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Chapter 12: First Day of Class Pt.3
When we last left off, the helpless demonic butler who's looks alone are enough to make a crazed fangirl melt like butter was in a troublesome situation. He was being ravaged by a fangirl, but not just ANY fangirl. A fangirl so crazy and insane that ever since she learned what anime and games were, they would have to create a new classification just for her and those who somehow get as bad as her. And her name was-
"ABIGAIL ROSE (censored the last name... I'm suck don't I. You'll never know their last names bwahahahaha.)! GET OFF THAT DEMONIC BUTLER NOW!" shouted the fed up twin brother of said crazed fangirl as he suddenly appeared looking like he ran like hell after being alerted of this event. "NEVER!!!" shouted the fierce fangirl as she continued to ravage the poor demon. "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! GET HER OFF ME! NO DEMON EVER CAN BE AS BAD AS HER!" pleaded the panicking demon. No one had ever seen him so frightened, so you know many fans were taking this oppurtunity to get pictures of him panicking like a child. Remember kids, blackmail is good for you!
Lawliet sighed and rubbing his head as if trying to fight off a migraine. "What the hell is going on?" Bel asked as she, Melissa, Cyan and Nicholas showed up. "Is Sebastian getting raped?" Nicholas bluntly asked. This caused both Melissa's and Bel's ears to perk up. "WHERE!" They both shouted in unison and quickly jumped into the crowd and joined Abby. "HELLLLLP! GOD! TSUNADE! I DON'T REALLY CARE ANYMORE! JUST SOMEBODY (censored since it's some old demonic curse word that hasn't been spoken in god knows how long that even makes the devil become uncomfortable and offended.) HELP ME!" Sebastian begged as a bunch more fangirls jumped in and joined the ravaging.
The boys in both Kira's group and the crowd were far to terrified to even think about helping Sebastian. Many a teacher attempted to stop what was going on but none prevailed, even Tsunade. Then seeing that the students were of no help, several students ran away since the entrance to the cafeteria was blocked by the Sebastian pile. "Ok, so the teachers were useless!" Lawliet said with a sigh. "Ja, fangirls riots like this tend to be dangerous around here." Aden explained as he examined the situation. "I think I know what to do... Keep them distracted! " Kira said getting a idea seeing Hikaru Hitachin passing by and running off even though he knew this was a bad idea.
"Well boys, looks like we will have to get our hands dirty on this one!" Cyan said pulling his gauntlets on. "Ja, you may be right! At this rate we may never get lunch. So we will have to knock off a few while Kira is getting his plan into motion." Aden said as a giant hammer appeared out of his PDA. "Do we get to have some fun?" Nicholas said as a huge old looking book appeared from his. "If we don't die that is!" Cyan said with a determined grin.
"What? You mean we need to hit a few girls?" Lawliet asked not so sure about this as he summoned Dullahan's scythe. "If needed, just pull them off. If force is needed, and trust me that is a very good possibility since they have weapons like we do, then it can't be helped. Besides they do worse to us when any male is caught peeking in a bathroom or something." Cyan explained. "Alright, if you say so..." Lawliet said not really wanting to hit a girl. "Alright, let's go you guys!" Aden shouted fiercely.
Ok just for fun here, imagine the scene shifting out as awesome battle music starts up. Then the scene reforms to show the boys on one side with the massive pile of fangirls are on the other in a turn style fight. ("Is this really necessary?" Lawliet asked with a sigh. "I'm on a sugar high alright?" the author replies sipping a coke. "But isn't it a little early for a sugar high? Isn't it like 9:22 am where you are?" Lawliet asked curiously. "THE AUTHOR DEMANDS A TURN BASED FIGHT! ON WITH THE FIGHT!" The author shouts fiercely.)
"Me first!" Nicholas shouted excitedly as he ran to pull off one who kicked him in the stomach sending him flying. "Nicholas! Joo'll pay for that!" Nicholas shouted as he ran with his hammer and knocked the fangirl out of the pile. "One down, god knows how many to go! Alright let's do this! So long ladies, Arrivaderci!" Cyan shouted casting his wind spell that knocked off several more. "I really don't wanna do this! My mom is gonna kill me when I die and see her again!" Lawliet groaned as he charged to pull one off. He then had to block the squirming legs with the shaft of his scythe then tried again successfully.
