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Chapter 11: First day of Class Pt.2
"Hm, what's next?" Kira said looking through his PDA "You... you have Mecha piloting next..." Botamon said timidly. "I do! Awesome!" Kira said as excited as he was all day. "Yes, with Suzaku Kurugi. Your and your roomates are all in that class." Botamon explained. "That's cool. Where is it?" Kira asked.  Basement floor, hangar 35. Just take a warp panel." Botamon said staring up at him. "Uhhh, is there any other way that will get me there quicker?" Kira asked hopefully and grinning nervously with a sweatdrop going down his head. "Nope!" Botamon chirped. "Greeeeat. Thanks anyway little guy..." Kira said with his head hung low as his went to the warp panel and entered the coordinates.
This time wasn't as bad as the past few times. Instead of making friends with a trashcan, he just felt EXTREMELY nauseous. But unfortunately Lawliet and Abby felt different when they appeared via the warp panel shortly after he did. "Ughhhh, I hope we get use to this soon..." Lawliet groaned as he hung onto the trash can for dear life. "Me tooooo!" Abby whined hugging the one across from him. "Warp technology is not our friend..." Kira said in agreement.
"So how has your day been so far man?" Lawliet asked once they all pulled themselves together. "Pretty exciting. Oh, look! Knight! Antoinette! Evelyn! Come on out!" Kira said throwing all three pokeballs releasing his three painfully adorable pokemon. "Awwww! They looks so cuuuute~" Abby said picking up Evelyn and hugging her tight. "Where did you get them?" Lawliet asked. "My last class. I was told to choose one but I had a really hard time and had bonded with all three so Brock let me have all three." Kira said happily as the three pokemon tackled and played on him.
"I want onnnnne!" Abby whined. "Apparently those who are not taking a pokemon class would have to catch one themselves or get them as a gift from someone else." Kira explained. "Hmmm, Kirrrrrraaaaaaa!" She whined trying to sound cute. "I''ll get you one later. They are mine!" Kira said protective of his new friends. "Damn!" Abby said in defeat. "Hahaha. "I wonder where we get them." Lawliet said thinking. "Let's check the maps on our PDAs later. Look, everyone else is here." Kira said pointing out how everyone else just got there threw the warp panels unaffected... lucky bastards.
"Well don't you guys look like you're feeling great!" Nicholas said with a teasing smile. "Shut up you brat!" Lawliet said glaring at him. "Haha!" Nicholas laughed at the poor sick looking scythe wielder. "How long does it usually take to get use to that?" said a queasy looking Abby. "It varies. It took me an veek for example." Aden explanied. "A month." Melissa chimed in. "Is it just me or does Melissa seem... happier?" Cyan asked observantly. "N... no reason!" Melissa said quickly.
"Who's are those?" Melissa asked quickly to change the subject and pointing to the three little pokemon runnign around Kira. "Mine, I got them at my pokemon breeding class. Say hello you guys!" Kira said as the three happily chirped. That caused the girls of the group to aw and hug all three of them. Kira called them back into their balls shortly after. "They look like they'll grow up to be strong. Wanna battle when they do?" Cyan said with a smirk. "You have pokemon?" Kira asked curiously. "Mhmm, we all do. It looks like Lawliet and Abby are the only ones without one." Bel said with a shrug. "Oh." Kira replied.
Then Aden checked his watch. "Mein gott, ve need to hurry. Class is about to start!" Aden said urgently. "This is gonna be a hard class is it?" Abby asked. "Well you're gonna be put inside a giant robot, what do you think?" Melissa replied with a sigh. "Point taken." Abby said as they all went inside the hangar.
Immediately they were spotted by the teacher who Kira, Lawliet, and Abby recognized as Suzaku Kurugi. "Oh good you guys are here! I was told you would be coming. Aden and Tsunade both told me." Suzaku said holding out his hand which again Kira was the only one who shook it. What? Lawliet isn't a hand shaking person and he doesn't really like Suzaku, and Abby was in the middle of being restrained... AGAIN! "Must... hug... " Abby said struggling in Cyan's and Lawliet's grasp. "No! Not again!" Lawliet said sternly.
