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Abby: Wahhhhh!
Lawliet: (Fuming)
Kira: ......
Author: What is it you guys?
Lawliet: What do you think?
Author: Ohhh, the whole bit about your past right?
Lawliet: Gee, what gave it away?
Author: Lawliet, remember what your therapist said about your temper and attitude.
Lawliet: Yeah, yeah. Whatever...
Author: Good, besides remember that us authors are people you do not wanna F*** with ^^. And I could just as easily tell Abby where you hid her Yaoi collection if you don't get talking about the disclaimer. (Smirks evily)
Abby: You know where it's hidden? WHERE!
Author: Good Lawliet. It's under the air mattress Abby.
Abby: THANK YOU!!!(Zooms off)
Lawliet: THE HELL MAN!
Kira: ...Oh dear..
Abby earned the title of: Yaoi Fangirl.
Lawliet earned the title of: Authorphobia
Kira earned the title of: Note to self.

Chapter 2: In Japan
On Oct. 20th 2011 a club of students from America was visiting Japan. "Remeber everyone! Meet back here by 7 P.M! Now go do what you want and remember not to do anything that'll get you in trouble!" shouted a middle aged woman over the cheering of 20 excited high schoolers on a trip to Japan.
"Ahhhh~ Isn't this a exciting day?" said a darkish blonde haired girl with green eyes cheerfully and whimsly. "Mhmmm, although we may wanna start running soon..." Said a brownish haired boy with blue eyes adjusting his glasses nervously looking around. "I swear Kira you worry too much!" said the dirty blonde haired twin brother of the girl with the similar green eyes with a small laugh. "You say that now Lawliet. But soon that prick Seth will have tracked us down faster than you can say literally any-"Kira said before being cut off but a dark aura engulfed Lawliet. "Finish that line THAT man has said often and I swear Seth will be the least of your worries!" Lawliet growled. "Eep.."Kira said looking down.
"Come on Lawliet, can we go one day without you going all dark when HE is mentioned?" Lawliet's sister mentioned. "And why should I Abby?"Lawliet asked glaring.
"Because if you don't I'll drag you both to a store in Shinjuku I hear that has an AMAZING yaoi section!" Abby said with a happy and yet eerily mischevious expression. "OH HELL NO! HAVE MERCY!!!" screamed the poor male twin running in fear. "
"Thanks for the save Abby. I really should watch- Oh sonofa- She's drooling!" Kira groaned with a sigh and facepalming himself. "Huh? What happened?" said the fangirl oblivious to her lil trance just now. "N..nothing! Let's go find Lawliet!" Kira said quickly dragging her away before she could remember why she went in her trance.
So after a few hours of shopping.... and being kicked out of a few due to Abby scaring a few other customers including the mentally scarring of a boy of 6 and a man of 35 (well when you put a fangirl with more issues than a newspaper in a shop with enough memorabilia, just what the hell do you expect to happen) they decided to relax at a cafe. "Mmmmmm~ cake gooooood~"Abby sighed happily eating a fifth rather big piece of chocolate cake. "Tell me about it~" Kira agreed almost forgetting his worries entirely and sipping coffee. "Hmm..and no Seth to deal with. Rather quiet and peaceful. Even better." Lawliet muttered being sure not to drop his guard.
Abby sighed. "Come on, you know that everytime you say something like that it tends to happen. And I rather not have some sleezy, snobbish, blonde headed know it all hitting on me....AGAIN!" Abby complained and waving down the waitress for yet another piece. "Geez where does all that cake go..."Kira and Lawliet both thought to themselves forgetting Abby had a metabolism to rival that of Shaggy's and L's combined. She glared at them as if she knew what exactly they were thinking which made them shiver.
And just as the waitress put down the new piece a certain sleezy, snobbish, blonde headed know it all that was just mentioned along side a couple of friends jsut happened to show up. "Uh-oh... Uh hey Seth.." Kira said with a gulp. "I know you were not just talking to me Evans?" Seth sneered. "J..just trying to be friendly..."Kira muttered scared and hiding behind a menu.
