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Chapter 8: Inside Xross Academy
"Woooowwww, this place is even bigger on the inside!" Kira said as observant and enthusiasticly as a kid in a toy store at christmas. "Yes, Xross Academy offers so many classes it's hard to count. Both weird as you would think and some pretty basic like math and so on." Jade explained leading them to a sign saying warp panel that was above said Warp panel.
"Here, warp panels are one of our most common modes of transportation. We will be taking it to Tsunade's office." Jade explained as he pressed a button. "Wait. Well endowed, refuses to accept the fact she's a total hag-
Meanwhile in her office Tsunade sneezed. "You ok Tsunade babe?" A half naked tan man with orange sunglasses, a red cape with a flaming skull on it and spiky blue haired man said. "Don't call me that Kamina! But I'm just getting the feeling I need to punch a new student." Tsunade said shrugging after punching Kamina square in the face.
"So she uses a special technique to keep looking youthful and has a rather mean temper as well as the strength to match?" Lawliet asked. "The very same!" Jade said with a smirk. "Oh this will be fuuuuuunnnn~" Lawliet said with a evil smirk. "Oh dear..." Kira and Abby whispered in unison.
"By the way.... have you kids eaten at all today?" Jade asked with a evil grin. "Uhhhh, I think that's my cue to gooooo..." Senel said afraid of what Jade was about to do and leaving...quick. "No. Why ask?" Kira responded worried. "Noooo reason~" Jade said as he quickly hit the button that warped them away.
The moment they were where they were warped too, well let's just say that the three who were not used to the warping process had to make use of the plant by Tsunade's office door. It looked oddly enough like a giant venus fly trap, and let's just say that HE wasn't too happy about being vomited on. "HEY! WATCH IT!" he shouted angrily. The three screamed.
"Hello Zetsu-san. Is Tsunade in today?" Jade asked with a smile acting unaware that the plant was actually everyone's favorite human/plant hybrid. The three glared at him when they realized he knew. "Yeah, I heard her punch Kamina again when she had this strange feeling that she needed to punch a new student." Zetsu said glaring at the three new students. "Oh, good! Come now children. Let's not keep our principal waiting!" Jade said grinning completley aware of the three death glares being sent at him.
"Come in!" They head Tsunade shout when Jade knocked on the door. "It's me Jade. I've come to report in after taking Cyan on his mission. I've also come with three new students Watanuki Kimishiro apparently sent to us that we found on said mission." Jade reported. "Come in!" Tsunade shouted as Jade opened the foor. Kira, Lawliet and Abby bowed apologeticly to Zetsu as they went by him.
There they saw the Sannin Tsunade and the badass (or so he thinks he is) Kamina. "So you three are the new students hm?" Tsunade said reading a file on them she somehow got no one really knows how. "Y..yes ma'am!" They all said nervously. "Why so nervous you three? I've seen people come here with more excitement in their eyes than you three! Come on now, let's see that excited spirit!" Kamina said in his typical flamboyany energetic fashion.
Then a sake bottle hit them in the back of the head. "Pardon my vice principal. He's just a little- HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Tsunade shouted as Abby sniffed Kamina's cape. "Um....noooooothing...." Abby said with shifty eyes. "Riiiiight." Tsunade said not really believing her. "Pardon my sister. She's a little crazy..." Lawliet said apologetically. "I can see that. We have plenty girls like her running around. It's actually rather amusing to watch actually." Tsunade with a amused grin as her assistant Shizune poked the outcold Kamina.
"Jade, you can go now. I'll take care of getting them registered and so on." Tsunade said flipping through their profiles. "Yes Lady Tsunade. Take care now you three. I'll be seeing you around. And be careful, you never know what you'll find here~" Jade said with an amused smile. "Y...yes sir!" The three said in unison.
"I apologize for anything he might have pulled on you. He enjoys teasing some of the students and faculty. But other than that he's very well loved around here." Tsunade explained handing the medical part of the files to Shizune who started to run them down to the infirmary. "It's all good. We've watched Kira here play the game he's from and Kira is a fan of his. So he must not be all that bad." Lawliet said with a shrug.
