Digimon Fan Fiction / Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ Digiball Z: THE MOVIE! ❯ Davis, Depressed? ( Chapter 11 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Davis was still struggling to try and get out of the chains, but it was no use. The wound on his body was slowing him down, and Demiveemon was too pooped to even poop.
“Kari…” Davis cried. “Please hang on!” but in actuality he was ready to face defeat. Kari and the others were thought to be goners.
“Hawkmon… Please don't die in there!” sobbed Yolei.
“Patamon… Please be okay!!” cried TK
“Armadillamon!!” cried Cody.
“Ha, ha, ha… Say good-bye fools!” chuckled Renkotsumon, but then suddenly, the walls of the shrine exploded open, reluctantly extinguishing the flames.
“Huh…!” snapped Ginkotsumon! “What's going on up there?”
Everyone looked forward and saw three new Digimon. “Hey, look at that!” said TK. “Could it really be?”
Then the Digimon Analyzers in their D3's began to download the new Data.
TK's Digimon looked an odd resemblance of Thor, the God of Thunder from mythology.
“I'm a Mega-and1/2 Level Digimon. Even solid rock itself is no match for my… THUNDER BOLTS!”
Yolei's Digimon looked sort of like the Legendary Phoenixmon. Complete with flaming mane, tail and wings.
“A Times-Six Mega-level Digimon. I can fly faster than any jet-plan, and my…BUURNING-WIND… can really be a burning experience.
Cody's Digimon looked like a giant Construction-worker. He was Equipped with a golden hard-hat, and an enormous Jack-hammer.
“I'm a Times-Eight Mega-Level! When use my… JACK-HAMMER-BLAST… it can really bring down the house!”
Davis looked on, “The other Digimon must've unlocked their inner power to Spirit Digivolve!” he said. “Now their even stronger than before.”
Ginkotsumon was scared out of his own gears, especially when Thormon came right at him and hacked off his entire left arm.
BOOM!! Ginkotsumon's arm was vaporized and Davis and Demiveemon were free from the chains.
Ginkotsumon, was really steaming now. I will not let you win!” he cried…
“Watch out for those blades!” Davis called, but Ex-Phoenixmon just flew right into the picture.
And hot flames of air came firing out of his wings. Two of the Saw blades were destroyed, and the other three flew right back and attacked Ginkotsumon.
Ginkotsumon growled and yelped in severe pain as the saw blades cut him up badly.
“YEE-HAA… My turn now!” said Foremenmon as he loaded his Jack-Hammer.
Ginkotsumon's body began sparking as the blast entered right though his gashes “GRRRRRR…AAAAHHHH!” and in a big EXPLOSION… he was gone, and his seed of light flew away!
“No… Ginkotsumon!” cried Renkotsumon. “But how… how is it possible!” and then he ran off. “We'll be back. You haven't seen that lasts of the Band of Seven!!” and he was gone.
Cody, TK, and Yolei were really amazed by their new Digimon. “You guys were awesome.” Said TK.
“You know, for a flaming guy you sure are cool looking.” Yolei said. Ex-Phoenixmon blushed.
Cody even shook hands with Foremenmon. “You really saved us today, thanks.” He said.
“Nothing to it.” Said Foremenmon.
The Celebration was cut short though as they all turned around and saw Davis and Demiveemon brooding over the others.
“Kari. Ken.”
“Angewomon. Shtingmon”
They were safe from the fire, but the poison was still getting to them. Kari's body was really cold to the touch.
Luckily, right there in the distance. Jun, Joe had arrived with a team of paramedics. “Davis… Davis!!” called Jun.
She arrived on the seen to find her brother on his knees, staring sadly at the ground. Demiveemon too. Then they saw why.
Jun and Joe checked the others over. “Their temperature's are still dropping.” Said Joe.
“But they have pulse and Heart-beats, but they're very weak.” Added Jun. “We got to get them back home and to the hospital.”
The teams helped the fallen bodies onto four separate stretchers, and carefully carried them back to the Real-world.
Back in the realworld
When they got to the Hospital, Joe called Tai and his folks over to the hospital, and Yolei called Ken's folks.
The parent's, and Tai were over there in a second, and Just as Kari slowly began to open her eyes.
“Kari… are you okay, Sis?” asked Tai.
“Tai…” Kari said softly. “Where… are… we?”
