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Well, we have arrived at the seventh chapter and now, the ‘big secret’ has been revealed to the others, minus Suguha/Sailor Celestial and Trista/Sailor Pluto, but there is more to come, everyone! I said that this storyline and my ‘Hollow Fragment’ storyline are going to run ‘parallel’ to each other, right? Well, you are going to find out what I mean in this chapter and the future chapters, everyone!


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Second Warning: Some to a lot of OOC (Out of Character) actions and mannerisms in this whole story!


July 29, 2025, Moon Kingdom


In the recently rebuilt Moon Kingdom, we find the spirit of Queen Serenity looking over the monuments to Sword Art Online that have been recently ‘erected’ when she senses something and a look of grave concern is over her face.


She looks towards her and she says, “Serenity…You have found out the truth about what he and you…and he and I were back in the Silver Millennium.” Queen Serenity sighs and she says, “Why? Why, Heathcliff? Why have you unleashed this horror all over again? Is your obsession with going beyond what’s possible more important than the ‘castle’ that you had before you? Why do you desire that our children must be your enemies? I just don’t understand, Heathcliff. You were the greatest mind of our time…greater than any Mercurian and yet, you used it to create the great tragedy as the end of the Silver Millennium and in this time, the horror that’s Sword Art Online. A ‘dark legacy’ that haunts both of our children to no end and sets off the wounded spirit of my daughter, Selene.” As Queen Serenity looks towards Earth, she can sense the battle between Sailor Celestial and Heathcliff within the living virtual world of Rainbow Gardens.


Sailor Moon Online: Shadow of Aincrad


(Sword Art Online opening theme music ‘Crossing Fields’ starting)


As the opening ‘scenes’ being, we find Davis Motomiya, wearing an outfit similar to Kirito’s outfit expect his jacket is flame designed and two swords, an Elucidator and Dark Repulser, strapped to the sides of his waist instead of his back, walking down a street and looking at the sky.


Next, we find Kari Kamiya, wearing a pink and red version of Asuna’s Knights of the Blood Oath outfit with Crests of Light instead of crosses and strapped to her waist is a sheath for a rapier with a pink handle and a pearly white blade, also walking down a street and looking back behind her.


Then we see Suguha Kirigaya and her ‘alter ego’, Sailor Celestial, with their backs to each other with ‘thin wall of light’ separating the two of them in which the scene spins around as the two of them look at each other where Suguha is at her home on her side of the ‘wall’ while Sailor Celestial is in the Moon Kingdom.


All three of them are reaching out into the skies and then the world around them transforms into center of the Town of Beginnings for Sword Art Online in which the ground crumbles around them as those that died on Sword Art Online and more try to drag them into an abyss.


The scene then changes where Davis is cutting through legions of ‘monsters’ from SAO and ALO as well as youma in which a legion of Duel Monsters appears with Davis having a dragon similar to Stardust Dragon and another monster, Slifer the Sky Dragon, attack them with powerful strikes.


Then Davis is fighting against Heathcliff in which he transforms into the massive GM avatar that he used at the start of SAO in which Davis lands a series of blows before slamming him with Starburst Stream, the classic 16 Duel Wielding Sword Skill combo. Soon after, Kari and Leafa, Suguha’s ALO avatar, run at top speed behind Davis and the two of them leap into the air with Kari hitting the transformation Heathcliff with an attack that looks similar to Linear while Leafa does a forward flip and transforms into Eternal Sailor Celestial, also wielding an Elucidator and Dark Repulser, in which they glow with fire and wind power as Sailor Celestial prepares to attack.


Then the scene shows Kazuto as his Sword Art Online avatar of Kirito, Serena as her Sword Art Online avatar as Usagi, Keiko as her Sword Art Online avatar of Silica, and Rika as her Sword Art Online avatar of Lisbeth.


The scene then changes with Davis, Kari, Sailor Celestial, Sailor Moon, and Kirito looking over the worlds of Sword Art Online, Alfheim Online, the ‘real world’, the Digital World, and beyond.


Then there are displays of Darien/Tuxedo Mask, the Sailor Scouts, the Odiaba Digidestined, and Kayaba/Heathcliff before it switches back to a scene where Sailor Celestial, Davis, and Kari are standing in front of the ‘transformed Heathcliff’ with his back to their backs and cleaved into multiple pieces before exploding into hundreds of data polygons.


