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Well, everyone, this is it! If you are reading this, then you are reading the sequel to my first Sailor Moon/Sword Art Online crossover story ‘Sailor Moon Online’ in which as you know, there were plenty of scenes that just screamed ‘sequel coming up’, folks. You have been waiting quite a while it and most likely, the questions that you have about what’s coming up in the sequel are going to be answered. Anyway, this story will be a Sailor Moon/Sword Art Online/Digimon 01-02/Yu-Gi-Oh crossover with elements of Accel World added in. This story will have the storyline of ‘Sword Art Online: Extra Edition’ episode added in, but from there, it will be all original from there. Enjoy everyone!


I DO NOT OWN Sailor Moon, Sword Art Online, Accel World, Digimon series, Yu-Gi-Oh R/GX/5Ds/Zexal/Arc-V, and anything/anyone that comes from these and other stories that end up in this fanfiction! Sailor Moon is owned/licensed by Naoko Takeuchi and its various studios and publishers, Sword Art Online is owned/licensed by ASCII Media Works, A-1 Pictures Inc., and its various directors/publishers including Reki Kawahara and Tomohiko Itō, and Digimon is owned/licensed by Toei Animation and its various directors, including Hiroyuki Kakudo, Yu-Gi-Oh is owned/licensed by Kazuki Takahashi, Toei Animation, and Studio Gallop, Yu-Gi-Oh GX is owned/licensed by Naoyuki Kageyama, Studio Gallop and its various directors, Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds is owned/licensed by Katsumi Ono and Studio Gallop!


Warning: This story contains intense violence, blood, possible gore, death, mild to explicit suggestive themes, including mind-control and brainwashing, mild to explicit bad language, and mature adult themes/situations!


Second Warning: Some to a lot of OOC (Out of Character) actions and mannerisms in this whole story!


Sailor Moon Online: Shadow of Aincrad


Chapter 1: Remembrance


Narration (Suguha’s POV)


“Hi, I’m Suguha… Suguha Kirigaya. I’m a high school girl that loves to play kendo, which I have been doing since I was eight years old, and playing Alfheim Online, a VRMMO where you become a fairy that can fly through the air. And I love it. To fly as high as I want and as far as I want is the main reason that I love Alfheim Online. Through I wasn’t always such a big gamer like I am now. Over two years ago, my big brother, who is actually my cousin, Kazuto Kirigaya, became trapped in the first VRMMO to be ever created: Sword Art Online. He and nearly ten thousand others were trapped in the game by Akihiko Kayaba, the creator of the Sword Art Online and the Full-Dive that allowed people to ‘dive’ completely into the virtual world, the NervGear, in which if they die in the game, they die in real life because when they die in the game, the NervGear destroys the player’s brain.


It was a nightmare for me and other family, friends, and loved ones of the victims in which two thousand people died in one month! This caused me to hate VRMMO because this one took my brother away from me, who I had learned from my family that he is the son of my aunt and uncle, who died when Kazuto was only around one year old in which my mom and dad raised him as their own child and us as siblings. Later on, I got curious and I decided to find out for myself. Not by NervGear since all of the NervGears were recalled and destroyed, minus the ones used to entrap big brother and the other victims of SAO, but by a new Full-Dive system known as Amusphere which is a safer version of the NervGear to make sure that no one can do what Kayaba did ever again. Then with help from a friend, I found Alfheim Online and I couldn’t help to fall in love with it and the ability to fly. Then I understood why my brother loved the virtual world. It is a place where you can make you greatest dreams and desires come true. Then I realized that it wasn’t VRMMOs that are ‘evil’, it is the people that abused them and the devices used for them that are truly evil.


Kayaba could have brought the world into a new age that the whole world can enjoy and instead, he twisted the technology and VRMMO for his own sick purposes in which he took my brother away from me! Later on, I learned to despise that man even more when I learned that he had trapped a member of his own family, his niece, Serena Tsukino, who had once beloved him like a second father, inside of his own sick ‘death game’. She loved and trusted him and he betrayed her in the worst way possible. Ugh! Just thinking about that man and what he has done makes me so angry! To me, he is a sick asshole that twisted something that could be wonderful into a nightmare because of his own sick and twisted selfish dream! And what I learned so after makes me more enraged and brings back a fury that makes it hard to control!


You see, Serena Tsukino is also Sailor Moon, the famous ‘magical girl’ super-heroine that fights monsters and space aliens in Juuban, but please don’t tell anyone that! There has been enough people exposed to that and her ‘other secret’ already. But she isn’t the only one with that kind of secret. I’m also a Sailor Scout, Sailor Celestial. I came to my powers a few months after Sword Art Online was cleared when my brother and Serena defeated Kayaba, who made himself the final boss of the game and Kazuto exposed him long before they reached the final floor. However, Asuna and three hundred other SAO players were trapped in ALO by the head of the company that run, Sugou Nobuyuki, who used them, expect for Asuna, who he kept as his prize, in his sick experiments in mind control! Gah! What an asshole! He is just as sick as Kayaba in my book! However, Kazuto, as Kirito, and Serena, as Usagi, with Serena’s friends, the Sailor Scouts, Serena’s boyfriend, and some help from yours truly, as Leafa of ALO, managed to stop him and save them. When Kazuto left to see Asuna in the hospital, I came by Trivia, who told me that I was a Sailor Scout and I had a choice to accept my powers or continue on with a normal life.


I had seen the horrors and the pain and agony caused by SAO with those that died and those that died left behind in which I never wanted to experience those horrible feelings or see people in such pain ever again, so, I accepted and became Sailor Celestial, one of the most powerful Sailor Scouts and Sailor Scout of all astrological bodies, which basically means that I have the powers of all the Sailor Scouts in our solar system and more, but the problem is that I have to ‘activate’ each elemental power from each Sailor Scout or I won’t be at full strength. So far, I have been only able to access my fire powers from Sailor Mars, my lightning and wood powers from Sailor Jupiter, and my wind powers from Sailor Uranus, in which my time as Leafa in ALO helped in that regard since Sylphs are expert in wind magic, but thanks to training from Sailor Nebula, who is Molly Baker, Serena’s childhood friend, I’ve become a good Sailor Scout in my own right.


However, I have a big mission: Find Akihiko Kayaba before the secrets of the Silver Millennium that he holds get into the wrong hands. After SAO ended and he was defeated, he used a modified NervGear to scan his brain into the net! While it destroyed his brain, ‘killing him’, his consciousness managed to transfer to the net and he ‘lived on’ in the cyber universe! What a fucking coward! He knew that justice was coming and he chickened out! Well, I’m going to make sure that he gets his justice whatever he likes it or not because of what I know about him and his past life in the Silver Millennium. That’s another reason that thinking about Kayaba enrages me so much. He and I share a ‘dark history’ and that history is also connected to Princess Serenity, too. She suspects something, but she doesn’t know the truth yet. I couldn’t tell her because the whole thing with Kayaba and SAO has caused her enough pain and she is starting to rebuild her life after this! There is no way that I’m going to let my big sister from my past life get hurt!


Yes, that’s right. Back in my past life, I was the younger daughter of Queen Serenity, Princess Selene Leafa Serenity, and younger sister to Princess Serenity, heir of the Moon Kingdom. However, I only first met my big sister again on the day of the celebration and reunion party of Kazuto’s and Asuna’s closest friends and associates from Sword Art Online where Serena, as Princess Serenity, brought us to the recently restored Moon Kingdom. I didn’t tell her of our family connection because the time wasn’t right, but Serenity-mama and Pluto knew who I was and also knew that the time wasn’t right. Pluto did ask me why I didn’t say anything and I suspect that she knows the truth about the Silver Millennium ‘connection’ between Kayaba, Serenity, and I in which she knows why I’m not talking about that either. At the time, as Serenity was still recovering from her ordeal, how could I tell her that Kayaba is the reincarnation of Queen Serenity’s ‘lover’? How he is… our Silver Millennium father?


Well, that was then and this is now and he has to pay for what he has done in which he owes a great debt to Serena and I from the Silver Millennium since it was his actions that allowed Metallia to get a hold on the people of Earth causing the end of the Silver Millennium in the first place! Well, this time, his actions will not go unpunished! It is time for me to fight the final battle of Sword Art Online and… I intend to win!”


Silver Millennium Era; Moon Palace


Deep within the Moon Palace, we find a group of four women that look like adult versions of Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Jupiter with three year old versions in royal dresses playing with a three year old Princess Serenity.


The adult Sailor Jupiter says, with a sigh, “This is going to be so sad.”


The adult Sailor Mars says, with a serious tone, “You are acting as if the baby won’t survive, Jupiter.”


The adult Sailor Mercury says, “We don’t want to be so pessimistic, Mars. However, you know why that it is typical that Moon Queens only have one child. Any other children usually die at birth or get born horribly frail in which they end up dying very young not even knowing the start of a childhood. It doesn’t mean that once in a while that a Moon Queen has more than one child that survives into adulthood and beyond. I mean, Queen Serenity’s mother gave birth to her and her twin sister, but Queen Serenity’s mother was the first Moon Queen in several generations of Lunarian royals to succeed to have more than one child going into adulthood and you know what happened to Queen Serenity’s sister.”


The adult Sailor Venus says, with tears in her eyes, “It was so horrible.”


The adult Sailor Mars says, “But it was no curse. She died as noble as a true as any Lunarian royal and she saved so many lives. And you know what they say.”


The adult Sailor Jupiter says, “You know that’s ancient legend, Mars.”