This continued on for several minutes in which fangirls were flying all over the hallways as well as Nicholas... alot. (Is it just me or does he tend to get sent flying alot?) The fighting went on and it started looking bad for the boys. The fangirl pile was simply too strong. It even somehow grew bigger! They couldn't even hear the screams and pleads of Sebastian even more! All seemed lost.
Then out of nowhere... "Hello ladies, how are you all doing today?" said a familiar voice to most fangirls. Then alot of heads perked up from the pile to see a pair of mischeivious twins that causes the author to worry incase he ever has a pair of twins one day. "It seems like they're doing well brother." the other twin said smiling. "But not as well as you are doing brother, especially after last night..." The twin, Hikaru said grinning seductively as his brother Kaoru and holding him in his arms suggestively. "Brother, don't tell everyone what happened last night... it's embarassing..." Kaoru whined turning crimson and looking away nervously. "Oh don't worry, they don't care. Do you ladies!" Hikaru said grinning at the fangirl pile. The fangirl pile then dispersed and soon Hikaru and Kaoru were running like the devil was after them since they had a hoarde of rabid, drooling and horny fangirls running after them.
"I'm going to need alot of mind soap after seeing that..." Lawliet muttered facepalming himself. "What was that?" Nicholas asked curiously pulling at Cyan arm. He was rather clueless about that kind of thing still. "Uhhhhh, I'll explain when you're older!" Cyan said patting the 12 year old's head. "But I want to know now!" Nicholas whined. "YOU WILL WAIT AND YOU WILL LIKE IT!" Lawliet shouted with his eye twitching since he was now mentally scarred.
By then Kira returned shuddering violently Hikaru was with him. "Where did you go?" Cyan asked curiously. "I was here the whole time." Kira said holding his DC-Link. "Wait... does that mean you were Kaoru?" Lawliet said trying not to smirk. "If you ever tell Abby I'll see to it she never gets nieces or nephews!" Kira said glaring daggers at him.
"I was just walking by trying not to get involved but then Kira here asked for my help. I do love teasing fangirls though, so I said what the hell and helped anyway." Hikaru explained. "Talk about taking one for the team!" Cyan said patting his back hard. "Tell me about it!" Hikaru said laughing and grinning patting Kira's head. "Don't touch me, please. I'm already mentally scarred I even did that little act." Kira said shuddering.
Then they walked over to the dazed Sebastian who was just lying there. "So... many of them... I saw a bright light... or was it a searing hot flame... I'm not so sure anymore... I remember soft things..." Sebastian muttered in his daze. "Oh dear. Now what are we gonna do?" Kira asked. "Good luck figuring that out. I have fangirls to tease." Hikaru said walking off.
Then out of nowhere, a red headed shinigami wearing of course red clothes wielding a chainsaw came out of nowhere. "WHERE ARE THEY! WHERE ARE THE HUSSIES THAT WERE RAVAGING MY PRECIOUS SEBASTIAN!" The shinigami named Grell growled as he revved up the chainsaw. Then he was dropped kicked to the ground. "Oh for the fucking love of god. Get a hold of yourself you fucking idiot!" said another familiar voice. Kira's and Lawliet's jaws dropped to the ground. "RYUU!?!?" They both shouted shocked to see her in a waitress/bartender outfit. "What? Never see a girl in a waitress/bartender outfit before?" She said sarcasticly glaring at them.
They then had to drag both Grell and Sebastian into a cafe part of the cafeteria which looked like it was a giant food court containing and infinite amount of restaurants for god knows how many kinds of food from all realities. The cafe was by then empty since apparently only fangirls were in there today and well put two and two together as to why they were all gone. There they propped both Grell and Sebastian on a chair, and just to mess with them, on the same chair. What? They just couldn't help it ok. I mean with what happened to Sebastian a few minutes earlier it wouldn't hurt him anymore if he woke up to see an outcold Grell sitting on his lap. Unless Grell woke up first that is but that's another story, I'm not writing that ok! I already mentally scarred myself writing that Hitachin twins bit. Chances are I'm gonna be shuddering and my eye will be twitching the whole time I'm at work today!