"Oh yes, I've heard of her. She's already infamous. Abby Rose right?" Suzaku asked curiously. "He knows my name! I can die happy now!" Abby said happily and ceased struggling. "Haha! Well welcome you guys. And let me tell you that you have a good group with you including one of the best mechanics in it!" Suzaku said warmly. "I'm good I know zat much, but the best maybe not. I still have a long vay to go." Aden said blushing. "Don't be so modest. But he came here this morning in order to make sure we still had a few mechs avalible for you guys." Suzaku explained. "We get mechs already?" Lawliet said in disbelief. "Ja, everyone is assigned one from the beginning. Once you got a good feel for it then you can actually use it in practice fights and so on." Aden explained. But the three didn't hear. "Where are ours!" Kira, Lawliet and Abby all said in unison excitedly. Everyone laughed at how excited they sounded.
Then Suzaku led them to a closet. "First you need to get into safety suits. Now let's see. What are your guys' sizes?" Suzaku said looking at their profiles in his PDA. "Just how does that thing know our sizes?" Abby asked a touch creeped out since it knows so much. "When someone crosses our gate they are scanned. That way we know if they have good intentions here or not. We get more information through those scans that way. You're size, age, physical information, and so on." Suzaku said as he was now flipping through the suits. "Talk about thorough." Abby commented. "Yeah, but we didn't have the automatic physical info feature until Nicholas and Aden came here. Until then we just asked for size and so on." Suzaku said as he took down three suits. Then he had them go put them on.
They were black with purple Xs in a blue circle on the shoulders. They also had white gloves with goldish cuffs and white boots. There was also a small black and green communication device that was placed on the ear. Kira, Lawliet and Abby found them pretty comfortable. "Looking good you guys!" Nicholas said as Kira and the others saw that the rest had already changed into their suits. "Eh, the colors could be a little lighter..." Abby muttered. "Mechs now?" Lawliet asked hopefully.
"Aden, can you and the others take these guys to the available mechs? I have something I need to do." Suzaku asked pointing to his desk over at the other end of the hangar. "Weekly battle with Lelouch-Sensei?" Aden asked. "Weekly battle with Lelouch." Suzaku said walking to his desk.
"What was that about?" Lawliet asked. "You see there's several classes that teach how to use mechs. And occasionally there's little friendly competitions between classes who's stronger. But Suzaku and Lelouch-Senseis have a fight weekly. In fact it's the day after tomorrow." Aden explained as everyone else but him and Nicholas went to check on their mechs. "Wow..." Lawliet said as he quickly grabbed Abby by the wrist when they saw she was attempting to sneak away at the mention of Lelouch.
"Seriously Abby, what are we gonna do with you?" Kira asked with a sigh. "Let me go before I castrate you with a rusty carving knife?" She said trying to sound innocent giving him big puppy dog eyes. "Bel, hide the knives when we get home. She would do it too..." Lawliet said sighing. "That look in her eyes, I'll hide everything in the house that can be used as a weapon..." Bel said agreeing.
Then they lead Kira, Abby and Lawliet to three unused mechs. One was a giant gundam that was mostly black and white with red eyes wielding a giant scythe that made Lawliet look like he was in heaven. "Before you ask Lawliet, ja that one is yours!" Aden said with a smirk. "If there is a god, he totally loves me!" Lawliet shouted happily as he ran up the stairs leading to it's open cockpit.
Then they went over to a dark pink and black Knightmare with green eyes. "And here for Abby ve have a Knightmare that vas based off of the sentient of Sound Lorelei." Aden explained. "But Lorelei was a male sounding-" Kira tried saying before being cut off. "Blame Lloyd-Sensei." Aden said shrugging.
"Did somebody call?" said a white haired smirking man in a scientist's coat. "Oh look! The annoying scientist!" Abby said sarcasticly. "Oh that hurt young lady." Lloyd said faking like he was hurt before smirking again. "Ve veren't calling for you. I vas just explaining vy this Knightmare vas named vhat it is despite the fact it's name sake is a male." Aden explained. "LORELEI IS A GUY?!" Lloyd shouted genuienly shocked. "Yeeeeeah." Kira responded. "Well, too late to change the name now. Take care of her won't you? She and the Knightmare young Kira here will be using are my latest creations." Lloyd explained in a boastful tone as he walked over to the next one. "We will!" Kira and Abby both said excitedly in unison.