Tsunade burst out laughing. "He's worse than that! But you'll have to see for yourself. But yes, he's not the worse member of our faculty I suppose." Tsunade said as she flipped through papers. "How come I'm getting that feeling of impending doom..." Kira muttered. "You're not the only one..." Abby muttered in agreement.
"Alright! For living arrangements, here in Xross Academy we put groups of 6-10 per house to promote teamwork since that's usually how many are in a party. So now we need to find what doesn't have the maximum of ten." Tsunade said typing away at a computer with a glare at it meaning she probably doesn't have a good history with the damn things.
"I wonder who we will have to stay with." Kira said thinking. "Hm who knows. Hopefully someone strong!" Lawliet said with a grin. "Maybe a teacher~" Abby said hopefully. "Abby, you're drooling." Lawliet said with a sigh.
"Alright! Got it. You'll be staying with Bel Garnet, Aden Stahl, Nicholas Oleander, Cyan Alcaeus whom you met earlier." Tsunade said staring at the computer screen. "Cyan? Awesome, atleast we will know someone we will be staying with. "Hm, there's one that according to our data you know. Melissa Absinthe?" Tsunade said handing them a sheet of paper with information on them.
This came as a shock to them. "Melissa really is here?!" Abby asked surprised. "Yes she is. Has been for a year now. She's in a few of our art, marksmenship, and element manipulation classes." Tsunade explained. "Heh, I wonder if she's still mad at ya Abby!" Lawliet said with a smirk. "I hope not..." Abby said hopefully. "For what?" Tsunade asked. "I rather not talk about it...." Abby said before Lawliet the jackass that he is said why. "Melissa blames Abby for her sister's suicide." Lawliet replied. "LAWLIET!" Abby shouted giving him the death glare causing him to shudder. "S...sorry!" Lawliet said apologeticly.
"Alllright then. Now if you don't mind. The address is already written down on the sheet. We will have your schedules made according to your interests, the school's requirements, and your skills/abilities. They will be ready tomorrow and sent to where you are staying." Tsunade explained digging through her desk for three devices and tossing them to Lawliet, Kira, and Abby.
"What are these?" Abby asked curiously as they looked at them. "They are your PDAs'. They are what your schedules will be sent to when they are ready. They also let you send messages and communicate with other students and teachers. They also are used to store your weapons, so you won't have to tire yourselves by dragging them around, and keep track of how many credits you have. There may be a few I don't remember but oh well. I'm sure you'll figure it out in time. Just ask another student, teacher or your digimon partner-" Tsunade explained before a unexpected excited squeel erupted from Lawliet interupted her startling everyone and causing Tsunade to fall from her chair.
"DIGIMON PARTNER!?" Lawliet shouted excitedly. "Erm... yes?" Tsunade said trying to get up. "Sorry about him. He's a bit crazy about digimon." Abby said with a nervous grin seeing her brother twitch excitedly. "It's alright. They live inside the PDAs though. They act as electronic pets and assistants from within the PDAs so you can find things in them easier. Although there are a few areas around the school where you can make them materialize and battle. Housing here are some of the areas. And what choices you have depends on your personal data you enter when you first turn it on." Tsunade explained. Lawliet looked like he was about to wet himself.
"So how do we get there?" Do we take a warp panel or what?" Kira asked. "Well you can take the warp panel near here and enter the address before activating it. Or if you want to see more of the area you can just walk to the train station." Tsunade explained. "Hmmm... It would be nice to see some of the area." Abby said thinking. "Then take the warp panel to the middle of the school since that's where the station and town is basically. This place is pretty big so yes, we can fit an entire town inside. Have fun with that." Tsunade explained as her eye twitched and she gave her computer a death glare.
The three took this as a signal to leave...quick. As soon as they stepped out they heard a loud crash with a loud yell of "I'LL KILL WHOEVER PUT THIS GODDAMNED VIRUS ON MY COMPUTER!!!". "I don't pity whoever did that..."Kira muttered. "Isn't that the truth..." Abby said in agreement.