"Oh come on Seth, can you leave us alone just this once please?" Abby asked pleadingly. "Oh my dear Abby, where would the fun in that be?" Seth said in with a small laugh and trying to charm her with a smile. His friends laughed. "Ok, one EW! Two, not even in your dreams. And three go away you self centered jackass!" Abby said looking nauseous. This caused Seth to growl but Kira and Lawliet to laugh.
"And just what are you two idiots laughing about?" growled Seth clinching his fists. "Oh nothing, it's hilarious. You know, since you think you're the gods gift to women but you can't get a crazed fangirl to like you!" Lawliet laughed. "Hmph, just goes to show that lower upbringing and being orphans can damage your tastes." Seth said cruely. "What was that pretty boy!" Lawliet growled.
"C..come on guys! Remeber what the teacher said!" Kira frightenedly pleaded. "Oh shut up Kira!" Seth said and motioned to one of his friends who then proceeded to smash a plate of cake from the next table over into Kira's face. "Ok, THAT'S IT!"Lawliet roared standing up slamming his fist down on the table, about to plant the other in Seth's face as Kira hid under a unoccupied table. "Bring it Aurion!"Seth said challengingly with a smirk.
"HOLD IT! Seth just go away please! We did nothing to you!"Abby said extremely fed up and having to stand between the two. "Now there's where you would be wrong. You made the unfortunate mistake of taking a pity invitation to attend the school  that my family runs. You're just some orphans my family pitied. Except you dear Abby, your a rose amongst swine as the saying goes."Seth explained annoyingly condescendingly. "Oh god, I don't know whether if I should just let Lawliet knock your lights out or vomit!"Abby groaned rolling her eyes as customers were quickly asking for their checks and leaving. Kira was now rocking back and forth in the fetal postion under the table.
Then their waitress as well as the manager came along. "U..um, excuse me you kids. But is there a problem?" The waitress asked rather afraid since the tension between Lawliet and Seth was thick enough to cut with a knife. "Pfft, as if it's any of your business." Seth said in his usual condescending tone that just made you wanna hug him tight....until he suffocated that is. "Seth, for the love of god! Please for once don't be a jackass! We are guests in their country! <Sorry miss, we are part of a group of students from America visiting. Me and my two friends here were just trying to relax until these 3 here who seem to make our lives a living Hell decided to harass us...again!>" Abby muttered to Seth before switching to Japanese to converse with the waitress as Lawliet tried dragging Kira out of from under the table.
The waitress explained to the manager what she had said before switching to Japanese.
" <Can they understand Japanese?>" the Manager asked. " <Oh please, the only reason the joined the Japanese culture appreciation club was so Seth could stalk me and make our lives miserable! He was to busy to learn!>" Abby said with a laugh.
          &nbs p;"U..um the Manager would like it if you three please left before we called the Cops and the hotel in order to contact your teachers.."The meek waitress said. "Pfft, gladly. It doens't fit my style here anyway. Come on you guys. Abby, you are more than happy to join us if you want?" Seth said invitingly. "Just go, I feel like I'm about to lose all the cake I just left..."Abby groaned again looking very nauseous. Then they did.
          "<I 'm very sorry if we caused any problems here...>" Abby said apologeticly. "<Y..yeah..>" Kira said peeking up in his curled up form. "<Sorry for losing my cool..>" Lawliet said apologeticly as well. <It's no problem. <It's not like you asked to be mercilessly harassed.>" The Manager said calmly. "<Ohhhhh Seth seems to think we do!>" Abby groaned rolling her eyes as Lawliet helped a still panicky Kira up as the waitress rushed to get a napkin. "<Would you like us to call you a cab?>" The Manager asked. "<That's kind of you but we still have alot of looking around before we return to our Hotel.>"Kira explained. "<Yes.....and shopping...>"Abby said in a tone creepy enough to creep out everyone else as she grinned eerily.
