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Chapter 7: Welcome to Xross Academy
After Watanuki's transportation spell Kira's world went black.
"Am I dead? Did he trick us somehow?" Kira thought to himself.
"No you're not dead idiot." the voice from before said with a sigh. "Who's there?" Kira asked surprised and looking around rapidly. "Who do you think? The guy who constantly has to save your ass from getting beaten mercilessly so many times!" The voice said as a figure appeared from the darkness.
He looked like exactly like Kira. Only difference was that he had the brave confidant expression that Kira always had in a fight and he looked rather annoyed too at the moment. Also he wore a black pin striped suit that Kira thought looked kinda cool. There was also two swords on either side of him which left Kira to wonder how he fought without getting his suit dirty or torn.
"Who are you?" Kira asked curious and kinda nervous. "Oh geez. We've been together since you were born you idiot and you are just now thinking of asking who I am? Ugh, I'm you! The side of you who you've spent all your life unconsciously kept locked away unless you get it through your thick skull that you need to grow a spine." The other him said getting more annoyed. Kira was actually really shocked by this.
I wasn't keeping you locked away!" Kira said in his own defense. "Yes you have! Everytime you act like a coward you keep me locked in! I'm tired of it! You better work your ass off here so you can get a spine so I won't have to be trapped anymore. At this rate when you do I'll just continue being a split personality. I wanna live damnit! And not just those temporary moments in which you need to fight! So get to it damnit or I will make your life a living hell! Now get to work! I'm not helping your sorry ass unless it's a life or death situation. Now get outta here!" The other side of him ranted on angrily and then snapping his fingers waking him up.
When he woke up he saw him, Lawliet, and Abby in a field in a new world. The others were still asleep. "Lawliet! Abby! Wake up!" Kira shouted nervous about the situation. He didn't recognize anything. He just saw a quiet peaceful field with no signs of life. As the other two woke up they were just as concerned as Kira.
"Where are we?" Abby asked scared and curious, hiding behind Kira and the pipe fox shaking in her bad. "I don't know. I honestly don't know..." Kira said looking around to see what was around rapidly. "If that four eyed freak tricked us I'm gonna be pissed!" Lawliet groaned.
Then out of nowhere a group of monsters appeared running. "OH HELL! WHERE DID THEY COME FROM!" Abby shouted frightened.
"This doesn't look good! What are we gonna do?" Kira said just as frightened and trying to think. "Simple! You turn into one of those kickass and awesome characters! Quickly!" Lawliet shouted impatiantly. "But but but-" Kira stuttered.
Before he could finish his sentence there was a a couple new shouts. "DEMON FIST!" one shouted fiercely. "SWALLOW DANCE!" Shouted another. Two of the monsters were destroyed by the attacks. This still left five.
"WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED!!!" Lawliet shouted shocked.
"Hm? Who the hell are you?" asked a white haired man with green eyes, a white uniform with a green orb on his chest wearing gauntlets. "Are you students?" asked the second one, a younger man with a black and blue jacket with it's sleeves torn off, long messy black haired pulled in a ponytail, blue jeans that looked worn out and sky blue and gold gauntlets. "We were just sent here by a four eyed lunatic!" Lawliet explained still amazed by what they just saw. "Really now? Wore a kimono, had a pipe, hung around a lil black rabbit thing and two souless little girls?" The black haired man asked. "Yeah! Him!" Lawliet replied. "He said he was sending us to somewhere called Xross Academy." Abby explained. "You're in the right place. Well not far from it anyway." the black haired man explained.
Kira's eye was twitching. "Is your friend ok?" the white haired man asked. "He must recognize you from somewhere." Abby replied. "You're Senel Coolidge!" Kira shouted amazed. "Yes I am, what's it to you?" Senel asked. "You're one of the best protagonists in the Tales of series!" Kira ranted in fanboy mode. "So you must be from a world where I'm from a game series. Great, another fan." Senel said a little sarcastic. "Haha, come on Senel-Sensei. Give the kid a break. Are you seriously gonna ruin his happy like that? Look at him!" The black haired man said with a laugh pointing to Kira who looked like he was gonna explode from excitement. "I heard Legendia sucked.." Lawliet muttered. "LIES! BLASHPHEMY!! SLANDER!!!!!" Kira shouted defensively.