*Ahem* But where was I? Oh yes that's right, they were at the cafe. "So you idiots were the ones who got rid of the fangirl riot hm?" Ryuu said cleaning a glass as the boys dug into plates of food she put on a table for them. They all nodded. "That's certainly not easy.  Normally only a suicidal idiot would even think about attempting that." Ryuu said putting the glass away. "Does that kind of thing happen often here?" Kira asked curiously when he was done. "I'd be lying if I said no." Ryuu replied.
"Soooo, why are you wearing that get up?" Lawliet bluntly asked. "None of your business that's what!" Ryuu replied whacking him upside the head. "Ow! That was uncalled for!" Lawliet shouted. "She works here at the cafe during lunch and a while after classes." Aden explained as he helped himself to some coffee when Ryuu wasn't looking. "Ohhhhhhh. Maybe I'll come here sometimes.... "Lawliet muttered to himself. "I heard that you fucking perv!" Ryuu shouted punching Lawliet outcold.
Thinking it was about time to head out before Ryuu got even more annoyed they lifted up the unconcious Lawliet and ran like Hell. Fortunately they all had the same class next so Kira wouldn't have to drag the unconcious Lawliet by himself. Lawliet woke up when they were in the hallway they were suppose to go to though, he had one hell of a headache. So another thing to keep in mind children, Hell may hath no fury like a Woman's scorn, but a shinigami woman? Hahahahaha! Good luck with that one!
When they were in front of the history classroom, all Kira could think of was what Lloyd had told him earlier. What if Raine somehow knew what Abby and Lawliet were? What if Abby let it slip what Kira told him and that somehow set Lawliet off. "You ok Kira?" Lawliet asked seeing that Kira looked worried. "Oh, uh nothing! Nothing at all!" Kira said quickly. "Oh yeah, you have a thing for Raine don't you?" Lawliet said remembering that Kira was indeed a Raine fanboy. "Oh uh, right! That's EXACTLY it!" Kira said quickly thankful for the right timing of the excuse. "Vell, let's hope you don't get like Abby has then." Aden said with a shrug as he ushered them in.
When they got in, they saw that Raine was in the middle of lecturing the girls in self control. "So remember that kind of behavior will scare everyone off. I mean look at me. When I got obsessive over ruins and things of the like everyone was terrified of me. So please, control yourselves a little. Especially you Abigail. ESPECIALLY You!" Raine said sternly with her arms crossed over her chest. "Yes Prof. Sage. We're sorry..." The girls all said in unison apologetically... kind of.. "Good. Now take your seats, class is about to start." Raine said as she sat down at her desk and the girls took their seats.
Then Raine noticed the boys. "Oh, hello boys. These must be the other two new students, right Aden?" Raine asked checking her PDA. "Ja, Lawliet and Kira. We would've been here sooner but a couple things came up." Aden explained. "I've been told. I gave the girls here a good talking too. Isn't that right ladies?" Raine asked sternly. "Yes Raine-Sensei." The girls groaned in unison. "Good. Now boys take your seats so we can begin ok? And please, no falling asleep. I have a chalkboard eraser I'm not afraid to use." Raine said warningly tossing the eraser at the head of a male student who was already drooling. "I'M AWAKE!" He shouted startled. Everyone laughed.
Today's topic was the history of Xross Academy. Raine began explaining how it came to be and how some familiar characters were once students at the school. Kira, Abby and Lawliet listened fervently very much so interested in the school's history. But Lawliet eventually fell asleep since after a while he got bored. In response he fell victim to Raine's chalkboard eraser of death. He just could not stay awake so when class was over he was coated in chalkdust and was sneezing his brains off. Abby had to stay away from him for a while until he got it all off since she was allergic to the dust.