Just then they hear footsteps and they look to see a nursemaid running over and she shouts out, “It’s a miracle! A wonderful miracle! The child lives and she is completely healthy! Princess Serenity’s new sister lives!”


There are gasps and the adult Sailor Venus asks, shocked, “Completely healthy?”


The nursemaid responds, “Yes, Lady Venus! Perfectly healthy and the queen as well! It is a wonderful miracle!”


Just then a female voice says, “That’s wonderful to hear.” Everyone then looks to see a teenaged Sailor Pluto walking up to them.


The adult Sailor Mars asks, “Sailor Pluto, what are you doing here from the Gates of Time?”


Sailor Pluto responds, “I was asked here by request of the queen.”


The adult Sailor Mercury asks, “By the queen?”


The nursemaid says, with a nod, “Yes. There is something more to the child. She could be the one! The one from the prophecy! She and Princess Serenity could be the chosen royals!” The adult Inner Sailor Scouts look at each other and later on, they are inside of a bedchamber in which Queen Serenity is breastfeeding a baby with blond hair like Princess Serenity’s hair and dark grey eyes in which she has a golden crescent moon sigil over another sigil that looks like a rainbow version of the Milky Way Galaxy. The adult Inner Sailor Scouts and Sailor Pluto are assembled with three year old Princess Serenity looking at the baby girl.


Three year old Princess Serenity asks, “Who is this mama?”


Queen Serenity responds, “This is your baby sister, Serenity. You are a big sister.”


Three year old Princess Serenity says, “She’s cute, mama!”


Queen Serenity says, “Yes, she is, Serenity.”


The adult Sailor Jupiter says, “Truly, this is a miracle, your majesty.”


Queen Serenity says, “She is.”


The adult Sailor Mars says, “That sigil.”


Sailor Pluto says, “It is the symbol of Sailor Celestial, one of the most powerful Sailor Soldiers in the universe. She is the chosen one.”


Queen Serenity says, with a sigh, “Yes, she is.”


The adult Sailor Venus asks, “Why are you so sad, my queen? This is a miracle! Why are so sad?”


Queen Serenity says, “I can feel that in my heart that both of my daughters will grow into fine young women, but they will have to go through much before they can find their true happiness. I just don’t want them to suffer the fate of what happened to my family.”


The adult Sailor Mars says, “The loss of your sister was a great loss for us all, Queen Serenity. We were all like siblings to each other, but her legacy lives on through him, who, you have adopted as your own. Even though he isn’t your true son, he is still Lunarian royal family and she would have been honored to have him raised like your own.”


Queen Serenity says, with a nod, “I know, Mars. I just want my children to be happy even though I fear that it may be fleeting.”


Silver Millennium Era; Moon Palace


Inside of the Moon Palace, someone that looks like a seven year old Sailor Celestial without her Eternal level wings is training with a wooden sword while a ten-year old Princess Serenity and ten year old versions of the Inner Sailor Scouts are watching over her.


Ten year old Sailor Jupiter says, “Wow, Lady Celestial, you are incredible!”


Ten year old Princess Serenity says, with a smile, “That’s my sister!”


Seven year old Sailor Celestial says, with a giggle, “Big sister, you are embarrassing me!”


Ten-year old Sailor Mars says, “Princess, come on! Give your sister a break!”


Ten-year old Sailor Mercury says, “Well, she is supposed to be a powerful Sailor Soldier.”


Ten-year old Princess Serenity says, with a nod, “My little sister is going to be the most powerful Sailor Scout ever!”


Seven year old Sailor Celestial says, with a giggle, “Big sister…” Princess Serenity, Sailor Celestial, and the Inner Sailor Scouts laugh and giggle as Queen Serenity watches the scene with a warm smile on her face, but a look of concern as she looks into another room filled with ancient tablets.


June 20, 2025, Kirigaya Residence


Inside of the Kirigaya Residence, we find ourselves within the room of teenager Suguha Kirigaya, age 15-16, as she lies down in bed, but then grey cat with a silver crescent moon sigil on top of its forehead leaps onto the bed.


The cat says, in a female voice, “Time to get up, my princess.”


Suguha groans out, “Just a few more minutes.”


The cat responds, extending her claws, “Do you really want me to use you as a scratching post my dear?” Suguha yelps as she quickly gets to a sitting position.


Suguha yells out, nervously, “I’m up! I’m up!”


The cat replies, with a smile, “Now, was that so hard?”


Suguha says, with a glare, “You have to wake me up so early during summer vacation, Trivia? A girl needs her beauty sleep!”


The cat responds, “And I need to make sure that you are okay. You are my charge after all.”


Suguha tells the cat, “Trivia, I’m just fine. Sailor Saturn healed me up.”


The cat, Trivia, replies, “Of course, Suguha, but Jadeite could have infected you with dark energy and made those wounds reopen or something worse. I’m going to make sure.”


Suguha says, with a sigh, “All right, Trivia.” As Suguha prepares to undergo her ‘examination’ by Trivia, she thinks in her mind, “But man, what a fight that was!”


Flashback; June 19, 2025


Within in area of Tokyo, the Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask are fighting against Jadeite in which all of the Sailor Scouts have wounds with Tuxedo Mask suffering from a nasty gash to his left cheek with his hat destroyed. Sailor Moon is the least wounded with a minor cut on each of her arms and she has her two swords out with Tuxedo Mask holding his cane like short staff/sword.


Jadeite says, with a smirk, “You, girls, are tougher than I thought.”


Sailor Mars, suffering from a sprained ankle, responds, “Not surprising that you would come at us with a legion of youma since you are so much of a coward, Jadeite.”


Jadeite says, with a smirk, “The legion of youma was to make sure that you are kept busy and hopefully, batter you down for the next fight. However, it seems like you are tougher than we realized, but then again, these were the grunts in our army.”


Sailor Uranus, suffering from a broken arm, asks, “Grunts?”


Sailor Mercury, suffering from a broken leg, asks, shocked, “You mean lower level soldiers?”


Jadeite says, with an evil smile, “Indeed. They aren’t even mid-level soldiers that we have, but we can’t waste any of them yet.”


Sailor Jupiter, suffering sprained arm, asks, “What do you want from Kaiba Corp, jerk?”


Jadeite says, “That’s for me to know and you to find out, Sailor Wench!”


Just then one familiar female voice shouts out, “Then let’s find out Jadeite!” Jadeite gasps and looks up in which he barely blocks an upward sword slice from Sailor Celestial causing him to skid back.


Sailor Moon says, with a smile, “Sailor Celestial!”


Jadeite yells out, angrily, “You again!” Jadeite then runs his free hand through a scar on his neck and he says, “I have two scores to settle with you: One from the Silver Millennium and one from a while ago, you sword welding Sailor Shrimp!”


Sailor Celestial responds, “Shrimp? Is that the best insult that you can come up with Jadeite?”


Jadeite says, “And just like a shrimp, I’m going to barbecue you, little brat!” Jadeite charges in and he and Sailor Celestial clash with their blades in which they clash at high-speeds in which two of them cause minor cracks to form in the concrete from their sword clashes.


Sailor Celestial says, with a smirk, “Getting real old Jadeite! It is the same old sword technique!”


Jadeite retorts, “Oh, really, little girl?” Jadeite leaps away and spins around for kick, but a blade comes out from his boot and impales Sailor Celestial in the right arm causing her to yelp out in pain and cause her to drop her sword!


The others gasp and Sailor Moon yells out, shocked, “Sailor Celestial!” Sailor Moon leaps into action, but Jadeite fires a dark lightning attack in which Sailor Moon yelps as she barely dodges.


Tuxedo Mask says, concerned, “Sailor Moon!”


Sailor Moon says, nervously, “I’m okay.” Jadeite then moves in to attack Sailor Celestial, who is holding her bleeding arm with her free arm, however, she then takes her free arm away and unleashes a barrage of fire arrows.


Jadeite asks, stunned, “What?” He then yells out in pain as he is hit by five of the arrows causing him to skid back and suffer multiple burns.


Sailor Celestial says, with a smirk, “Remember, I’m the Sailor Soldier of all astrological bodies in the universe. For your simple brain to understand, it means all planets, stars, comets, asteroids, and everything in-between. That was the flames of Mars that you just felt, pal! And the wind of Uranus is going to blow you away!” With her one good hand, Sailor Celestial unleashes an exact duplicate of Uranus’ World Shaking attack and Jadeite screams out in pain and agony as it slams into him causing him to be sent flying into a car roof which collapses on impact!


The other Sailor Scouts are shocked and Sailor Uranus says, stunned, “That’s my attack!” Jadeite grunts as he gets off the collapsed car only to see sparks and he looks to his horror to see a sphere of electrical energy heading towards him causing him to yell out as he hit while also causing the car to explode and engulfing Jadeite in the explosion. When the explosion dies down, everyone can see that there is the flaming wreck of the car, but there is no Jadeite.


The three cats, Trivia, Luna, and Artemis, run down and Artemis asks, “Is everyone all right?”


Sailor Venus, just gotten her broken arm healed by Sailor Saturn, who healed her own sprained leg, responds, “Barely, Artemis.”


Trivia asks, as Sailor Celestial walks over, “Celestial, are you okay?”


Sailor Moon goes over to Sailor Celestial and she asks, really concerned tone in her voice, “Are you okay, Celestial?”


Sailor Celestial responds, with a smile, “I’m okay, Sailor Moon. I’ve been hurt a lot more than this.” Sailor Celestial winches and she says, “But man! What a dirty trick!”


