Digimon Fan Fiction / Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan II ❯ Volume One, Chapter One: Sleepwalker ( Chapter 26 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]


Dateline: A months have passed since the battle of La Nina has taken place. Now they will run into a lot of enemies.

When you trap a demon it a crystal, you better make sure you trapped it in for good! At midnight on October first, a crystal had broke into a thousand pieces and out of it came an evil demon seeking revenge on Megan.

"That little brat had ruined my plans!" yelled the enraged creature.

(Flashback Begins):

��� "Thirty-two years ago: I was to take over Honshu because over the power sources and enslave the people there. I was doing good until that little brat named Megan came along. I was warned about her magic, but I thought she wasn't a threat�because she was such puny little punk! Oh was I tricked! As soon as she used her pink peace wand, she trapped me into Rowe's crystal and banished me into the fantasy realm."

��� (Flashback Ends):

��� "Now I will get her and her people too!" yelled the evil demon. Then it crackled out loud and flew down to the city.


Aneko was walking to school when she heard someone whistling to her.

"Hello? Who's there?" she asked. When she started to look around, someone covered her mouth, grabbed, and pulled her into a portal. Then Aneko jabbed the "kidnapper" and turned away to see who it was. It was Angel.

"You again? You've done this for weeks now! Haven't I told you to stop?!" wailed Aneko.

"Sorry, it's just fun to grab you," he said.

"But it's causing me to be late for school!" she yelled.

"But I want to talk to you and this is the way to get you to have a conversation," he said.

"All right, what do you want to talk to me for?" asked Aneko.

"I want to risk you away to the fantasy realm," he said using his smooth talk.

"I've already told you no. I have a boyfriend!" she said. Angel had asked her this question before because he wanted to go on a date with her.

"I know, but only as a friend hang out," said Angel still using his smooth talk. The immortal girl sighed.

"All right, I'll go with you. But if Takeru catches me with you, it's your fault," she said.

"Good, so I'll see you Saturday after school, spend a whole day in the fantasy realm and return you Monday afternoon." he said slyly.

"Whatever," she said. "Now can I go to school?"

"Yeah sure," he said. Then he made the portal float over to the school yard and dropped her off.

"Bye, Sweet Cheeks," he said. Angel quickly blew a kiss. Then he faded into the portal and it closed up. Then Aneko ran into the school. She was late again for school.


The demon was eavesdropping on Aneko and Angel's conversation.

"Sunday will be the perfect time to get my revenge!" it said. "Yes, I'll wait until Sunday and start on Saturday afternoon!" Then it crackled out loud and flew down to the palace along with the other demons.


The week passed. Angel waited for her in his portal over the school yard. When Aneko came out, Angel grabbed and pulled her into the portal. Angel held her hand tight and said the ancient puzzle. Then they faded away to the fantasy realm.� At the same time, the demon was sending out demons to raid the island. He began invading people's dreams and bodies. Megan tried to hold them out but, it wasn't enough. The demon even got Takeru's and Aneko's daughter, Kanmu.


On Monday afternoon, Angel opened the portal into the sky and dropped Aneko onto her bedroom balcony

"Thanks Angel, I had a fun time," said Aneko.

"No pro," he said. Then he went back into the portal and it closed up. Then Aneko went into her room and closed the window. Aneko's room was a mess.

"What happened here?!" she yelled. Then she looked through the house. It was completely destroyed.

"Hello?" Aneko asked. Then the princess saw her mother leaning against the bleeding and beaten.

"Mom!" she yelled as she ran over to the wounded lady. Aneko cradled her mother in her arms. Megan began to wake up.

"Mom, what happened?" Aneko asked her mother.

"A demon has invaded the kingdom and have taken over people's dreams and bodies. I tried to stop, but it had the upper hand. It's powers even have Kanmu." explained Megan. That was enough to get Aneko ready for a fight.

"Where is Kanmu and the demon now?" asked the princess.

"They went down to Yoyogi park," said her mother.

"Thanks, mom!" yelled Aneko.

"Aneko, wait!" yelled Megan.

"Yes, mom," said the future queen.

"You'll need this," said the old queen as she handed her daughter a shot needle. Aneko looked confused.

"It will drive the demon out of the possessed, but only use it five times," Megan warned.

"Thanks mom." said Aneko. Then she ran out the door to rescue her future daughter from demon.