          &nb sp;"<Well you kids are welcome back anytime as long as you are in Japan. Just please make sure he doesn't follow you again.>" The Manager said in his usual calm tone. <"Yes we probably will. As long as you have such good cake!>" Abby said smiling as her sugar high started kicking in. "<Annnnnd with that we are outta here!>"Lawliet said quickly starting to pull his slightly twitching sister away. "<Thanks for being so nice to us!>" Kira said bowing polietly and running off after them.
          "< They were nice kids, the girl sounded like she had a few screw looses though.>" The Manager said with a laugh. "<Hmmmm.... yes.... They did seem rather nice.>" The Waitress said
 stairing at the kids as they ran off thinking.
          & nbsp;The three continued running around until they arrived in Shinjuku where a few misadventures, involving Abby mentally scarring a few people, Abby almost causing every storekeeper to ban her due to molesting body pillows of bishounens especially that of Kyouya Ootori from OHHC, and Kira having to be dragged away kicking and screaming almost having a relapse from his Harvest Moon addiction when seeing a demo from a new version in a Japanese game store, they continued on their way. But when they were just near the train station  to go to another section of Tokyo the waitress from the Cafe came running.
          "E x..excuse meeeee!" They heard her shout from a distance. "Hm? Did we forget to pay the check?" Lawliet asked. "No, I was just thinking about your situation and I think I know someone who might just be able to help you." She said pulling a piece of paper out of what seemed like no where and handing it to Kira. "Hm? Thanks but- Hey where did she go?" Abby said after peeking at the note to see directions then noticing the waitress had disappeared. For some strange reason a butterfly in a wisp of perfumed smoke was fluttering away from where the waitress once stood.
"What the Hell...."Lawliet murmured wondering where she went. "That's odd...."Abby in agreement. "Am I the only one finding the butterfly strange and kinda creepy...?" Kira asked mystified watching the butterfly fly away. "I think we all do..." Lawliet said rather weirded out.
"Shall we try?" Abby asked looking over the directions. "Huh? Are you serious? They could be directions to a Yakuza Family! If we did and they were to offer their services and offed Seth and his lackies even if we said no we'd be SCREWED! No way man! Nuh uh! I'VE PLAYED TOO MANY YAKUZA GAMES! I'VE SEEN TO MANY ANIME, MOVIES, AND TV DRAMAS INVOLVING THE YAKUZA. I'VE SEEN ICHI THE KILLER! I'VE SEEN WHAT THE JAPANESE MAFIA CAN DO! I DON'T WANNA GET MY TONGUE CUT OFF! I DOUBT YOU'D WANT YOUR CHEST CUT OFF ABBY! AND I DOUBT ANY OF US WOULD WANT TO BE SUSPENDED IN MIDAIR BY HOOKS THROUGH OUR BACKS! I DON'T WANNA DIE!" Kira said going on ranting and starting to panic.
Abby hugged him tight to calm him down. "Calllllm down Kira, you're starting to hyperventilate. Take deeeep breaths." Abby said humming to him softly to calm him down as Lawliet looked over the directions. Eventually Kira calmed down and hugged back listening to Abby's humming and nearly dozed off til-
"OK! We're going!" Lawliet said looking almost pumped up. "Eh? You sure?" Abby asked? "Mhmm. Who knows, it could be fun. So it could be a Yakuza family and it could not be. What's the worse that can happen. Besides, remember that me and Kira can take on any Yakuza goon!" Lawliet said looking excited almost cockily. "We are gonna die are we...?" Kira asked pessimisticly hiding his face in Abby's shoulder. So they went off to the train station to start their journey to the person who might be able to help them. They just had to buy Kira a few sleeping pills to shut him up and keep him from panicking first.
Little did they know that they were being followed by Seth and his flunkies. "Oh my god! Did you see that! That woman disappeared out of thing air!" One said freaked out to the point to where if jaws could really drop to the ground, his would have. " Uh huh! Just what the hell is going on here?!" said the other in a near panic. "I'll tell you what! Our ticket to finally getting those orphans out of our school!" Seth said victoriously. "Um boss may I remind you, A WOMAN FREAKING TURNED INTO A BUTTERFLY!" The first flunkie shouted. "And your point being?" Seth asked not really seeming to care. The two sighed.