Tuxedo Mask says, “Not surprising for someone like Jadeite.”


Sailor Saturn goes up to Sailor Celestial and she says, “Allow me, Celestial.”


Sailor Celestial says, with a smile, “Thanks.”


As Sailor Saturn heals Sailor Celestial, Sailor Moon asks Tuxedo Mask, “Are you okay?”


Tuxedo Mask says, with a smile, “Just a scratch.”


Sailor Moon says, with a warm smile, “Same here, Tuxedo Mask.”


Sailor Mars says, “I’m amazed, Meatball Head. You would be complaining about those scratches.”


Sailor Moon says, with a plain tone, “Well, I’ve been through a lot more to make me brush off scratches, Mars. And it’s all right, Mars. I know that you didn’t want to bring up bad memories.”


Sailor Mars thinks in her mind, “Doesn’t make me not feel bad about it.”


When Sailor Saturn is done healing Sailor Celestial, Sailor Saturn asks, “Why would Jadeite want stuff from Kaiba Corp?”


Sailor Neptune, just healed from a sprained ankle, responds, “That’s a good question, Firefly.”


Artemis says, “We can be sure that it isn’t good.”


Sailor Celestial asks, “Where is Neo Moon?”


A haggard female voice responds, “Right here.” Everyone looks to see a worn out looking Sailor Nebula and Sailor Neo Moon, Sailor Moon’s and Tuxedo Mask’s now teenaged future daughter, walking up to them.


Sailor Saturn asks, “Are you okay?”


Sailor Neo Moon says, “Exhausted. Those ‘speed youma’ can be close to Uranus when it comes to speed.”


Sailor Uranus says, annoyed, “Yeah, right.”


Sailor Neptune asks, with a smile, “Jealous?”


Sailor Nebula says, “We managed to stop them from getting away.”


Aurora comes out to join her fellow talking felines and she says, “It seems like this war is getting worse. I think that the enemy wishes to fight with technology as well as raw power.”


Sailor Mercury says, “It is most likely. Technology is a vital part of our everyday lives since it provides a lot including communication and an army knows that taking out an enemy’s ability to communicate with each other is top priority along with limiting their information which is another thing that technology provides.”


Sailor Pluto says, “Not only that, but the enemy is tougher than before. They are using new tactics in which they aren’t attacking us with one ‘monster’ at a time. They are fighting us with legions of monsters and if these are ‘low level’ ones, then they will most likely use the low-level ones to weaken us and the stronger ones to finish us off.


Sailor Jupiter says, “Great! Not only are they becoming stronger, they are becoming smarter too.”


Aurora says, with a sigh, “We may have to find ‘her’ too.”


Sailor Moon asks, “Her?”


Sailor Nebula says, “Your counterpart from the Solaris Kingdom, Serena.”


Luna gasps in shock and she yells out, “Sailor Sun?!”


There are looks of surprise and Sailor Mars asks, “Sailor Sun?”


Artemis says, with a nod, “The Sailor Soldier of the Solaris Kingdom, which is a kingdom equal to the Moon Kingdom because it has a crystal just as powerful as the Silver Crystal and there is an alliance of kingdoms with the Solaris Kingdom known as the Golden Alliance.”


Sailor Pluto says, “Basically, making Sailor Sun equal in ‘rank’ to Sailor Moon, but technically, Sailor Sun wasn’t the princess of that kingdom.”


Sailor Venus asks, “Wait! She wasn’t?”


Sailor Pluto responds, shaking her head, “No. She is a royal that was the beloved to the heir of the Solaris throne: The Solaris Prince.”


Trivia says, “Who was the ‘Black Swordsman’ of the Silver Millennium that Celestial and I mentioned.”


There are gasps and Sailor Moon asks, “You mean the swordsman whose sword technique was the base for Kirito’s Duel Welding Sword Skill?”


Sailor Celestial says, with a nod, “That’s right, Serena.”


Artemis says, “The Solaris Kingdom was known for the best warriors ever known including Sailor Scouts. However, the males and females of the kingdom were as equal as possible and they were kind of the Greek City-State of Sparta back in ancient times, but unlike them, they also believed in combat to maintain balance and peace as well as open minded, however, they were like a giant family of ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’. They weren’t perfect and in fact, they believed that ‘perfection’ is hypocrisy.”


Sailor Jupiter says, “It sounds like they were a real enlightened culture.”

Sailor Mars asks, drolly, “Really, Jupiter?”


Sailor Jupiter gives a nervous look and Luna says, “They had their faults like any culture, but they were just as strong and noble as the Moon Kingdom. But we have to remember that Sailor Sun is a soldier of the Solaris Kingdom and we need to forge an alliance with her. We can’t make her fight with us. However, there is an ancient legend that if the Soldiers of the Moon and Sun are united as well as truly one, they become an unstoppable force that no power could ever defeat.”


Sailor Neo Moon says, amazed, “Wow!”


Sailor Mercury asks, “An ancient legend about both Sailor Sun AND Sailor Moon?”


Sailor Uranus says, “That shouldn’t be possible since Sailor Moon is the first Sailor Scout of the Moon.”


Artemis says, nervously, “Actually… That’s not true. There was a Sailor Moon before our princess.” There are multiple gasps and yells of shock from the words that Artemis just said to everyone


End Flashback; Return to the Present


Back in the present, Trivia is done with her inspection of Suguha and she says, “I can’t believe that there was a Sailor Moon before Serena! Even I didn’t know that!”


Trivia says, “That was it was our first Moon Queen, the first Queen Serenity, who was the first Sailor Moon. It was a time before the start of the Moon Kingdom and the early founding of the Moon Kingdom and times were…tougher back then.”


Suguha says, “Anyway, it has been one pain in the neck after another with the Dark Agency.”


Trivia says, “Agreed. The war has just started and it has been tough, but you only have your sword fighting abilities and only three of your elemental powers, fire from Mars, wind from Uranus, and lightning and wood from Jupiter. You didn’t need to use them until now, but your ‘surprise ace’ is now gone.”


Suguha says, with a nod, “Yeah, they’ll know what I’m capable of next time.”


Just then multiple knocks came from the door and a male voice shouts out, “Sugu, are you there? Sugu!”


Suguha says, walking over, “Coming!” Suguha goes over to the door to see her 16 year old adoptive brother/cousin, Kazuto Kirigaya, in front of her.


Kazuto asks, “Sugu, are you all right?”


Suguha asks, with a sigh, “Let me guess: Serena told you?”


Kazuto tells Suguha, “Of course she told me, Sugu!”


Suguha responds, “I’m okay, bro. Just took one in the arm from that jerk. Sailor Saturn healed me up.”


Trivia says, “Don’t worry, Kazuto. I made sure that there are no aftereffects.”


Kazuto says, with a sigh, “That’s good to know.”


Suguha says, “Sorry to worry you, but this is my new job now.”


Kazuto says, “I know, Sugu. And personally, when you set your mind on something, it is like trying to move a mountain, but I respect why you did it, however, I can’t help to worry. You are my younger sister and I’m trying to rebuild the bonds that we had as children after all. We can’t do it if you are dead.”


Suguha says, with a grin, “I don’t expect to die any time soon, Kazuto.”


Kazuto tells Suguha, “I know that you are a tough person, Sugu, but even you have limits.”


Suguha tells Kazuto, with a smile, “I understand, Kazuto.” Kazuto and Suguha then leave her room and they go outside into the kitchen in which they make breakfast, which is common since their mother, having a very active job, isn’t around for a number of reasons and they talk about what happened last night with Trivia listening in.


Kazuto asks, “That’s it, huh?”


Suguha says, “Yeah, the enemy is no longer fighting one-on-one, Kazuto. They are attacking in droves and those were just ‘foot soldiers’, but I’m not getting an idea on what they want with Kaiba Corporation technology.”


Kazuto tells Suguha, “Well, Kaiba Corporation is the top gaming and technology industry in the world. Thanks to Seto Kaiba, a legend in Duel Monsters history, they are the top corporation in high technology even after the NervGear came along.”


Suguha says, with a nod, “You have a point there, Kazuto. I mean, they were part of the group that created the Amusphere. Plus, they are the creators of the duel disks and Duel Runners which makes Duel Monsters the number one sport that it is today.”


Kazuto says, “Yep. Their holographic technology is close to the feel of the Full-Dive through the Full-Dive feels more realistic than the holographic technology of the Duel Disks.”


Suguha says, “Well, it looked real and I was surprised the first time when I used a duel disk.”


Kazuto tells Suguha, “Never pegged you to be duelist, Sugu.”


Suguha responds, with a pout, “I love kendo, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t have other interests.”


Kazuto says, with a smile, “I know, Sugu. I was just surprised that you were so good.”


Suguha says, “Well, during the time that you were trapped in SAO, my inspiration for continuing kendo was actually starting to wane and then I saw plenty of duelists which got me why they were so deep into this game despite it being biggest game in the world. But then I discovered that duelists, true duelists, had the same passion that I had when I played kendo. Dueling was more than just a game to them. It was a way of life for them. I couldn’t help to get attracted by that and when I started playing ALO, I really got into dueling too.”


Kazuto says, with a smile, “And it shows, Suguha. Man! You were awesome out there!”


Suguha says, with a grin, “Not to mention that I kicked your butt a few times.”


Kazuto says, with a smirk, “I went easy on you.”


Suguha says, with a sly smile, “Easy, huh? You fell into a few traps that starter duelists knows better than to fall into, big brother.”


Kazuto says, “Okay, I was a bit rusty, but you can’t blame me!”