Then they walked to one that was reddish orange and held two swords. It looked somewhat like the Knightmare used by the four's holy swords of it's color and the fact had more parts that resembled a samurai's armor including a fiercer looking face. "Now this here is the-" Aden went on to say before being interupted. "The Nobunaga Experimental Model." Lloyd said proudly patting it's metal plated leg.
"Ja... that. Can ANYONE finish a sentence here vithout it being interupted!" Aden muttered rolling his eyes.
"But yes, take good care of these you three. Aden and Nicholas don't have their own mechs since they are the mechanics. But if needed we always have back ups." Lloyd explained. "Well that's good to know." Abby said. "Indeed. But yes, you kids get acquainted with your new giant mechanical friends. Play nice now you hear?" Lloyd said walking away being a smart ass. "He's as bad as Jade I swear." Abby said with a sigh. "But he's funny though." Kira said defensively. "I worry about some of your tastes in characters man. Seriously." Lawliet said with a sigh and patting his back. "Heyyyy." Kira said glaring at him.
"Go on and get in you guys! Today joo guys are gonna be getting a good feel of them, figure them out. Just climb on in and ve will take it from there." Aden explained as he fixed his little communication device to his ear. "Right!" the three said as they did the same and boarding their mechs.
"How are joo three holding up in there?" Aden's voice through the communication. "I'll let you know once the excitement fades." Kira said through his as he examined the handles, switches and buttons. Then Abby's face appeared on the screen in front of him. "Hey! I think I figured out how to work the screens out!" Abby said happily. "Good going Abby! Everone else had to have it explained to zem!" Aden said proudly. "Yeah, good going sis!" Lawliet said just as proudly. "Well keep in mind Lawliet, she was always the smartest of us three." Kira said as he figured it out. "Awwww guys! You're making me blush!" Abby said as she blushed. "We can see that!" All three guys said in unison.
While Kira and and Abby figured out the controls of the Knightmare Frames, Lawliet was having a hell of a time with his gundam. It had pedals amongst the numberous switches, handles, buttons and switches. "This things is gonna fuck with me I swear!" Lawliet groaned. "Oh suck it up. It took me a couple days!" Melissa said as her face appeared on the screen by Abby and Kira. "Oh shut it Melissa!" Lawliet said glaring. "Just saying you idiot." Melissa said rolling her eyes. "Lawliet! Be nice!" Bel shouted as she appeared on the screen too along with Cyan. "Y... yes ma'am!" Lawliet stuttered slightly in fear. "Good goin' there Bel." Cyan said trying not to laugh. "Cyan... I hate you." Lawliet growled.
Afterwards everyone told the three newbies how to control their mechs in order to get them to move outside. It surprisingly didn't take them long to figure it out, althought Lawliet was still the last to figure it out. When they were outside they had to then practice flying. Several minutes later when Kira finally managed too figure out how, well let's just say that he must've hit the gas or something a little too hard. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! TOO FAST TOO FAST!" Kira screamed as he was sent flying too high in the air too fast. Everyone couldn't help, they were too busy laughing too hard.
"Oh my, he looks like he's enjoying himself isn't he?" Lloyd asked smirking being highly amused. "Haha sir?" said his purple haired female assisstant Cecilia with a nervous smile. "SHUT UP PUDDING BOY AND TELL ME HOW TO SAVE MY ASS!" Kira shouted so loud into the communicator that Lloyd went temporarily deaf in the ear his communicator was in. "Ok, ok calm down! Just increase the power as you come down. It will ease the force of impact." Lloyd explained as he tried popping in his non deaf ear. Kira did and he came down alright.
"You alright Kira?" Lawliet asked as he and everyone else came over to him in their mechs. "Yeah, just a little shaken up." Kira said as he tried getting his Knightmare to stand back up. "These things can be a little tough to handle at first but you'll get use to it." Suzaku said as his came along in his Lancelot. "Ain't that the truth." Kira said agreeing.
Melissa's Rennaisance Gundam was a colorful gundam that wielded a giant paintbrush and had a giant rifle on it's back. Cyan's Boss Cyan was a Sky Blue and White Gunman with Blue wings and a bird like face with Gauntles on it's clawed hands. Bel's Lancelot Lava/Sea exploration Model was a blue and red variation of the original Lancelot but it was also equiped with plating that was strong enough to withstand intense heat of lava and the pressure of the depths of the sea.