"Senel, Cyan. Shouldn't we be focusing on these monsters and not standing around talking? Well well well, what have we here?" said a new voice as it came closer. Who came had long brown hair, red eyes and a amused smirk like he was going to say something smartass like. He wore a blue and gold military like uniform with a pac-man belt. When Kira saw him, you would think he was about to explode. "SWEET ZOMBIE GODS! YOU'RE JADE CURTISS!" shouted the overly excited fanboy. "Oh dear... he's being worse than he is around a Harvest Moon game.."Abby said with a sigh having to hold back a fangirl squeel since she was a Jade fangirl.
"Why yes I am. And who might you three be?" Jade asked curiously. "Kira Evans!" Kira replied excitedly. "Abby Rose..." Abby said feeling her usual drool come on. "The only sane one here, Lawliet Aurion." said the anger management patient who wanted to fool himself. "Jade Curtiss at your service." Jade said introducing himself. "The overly excited one did that for me." Senel said wondering if Kira was ever going to calm down. "Cyan Alcaeus. Pleased to meet ya'!" Cyan said happily offering his hand to them. Kira was the only one brave enough to shake it.
Then the remaining five monsters regrouped which turned out to be headless scythe wielding suits of armor called Dullahans regrouped. "It looks like the time for introductions is up. Kira, Abby, Lawliet! Hide!" Jade ordered as he, Cyan and Senel got ready for battle. "But-" Kira tried saying before Jade cut him off. "Go now!" he shouted. The three had no choice but too.
"Kira, why didn't you try telling him about the DC-Link?" Abby asked. "I tried to but he told us to go before I could." Kira replied taking it out. "Well, go then!" Lawliet ordered. "Right!" Kira said digging through the case.
"Crap! Is it just me or are these monsters seeming more powerful today?" Cyan groaned trying to dodge one of the monsters' scythes and trying to find a spot to hit. "It's not just you. This is certainly strange!" Jade said trying to assess the situation. "Tsunade is going to want to hear about this!" Senel said trying to block the attacks. They didn't notice the blinding flash.
Then out of nowhere, fireballs came out of nowhere and hit the Dullahans. "What the hell!" Cyan shouted surprised as they turned around to see a short half elf with long white hair and blue clothes. "Genis! Did the school send you?" Jade asked. "It's me, Kira!" Kira/Genis replied excitedly. "What!? How did you come to look like Genis?" Senel asked beyond confused. "Explain later. Fight now!" Kira said eagerly as he started casting a spell. "We'll have to accept your help. Be careful!" Jade said doing the same.
As Senel and Cyan attempted to take on the Dullahans and Kira and Jade casted their spells, Lawliet and Abby were watching. "What are we going to do!" Abby asked panicking when things started looking not good. "I don't know! Let's see, let's see!" Lawliet replied looking around quickly. Then he saw one of the dead Dullahans' scythes. "Hmmmmm.... I got it! Can you still use that power you got from Watanuki to at least sing a little good?" Lawliet asked getting a plan.
In the mean time the fight was going on. "Aqua Blade!" Kira shouted as sharp blade of water shot towards the monsters to which they responded by blocking. "Double Demon Fist!!!" Both Cyan and Senel shouted letting loose a barrage of shockwaves towards the monsters which they blocked too. "Jade, what are we gonna do?! They are blocking all our attacks!" Kira asked panicking. "Calm down Kira. We will figure something out. That's something you'll have to learn at Xross Academy." Jade explained as he tried thinking of a plan.
"Hey, Kira! Isn't that your friend Lawliet?" Cyan asked pointing to Lawliet who was running towards a dead Dullahan. "What the! Lawliet, what are you doing!?" Kira shouted as a living Dullahan noticed Lawliet and was about to attack him. "Damn! Senel! Cyan! Make sure that the Dullahan doesn't hurt or kill Lawliet! Kira! Cast something, hurry!" Jade ordered quickly as he began casting a spell.
Then they heard singing. "Now what?" Jade asked with a sigh and turned to see Abby singing as a faint magic circle glowed beneath her. The singing somehow caused Cyan's and Senel's attacks stronger, quicker and more accurate as well as causing Kira's and Jade's spells quicker to cast. "Hmm.. a songstress.... Ok! Keep it up Abby! Everyone keep going!" Jade ordered as he started casting again.