Suguha says, with a smile, “Well, you have a point. However, don’t expect any mercy from me in the tournament.”


Kazuto says, with a sly grin, “I don’t expect you to do that, Sugu. However, don’t cry to me when I win.”


Suguha says, “We’ll see about that, Kazuto.”


June 20, 2025, Shields’ Residence


Inside of the apartment home of Darien Shields, there is a familiar 18 year old blond hair and blue eyed young woman who is tying her long hair into a familiar set of pigtail with meatball-like buns on top. Her name is Serena Tsukino AKA Sailor Moon and right now, she is fixing herself up while looking a dueling deck and a duel disk that looks like a Neo Domino City duel disk, but it is silver and pink in color.


Soon after, her talking feline advisor, Luna, leaps up and she says, “I see that you are excited for the tournament.”


Serena says, with a smile, “Yeah! It is going to be a blast!”


Luna tells Serena, “I thought that you would avoid such a thing since…”


Serena tells Luna, with a sigh, “Luna, I can’t let it rule me. And I think that it is great what they are doing.”


Luna tells Serena, “I am proud of you for not letting it rule you, Serena. However, I can’t help myself to worry about you more. This wasn’t just some little ‘incident’ that you can sweep ‘under the rug’. It was a traumatic experience.”


Serena says, with a smile, “Thank you, Luna.” Serena pets Luna on the head and she says, “I know that I’ve been a pain and to be honest, I guess that we, both, caused each other headaches, but you are really precious to me.”


Luna tells Serena, “And you are my precious princess, Serena. If anything happened to you, I don’t know what I do.”


Just then a male voice says, “And neither would I, Luna.” Serena is then kisses on the cheek by her beloved prince from her previous life as Princess Serenity, Darien Shields AKA Tuxedo Mask, age 22-23.


Serena says, “Hello, Darien-kun.” Serena and Darien kiss each other on the lips.


Darien asks Serena, “Ready to go?”


Serena says, attached the duel disk to her left wrist, “Yep!”


Darien says, “Not to insult you, Meatball Head. I know that you are a real good gamer and all, but Duel Monsters is the biggest game that there ever was. Not even VRMMO could take away the popularity of Duel Monsters especially with Turbo Dueling. However, Duel Monsters is a tactical game and…”


Serena says, with a grin, “Yeah, I know. The girls were surprised too.” Serena says, with a smile and sigh, “But I’ve been two years out of practice even though I have been practicing when I was able to walk without my crutches after SAO.”


Luna tells Serena, with a plain tone, “Can’t blame you, Serena. You had other important concerns at the time even after you had gotten back from that nightmare.”


Darien says, with a smile, “However, you’ve shown that it is just like riding a bicycle.”


Serena says, with a warm smile, “Yes, Darien-kun. It felt good to practice with my decks again.”


Luna says, “I was amazed to find out that you had those cards.”


Darien says, with a nod, “No joke, Luna.”


Serena says, with a grin, “What can I say? I’m full of surprises. But Kazuto, Suguha, Asuna, and the others are going to be more surprised when I used it to ace this tournament.”


Darien tells Serena, “Speaking of them, how are they doing?”


Serena says, with a grin, “They are doing great, Darien-kun!”


Luna says, with a sly smile, “And for once, you are doing at least decent.”


Serena yells out, annoyed, “Luna!”


Luna responds, with a sly grin, “I’m just saying that it takes a life-changing experience to make sure do average at school.”


Serena asks, with a sarcastic tone, “Well, excuse me if I want to spend at a few years with my friends in college after missing two years of high school life with them?” Serena says, “Not that I like school, but I loved spending it with the girls.”


Darien tells Serena, “We know, Meatball Head. However, you have your friends from SAO to spend it with.”


Serena says, with a warm smile, “Yeah, it is. However, it still feels weird spending it as regular school students, Darien.”


Darien says, with a nod, “I understand, Sere’. It may have been over half-a-year now, but you are still getting used to life ‘back here’.”


Serena says, “Yes, Darien-kun. It has been a good while, but I’m still adjusting.”


Luna says, with a nod, “We know, Serena. Hopefully, you can get back to some sort of ‘regular life’.”


Serena responds, “Not with what’s happening.”


Darien says, with a nod, “With the Dark Agency on the attack, we aren’t going to get any rest even with Rini, Molly, and Suguha helping us.”


Luna says, “Well, Sailor Celestial isn’t using her full power. She only has unlocked her fire, wind, and lightning and wood elemental powers only and she has yet to unlock the others especially her version of Sailor Moon’s power.”


Serena asks, “Would that make her really powerful?”


Luna says, “That along with her power from Darien which is basically the power of Earth and illusion.”


Darien asks, “Earth and illusion?”


Luna says, with a nod, “Yes, Darien. You remember your ability to sneak into the battle and we were only able to find out you were there when you made your attack? That’s your illusionary power at work, Darien. It gives you a ninja-like sheath that allows you to sneak up on the enemy and strike them on your terms.”


Serena says, with a nod, “Oh, yeah. The bad guys or we could ever know you were there until you attacked or showed yourself in some way, Darien-kun.”


Luna says, with a plain tone, “In which you never seemed to use the opening that Darien always seems to give you because you always seem to be ogling him, Serena.”


Serena then gains a nervous look and Darien says, trying to change the subject, “It seems like you are saying that when she unlocks her version of Sailor Moon’s and my power, she will have the core of her strength.”


Luna says, with a plain tone, “Not exactly. She also needs the power of Serena’s counterpart as a Sailor Scout: Sailor Sun.”


Serena says, “Sailor Sun? Oh, yeah! You just mentioned her! You said that she uses the same ‘elements’ as I do, but while I represent night, she represents the day.”


Luna says, with a nod, “Right, Serena. You know how people keep saying about ‘Earth, sun, and the moon’. In Celestial’s case, those three represent the core of her strength.”


Darien says, “But with Sailor Sun not yet awakened, I doubt she can’t unlock the portion of her power that comes from Sailor Sun.”


Luna says, with a nod, “Very true, Darien, but I have a feeling, good or ill, Sailor Sun will be joining the battle soon enough.”


Serena says, with a warm smile, “Let’s not be so negative. Anyway, the girls are going to be waiting all day for us.”


Darien tells Serena, with a warm loving smile, “Let’s enjoy ourselves for once, Meatball Head. We might not get a chance to again.”


Serena says, with a smirk, “You really know how to cheer up a girl, Darien-kun.”


Darien tells Serena, “And you need to tell me what you want to do on your birthday.”


Serena asks, surprised, “My birthday?”


Luna says, “Of course, Serena. It is ten days away.”


Serena says, amazed, “Wow. Time really flies, but this is also feels kind of familiar.”


Darien tells Serena, “Well, try not to think about too much, love.” Serena smiles, kisses Darien on the lips, and heads off to get dressed.


Out of the room, Luna says, with a smile, “She is recovering nicely, but she has a ways to go.”


Darien says, with a nod, “We can only hope, Luna. But deep down, she is still the same Meatball Head Moon Princess that I love so much. However, she isn’t going to be completely the same person that she is before.”


Luna says, “Kayaba saw to that.”


Darien says, with a plain tone, “And it is something that I will never forgive him for.”


Luna says, nodding her head, “Neither will I, Darien. I can and will never forgive him until my dying day.”


June 20, 2025, Unknown World


Within a deep forest area of an unknown world, a huge and massive humanoid creature looking like a Cyclops is running from two human figures, but he then runs into a blue swirling portal and vanishes inside.


One of the human figures says, in a male voice, “Oh, shit! We can’t let him get away!” The human figure leaps into the portal, which closes before the other figure can say or do anything to stop him.


The other human figure says, in a female voice, “Oh, geez, Dai-kun.”


June 20, 2025, Neo Domino City


Right now, we are inside of Neo Domino City where we find our Sailor Scouts and Darien within the center of the Kaiba Dome, the Turbo Dueling stadium where the Fortune Cup and part of the World Racing Grand Prix was held many years ago, as they look at the large crowd in which all of the Sailor Scouts have Neo Domino City style Duel Disks attached to their left wrists.


Lita says, awe-struck, “Man! I never thought that I would be here!”


Ami says, with a nod of her head, “This place is indeed incredible. The technology used to maintain the Turbo Dueling circuit must be immense.”


Mina says, excitedly, “I can’t wait to get out there and start kicking some butt!”


Raye says, with a smirk, “Remember, you might be facing us sooner or later, Mina-chan.”


Mina says, with a grin, “Well, you’ll see that I’m more than a future model and idol, girlfriend!”


Hotaru says, amazed, “This place is incredible, Amara-papa.”


Michelle says, “It is, Firefly. And great events in Duel Monster’s history was made here.”


Trista says, “And world history too, Michelle.”


Just then a familiar female voice shouts out, “Hey, girlfriend!” Everyone then looks to see Kazuto, Suguha, Keiko, Rika, Asuna, and Ryoutarou walking towards them.


Serena says, with a smile, “Hey, everyone!”


Asuna tells Serena, “It’s good to see you, Serena.”


Serena says, with a nod, “We see each other every day, Asuna.”


Rika says, “At school anyway.”


Serena asks Suguha, “How are you feeling Suguha?”


Suguha responds, “Just fine, Serena. I had Kazuto busting my butt on that. And that should be my question.”


Serena replies, with a warm smile, “I’m okay. It was nothing that Hotaru couldn’t cure.”


Keiko says, with a smile, “I’m glad that you are okay, Suguha.”


