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Chapter 13: First day of Class Pt.4
Kira moved along to the last class and was rather nervous about it. Partially because she was so mysterious to even her co workers and partially because he was nervous she was gonna kick his ass again. Either way he eventually found himself on a brightly lit floor. It had several acting and mimicry classes on that floor and he saw.
He wandered along the halls of that floor until he came to a dimly lit hall. It looked like no one went there often. "What are you doing here?" asked a random student who saw Kira at the start of the hallway. "Hm? I'm suppose to take this class." Kira replied. "Really? Goooood luck then kid. Violet-Sensei is a complete mystery, even to her fellow teachers." The student explained. "I've heard that somewhere." Kira said looking at the door at the end of hallway. "And she's tough too. Hell, I heard she got into a fight with a student this morning and wiped the floor with him!" The student went on to say. "Uhhhh yeaaaah, that must've been embarassing..." Kira said hoping the student didn't realize that he was the one who got his ass kicked.
As Kira was about to go down the hallway the student said something else that made him curious. "And there are some who say that the form we see isn't her real one." The student said rather crypticly. "Huh? What do you mean?" Kira asked really curious. "That power of her's, the one you apparently share. There is a rumor that the form we all see isn't her true form. It's just something she is using through her Narikiri power." The student explained. "Wow..." Kira said rather shocked. "Yeah, so no one knows what she truly looks like, nor her reasons for using that form if it's not her real one." The student added. "Hmmm, sounds like one hell of a mystery." Kira said trying to take in all this information. "It is. People have been trying to sneak in on her for years to try and get a glimpse of her in her true form. But she's just too careful. She's always watching her back." The student mentioned. "Not a one. Good luck new guy!" The student said as he ran off. "Great, another reason to be nervous..." Kira said with yet another sigh. He hasn't reguraly seen this woman yet she was already making him scared to go to class.
Theeeeennnnn he saw Spain running out of the classroom screaming like a little girl. "AHHHHHHH!!!! NOT MY VITAL REGIONS!!!!" The poor spaniard shouted as he ran screaming. "....What the hell? ....On second thought, I don't want to know." Kira said to himself trying to learn his lesson. Now if only Lawliet would. Pfft, like that will ever happen am I right?
Kira entered the darkened room. "Why's it so dark in here?" Kira muttered to himself rather hesitantly. Then he heard something coming at him from behind. "Now!" the voice in his head shouted. He quickly brought out Light Phoenix and Wind Dragon to block a very familiar Halberd. "Hah! You're getting better!" Violet shouted as she landed on her feet. "Erm, call it a gut feeling." Kira responded. "Whichever it is, you've seem to have improved a little since this morning!" Violet said with a smirk. "Well I did pick up a thing or two from PE and Twinswordsmanship." Kira said scratching the back of his head nervously. "True. Hm, Lloyd Irving and Germany. Yes, you would have learned a few things from them." Violet said poking aroudn her PDA.
"By the way. What was Spain doing in here?" Kira asked foolishly apparently not having learned his lesson as previously thought. "Oh! Well you see I tend to enjoy picking on some other teachers. Spain is one of my favorite targets as well as a friend of mine. That and we were having a friendly sparring match between Halberd users." Violet explained flicking what seemed to be a spot of blood off hers. "Then why was he screaming something about his vital regions?" Kira foolishly asked. She pointed to a screen on her DC-Link that was built into her mechanical arm as it showed a picture of Romano. "Ohhhhhh, that would about do it." Kira muttered. "It's soooo fun to do that too! Ryuu claims Spain, England and Scotland are her targets alone, but eh what is that little brat gonna do? Sure her grandfather is Death buuuuut, I don't really care!" Violet said mischeviously.
Meanwhile somewhere in the cafe where she worked, said Shinigami was cleaning a glass. She sneezed really hard causing her to drop the glass shattering it completley. "OH GODDAMNIT! NOT ANOTHER FUCKING ONE! AND WHY WON'T THAT GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKING RINGING STOP!" Ryuu ranted and raved angrily and she stormed off to get the broom and dustpan.
"I think Ryuu is going to kill someone..." Kira thought to himself in his head. "Yeah, no kidding. That bitch is crazy..." The voice (we will from now on refer to as Battle Kira or B.K, depending on how lazy I feel.) said in agreement. "Which one?" Kira thought to himself. "Does it really matter? They both are." Battle Kira responded. "Touche." Kira muttered. "What was that?" Violet asked with a raised eyebrow. "Nothing!" Kira said quickly.