Then they also had a few other classes. The next being Biology... with Jade Curtiss. "May the gods have mercy on us all..." Abby said sensing the impending doom that was inevitable. "His class is... well let's just say graphic is an understatement..." Bel said with a look of terror on her face. "He went into EXTREME detail once during the disection of a dragon. I had nightmares for a week..." Cyan said shuddering violently. "He wanted to go after my pet Kitten Scruffles..." Nicholas said as said Kitten's popped out of his cloak's hood since he was curled up on Nicholas's head. "Ja, he even had us dissect Alraunes and Mandragoras..." Aden said with a look of sheer terror in his eyes. "Oh dear god..." Lawliet muttered shocked.
"Um, can we skip this one?" Kira asked somewhere between hopefully and terrfied. "Haha, why would you want to do that?" said a voice behind Kira. Never has someone screamed so loud in fright. Behind him was Jade with a smirk pushing up his glasses. "Oh, uh hey there s...sensei!" Nicholas said nervous as Scruffles his back in his hood. "Hello there kids. Ready for class are we?" Jade asked kindly. "Y...YES SIR!" They all said in unison and equally terrified.
"Good! Because we will be disecting a human corpse today!" Jade said opening the door to the classroom. "WHAT!!!" They shouted scared and shocked. "Hahaha! Oh I'm just kidding. We will be dissecting a Dullahan Corpse from the other day." Jade said with a laugh. This was definently going to be a strange class period.
"Good afternoon class! Today we will be begin dissecting a Dullahan's Corpse! We will be looking for possible reasons it can still move without a head." Jade explained to the class as they were all sitting down. There was a loud groan. Apparently they weren't looking forward to this. "Another dissection? Can't we just read about it in the books?" A random student asked almost beggingly. "Nope! The best ways to learn are to get intimate with the subject. And since she won't stop whining about helping we will have a guest assitant. You can come in now Prof.Sage!" Jade said as she came in.
"Oh shit..." The whole class said in unison.
"Now Raine, if you would be so kind." Jade said as he pulled out a giant covered slab. "Ohhhhhh it will be myyyy pleasure!" Raine said with that psychotic glint in her eye that caused everyone to shake since they knew what was too happen. Monster disection plus Raine equals chaos. She pulled the covers off to show one of the Dullahans from a few days ago perfectly preserved by magic. When and how Jade got it no one knows nor do they want to know.
"Alright! Now first we remove whatever it may possibly wear. In this case it's armor. The Dullahans as we know are a headless race of armored demons. How they can survive with no head is what we are looking for today. Something in their anatomy? Something in their genetics? Or is it because of their affiliation to darkness? Now! Who wants to help remove the armor?" Jade asked with a smirk and pushing up his glasses. Everyone was too afraid to volunteer. As for Raine, well she looked as if she was about to explode.
"Hm? No volunteers? Ok! Lawliet! Kira! Abby! This is your first day! So guess what!" Jade said with another smirk. "Oh no...." The three newbies groaned. "Oh dear, I don't pity you." Melissa said bluntly. "Come on you guys! We don't have all day! You don't want to keep Raine-Sensei waiting now do you?" Jade said motioning them to come forth. The three reluctantly came down. Abby had to be dragged, Kira was panicking and Lawliet was muttering obscenities on how he was loathing the four eyed lunatic.
"Alright! Let's begin the research!" Raine shouted excitedly. "Um Sensei, why are you so excited?" Kira asked rather afraid of the answer. "How can I not be! We are going to discover why this monster tick! Be careful now you three! I do not want to see such a perfect speciman get damaged!" Raine said with her eyes filled with such excitement and a creepy grin crawled along the half elf's face.
Even Jade felt a little creeped out.
So they carefully removed the armor and they saw exposed, pulsating organs. "Now here we see it's anatomy. It seems the armor served as it's skin or exoskeleton. Possibly both." Jade explained as he pointed each organ out and examining the corpse with Raine who looked like a kid in a candy store. Alot of the students looked green and made for the trash can pushing and shoving everyone out of the way. It was chaos.
"Alright everyone! Calm down!" Jade shouted trying to settle everyone down. No luck. "Everyone calm down or I'll have Raine come in more often. I am doing a Werewolf next week!" Jade shouted commandingly. That shut everyone up. "CAN I CAN I CAN I!!!" Raine shouted excitedly. "Sure! You're more than welcome to!" Jade said cheerfully and shooting a playfully glance towards his distraught students. "Mein gott... we are vucked..." Aden groaned.