Suguha says, “Thanks, Keiko.”


Asuna says, “It must be hard on you, Suguha.”


Suguha says, with a smile, “I’m handling it just fine. I had a month or two of training. The other girls just got thrown into the fight, so, I’m luckier than most Sailor Scouts.”


Serena says, drolly, “Thanks for reminding us.”


Mina says, with a smile, “Anyway, it is nice to see you. It has been a while.”


Kazuto says, “Well, we see each other in ALO, but you have a point. We haven’t much of each other, other than Serena, to see each other ever since the SAO reunion about a month ago.”


Ryoutarou says, with a grin, “Now that was something! Partying in a real castle on the moon was awesome!”


Rika asks, annoyed, “Do you want the whole world to know?”


Ryoutarou asks, “Oh, don’t worry! Who is going to believe that happened outside of MMO or VRMMO?”


Kazuto says, “He has a good point there.”


Lita says, with a nod, “I’ve got to agree.”


Asuna says, with a smile, “Anyway, it is nice to see you outside of ALO and ‘out of uniform’ as well.”


Ami says, “It is nice to see you, too, Asuna.”


Ryoutarou thinks in his mind, “Man! Kirito and Darien have all the luck!”


Hotaru asks, “Anyway, why would Jack Atlas, the World Turbo Dueling King, sponsor such an event?”


Raye tells Hotaru, “He is a big celebrity, Hotaru-chan. It is the kind of thing that they do.”


Kazuto says, “I don’t know.”


Asuna asks, “What do you mean Kirito-kun?”


Kazuto says, “Something just tells me that even someone like him would sponsor this event on a whim.” Before anything could be said or done, there are loud cheers and such in which everyone looks to the podium set up in the stadium where they find a short, effeminate man with spiky violet hair, green eyes, red lipstick on his lips, and dressed in an opulent red costume with a black collar and gold trim.


The man says, through a microphone to amplify his voice, “Good day everyone! I’m Mayor Lazar and I welcome you to the Kaiba Dome! This is a great day indeed! Today is the start of the SAO Memorial Tournament! And now, here are your hosts and sponsors for this tournament! First is the World Turbo King himself, the ‘Master of Faster’: Jack Atlas!” Bursting onto the field, Jack Atlas, age 26, in his Duel Runner known Phoenix Whirlwind, rides onto the Turbo Dueling track of the Kaiba Dome and start to circle around.


In his classic fashion, Jack shouts out, using the microphone system to amplify his voice, “It’s time to take this tournament into overdrive!”


Lazar gives a smile and he says, “And now, Neo Domino City’s and Satellite’s own shooting star, the only duelist that could ever defeat his majesty himself, son of the creator of our Ener-D reactor, and our own city’s king himself: Yusei Fudo!” Soon after, Yusei Fudo, age 25 and riding his Duel Runner, Yusei Go, rides up to Jack’s side.


Jack says, with an annoyed tone, “He would have to mention that you are the only one to beat me, Yusei.”


Yusei says, “Easy, Jack.”


Jack says, “Yeah, I know!” Jack tells Yusei, “By the way, Yusei, what kind of entrance is that? This is supposed to be a big event and we are supposed to entertain the audience here! Sometimes, I think that you are a better duelist than a showman! Next time, leave the entrances to the master of ceremonies himself!”


Yusei says, with a grin, “Whatever you say, Jack.” Soon after, the two of them are joined by Akiza Izinski, age 23 and riding on Bloody Rose, her Duel Runner, and Crow Hogan, age 24 and riding his Duel Runner, Blackbird.


Lazar says, through the microphone, “They are joined by their teammates as the famous ‘Team Five-Ds’, the lovely and powerful Black Rose, Akiza Izinski, and Winged Trickster himself, Crow Hogan!”


Akiza asks, with a sigh, “Does he have to remind me of my days as Black Rose?”


Yusei tells Akiza, “Easy, Akiza. Those days are long gone now.”


Akiza says, with a nod, “Right.”


Crow says, with a grin, “Anyway, we’re here to sponsor a major tournament and honor some people here.”


Akiza says, nodding her head, “Ten thousand people, Crow. That includes…”


The mood between the four of them becomes serious and Yusei says, with a nod, “I know, Akiza.”


Jack says, with a sneer, “It still makes my blood boil. Not only a lot of innocent people were murdered, no one messes with Jack Atlas’ friends and family and gets away with it! No one ever does!”


Crow says, with a plain tone, “Yeah, Jack. All of us are pissed off about what happened and that’s why we’re here.”


Yusei says, with a nod, “To make sure that no one forgets and make sure that nothing like this ever happens again.” Soon after, the four of them go into the center of the stadium with Jack using his Duel Runner to leap dramatically onto the stage without hurting anyone, but scaring Lazar quite good. In the stands, there is none other than the final former Signers, Leo, age 18, and Luna, age 18.


Luna says, with a smile, “Same old Jack.”


Jack gets off his Duel Runner and he asks them, “Are you two okay?”


Leo says, with a grin, “Better than ever, Jack.”


Jack says, with a grin, “Good, Leo. I want to see you back on your Runner and heading for the World Turbo Dueling Leagues! I need a good rival since Yusei is stuck in the city!”


Crow asks, annoyed, “Hey! What am I? Chopped liver?”


Soon after, a reporter on the stand comes forward and he asks, “Atlas-dono, why did you sponsor this event? The ‘SAO Incident’ is a major event that affects events today. But why have a great interest?”


Jack responds, “Why? Let me tell you why!” Jack then grabs the microphone from Lazar’s hand and he yells out, “Okay, everyone! This reporter wants to know why the great Jack Atlas has an interest in the reason for the event! Let me tell you! My friends and I have a personal interest in the ‘SAO Incident’ since people close to us were affected by that madman, Akihiko Kayaba! In fact, two of our friends are SAO survivors!”


There are gasps from the audience and Mina says, amazed, “Whoa!”


Jack says, continuing while pointing to Leo and Luna, “I don’t wish to remind them of bad times, but here they are: Leo and his sister, Luna. Two of our best friends and members of Team Five-Ds during the WRGP and SAO survivors to boot in which they know the personal pain of that wretched death game! Yes, I remember that horrible day as if it were the day that I lost Fortune Cup. November Sixth, Twenty-Twenty-Two, Leo and Luna were visiting us in Neo Domino City, but what was supposed to be a few days reunion turned into a two year nightmare. Their friend, Dexter, had invited them to join him on the first VRMMO ever: Sword Art Online. The rest you can say is history and while Leo and Luna managed to survive that nightmare, their friend, Dexter, did not.” There are many gasps while Leo and Luna lower their heads with tears in Luna’s eyes.


Luna says, weakly, “Dexter…”


Akiza says, with a warm weak smile, “Luna.” Akiza and Yusei go over to Leo and Luna and Luna gently cries on Akiza.


Jack yells out, with a strong tone, “But that’s not all! A group of the children, in their teens, who were being taken care of by Martha, the person in Satellite that helped raise me to the great man that I am today were also trapped and Martha suffered emotionally and physically in which she needs help to take of those kids! Sure, her spirit is strong, but she won’t ever be the same! That’s why I can never or ever forgive that insane madman, Kayaba, for what he’s done! He could have brought a brand new frontier in gaming and more, but instead, he selfishly used his gifts to bring terror, horror, and pain to thousands upon thousands of people! And not just those that he trapped in his wretched ‘death game’, but the family and friends of those that he entrapped and the people at Argus who didn’t suspect a thing! As well as his own family, who also didn’t have a clue since he fooled them for so many years, now, they have to hide their heads and faces in shame, but then again, I’m not surprised that he would hurt his own family since he valued human life so little including his own life! Well, this tournament is not only to honor who those that survived, died, and were directly affected by the ‘SAO Incident’, which in my mind should be known as the ‘SAO Nightmare’, but this is to show that we aren’t afraid of such madman and we are going to move onto into the future! Now, who is with me?!” Soon after, many in the crowd start to cheer for Jack and Yusei and Crow sigh at this.


Crow says, “Jack really knows how to get the crowd fired up.”


Yusei says, with a plain tone, “Yes, he does.”


Crow says, with a plain tone, “I guess that he is still sore about what happened.”


Yusei says, “To be honest, I think that all of us are still a little angry and it only has been over half-a-year since that nightmare ended.”


Crow says, “Not to mention only a few month since the end what’s being called the ‘second SAO Incident’ by certain people.”


Yusei says, with a nod of understanding, “Yeah, Sugou Nobuyuki and his mind control experiments.”


Leo says, “That guy was sick. Luna and I were lucky that we weren’t among his victims!”


Luna says, drolly, “Don’t remind me, bro.” Everyone then looks to see Luna looking around for something or someone.


Yusei asks, “What is it, Luna?”


Luna responds, “I’m hoping that ‘they’ are here.”


Crow asks, curiously, “They?”


Leo says, with a smile, “She means the Black Swordsman and the White Valkyrie.”


Akiza asks, curiously, “Black Swordsman? White Valkyrie?”


Jack says, with a plain tone, “I remember this. They are two elite players in SAO in which this Black Swordsman guy was a former beta tester of SAO and this White Valkyrie chick is Kayaba’s nice.”


Luna says, with a nod, “That’s right, Jack. She thought that Sword Art Online was going to be a wonderful new frontier of gaming.”


Yusei says, with a plain tone, “And instead, it turned into a nightmare.”


Leo says, with a nod, “Yeah, Yusei. But she and the Black Swordsman were so awesome! They really kicked butt.”


