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Lawliet, Abby, and Kira: (Exhausted)
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Chapter 4: Meetings
Eventually they arrived. "FINALLY!!! WE ARE HERE!!!" Abby shouted happily zooming through the gate. "Ain't that the truth!" Lawliet said agreeing and attempting to force himself through the gate. "I'm just glad this whole fiasco is finally over!" Kira said with a sigh of relief with a smile.
But just as he was about to step over the gate he heard his name being called, not Seth but someone else. So he followed the sound to a alleyway next door where he saw a older man of about 35 with black rimmed glasses, a long black duster jacket, dirty blonde hair pulled back since it was rather long and looked rather unkept. His jacket was rather tattered looking as if he had been walking for a long while, his tired green that matched Abby's and Lawliet's proved he was obviously tired.
Now I won't be mentioning the guy's name since he personally asked me not to. Client confidentiality is a bitch ya know? But he did refer to him as his alias Mari.
"A...are you the one who called me here?" Kira asked timidly not letting loose his guard. "Mhmm, yes I am Kira." Mari replied. "How did you know my name!?" Kira asked rather curious. "Well seeing is how I have known you since you were this small. I would say so." Mari replied holding his fingers really close. "Wait.... you're Lawliet's and Abby's dad!?" Kira asked surprised. "Well I prefer to go by Mari, but yes, but I don't deserve that title... Not after what I've done..." Mari muttered getting depressed.
"Lawliet and Abby are here, I can take you to them!" Kira suggested excited. "Uhhhh, not a good idea..." Mari said with a gulp.
"Why?" Kira asked. "Ok, you know those fierce angry eyes Lawliet gets when I'm brought up? Ok so I check up on you guys from time to time ok? I'm just that good at hiding." Mari asked trying to get to his point. "Yes? And that's kinda creepy." Kira replied. "Those are the eyes of someone who despises their father. I should know. My eyes were once that same way." Mari explained.
"Well you can still see them. Maybe they will be happy to see you." said the hopeful friend. "Not gonna happen. It's not time yet." Mari explained. "Oh you make it sound like you have a choice." Kira said as a smirk spread across his face and got into position as if about to attack. "Oh so you think you can take me on hm? Heh, bring it on Kira!" Mari said challengengly motioning for him to try.
Kira then charged at him swiping at his feet with one and thrusting upwards at his chin when he dodged the lower strike but dodged both and disappeared. Kira looked around wondering how Mari was able to dodge both strikes and disappear. Then he felt a blow to the back of his neck causing him to fall and his pipes to fall to Mari's feet. "Well you're good for an amateur but you have a long ways to go before you can try and force me into following you to them. A VERY long way"  Mari said with a foot on Kira's back so he couldn't get up.
"Grrrr. Get off me!" Kira growled. "That fiery personality when in a fight. A trait you got from your mother." Mari said with a smirk. "Keep it up. I DARE you." Kira growled squirming and reaching for a pipe. "Heh. But unfortunately our little chat is almost up." Mari explained as they started hearing Abby call for him.
"But why did you call me over here for anyways?" Kira asked getting up and brushing himself off and picking up his poles. "Oh yes. Right, that. Ok, I know why you are here and who sent you here. That tricky witch. Hah!" Mari said with a laugh. "You do know you are sounding creepy right? You're not good at getting to the point are you?" Kira said giving him a what the hell are you talking about like expression. "Yeeeeeah, my mom use to tell me that often when I was younger. But yes. The reason you are here. You have to be sure you are willing to give up something important." Mari explained. "Why? I was right was I? This is a Yakuza hideout is it?" Kira asked with a slight trace of panic in his voice. "Haha, no. It isn't. The guy who lives here is a good guy. Just has the misfortune of being stuck here for all eternity." Mari explained with a sorry look looking towards the house. Kira was puzzled.
Then Lawliet called this time. "Ok, before i forget. Here!" Mari said handing Kira something that sort of looked like a DS except smaller and it opened vertically not horizantly. "What is this?" Kira asked puzzled. "Something you'll find very useful where you're going. I swiped this from somewhere years ago I forget where. But I've seen how you enjoyed mimicing peoples voices over the years and thought you'd be the one of you three to make most use of it. It's called a DC-Link (Dimensional Closet Link...It sounded cool abbreviated ok, lemme alone.). "What's it do?" Kira asked verrrrry confused and lost. Mari got a weird look on his face like he sensed something was coming. "You may be finding out soon. But I don't have enough time to explain. You'll have to learn on the fly with that thing. And one more thing!" Mari said digging in his pocket to take out a silver pocket watch and then a silver/gold locket out.