"Listen here you two. If this is something like Evans said, a Yakuza family, then that can get them expelled! We just need to follow them and get proof!" Seth explained really excited.
"But boss, what if it is and they get hurt or even killed?" The second asked. "Who cares, we'll follow them, hide, try to get proof, and if they get killed oh well so what? Ok so we may attempt to save Abby, but other than that, who cares?" Seth said rather cold heartidly.
"I don't think this is such a good idea though, we will also be putting ourselves in danger." The first one said. "Ok, did you not hear me say HIDE? Besides if we get caught we will just bribe them." Seth said shrugging and walking towards the train station. "I have a baaad feeling about this..."The first one said sighing and following. "Ditto, I think after all this, we should just find someone who's not a complete jackass and hang out with them instead." said the second one and following too.
Once they left, a perfumed woman with long raven black hair, cold mystifying eyes, and a elegant kimono, appeared holding a pipe and taking a drag off it. "<Hmmmmm, isn't this the interesting development! Those three are following the kids I sent to the shop. I wonder if those kids will be able to make it to the shop in time. Maybe he will be able to help them...> the woman wandered to herself, taking another drag and exhaling the smoke. Then she disappeared.
Once on the train, Kira woke up before it took off. He nor Lawliet and Abby noticed Seth and his crew sneak on the train as well. "I hope we survive this..." Kira said sighing stairing out the window. "Oh it'll be fine Kira. I promise!" Abby said assuringly with a smile. This calmed the panicky Kira down. "Yeah! Besides think of it this way. It'll take us far from Seth and his flunkies and it'll be an adventure!" Lawliet explained trying to help. "Ok, if you're sure..." Kira said popping in another sleep pill and chugging a bottle of water before watching outside.
As the train started taking off Kira coulda sworn he saw a mysterious lady in a elegant kimono taking a drag off a pipe and smiling at him as she waved as the train went by and suddenly disappeared. "Whoa!" Kira said again weirded out and rubbing his eyes frantically. "What is it?" Lawliet asked. " I just saw a woman stairing at us as she waved then disappeared!" Kira explained still weirded out. "I think the sleeping pills are making you hallucinate Kira." Lawliet said with a laugh. "No! I really did see her!" Kira said seriously. "I believe you Kira. People have seen stranger here in Japan remember?" Abby said smiling. "True..." Kira said laying back in his seat. "Besides it's just like what Mom always said. Only in Japan."Abby said with a lil yawn before attempting a nap herself.
"True, true."Kira said before dozing off himself leaving Lawliet to watch out the window.
Just then he coulda swore he saw the waitress appear out of then air and run out of the train station. ".....Right. Only in Japan. I gotta stop reading those books in Japanese ghost stories Mom left us!" Lawliet muttered to himself as he watched the scenery go by.

1. Kira's Harvest Moon Addiction. Pt.1
Abby: So we'll go to that Cafe across the street after this right?
Kira: Yes yes. Don't worry.
Lawliet: And we won't have to drag you out of this game shop kicking and screaming since theres a new Harvest Moon game's demo?
Kira: I'm cured now. Honest! I haven't touched a Harvest Moon game in a month!
Abby: Uh Kira? Then explain why we found under your bed, a stash of hentai pics of Popuri, Karen, Elli, Anne, Natalie, Julia-
Lawliet: Lanna, Sabrina, Anissa, Candace-
Abby: We didn't til now! (smirks evily)
Lawliet: Dude, you fell for the oldest trick in the book! That's saaaaad!
Kira: That's cheating! Quit picking on meeeee!
Lawliet: Nope! It's too much fun!
Abby: OH! There's also the body pillow of Anne!
Lawliet: Don't forget the Lemons on his laptop!
Kira: Somebody shoot me now....

2. Kira's Harvest Moon Addiction. Pt.2
Abby: Ok Kira, now remember what the school's therapist said.
Kira: Yeah, yeah. It's just a farming sim. Nothing more. Just a boring farming sim...