"Big time..." Cyan sighed.
Eventually they got out after more gruesome disection. Poor Kira, Lawliet and Abby were shuddering violently and making friends with the trash cans even more, especially when they took the warp panels to their next class which they also had together. The next place they went to was a huge gym. "That was brutal..." Kira groaned. "Toldya that Jade's classes were hell..." Cyan sighed as he shivered. "They haven't seen anything yet Cyan. Remember who we are going to for PE." Melissa added. "Oh... shit that's right!" Cyan said facepalming himself. "That's right... Germany teaches for the boys right?" Kira asked trying to remember. "And Anko for girls..." Abby said looking down her top and sighing enviously.
"What's wrong Abby?" Bel asked curiously. "I'm just jealous of her is all." Abby replied. "She's jealous that Anko is well endowed and she's not." Melissa said again bluntly. "You really need to stop being so blunt Melissa..." Abby groaned. "I...I-" Kira said nervously before being cut off. "Oh your's look just fine!" Nicholas said smirking widely. The poor alchemist was the recipient of a tri slap from the three girls of the group. "What...? What did I say?" Nicholas said obliviously.
Then they walked around the gym until Germany and the female kunoichi Anko came out. "ATTENTION JOO MAGGOTS!" Germany shouted fiercely. Everyone couldn't help but stand at attention incredibly intimidated by the fierce soldier like country persona. "Good! Now as joo may know ve have a couple new students joining us today. Abby! Lawliet! Kira! Joo three will not have a easy time in this course!" Germany said with an insane amount of intimidation in his voice. "Y...yes sir!" The three said nervously because of the intimidation.
"h don't be so tight you guys! Germany relax a little how about it! We've been over this. You're gonna cause everyone to have a heartattack if you keep up the intimidating tactics." Anko said grinning. "Anko, ve must be strict with out students. If ve are easy on zem then they vill be soft. Remember Italy." Germany explained with a sigh. "Yeah but remember, Italy was already like that. Besides, the guy is like the epitome of OCD and laid back nature." Anko replied. "Ja, which he has always been. Austria didn't try hard enough to discipline him. Ve should be strict on them while they are young enough to be instructed properly. If the school were ever to come under attack ve vill be doomed if we have a bunch of soft fighters running amok!" Germany added. "True but them being scared out of their wits won't help." Anko said rubbing her temples. Obviously they have had this argument before.
After arguing for a few minutes they stopped. "Vell, go change into your PE outfits. You got 15 minutes. Everyone extra minute you take vill earn joo 15 extra squats!" Germany commanded fiercely. "Oh dear god Germany..." Anko said with a sigh wishing her male counterpart would chill out... severly. Frightened, everyone ran like hell to change. The three newbies found lockers in the locker rooms with their names on them and saw that they had gym clothes. So they changed and went back to the Gym. "Good! Joo all came out just in time. Early even. You three as vell. I'm impressed!" Germany said looking at his stop watch. "He's not always like this! Honest!" Anko told the three newbies with a sigh. "Anko-Sensei give it up... We all know he is..." Bel said sighing as well.
Then to start off with they had the students running 10 laps around then gym. "Finish in less than 15 minutes! 10 more will be added per extra minute!" Germany shouted starting his stopwatch. "I swear Germany, I should shover that stopwatch right up you-" Anko said glairing at him and luckily no one could hear the rest of the sentence since the alarm on the stopwatch went off prematurely.
"Why... is... he... doing... this!?" Lawliet asked trying to catch his breath as they ran. "H... he's a freaking sadist! Why do you freaking think!" Melissa shouted as she did the same becoming more and more exhausted. "That would about do it..." Kira muttered as he almost tripped.
Then they were finished. They were then made to do god knows how many push ups, squats, sit ups and jumping jacks. A few of each were added due to them not finishing them in the time limit. But eventually they were all done. "Alright! Good work today everyone! Joo did vell. But remember, if you were ever to be on the battlefield just know how proud I am to be joor teacher. And all joo have done is surely for a noble cause. Good luck with the rest of your day! Dismissed!" Germany said in a manner as a kind commander would. "...Fuck you Germany. Fuck you..." Anko said staring at him for a second then burying her face in her hands. "Paaaaaiiiiiiiiiin..." One student groaned.