This made poor Kira even more confused when he was handed in them. "Ok, so I see I'm close to making your brain explode." Mari said with a small laugh. "You can say that yes..."Kira said looking at them. "Well, a time will come when you feel it's right, give the locket to Abby and the pocket watch to Lawliet. I've seen how sad Abby gets and how angry Lawliet gets. So I wrote a note in both to explain and apologize. It may not work but it's a try. Especially for Lawliet..." Mari said looking depressed. "Then go over there and see them!" Kira said pointing one pipe to him. "No. Not yet. And one more thing. I sense there will be soon a time where Lawliet will let his heart fall to darkness. Please Kira, you're his best friend so I'm trusting you to keep that from happening! If you can't then please bring him back!" Mari begged and pleaded.
This took Kira a bit off guard. "Wh..what the hell are you talking about? Sure Lawliet gets angry whenever you're mentioned but that or nothing else could get him to fall into darkness. Lawliet is stronger than that..." Kira said thinking to himself of the best friend he always thought of as a big brother. "Please Kira? Just humor this tired and guilty man. It could happen and it could not. But please just do so IF it was ever to happen. Their mother would never forgive me nor would I ever be able to forgive myself..." Mari continued to beg. "Fine..." Kira said reluctantly hoping he would be wrong. "Thanks Kira! You're parents would probably kick the crap out of you for doing me a favor if they were still alive but I appreciate this loads!" Mari said thankfully.
Then both Abby and Lawliet shouted. "Whoops, I guess I kept you too long! Before I forget here!" Mari said pushing a silver case into Kira's hands. "Oh great, now what is this?" Kira asked even more confused. "Things that go to the DC-Link. You'll see. Now go before they start looking. And dear god don't tell them I was here! Later!" Mari said vanishing instantaneously. ".....How the hell am I suppose to explain these to them!" Kira muttered turning to return to his friends. So he pocketed the DC-Link, the locket and the watch while holding the case and ran off.
"Where were you Kira?" Abby asked looking worried at the gate.
"Ummmmm..." Kira said thinking frantically of an excuse. "And what's with that weird case?" Lawliet asked making Kira think harder. "I thought I heard my name being called soooooo I followed the sound but it was just some crazy homeless guy who was yammering for his lost daughter! Gotta love having a unisex name. Yes....that's it..." Kira said rapidly. "Um... ok. What about the case?" Lawliet asked raising his eyebrow. "Ummm... the homeless guy found it when a dog was dragging it through a hole in this place's fence  and asked me to return it?" Kira explained hoping they'd buy it. Thankfully they did since they were too tired and worn out to think to deeply into it.
So they went through the gate, but unfortunately they then heard the shout of a certain blonde headed jackass. "THERE YOU ARE!" Seth shouted. "OH COME ON!!! DOESN'T HE KNOW WHEN TO GIVE UP!" Lawliet shouted angrily. "Apparently not!" Kira sighed and clutching the DC-Link in his pocket out of instinct.
"Where the hell are you flunkies?" Kira asked as they ran. "Pfft, those wusses ran off once they got tired. They were always useless." Seth explained. "Well they probably just tired of harassing us." Abby retorted. "And following your orders!" Kira said in agreement. "I'll handle them when we get back. But first, I deal with you three!" Seth said smirking.
So they ran to the backyard where surprise surprise Seth followed. "So why did you run out to the back of this abandoned lot? There's nowhere to hide!" Seth said tauntingly. "Huh? What are you talking about? Don't you see the big house behind you?" Abby asked confused. "What house? I just see an abadoned lot. Perfect for hiding your bodies when I'm through with you!" Seth said with a maniacal smirk. "So now it's down to death threats? Seriously do you hate us that much?" Kira asked still clutching onto the DC-Link. "Hm  you two yes. But Abby my dear, if you come with me you can live. You'll just have to go along with the story of how they were mugged and killed by street thugs." Seth said smirking weaving the story as he went along.
This made Kira, Abby and Lawliet shudder and terrified. "Y..you seriously thought about all this? You want to kill us? But you'll get into trouble!" Kira said terrified. "Hence why I came up with this story. I'm sure buying the cops silence would be necessary but oh well. So Abby, how about it?" Seth asked smirking devilishly. Abby then literally got sick on a tree behind her. "Guess what jackass? That must mean no!" Lawliet said smirking followed by a thumbs up from a sick Abby.