Lawliet: Mhmm. Now look. A demo for a new Final Fantasy game!
Kira: That's nice...(spots the Harvest Moon Demo)
Abby: And a Fire Emblem game!
Kira: Mhmmm, ain't that awesome....(distracted and waits for an oppurtunity to sneak away.)
Lawliet: Ooooo, looks like they are making a new Ar Tonelico after all! Trilogy my ass!
Abby: Lawliet, we are in public! Language please.
Lawliet: This comes from Miss-I'm-gonna-hump-the-Kyouya-body-pillow-and-almost-pleasure-myself-in-pu blic-when-reading-Yaoi?
Abby: Oh shut the hell up about that already! You know how I get when i'm around that stuff!
Lawliet: Haha! Hey, wait! Wheres Kira!(just realized Kira snuck off)
Abby: Uh-oh..
Random Kid: Aw come on Mister! Let me have a turn!
Abby: .....
Lawliet: ....
Abby: Shall I get him or do you want to?
Lawliet: Oh Hell, you made me get him the last five times. It's your freaking turn.
Abby: But I don't wanna die...
Lawliet: Fiiiiine, just hurry up and call his damn therapist....
Kira earned the title of: King of Harvest Moon
Kira earned the title of: Habitual Liar.
Abby earned the title of: Cowardly Sister.
Lawliet earned the title of: Suicidal Moron.
Lawliet earned the title of: Sister's Bitch

3. Kira's Harvest Moon Addiction. Pt.3
Lawliet: OW! Kira, stop kicking you lil jackass!(struggling to keep him pinned down as Abby calls his Therapist)
Therapist on Phone: Hello? Oh Abby! How are you kids enjoying your trip!
Abby: Oh it's great so far...
Therapist: Wait.... is that Kira screaming and struggling?
Abby: ....I didn't think Lawliet could bend that way...
Therapist: Didn't I tell you to keep an eye on him at ALL times at a game stop? Or better yet, a adamantine leash?
Abby: Yeah yeah, I get it we failed!
Therapist: Yeeeeeeah, I'm on vacation... soooooo *Hangs up since he's not dumb enough to be on the phone while that's going on)
Abby: ....We're gonna die....
Game Shop Customer 1: AHHHHHH! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIEEEE!!!
Abby: Lawliet...
Kira earned the title of: Banned for Life.
Lawliet earned the title of: Unwilling Contortionist.

4. Abby the fangirl Pt.1
Abby: Yayyyy! We can go shopping now! OH LOOK! A Kyouya body pillow!!!
Kira: This is gonna be a long day is it?
Lawliet: Uh huh... Unfortunately. Now remember Abby, a little self cont- OH SONOFABITCH! BAD ABBY! NO HUMPING AND MOLESTING THE BODY PILLOW!
Abby: But its Kyouya-kuuuuuun~ He's soooooo-
Lawliet: I don't care what he is! You do not do that in public! There are children around!
Kira: I think that one kid's eye is twitching...
Lawliet: See!
Abby: But but but...
Lawliet and Kira: No! Bad Abby!
Abby: You guys are mean...
Lawliet: No, we just don't wanna get kicked out of a store!
Kira: Again...
Abby earned the title of: Creepy Fangirl

5. Abby the fangirl Pt.2
Kira: Do you think Abby will ever listen to us?
(Abby is zooming around the store looking and drooling at a bunch of merchandise of bishounens)
Lawliet: There's a better chance of a blizzard in hell...
Random Kid: Mommy... why's tht creepy lady touching the Ash plushie there?
Kid's mom: Don't look Ichigo. Dear god don't look! (rushes her kid out before he could ask anymore questions)
Kira: Abby look! Manga!
Abby: WHERE! (Zooms off)
Lawliet: Sweet sweet peace~ now I can look at merchandise peace.
Kira: I know right?
Shopkeeper: Excuse me. But is that girl in the Yaoi Manga section with you?
Lawliet: Why yes, the girl in the manga section is with us! Wait, did you say yaoi?
Shopkeeper: Yes, yes I did.