Man, I'm gone for one stricken day and all this happens! I'm going to get Angel for all of this! thought Aneko as she ran.�She later found Kanmu holding knife high above her head, about to destroy a young mother and her baby.

"Kanmu! No!" yelled Aneko as she ran towards her possessed daughter. Kanmu, still holding the knife above her head, turned at the waist.

"Kanmu, stop!" yelled Aneko. Then she grabbed hold over her child.

"Let go of me, woman! I've got work to do!" yelled the possessed child.

"It's me, your mother! Do you realize what you're doing wrong?! I'm telling you to stop!" yelled Aneko. Then she looked and noticed something different about Kanmu. Her eyes were a very dark brown.

"I don't have time for your junk, Lady!" yelled the possessed child. Then Kanmu took the knife and pierces deep it into her mother's shoulder.

"Kanmu! Wake up! You're being possessed by a demon!" screamed Aneko. Then the present princess began to cry and when she cried, the crescent moon mark on her forehead began to glow.

"Hey! What's that?!" screamed the possessed child. And with that, the demon that was controlling her faded away. After the demon left, the crescent moon mark on Aneko's forehead stopped glowing and blended into her skin. Aneko stopped crying and looked up. She had saved her future daughter from the creature.

"It's okay mommy. I'm fine now," said Kanmu. Then the future princess fainted into her mother's arms.


When Kanmu woke up, she found herself lying on a park bench.

"You're okay now!" said Aneko.

"What happened?" asked the little future princess. Aneko explained the whole story to her daughter.

"That monster has taken Daddy and the others hostage because they didn't fall under spell or got out of it quick!" whined Kanmu.

"Where? Where are they?" asked Aneko.

"I'll show you," said Kanmu. Then Aneko followed her daughter to where Takeru and the others were kept.


"What's this? A challenge?" asked the demon as he watched Aneko and Kanmu make their way to the prisoners.

"She must be of Megan's descent!" So it did some research on Aneko.

"I knew it! She is of Megan's descent!" it yelled. "But, what's this? We seem to have half-darkness within ourselves." The creature thought a moment about what to do. Then an interesting thought came to it.

"I'll send my army to try and destroy her! And if she defeats them, it will prove that she is stronger than Megan and I'll battle her. But, if they defeat her, I'll destroy her on the spot!" it yelled. Then it howled with laughter and summed his possessed people out to the future queen.


Aneko and Kanmu were walking along the bare alley when they heard loud shirking cry. Aneko turned to see a possessed woman coming to attack her. They both got into a brutal fight. The woman knocked Aneko to the ground. Then the woman walked over to her.

"I will destroy you!" she yelled. Before the woman could attack, Aneko rolled away, got up, and grabbed the woman.

"Kanmu grab the needle!" she cried. The little princess grabbed the needle and tossed to her mother. Then Aneko stabbed the woman in the neck with it. The woman screamed really loud. And with that, the demon that was controlling her faded away. Then the woman fainted to the ground.


"Are you okay miss?" asked Aneko when the woman woke up.

"Wha... What happened?" asked the woman as Aneko and Kanmu helped her up off the ground.

"You tried to attack us," explained Aneko. "Can you tell us how you became possessed?"

"Well, All I remember is coming out of the shower when I had this whispering voice then the next thing I know, is I'm out here." said the woman.

"What was the voice saying?" asked Kanmu.

"'Come here' is what it said." she answered.

"Head back to Tokyo palace. You'll be safe there." said Aneko.

"Thank you!" said the woman. Then she ran all the way to the palace. Kanmu opened her little suitcase, pulled out an orange formula, and threw it to the ground. The formula became a flying video camera. Then she sent the camera to follow the woman so she wouldn't get repossessed in the way there. Aneko and Kanmu continued on their way.


On the way to where the others were held hostage, Kanmu thought she saw something moving in the rubble.

"Mommy!" she yelled as she pulled onto Aneko's black capri pants.

"Yes, Kanmu?" she asked.

"What's that?" she asked. It took Aneko a few minutes to see what that shape was. A little boy was trapped under the rubble.

"Oh my! We must help him!" she yelled. Then she and Kanmu ran over to the little boy and dug him out of the remains. Aneko gently splashed water from a little stream on his face to wake him up.

"Mom?" asked the little boy when he looked up.

"Are you okay?" Aneko asked the boy. The boy nodded.

"Where's my momma?"

"I think they got her too," said Kanmu.