"Kill me... please..." Kira groaned as they headed towards the closest warp panel. Honestly they were in so much pain and so exhausted that chances are they would most likely not feel nauseous. "We are too tired to kill you..." Everyone else said in unison. "Damnit..." Kira whined. "Yes, Germany can be a brutal teacher... Anko constantly has to buy headache medication because Germany causes her god knows how many headaches, despite the fact she's just as insane." Bel explained. "How so?" Abby asked. "An obstacle course. Enough said." Melissa added. "Oh? That doesn't sound too bad." Kira replied. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! THAT'S RICH! HER'S INCLUDES TRAPS OF MANY KINDS, HIDDEN MONSTERS AND MANY OTHERS!" Melissa ranted madly as her eye twitched apparently remembering a few bad moments in said obstacle courses. Everyone backed away from the raving artist.
So they proceeded to their next shared class. Which yet again they had to keep Abby in their eye sight because it was taught by none other than Kakashi Hatake. When they arrived in the hallway it was at, they saw a certain perverted toad sage handing some books to the masked shinobi. "Heh heh heh. I think you're going to realllllly like these ones." Jiraiya said snickering as he went a little red. "Oh I believe I will Jiraiya. I can never get enough of these books..." Kakashi said trying to hide the excitement in his voice.
They were completely oblivious by the crazed fangirl who broke free and delivered a powerful drop kick to the pervy sage. "DIEEEEE!!!" Abby shouted as she drop kicked him. Jiraiya screamed like a little girl as his face became friendly with the floor. "WHOA!" Bel, Cyan, Nicholas, and Aden said in unison. "So she still hasn't gotten over her hatred of Jiraiya huh?" Melissa asked not really surprised. "Nope, not really." Lawliet replied as he sighed and went to go get his sister who was in the middle of pummeling the poor  old man.
"Oh, I take it you are the new students. Good, you're all early." Kakashi said as Kira and Lawliet tried prying a frenzied Abby off the beaten and bruised old man. "He... he talked to me!" Abby said with her ears perking up and then glomping Kakashi. "I'm getting tired of this..." Lawliet said starting to have to pry her off him. "Is she always like this?" Kakashi asked. "Unfortunately." Kira said with a sigh. "Paiiiiiiin..." Jiraiya groaned in pain on the floor.
Then once class started they were shocked to find the books they were handed. "Really? Are you freaking serious? Make out Paradise?" Lawliet said glaring at the Copy cat ninja. "Yes I am. In this class we study different types of literature. This time we are studying erm... Romantic Literature." Kakashi said with shifty eyes and scratching the back of his head. "And you chose make out paradise why?" Lawliet asked with a raised eyebrow. "And you're getting a F why?" Kakashi said trying to get the young scythe wielder to stop questioning his judgment. "Shutting up!" Lawliet said quickly. "Good. Now let's begin." Kakashi said having everyone open to the first page.
And after the class ended everyone was a bit... antsy for lack of a better word. "Reading porn for class..." Lawliet muttered. "I fucking love this school!" Cyan said smirking. "Kira?" Nicholas asked looking up at him. "What is it Nicholas?" Kira asked. "What's #@%@# and $3@%#@#?" The Young alchemist asked curiously. The whole group went red. "Uhhhhh... Can't you wait until you're older?" Kira asked nervously. "Nope!" Nicholas said with an obnoxious childish grin. "Well you see....Later!" Kira quickly said so he could avoid having to answer that dreaded question. "Hey! Crap... You guys?" Nicholas said snapping his fingers before turning to his other group mates who had the smart idea of running before he could.
Kira took a warp panel to the area where different magic classes were held. There he found a mentally scarred half elf dictator (couldn't hazard a guess as to why he was mentally scarred.) a elven ruler, a pink haired witch chasing some students around with her broom, a busty woman in a black dress holding a moogle doll who was surrounded by drooling fanboys, a man with a pointed yellow hat and blue cloak who's only visible features were his eyes, and a blonde haired woman in white clothing holding a unicorn horn staff among a few other well known characters. "Wow, there's alot of interesting magic users here.... I can't belive I'm about ot learn how to use it without using the DC-Link!" Kira said excitedly.
