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Melissa: (Polishing her guns)
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Melissa: Why should I? (glaring)
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Melissa: I don't feel like it. (goes back to polishing her guns)
Author: You are aware you're talking to the author right?
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Cyan: Why should I?
Author: Oh don't you start! I don't feel like dying!
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Chapter 9: Out on the town.
When Kira woke up the morning of Oct.22nd realizing he slept through the second half of the previous day he was rather shocked. He never slept that long, but taking into consideration all that happened, go figure. But what woke him up was the smell of good food and of course, yelling.
So he dragged himself downstairs to see pots and pans flying around the kitchen in what looked like a purple blur and loud cursing. "What the hell?" Kira said wondering what the hell was going on. "Hm? Who the hell are you?" asked a violet haired girl in white apron, pink dress and wielding a couple pans and glaring at Kira with her green eyes. "I..I'm Kira." Kira managed to stutter in fear of having one thrown at him. "Ohhhhh, you're one of the new guys. Well go wake everyone up. Breakfast is ready." The girl said getting the table ready. The biggest shocker was that the kitchen was still sparkling clean.
Once everyone was down they sat down to breakfast. "So, where did you three come from?" the girl asked. "The same world as Melissa." Lawliet said while shoveling down eggs. "Not one for table manners arentcha?"  the girl asked. "Not really." Abby said with a sigh.
But you guys, this is Bel. Aka, the Bitch with the Pots and Pans." Cyan said introducing her. "A nickname I'm proud to have!" Bel said proudly as if the nickname was a badge of honor."Why do they call you that?" Kira asked. "Piss me off and find out." Bel said ominously before eating a sausage. "Uhhhh, that's perfectly alright..." Kira said wisely. "Smart boy." Violet said with a smile.
"So what's on the agenda for today hm?" Violet asked curiously. "These three need more clothes." Cyan said pointing at Kira, Abby and Lawliet while eating. "Ohhh, we can do that. Yes, here you're gonna need quite a few. Thankfully clothes here are cheap since things can happen to destroy you're clothes." Bel said thinking. "Like what?" Abby asked. "Well fights break out often. Training in a few classes can be rough. So on so on, etc etc." Violet explained. "That bad?" Lawliet asked. "You don't know the half of it." Nicholas said as a random kitten climbed on to the top of his head.
"Vell, joo vill have to go vithout me. I have some things to take care of." Aden said again mainlining coffee. "And I need to go see Mustang-Sensei...." Nicholas muttered before sneaking off. "Mein Gott, and I just got rid of my last burns!" Aden muttered grabbing a bottle of burn ointment and a on the go mug and filling it then following Nicholas. "What? Were you expecting me to have an excuse not to go as well?" Melissa said when the remaining five looked at her expecting her to say something as well. "Whatever gave you that idea?" Cyan said with shifty eyes. "Dumbass..."  Melissa muttered.Kira said to himself. "What is it Kira?" Cyan asked overhearing him as he walked by. "There's a egg on my screen." Kira replied. "Oh, that must be your digimon partner then. Looks like it's close to hatching
When Kira and the thers went up to get their PDA's which apparently had a good number of credits on it already, Kira saw that there was an egg pulsing on the screen. "What the hell?" ." Cyan said observing the egg's pulsing. "It is?" Kira asked. "Mhmm, mine was that way when it came close to hatching. Isn't that right Bancholeomon?" Cyan asked followed by a gruff reply of Yes coming from his PDA.
"Was that your's?" Kira asked. "Mhmm, my and Bancholeomon have been together since I got here. We have kicked much ass here." Cyan said with a happy sigh as if flashing back to all those fights. "Hmm, I wonder what mine will be." Kira thought to himself.
"Hey, are you guys almost ready to get going?" Melissa asked as her head poked in through the door. "Yea', just explaining to Kira about why there's a pulsing egg on his PDA." Cyan replied. "Ohhh, those tend to hatch in a day or so." Melissa said coming in and looking at it shortly followed by Lawliet and Abby.