Luna says, “And the White Valkyrie risked her life over and over again to protect and save as many players as possible.”


Leo says, with a nod, “Yeah, she was awesome! However, very few knew even her avatar name or even her face! She always kept it hidden in a white hooded cloak that she won in a one-time quest at the start of the game.”


Jack says, “Probably for good reason. People that wanted something to vent their anger on may have wanted to use the poor girl despite her being a victim just like they are. People can be smart and they can be the dumbest people in the universe.”


Yusei says, with a nod, “Good point, Jack. It still angers me to know that he put so little value on human life including his own and his family’s lives. Hopefully, his niece has achieved some form of peace.”


Crow asks Leo and Luna, “Wait! If you don’t know what she looks like, how can you find her?”


Leo says, “Simple, Crow! She is best friends with the Black Swordsman and Asuna the Lightning Flash, the only person to ever rival the White Valkyrie and the Black Swordsman.”


Luna says, with a smile, “She was the leader of the Knights of the Blood Oath, one of the top guilds in SAO.”


Akiza says, amazed, “She sounds strong.”


Luna says, with a nod, “She is, Akiza.”


Crow asks, “Hold up! Didn’t you say that guild was led by that asshole disguised as a player named Heathcliff?”


Leo says, with a nod, “That’s what we heard from our friends and associates from SAO. They heard that Heathcliff was really that jerk, Kayaba, in disguise and from what we heard from the survivors of the last boss raid party, it was the White Valkyrie, herself, that defeated Kayaba!”


There are surprised looks from the other former Signers, minus Luna, and Crow asks, “Kayaba was defeated by his own niece?”


Luna says, “With the Black Swordsman’s help is what we heard.”


Akiza says, solemnly, “That must have been painful.”


Yusei says, “Most likely, Akiza.”


Crow says, with a smile, “Anyway, let’s not think about that ass! Let’s get this tournament started!” The other former Signers nod their heads in agreement and Jack prepares to get the tournament starts with Lazar. Joining up with the Sailor Scouts and SAO survivors, Serena gives a sigh and the others look at her.


Asuna asks, “Are you okay, Serena?”


Serena responds, with a warm smile, “I’m fine, Asuna.”


Kazuto says, with a smile, “Take all the time that you need.” Serena nods her head and gives a kind smile in reply as the tournament gets started as our heroes and heroines prepare for their duels. Soon enough, Kazuto, Serena, Hotaru, Mina, Lita, and Rika managed to get through their matches, but now, it is Suguha’s turn and she is facing off against someone wearing a bicker helmet and regular clothing with a regular Neo Domino City Duel Disk attached to his left wrist


Suguha asks, “Can you even see in that helmet?”


Suguha’s opponent replies, with a sly male voice, “You don’t worry about me little girl.” Suguha’s opponent thinks in his mind, deviously, “You will be the perfect bait to draw out Yusei especially with the ‘special surprise’ that I planted in this stadium! You will pay for taking Akiza away from me, Yusei Fudo! I should thank you for taking care of the Dark Signers and I will do it when we duel and I give you a quick death!”


As everyone else looks on, Akiza is staring at Suguha’s opponent and Luna asks, “Is something wrong, Akiza?”


Akiza responds, “No, Luna. I’m okay.”


Yusei tells Akiza, “If that guy is giving you a bad feeling, you aren’t the only one.”


Akiza asks, surprised, “You are getting that same feeling too?”


Yusei says, with a nod, “Yeah.”


Jack says, narrowing his eyes, “Then this is something of interest for me. When you get a bad feeling Yusei, it means to be on guard.”


Crow tells Jack, “Come on, Jack!”


Jack tells Crow, “Don’t tell me that you don’t trust Yusei’s gut feelings and to be honest, I’m getting that same feeling from him.”


Crow says, “I always trust Yusei’s instincts. I just don’t want to ruin the event. This is a big event after all.”


Jack says, “And it is always these events that attract the nutjobs.”


Crow says, with a nod, “Point taken, Jack.” Soon enough, Suguha and her opponent, a duelist called simply Divine, puts their dueling decks into their duel disks, their decks are shuffled by their duel disks, and when they draw five cards from their decks, their life-point counters display 4000 life-points for each duelist.


“Let’s duel!” Suguha and Divine say in unison as their duel starts off at this moment.


Starting Scores:

Suguha: 4000

Divine: 4000


Suguha says, drawing a card, “I’ll go first!” Suguha says, putting one card on her duel disk, “I play The Agent of Creation-Venus in attack mode!” Soon after, The Agent of Creation-Venus (1600/0) appears on the field in attack mode and Suguha says, as a card comes out of her deck, “Then I use her ability to lower my life-points by five hundred in order to summon my Mystical Shine Ball in defense mode!” Suguha’s life-points drop by 500 and she puts the card on her duel disk causing Mystical Shine Ball (500/500) to appear in defense mode. Suguha says, putting four cards into the spell/trap slots, “Finally, I place four cards face-down and end my turn!”


Current Score:

Suguha: 3500

Divine: 4000


Divine says, drawing a card, “Now, it’s my turn little girl!”


Suguha asks, annoyed, “Who are you calling a little girl, pal?”


Divine says, putting one card on his duel disk, “You, my dear! I start off with Krebons in attack mode!” Soon after, Krebons (1200/400) appears on the field in attack mode.


The former Signers see this and Jack says, “He is playing a Psychic deck.”


Crow says, with a smile, “This will be interesting.”


Yusei looks at Akiza, sees her look concerned, and he asks, “Is something wrong, Akiza?”


Akiza responds, “No, Yusei. I’m fine.”


Yusei replies, “Are you sure?”


Akiza says, with a smile, “I’m just fine, Yusei.”


Yusei nods his head, but he thinks, “No, you’re not Akiza. I can tell and I’m getting the same bad feeling that you are.”


Back to the duel, Divine says, putting one card into the spell/trap slots, “Then I play my Emergency Teleport spell card! Now, I can play one level three or below Psychic monster from my deck and I know just who to send out!” A card comes out of Divine’s deck, he puts it on his duel disk, and he says, “My Mind Protector!” Soon after, Mind Protector (0/2200) appears on the field and Divine says, “But he won’t be here for long since I tune Krebons with Mind Protector to Synchro Summon Magical Android!” Krebons turns into two stars that turn into two rings that surround Mind Protector, making it become transparent, and causing a column of light to appear on the field. When Divine puts a Synchro Monster card from his Extra Deck on his duel disk, Magical Android (2400/1700) appears on the field in attack mode. Divine says, “And your Venus is about get her wings clipped!”


As Magical Android moves in to attack, Suguha says, with a smirk while pushing a button on her duel disk, “I activate my Hero Emerges!” Suguha’s face-down card is revealed to be A Hero Emerges trap card and Suguha says, putting one card on her duel disk, “Normally, you would have to pick a card in my hand and if it is a monster card, I can summon it, but since I only have one card, you can guess that it is a monster! Meet my Kuribon!” Just then Kuribon (300/200) appears on the field in attack mode and Suguha says, pushing a button on her duel disk, “Then I play my Shift trap card!” Suguha’s next face-down is revealed to be the Shift trap card and Suguha says, “Since you targeted my Venus for attack, I switch that target to Kuribon!” Magical Android then prepares to attack Kuribon and Suguha says, “Then I play Kuribon’s ability and return my cutie pie to my hand when he is a target for attack!” Immediately, Kuribon glows as he vanishes into his card and Suguha puts it into her hand.


Divine says, with a smirk, “All you did was give me more life-points and I’ll be glad to take them.”


Suguha says, pushing a button on her duel disk, “Wrong, jerk! Not when I play my Bad Reaction to Simochi trap!” Suguha’s third face-down card is revealed to be Bad Reaction to Simochi continuous trap card and Suguha says, with a grin, “From now on, as long as this trap card remains on the field, any effect that increases your life-points now does the opposite and you take damage!”


Divine yells out, stunned, “What?!” Just then he growls as a sinister smoke comes from the card and he loses 2400 life-points.


The others that are watching are amazed and Rika shouts out, “Way to go, girlfriend!”


Keiko says, “She used an effect that would have helped her opponent hurt him instead.”


Kazuto says, with a grin, “That’s Sugu for you. She has taken what she learned in kendo and applied it to Duel Monsters. She took something that would strength an enemy and turned it against him.”


Returning to the duel, Suguha says, with a grin, “How do you like that? I turned your attack against you! It must be hard getting plastered by a ‘little girl’!”


Divine gives an angered snarl and he yells out, angrily, “No one makes a fool out of me, little girl!”


Suguha says, “Hey, chill out! It is just a game!”


Divine says, “And that’s where you are wrong little girl. It is more than just a game to me!” Divine says, putting one card into the spell/trap slots, “And you are going to find out when I play Pot of Greed! Now, I get two more cards!” Divine draws two more cards and he says, putting one card into the spell/trap slots, “Then I play my Psychokinesis spell card and now, since I have a Psychic monster, I destroy one card on the field!” Suguha’s Bad Reaction to Simochi continuous trap card is destroyed and Divine takes 1000 life-point drop and Divine says, putting one more card into the spell/trap slots, “It may have cost me a grand in life-points, but it is a small price to pay. Next, I activate my Double Summon and play my Psychic Commander!” Divine puts one card on his duel disk and Psychic Commander (1400/800) appears on the field in attack mode. Divine then yells out, “And now, I tune my Psychic Commander with my Magical Android in order to play my ultimate monster: Thought Ruler Archfiend!” Psychic Commander turns into three stars that surround Magical Android, making it become transparent, and causing a column of light to appear on the field. When Divine puts a Synchro Monster card from his Extra Deck on his duel disk, Thought Ruler Archfiend (2700/2300) appears on the field in attack mode.