"Right! Well then let's begin! First off how many times have you transformed?" Violet asked. "Erm, quite a few. I'm not entirely sure." Kira replied. "Hm, ok well how long do you generally stay in each form?" Violet asked. "Not long. Less than 15 minutes I guess." Kira said trying to remember. "Hm, good. Because as fascinating as our Job class is, it can be really dangerous if you stay in one form too long." Violet explained. "Why's that Sensei?" Kira asked worried. "Stay in one for an hour or longer and you're risking a 90% chance of staying in that form permanently. You will be unable to turn into your old form, even if you were to have a DNA chip of yourself. Others oh sure, yourself, nuh uh." Violet explained. Kira gulped.
"You're right to be worried. So if you must be in a form for prolongued periods of time, be sure to take breaks from the form often. Otherwise you will lose yourself. Even your personality will eventually become that of the form you're currently in. And you're only hope of retaining your personality is if you are constantly changing forms EVERY damn hour." Violet went on to explain. "Wow... so we are doing something pretty risky then aren't we?" Kira said rather scared. "Yes, but that's what I'm going to teach you. To use you're DC-Link and power of Narikiri wisely." Violet said with a soft smile. "Th..thanks.." Kira said blushing at the smile.
"So why don't you show me some more forms you have. Let's see how well you adapt to others!" Violet said pointing her Halberd at him. "Oh no... again?" Kira groaned. "No better way to figure something out then to get close and intimate with it! En garde!" She shouted fiercely as she charged at him. "I am going to seriously start hating it when people say something like that after today! First Jade now- WHOA!" Kira shouted as he was cut off by a nearly fatal slash. Luckily he was able to dodge in time.
"What did I say earlier about being distracted!?" Violet shouted as she began charging again and began fiercely thrusting her Halberd at him. "Oh gods, why me!" Kira said trying to dodge like Lloyd had taught him earlier. "Gods have nothing to do with skill boy! But they do have something to do with thunder! Thunder Lance!" Violet shouted slamming her Halberd down onto the ground creating shockwaves of thunder that rushed through the ground right at him. "Crap crap crap crap!" Kira said grabbing a random DNA Chip and activating it.
After the flash of light faded he was shown to have turned into Edward Elric, otherwise known as the Fullmetal Alchemist. "Well, this will do more than perfectly!" Kira/Ed said grinning Ed's trademark maniacal grin and clapping his hands and slamming them on the ground. Giant steel pipes arose from the ground conducting the electricity and redirected it towards Violet. "Hm, clever! You're learning! Buttttt..." Violet said smirking as a glyph glowed beneath her. "What the?" Kira said curious as to what was going on as the pipes raced towards her.
"Hammer of Godly Thunder! By right as a pactmaker I summon thee! Volt!" Violet shouted as the thunderous orb spirit appeared and absorbed the electricity from the pipes. "What the hell! You're a summoner!?" Kira said amazed with a glint in his eye similar to Raine's ruin mode. "Mhmm. It's a natural talent of mine. No need to use a DNA Chip and it's also useful for testing the adaptibility of students." Violet said as Volt floated near her. Kira just stoood there twitching. This is how Kira's "Summon Maniac" mode was discovered.
Kira was soon examining Volt looking him over. "I'VE NEVER SEEN A SUMMON SPIRIT THIS CLOSE BEFORE! THIS IS AWESOME!" Kira said excitedly. "Uhhhh, you ok kid?" Violet asked with a raised eyebrow. Volt looked over to here with a look in his eyes like he was saying 'help me, please'. "SO AMAZING!" Kira said excitedly and grinning maniacly. "Oh dear... I'm going to kill Tsunade for assigning me to teach this kid..." Violet said sighing into her hands.
Then she dismissed Volt much to Kira's dismay. "Work hard and I'll see about trying to teach you the summoning artes." Violet said hoping that the offer would encourage him to work harder. "YES MA'AM!!!" Kira said more than eagerly. "This kid..." Violet said sighing but being unable to hold back a smirk.
"Give me what you keep your DNA Chips in. I want to see what you're working with." Violet said holding her hand out. "Erm, ok." Kira said summoning the case of DNA Chips. "Good. Let's see here..." Violet said to herself as she flipped through the case.
In the mean time Kira let out Knight, Antoinette, and Evelyn to run around and play. They immediately tackled him and liked him like crazy. Upon seeing said three painfully adorable pokemon, thus was how Kira discovered Violet's intense weakness for anything cute and adorable. "SO DAMN ADORABLE!!!!" Violet shouted dropping the case and immediately scooping up the three babies. "The hell...?" Kira said with a raised eyebrow. "Uhhh... damnit... Please don't tell anyone! I have a reputation to keep as a stoic person! If everyone knew I have a weakness for cute things then they will never take me as seriously again Violet said pleadingly. "Uhhh... sure? ....Why was I afraid to come to this class again?" Kira replied with a raised eyebrow. "Because if you do tell, then THIS meets THAT!" Violet growled and glared warningly taking her halberd and pointing it to the place everyone man values on themselves. "YES MA'AM! MY LIPS ARE SEALED!" Kira shouted frightened. "Good!" Violet said storing it away again.