"Oh, theres an egg on your's too?" Abby asked curiously looking at his. "Mhmm. I wonder what it's gonna be." Kira said wondering. "Ditto!" Lawliet said exitedly as if he was about to explode. Lawliet was really excited about having a digimon partner ok?
Eventually they were out the door and wandering around town. "This town is amazing!" Abby said excitedly. "Well when it needs to support countless residents, yeah, it kinda needs to be." Melissa said in a please shut up tone. "If you tried going through all the stores just to look it can take you a whole week." Violet said jsut as excitedly. "Oh I'm going to enjoy this." Abby said smirking. "No Abby. Bad Abby!" Lawliet said warningly. "Oh you act like I was gonna do something bad." Abby said acting innocent. "Remember Shinjuku?" Lawliet asked sternly. "Uhhhh, I don't know what you're talking about..." Abby said with shifty eyes and trying to keep up the innocent facade.
"What happened in Shinjuku?" Melissa asked geniunely curious. "Let's just say alot of children got mentally scarred, she's banned for life from a few stores. And it'd be wise to keep her away from a few bishounen teachers. Like Kyouya Ootori for example. ESPECIALLY Kyouya Ootori." Kira explained. "Someone called me?" said the forementioned bishounen teacher. "..............!" Abby's eyes began twitching rather violently soon followed by her own body. "Oh no! Kyouya-Sensei! Run!" Bel shouted before the insane fangirl tackled and ravaged the poor unsuspecting teacher.
Ok... well that went horribly wrong." Melissa said trying not to laugh. "Yeaaaaah. Sorry about that." Kira said apologeticly. "But it was actually kinda funny. It's not the worse thing that a fangirl has done to a teacher here." Bel explained. "Like what?" Abby asked. "Abby...." Lawliet said warningly. "Yeah, yeah." Abby said brushing him off.
So they went to get a few clothes as their new friends gave them a tour of the grounds. "Mmmmmm~ I'm getting hungry..."Abby said as her stomach growled. "Hm? Well let's get something from the italian restaurant over there." Melissa suggested pointing to a nearby restaurant "Uh, is that a really good idea Melissa?" Cyan asked concerned. "What? I'm hungry for pizza." Melissa said with a shrug. "Then why not the one two blocks over?" Cyan said hoping to persuade her. "Is it any good?" Kira asked. "The best. Besides, the owners are funny." Melissa said starting to walk over there.  
"Wait... Melissa actually has a sense of humor?" Lawliet said finding that rather hard to believe. "Unfortunately... Why there? Those guys irritate me!" Cyan whined following. "What guys?" Abby asked curiously. "How come I'm getting the feeling that she shouldn't find out?" Lawliet foolishly asked.
They proceeded to follow Melissa into the restaurant. The first thing they heard was a shout of "EAT LEAD YOU SAUSAGE SUCKING BASTARD!" "And it begins..." Cyan said with a sigh as a blonde haired man in a german military outfit came from the kitchen. "I swear. I'll never know vat I did to get on Romano's bad side." The Man said to himself. "Annnnnnnd there we go." Lawliet said with a sigh as Abby started twitching insanely.
"Oh, I did not see joo there. Cyan how are joo doing today?" The man asked. "Eh, I'm good Germany-Sensei. Me and Melissa are showing our new roomates around the area." Cyan said as Melissa ran over to the counter and started making an order. "Ja, I've heard that we have new students. Nice to meet you three." Germany said giving them a salute. "Nice to meet ya too." Lawliet said having to hold down a violently shaking Abby. "Is she alright?" Germany asked curiously. "Um, let's just say you're much safer with her restrained Sensei." Kira said with a nervous laugh. "Oh, so she's one of those crazy fangirl types ja?" Germany asked with a raised eyebrow. "She's known for being a little much yes." Melissa said as she came back and sitting down at a table. "Ah, I see. Vell, It vas nice to meet you three. I hope to see you around the school. I've got to get going. Being around Romano is giving me one hell of a headache. Take care." Germany said with one last salute and walking out before another angry shout erupted from the kitchen.
"Where is that Potato sucking jackass!?" a dark haired and tanned Italian with a long curl sticking out of his hair shouted angrily with an Italian accent. "Um, he left." Bel said pointing out the door. "Good!" Romano muttered before going back to the kitchen muttering angrily in Italian.