But after they were done they changed back into their normal clothes. "That was exhausting!" Abby said with a sigh. "Jade did say it was gonna be intense." Cyan said stretching. "Dear god he wasn't kidding." Lawliet said tired. "There there." Bel said smirking and sarcasticly patting his back. "Not funny." Lawliet muttered.
"So what do you guys have next?" Melissa asked curiously. "Twin swordsmanship with Lloyd Irving." Kira replied. "Wanna trade?" Abby chirped. "Magic with Mithos Yggdrassil." Lawliet mentioned. "YOU! TRADE! NOW! I MUST RAPE HIM!" Abby demanded fiercely and fervently. "As much as I don't like Yggdrassil, no." Lawliet replied. "I really wanna learn how to use two swords better." Kira replied too. "Awww! You guys are no fun!" Abby whined as the pipefox growled at them. Then they all went to their next classes.
After warping to his next floor (which he was greatful he was not feeling as noxious now.) he heard shouting. "You think just because you're the top of the marksmen class, that makes you better than us?" said a voice from beyond a corner. "Hm? What's going on?" Kira wondered before he peeked beyond the corner.
He then saw a couple students yelling at Melissa. "No, I do not. Just because I don't like talking to any of you guys, that doesn't mean I think I'm better. Although with manners possibly." Melissa said in a rather calm and collected manner. Kira swore he then saw Melissa spot him. "Why you-!" the mad student shouted pointing his gun at her. Before he could finish Melissa vanished in a zap of light over to Kira's hand to reveal a gun. That's when Kira was noticed by the other students. "Oh, so she has a meister partner huh? Oh this will be fun. He looks weak too!" the student said grinning evily.
"Uhhh Melissa, what the hell did you get me into? Wait, did he call me weak? Ok fuck it, let's kick his ass then you can explain yourself." Kira said trying to figure out how to use Melissa's gun form. "Yeah, sorry about that. Just try not to die." Melissa's voice said coming from the gun and he said two parts above the handle that looked like eyes stairing at him. "Um, I never shot a gun before." Kira said stairing back. "Fuuuuuc-" Melissa said right as a bullet whizzed by Kira's cheek. "Holy shit!" Kira said accidently dropping Melissa with his heart feeling like it was about to pop out of his chest.
"So, are you gonna give up or what?" He asked smirking. "Don't. If you do then he will never let me live it down. I do have better things to do than listen to the bragging of an idiot." Melissa said with a sigh. "You really need to work on your people skills Melissa, you haven't changed a bit." Kira said with a sigh picking Melissa up and aiming. "Yeah yeah, complain later. Shoot now." Melissa said not really caring.
After several attempts at shooting the mad student and missing alot, a couple teachers came out. "What's going on out here?" said the red cloaked Vincent Valentine. "Oh! Vincent-Sensei, well you see, um..." The mad student said trying to think of what to say. "The idiot got a stick up his ass thinking I think I'm better than him... again." Melissa said as she went back to normal. "Oh, didn't we tell you to stop picking fights with her?" Vincent said glaring at him. "But... but-" The student stuttered. "Go to Tsunade's office. Now!" Vincent ordered angrily since apparently this isn't the first time the student had to be told to quit picking fights with Melissa. The student muttered as he walked away, glaring daggers at both Melissa and Kira.
"You two alright?" Lloyd Irving who was standing by Vincent asked. "Yeah, what was his issue anyway?" Kira asked. "He is just one insecure little boy with a inferiority complex." Melissa explained. "Well yes that is true, but Melissa you can say it a little less condescendingly." Lloyd said with a sigh. "I will when he deserves it. Kira, tonight we have to work on your aim." Melissa said with a wave as she walked away. "That girl..." Lloyd, Kira, and Vincent all said in unison with a sigh. Then Vincent chased after Melissa since he was her next teacher.
