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Kira: .....
Lawliet: What's wrong Kira?
Kira: N..nothing...(walks away)
Lawliet: Hmm? Abby, Author dude, What's wrong with him?
Abby: ....You're harsh brother.... (walks away)
Author: Totally....(walks away too)
Lawliet: I'm so confused...
Watanuki: That's not easy to get you to be hm?
Lawliet: HEY!
Mokona: The jacka**, Kira, and Abby are the writer's creation. Me Mokona, and everyone is their own creators, companies, etc's own creation. Don't sue the writer. He owes me a few bottles of sake.
Watanuki: And me a few!
Mokona: Oh! That's true! Let's go get plastered!
Watanuki: I'll get the food!
Author: (Somewhere else)Why am I getting a ominous feeling I'm about to go bankrupt?
Lawliet earned the title of: Anger Management's Wet Dream.

Chapter 6: Watanuki's Proposition.
Kira woke up the next morning of Oct.21 to the smell of Watanuki cooking breakfast. It's exactly what he needed after the previous day and night. He followed the smell to the kitchen and saw Abby scarfing down what was in front of her. Lawliet was nowhere to be seen which worried Kira.
"Oh, good morning Kira-kun. Hungry?" Watanuki asked coming out of the kitchen holding a tray of food. Kira was too tired, and deep in thought to reply so he just nodded. "Haha, is he like this most mornings Abby-chan?" Watanuki asked placing the tray down in front of Kira as he sat down. "Low blood pressure in mornings. More food?" Abby asked looking innocent. "Haha, and is she like this?" Watanuki asked with a laugh. "She's the scourge of the cafeteria at breakfast." Kira said with a yawn and digging in.
It was around this time Lawliet dragged himself in looking close to drained. "Ok, now what's his morning quirk? Watanuki asked. "Up yours that's what." Lawliet said shooting him a glare and the bird. "Blood type AB positive, tread carefully." Abby mentioned shoveling breakfast down. "My, my. aren't you children a bright and cheery bunch in the mornings!" Watanuki said sarcasticly and with another laugh as he sat down and ate. "Bite me!" Lawliet said shooting another glare.
After breakfast and the table was cleared Watanuki cleared his throat. "Ok, now for some explanations." Watanuki said taking a drag on his pipe. "FINALLY!" Lawliet shouted. "Haha, anyways. First off, Kira's device. What your dad gave him is call the DC-Link, it stands for Dimensional Closet Link. It's primary function is to allow it's user to use cartridges and transform into characters or job classes whose data lies inside each one. Rewritten DNA, gain powers, the works. Somewhat similar to the class changing and costume changing system in the Tales of the World game series." Watanuki explained. If jaws could really drop to the ground, that's what would be happening to Kira, Abby and Lawliet right now.
"Any?" Kira asked amazed. "As long as you have a DNA Cartridge, yes. There may be a few you don't have in that case so if anyone you don't have allows you take a sample, the DC-Link will scan them and produce a new one. For example, you don't have one of me. So Kira, take it out and scan me with it." Watanuki said standing up. "Right!" Kira replied.
He too  k out the DC-Link and opened it. He scrolled through a few options and selected scan. " DC-Link Scan mode activated. Please point towards scanning subject." It's said in a mechanical monotone voice. So Kira did that and pointed towards Watanuki. Then a green beam of light shot out and scanned Watanuki. "Scanning completed. Kimishiro Watanuki  completed." It said followed by a new DNA Cartridge appeared in the slot they usually go.
"See? Easy as that." Watanuki said sitting down taking another drag off his pipe. Kira and Lawliet were still amazed. Abby on the other hand was drooling, no one was brave enough to ask what was going through that crazy fangirl head of hers. No one will ever be that brave....ever.
"Next, why your here. I've had to do this several times. You were told to come here by a strange woman right? Seemed normal but something was off? In your case as Abby told me, a waitress who followed you and then disappeared. Correct?" Watanuki asked with a sly smile. Abby nodded as the Pipefox appeared and wrapped around her arm. "Why? What was she?" Kira asked. "She...was a very good old friend of mine. The former owner of this shop. Her time ended a while back. But I guess she was allowed a visit or somehting. But anyways I digress." Watanuki said taking a sip of tea that the girls brought.
"Yesterday remember when Abby sang better than usual?" Watanuki asked. Both boys nodded but Abby looked down. "That's because I granted her a wish. Which is what this shop deals in, for a price. She wanted a way to get Lawliet to calm down. So I gave it to her. For a boost in her singing ability, afterwards she gave her natural singing ability since it was the most valuable and equal thing she posessed." Watanuki explained not seeming to care when the boys gasped. "That's a lie right?" Kira asked not wanting to accept that. "Abby? Is that true?" Lawliet asked worried. Abby looking down then tried to sing but instead sounded kinda like a nails scratching across a chalkboard. Lawliet was silent feeling guilty.
"Your sister sacrificed something she treasured in order to save you from losing yourself. It was something I was rather reluctant to do myself but that's what she wanted." Watanuki explained with a grim look. Lawliet was silent and Abby looked down. "But can't you give it back to her?" Kira asked. "No, unfortunately." Watanuki said apologeticly. Lawliet stood up and grabbed him by the collar. "The hell you can't! Now here's a wish for you. If you want to live, then you'll give it back to her!" Lawliet ordered angrily. "Lawliet! Calm down! It's alright! Please....just calm down..." Abby said trying not to cry. Lawliet glared at Watanuki and sighed dropping him. "There is a way for you to recover it though. That's the last thing I'm gonna explain. It's also why you're here." Watanuki explained after coughing.