Suguha says, “Too bad that you already attacked this turn.”


Divine says, putting the last card in his hand into the spell/trap slots, “Too bad for you since my Mischief of the Time Goddess allows me to attack by skipping your turn back to my battle phase!”


Suguha says, “Oh, crap!”


Divine says, with a sinister sly tone, “More than you know, my dear. Now, it is time to pay for making me look like a fool! Attack!” Thought Ruler Archfiend unleashes a powerful psychic lightning storm that slams into Venus, destroy her, but then the lightning attack slams into Suguha and she screams in actual pain and agony as she actually gets shocked and thrown to the ground, her form smoking, as she loses 1100 life-points.


There are gasps from everyone and Kazuto shouts out, horrified, “Sugu!”


Lita yells out, horrified, “She is really hurt!”


Raye says, shocked, “That guy… He is a Psychic Duelist!”


Mina asks, “What?”


Raye responds, “A duelist with strange mental powers that has the ability to make the holograms from duel disks to become real especially the attacks! Akiza-san is a Psychic Duelist herself!”


With the former Signers, Akiza shouts out, horrified, “She is really hurt! He is a Psychic Duelist!”


Yusei says, with a serious tone, “And I know exactly who this guy really is!”


The others look at Yusei and Leo asks, “You do?” Yusei goes over to Lazar, takes the microphone, and he shouts out, the sound system enhancing his voice, “Okay, reveal yourself…Sayer!” There are gasps and ‘Divine’ gives a laugh in which he removes his helmet to reveal the face of none other than Sayer, former leader of the Arcadia Movement, which has long since disbanded since the Dark Signers were defeated.


Sayer says, with a sly grin, “Hello, Yusei!”


Yusei yells out, “What are you doing here at this event, Sayer?”


Sayer responds, “What do you think Yusei? I’m here for revenge! You are going to pay for preventing my revenge against the Dark Signers and reviving the Arcadia Movement!”


Yusei tells Sayer, “What you were doing was wrong Sayer! You had no right to use and control Akiza like that!”


Sayer says, “I made her the strong duelist that she is today!”


Akiza then takes the microphone and she says, “That may be so Sayer, but you just used me as your tool and weapon! I’m not that weak minded girl anymore! Thanks to Yusei and the others, I’ve turned into a stronger, smarter, and better person and I know the truth about you, Sayer! I’m not your mindless soldier anymore!”


Sayer responds, “Say what you will Akiza, but you will always be a part of the Movement no matter what.”


Lazar says, “That’s enough of this banter! It is time to remove you, sir!”


Sayer says, with a sinister smile, “I don’t think so, you clown.” Sayer then touches his shoulder and there is an explosion on the roof of the stadium in which causes plenty of panic.


Yusei yells out, “What did you do?”


Sayer responds, “Just set off a minor charge, but unless you duel me or you try to have those goons for police try to capture me, I will set off an even bigger charge and a lot of good people will die!”


There are a lot of gasps and Jack yells out, “You coward! Face Yusei and the rest of us fair and square!”


Sayer replies, with a sinister grin, “What fun would that be? So, clown, you might want to have your goon squad back off because if they touch me in the wrong place…Boom!”


Yusei says, with a sneer, “You rat!”


Sayer says, with a sinister smile, “Sticks and stones, Yusei. And this time, I have the right ‘stick’ to beat you into the ground.”


Just then Suguha’s voice groans out, “Hold it, jerk.” Everyone looks to see Suguha get to her feet and she says, “You aren’t done with me yet.”


Sayer says, with a sinister smile, “I am done with you. Thank you for helping me to bring out Yusei. As a reward, I’ll let you walk away.”


Suguha responds, with a glare, “Not on your life, jerk! You and I still have a duel to complete!”


There are looks of shock and Crow yells out, “Is that girl crazy?! That guy is dangerous!”


Akiza shouts out, “Please, young lady, get out of there! He’s dangerous! He has special mental powers that make damage from his cards real! He can kill you! Get out of there!”


Sayer tells Suguha, with an evil smile, “Better listen to Akiza, little girl. This is your last chance. If you continue this duel, you are going to die!”


Suguha responds, “And you think that scares me, jerk? You are going to have to do a lot better than that! I’ve already seen more death than any girl should ever see and it was created by a madman just like you! So, if you think that I’m going to stand around and let you cause more death and pain than those victims that this tournament is honoring, you are DEAD wrong, jerk! Now, make your move!”


Sayer shouts out, “Fine! I gave you your chance! I activate Thought Ruler Archfiend’s ability and regain the life-points equal to your monster’s attack points!” Sayer’s life-points than go up by 1600 more points and he yells out, “Make your move!”


Current Score:

Suguha: 2400

Sayer: 2200


Suguha says, drawing her card, “Fine!”


The others are shocked and Raye says, “She’s insane! This guy is a Psychic Duelist and a very dangerous one!”


Amara says, with a nod, “Yeah, I know. I heard the stories. He tried to create an army of Psychic Duelists to take over the world. If that doesn’t say ‘evil’, then I don’t know what does.”


Kazuto says, concerned, “Sugu…” Kazuto then leaps out of his seat and immediately, Serena and Asuna chase after him.


Andrew says, “Here we go.”


Mina says, “Oh, geez!” Soon after, Darien, the rest of the Sailor Scouts, and SAO survivors run down towards the arena while Suguha looks at her card.


Suguha says, putting one card into the spell/trap slots, “I activate my Berserker Draw spell card! All cards on my side of the field are now destroyed and I draw one card for every card destroyed, but if I don’t use all of the cards by the end of the turn, I lose five hundred life-point per card!” Soon after, Suguha’s Mystical Shine Ball and face-down card are destroyed and she draws two cards in which she puts one card on her duel disk causing her to say, “Then I play my Witch of the Black Rose in attack mode!” Soon after, Witch of the Black Rose (1700/1200) appears on the field in attack mode and Suguha says, “Since there are no other cards on my field when I played her, I draw another card and if that card isn’t a monster, my little spellcaster hits the road!”


Sayer says, “Let’s see if your luck holds!”


Suguha says, displaying Rose Fairy (600/1200), “My luck is holding just fine since I got this: Rose Fairy! And since she was brought to my hand due to a card effect, I get to play her right away!” Suguha puts the card on her duel disk and Rose Fairy (600/1200) appears on the field in attack mode.


Sayer says, with a smirk, “Who do you think you are? Akiza? Ha! Let’s see what kind of monster you Synchro!”


Suguha yells out, “You asked for it, jerk! I tune my Witch of the Black Rose with Rose Fairy!” Witch of the Black Rose turns into four stars that turn into four rings that surround Rose Fairy, making it become transparent, and as she gets a Synchro Monster card from her Extra Deck, a column of light appears on the field.


At that moment, Akiza senses something and she thinks, “What’s this feeling?” She then looks to see feels a ‘shaking’ coming from her pocket and she takes out her deck in which she thinks, “I sense something from my deck! My Black Rose Dragon! It feels like it senses something!”


Suguha then chants out, “Lofty rose that buds in a garden of integrity! Bloom here, watered by the blue moonlight! Synchro Summon!” Suguha puts the Synchro Monster card on her duel disk and she shouts out, “Now, meet my dragon: Black Rose Moonlight Dragon!” Out of the column of light, Black Rose Moonlight Dragon (2400/1800), an exact duplicate of Black Rose Dragon expect a little ‘brighter’ in color, appears on the field in attack mode.


Everyone is shocked and Leo shouts out, “No way!”


Luna asks, “Black Rose Dragon?”


Yusei says, stunned, “No, Luna! It’s another version of Black Rose Dragon!”


Jack asks, stunned, “Is that even possible?!”


On the field, Sayer yells out, flabbergasted, “Impossible! Only Akiza has Black Rose Dragon!”


Suguha responds, “That’s right! Akiza-san has Black Rose Dragon, but this isn’t it! This is my Black Rose MOONLIGHT Dragon! And she comes with a powerful ability! When she is summoned to the field, one special summoned monster has got to hit the road and return to a player’s hand!”


Sayer asks, stunned, “Wait! My monster is a Synchro Monster, so, it means…!!”


Suguha replies, “Bingo, jerk! It means that since your monster came from the Extra Deck, it is going back there!” Suguha says, snapping her fingers, “Black Rose, sing his monster’s swan song! Rose Ballad!” A twister forms around Thought Ruler Archfiend as the monster vanishes from the field and Sayer is forced to return the card to his Extra Deck.


Sayer yells out, “No! I’m defenseless! How could I lose to a little girl?! I’m the most powerful Psychic Duelist there is!”


Suguha says, “Well, you are about to be the greatest loser among Psychic Duelists, jerk! Black Rose, direct attack! End this asshole and this duel with Rose Requiem!” Black Rose Moonlight Dragon unleashes a powerful beam of energy from its mouth that slams into Sayer and he screams out as the attack actually rips him apart, tearing apart his clothing, and destroying the trigger mechanism for the explosives that he put into the stadium as he loses 2400 life-points. At this moment, Suguha gasps as images soar through her mind as she sees the Moon Kingdom, a floating castle similar to the original Aincrad, and what looks like her as Sailor Celestial, minus her Eternal Sailor Scout form’s wings, fighting against Heathcliff in a heated battle among other things.