"So, who are you?" Lloyd asked Kira. "Kira Evans. I was actually just on my way to your class." Kira replied. "Oh good! Not a lot of people take my class. So I usually do one person per class." Lloyd said with a grin. "Really? I thought more people would think using two swords would be a cool idea." Kira said with a eyebrow raised. "Yeah, but apparently it takes away less defense or something. I think Kratos tried explaining it to me once." Lloyd said with a shrug. "Ah, ok." Kira replied. "Yeah, so let's get going! I wanna see what you can do right now!" Lloyd said excitedly as he lead Kira to the classroom.
In the classroom was Lloyd's desk, a bunch of swords, both real and practice, and two piles of dummies, both mutilated and whole. "Welcome Kira. Do you have swords of your own? Or do we need to get you some?" Lloyd asked warmly. "Uhhhh I think so." Kira said a little confused as he poked through his PDA trying to remember how to get to his swords. It took him five minutes to figure it out. It amazes the author that some heroes in some series even last five seconds, am I right everyone?
"Those are pretty good looking swords. Are they new?" Lloyd asked examining them. "I think so." Kira said not sure himself. "Well how did you get them?" Lloyd asked curiously. "That I do not know." Kira said, again not so sure himself. Then apparently the voice in his head got fed up. "Oh for the love of crap. I gave you them during the fight with Violet remember you idiot? Think of them like Lawliet's scythe in that fight with him. They are a manifestation of our soul in a way, as well a manifestation of our affinity to Light and Wind. Got that?" The voice said with a sigh apparently agreeing with the writer's previous statement. "I think so." Kira replied. "Oh god, I'm so gonna die!" the voice said distraught.
"Uh, Kira who are you talking to?" Lloyd asked kinda creeped out seeing Kira talk to himself. "Hm? Apparently a side of myself I keep locked up subconciously or something. He kinda confused me with that little explanation." Kira replied. "I'm gonna fucking kill you!" The voice shouted. "But wouldn't that be suicide technically?" Kira asked, right now just trying to be a smartass. ".....Crap!" The voice shouted. "Uhhhh..." Lloyd said still creeped out.
"Ok, so according to him, they are a manifestation of my soul and affinity to Wind and Light." Kira explained. "Well, ok then. Please though, keep him quiet or don't talk back to him. That was kinda creepy." Lloyd said shuddering. "Sorry about that! I didn't even know he was there until a couple days ago." Kira said with a shrug.
So they started. Kira was quickly overwhelmed by Lloyd in a practice fight but somehow managed to hold his own for atleast a couple minutes. "Hm, not bad. You still have a long way to go though." Lloyd said commenting on Kira's style. "I know, I was told that same thing a couple days ago..." Kira said remembering Mari's words. "Oh? Who told you?" Lloyd asked. "My friend Lawliet's father, Mari." Kira replied. "Waiiiit. Did he wear a long leather coat? Have dirty blonde shaggy yet long hair pulled back? Wear glasses? Regrets his past?" Lloyd asked as if he was trying to dig something up in his memory. "Yeah! How did you know?" Kira asked curiously. "Because, I taught that same man a few years ago." Lloyd said as he took out his PDA and looked through it. "You what" Kira asked shocked.
After a couple minutes Lloyd found what he was looking for.  "Here. Mari Aurion. Used Aurion as a last name, something about his son or whatever. But yes he was here until about 10 years ago." Lloyd explained as he showed Kira the profile on Mari. "Why was he here?" Kira asked as he looked through it still shocked. "He was sent here by Watanuki like you and your friends. He said he wanted to become stronger both physically and mentally so he could one day look his kids in the face and ask for forgiveness." Lloyd explained looking down.
Kira got worried. "What's wrong?" Kira asked. "It's just that I don't approve of why he left his family. But the reason he came here was what was admirable. He eventually became one of the strongest and most respected people who ever went here. Although he and a friend of mine had a bit of a falling out near the end though, that's also why I'm a bit upset. If I see him again, I'll clobber him!" Lloyd said as his fists clenched.
Again he got worried, he gets that way alot ok? "What happened if I may ask?" Kira asked again concerned. "He broke her heart. He ended up deciding to leave for his world and wander it until he decided he was ready to see his family after graduating. She begged him to stay but he wanted to see his family. True he offered to bring her along since apparently his wife had been dead for sometime something that apparently bothered him for sometime until he met my friend, but she didn't want to. She wanted to stay here to teach. When he left, I never see her so hurt. He was just as hurt mind you. But then he should have just stayed. But I can see why he left sure but well you know what it's like to have friends who have been hurt badly like that right?" Lloyd asked after explaining the tale. Kira thought to himself. "Yeah... I've been living that for th past 15 years..." Kira said looking down.