"Hm, so you have the DNA of plenty of strong characters here. Half the teachers atleast." Violet said as she looked through the DNA Chips after Kira wised up and called his pokemon back. "Anyone you think I should try scanning?" Kira asked curiously. "Hm, maybe as time passes you'll be able to scan a few more. I guess it all depends on the situation." Violet said upon returning the case. "Yes ma'am!" Kira said storing it away. "Although it never hurts to have a few random ones. You may never know what they will be useful for. May it be for serious purposes or pulling a prank on someone. Our art is a rather flexible one." Violet explained with a smirk. "Have you used it to prank someone ma'am?" Kira asked geniuenly curious. "It's Violet-Sensei, not ma'am. I'm not THAT old. And I can neither confirm or deny that. I'm just saying." Violet said trying to hide her mischevious grin. "Riiiight..." Kira said not really believing that she hasn't pranked someone with it before.
For the rest of the period Violet just went over some situations she would use what character in her arsenal for. As well as a few possible scenarios in which what characters would be useful for them that Kira could use. Then the bell signaling that the school day was over resonated through out the school and Kira heard alot of feet stomping along the hallways. "Wow, everyone sounds glad that the school is done." Kira said observently. "Pfft, are you kidding? You should hear them when we get out on holiday or the end of the school year." Violet said with an amused smirk. "You think with some of these classes they would want it to be longer." Kira added. "It's school. Regardless of the classes they are going to be happy when it's over for the day. Why don't you do the same and head out. I'll see you tomorrow Kira." Violet said with a smile. "Yes Ma'am! Take care!" Kira said turning to leave. "Bye." Violet said turning too.
Before he left Kira noticed that the Violet's back was partially explosed and he was able to see part of what looked like a bad scar. "Violet-Sensei?" Kira asked. "Hm? What is it?" asked the Elder Narikiri. "What's that scar on your back?" Kira asked worried. Hey eyes widened. You... you saw that?" Violet said with a look of shock in her eyes. "Yes... is that bad?" Kira asked apologeticly. "It's... nothing. Don't worry about it. Now why would you even be looking back there, you little perv!" Violet said quickly and defensively before switching to a teasing tone. " I... I was just worrying is all! I wasn't trying to look like a pervert or anything! Later sensei!" Kira shouted embarassed as he zoomed out.
Violet stood in the dimly lit class room as the teasing grin faded. "That was close... He shouldn't have seen that scar... I thought I was able to get them all... I have to be more careful so no one finds out... Hopefully Kira stays quiet about it..." Violet said softly to herself as she reached to her back and touched the scar.
As Kira zoomed through the hallways he thought to himself. "I wonder what that scar was.  And why did she get so defensive about it?" He asked himself. "Hm, her reactions to you noticing sounded a bit mixed. But the teasing part sounded like a smoke screen in order to throw you off." Battle Kira said trying to think. "Really? Hm now that you mention it... But why though?" Kira asked. "Who knows. But she's hiding something that's for sure. Maybe some other teachers would know. Oh look, America and Yuan. A strange combination to find but hey they are teachers so it's worth a shot." Battle Kira said as Kira noticed the two. "Good point!" Kira said rushing over to them.
"So you're saying that this rusty bracelet I found while digging in some of the abandoned buildings is the first one Yggdrassil wore when he snapped and went insane? That is so awesome!" America shouted in his usual excited tone of voice. "Yes, he's actually been looking for that one for ages. But me and Kratos hid it a few years back, just to mess with him. It's amusing to see him panic over his bracelets." Yuan said unable to help himself but laugh a little. "Hm? Oh I think I remember that! He nearly tore down half the town just trying to look for it right?" America asked as if trying to remember. "Yes, the look on Tsunade's face was priceless. She was beyond irrate!" Yuan said confirming America's question. "Totally dude! Boy did she let Yggy have it! I never seen someone recieve such a brutal beating!" America said laughing hysterically.
"Excuse me Senseis..." Kira asked nervously. He really needs to work on not being so nervous. "Hm? Oh, you're one of the three new students. Hm, you don't look like that man, so you must be Kira correct?" Yuan asked looking him over. "Y... yes sir!" Kira replied. "Hm, Kratos and the others told me about you. It seems a few of Lloyd's group is entrusting you with wiping the floor with Mari." Yuan said recalling what he's apparently been told. "Let me guess, so do you?" Kira asked sighing. "Well, it would be nice. But I wasn't going to ask that if that's what you thought." Yuan replied. "Oh." Kira said.
