Digimon Fan Fiction / Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ Digiball Z: THE MOVIE! ❯ Thank you Azulongmon, for everything! ( Chapter 22 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Bankotsumon was still tearing up everything that crossed either his path, or the path of his blade.
Already, people from all over the next 500 miles began evacuating their homes and cities as they were next in Bankotsumon's path.
All the Digi fighters tried all they could, but even their most powerful attacks didn't even get his attention. He was just too big.
“Ha, ha, ha, ha… this is so much fun. I haven't felt like this in almost a century!” he laughed.
“Damn…” cried Davis, “We're hitting him with everything we've got, but it's just not working.”
“Even if we fire all at once, it hardly even tickles him.” cried Cody. “There's got to be a way to lay him out for sure.”
“There is ONE way!” said Azulongmon. “Davis, you and you alone can produce the one powerful attack that can finish Bankotsumon for good.”
“Well, don't keep to yourself. Let's have it!” snapped Yolei.
Azulongmon was hoping it would not have to come to this, but that Gennai and he had been talking over in the Digital world was decided for the best.
Davis would use the powers of the energy from all the Digimon still alive and by all the humans still in the world, and form…a Spirit Bomb!
“A… Spirit Bomb??”
“Yes… the others will keep Bankotsumon distracted until you are able to complete the bomb, and once it is done, I will then use all my strength to bind Bankotsumon, and hold him at bay.”
“While I have Bankotsumon held tight, you must then use the Spirit bomb to destroy him once and for all.”
Everyone's faces went into shock. “But… Azulongmon.” Cried TK, “If Davis does that, then… then…!”
“Yes, TK…” replied Azulongmon, “I too will be destroyed by the blast, but please hear me out.”
He told them that it was for the best if they destroy him, because of all the things he had done.
When the Digital World was in it's Prime, he created the Seven Destiny stones from the mystical seeds of light.
As everyone knew… The stones not only were responsible for sealing away the Band of Seven, but are the very sources that keep both the Digital world, and the Real world in tact.
The very survival and condition of the two worlds had always depended on the Destiny stones, so as long as the stones remain in existence neither the human world or the Digital world would be safe.
“Once I am gone, the Seeds of light will be finally purified and Destiny Stones will disappear forever, and the two worlds will no longer require their existence!”
“And please… I know it will be hard for you all, but if you ever get hold of all eight of the Digiballs again… Do not make any attempt to wish me back.”
“Azulongmon, No!” cried Davis, “Do you really expect me to destroy you, just like that!”
Azulongmon frowned. “I am sorry, but it must be done.”
“NO!!” shouted Davis, “I won't do it! I can't do it!”
“Davis you have to!” cried Angel-Veemon. “Davis, you have to see this realistically!”
“Realistically?!” replied Davis. “One of our closest friend, guardian and ally just asked me to kill him, and you talk about me being realistic!”
Yolei grabbed hold of Davis and shook him vigorously. “Davis… DAVIS… GET A GRIP ON YOURSELF!!”
“Davis, you have to think with your head this time, and not with your heart!” said Ken. “Just think it over.”
Davis was just asked to take Azlongmon's life out in the hopes of destroying Bankotsumon and putting and end to the long and struggling battle with the Band of Seven.
That was only taking out one life Just one! And this was possibly their chance to finish Bankotsumon off for good, otherwise he'd just continue to storm the Earth and kill millions of others.
It was one life against millions, Davis knew there was no other way, and even if there was, they had no time to think it up.
“Alright…” Davis said. “For the sake of the world… I'll do it!”
Azulongmon smiled. “I know it is hard, Davis, but believe me, you are doing what is right.”
They all went over a small briefing of what the fighters would do to get Bankotsumon's attention so he'd keep away from Davis, and use up his energy to get weaker.
“No matter what happens… Go for Banryu.” Suggested Ken. “If that doesn't get his attention, nothing will.”
With that, they broke off, and Davis flew up higher into the air. Azulongmon gave all the hidden Digimon, and the humans across the Earth the message.
Since everyone knew something like this had happened before in the battle's with Cell-Myotsimon, they immediately raised their hands to the sky to give Davis their energy.
While elsewhere Bankotsumon just saw several shots fly into his blade from behind, and then he saw where they came from.
“No one hurt's my Banryu and gets away with it!” he roared. “No one except US you big bully!” snapped Princess-Angewomon.
“GRR… I'll make you wish you hadn't said that!” roared Bankotsumon. But as he tried to charge for her, more blasts hit the blade from behind.
“Hey Blade-boy… over here!” called Yolei.
Every time Bankotsumon spun around, his blade was attacked by another, eventually he just swung around like a maniac, but couldn't lay a fingertip on the fighters.
Bankotsumon was so distracted in trying to crush the others, he didn't notice that right behind him Davis already had the Spirit-Bomb nearly completed.
“Azulongmon…” he shouted “I think we've got enough power now! Get ready and do your thing!!”
Azulongmon nodded and fired a small beam it the sky in which the others recognized as a return signal, so they were readied themselves to retreat.
“Ah… Seven fighters side-by-side.” Bankotsumon said sinisterly. “Even Fighters… Seven DEAD Fighters that is!” he poised his blade. “Who wants to go first?!”
Azulongmon was slowly creeping up from behind, and Cody knew just what to say! “…YOU DO!!” and they all hoped up and out of the way as Azulongmon wrapped himself around Bankotsumon's body.
Bankotsumon, could barely move at all. “Get this Sneaky monstrosity off of me!!” he cried.
“I got a better idea!” came a voice from in the distance. Bankotsumon looked and saw Davis rise up over the horizon with the giant ball of light above him.
“You see that!” snapped Azulongmon. “That is the instrument of your doom, Bankotsumon!!”
“No… I won't let it happen!” Bankotsumon snarled as he tried to break loose from the grip that bound him.
“Davis…!!” cried Azulongmon. “BLAST HIM!! DO IT!! I CANNOT HOLD ON MUCH LONGER!!!”
Davis hesitated for a bit, still not sure if he could do this. “Come on Davis… you have too!” cried Kari. “If you don't we'll all be lost!”
Davis looked into his girlfriends tearful eyes. “COME ON DAVIS!! DO IT!!!!!!!”
Davis nodded and readied his aim. “SO LONG, BANKOTSUMON!!!” he shouted as he thrust his arms forward, realizing the Bomb!
Bankotsumon looked up ahead at the huge ball heading right for him. “NO… I WON'T LET IT!!” and he tried to defend with his Halberd, but the bomb was so strong, the blade was shattered.
“BANRYU… NO!!!!!” and he began to whimper in sever pain as his body became consumed by the energy. So Did Azulongmon.
“Thanks Azulongmon, I won't forget for this!” Davis thought. “Here goes!!” he cried, and pushed his arms out!
The two huge energy beams, far bigger than his Kamehameha wave, sunk right into the energy ball…
Bankotsumon felt his body beginning to shred up, and explode. “NOOOOOOOOOO!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHH!!!”
“Thank you Davis… Thank you EVERYONE!!!” cried Azulongmon as the giant ball EXPLODED with one COLASAL BIG BANG!!!”
The bang knocked all the fighters out from the air, and actually shook the whole planet, as all Seven of the Destiny stones gathered up in the real world and exploded too.
In the end, the sky was blue once again, and Bankotsumon's energy could no longer be sensed.
“…WE DID IT!!!!” cried Davis “WE WON!!” and everyone erupted into cheers, cheers and more Cheers… It was all over.
“Thank you Azulongmon… Thank you!”