After a few seconds of silence, Lloyd just came out and asked. "You're friends, they're his kids are they?" Lloyd asked looking at a photo of him and his friends. "Yes they are. Mari was the one who told me I had a long way to go. He got me before I went into Watanuki's house because he didn't want them to see him yet. I'm sorry, if I knew I would've tried hard against him." Kira explained apologeticly. "She's still gets upset about it whenever he's mentioned. If he should ever show up, show him a piece of your mind before me or anyone else can. I'll train you harder than I would anyone else if you can do that for me." Lloyd said seriously. "You got it!" Kira said just as serious.
"Good! Let's get started then Kira!" Lloyd said drawing his swords smiling somewhere between his usual cheerful excited self and Serious. "Right! Quick question though, who was the friend who got hurt by Mari?' Kira asked curiously drawing his. "It was-"Lloyd replied.
"RAINE SAGE!?" Abby shouted shocked as she and Kira met up and walked to the cafeteria. "Shhhh! Do you want Lawliet to hear?" Kira said quietly. "True, if he knew then there would be no chance of getting him to forgive dad." Abby said quietly thinking. "Yeah, so let's keep him from knowing ok?' Kira asked. "Right, but still to think that dad and Prof.Raine. The three of us and the others have her next if I'm not mistaken." Abby said before she stood still.
"Hm? What is it Abby?" Kira asked curiously as his gut began going haywire since he knew it couldn't be good. Then Abby zoomed off towards the cafeteria. "Mein gott. That's not good is it?" Aden said as he popped up out of nowhere apparently having seen that. "No, no it's not." Kira said sighing. "It's going to be hell in there isn't it?" The mechanic asked getting the same gut feeling as Kira. "Depends, how does the cafeteria work?' Kira asked. "Joo'll see, joo'll see." Aden said as the two both sighed and dragged themselves along to the cafeteria.
At the entrance they saw a crowd. "Oh for the love of- Abby!" Kira shouted knowing she was involved. "DON'T BOTHER NOW! BUSY GLOMPING SEBASTIAN-SAMA!" shouted the crazed fangirl as some students were seen backing away rather afraid. "Oh dear. I was right..." Kira said as he and Aden went over to the crowd to see Abby glomping the demonic butler who everyone was afraid to see in panic instead of his usually calm, collected and sly manner.
"MISS PLEASE GET OFF! I NEED TO SEE TO SOME OF THE OTHER STUDENTS!!!" Sebastian shouted struggling to get off. Demons and Grell can not compare to an Abby glomp for future reference to you all. "NEVER!!!" Abby shouted determined to stay clinging to the butler. "This is gonna be a long lunch period...' Kira said with a sigh. "Ja, it is." Aden said sighing too. "A LITTLE HELP HERE!" Sebastian shouted.

Skits: The first takes place after the Mecha pilot lesson.
Why so many types?
Lawliet: Hmmm...
Aden: Vat is it Lawliet?
Lawliet: Why is there so many types of Mecha here? Or in this class alone?
Aden: Good question. I don't quite know myself.
Suzaku: What is it you guys?
Lawliet: Why is there so many types of Mechs here? Shouldn't be there be different classes that handle in each type?
Suzaku: Hmmm, Usually I suppose that would be the case. But since there are so many students that might use primarily a type of mech, one teacher could become overwhelmed. So we figured, what the hell. No one really minds.
Lawliet: Ohhhh I was just a bit curious.
Suzaku: You know, I once knew someone as curious as you from what I hear from your friends.
Lawliet: Oh? Who?
Suzaku: I don't remember the name at the moment. But he was rather well respected and powerful here.
Lawliet: Hm, cool. I wonder who it was...(leaves)
Aden: Joo know who it is don't joo?
Suzaku: Yeah, there was a staff meeting about it last night to discuss the fact that Lawliet isn't suppose to know who.
Aden: Vhy?
Suzaku: Ask Kira and Abby later. But in the mean time, I gotta meet Euphie. (Leaves)
Aden: Just vhat is it with Lawliet that bothers him?