"So that was Romano." Kira said unsure if he should be amazed or worried what crawled up Romano's ass this time. "HOLY CRAP! KIRA SHE GOT LOOSE!" Lawliet shouted in fear as a blur zoomed into the kitchen. "ROMANOOOOOOO! VENEZIANOOOOOO! I MUST TUG YOUR CURLS!" they heard the crazed fangirl shout. "Same old Abby..." Melissa said with a sigh as she tried ignoring the crying of sheer terror coming from the kitchen by reading a menu.
"LET GO OF ME YOU JACKASS!" Abby screamed as she was kicking and squirming fiercely when she was finally captured. "No way! Not again!" Lawliet said very determined as he held down her hands. "You already scared the Italy brothers!" Kira said sitting on her legs to keep her from getting up as two crying and beyond scared Italians were rocking back and forth in a corner. "LET ME GO OR I'LL MAKE YOUR LIFE A LIVING HELL!" Abby screamed. "Alllllready there sis. Allllllready there." Lawliet said with a sigh.
"Sorry there you guys. Our friend is kinda-"Kira said before Melissa interuptted. "Insane?" Melissa asked. "True, true. But still. Sorry about that you guys." Kira said once Abby calmed down. "She's scary!" said the lighter haired Italy. "Yeah, she can be like that. But hey look! Pasta!" said Kira after pulling down a painting of pasta from the wall and giving it to the northern Italy."PASTAAAAA~" Italy shouted happily. "Um, can I have my pizza now?" Melissa asked looking bored.
"Here you go you guys. And since you're new Kira, Abby and Lawliet, it's on the house!" Romano said putting a fresh pizza on their table. "So...."Kira said with stars in his eyes. "Beautiful..."Lawliet said drooling. "They have the best pizza in town don't they?" said Ryuu as she came in. "Oh Ryuu bambino! Come on in!" Italy said happily as his best customer came in. "What are you doing in here Ryuu?" Abby asked. "Are you kidding? These two make the best pizza around!" Ryuu said grinning making the Italys blush. "I'm sure there is better." Romano muttered as he began tossing dough. "If there is then I haven't heard of em!" Ryuu said continuin to praise them as she swiped a piece of pizza Melissa was about to bite into and then eating it herself. "My...pizza..." Melissa muttered not beliving she just did that as her eyes twitched violently.
After a intense battle in which it was too epic to describe, and cleaning the restaurant which was in shambles, they finally got around to eating their pizza despite the fact Melissa glared at Ryuu the whole time. Today's life lesson, don't fuck with Melissa's pizza. Seriously, it's almost as bad as messing with a marine's or a trucker's coffee. A death wish as well as a written will are usually required for such a task... Good thing that doesn't scare Ryuu...
"So...full..." Kira said looking like he was about to burst. "Toldya!" Melissa and Ryuu said in unison despite the fact they were equally full. "Can we leave now?" Cyan groaned feeling like he was about to explode everywhere.
"But what did you come in here for?" Abby asked Ryuu. "Oh yeah, that's right! Every week I come in here with a big order. Speaking of which, Veneziano, Romano, here!" Ryuu said tossing a rolled up piece of paper to them. Whatever was written on it is unknown to this day. Whatever it was however was enough to make the two Italian brothers squeel in delight. "Count on Ryuu to keep us in business!" Romano shouted happily rushing in the kitchen getting to work. "Just what did you order?" Kira asked. "Enough to keep me happy and these two in business for a long time." Ryuu said licking her lips in anticipation of the heavenly pizza that was being made. "In short enough to make it a mystery why she isn't a few tons by now." Cyan said with a shrug. For the rest of the chapter he won't be saying a thing because he was knocked out cold (or rather nearly killed) by a angry reaper.
"So I see you three got your clothes shopping out of the way." Ryuu said noticing the bags. "Yep. Shopping is fun!" Abby said happily. "Riiiiight, whatever you say Abby. There's several things I'd rather do but hey, whatever floats your boat." Ryuu said rolling her eyes. "But yes, we got enough clothes to keep them good for a while." Bel said trying to get to the last piece of pizza before Melissa, which of course she failed at. "Well good. Did you get your schedules yet?" Ryuu asked? "No-" Lawliet said just as three chirping voices sounded.