So then after passing the glaring Zetsu, they used the warp panel after selecting town square. Luckily they got it all out on Zetsu earlier because the sight of the town was almost as amazing as the school itself. "Oh dear god...." Lawliet said jaw wide open. "It's..." Kira said at a loss for words. "Beautiful..." Abby said with sparkles in her eyes.
The town had different looking stores for whatever you were or did. There was bookstores, game stores, clothes stores, equipment stores for any job class and more. There were also anime and game characters all over the place to the point they had to restrain each other and remind themselves there were also as many students.
They saw mechs and others sky vehicles flying overhead in the sky. They saw students participating in any kind of card games and any kind of creature battle imaginable. They mostly watched and payed attention to the duel monsters and pokemon battles however. The sight of a real pikachu was enough to make poor Abby melt.
They met several fellow students who seemed pretty nice including twins brothers who seemed to enjoy dressing in wild western themed costumes and used a shotgun and bow/arrow respectively. And some were not so welcoming including a overly cocky fiend deck using duelist and a rather grumpy spearmen. As for the teachers they thought it was a good idea to avoid some for the time being, they didn't want to get in trouble for tackling or something like that. Especially Abby.
Then they heard a familiar voice. "Hey you three! How are ya doing!" Said the infamous bicolored hair troublemaker as she ran over to them. "Oh, Ryuu right?" Abby asked making sure she remembered. "Oh good, you remembered. I'd have to kill you if you didn't!" Ryuu replied with an innocent looking smile. "Haha!" Abby laughed. "I'm serious!" Ryuu said still smiling as she practicaly radiated a murderous energy. Never has anyone gone pale so quickly.
"Errr anyyyyways. Yes, we are doing good. Well my sister excluded who looks like she's about to wet herself." Lawliet said as Kira tried to get Abby to calm down. "Finding everything ok?" Ryuu asked as Abby's pipefox worriedly tried tickling her to wake her up.
"You can say that. We've kinda been getting distracted....a lot." Kira replied. "Hah, really now? Well that's pretty damn easy I suppose. A lot to see, a lot to do. Getting distracted is something to be fucking worried about.." Ryuu said with a shrug. "Yeeeeah." The three said in agreement.
"So need a tour guide?" Ryuu asked. "We were actually about to try finding where we are suppose to stay." Abby mentioned after finally snapping out of it. "Oh? Where's that?" Ryuu asked. "A couple blocks from here actually." Lawliet replied looking at his PDA, the blackette's eyes scanned the PDA. The address made bluish-green eyes widen slightly. "Wait, is that with Cyan?" Ryuu asked with a eyebrow raised. "Yessss?" The three asked sensing something ominous in her voice. "HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! He has some real characters living with him. Including some lunatic who loves to bring her drawings to life, one who gets a little erotic with the mechs the group uses as well as hacking into the school's computers, in fact he constantly puts viruses in some teacher's computers. Plus there's a young alchemist who is always pulling some pranks on teachers. Although the tech junkie is always tricked into taking the blame. It's hilarious none the less." The blackette explained trying not to laugh too hard. "So we got colorful roommates. This outta be interesting!" Lawliet said with a grin. "Yeah, I leave a little present on the doorstep for the little snot that's often trying to take my place as top prankster in the school... So I'll take you there." The upper classman muttered. The three thought it best not to ask what said present was.
Soon she led them to a house on the edge of the town that they heard alot of noise coming from. "Well, it sounds like either Melissa's creations have gone wild, or one of Nicholas's experiments have gone wrong." Ryuu said hearing an explosion. "Does those happen often?" Kira asked concerned. "Um... nooooo..." Ryuu said finding a random weed very interesting all of a sudden. "Riiiiiight..." The three said in unison.
Then out of nowhere a young red headed boy with green eyes in a purple cloak came flying out of the second story window followed by an explosion. "HOLY SHIT!!!" The really shocked three newcomers shouted as he crashed into the ground with his cloak singed beyond all reason. What shocked them even more was that the little purple fireball actually got up seemingly unharmed. "Oh, hello!" he said in a happy and hyper tone. 'Just what the hell is this kid made of....' Kira, Abby, and Lawliet thought to themselves thinking there was something wrong with him.