“Shh… just relax sweetie!” said her Dad. “It's alright, you've been through a lot.”
Kan's mother was in tears, as usual. “My Baby boy, is going to be alright!” she sobbed. “It's a miracle!”
“M-m-mama…Dad!” pepped Ken.
“Ken, Ken… are you okay!" cried Yolei.
“Yolei…” Ken said. “I still feel dizzy.”
“Well that is to be expected…” came the kindred voice of a young man who was assisting Jun and Joe.
“We sucked out a lot of their blood along with the poison, and the Digimon had to have some data extracted for their bodies..”
Gatomon and Wormon opened their eyes too. “Man… what a hang over.”
“What happened?” Gatomon asked.
Joe looked down upon her, “Take it easy Gatomon, you were poisoned, we had to wipe out some of your data.” he.
“So this means, everyone's going to be alright?” TK asked.
The other Doctor nodded. “We were only able to help them because the Poison hadn't completely gone through their bodies.” He said, “Had they arrived any latter…”
“Now, now… they don't need to hear it.” Said Jun. “It's going to take a while for them to heal, but the worst is over.”
Davis was still sitting outside, moping over the last incident that nearly cost his friends their lives. He was still mopping when Jun called him in to have his shoulder wound treated.
He was so low down, that he didn't even wince when Jun poured rubbing alcohol on the burning wound. “What's wrong, Davis?” she asked. “The others are going to be okay.”
Davis just shook his head. “I should've been there.” He said softly. “I should've been there to protect them.”
Jun could tell now why he was so upset. “I went off to take out another monster while the girl of my dreams and my friends were on their death beds.”
“I let her down, Jun! I can never show my face in her presence again.”
Jun knew the one treatment to make Davis stop talking such horsewhip. She gently but firmly slapped him across the face.
“Davis you don't know what you're saying.” She said.
“Yes I do!” Davis replied, “I promised Kari I'd always be there for her, and today I practically let her down.”
“You didn't let her down.” Replied Jun “Kari told me herself when she woke up that she was grateful that you tried to help her.”
Davis looked up. “She… said that?”
Jun nodded. “Davis, I'm Doctor and your Sister, but before I started Dating Tai I learned a lot from my days of being ditzy.”
“I had quite a few boyfriends, some didn't even last me a whole day, and I got dumped more times than garbage cans, but do you know why…?”
Davis shook his head.
“Because I realized that those boys only liked me because I was cute and pretty, they didn't care when I was late for our date or anything. I tired to explain and apologize and they dumped me.”
“After a while, I began to think I'd never find a guy who was even half close to being “The One” …Until I met Tai. Now there was a cute guy who could understand things.”
“He understood me if I was late, or had to cancel things. He also began to teach me how to try and keep my flirting attitude level low, so I could actually seem like a nicer girl.”
“And as time went on, I changed my ways and became a mature young adult. In fact, now boys were starting to drool over me, but it was a bad to start…”
“It sure was.” Tai said as he came in and walked up to Jun. “By that time, I couldn't believe it, but Jun was the girl for me, and to think I actually said, it would never happen.”
They held hands and gazed into each others eyes. “It didn't matter to me what others thought.” Said Tai. “I may have had previous crushes before, Sora including, but only Jun was able to turn me on.”
Tai then cast a look at Davis. “I've known Kari all my life, Davis. She is my sister you know.” He said. “But I know that deep down she always loved you, and do you know what else…?”
Davis shook his head.
“Kari's been asking all day if she could see you.”
Davis' eyes began to light up again. “She… she has?” he asked. Tai even held out a small get well card with a flower on it, and he even signed Davis' name.
“Go to her, Davis.” He told him, and Davis wasted no time in taking the gifts and walking out the door.
Jun and Tai shared a small giggle. “Well, Doctor…” Tai said. “Once again, another patient comes in a whimper, but leaves with a smile.”
Jun smiled, “And speaking of that…” she said as she wrapped her arms around Tai pulling him closer. “You're not leaving without taking your medicine.”
Tai smiled and kissed her softly.
Kari was resting in her hospital bed, when she felt a soft hand crease her forehead.
“Kari… Kari…”
She slowly opened her eyes. “Davis.” She asked, and her boyfriend nodded. Kari gently pulled Davis down into a soft slow kiss.
How could Davis have ever doubted himself?