A female voice says in her mind, “Never forget, princess!”


Suguha thinks in her mind, “Who are you?! What do you mean?!” However, there is silence in her mind, but on the meanwhile, Sayer screams as the explosion sends him flying up before he crashes back down to the ground with a sickening ‘thud’ as he loses 2400 life-points, ending the duel immediately.


Final Score:

Suguha: 2400

Divine/Sayer: 0


There is shocked silence for a moment and then there are cheers for Suguha’s victory over Sayer in which Leo says, stunned, “She did it!”


Crow says, “But ouch! Sayer jerk just took a beating!”


Jack asks, “Could that girl be like Akiza?”


Yusei says, “I don’t know Jack.” Yusei says, looking at Black Rose Moonlight Dragon as it fades away with the other holograms, “But I have a feeling.”


Jack tells Lazar, “Hey, Lazar, what do you think that you are doing?!”


Lazar says, getting out of his stupor, “Oh, yes! Right!” Lazar screams at the Neo Domino police members that are acting as guards, “You heard him! Get to work!” Immediately, the Neo Domino Police Force members head down and call reinforcements as Lazar announces a halt to the tournament due to ‘complications’ and orders an evacuation of the stadium.


Suguha thinks in her mind, looking at the battered Sayer in shock, “Did I just do that? How…?” But then an immense weakness goes through her mind and body and she can’t help to collapse into unconsciousness on her back.


Kazuto shouts out, shocked, “Sugu!” Soon after, Kazuto arrives by the side of his unconscious sister with Serena not too far behind and the two of them lift Suguha up to a sitting position, but then the same vision go into their minds and they gasp in shock.


As the others arrive on the scene, Asuna yells out, “Kirito-kun!” Kazuto shakes out of his stupor as the other surround them in which Darien and Ami go over to Suguha and check her over.


Ami says, “Her breathing is regular.”


Darien says, with a nod of understanding, “And her pulse is fine just evaluated due to the stress, but it is returning to normal. She is just greatly exhausted.”


Lita says, “After that duel, no kidding.” Everyone then looks at the unconscious Sayer as he is surrounded by police and medical personal.


Raye says, “Well, it seems like Suguha has fallen under the same ‘curse’ as we do. She, now, has a bad luck of attracting nutjobs and evil jerks like we do.”


Mina says, drolly, “Don’t remind us, Raye-chan.”


Kazuto thinks in his mind, concerned, “Is this just a sample of my sister’s fate because of her choice? The threat of battle and death every day?”


Just then Yusei’s voice calls out, “Is she all right?” Everyone then looks to see the former Signers coming towards them.


Darien says, “Yes, Yusei-san. She is just fine. She took a bit of beating and she fainted, but she hasn’t suffered any major injuries. I’m studying to be a doctor, so, I know.”


Yusei says, “That’s good, but I would like to take her to the hospital to make sure that she is all right and make sure that she is safe for the time being.”


Trista says, “That’s a wise idea, Yusei-san.”


Leo looks at Kazuto and he says, with a smile, “Hey, I remember you! You’re the Black Swordsman!”


The SAO survivors of the group give a look of surprise and quite a few of them are nervous in which Rika asks, “Hey, I remember you! You’re Rua, right?”


Leo says, with a smile, “Yep!”


Luna says, looking at Rika, “I also remember you. You’re Lisbeth, the top blacksmith back in Aincrad.”


Rika says, with a grin, “That’s right!”


Yusei asks Luna and Leo, “From what I can see, they are people that you know from SAO, right?”


Leo says, with a nod, “Oh, yeah! The guy with black hair is the one of the two people that beat that jerk and set us free.”


Kazuto says, rubbing his head, “I wouldn’t go that far.”


Asuna tells Leo, with a smile, “It’s nice to see you, again, Rua. And that’s your sister, Luca.”


Luna says, with a smile, “Actually, it is Luna in real life, Lady Asuna. And my brother’s real name is Leo.”


Leo asks, looking around, “By the way, where is ‘White Valkyrie-san’?” There are plenty of nervous looks from our group of SAO survivors and Sailor Scouts.


Kazuto says, changing the subject, “Anyway, we should get my sister out of here and to safely.”


Luna asks, surprised, “She is your sister, Kirito-san?”


Kazuto says, with a nod, “She is, Luca. Her name is Suguha and she is my younger sister.”


Jack says, with a nod of agreement, “First things first. Let’s get her to safety and Leo and Luna can have their reunion later on.” Jack whistles for the medical crew that’s coming over and they immediately arrive on the scene to check Suguha over and prepare to transport her to the nearest hospital.


June 20, 2025, within one of Neo Domino City’s hospitals


Inside of hospital, Suguha is sleeping peacefully while Suguha’s and Kazuto’s mother, Midori Kirigaya, is talking with the doctors with the doctors explaining the Suguha is just fine and she is suffering from probably exhaustion while our group, SAO survivors, Sailor Scouts, and Darien, are with the former Signers and talking about Sayer, but Kazuto and Serena separate from the group to have a private talk.


Kazuto asks Serena, “Serena, when you touched Sugu, did you…?”


Serena asks, interrupting, “Experience visions of the Silver Millennium and Moon Kingdom?”


Kazuto’s eyes widen and he says, “I see.”


Serena asks, “What were those?”


Kazuto says, “I don’t know, but what I do know is that those ‘visions’ weren’t meant for us. They were meant for Sugu.”


Serena asks, concerned, “Why her? And why did we see her fighting Kayaba as Sailor Celestial?”


Kazuto says, “I can’t be sure, but I don’t think that we saw her fighting Kayaba in this day, Serena. Remember what she said at our reunion when Sugu revealed that she is a Sailor Scout to all of us.”


Serena asks, “Wait? Could that vision be back in the Silver Millennium? Could have Suguha fought against Kayaba in their past lives?”


Kazuto says, “Maybe, Serena. Sugu mentioned that she and Kayaba share a ‘past history’ with each other and a history that she doesn’t want to share with you especially for some reason.”


Serena asks, confused, “Why?”


Kazuto says, “You already know part of that reason, Usagi.”


Serena says, with a nod, “Yes, you’re right. But I don’t get why would that information cause me discomfort after what we had gone through already.”


Kazuto says, “I’m not sure either, Serena. However, what I do feel is that Sugu knows something about your history in the Silver Millennium and it has to do with Kayaba and herself. What I do know is that she has a relationship to you and your ‘royal family’.”


Serena says, with a nod, “I know, Kirito. I saw my royal sigil on her forehead with the sigil that shows her as Sailor Celestial. When I had asked Serenity-mama and Pluto about it, all they said that she does have a ‘deep connection’ to the Lunarian royal family, but they wouldn’t go any further in which they said that Celestial will tell when she is ready.”


Kazuto says, “And somehow that ‘relationship’ is causing my sister major discomfort.” Kazuto take a deep breath and he says, “We need to get answers, Serena.”


Serena nods her head and she says, “I know, Kazuto. I’m really afraid for her right now.”


Kazuto thinks in his mind, “No kidding, Usagi! I recognize that voice anywhere! It was Sachi! Why would Sachi’s voice being in Sugu’s head? I’ve got a real bad feeling about this whole mission of hers!” As Kazuto looks over Suguha, he can’t help get the fear that while Sword Art Online, the ‘death game’, has long since ended, the legacy of SAO is still continuing on and it threatens to drag his younger adopted sister within and threatens to take her life as the ‘death game’ took nearly four thousand lives.


June 20, 2025, Alfheim Online


Inside of Alfheim Online, the massive humanoid creature that looks like a Cyclops shatters into data polygons and two figures are in front of where it was.


One of them looks to be a young Salamander male with spiky red hair, dark red eyes, he has a tight fitting black muscle shirt with an armored chest plate on top of it, he has a flame designed jacket with a black fluffy collar, tight fitting fingerless fighting gloves, tight fitting dark blue jeans with silver armored kneepads, and black combat boots with armored toes. Strapped to his waist, there is a pair of swords.


The other person is a young Undine female with short blue hair, blue eyes, and she is wearing a pink version of Asuna’s SAO outfit in which all of the areas that are white on Asuna’s outfit is blue on this Undine’s outfit in which there is a symbol that means ‘light’ instead of crosses where there are crosses on Asuna’s outfit. Strapped to this young Undine female’s waist is a sheath for a rapier with a pink handle and a pearly white blade.


The Salamander male says, with a sigh, “That was close.” The Salamander male then yelps as he is hit on the head by the Undine female causing him to yell out, “What was that for?!”


The Undine female responds, with a stern glare, “What do you think, Dai-kun?”


The Salamander male responds, nervously, “I’m sorry. You know how I am.”


The Undine female sighs and she responds, with a smile, “I know, Dai-kun.” The two of them look up at New Aincrad, ALO’s version of Aincrad where the infamous ‘death game’, Sword Art Online, took place and deep serious looks are in their eyes.


End of Chapter 1


And that’s the chapter, everyone! It is a nice start, right? As you know and realize, the first story in this series, Sailor Moon Online, followed Sword Art Online’s Aincrad and Fairy Dance arcs mainly from Serena’s/Usagi’s point of view from a third person perspective with the perspective of the Sailor Scouts and Darien mixed in. In this sequel, I hope that all of the main characters for this fanfiction are going to be balanced out and there is going to be a lot of focus on Suguha, Davis, and Kari. I also plan to make a slight change to my writing style, for this kind of story series anyway, in which I hope that you like! Please read and review and tell me what you think! Later and best wishes, Crossover Fans!