"No!" yelled the little boy with tears in his eyes.

"I'm sorry!" said Aneko. She waited a while for him to calm down so she could ask him another question.

When he had calmed down, she asked him, "What is your name?"

"I am Rouni," said the boy.

"Tell me what happened," said Aneko as she pulled out�a minicomputer that Washu gave her to scan people for demons.

"We were eating breakfast together were a group of people attacked us, took momma away, and destroyed our house," said Rouni. The boy began to cry again. On Aneko computer, the boy was shown negative of demons. He was safe.

"We'll help you find your mother," said Aneko.

"Thanks, lady," said Rouni. Then he climbed on Aneko's back�and the three of them were on their way to find the hostages.


"This is ridiculous! Why are we here again?" yelled Ryoko. She and the other people were being held at the old movie theater in the Ginza for not falling under spell or getting out of it quick.

"You refused to follow our leader's command!" answered the guard.

"I've got�yourcommands right here!" she yelled. Then she ran over to punch them hard but then was electrocuted by their electric guns. Then she sat back down.

"Ryoko, give up," said Jimmy.

"There's not much we can do," said Hikari.

"So you all going to give up like that?!" yelled Ryoko

"Our only hope is that Aneko comes and rescues us," said Takeru. "But we don't even know where she is."

"You're all hopeless," said Ryoko as she sat down all with them.


Aneko, Kanmu, and Rouni had to stop and rest for the night because it was dark outside. But while they were resting, a possessed young lady came and attacked them.

"I have come to attack the challenger!" she yelled. Aneko opened her hazy brown to see this demon possessed girl standing over her.

"This is great. Just great," she said. "Don't you know you're threatening one of Megan's decent?" Then she rose to her feet.

"Come and get me!" Aneko cried. Then the girls got into a huge battle. Then Kanmu and Rouni woke up.

"Kanmu! Rouni! I've got her, Now what?!" yelled Aneko.

"Use the needle, mommy!" yelled Kanmu.

"I can't use that every time! I've used it once and I can only use it four more times!" Aneko yelled back.

"I know a spell that drive the demon out of her!" yelled Rouni. Aneko was shocked, how could boy that was a mortal know a spell?

"How does it go?" she asked as she struggled to keep the young woman still.

"Kiiro hue shiro sumire beru tora taiyo kumo usagi inu san!" yelled Rouni. "Kiiro hue shiro sumire beru�tora taiyo kumo usagi inu san!" repeated Aneko. And with that, the demon that was controlling her faded away. Then the young woman fainted to the ground.

"Thanks Rouni, but how did you know?" asked Aneko.

"Cause..." he said with a grin. "I'm one sixteenth immortal."


"Are you okay?" asked Aneko when the girl woke up.

"Whe... Where am I?" asked the little lady as Aneko, Rouni, and Kanmu helped her up off the ground.

"You tried to attack me," explained Aneko. "Can you tell us how you became possessed?"

"Well, All I remember is hanging out we my friends when a dark wave came over us, then the next thing I know, is I'm out here," said the girl.

"Head back to Tokyo palace. You'll be safe there." said Aneko.

"Thank you!" said the young lady. Then she ran all the way to the palace. Kanmu made another�flying video camera to follow her so she wouldn't get repossessed in the way there. Then Aneko, Rouni and Kanmu went back to sleep. The battle tired them out.


Aneko, Rouni, and Kanmu got up before sunrise and headed on their way to the hostages. On the way, they had to fight a lot of possessed people. This one was the hardest: Our little trio was passing into the Ginza when a possessed little boy came and attack them. Aneko tried Rouni's spell but it didn't faze him at all.

"What should I do?!" yelled Aneko. "Use the needle, mommy!" yelled Kanmu.

"I can't!" yelled Aneko.

"Why not?!" screamed Kanmu.

"What if it hurts so bad?!" Aneko hollered.

"You have to try!" yelled Rouni.

Aneko thought for a moment, then said, "Kanmu! Give me the needle!" The little princess grabbed the needle and tossed to her mother. Then Aneko stabbed the boy in the neck with it. The child screamed really loud. And with that, the demon that was controlling him faded away. Then the boy fainted to the ground.


As it turns out, the formula was too strong for the boy. The crew waited for minutes for him to awake, but he didn't stir. Aneko pulled out her minicomputer.