"Did ya need something dude?" America asked. "Yes sir! Do you two know anything about Violet Anthea sensei?" Kira asked curiously. "Just that's she's mischevious and engimatic." Yuan replied. "And totally out of her gourd really often." America added. "So you wouldn't know anything about her having any scars?" Kira asked. "Hm, not really. Perhaps she got them on a mission." Yuan replied. "Hm, I didn't think of that..." Kira said thinking.
"Wait! You saw her back? Whoa dude, how did you manage that? That's so awesome!" America said excitedly. "Well the dress she wore today had some of it exposed." Kira said with a shrug. "But still you lucky dog! She's one hot tamale let me tell you! She has several male students trying to get a glimpse of her naked man! But none really have managed to do it, let alone a glimpse of her real form!" America ranted and raved on. "Hey! It's not like I wanted to! It was an accident I caught a glimpse of her back!" Kira said glaring at the obnoxious and hyper country. "Dude, you saw part of one of the hottest chicks in this school and you're not excited?" America asked completely amazed at Kira's lack of excitement. "She's my teacher! That's inappropriate!" Kira shouted turning red. "Haha! Whatever dude. Go on now, let's chill sometime! See ya later!" America said waving and running off.
"So that was America-Sensei?" Kira said not really sure how to react. "Yes it was. True he can be a bit obnoxious and hard to deal with, but he's a good person. He just has a hard time showing it without looking obnoxious and trying to be the hero." Yuan said as they watched America run off. "I suppose. He's funny though." Kira added. "Yes he is. Especially when it comes to harassing England. But anyways, I have errands to do. Why don't you go run along now young Narikiri student. You've had a big day." Yuan said leaving with his cape fluttering behind him.
"Dude, Yuan was so cool!" Kira said excitedly. What? Yuan is one of the guy's idols. Only thing he didn't like about the guy was the fact that everytime he appeared on screen may it be on the OVA or games, Abby would turn into the freaking Niagara falls!
He decided that his pokemon didn't have a whole lot of time to wander around so he let them out to stretch their paws after he got into the town area. They ran around him and nearly tripped him a couple times. "Hey now you guys! Watch it!" Kira said trying not to smirk at the playful babies. They all chirped playfully.
"Hey! You're the new kid right?" asked a kid who was running towards him. "Hm? I am. Wait, you're from my pokemon breeding class right?" Kira asked trying to remember. "Yeah, the name is Ian. This is Raika and Leif." Ian said introducing himself and a brunette girl and shaggy red headed boy. "Nice to meet ya." Kira replied. "Likewise." Raika said winking at him. Leif apparently did not speak english since he said something in what Kira thought was Norweigan.
"Is there something you wanted?" Kira asked curiously as Knight hopped onto his head, Evelyn on his shoulder, and Antoinette looked up at Kira with big shiny eyes. "Ever had a battle before?" Ian asked with a challenging grin. "Nope. Why, is that a challenge?" Kira said as a bit of excitement welled up inside. "Why yes it is Kira-kun. Three on three. how about it?" Raika asked with the challenging grin as Ian. Leif nodded and said something else in Norweigan.
Kira looked down at his pokemon who had hopped down and were jumping around with excitement. "Think you guys can handle it?" Kira asked somewhere between nervous and excited. They all chirped happily in unison. "Alright then! You three are on!" Kira said accepting the challenge. "Good! Let's test you newbie!" Ian said with a confident attitude. "Battle!" Three of the four shouted except Leif who instead said something in norweigan. (Running gag anyone?)
"Lucario go!" Ian shouted fiercely. "Cinccino it's your turn!" Raika said in a very perky tone. Leif called out a Liepard. "All fully evolved pokemon? Doesn't that put me at a disadvantage?" Kira asked worried. "Maybe. But who knows, you might turn the tables on us. As unlikely as that is!" Ian said with a mischevious smirk. "Alright then, let's do this!" Kira said still worried.
"Lucario, Blaze Kick Eevee!" Ian ordered. Lucario quickly delivered a fiery drop kick to Eevee sending her flying and crying but Kira quickly managed to catch her. "That was a bit much don't you think? She's just a baby!" Kira shouted. "Then you shouldn't have accepted the challenge Kira-kun! Cinccino, Aqua Tail!" Raika said a little condescending as Cinccino's tail somehow became covered in water and slammed it into Antoinette immediately causing her to faint. "Two down!" Raika said smirking.
