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Kira: (Curled in a ball rocking back and forth) Please don't let it be yakuza, please don't let it be yakuza....
Abby: Oh not again!
Lawliet: ....
Author: ....
Kira: What? oo
Author: Your lucky I'm trying to get rid of my Spoilers addiction.
Kira: D*****! Now I have to wait to find out!
Author: Suck it up, It's your turn. Go for it. Abby, get his therapist on the line.
Abby: Right, Lawliet! You heard the man!
Lawliet: ..... I wish I was an only child...
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Chapter 3: Run and Fight.
"Hm, we may have enough time after all. It's only three." Abby said stretching after hopping off the train. "Well why do you think they call em bullet trains?" Lawliet asked sarcasticly. "Oh shut up!" Abby said smacking him upside the head as Kira stretched and yawned looking around.
Then they checked the directions and started walking. After a couple blocks Kira stopped them. "Guys, is it just me or do you hear footsteps following us?" Kira asked looking around rather paranoid. "Hm? Nope! I swear you're being paranoid." Lawliet said after he looked around too.
Then they realized Abby being silent looking west of them.
"What's wrong Abbs?" Lawliet asked concerned. Then she pointed west of them. They looked and barely could make out the shoes Seth was wearing poking from behind a wall. "OH SHIT! RUN!" Kira shouted running like the devil was after him. "YOU DON'T HAVE TO TELL ME TWICE!" Lawliet shouted taking off after him with Abby in tow. "Oh Hell, they saw us! After them!" Seth shouted much to his flunkies dismay since they were actually getting tired of harassing the orphans.
"Gahhhh! Remind me to trust your paranoia from now on Kira!" Lawliet shouted" as they ran, trying to stick to the directions. "Will do! Let's just hope there is a next time!" Kira shouted looking behind them. "S..shut up and run!" Abby said trying not to run out of breath. "Don't let them out of your sights!" Seth ordered running fast to catch up with them. At that moment Kira, Lawliet and Abby were cursing the fact that the blonde stereotype about them being slow in more ways than one wasn't true.
They eventually came across a park and tried hiding. "Where did they go!" Seth shouted as they tried looking around for their victims. "I don't think they are here boss!" One shouted from the other side of the park. Seth and his flunkies looked all over.
Then eventually they didn't hear Seth and his friends, so thinking they left, they got out of their hiding place only to be tackled to the ground. "Goddamnit!"Lawliet screamed when pinned down. "I'd say I saw this coming, but I'd be lying.."Kira said with a sigh. "LET GO OF ME! KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF!"Abby screamed as she kicked fiercely.
Then they were forced up against a tree. "Hmmmmmm, what to do with you three?" Seth asked smirking and pacing back and forth. "Let us go so we don't rat you out to the teachers?" Kira asked hopefully before getting smacked hard upside the face extremely hard. "HEY! DON'T HIT HIM LIKE THAT!"Lawliet shouted breaking free of the flunkie that was reluctantly restraining him and charging for Seth. "Pfft, like I care what you filth think!" Seth said planting his fist in Lawliet's stomach knocking him by Kira whose cheek was bleeding. Then he ordered his flunkies to proceed in kicking the ever loving crap out of them making Abby scream and please for them to stop.
"You two! Keep giving them what they deserve. In the meantime, im going to take Abby somewhere else to give her a lil "something" if you catch my drift!" Seth said smirking to Abby who by now looked terrified. "Leave me alone!" Abby screamed kicking Seth square in the groin and trying to run and stop Kira and Lawliet from being beaten. Seth then tackled her to the ground and dragged her by the hair to behind a tree after managing to recompose himself.
"You will not do that again you hear me!? Now shut up and do what I tell you!" Seth ordered angrily. Abby whimpered being scared tillllll.... "Over my dead body!" A new voice said from a distance. "Hm? I wonder who that could've been? Oh well!" Seth muttered not really caring.
Then as Kira and Lawliet were being beaten and feeling helpless they heard the new voice shouting over my dead body. Then two thin but none the less long pipes used for  repairs on the water fountains landed by them and hitting the lackies on the heads knocking them down. "Welllll, that's convenient." Kira said quickly standing up and picking up his and then quickly snapping it over his knee into two and getting a smirk over his face. "But hey, I'll take it! Now let's go!" Lawliet said picking his up.
So they followed they sound of Abby's screams until they came across a fighting and squirming Abby who was busy punching Seth to fend him off. "GET OFF MY SISTER YOU *insert annoying buzz noise of Julie proportions if you've seen Scott Pilgrim*!!!" Lawliet screamed jumping into the air and striking Seth upside the head with his pole.
"AHHHH! WHY YOU GOOD FOR NOTHING PIECE OF TRASH!" Seth screamed angrily glaring daggers at Lawliet. "Bring it blondie! Kira, get Abby outta here!" Lawliet ordered. "Right! Let's go Abby!" Kira said taking Abby's who was busy sobbing still scared of what almost happened but not enough to prevent her from blushing.
Then they took off from the park continuing to follow the directions and hoping soon Lawliet would be back to follow them. "We should head back and check on Lawliet." Abby said worried. "But he told us to run!" Kira replied, never letting go of Abby's hand and his pole halves. "But-" Abby tried saying before they saw Lawliet looking rather beat up running along with a limp with a less beat up Seth in pursuit.
"Get back here damnit!" Seth yelled fiercely not seeming to care he was causing people to stare at the crazy westerners who were running amok in their streets. "Abby! Get his right arm! I'll get his left!" Kira ordered taking Lawliet's left arm to help him out. "Y..yea!" Abby said obediantely wishing Kira was more brave like this often. "Guys, I'm fine! Ow!" Lawliet said struggling to stay on his own feet. "Yeaaaaah, no you're not. Now less talking and more running!" Kira said trying to pick up the pace.
Then they hid in a alleyway when they werent too much further to try and catch a breath. "Why... can't... Seth... be... a... stereotypical... blonde! " Abby tried saying as she attempted to catch her breath. "Beats.... me...! "Kira said panting. "I can do that!" Seth said smirking appearing suddenly at the beginning of the alleyway. "OH COME THE HELL ON!!!" Lawliet yelled really annoyed since he had just gotten his hurt leg to settle down. So they all got up and attempted running.
Occasionally Kira had to take on Seth and was able to hold his own against him a bit better than Lawliet was. "This is why I prefer two weapons!" Kira said smirking blocking Seth's fist with one and smacking him right dab in the gut with the second causing Seth to fall down clutching his stomach. "Oh shut up!" Lawliet muttered trying to stay running grimmacing because of his leg. "Shut up the both of you! Now while he's down, Kira help now!" Abby shouted trying to keep helping Lawliet. "Sorry!" Kira and Lawliet said in unison and running.

A/N. Will our heroes manage to outrun a complete jackass?
Kira: W...we're trying! (trying to catch breath while supporting Lawliet.)
Abby: You know you could be helping too! (doing the same.)
Author: Eh, I'm a bit busy.
Lawliet: HOW!
Author: Controlling your lives.
Lawliet: ....I hate you.
Author: I know. But that's because I want you to. OR do I? I really do belive in my theory I stated in the prologue. Soooo you may never know! ^^ (Tries sounding creepy and eerie with that statement.)
Lawliet: ...Just go on damn you. While I'm trying to use my hurt leg to kick this guys ass, you readers review.
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