"Message alerts! Message alerts!" the three said in unison. "What was that?" Abby asked curiously. "Sounds like your partners hatched." Cyan suggested sipping soda. Lawliet never grabbed something so fast in his life. The three pulled out their PDAs'. Stairing at them from the screens were three painfully adorable little blob like creatures. Kira's was a lil black blob with yellow dots for eyes called botamon. Lawliet's and Abby's were both a little white blob with black eyes named Yukibotamon. To avoid confusion when they are in their baby stage we will refer Lawliet's as Shiro and Abby's as Yuki. If Lawliet ever awed at anything cute willingly and unashamed it was his own partner. "Is he ok?" Melissa asked with a raised eyebrow. "I think so? To be honest, I'm not sure." Abby said with a equally raised eyebrow. Lawliet just stood there looking as happy as a toddler on christmas.
"The anger management material has a soft spot for digimon. I never knew that." Melissa said still not believing it. "Something he was trying to hide." Abby muttered with a facepalm as Lawliet was hugging the PDA. "Do you want your damn message or not?" Shiro chirped. "Er, sure. Sorry. In all the excitement I forgot there was a message..." Lawliet said with a nervous grin. "Riiiiiight." Shiro said rollling in eyes and hoppipng along an icon in the PDA. "Oh brother..." Both Yuki and Abby said with a sigh in unison.
"Guys, the schedules..." said Kira's Botamon timidly. "Oh, right." The twin yukibotamon said as they hopped to the icons where the messages were. "Oh our schedules!" Kira said excitedly looking through his. "I wonder what we got!" Abby said as excited.
Kira's schedule was this.
Counselor: Itachi Uchiha (Respects and idolizes, despite the fact he thinks Itachi could have had better methods for some things)
1. Weaponmeister: Death the Kidd (Thinks he's kickass despite the insane OCD.)
2.Pokemon Breeding: Brock (Creeped the fuck out by). Note: we were informed of your obsessive Harvest Moon addiction and to help curve this (And save some of the female teachers who you might have seen from that series), we are banning you from any farming classes and instead only permitting you to take nature classes in our monster training programs. So have fun with that- Tsunade.
3.Mecha Piloting: Suzaku Kurugi (Wishes Lawliet would stop thinking he was gay.) W.Lloyd and Cecilia (Oh god, Lloyd? May the gods have mercy on them all.)
4.Twinswordsman: Lloyd Irving (Thinks he sounds alot like America)
Lunch Hour
5.History: Raine Sage (Insert enthusiastic fanboy noise here)
6.Biology: Jade Curtiss (insert excited noise here)
7.PE: Germany (Respects since he's able to deal with annoying people)
8.Literature: Hatake Kakashi (Idolizes for more than one reason)
9.Magic Class: Genis Sage (Only one in his class to actually take him seriously despite his short stature)
10.Narikiri: Violet Antheia (???)
Note: Classes are usually 45 minutes long except for the last period and lunch.

Abby's schedule was this:
Counselor: Kyouya Ootori (Insert ear shattering fangirl squeel) Note: Less dangerous than putting her in Fangirls Annonmous.
1.Music: Austria (insert cute fangirl giggle)
2.Singing: Misha Lune (Is creepier than hell since she can turn small and big)
3.Mech Piloting- Suzaku Kurugi (Insert fangirl drool water fountain) W. Lloyd and Cecilia (Thinks Lloyd is annoying as all hell and pities Cecilia.)
4.Support magic- Mint Adenade (Gets thirsty of some drink with -ade in the name whenever she's mentioned or seen)
Lunch Hour
5.History- Raine Sage (Afraid of falling asleep in her class since she's allergic to chalkdust)
6.Biology- Jade Curtiss (Insert fangirl squeel)
7.PE- Anko (Idolizes in the physical department)
8.Literature: Hatake Kakashi (plans on stealing his mask)
9.Plant Life- Akiza Izayoi (jealous for being with a angsty bishounen)
10.Natural History- Will Raynard (Insert fangirl drool at the thought of  the muscle bound hammer wielding natural historian)
Note: True we could have chosen better teachers so some of our other male faculty would be safer, We know your history, watch yourself missy!

