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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

This strange looking young human like Digimon, he seemed younger than the others, and he was carrying a huge Halberd blade.
The young man stepped forward. “Hey there guys… long time; no see!” he said while smiling, and soon he was sharing high fives with them all.
“Brother, Bankotsumon!” cried Jakotsumon.
“Great to see you again!” added Suikotsumon.
“Big brother…” said Renkotsumon, “It's nice to see you again.”
Bankotsumon nodded, “I'm glad that you guys are still alive, I heard the bad news.” He said sounding down.
The other three nodded sadly. “Kyokotsumon… Mukotsumon… and Ginkotsumon, they all were destroyed.” Said Renkotsumon.
“It couldn't have been helped.” I said, “So, do you have anymore information on their killers.”
“All we know is… that these kids and their Digimon are pretty tough.” Said Suikotsumon, “If they were able to defeat three of us, they just might be able to finish the rest of us.”
Bankotsumon nodded. “Yes, they may seem tough, but we're tougher, as they'll soon find out.” He said.
“What do you suggest we do then?” asked Renkotsumon.
“It's simple really. We go back to the human world and wage an onslaught to every human that we see.”
“This should draw them out into the open. Suikotsumon… You are to take out the Digimon that can't Spirit Digivolve, and Jakotsumon, The ones called, Ken, and Kari are your target!”
As expected Jakotsumon whined again, “What's wrong Jakotsumon? Not you're type?” teased Bankotsumon.
It was in vain that Jakotsumon would get to fight Davis and Angel-Veemon again. So she went along with the plans.
“Renkotsumon… you will take out the Spiritual Digimon and their partners, TK, and Cody and Yolei! I don't care how, just make sure he's destroyed! I'll take care of Daisuke and Angel-Veemon myself!”
He walked over to his Halberd blade, a sword so huge, it could be wielded like a staff.
“Me, and Banryu here have done quite a lot of killing in this world already, it's high time we took it to the next level!”
His neck glowed with the presence of three Seeds of light. One seed was originally his own. “Kyokotsumon. Mukotsumon… Your deaths will be avenged.” He said to himself.
Renkotsumon wasn't sure if he should tell Bankotsumon that he personally had the Seed of light that belonged to Ginkotsumon. Bankotsumon had enough seeds already.
“Well, let's move out.” And they all vanished through the Digital portal.
Something didn't seem quite right. The Digital sensors reported that there were absolutely no Digimon left in the entire Digital world, and the whole place looked as though it was struck by an asteroid.
The only signs of life left were Gennai, and the Azulongmon. Well, Shenmon was also okay, but he was still out there somewhere in the Digiballs, still just ordinary stones.
“Man, we've got to finish off the Band of seven and fast.” Said Davis. “I've got a bad feeling about what those suckers have planned next.”
“I think we already have a good enough feeling, Davis.” Said Yolei.
Izzy checked over the evidence, except for Gennai's floating palace, everything was completely busted. Worst of all, there was no sign of the Band of Seven anywhere.
“It's most likely to happen.” He said, “Now that the Digital world has been wiped cleaned, it's likely that the remain band members will come here and kill the humans.”
“Gee… these guys really are blood thirsty!” said Cody, “Just the thought of what they can do makes me sick to my stomach.”
“Well, if it does, I can get you a bucket, Cody.” Said Armadillamon. Everyone shared a small laugh.
“Still, I don't think it's going to be any easier to take out the last four band members.” Said TK. “We had enough trouble just trying to take out the first three.”
“What's got me puzzled is the Seeds of light.” Said Gatomon. “Every time we beat one of those brutes the seed flies away, but the Destiny stones aren't purified.”
“But if the destiny stones aren't purified, then the Digital world will just continue to fall apart.” Said Ken. “We can't let that happen.”
Davis nodded. “Well then, the only thing we can do is figure out where the seeds of light have gone to and get them back.”
It wasn't going to be an easy task, but the others had no choice but to agree with him.
Suddenly, Izzy's computer showed that Digital portal was opening in the park, and four powerful signals came through it.
Davis and Kari's head perked up. “I can sense them…” Kari said, “All the Seeds of light in one place.”
“Yeah…” said Davis, “I can also sense three band member power levels, but wait…”
TK lowered his eyebrows. “Yeah… I feel it too.” He said, “There's a fourth one, and it's pretty big.”
There was an immediate guess that the last member of the Band of seven had appeared.
“Let's go!” said Veemon, and all the Digimon Digivolved, and everyone headed out.
When they got to the scenes, no surprise. Jakotsumon, Renkotsumon and Suikotsumon were there in the park.
“Daisuke, Angel-Veemon!” called Jakotsumon, “I knew you'd come, I knew it.”
“Knock it off, Jakotsumon!” said another strange creature with a huge Halberd blade. “Those two are my Target, you go after the weaklings!”
“Who's that guy?” asked Stingmon, “The one with that huge blade?”
“Who are you?” snapped Angel-Veemon, “Are you the last member of the Band of Seven?”
The Digimon nodded, “Yes, I am the Leader, Bankotsumon!”
Kari could sense a lot of power in only a fraction of his body, and then she saw why. “Careful, Davis. He's got three Seeds of light on him.” She said.
“What… three Seeds?” Asked Davis, “I take one of them is originally yours, but what about the other two?”
Bankotsumon gently touched his neck. “They belonged to Kyokotsumon, and Mukotsumon.”
“Unfortunately, the one that belonged to Ginkotsumon is missing, but I'll find it later… after we deal with all of you and avenge our comrades.”
“Bring it on!” Davis said as he powered up.
Suikotsumon stepped forward. “Angewomon, Stingmon… I'll deal with you two myself.” He said as he licked his claws.
“Ugh… tell me he did not just do that.” Cried Angewomon.
“Okay, I won't… but he did!” said Stingmon.
“Stingmon, We'll come help you.” Said Ken, but as he and Kari hovered over to help them….
“Oh, no you don't…” snarled Jakotsumon as she leapt right in front of them both. “If you want to save your friends, you'll have to get past me first.”
“Fine by us.” Snapped Kari. Ken nodded in agreement.
“Ken, Kari… you two be careful there.” Called TK.
“Forget worrying about them.” Snapped Renkotsumon, “You battle is with me.”
“You want a piece of us, come and get it.” Snapped Cody. “Let's go guys!!”
This was going to be a showdown nobody would want to forget. The remaining members of the Band of Seven V.S the Super Digi destined and their Digimon.
Who would emerge victorious?