Devil May Cry - Series Fan Fiction ❯ The Most Random of Moments ❯ Gift ( Chapter 1 )

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The Most Random of Moments
Summary: A collection of the most random moments shared between Dante and Nero. Shonen-ai. Fluff.
Note: Basically, to make life easy for everyone, Nero is staying with Dante in DMC. What happened to Kyrie? You decide her fate. :3 Enjoy.
1. The Gift
The door opened with a loud booming sound when it was kicked open with angry force. The backs of the wooden doors cracked against the wall and bounced. Nero looked up to see Dante walking in casually, throwing his favorite red coat carelessly on the hanger as he passed by, and making his way to his desk.
The younger male kept his eyes on Dante, just watching him from the couch he was occupying while listening to his tech-metal music and flipping through a Gun and Ammo magazine he found while snooping around Dante's desk.
The son of Sparda threw his sword so it stabbed the wall and simply hung there, just like the rest of his swords that morbidly decorated the shop. He smiled brightly when he spotted the pizza box on his desk and opened to find at least three slices waiting for him. He randomly picked a slice, nearly drooling by now, (it was still warm!) and took a big bite. Everytime… it was like heaven.
He let the pizza hang from his mouth when he took the second bite as he removed his twin guns from their holsters and placed them on the top of his desk. He pulled the leather chair out to plop himself on it but stopped as soon as he saw a small red box wrapped with a black bow. He stared at it oddly, confused and picking it up idly.
A gift?
He looked from the wrapped present to Nero, who looked away the instant Dante turned his head. He smiled instantly. He thought it was cute how the boy tried to play it off… like he didn't do it. He walked over to the other silver headed boy and poked his head. Nero looked up at Dante with an irritated look and scowled while pulling off his headphones. “What?”
“Is this for me?” Dante sang in a childish tone.
Nero rolled his eyes… but nonetheless blushed. He shrugged and averted his eyes back to the magazine. “Maybe.”
Nero yelped in surprise when he was suddenly glomped, magazine and headphones magically flying off as he fell back against the couch.
“What the fuck, Dante?!” Nero practically yelled as he pushed off the older demon hunter and sat up.
“Stop acting all… girly on me,” he mumbled. “It's weird.”
“But you got me a gift!”
“Yeah, so? You haven't even opened it yet.”
Dante let the gift sit on his lap for a second, tapping his fingers on the box and smiled softly. “That fact that you got me something… It's kinda cute.”
“Yeah, whatever…” he mumbled again, blushing and scratching his head in embarrassment. “Just open it before I take the shit back.”
Dante chuckled and unwrapped the present. Nero watched as Dante pulled the box apart. The older man's blue eyes lit up in joy.
“Please!” Nero instantly cut Dante off, outstretching his arms and waving his hands to keep Dante away. “Don't!”
It happened anyway.
“DAAH!” Nero fell backwards against the couch yet again with Dante smothering him to death. Dante only backed off when Nero punched him in the stomach. Hard.
“Ow…” Dante groaned, sitting up and rubbing his belly. “That was my fuckin' stomach.
“Stop acting like a girl! I told you it freaks me out!” Nero scolded but then scowled when he realized what position they were in. “And get off me.”
Dante shook his head and smirked, “Nope.” He leaned down and gave the boy a sweet peck on the lips and said, “an awesome gift deserves and awesome thank you.”
Nero chuckled, mimicking the same smirk the older adorned. “Before I'm awarded with this `awesome thank you,' at least put it on. I want to see how it looks on you.”
Dante sat up again, and removed the item from the box and discarding it carelessly. Then Dante face faulted.
“Where's the other half?”
Nero sighed and lifted up his left arm, showing Dante the rest of his gift. It was a golden bracelet, but plain. The only thing that made it special was the single small charm that hung from it. It was a silver left piece of a heart with Dante's name inscribed on it. Dante smiled and quickly put his own on. The colors on his bracelet were inverted. The chain was silver while the charm was gold with Nero's name inscribed on it.
“When did you do this?” Dante asked, finally succeeded in putting on the piece jewelry after 2 whole minutes.
“Uh…” Nero instantly blushed. “After our first time… and you told me you loved me.”
“That was forever ago,” Dante chuckled. “Wait…” he suddenly looked at Nero in question. “So with this… you're saying…?”
And Nero smiled. “I love you, Dante.”
Endnotes: Hope you guys loved the retarded moment! :) I feel the need to just throw out some fluff until I summon up enough courage to write a hardcore yaoi with these guys. There's enough room for a lemon so maybe… I might just write it. :o look forward to it, folks. `cuz it will happen.