Lawliet's included:
Counselor: Grimmjow Jaquerjac (Thinks he looks like a gay panther in desperate need of a haircut when in released form)
1.Scythe Wielding: Hidan (Thinks needs to come out of the closet and wishes he would put a damn shirt on.)
2. Weapon Meistering: Soul Evans and Maka Albarn (Thinks Soul is whipped)
3.Mech Piloting: Suzaku Kurugi (Thinks is gayer than hell) W. Lloyd and Cecilia (Thinks Lloyd is funny and Cecilia is hotter than all hell.)
4.Magic- Mithos Yggdrassil (Thinks is a pedophile since he can turn into a kid and adult and since he looks like one in Spandex)
Lunch Hour
5.History: Raine Sage (Thinks she is a riot and has a few issues.
6.Biology: Jade Curtiss (Thinks is a major pain in the ass.)
7.PE: Germany (Believes is a saint since he can deal with Italy.)
8.Literature: Hatake Kakashi (Wonders how the hell he can read and fight at the same time.)
9.Anger Management: Belarus (Enjoys seeing how much she scares Russia. What? Russia scares him.)
10.Necromancy: Shinigami-Sama (Constantly wonders what he really looks like)
Note: We looked into your records and found Anger Management necessary. But look on the bright side, we also know your terrified of Russia, so we believe Belarus is the perfect teacher for you. We think.... Blame Kamina.

After reading their class schedules which made them absolutely ecstatic, except for Lawliet who had mixed feelings whether or not he wanted to kill Tsunade and Kamina, the others dragged them to stores to get text books. "I'm gonna freaking kill whoever put Anger Management for Dummies in my bag!" Lawliet growled angrily while everyone laughed, especially the bicolored hair culprit. "Yeah, sucks to be them hm?" Ryuu said with a grin. Thankfully Lawliet was sometimes oblivious.
After a long day out on the town they finally went home. "Get some good rest you three. You have a big day tomorrow!" Ryuu said nibbling on a piece of pizza she pulled out of a box she was carrying. "Yeah I kinda figured. I'm so excited I can just explode!" Abby said as happy as possible. But just as she said explode Nicholas was sent flying out the same window as yesterday by an explosion. "MEIN GOTT! AGAIN?! I JUST FIXED THAT DAMN VINDOW!" They heard Aden shout angrily. "Have fun with that!" Ryuu said quickly zooming off.
"Does he do that often?" Kira asked curiously. "Atleast 5 times a week." Bel said as Melissa and Lawliet helped up the young alchemist who was outcold but they could swear they saw birdies and stars flying around his head. "Heh, this is gonna be a fun year!" Kira said enthusiasticly.
"Just what idiots have we hatched to?" Shiro asked himself groaning. "Not a clue Shiro, not a clue..." Yuki said with a sigh. Botamon was already asleep.

Skits: The first takes place after leaving for shopping
Aden the patsy.
Kira: Hey Melissa?
Melissa: Y..yes Kira?
Kira: Why did Nicholas have to go visit Mustang-Sensei?
Melissa: Oh, (mutters damnit) Well you know that Nicholas is an infamous prankster right?
Kira: Yeah?
Melissa: And you remember how Mustang gets when he gets wet and called useless?
Kira: Yeah?
Melissa: Nicholas loves to take advantage of people's weaknesses in pranks. And yet he's rarely caught due to a patsy he always seems to have at the right moment all the time. He's almost as bad as Ryuu!
Abby: Hm? who's the patsy?
Bel: Well let's just say that Aden is very unfortunate....
Melissa: And causes us to have to buy burn ointment....A LOT!!!
Lawliet: Wooooow, and I just thought all those bottles of used ointment I saw in his room were for-
Aden earned the title of: Patsy
Nicholas earned the title of: Infamous Prankster.