Then the cloaked elven ruler approached him. "You are one of the new student?" the elven ruler asked. "D..Dhoas!" Kira said really nervous. "I take that as a yes." Dhaos said examining Kira. "Um w...what are you doing?" Kira asked worried. "Making sure you are worthy of learning magic. I don't like it when he unworthy come through these halls." Dhaos explained. "Then what is worthy?" Kira asked. "Don't worry young one. You and you're friends are. Although your friend, Lawliet I believe... He has me worried..." Dhaos said as if he was lost in thought. "Lawliet? What's wrong with him?" Kira asked a little surprised. "I don't know yet. Only time will tell. But you Kira, study the magical artes hard. Hurry along. Genis should be waiting." Dhaos said walking away with his cape trailing after him.
What Dhaos said about Lawliet worried Kira greatly. Was Mari right? Will Lawliet one day fall to the darkness growing inside him? Kira will have to try hard to make sure Dhaos and Mari would be wrong.
He then started to look for Genis's classroom. "OW SIS! WHAT DID I DO NOW!" Kira heard a voice shout. "And I'm going to assume that's him." Kira said with a little laugh as he opened the door to the room he was in front of. There he saw Raine (again... is it just me or is she popping up all over the place today?) drop kicking Genis. "You know you're not  suppose to mention HIM!" Raine cried angrily. "Sorry! I just thought you realized that Abby and Lawliet were his kids!" Genis said having to cast Force Field to defend himself. "I DID NOTICE! I WAS TRYING TO IGNORE THAT FACT!" Raine screamed not showing any sign of calming down anytime soon.
 As she was about to drop kick him into the wall they noticed a flash. "Time to cool off! Spread!" They heard Kira shout as a geyser of water suddenly hit Raine blowing her away. "What the hell!" Raine shouted as she looked over and saw ANOTHER Genis. "Are you going to calm down or do I need to cast spread again?" Kira/Genis asked trying not to freak out over attacking a teacher. "But you're there and you're there... Just what the..." Raine said looking as if her brain was about to explode. "Uh oh, I think you broke her!" Genis said as his sister's eye twitched. "Maybe I should  have gone with something else..." Kira/Genis said going back to normal.
"So you're Kira, nice to meet ya. Thanks for the save back there!" Genis said shaking Kira's hand. "Anytime. I didn't want anyone getting too hurt." Kira said shaking back. "Sorry. My actions were inexcusable. I just... lose myself whenever that man is mentioned..." Raine explained looking down. "But that really doesn't mean you need to take it out on him." Kira said pointing to Genis. "I know... I need to go... see you in class tomorrow Kira..." Raine said running off.
"It's been a few years, you think she would be over it by now." Genis said with a worried sigh. "This is about Mari isn't it?" Kira asked. "How did you know?" Genis asked curiously. "Lloyd told me. If I ever see Mari I'm suppose to kick the ever loving crap out of him." Kira replied. "Figures Lloyd would. He is one of the best friends me and Raine ever had so he is a bit protective." Genis said. "He's a good guy so go figure." Kira said admiring that about him. "But, give him one for me too will you? I hate seeing my big sister like this..." Genis said looking down. Another one. "Sure, you can count on me!" Kira said eagerly.  "Good! Thanks Kira! You're alright!" Genis said happily. Kira couldn't help but smile even though it seemed like the pile of people who wanted him to beat Mari was growing.
"Since I'm young, they have me teach only one student at a time. It's alright though, it's not like there isn't enough magic teachers here." Genis explained. "Well that's good. I noticed alot of magic user students are in this school." Kira said observently. "Well magic is rather popular if you haven't noticed." Genis said with a laugh. "True, true." Kira said.