"What is it?" Kira asked. "Yes, for the love of god out with it!" Lawliet said getting annoyed. "How about the weather huh?" Watanuki said with a smirk. "OUT WITH IT DAMNIT!!!" All three shouted. Watanuki smirked and laughed for a minute. "Well you three seem like anime and game fans right?" Watanuki asked with a smile. "That is a understatement Watanuki-san." Abby chirped. "Hahaha, well good. How does a school where characters from both teach sound to you?" He asked smiling more. "If it was real then yes, it would sound awesome." Lawliet said rolling his eyes and sighing. "We would be free from Seth and others who look down on us..." Kira said sighing in agreement.
Watanuki grinned. "Well guess what. It is real. And I can send you there." Watanuki said unable to stop grinning. "Don't jerk us around four eyes." Lawliet growled. "Lawliet, be polite." Abby said shooting him a death glare making him shudder. "S..sorry." Lawliet said scared of Abby.
"How can such a place be real Watanuki-san?" Kira asked. "In a world between all realities it lays there teaching future generations how to use different abilities to defend their world after they leave it or have their time reversed and reincarnated in another so they can forge an entirely new story!" Watanuki explained enthusiasticly. "What!?" All three shouted. "You see, what all fictional stories and so on we have are actually leaks and visions from different worlds that the writers and creators get. And it's partly thanks to this school that the fiction stories can exist." Watanuki explained to the three highly confused teens.
It took a while for them to understand. "So we can really learn from them?" Abby asked trying to hold back a few (pfft few yeah that's funny knowing her) fangirl thoughts. "Mhmm. Yes you can." Watanuki said sensing the growing excitement in them. "How do we know if you're telling the truth?" Lawliet asked a little skeptic. "You're skeptical, that's to be expected. But I believe you know a girl named Melissa Absinthe?" Watanuki mentioned. They all were shocked that he knew about her.
Melissa was a girl they went to school with. During the previous year's trip to Japan Melissa was offered a scholarship to a art school in Japan. She took it and no one heard from her since. "She was here?" Abby asked curiously. "Mhmm. In truth, I sent her to the school." Watanuki replied sipping his tea. "Prove it." Lawliet asked again skepticly. "Well you see I really can't. That's the thing, when you arrive at this school the high price being that as long as you are there, you cannot return home unless you choose to return upon leaving the school. Simple as that. But you can also choose to stay there for another few years." Watanuki explained.
The three gathered to discuss it. "So do we believe him?" Kira asked. "Hmm... Still sounds a little fishy..." Lawliet muttered still skepticly. "But we will never know unless we try. Plusssss Lawliet think about it this way. If you do, and if we meet that man, you can kick the crap out of him!" Abby said with a smirk really curious and wanting to go. "Yeah, that'd do it!" Kira said laughing as Lawliet's eye twitched.
"OK FOUR EYES WE'RE IN!" Lawliet shouted grinning. Mention him being able to kick Mari's ass and no matter what it is, he'll do it.
"You sure? The school, Xross Academy, can be a pretty hard experience." Watanuki said seriously making sure about them. "We can handle it! If it means Abby can gain her singing voice back and me being able to kick my old man's ass then sign me in!" Lawliet said excited and pumped.
"What about you Kira? What reason have you for going?" Watanuki asked curiously. "M..me?" Kira asked having to seriously thinking about that and looking down. "Yeah Kira! Think about it! You can learn more about using that device and using two swords more!" Abby said excitedly and thrilled about getting to meet all the anime guys she drools over and worshipped. "And you can become braver too. Hone your skills and get a spine!" Lawliet said not really thinking. "LAWLIET!" Abby said scolding him. "No, Abby. He's right. I need to." Kira said seriously. "Kira?" Abby said stunned.
"Kira, are you positive you can handle this? It's a tough school. Weird as all hell and logic doesn't exist mind you, but still it can get tough." Watanuki said seriously looking him straight in the eye. "Y...yes!" Kira said nervously. "Hm ok then." Watanuki said standing up.
Then he had the three go change into the clothes from yesterday which he apparently had the girls fix. "Now, Kira Evans, Abigail Rose, Lawliet Aurion. Do you agree to the price. No contact and connections to your world as long as you attend Xross Academy?" Watanuki said seriously. "Yes!" The three said in unison. "Very well... Now take care of yourselves." Watanuki said as the pipefox hopped onto Abby clinging to her arm.
"Hey!" Abby said surprised. "Hm, seems he has taken a liking to you. Please take care of him and he will keep you safe please Abby?" Watanuki asked. "Sure!" Abby said cuddling the little thing. "Good. Now farewell!" Watanuki said with a swipe of his arm.
Then a magic circle glowed under them. Kira gripped the DC-Link. Abby gripped the Reyveteil Staff as the pipefox stayed wrapped around her wrist. Lawliet was just filled with thoughts of becoming powerful enough to beat Mari (go figure). Then after a burst of light, they were gone.
"Do you think they can handle it?" A voice from a shadow filled corner asked. "Oh, Mari-san! When did you get there?" Watanuki asked. "While they were changing, I was hiding in the shadows so Abby and Lawliet wouldn't see me. Now answer my question." Mari asked as Mokona hopped on his head and chugged a bottle of sake.
"Hm, I think they can. I mean, you did a few years ago didn't you?" Watanuki replied with a smile as he took another drag on his pipe. "Barely, they were some real characters there." Mari said with a laugh thinking his pun was funny. "Well we will see. You sure you don't wanna tag along?" Watanuki asked. "No, not yet. It's not the right time." Mari replied. "Well let's see how they hold up there. Yuuko made a real amusing choice sending them here." Watanuki said with a amused smirk. "Yes. Yes she did." Mari said in agreement.