"Hey you fucking pipsqueek. Experiment go wrong again?" Ryuu asked in a mocking tone. "GRRRR I'M NOT SHORT YOU GODDAMN COUSIN-FUCKING MIDGET BITCH! AND NO IT DID NOT GO WRONG.... I Just had a little setback is all..." Nicholas shouted then muttered.
A large vein throbbed in Ryuu's forehead as a dark look overcame her eyes and teeth bared in a snarl showing dangerous fangs. "WHAT DID YOU FUCKING SAY YOU FUCKING DIRT-SIZED FIREBALL EATING SHRIMP?! I'M FUCKING TALLER THAN YOU AND CAN'T EVEN STAND KIDD!! WHY YOU COCKROACH SPECK OF DUST I SHOULD FUCKING ROAST YOUR SKINNY ASS AND POUND YOU INTO THE DUST WITH BEL'S OWN SKILLETS!!!!!!!!" The blackette ranted angrily as fire started rising and dancing around her and her scythe materialized in her hands causing the three poor unsuspecting and terrified spectators to chibify and back away slowly.
As the two went at it, spells and transmutations being flung around, a rather sleepy dark blonde in a spandex mechanic suit, a pair of goggles in his ruffled hair holding a cup of coffee came out. "Oh, I thought I heard alot of bitching, yelling and a copious amount of cursing out here." the mechanic muttered with a german accent and sipping his coffee. "FUCK YOU ADEN!!!" The two brawlers shouted glaring at him as they both had their fists planted into each others cheeks. "Every morning joo two, mein gott!" he muttered slamming the last bit and sighing.
Then he noticed the three frightened newcomers. "Oh, vho are joo three?" Aden asked drowsily. "Lawliet Aurion." Lawliet replied introducing himself. "Kira Evans." Kira said doing the same. "Abby Rose. We have been assigned to stay here." Abby replied. "Oh, wunderbar. New roomies. OI MELISSA VE GOT NEW ROOMIES. GET JOOR ANTISOCIAL ASS OUT HERE!" Aden shouted at the top of his lungs ignoring the fact that Ryuu and Nicholas were starting to go at it again.
Soon a black haired girl around Kira's, Lawliet's, and Abby's age came out the door. "I'm not antisocial Aden! I just don't like going outside more than I need to. I like concentrating on my- WHAT THE HELL!" Melissa shouted seeing Kira, Abby, and Lawliet.
When she spotted the three, her blue eyes widened so much you could see them through her shaggy black bangs. "What the hell are you three doing here!" She asked shouting and pointing at them. "Joo know each other?" Aden asked as he stepped away as a dustcloud containined the two brawlers nearly rammed into him. "Yes, she is from our world. We heard you were here Melissa, it's nice to see you again!" Abby said happily. "Um, yeah. It's nice to see you too..." Melissa said trying to look like she was happy to see them til she saw Kira then she actually did look happy.
"Vell, this is good news. This makes things much easier to help get them settled in." Aden said happily. "Yeah, I suppose. Nice to see you agian Kira and Lawliet." Melissa said apparently trying to ignore Abby's cheerfulness "Haha, Abby is here too you know." Kira said with a laugh. "I know, make yourself at home." Melissa said going back inside.
"I'm thinking she does not like Abby very much." Aden said slightly confused. "Yeah, she's been like that for a while." Abby said like she was use to it. "Ooooook, vell come in, come in!" Aden said ushering them in as the dust cloud hit one of the house's walls knocking the two fighters out.
Then before they went in Ryuu recovered. "Hah! Take that bitch!" Shouts and points at Nicholas who was still busy seeing stars. Then Ryuu looked around the area noticing something off. "Woah why is the world so spinny?" Looking at the German with a goofy grin, the blackette waved. "Hey Spandex why are there five of you?" Aden was not pleased by the nickname Ryuu insisted on giving him. "I told joo NOT TO CALL ME THAT!!" At the blonde's yell, the female giggled before trying to take a step and falling to the ground, she somehow knocked her head against the sidewalk. The knock was strong enough to knock some sense into the wacky female. Ryuu sat up holding her head with a groan, "What in the seven hells happened?" "Nothing nothing, now let's get inside. I need more coffee if you're here to you dummkopf." Aden drowsily muttered as he dragged himself inside. "HEY! I'M NOT A DUMBASS!" Ryuu shouted angrily. "I beg to differ..." Nicholas who finally regained conciousness whispered, the female decided to ignore that.
