of her mable orbs. He could feel the urge to move closer coming over him as he leaned forward, his eyes now looking at the lavender lips of his friend. She even wore the lipstick to bed, something else he had never noticed. All was forgotten though as his lips touched hers, the feeling of her soft petals the only thing he could feel. He was sure that she would pull away, but to his surprise she leaned in, the pair reaching and grasping each other as if to ensure the other couldn't escape.