Lawliet earned the title of: Mind in the Gutter.

Skits: The second takes place after the digimon hatch
Boy or girl?
Lawliet: (still stairing at his PDA happier than a shark in a sushi bar.)
Shiro: Um are you gonna be stairing at me all day? It's kinda creepy.
Lawliet: Sorry! I'm just so damn happy!
Shiro: Riiiiight I bet you are...
Lawliet: But I got a question.
Shiro: I know I'm gonna regret this. What?
Lawliet: Are you a boy or a girl?
Shiro: ....What?
Lawliet: Are you a boy or a girl?
Shiro: Are you serious?
Lawliet: Yep!
Shiro: To be honest I don't even know.
Lawliet: Hm I was just trying to figure out what you would probably digivolve to.
Shiro: Well maybe I'm a guy since you're the male twin and maybe Yuki's a girl since Abby is the female twin. It's anyone's guess really.
Lawliet: Hmmmm, this is gonna bug me now...
Shiro: Hm, great now I'm curious!
Lawliet earned the title of: Seriously Weird.

Skits: The third takes place after visiting the Italy Brothers.
Those two annoy me!
Cyan: (Grumbling)
Kira: What's wrong Cyan?
Cyan: (Muttering inaudible sounds)
Kira: Uhhhhh...
Melissa: Oh don't worry, he gets like that often when he gets around the Italy brothers.
Kira: Why?
Melissa: Well the Italy brothers annoy him like there's no tomorrow. I don't even know why.
Bel: I dooooo!
Abby: Why then?
Bel: He was raised on the streets and was always taught that whiny people were annoying as hell. He doesn't see them as weak. Just.... annoying. And keep in mind, they are not exactly the brightest bulbs in the shed. When Cyan first got here he would try striking up conversations with them but since he apparently scares them they would freak out near him. And apparently the whining got on his nerves....severly.
Kira: Ohhhhh, I just thought they were funny.
Cyan: Then our senses of humor vastly differ. Take away the whiningness sure. But other than that, it's a miracle everyone else can stand them!
(Meanwhile back at the restaurant)
Veneziano and Romano: (shaking and whining in a corner) Is the scary fighter gone yet?
Germany: (sighs) Ja, yes he is. Mein gott...
Cyan earned the title of: Easily Annoyed.

Skits: The fourth happens after getting their schedules.
Lawliet: This is a joke right?
Bel: What's wrong Lawliet?
Lawliet: A few of these teachers I have.
Bel: Oh? How so?
Lawliet: They are making me study from a freaking half naked priest who needs to come out of the closet already for jashin's sake!
Bel: Ok? So? He's good with a scythe, and if I hear correctly that's you're preferred weapon.
Lawliet: Oh, and Mithos Yggdrasil? I'm learning magic from a freaking Pedophile?
Bel: Could be worse.
Lawliet: Oh?
Bel: Could be Orochimaru.
Lawliet: True, true. But my counselor Grimmjow, he looks like a-
Abby: Finish that sentence and I'll end you!
Ryuu: Same here! He's one of my victims! Only I can make his life a living hell!!
Lawliet: (Gulps) Certainly does not look like a gay panther in desperate need of a hair cut when in his released form!
Abby: Good! ^^
Ryuu: -Giving Lawliet the stink eye-
Bel: He looks kinda cute when scared...
Abby: Ew, that's my brother!
Lawliet earned the title of: Cute

A/N. Seeing more of their new home and meeting even more people including the beloved Italy brothers Veneziano and Romano (and nearly destroying their restaurant.) They retire for the next day in which begins the start of their studies at Xross Academy. Various teachers await them. How will they do?
Lawliet: I think the better question is how will THEY DO. I mean come on, some of these teachers are screwed with Abby running around.
Abby: Oh Lawliet, I have no idea WHAT you are talking about. I'm a perfect angel. Just a shy, innocent young girl.
Lawliet: ...
Kira: ...
Author: ...
Aden: ...
Melissa: ...
Cyan: ...
Bel: ...
Nicholas: ...
Abby: What?
Author: Uhhhh, please review the story.

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