Kira was getting worried. It was now down to Knight against the three fully grown pokemon. "We'll give you a sporting chance and let you have the next turn!" Ian said smirking still. "Well here it goes then, Knight- wait... why the hell do you look like me?" Kira asked obliviously since he forgot about Knight's ability, Illusion. Kira/Knight smirked as his fists glowed with dark energy. "Hm? Oh yeah! You're using you're illusion ability! Looks like you're charging up Dark Pulse too. Alright, Knight! Use Dark Pulse!" Kira ordered finally remembering. Knight jumped and tried punching the Liepard but it dodged. That did not stop Knight's Dark Pulse from activating upon contact with the ground. It was strong enough to reach all the way to Liepard and send her flying.
Lief's dialogue was completely untranslatable. Liepard struggled to get up and glared at Knight who was still looking like Kira. "My my! Your Zorua has some spunk!" Ian said with an approving grin. "They all do! Show him what I'm talking about!" Kira said with determination. Knight nodded with a playful grin as numerous copies of him surrounded Liepard, Lucario, and Cinccino. They tried taking out all the Knights but to no avail. "Let's finish this! Knight, Foul Play!" Kira ordered. Then while the fully evolved pokemon fought the copies, the real Knight appeared above them and let loose a huge burst of dark energy knocking them all out at once.
The three challengers were speechless."What the hell just happened? We were all wiped out by a baby Zorua?!" Ian said in disbelief. "Told ya! My friends might be babies, but I'm going to raise them to be stronger!" Kira said happily and shocked that he even won. Knight turned back to normal and hopped on his shoulder nuzzling his trainer's cheek. "Well congrats Kira-kun! You're going to be a great trainer and breeder!" Raika said cheerfully. Once again, Leif's comment was untranslatable.
"So why did you challenge me to a battle I was probably going to lose?" Kira asked curiously after calling back his three tired pokemon. "To satisfy our curiousity and because it was a mission assigned to us by Brock-Sensei and the others in the monster training program." Raika explained. "To see if you were any good and capable for caring for your pokemon. Sure your Vulpix and Eevee were defeated ridiculously easy but we problaby should have gone a little easier on you. So that's our bad right there. We also didn't expect Zorua to be so powerful for a baby." Ian said as if thinking.
"Ohhhh. But isn't that a bit much for a test?" Kira asked with a raised eyebrow. "It's a test for this school kid. You're gonna see alot of em." Raika said with a shrug. "Mhmm, now we have to go report in. So see ya in class tomorrow Kira!" Ian said leading his friends away. "Later cutie!" Raika said winking before walking away. Leif's response was, well do I really need to tell you what it was again?
"Maaaaaybe I should try getting in a Norweigan language class, just to figure out what Leif is saying..." Kira muttered to himself before walking off.
Soon he was home and once he opened the door he saw Abby was outcold on the couch fast asleep. "What happened to her?" Kira asked with a raised eyebrow. "She had a long day. I suppose seeing so many characters she drooled over exhausted her." Melissa said with a shrug as she was cleaning her guns. "I never thought I'd see the day where too many bishounens would tire her out." Lawliet said incredibly amazed. "Zzzzzz... but... but Kyouya-Sensei... we shouldn't... you're my teacher... mmmm teacherrrrrr..." Abby moaned in her sleep. "What is she talking about Kira?" Nicholas asked looking up at him again. "Uhh... don't you have an experiment to do?" Kira asked blushing like crazy. "Oh yeah, that's right!" The young alchemist said zooming off. Everyone who was downstairs let out a sigh of relief.
"So how was your first day you guys?" Cyan asked plopping down on the other couch in the living room opening a can of blue creme soda. "Very... eventful." Lawliet said remembering what happened with him. "Same. I even got challenged to a three on three pokemon battle a few minutes ago. I won, barely." Kira replied.
"I got stuck with this idiot for a weapon partner!" Bel said slightly annoyed pointing to Lawliet. "Oi, I'm not a idiot you purple haired banshee." Lawliet said glaring. Then they started arguing.
"Wait, Lawliet is a weapon? How the hell did that happen. Both he and Melissa couldn't become weapons in our world!" Kira said really curious as the two argued. "When arriving to Xross Academy, sometimes strange abilities like that are given to you through some mysterious way, no one really knows." Melissa said checking all over her guns. "Ohhhhhh, sounds like some kind of godmod business." Kira said scratching his head as he tried thinking about that. "Ja, alot of people say that Kira." Aden said sipping the last bit of his coffee as he walked in.
Then Cyan looked like he had an idea. "I got an idea!" Cyan shouted with a glint in his eye. "What idea?" Aden asked as he checked inside his cup. "You guys fight!" Cyan suggested. "What? You mean you want us to fight as meister and weapons?" Lawliet asked with a raised eyebrow using a 'what are you getting at' tone.
