Digimon Fan Fiction / Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ Digiball Z: THE MOVIE! ❯ Don't be afirad Kari ( Chapter 13 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Jakotsumon and Renkotsumon walked over and shook hands with their long lost comrade. “Suikotsumon… great to have you back.” Said Jakotsumon.
“Hmm, mm, mm. It sure feels good to be back.” Suikotsumon sniggered.
“I… I don't understand!” said Stingmon. “How did he just transform into a Digimon just like that?”
“He must have a split personality.” Said Ken. “One minute he could be kindhearted man, and the next, he's an evil fighting machine.”
Ken would know of these things, as his nightmares of being the Digimon Kaiser still plagued him.
“Ha, that god-for-nothing doctor was only a pest in my way.” Snapped Suikotsumon. “I'm perfectly fine without him.”
“You see, Digi-fools!” said Renkotsumon, “Suikotsumon is on our side, and always has been.”
Jakotsumon aimed her sword at Davis and Angel-Veemon, “Ha, ha… I've been waiting for this along time my precious duo!” she sniggered.
“No… Jakotsumon!” snapped Suikotsumon, “This is my battle, so stay out of this!”
Jakotsumon got all prissy again. “For goodness sakes, why are you guys always being so cruel!” she nagged.
“That's enough Jakotsumon… or I'll pull that tongue out of your mouth!” snapped Renkotsumon. “Suikotsumon's a little rusted, this fight shall help him back on his feet.”
Davis sighed, “I was hoping it wasn't ever going to come to this.” He said, “But if it's a fight you want, You got it!”
“Let's get him, Davis!” added Angel-Veemon.
The crowd by the hospital watched in horror as Davis and his team stared the angry villains down.
Sharp claws, much like Wolverine's from X-men, popped through from Suikotsumon's knuckles.
“That's all you've got?” asked Davis. “You know, I've been sensing your power, and you don't seem to be at all that strong.”
“Oh… you think so!” snapped Suikotsumon, “WELL… LET'S FIND OUT!!” and he dove straight for them faster than lightning.
“Whoa…!” Davis and Angel-Veemon dodged. “He may not be too strong, but he sure is fast.”
Everyone near the building would wanted to have rushed in to help Davis, but even if Jakotsumon wasn't threatening them to stay back with her sword, there really wasn't much they could do.
As for Renkotsumon, he was staring the rest of the team down. “Well, I guess it's just us now.” he said.
“Yeah, yeah… less yak, more slap!” snapped Yolei.
“As you wish…”
And Renkotsumon shot out his fiery threads creating a tall net of fire around all Fighters, but the Digi destined just walked right through the net.
“Renkotsumon are you nuts?” Snapped TK, “Those flames of yours aren't even warm!”
“Maybe not for you… but!” he gestured at the Digimon still inside the net, who all seemed to be sweltering.
“Guys…” cried Thormon.
“Too… Hot!!” cried Angewomon.
“Oh, No… The Digimon!” cried Kari.
They had quite forgotten that Renkotsumon's flames didn't work on Humans, but to the Digimon it was another story.
Even Ex-Phoenixmon couldn't stand the heat, and he was always on fire.
“Oh, man… what are we going to do?” cried Davis. Suikotsumon then sniggered under his voice. “You'd better stay focused is what!”
He leapt forward with his claws at the ready which Davis was barely able to dodge. Suikotsumon was even moving to fast for Davis to blast him.
The best he could do was tire him out and then try and go for him.
The Digimon inside the net of fire tried to blast their ways out, but all their attacks did was make the fire hotter and angrier.
“Help… us!!” cried Stingmon. “Can… barely… breathe!”
Angel-Veemon and Davis were still at it with Suikotsumon, all of them looking rather exhausted. “You're looking… a little… tired there!” he chuckled.
“So are you!” protested Angel-Veemon. Finally Suikotsumon collapsed from exhaustion, but Davis' Super-Saiyan body powered down, and Angel-Veemon became Veemon again.
Both of them were too wiped out to fight back, but that wasn't too much trouble because the others were still standing.
While most the team kept Renkotsumon distracted, Kari could try and stop the Fire net.
“Kari…” wheezed Angewomon ”You have… to try and… focus your powers… of Chouitzu!”
Kari nodded, it was their only hope of getting rid of the flames, it's just that using her telekinetic skills was something the got the lowest grade in controlling.
After all, moving things with her mind was pretty dark and creepy, and everyone knew Kari really hated the dark. Her memories of the Dark ocean still freaked her out.
“Kari… Come on… just do it!” cried Foremenmon. “It's getting unbearable in here!”
Kari put her arms out in front, and tried all she could to focus, but then she stopped. “I can't do it!” she cried. “I'm too scared.”
“Kari…” Davis called. “You can do it! You just have to take charge of your fear!!”
“Davis!!” shed cried, but then it got worse. Jakotsumon was stepping towards him and Veemon. “Finally… I get a chance along with my boys.” she giggled. “Ooh… I've been waiting for this for so long!”
Seeing that look in Jakotsumon's eyes changed Kari's features from afraid to infuriated. “I'll be scared later…” she growled. “Right now… I'M TOO MAD!!!”
With that she stuck out her arms again and this time her powers kicked in as the net was lifted up into the air and the Digimon were free.
Jakotsumon aimed her sword and slashed away. Davis and Veemon braced themselves ready for the hit.
Suddenly Angewomon's arrow knocked the sword out of Jakotsumon's hand. Her eyes were angrier than the flames
“Nobody except us!” cried Kari. “Now get you mitts away from our Boyfriends!” added Angewomon.
“Six against three… that's not fair!” cried Jakotsumon.
“All is fair in love and battle!” snapped Thormon.
Suddenly Renkotsumon put up a second wall of fire in front of them all. “We must retreat!” he cried as he helped Suikotsumon to his feet.
“Come Jakotsumon!” he cried.
Jakotsumon didn't like it, but she retracted her sword and ran with her comrades “Bye-bye boys… I'll see you soon!”
“Hey… Come back here!” snapped Yolei, but the three of them already vanished through a quick Digital portal.
“Go ahead, leave! We'll be waiting for you guys to come back.” Snapped Kari. “AND WE'LL BE READY!”
She suddenly blushed when she noticed she was yelling aloud for nothing in front of gawking faces.
Meanwhile, in the Digital world
Jakotsumon was whining over having to retreat. “I was so close to taking a whack at my sweet Daisuke.” She cried.
“That's enough Jakotsumon.” Renkotsumon snarled, “We probably would have been defeated even with Daisuke and his partner down.”
“Yeah…” added Suikotsumon, “That kid and his Angel friend sure could move fast, even for me!”
“Well then...” said a voice from in the shadow, “It looks like I'll have to assist you all in the battles from now on.”
“That voice!” cried Jakotsumon.
“Could it be…?” asked Suikotsumon.