Once inside Aden dragged himself into the kitchen and got some more coffee as Melissa was busy taking the cartridges out of a mountain of pens and pushing her glasses back up. "Nice place you got here." Kira said looking around. "Vell, it's not much but it's home." Aden replied sipping what must have been his third cup in the past fifteen minutes. "Why is Melissa taking the cartridges out of pens?" Abby asked. "None of your concern Abigail." Melissa muttered shooting a drowsy glare at her. Ryuu got a concerned look and thought to herself.
"I'm curious about that too Melissa." Kira mentioned. She grumbled. "I use them and batteries as bullets in special guns that can bring to life drawings or things that they were used to draw or  from what hand held game systems they were used." Melissa explained pointing to the two guns in a holster hanging on the wall behind her. "Ja, it's very amusing to see vhat comes out too." Aden said with a dirty smirk. "HEY I TOLD YOU THAT YAOI COUPLE WAS FROM SOMEONE ELSE'S PEN!!!" Melissa shouted as her eyes got wider and angrier and a vein popped up in her head. They all laughed.
"Well let's see, Nicholas's room is in the basement for his experiments, Melissa's is the attic since she gets a great view of outside so she can do her art peacevully, mine is in the garage, and I guess you three can take the rooms upstairs in the hallway." The future caffiene poisoning victim explained pouring himself yet another cup. "You know if you keep that up then you're going to die of caffiene poisoning" Ryuu mentioned without looking up from the magazine she found on the coffee table. "Vhat's caffiene poisoning? I've drunk 25 cups in an hour before and I'm still perfectly fine." Aden replied with a goofy grin. Everyone crashed to the ground except Aden who was still mainlining coffee.
So Nicholas was made to show the newbies to their rooms. "Here you go. Um, you may wanna be careful though." Nicholas said with shifty eyes. "Why's that?" Lawliet asked. "Well, at one point Ryuu was gonna have to stay here while some plumbing was done at her place but she got wise and found somewhere else to stay and I may have rigged the door in one to give a few thousand volts and a rigged automated punching glove to the upper torso region...." the shifty eyed alchemist said zooming off. This left the three verrrrrry paranoid.
After a few minutes of arguing another familiar voice rang throughout the hallway. "Hey! Kira, Abby, Lawliet! Nice to see ya'! I heard you'll be stayin' here with us nyeh?" Cyan shouted with a strong brooklyn accent. "Hey Cyan! Yes we are." Kira replied. "Great, great. This will be fun hm? But for future reference I'm the boss here got it?" Cyan said rather flamboyantly. "Hah! In your alpha and sex obsessed dreams Brookie!" they heard Ryuu shout from downstairs with a loud laugh. "Shut up you damn harpie!" Cyan shouted to which he got a reply of "Thanks for the compliment Brookie!"
"Gahhh! Damn old hag! It's hard to get to her!" the brookie groaned. "I heard that!" Ryuu shouted. "Damn heightened senses!" Cyan muttered. "And that!" she crowed with a laugh in her tone. Kira, Lawliet, and Abby never laughed so hard.
"But yea' come to me if you need help with somethin'! It'd be no problem!" Cyan said grinning. "Thanks. Any idea where we can get some new clothes though? We kinda left all ours in our world." Lawliet asked. "Oh yea' sure. It's a weekend so we have plenty of time!" Cyan said. "That is much appreciated Cyan!" Abby said happily.
"You three should get some rest. You've had a big day so far." Melissa said coming up the stairs. "True. I'm feeling a little sleepy." Abby said rubbing her eyes. "Yeah, that's nice. Kira, the unrigged room is the one closest to the attic stairs." Melissa said as she walked to said attic stairs. "How the hell did you know!?" they heard Nicholas shout from downstairs. "Thanks Melissa, I guess?" Kira said confused as to why she said that. "Whatever." She replied closing her door.
