Digimon Fan Fiction / Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ Digiball Z: THE MOVIE! ❯ TRAITOR!! ( Chapter 17 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Jakotsumon still didn't pull on the sword. “Hmm, mm, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah… Oh I'm going to miss you a lot, My Angel-Veemon.” she sniggered.
The others were still powerless to even make a move. “I must say, I've slain a lot of creatures, many of which were girls.” Said Jakotsumon.
“But out of them all, I dare say you are my most favorite.” she gripped her sword tight. “And now… IT ALL ENDS!”
“WANT TO BET!” snapped Angel-Veemon as he leapt out from behind…
…and Gave Jakotsumon a huge PUNCH from behind.
Jakotsumon dropped her sword and tumbled about. “You though Davis and the others were the only ones who could use the After-image!” said Angel-Veemon.
“What?!” snapped Jakotsumon. “Then… that Angel-Veemon I caught--?” she saw the image and it vanished into thin air.
Jakotsumon knew she had been outsmarted, and she did not like it one bit. She Reached for her sword…
“Oh, no you don't!” snapped Princess Angewomon. She gabbed her tiara, and it changed into a huge white glowing disk, much like Sailor Moon's.
She fired the disk straight at the sword and shattered it for good. Then recaptured her Tiara and popped it back on her head.
Finally Jakotsumon's anger boiled as she picked up the shattered remains of her proud sword. “YOU… BROKE… MY …SWORD!!!”
She Lunged at her and the two fell to the ground in a Dragon Rush, exchanging fast kicks and punches.
“Princess…” cried Angel-Veemon. “Hang on, were coming!” added Davis.
“No, don't.” she said “I can take this bitch out.” And she continued her punching and kicking.
Jakotsumon tried with all her might, but Princess-Angewomon was fighting for more than her boyfriend, she was fighting for Honor, and that was what made her an unstoppable fighting machine.
Finally, Jakotsumon should've kicked where she punched, and that was her first and last mistake, it the fight, and for good.
She thrust all her power into one huge punch… and GOT HER… RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE!
Jakotsumon whimpered in pain, and fell over on her back with a big hole in her chest, he data was slowly beginning to fade.
“Yeah… you got her!” cried Davis.
“Way to go!” added Kari.
“My heroic Princess.” Said Angel-Veemon.
“Ugh… I have lost!” Jakotsumon peeped. “But… but how? How did this happen?”
“You may have feelings for men inside you, Jakotsumon…” said Davis, “But mixing those feelings with your blood thirsty ways, well… that's where you went wrong.”
Since Jakotsumon was doomed in any case, they decided to just leave her there, and after they had left, Renkotsumon appeared, and walked over to where Jakotsumon lay on the ground.
“Ren… Kotsumon.” Jakotsumon said weakly.
Renkotsumon bent over her, “Fear not Jakotsumon… perhaps if I am not too late, there may be a way to save you.”
Jakotsumon slowly shook her head, “Mmm… Don't bother!” she said.
“But, Jakotsumon…”
Jakotsumon smiled, “Even if I were to be reborn again, I would only be destroyed by again, and I could never beat the others if I could not beat Princess-Angewomon!”
“I have finally… met… my… match… ugh!” her eyes slowly closed and she was digitized, leaving only her seed of light behind.
Renkotsumon felt bad about this, s Just before it flew away, he grabbed Jakotsumon's Seed of light, and lodged it into his skin.
“You did your best, Jakotsumon.” He said, “It just wasn't good enough.”
Suddenly, “Renkotsumon!” came a voice from behind. “How dare you destroy Jakotsumon's body!”
It was Bankotsumon.
“Bankotsumon… I assure you it's not what it seems!”
Bankotsumon just snorted, “So you didn't just destroy Jakotsumon, and do nothing to save her?”
It was in vain that Renkotsumon tried to tell him that Jakotsumon was already gone before he got there, and it was the Digi fighters that got her.
“Alright then, explain why I just saw you take her seed of light and put it inside you.” Bankotsumon said.
But now Renkotsumon could see right through to Bankotsumon, he was after power and lots of it, only for himself.
“Ah-ha… I see now, you also have Ginkotsumon's seed within you!”
“And I see now… all it is you really care about it POWER!” Renkotsumon roared, “You only wish to make yourself the best of the rest!”
“Hmm… and what if it's true?” Bankotsumon smirked, “Once I'm strong enough, I'll destroy the love Digi fighters myself, and then on to rule the world!”
“The whole world will cower in fear of the mighty Bankotsumon, of the Band of Seven… and no one will stand in our way again.”
Renkotsumon felt his anger boiling inside him. “I understand that loyalty means nothing to you!” he snapped, “You planed on betraying the team all along!”
Bankotsumon's anger was doing all the talking now. “I AM THE TEAM!” he roared, “And what's good for me, is good for everyone else!”
He picked up his blade, and held it up to Renkotsumon's neck. “Now you have a choice. You either Serve me and Banryu, or your dead!”
“You make me laugh Bankotsumon.” Renkotsumon snickered, “You know very well that you are a Digimon, and my fire can roast to a crisp!”
He drew his head back and took in a Really, Really deep breath, but Bankotsumon wasn't even frightened.
“Go ahead!” he chuckled, “But I'm sure you're well aware that at this close range, you'll destroy yourself as well!”
Renkotsumon smiled, “I… Don't… Care!”
The Results were almost explosive.
Renkotsumon was definitely destroyed, yet as mysterious as it was… Bankotsumon was still in one piece, without even a scratch on him.
He looked back at Renkotsumon's Seed of light, “Foolish of you Renkotsumon, I was made the leader of the Band of Seven for a reason, and that was strength!”
He picked up his blade, and inserted the two last seeds into him, “How sad… it seems that I am the only one left.” He said.
“But now that I have all seven of the seeds of light, once I destroy the Digi fighters, then I shall become the ultimate ruler of the world of the world.”
“Heh, heh, heh ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!!”
Little did Bankotsumon realize that Yolei had returned with the rest of the team and were hover overhead, they saw everything.