"He's near death!" she cried. Rouni rose to his feet and walked over to the boy. Aneko watched him closely. He held out his hand over the kid and mumbled a healing spell under his breath.� A bright light began glowing around the boy. Rouni walked over to Aneko. "I healed him, but it will take him hours to heal. Best we take him along with us." he said.

"Okay," said Aneko. Then she picked him up and the group began walking.

"He's a burning up!" said Aneko as she felt the burning heat upon her back.

"That's because my healing powers raise the body temperature," explained Rouni.

"Oh," said Aneko.


"Not bad for a sap," hissed the demon. "Now I'll have to go down there and battle her myself!" Then it crackled out loud and flew up into a hazing black fog over to the old theater.


�Kanmu lead Aneko and Rouni to the old theater.

"This is where daddy and they are." said she.�Aneko pulled on the heavy wooden door.

"Help me open this thing," said she. Rouni and Kanmu ran over to help the future queen. The three of them pulled on the door as hard as they could. The door opened with a low creek. The crew entered quietly.

"They should be right down the hall," Kanmu whispered. They quietly tip-toed in. Aneko stepped on a creaky floorboard. Aneko looked around.

"Shhh!" said Rouni and Kanmu.

"Right," whispered Aneko. Then they started walking again. Unfortunately for them, the guards at the other end of the hall heard the sound and decided to search for the intruder.� Our group was walking along when Aneko stopped in her tracks. The kids stopped and turned around.

"What's wrong, mommy?" asked her daughter.

"Shhh! I hear them coming!" the princess whispered. It took the kids a couple of seconds to figure out who was coming.

"What should we do?" asked Rouni. Aneko quickly covered their mouths.

"Here's the plan, we'll attack them be surprise," she whispered.

"Okay," whispered a muzzled Kanmu and Rouni.

"Now let's hide so we can attack," she said quickly. Then the three of them hid into a small narrow closet.


"I could've swear heard something in here." said one the guards.

"Well keep your eyes peeled," said another guard.

"Okay, When I say 'one' we'll attack. Got me?" whispered Aneko.

"Right," whispered Kanmu and Rouni. Our crew waited for a good solid minute.

"Five," whispered Aneko.

"Check all around," said the head guard.

"Four," she whispered softly.

"Yes sir," said the other guards.

"Three," whispered she. They heard footsteps stamping along. Kanmu and Rouni drew in deep breaths.

"Two," she whispered with a smile.

"Find anything yet?" asked a third guard.

"Not yet," said the others.

"One!" Aneko whispered loudly. The three of them threw the closet down opened and leapt out upon the guards. The battle was a snarling mess with fighting many spells and Aneko using her shot needle twice. After all that, the crew just left the guards laying on the floor.

"How much of the formula do you have left?" asked Kanmu.

"I can only use it one more time," Aneko answered. And that was be for the sick mind behind of this! she thought.

"And I'll get to see momma," said Rouni.


"Teddy Bear!" called Aneko. Takeru looked up and saw Aneko, Kanmu, and Rouni coming towards them.

"Bunny!" he yelled with joy. The others looked up to see that help had come.

"Where have you been?" he asked Aneko when she came to him.

"It's a long story," she said. Then she looked around.

"Now how we got you out?" she asked.

"They're going anywhere," said a voice.

"Who said that?" asked Cody. Aneko looked up and saw a black fog descending down to her. The fog took form of a demon.

"So it was you!" yelled Aneko.

"Yes it was me! And I have come to battle you," it answered. Aneko just stood up and stared at him.

"I'll make you a little deal. If you win, I'll take away all of my doings but, If I win, I'll destroy you. Sound fair?" he replied. Aneko think for a minute.

"It sounds fair," she said. Then the battle began. It seemed easy for Aneko at first, then the demon disappeared.

"What did you go?!" Aneko hollered. The demon snuck up behind and grabbed her by her hair.

"Now I will destroy you!" he hissed in her ear. He pulled out a dagger and held it to her throat. What should I do? Aneko thought. Then she remembered the needle.

"Kanmu! Give me the needle!" The little princess grabbed the needle and tossed to her mother. Then Aneko stabbed the evil creature in the heart with it.

"No!" it yelled. "This was like thirty-two years ago!" Then he faded away into black ash to the fantasy realm again. Aneko dropped to the ground.


Aneko, Rouni, and Kanmu freed all of the captives. Rouni was united with his mother, and the town came out of possession.

The End