Just as Lawliet reached the dead Dullahan and swiped it's scythe, the living Dullahan's attack came down. Before it could touch Lawliet though it was stopped by two strong strikes of lightning and several shockwaves. Then to finish it, Lawliet quickly lifted the scythe and slashed at the Dullahan finishing it off. The remaining four were then easy to finish off.
"Yay we won!" Abby shouted victoriously. "Oh hell yeah!" Lawliet shouted as victoriously. "That was a real rush!" Kira shouted going back to normal. "I have to say that I'm impressed. You three really did well for your first monster fight." Jade said with a smile. "I must admit I am too." Senel said with a rarely seen grin. "We probably wouldn't have been able to kick their asses without ya!" Cyan said grinning like an idiot. The three amateurs couldn't help but blush at the praise.
"Well done. You three will fit in at Xross academy. We will take you there." Jade said pushing up his glasses. "Follow us." Senel said motioning the three still excited and pumped amateurs to follow them. Lawliet of course happily dragged away the scythe.
While Jade's group led Kira, Abby and Lawliet to Xross Academy, a bicolored female laid on the roof of Xcross Academy watching the clouds lazily. She was supposed to be in class or rather in her opinion, she didn't really HAVE to be in class considering she had graduated last year but the female decided to stick around another four years. Don't ask her why, she didn't really know but she did use the excuse to annoy the staff as her main reason.
With a yawn the blackette turned to her side to curl up and nap when her nose caught the scent of new scents. The female sat up ubruptly, nose twitching trying to identify the interesting scents. With a devilish and evil grin, dark bluish-green eyes twinkled mischeviously at the discovery.
"Fresh meat" the female giddily giggled as she stood up and jumped from the insanely high roof. The blackette took off in a run the minute her feet touched the ground, safely at that, black jacket flowing behind and high heels clicking against the ground.
"So are you and Senel teachers?" Kira asked curiously. "Yes we are. Occasionally at Xross Academy, students and teachers are sent out on monster elimination missions to ensure the school's safety." Jade explained. "I was assigned to take on the Dullahans with Senel and Jade as my supervisors!" Cyan said with a slight brooklyn accent. "Yes, remember to report in to the mission office when we get back." Senel reminded him. "Yea' yea' I know. I've been at it for 4 years now!" Cyan said apparently not liking to be reminded.
"What's it like there?" Kira asked curiously. "Yes, I'm rather curious about it myself." Lawliet said agreeing. "Well, it's almost like any other school. You choose classes and study." Jade explained. "But it can also be tough and intense since some of the classes are not really normal. Xross academy teaches you the fields you are most interested in and give you the abilities to use said fields." Senel added. "So there are alot of practice fights and a lot of events going on!" Cyan said enthusiasticly and punching the air. "Also since there are alot of teachers with rather.... unique personalities. Rather interesting things can happen. Some students are not really any better. Isn't that right Cyan?" Jade asked with a smirk. "I don't know what you are talking about Jade!" Cyan said innocently and laughing. Abby was too busy in fangirl thought land to listen.
Upon arrival at the school's gates they heard a lot of teachers and students running around the grounds. "Welcome to Xross Academy!" Jade said welcoming them to the school. Here's another moment their jaws would drop to the ground if they really could. The school was huge! And I'm not talking about Mount Fujiyama or Kilamijaro huge, not New York City huge, not Tokyo or any other major city huge, it was well just take my word for it. It was big enough that it had several modes of transportation around it in order to get people to places on time. It looked huge and somewhat modern and futuristic looking. "I think they're speechless you guys." Cyan said poking the silent and speechless three. "Haha, it's always like that!" Jade said with a laugh. Eventually they got the three back to their senses.
Then when they got to the gates they saw someone who looked impatiant and tapping her foot. "Oh dear..." Jade and Senel both said with a sigh. "About time you guys showed up!" shouted the girl waiting for them. "Hey Ryuu!" Cyan said waving at her as she approached them. "Shut it Brookie!" She snapped at him examining the newcomers.
Just as midnight blue-light green eyes took in the group of three, three sets of eyes took in the bicolored hair female. Hair the color of blacket ash and blood red highlights pulled into a low pony tail sat on a very pale skinned female. She wore a black tie-around-the-neck tank under a ripped and shredded deep grey shirt; faded black jeans with nearly as much shreds as the shirt; a leather trench jacket with the sleeves pretty much ripped off and black stilletos. Two large black hoops hung in the brunette's right ear while two smaller silver hoops hung in her left earlobe; a black choker with a dagger adorned the pale throat and silver chains hung around the female's hips.