"Hell yeah! Don't you think that would be a badass fight idea?" Cyan said looking pumped at the thought of watching that fight. "Hm, well me and Kira do need to practice together. Kira especially since he doesn't know how to use a gun." Melissa said putting her guns down. "And this idiot is a scythe! I'm not good at wielding staff/halberd like weapons!" Bel groaned. "Well it's time to practice then! Come on, you know you wanna!" Cyan said really excited. "Oh fine. If it will get you to shut up." Lawliet groaned as they all marched outside.
It was starting to get dark at that point, the sun was setting and people were wandering the dimly lit streets. Some people who walked in front of the house noticed the four friends standing in the yard looking like they were about to kick some ass. "Kira! Let's go!" Melissa shouted. "R... right!" Kira stuttered as Melissa transformed and appeared in Kira's hands. "Oi, idiot!" Bel shouted. "I'm not a damn idiot you purple haired banshee!" Lawliet shouted as he transformed into a scythe just like the one he used in his fight with Kira near the beginning and appeared in Bel's hands.
Then a crowd began to form along the sidewalk in front of the house's yard. "Is a fight about to start?" Some random student asked watching. "No shit sherlock! The new kids are involved!" Another shouted sarcasticly followed by a hint of interest.
Then cheers began to arise from the crowd. "Alright! Begin!" Abby shouted.
Immediately Bel charged at Kira with Lawliet raised. "Kira watch out!" Melissa shouted. Kira was barely able to dodge. "I thought you weren't good with spear/staff like weapons!?" Kira shouted trying to catch his breathe. "I'm not! My family is! I just suck at it!" Bel shouted as she kept swinging Lawliet with nearly flawless accuracy. "Then I'd to see someone in your family who's 'good' then!" Kira said constantly trying to dodge.
"Shoot damnit!" Melissa shouted getting annoyed judging by how two eye like parts on the gun looked up at him glaring. "Do you even have any bullets?!" Kira asked somewhat panicking as he continued dodging. "I don't need them! The bullets are just our souls power!" Melissa shouted. "Isn't that dangerous?" Kira said having a CLOSE call. "It's enough to not harm us." Melissa explained. "Ohhhh. Then in that case!" Kira said smirking as he pulled the trigger.
A small portion of their power shot from Melissa like a bullet but Bel blocked with Lawliet. "Ow! That hurt your banshee!" Lawliet shouted angrily. "Get use to it! Just like they will this! Crescent Moon Rising!" Bel shouted attempting to make a crescent slash with Lawliet as he glowed with their power. It sent Kira and Melissa flying and knocking Melissa out of his hands.
"Grrr! Keep a tighter on me damnit! Wait, that didn't sound right..." Melissa said as her gun mode turned a little red. "Uh are you ok? You're turning red again?" Kira asked obliviously. "... Idiot!" Melissa muttered.
Then Bel got an idea. "Hm, hey idiot. I got an idea!" Bel said with a devious smirk. "I AM NOT AN IDIOT! What is it?" Lawliet shouted followed by a sigh. "Think ya can try matching your soul wavelength with mine?" Bel said smirking. "You mean try a soul resonance?" Lawliet asked. "Uhhhhh huh!" Bel said grinning evily. "Let's do it!" Lawliet said almost too excitedly. "Soul Resonance!" Bel and Lawliet shouted in unison as they both tried matching up their wavelengths.
It was then Kira and Melissa realized they were in trouble. "Ooooo! Those two are in trouble!" A random student said getting excited by the battle. "Shit! Now what!" Kira said in a panic. "This isn't good... We should try that to!" Melissa said turning even redder in gun form. "And afterwards we should take you to the nurse's office. You're getting too red." Kira said ever the oblivious moron. "Oh god, he's an idiot!" Melissa thought to herself in distress.
"Soul Resonance!" Kira and Melissa shouted as they attempted it too. "This will be good!" Said another person in the crowd. Soon alot of people were rooting for either the blonde chick or the new guy. The fighters soon had successfully managed to perform soul resonance. They didn't notice a crazy white haired teacher in glasses and a screw through his head was watching the fight in the crowd. "Hmmm, two of the new students managed to successfully perform Soul Resonance, fascinating. This may require further study..." The teacher said. "Stein..." Said the red headed man by him with a sigh.
"Let's give these guys a good show hm?" Bel said smirking pretty much radiating power. "Sounds like a good idea! Let's do this! Ready Melissa!" Kira said feeling good from all the power he was getting and smirking at his opponent. "Let's take her down!" Melissa said just as excited. Then Melissa's gun form transformed into a bigger and more advanced gun. "Gun Spell- DARK LASER!" Kira and Melissa shouted fiercely as a dark spell glyph glowed in front of the barrel of the gun and a huge burst of dark energy burst forth from the gun. "Technique of the Scythe Meister! WITCH HUNTER!" Lawliet and Bel shouted as Lawliet grew into a glowing more curved moon shaped figure with a eye and Bel swung him hard.
