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Near looked quite a bit more angry than was probably supposed to be possibly for the albino genius. Hanayuki watched him silently as he took a slow breath then spoke, "Good afternoon L, what do you want today?"
Yes, he was still annoyed and it was very evident in an otherwise very emotionless voice. Hanayuki was annoyed too though she didn't show it; she focused instead on her own thoughts, on Near's kiss, which had actually been very enjoyable as far as her incredibly small experience had told her. In truth that had been her first kiss, taken by the first boy she'd really been so close to since Satoshi or....
She held Damarecius tighter as she tried to chase away the memory; L though seemed to have other ideas. She didn't hear most of the conversation but she did catch a horribly familiar word; Masatsu. Hanayuki shook a bit, her eyes widening before she buried her face in Damarecius' head; she tried to push away the images of a large white room, a boy with silver eyes, an operating room, multiple broken targets, blood, blood and more blood.
Near looked at her then glared at the monitor as if it was L; he'd been talking of Hanayuki having a past he knew not of, as if L was worried for Near, and mentioned an old village Near had heard had been destroyed. Now Hanayuki looked to be scared beyond words, shaking, so sad and childlike in a way different than usual.
"L, enough," Near said, "if you have no information about the Kira case you wish to share and do not wish for me to share anymore information with you, I must say goodbye for now."
Before a reply was made Near pushed the off button and L was gone; that let him attend to his trembling companion, "Hana?"
She jumped a little and shyly glanced over Damarecius' head, silver-light blue eyes glistening a bit with slowly formed tears; she didn't speak but seemed to be listening.
"Yuki, are you okay?" he asked watching her as if maybe his mere gaze could calm her.
She quickly nodded then looked down at her rabbit's head, still not speaking. Near frowned and put his thumb to his lips, a thinking trait he'd learned from his predecessor, then spoke, "so, um, Hana....about why I kissed you, its because I....that is, I think I might....."
He wasn't really sure but he knew deep down that it was something he'd never felt before; saying he liked her seemed unsatisfactory, that being around her made him happy, playing endlessly happy games with her made him glad, that L even attempting to turn him against her, the SPK attempting to convince Near that Hanayuki, sweet innocent Yuki, a girl who seemed more child than the 18 year old she was, was a spy to try and make him fail, that made him angry. Not that they seemed untrusting of his ability to determine a good person from bad at first sight, but that they seemed to distrust /her/.
He decided he could at least try, "because I..(me: group, prepare your "awwwww"s!) you(me: awwwww!)."
Hanayuki blinked, looking at him then sniffed pathetically; he watched as she started to cry and Near panicked a bit. He went even closer to her, twirling his hair nervous, "Hana, p-please don't cry, I'm sorry, I don't w-want you to cry so please don't. I didn't mean to say anything to make you cry, really."
She rubbed her eyes with both hands, still holding Damarecius, "but I'm a bad person, Near-kun, Masatsu was my fault, I'm a bad person, why would you like me?"
Hanayuki kept crying and Near felt trapped with no way to help her; he then suggested, "how about we take a nap? Its almost that time anyway; we can rest then you can explain to me what happen, if you want."
He put out his hand to take hers again and Hanayuki took it with a little hesitation, mumbling softly, "okay Near-kun...."
Near tried to show her a smile in hopes she'd return it but got nothing in return; he was still happy that at least he was holding her hand and he led her along to where the bed was. She let go of his hand first and climbed onto the bed, curling up on one side into a small ball facing the other side of the bed. He climbed in next, grabbing the covers and pulling it over them both to keep them warm; in doing so his arm went over her and he blushed more only for Hanayuki grab the fabric of his shirt gently and pull him close before falling asleep, still holding it. He blinked but smiled slightly and closed his eyes, keeping the arm over her and falling asleep. He hoped that whatever it was that was hurting Hana so much that he could fix it.
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