The female crossed her arms in front of her chest and supported herself on one of her legs. She continued to assess the group before walking to them and walked around them inspecting them. With a nod to herself pleased at what she saw, the blackette held her hand out in front of the dirty blonde male.
"Name's Koharyuu Amida, call me Ryuu. And if anyone gives you shit come to me." the girl named Ryuu said as a slightly intimidated Lawliet (which shocked Kira and Abby) shook her hand. "Um... nice to meet you Ryuu..." Abby said a little intimidated herself.
"Shouldn't you be in class?" Jade asked. "Do you really care?" Ryuu asked in response as an eyebrow raised. "Not really. Just my duty as a teacher to ask. You might want to get going. We are on our way to see Tsunade. You don't want your grandfather knowing you're skipping again hm?" Jade said with a smile hiding the fact that he was threatening her. "Pfft, whatever. But hey, you three rememeber what I said!" Ryuu said with a wave and then walked away.
"Who the hell-" Lawliet asked before being cut off. "That was one of our more well known students. Ryuu in the five years she has been here has built up quite a reputation for herself. She even opted to remain here for another few years. Why we don't know but some are actually too afraid to ask." Jade explained. "Ohhhhhhh." the three said. "So there's a chance you'll wind up running into her often. True she can be a bit... strange, she's someone whose good side you want to stay on. But she's a good person none the less." Senel explained. "We will keep that in mind." Lawliet said. "Yes, now that that's out of the way, let's keep going. You need to see Tsunade-Sensei. Cyan you go do what you're suppose to." Jade said. "Got it! Nice meeting you guys! Let's meet up again sometime!" Cyan said waving and then running off somewhere. "Time to go you three." Jade said leading them through the gate.

Skits: The first takes place after the fight with the Dullahans.
First Fight
Kira: ......(Trying to hold in his excitement.)
Cyan: What is it Kira?
Abby: Oh, he just looks really excited. I'd back away if I were you. He looks like he could explode.
Lawliet: Wouldn't be the first time. But hey it was nice to see him showing some natural enthusiasm in a fight and have a spine. Strange thing is, he didn't look like he normally did in a fight.
Senel: Why do you say that?
Lawliet: Usually he's a spineless coward. But when in a fight he usually becomes braver and more confidant. But this time seemed different somehow.
Jade: Hm who knows then. Maybe he just sensed it was time to stop relying on that side and just did it naturally. But in the mean time let's keep going. Tsunade-Sensei shall be pretty impressed with the assisstance you three gave us today.
Abby: But how are we gonna get Kira to snap out of it?
Jade: Oh I know. I knowwww....(smirks and begins chanting)
Abby: This won't end well....
Senel: Not at all.
Kira earned the title of: Easily Excited

Skits: This second takes place after meeting Ryuu.
Lawliet: Hmm...
Kira: What is it Lawliet?
Lawliet: That girl. Ryuu I think she said her name was. There was something about her.
Abby: What? Do you have a new cruuuuush? -Smirks at her twin-
Lawliet: N, no! -Blushes brightly and glares at his sister. Clears throat- She kinda had a deathly feel about her. I don't know why.
Jade: I do.
Lawliet: Why?
Jade: Hmmm. Nope, not going to tell you!
Lawliet: Oh come on!
Jade: Haha, it's just something you'll have to learn for yourself. You'll be here a while and we all have been around to long enough to figure her out a little.
Cyan: She can be scary too. One time some male students snuck into the girls bathroom not knowing she was still there and let's just say that some are still requiring a few years of daily therapy.
Lawliet, Abby and Kira: (gulps)
Ryuu earned the title of: Terrifying girl.
Lawliet earned the title of: Curiousity killed the cat.
Cyan earned the title of: Descriptive.

A/N. So it begins. Meeting the Alliance Marine Senel Coolidge and the Infamous Jade Curtiss the Necromance. Along with new allies Cyan and Ryuu, how will our heroes fare at their new home and school. Find out next chapter!
Ryuu: Oh hell. You were right Lawliet, he does make the Author notes sound like a fucking episode preview!
Lawliet: Toldya!
Author: I did mention I traded the last of my sanity away to Watanuki for a few Author powers right?
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