Both attacks sped towards each other and crashed into each other and cancilled each other out after creating a huge burst of energy that blew everyone away, except the two teachers. "Fascinating. I must go research these kids." Stein said walking away trying not to step on the outcold students that littered the street. "Oh come on Stein!" His friend, the infamous horndog Spirit, groaned and following.
Soon everyone woke up to the infirmary personnel healing them since the explosion had managed to injure a few people. "Wh...what happened?" Kira asked weakly as he opened his eyes and saw a familiar bubbly healer by the name of Orihime. "Oh! You're up Kira-kun was it?" Orihime said cheerfully realizing he was awake. "Yeah I am... what happened? How long have I been out?" Kira asked curiously trying to sit up and seeing alot of injured students limping away while a few more healers were trying to heal the still outcold students, added it was getting dark. "The results of you and your friends attacks amplified by you soul resonance did quite a bit of damage. So we were called here." Orihime explained. "Wow, we did all this?" Kira asked in disbelief. "Uh huh! Stein-Sensei seemed really intrigued though." Orihime said in her typical bubbly attitude. "Somehow that makes me feel even more uneasy..." Kira said rather nervous about that and one of his eyes twitching violently.
"Kira? Are you alright?" Abby asked running over to him seeing he was awake. "Y... yeah. That was just... wow." Kira said still amazed at the power the four produced. "Some people were actually mentioning that being a couple of the most powerful soul resonances produced here yet." Abby mentioned making sure Kira was alright. "Seriously?" Kira said turning a little red as Abby looked him over. "Yeah! Even Stein and Spirit made notice. They were asking alot about you, Lawliet, Bel and that bi- I mean, Melissa." Abby said trying to hide her sudden disdain for Melissa. "That REALLY doesn't make me feel any better that Stein was asking..." Kira said scared.
Soon everyone was healed and left.
When they went inside they saw Nicholas was rushing around using alchemy to repair little bits of the house that may have been wrecked while Aden repaired the more techinical parts and Bel cooked dinner. Shortly before dinner though there was a knock on the door. And before Kira or anyone else could answer, in came Kamina,  Violet, Kidd, America, Goku helping a tired Italy with a pot of Pasta, Jade, Kratos and a red haired man in a blue military uniform who was smoking burst in. "Huh? Kamina-Sensei? What are you guys doing here?" Kira asked curiously. "Hey there you kids! We originally came to see how you enjoyed your first day, then after this little incident, well it gave us another excuse!" Kamina said giving a thumbs up. "Kamina don't get too overly excited. We are here as teachers. Act appropriately." Kratos said leaning against a wall with his bangs covering his face. "Don't be such a stiff laddie. You've known Kamina long enough to know he ain't goin' to be actin' professional." the man in the military outfit said taking a drag on his cigarette. "If he doesn't then it will cause the students to act disrespectful to him." Kratos said with a glare. "Oh well. The students like him for being nice to them. That's all he needs." The human personification of Scotland said with a smile.
"Who's that in the living room Kira?" Abby asked as she and Bel came out. Theeeen that's when all hell broke loose...AGAIN. The rest of the night was filled with everyone trying to hold Abby down and partying. Kidd tried lecturing the kids on controlling their soul resonances better so not so much destruction would be caused next time. Kratos kept on having to be told to relax whenever Kamina acted like... well like Kamina. Violet of course had to avoid Nicholas and Aden since they are two of the biggest attemptees of finding her true identity so she just kept haunting Kira's side which made him blush alot. Jade also kept teasing Kira, Abby and Lawliet for being new and everyone assured them that there was more to come and he wouldn't do it if he didn't like them.
"So why didn't Ryuu come along? I figured she would have joined in on this fun." Lawliet asked as he and Kamina tried seeing who can chug the most Coke, which seeing as how hyper Kamina can be sometimes, he obviously won. "Well you see, you know her fondness for the Italy bros. restaurant?" Violet asked. "Yeah?" Lawliet replied. "Your fight earlier and the damage caused by the soul resonances had a goooood range of damage." Violet said sipping some tea. "So?" Lawliet said not getting it. "Ok let me put it to you this way since you're not getting her point. You four destroyed her favorite restaurant. She's helping repair it. She would KILL you upon sight. Catch my drift?" Jade said explaining it more clearly. This caused the four involved in the fight to shudder. "Point taken." Lawliet said shutting up.