"So, I've been told you've used magic a few times before." Genis said as he poked around his PDA. "Yeah, but only when I was using my DC-Link to turn into magic users. I've tried yesterday when I wasn't using the DC-Link but no luck." Kira replied. "Hmmmm, so we will have to work on you natural abilities then." Genis said thinking. "How so?" Kira asked. "First we will have to work on teaching you about understanding the elements and their qualities! Then we can get to the literal playing with fire!" Genis said with a near maniacal glint in his eyes. "Oh dear..." Kira said getting that gut feeling of doom.
And thus began Kira's study of magic. By then time class ended Kira was taught about the nature of fire but would have to wait until tomorrow to learn how to manipulate it. And then there was only one class left after this. This one he was most nervous about though. The one taught by the woman who attacked him earlier. The one taught by the enigmatic Narikiri Violet Anthea.

Skit: The first takes place after the fight with the fangirls.
Fight Scene
Lawliet: Hmmmm...
Cyan: What is it Lawliet?
Lawliet: That fight... it was just so ...weird.
Cyan: How so?
Lawliet: That fight sorta felt like a fight on a old RPG game.
Aden: Joo think? Hm it did rather veel like a turn based fight didn't it?
Lawliet: Yeah, just like that!
Aden: Hmmm that hasn't really happened before.
Lawliet: I wonder how it happened. It was as if someone was making it weird happen.
Nicholas: What do ya mean?
Lawliet: It's as if some omnipotent being was manipulating it. Kinda like this being played a few too many games.
Cyan: Hmmm you make a good point...
Lawliet earned the title of: Fourth Wall Breaker.

Skit: The second happens after the fight with the fangirls and before History with Raine.
Abby: Mmmmm~ That was fun~
Bel: Oh yes it was~
Melissa: I hate to agree but oh god yes...
Abby: I know it might have been a bit... much butttt...
Bel: A bit much might be a understatement...
Melissa: But it was worth it...
Abby: Even though he was a powerful demon and could have killed us with a bat of a his eyelash...
Bel: It was VERY worth it...
Melissa Especially since we got to see some Hitachin Brotherly love...
Abby Oh gods...
Bel: That was perfect...
Melissa: Damn we are twisted...
Abby earned the title of: Twisted Fangirl
Bel earned the title of: Twisted Fangirl
Melissa earned the title of: Twisted Fangirl.

Skit: The third happens after encountering Ryuu in the Cafe.
Mentally Scarred
Kira: ...... (Shuddering)
Lawliet: Are you still freaked out?
Kira: ...... (Shudders and nods)
Aden: Hey, joo took one for the team. Nothing wrong with that.
Nicholas: I'm still confused about what that was all about.
Lawliet: And I told you that you would wait! (Glares)
Nicholas: (Mutters)
Cyan: Come now bro! It's not that bad! I mean hell I've seen worse on the streets of Brooklyn!
Kira: Did you ever see someone act like a overly flamboyant twin who likes to act like he and his brother get it on every night just to send girls into ecstacy? (Glares)
Cyan: Um, well no not really... Ok so maybe not that weird-
Kira: Then be quiet. That was the most weirdest thing I've ever done (Shudders and eye twitches rapidly.)
Kira earned the title of: Scarred for Life.

A/N. The first day is almost done, but first he has to once again see the teacher he fought earlier that morning. But how will he handle? And just what is it about this engimatic teacher that makes Kira so curious? And why is Kira the one people have a tendency to ask to give Mari a piece of their mind and how is he going to handle it?
Kira: There's just somethign about Violet-Sensei...
Author: Yes, there is quite a bit about her. Wait until you get to find out.
Kira: There's not chance of getting you to tell me huh?
Author: Pretty much. It'd ruin the suspense of future events involving her.
Kira: First I had to act like Uke just to please a bunch of horny fangirls. And if I may add, some were probalby REALLY DEPRIVED! And now you are not telling me about some events involving a woman who tried kicking my ass this morning?
Author: Do you want to fall victim to one of my author powers? If I could make that little turn based fight happen earlier just imagine what I can do to those who question me. (smirks)
Kira: ...I hate you.
Author: Review please. Everytime you review, Abby goes after a male teacher! Or a annoying character gets beat (like Abby doing to Jiraiya earlier... even though he's one of my favorites).
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