Skits: The first while Kira and Abby are changing.
What happened?
Lawliet: Hmmmm...
Kira: What is it Lawliet?
Lawliet: What happened last night? I felt really angry then I blacked out...
Kira: ....
Lawliet: What?
Kira: Nothing... nothing at all. Your anger just wore you out. That's all.
Lawliet: You sure?
Kira: Yeah.... I'm sure...(Walks away)
Lawliet: Then why am I getting a bad feeling that I did something horrible...
Lawliet earned the title of: Gut Feeling.

Skits: The second happens while Abby is changing.
Unsuspecting victim
Abby: (Humming innocently as she changes)
(The pipefox is playing around as she changes)
Abby: Heh, you sure like being around me don't you?
Pipefox: (chirps)
Abby: You're adorable aren't you? Yes you are, yes you are
Pipefox: (Chirps and jumps at her accidently hitting...something)
(In the mean time Kira and Lawliet are walking by her door as this is happening)
Kira: Huhhh! (Whispers and turns red hearing this)
Lawliet: What the hell is going on in there? (Whispers back)
Kira: Sounds like uhhhhh....
Lawliet: It does doesn't it?
(door slides open quickly)
Abby: WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO THINKING!!?? GO AWAY! AND TAKE THIS THING WITH YOU WHILE IM CHANGING! (fuming and slams the door shut after throwing the pipefox at them.)
Lawliet: What the hell just happened?
Kira: I don't know. I just don't know....
Pipefox: (chirps again happily)
Lawliet and Kira: Perv.
Lawliet earned the title of: Confused Brother.
Kira earned the title of: Confused Narikiri.
Abby earned the title of: Unsuspecting Victim.

Skits: The third happens shortly after Kira, Abby and Lawliet leave.
Shrimp happy
Watanuki: (Hums while cooking)
Mari: That smells good, what is it?
Watanuki: Shrimp stir fry. Want some?
Mari: Sure why not. It's been a while since I had stir fry- wait. Shrimp? (eye twitches)
Watanuki: Mhmm- wait where did he go? AND THE FOOD!
Mokona: He went that way!
Watanuki: After him!
(finds him behind a tree devouring all the shrimp)
Mari: Are what? I don't know what you're talking about! (shifty eyes)
Watanuki: Riiiiiight, say Mokona, where did he put his wallet. I think he owes us a few bottles of sake.
Mokona: Here it is!!! Let's get plastered!
Mari: Rest in peace bank account...
Watanuki: Karma is a bitch isn't it~
Mari earned the title of: Shrimp obsessed
Mari earned the title of: Karma's bitch

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Lawliet: Author dude, chill!
Kira: What's with him?
Abby: I think the fact he's finally getting to somethign that has taken 4 years to do is finally causing him to snap.
Kira: Ohhhhhh.
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