"I never seen my cousin so pissed..." Kidd said shuddering. "Oh come laddy! She ain't that bad!" Scotland said with a chuckle. "That's because you're somehow ALWAYS on her good side!" Kidd said with a glare. "Yea' I can never figure out why." Scotland said with a shrug.
Then speaking of the devil, guess who showed up with pizza with a friendly smile and the corner of said smile twitching. "OH GOD! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!" Lawliet screamed zooming off to his room. "Hm? What is his deal?" Ryuu asked oblivious to what they were all just told. "Oh nothing. I haven't a clue." Jade said smirking sipping his tea. The only thing everyone else could think of was "Jackass..."

A/N. And so we come to the end of the 'First Day' Arc. They are settling in fine so far. They met alot of characters they only thought they would meet in dreams. They have done more things in the past couple days than they ever thought possible and with more to come who knows what else is in store for them!
Scotland: Well we will see now will we!
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Ryuu: Awww ain't that sweet!
Author: ... Lawliet!
Lawliet: No, I'm too tired... Zzzzz
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Lawliet: Oh hell! Amateurs! Review and when you do, Abby will force the bishounen teachers to allow the writer to do fanservice. Even though it scars him to do so! (Sighs)

Skits: The first takes place after classes end.
Summon Mania.
Kira: Phew, I'm glad today is finally over! (Sighs with relief)
Lloyd: Hey! Why if it isn't Kira!
Kira: Oh hey Lloyd-Sensei. Nice to see ya again.
Lloyd: Likewise. Oh, have you met my wife Sheena yet?
Kira: Sheena! (Tries to fight off a mode Abby is unable to control before realizing something) WAIT! YOU'RE MARRIED!
Lloyd: Yep!
Sheena: Y..yes! (blushing unlike her grinning husband,)
Kira: HAH! I KNEW IT! (Feeling victorious since it was a pairing he always supported.)
Lloyd: Uhhh, that was scary.
Kira: Erm, sorry about that. But nice to meet you Sheena-Sensei!
Sheena: Same here. I've heard alot about you from several other teachers. Violet was actually just telling me how you were interested in summoning.
Sheena: Haha, well that's good. I can teach ya sometime.
Kira: PLEASE!!!
Lloyd: Well someone is eager to learn!
Kira: Why wouldn't I? Being able to summon unearthly powerful creatures that just look so cool it's overwhelming! To know you control that kind of power is enough to make anyone excited. Plus summon spirits have been around for sooooo long, who knows what history they have seen! It's overwhelming! (Getting that creepy glint in his eyes that can rival Raine's in her ruin mode.)
Sheena: He's reminding me of Raine right now...
Lloyd: Yeeeeeah...
Kira earned the title of: Summon Maniac.

Skits: This takes place  before the Chapter ends.
Fun Time with the Food Trio!
Kira: Looks Like Goku, Italy, & America-Senseis are getting along.
Cyan: Yeaaaaaa.. When it comes to food theres not stopping them.
Kira: Is that a bad thing?
Violet: Kira, your naivete astounds me sometimes(sighs)
Kira: That's Cold....
Goku: Oh hey guys! How's it going?
Kira: Good, what are ya'll talking about?
Violet & Cyan: (Sighs and in unison)He asked for it!(leaves)
Italy: We were arguing over who's dishes were better  Kira Bambino.
America: Yeah! Mine of Italy's. Goku's helping us. But obviously mine's better!
Goku: But I can't decide!
Italy: Come on Goku~ Pasta is better! Risotto~ Penne~ Angel hair~ Ravioli~ Rigatoni~ Bow Tie~ Carbonara~ It's all so good~
Goku: Hmmmmm true true.
America: Pfft! As if. Come on Goku. Burgers are the way to go!
Kira: Didn't they originate from Hamburg, Germany? Hence the name Hamburgers
America: Uhhhhh... ANYWAYS! Back to my point! Bacon Cheeseburgers! The Big Mac! The Whopper!
Kira: The texas steakhouse burger from Burger King?
America: THANK YOU!  See even he agrees with me!
Kira: Well actually-
America: And another thing! Pizza! Nothing like a good ol' Slice of New York style pizza!
Italy: Actually that came from my place-
Kira: I think I'm starting to see what Prof.Violet and Cyan were talking about...
America: So how about it Goku ol' Buddy!?
Italy: Yeah! Which is better?!
Goku: Uhh uhhh I don't know! They are all so good!
Kira: Uh may i make a suggestion?
Kira: Whoa! But why not first decide on your guys' favorites.
Food Trio: Favorite?
Kira: Ok next time when it comes to these 3 I'm listening
 to the others...
Goku: Oh you should see us during the holidays!
Kira: Oh for the love of-!
Kira earned the title of: Naive Conversationalist.

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