"Wow. If I didn't know any better I'd say she had a thing for you, eh buddy?" Cyan said jokingly. "Oh she was always like that. Back in our world she would sometimes stalk me and follow me around." Kira said with a shrug. "Hence the nickname stalker." Lawliet said with a laugh. "I heard that!" Melissa shouted from her room.
"Does this place have thin walls or something?" Abby asked. "Yeah, but as for Ryuu, she just has really good hearing." Cyan said with a shrug. "You bet your ass I do!" Ryuu shouted from downstairs. "...We need to get a new place..." Cyan said sighing. The female blackette shouted for the whole house to hear that she was leaving, much to the relief Aden.
So the three settled into their rooms which were actually pretty comfy. Just as he was finishing entering his information on his PDA he dozed off and dreamt of all that's happened that day. He didn't even realize a little egg appear on the screen.

Skits: The first takes place as Ryuu leads Kira, Abby, and Lawliet to the house.
Lawliet: Hmmmm... Hey Ryuu?
Ryuu: Yeah? What do you want?
Lawliet: I'm curious. What's this 'Present' you leave at the house everyday that you mention.
Ryuu: Oh, that. Well let's just say it's a little assurance to make sure this little bastard you're staying with doesn't usurp my title of top prankster.
Kira: What is it?
Ryuu: Ohhhhhh a little this, a little that. Some rather graphic pictures that could get him in trouble if it was known he had them. (smirks evily)
Abby: Of what?
Ryuu: Oh you'll see. Oh yes, you'll see. Mwahahaha~
Lawliet: And you two say that I have issues!
Ryuu: I don't have issues. I just don't like competition!
Ryuu earned the title of: Deny, Deny, Deny
Ryuu earned the title of: Pure evil.
Ryuu earned the title of: Competitive.
Lawliet earned the title of: Sorry for asking.

Skits: The second takes place after Competition.
Kira: Hey Ryuu?
Ryuu: Hm?
Kira: Why are you so determined to be the prankster of the school?
Abby: Yea, I was wondering that myself
Ryuu: Well you see Hikaru-sensei and Koaru-sensei are the record holders school prankster. I plan on surpassing them and having myself become the record holding prankster.
Abby: -Reading the school record book- Well you seem awfully close
Ryuu: Oh I know that, I plan to beat that so bad that NO ONE will dare to challenge it -Giving Nicholas a pointed stare-
Nicholas: What did I do??
Ryuu: Try to beat me at become the school's prankster.
Lawliet: -Walks in but heard the entire conversation and sighs- So childish
Nicholas and Ryuu: HEY!! -Glares daggers at Lawliet-
Lawliet: -Ignores the two-
Kira and Abby: -Laughing their asses off-
Ryuu and Nicholas: -Leave to plan on how to get back at Lawliet-
Ryuu earned the title of: Wannabe Record Breaker
Nicholas earned the title of: Rival Threat
Lawliet earned the title of: "Mature"

Skits: This takes place that night.
Kira: Zzzzzzz...
(a loud crash)
Kira: Wha- what was that? (drowsy)
Melissa: S..shit!
Kira: Melissa? What are you doing in here?
Melissa: I uh... just thought this was my room. You know how blind I am in the dark especially when I forget my glasses!
Kira: But wouldn't you realize that you had the wrong room when you notice there are not any stairs?
Melissa: I'm umm.... too tired to notice?
Kira: Oh, ok! Want me to help you find your's?
Melissa: N...no! That's alright! Night Kira! (zooms off)
Kira: ....I'm starting to think she wasn't getting lost in the dark....
Melissa: (Blushing like crazy) Damn, I almost got caught...
Melissa earned the title of: Night Prowler.

A/N. Meeting more new allies and a few more teachers, the three settle in for the night. The mechanic Aden, the alchemist Nicholas and the stalker Melissa-
Author: Riiiiiiiight. Whatever you say Melissa. (pats her head)
Melissa: They'll never find the body...
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