Lawliet earned the title of: Curious
Lawliet earned the title of: Enigma

Skit: The second takes place after the first.
Kira, Abby, and Lawliet: (Stomachs growl simulatenously)
Cyan: You guys hungry?
(All three nod)
Bel: After the big breakfast we had earlier?
Kira: We watched Code Geass alot back in our world. Whenever Lloyd is mentioned we all get hungry for pudding shortly after.
Melissa: Oh yeah, I forgot about that weird little quirk of yours.
Nicholas: Why is that?
Abby: His title in Britannian nobility is  the Earl of Pudding.
Nicholas: Really? Hm, now I'm getting hungry for some pudding.
(Cyan's, Melissa's, Bel's and Aden's growl)
Aden: I think ve all are hungry now!
Melissa: I hate Lloyd right now.
Cyan: I could go for some chocolate pudding...
Nicholas: Belllllll....
Bel: (Sighs) I'll make some when we get home.... Goddamn being the only one at home who can actually make pudding worth a crap...
Bel earned the title of: Pudding girl.

Skits: The third takes place after this chapter.
Yggdrassil: Alright everyone, that is all for today now go before I start contemplating restarting the whole world regeneration mess again! (Obviously tired from the day so far.)
(Everyone but Lawliet leaves)
Yggdrassil: Are you not gonna leave too human?
Lawliet: Yeah I will here in a bit pretty boy.
Yggdrassil: Why you insolent little-
Lawliet: Yeah I get it, you're powerful and can effortlessly reduce me to ash just by batting you're eyelash which I'm sure is caked with mascara. But listen, I'm just here to warn you.
Yggdrassil: Warn me of what you little brat. I'm Mithos Yggdrassil! I ended the Karlan war! Who have I to fear?
Lawliet: Yeah, yeah you ended it. I know. But you also had the help of a angsty swordsman who my sister drools over.
(Switches to Abby)
Abby: (sneezes hard)
(Switches to Kratos)
Kratos: Why do I feel like repeaditly casting judgment on a new student?
(Goes back to Lawliet)
Lawliet: A weird blue haired elf who you made your bitch somehow.
(Switches to Yuan, yes fangirls rejoice now.)
Yuan: (Sneezes hard) Why do I feel like electricuting a new student?
(Goes back to Lawliet)
Lawliet: And you're big sister, while I'm at it, I swear you have a serious sister complex dude!
Yggdrassil: Ok, you have a few seconds before I Judgment your insolent insulting ass! Get to you're damn point!
Lawliet: Ok ok! Geez you think I was my dad!
Yggdrassil: (Atleast he was better at getting to his point!)
Lawliet: What was that? (Glares daggers at.)
Yggdrassil: Nothing!
Lawliet: Riiiiight. But anyways. Be careful of my sister! (serious warning. Not threatning but concerned threatening.)
Yggdrassil: Pfft, like I'd have an interest in a puny mortal. I have alot of girls like that throwing themselves at me everyday!
Lawliet: Nooooo you don't! I may hate your guts because you weird me out and all you pedo but still. Watch out for my sister! She will tear you apart and probably even then would still try raping and glomping you!
Yggdrassil: Wait... is her name Abigail? (Shudders at the thought.)
Lawliet: Yeah! Howdya know fairy boy?
Yggdrassil: I'll ignore that. But yes, she's already built up quite the reputation for herself. I'll take your warning in exchange for not killing you. By the way, you may wanna hurry, she's in the middle of going fangirl on Sebastian at the cafeteria.
Lawliet: OH ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME! (zooms off)
Yggdrassil: ...They get weirder and weirder I swear.
Lawliet earned the title of: Warning Brother.
Lawliet earned the title of: Yggdrassil Basher.
Abby earned the title of: Unstable fangirl.

A/N. To continue the long hated tradition of cliff hangers you'll have to wait til the next chapter to see if Sebastian gets free. What? I had so many ideas for their first day that It has to be split into a few chapters ok? And to you Lloyd and Raine fans, yeah sorry. I'm a Lloyd/Raine fan myself, but i prefer Lloyd/Sheena sooooo much more.
Lawliet: A cliffhanger? Really? (Sighs) I miss the old episode preview esque notes. Please review the story.
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