Seth growled and pulled out a pocket knife. "Then you die! All of you!" He roared charging at them. The three panicked. Then Lawliet suddenly heard a voice in his head. "Hey what are you waiting for? Use the DC-Link and hurry! Quickly pick a card from the case, put it in, hit go and boom! Now do it! You don't have alot of time!" Mari's voice in his head said. "That was weird..."Kira muttered.
He then quickly opened the case to reveal things that looked like DS games. "Um Kira, this may be a weird question. But..... JUST WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?! THIS ISN'T THE TIME TO BE PLAYING VIDEO GAMES!" Abby shouted questioning Kira's sanity. "I do not know what the hell I'm doing!" Kira shouted grabbing a random cart and slipping it in the DC-Link.
Then a voice erupted from it. "DC-Link activated, Kratos Aurion form recognized. Tap go when ready." It said with a picture of Kratos Aurion of ToS fame appearing on the top screen. "What in the hell is that!?" Abby asked freaking out. "Whatever the hell it is, for he love of god Kira tap go now!" Lawliet shouted pointing towards Seth who was no hovering over them about to slash at Abby. "Here goes nothing!" Kira shouted nervously with a gulp tapping go hard. Then there was a blinding light.
The blinding light was followed by a burst of energy that caused Seth to fly across the yard. Then once the light faded there where Kira once stood was Kratos Aurion in his kickass Judgment costume. "W..what the hell!" Seth said mystified, scrambling to get back up. "Holy-" Lawliet said before being cut off by Abby's fangirl mode kicking in.
She immediately glomped Kratos and refused to let go.  "KRATOS-SAMAAAAAAAA~ I LOVE YOUUUUUU~" Abby shouted rubbing against him and Lawliet and Seth swore they saw giant pink hearts in her eyes. "Ummm... Abby? It's me Kira..." Kratos/Kira said trying to breathe. Kira was shocked to hear not his voice but that of Kratos coming out of his mouth. "O...oh. I'm...I'm sorry!" Abby said blushing such a bright crimson you think she was about to explode and getting off.
It was then that Kira realized what the device did. "HOLY CRAP! WHAT THE HELL DID THAT THING DO TO ME!" Kira shouted freaking out looking at himself. "I'd guess that the device you have allows you to transform into different characters I guess. But we'll figure that out later. Seth's shock looks like it's about to fade. Be on your guard!" Lawliet said trying to think. "R...Right!" Kira said quickly drawing Kratos's Sword since Seth now had grabbed one of Lawliet's and Kira's pipes thinking that would be a smarter choice of weapon. Meanwhile Abby was just drooling and staring at Kratos/Kira.
Seth charged screaming but you could tell he was scared. Kira blocked Seth's attack. "Come on Seth! Stop this nonsense! We can just go back to the hotel and forget this all ever happened!" Kira pleaded. "Shut up! I have to get rid of you freaks! You attendance at my family's school is a insult to me!" Seth shouted trying to hit Kira again. "Well that's your problem! No one else seems to mind us! Hell, they seem to like us more you self centered jackass!" Kira shouted continuously blocking Seth's hits. "SHUT UP!" Seth screamed pulling out a pocket knife in addition to the pipe and swiping at Kira's face. "AHHHHHHHH!!!" Kira screamed clutching his face and falling as blood rushed down his face. "KIRA!" Lawliet and Abby shouted rushing to his side as Kira screamed in pain.
Seth picked up Kratos's sword and grinned maniacly. "Now! I'll finish this! DIE!" Seth shouted raising the sword above him. Then out of nowhere, what looked like a giant, long, furry snake with ears flew down and wrapped itself around Seth's legs and tripped him. "AH!" Seth shouted in surprise accidently letting go of the sword.
Then a man with short black hair, glasses, wearing a kimono and taking a drag on a pipe appeared and caught the sword. "Well, well, well. So this is the commotion I heard!" He said with a smile, beckoning the creature to return to him in which it shrank and wrapped itself around it's master's arm and nuzzled it's master cheek. "Wh...who the hell are you!?" Seth asked freaked out severely and trying to get up while Abby and Lawliet tried ripping a piece of cloth to stop the bleeding. "The master of this shop. Now, who are you and why are you children here?" He asked calmly beckoning two small girls to come out with a bandage. "None of your business! I'm out of here!" Seth said motoring on out of there fast. "Hm, well he was a rather rude fellow wasn't he?" the man said watching Seth leave and as the girls help Lawliet and Abby. Kira automatically went back to normal but the scar remained. Kira then passed out.

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