Lawliet: Then no, no she isn't...
Kira: Lawliet...
Lawliet: Fiiiiine! What is she doing?
Shopkeeper: Welllll, she seems to be....pleasuring herself...
Lawliet: .........
Kira: Uhhhhhh, are you ok?
Kira: Uh-oh
Abby earned the title of: Dirty fangirl

6. Abby the fangirl Pt.3
Lawliet: Ok now that we got kicked out of another store!
Abby: Sorry (seems sorry)
Lawliet: Damn well better be! We will be lucky if that store keeper didn't call everyother bloody damn store in the Tokyo area warning them of a group with a really creepy and crazy fangirl!
Kira: They had a Popuri figurine I really liked...
Lawliet: Kiiiiira...
Kira: Yeah yeah, I know I know. I'm not helping. 1 Month clean, 1 month clean...
Abby: Pfft, I didn't do anything that bad...
Abby: Pfft, your over exaggerating!
Lawliet: Ugh... Kira, you deal with her. I'm getting a headache...
Kira: Right! Molesting the Kyouya body pillow.
Abby: A normal fangirl activity.
Lawliet: Pfft, hardly.
Kira: Then the drooling over a Link plushie.
Abby: Oh come on! What self respecting fangirl wouldn't!
Lawliet: What sane person would drool over a gay elf...
Kira: Annnnnyways, the simultaneous molestation of a Sesshomaru, a Itachi, a Italy, a Kyouya, a Kakashi, a Sasuke, a Kenshin, a Ichigo, a Byakuya, a Germany, a Austria, a Japan, a Prussia, a Tamaki, a Edward Elric and Roy mustang plushies.
Abby: Ummmmm....
Lawliet: You're forgetting the France plushie...
Kira: Thank you! Let's see, then you were caught pleasuring yourself in the Yaoi section and causing the mental scarring of 3 young children, 14 teenagers, 12 adults, 6 old people, and I'm pretty sure I saw a few spirits shuddering.
Abby: Uhhhhh...
Lawliet: Running out of excuses already sis?
Kira: ABBY!
Lawliet: Wait.... why would you be near his bed?
Kira earned the title of: One month Clean
Abby earned the title of: Naughty Fangirl

Skit 14: Sooooooooo...
Lawliet: Hmmmm...
Kira: That's never a good sign...
Abby: What is it Lawliet?
Lawliet: I'm still curious about how you would know what was under his bed Abby...
Abby: Nothing!
Kira: Seriously!
Lawliet Uh-huhhhh... riiiiiight!
Abby: I was looking for blackmail material alright! That's all! When you two were having one of your sparring sessions outside I snuck in your two's room and looked for blackmail material on you both just in case I needed any!
Lawliet: Uh-huh, surrrrre!
Kira: We never did anything! Honest! Why would we lie to you about something like that?
Lawliet: Keep in mind. We are talking about my sister's innocence. And since that man isnt' around SOMEONE has to keep an eye on her.
Kira: You're paranoid Lawliet.
Abby: Very. Geez get your mind out of the gutter brother!
Lawliet Ok ok! Geez I was just making sure! Geez! (walks off)
Kira: Phew, that was a close one!
Abby: Uh-huh. Imagine If he found out what we did while he was at his therapist's office after we got bored and found hentai online.
Kira: Yeeeeeah, I'd be as good as dead if he knew we had-
Abby: KIRA! This is a Pg-13 story!

A/N. And the plot thickens.
Lawliet: After mentally scarring a few people and injuring another few while going shopping on which was suppose to be a normal vacation , I suppose so.
Kira: (snoring)
Abby: Aw, he's so cute when he's sleeping.
Author: Well after SOMEHOW making a cardboard cutout of a car from need for speed some how move and then running over a few customers and costing god knows how much in damage, then somehow escaping before he could be identified, wouldn't you be out like a light too?
Abby: Hmmm... touche author,  touche.
Author: Damn straight.
Lawliet: ...I don't live right... I need to go beat my head against a brick wall right now. Just... just review the damn story...
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