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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The team had a difficult time in trying to keep Ankylomon steady so as not to move the fallen victims on his back around so much.
“I don't get it…” said TK, “We've past three Digital portals and none of them will let us pass through.”
That was serious indeed, they had to get their sick friends to a hospital, and fast, they didn't look so good.
Their cell-phones wouldn't work in the Digital world, but at least they could still send emails.
Yolei wasted no time in emailing Izzy, sent him the coordinates, and told him the problems. They needed Jun, and Joe, NOW!!
Izzy emailed her back and told them to settle down somewhere safe. They be there once they worked away to get the portals working.
“Guys, we got to set down somewhere!” Cried Ankylomon, “I don't know how much longer I can hold these heavy guys!”
“What? Their not even half of your own weight?” said Aqillamon, but then again, he wasn't so sure if he could go too much father either.
Luckily, they were just soaring above Primary Village. The finally settled down and hardly noticed the once proud village, now in debris and ruins.
“Oh, man! Look at this mess!” said TK. “Looks like the Band of Seven was here alright, and recently too.”
Even though the odds were against them of finding anyone still alive, Yolei called out into the fog. “HELLO!! IS ANYONE HERE?”
Just then, a man in robes came strolling into the clearing. “What a relief to find survivors here.” he said in a kind voice.
“I am the Headman of Primary Village. Tell me, are you all in distress?”
Then he noticed the motionless bodies lying on Ankylomon's back. “Please help us.” Cried Yolei, “They've been poisoned, they need help.”
The man nodded, “Bring them up to my house in the shrine up the hill.” He said.
As everyone followed man up to the shrine which seemed to be still intact. Their scouters were indicating a vast amount of power close by.
Little did they know it was coming from the man himself!
They finally got the four victims safely into bed just as Ankylomon, and Aquilamon gave out and De-Digivovled to their Rookie levels.
That ghastly figure that destroyed the Gekomon was already on its way towards the Primary Village.
Steam oozed out from his sides, and he just kept going while knocking down any obstructions that crossed his path, either Digimon, or structure.
Back at the Shrine
Kari actually began to open her eyes.
“Kari?” Davis whispered. “Kari, are you okay?”
“Da…vis.” She said in barely any sound at all.
“Shh, just rest now.” Davis replied. “You'll be alright.”
Kari's eyes then fell upon the Headman who placed a soft cold cloth over her forehead.
“What a pity.” He said, “I understand that you inhaled a poison! You should rest some more.”
Kari was then shocked to see the glowing coming from his neck. “A seed of light?!” she thought, “Does this mean he's of the Band of Seven?”
Suddenly, a explosion off in the distance attracted Davis' attention. “Hey, you guys feel that?” he asked
TK, and Cody nodded. “That's some power level.” Said Cody. “But where's it coming from?”
“I don't know.” said Davis as he peered outside the door. “whatever it is, it's coming close. I'll go on ahead and check it out.
Angel-Veemon, you come with me, and you guys stay here.”
The others agreed, and just before Angel-Veemon took off after Davis, he gazed down upon Angewomon, who was barely breathing now.
He carefully planed a soft kiss upon her cold cheek. “You'll be alright, my love. I promise you!” he said and he was off.
“Good luck to you.” The Young man said as he waved them on, but secretly he was glad that they were gone.
“Good, they're gone!” he thought to himself “Now if Jakotsumon can just stick to the plan, we'll be rid of these pests even faster than expected!”
Davis and Angel-Veemon followed the path of what smelled like Gun powder, and as they got closer, the power they sensed grew stronger.
“It's got to be one of the Band of Seven.” Said Davis, “There's no mistaking it this time!”
They flew up a little further and right out of the village.
“Huh, Davis, look!” said Angel-Veemon
They took a long look at who, or what, was standing near them. This guy looked almost like a living Tank, and seemed to be almost completely covered in machinery.
His right arm was human like, but his left arm was a metal grasper on a spring loaded chain.
Five saw blades seemed to rest perfectly into a disk launcher on his back. A ten pound Tank cannon was attached over his left shoulder, and he even had a small sword on his belt.
Steam actually hissed out from his waist, and his voice actually sounded robotic. “GRRSS… Daisuke, Angel-Veemon!” he growled in a robotic voice.
Davis Scouter was going crazy at this guy's power “You really look way too ugly to be human. So who, are what are you?” Angel-Veemon asked.
The Machine-man eyed him. “I'm called, Ginkotsumon!”
Just his name was proof enough that he was a Band of Seven member.
“Well gee, we'd love stay and here your life story but were just going to have to put an end to you, and in a quick at that too.” Snapped Davis.
Ginkotsumon growled “GRRSS… So Thoughtless of you to leave your friends to suffer the effects of Mukotsumon's poison! 'Cause at this rate, they won't live past Sundown!”
Both their hearts skipped a beat, “Sundown?” asked Angel-Veemon, “Are you serious?”
Ginkotsumon nodded, “But don't worry… for I'll make sure that you're there to GREET THEM ON THE OTHER SIDE!”
He pulled on one of the strings on his chest amour, and the five Saw blades took off. Right toward the boys.
“WATCH OUT!!” snapped Davis
He ducked the first two, and Angel-Veemon leapt over the second two, but both of them only ended up just continuously evading all five of them again.
Eventually the blades did have to return to Ginkotsumon, but only so he could just launch them again, and it was back to the chase.
Angel-Veemon did manage to get close to Ginkotsumon. “Try this on for size, Ginkotsumon!” he said.
But, as the chains neared him, Ginkotsumon just lifted up his left metal-arm…
And the metal grasper fired like a gun and counted the chains before him. Then the Gun on his back lowered down.
BOOM!! A small bomb shot out from the cannon and exploded on contact forcing Angel-Veemon backwards.
He and Davis did manage to give Ginkotsumon a taste of their power shots, but Ginkotsumon's armor was barley even scratched.
“GRSS… I was warned to be careful of your power blasts!” he sniggered, and then he had him helping Davis run from the saw blades.
Davis and Veemon were getting exhausted already, but they weren't giving up. At least they knew their friends were safe.
…Or so they thought!