The final scenes show Kirito and Asuna, in her Knights of the Blood Oath outfit, along with Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask being watched over by Sailor Celestial, Davis and Kari resting in front of a tree, and finally, Asuna’s Lambent Light rapier, Usagi’s Lunar Excelsior one-handed sword, Tuxedo Mask’s cane, Leafa’s ALO katana, and an Elucidator and Dark Repulser swords are all together in a pile with Neo Domino City Duel Disks and Davis’ and Kari’s D-3 digivices ‘attached’ to them.


(Sword Art Online opening theme music ‘Crossing Fields’ ending)


Chapter 7: A Sailor’s Purpose


July 29, 2025, Rainbow Gardens, Managrove Mines


Inside of the area of the living virtual world of Rainbow Gardens known as Managrove Mines, Heathcliff AKA Kayaba, the creator of the horror that’s Sword Art Online and recently revealed to be the Silver Millennium of Princess Serenity and Princess Selene, the past lives of Sailor Moon and Sailor Celestial, is battling against one of his former daughters, Sailor Celestial AKA Princess Selene also known as Suguha Kirigaya, as she unleashes a full fury attack against Heathcliff with the intent to destroy him.


As their blades clash, Sailor Celestial shouts out, “I’m going to correct the mistake that I made and take you out once and for all!”


Heathcliff responds, with a sly smile, “My dear, you know that in our day age, the line is: ‘Talk is cheap’.”


Sailor Celestial retorts, with a sneer, “And your mouth is worthless.” Heathcliff smirks and he then gains a deadly serious look as he fights Sailor Celestial in a full intensity fight as former royal father and daughter attempt to destroy each other with incredible power and speed while the others watch in shock and amazement.


Taichi says, “This is just nuts!”


Yamato asks, “When has anything in our lives been normal?”


Sailor Venus says, stunned, “They are really trying to destroy each other.”


Sailor Pluto says, “As they did one thousand years ago, Venus. Long ago, they served the bonds of parent and child and forged a new one.”


Sailor Saturn asks, “A new bond?”


Sailor Pluto says, solemnly, “The ‘bond’ of everlasting enemies.”


Asuna asks, surprised, “Everlasting enemies?”


As they continued to watch events play out, Sailor Pluto says, “Yes. Sailor Celestial was the one that created the original Aincrad back in the Silver Millennium, but she never knew its true purpose from Heathcliff and basically, it was like between Kayaba and our princess today.”


Kirito says, his hand tightening into a fist and his face full of rage, “He used Sugu. He betrayed Sugu, who was his own daughter at the time, as he betrayed Usagi with SAO!”


Lisbeth asks, “So, she wants payback?”


Sailor Pluto responds, shaking her head, “No. While she wishes for justice for all those that his plans have caused pain, misery, and even death, her true goal is…freedom.”


The others are surprised and Sailor Mars asks, shocked, “Freedom?”


Sailor Pluto responds, “Freedom from the bloody shadow of Heathcliff and from the shadow of Sword Art Online.” The others are shocked by her words and Sailor Moon, still recovering from the mental shock that she just got, overhears this as she looks at the fight between Sailor Celestial and Heathcliff continue on while she is held in the arms of Tuxedo Mask.


Sailor Celestial and Heathcliff continue to clash blades, again and again, creating small shockwaves from the sheer power that they were doing and Heathcliff and Sailor Celestial shouts out, “You piece of scum! Do you know what your selfishness has done? No, you fucking do know, but then again, human life means nothing to you! You and your hypocritical work back in the Silver Millennium of saying that Earthling can achieve greatness!”


Heathcliff responds, “Earthlings could have been great if we didn’t hold them back.”


Sailor Celestial shouts out, “You well know that we didn’t hold them back. There is a reason that we only watched them! We didn’t want to make them fear us because of some kind of ‘deity complex’ or make them have to depend on us! They could have reached our level on their own! But you put the seed of fear in their hearts and allowed Metallia to corrupt them! The Silver Millennium was destroyed because of you! Our…My friends…My family…and my people!! Do you know the nightmares that I suffer even more than ever knowing that what you did, SAO, was your plot to bring me back?”


Heathcliff responds, “Enlighten me, my dear.”


Sailor Celestial says, with a snarl, “I’ll ‘enlighten’ your face!” She then twists one of her swords around and tries to bash Heathcliff in the face, but he manages to block with his shield, however, the shockwave from the raw super-strength was pretty strong.


Heathcliff tells Sailor Celestial, “As I have said before, your temper can put a Martian princess to shame and they are always, as they say, hot-headed.”


Sailor Mars gives an annoyed look and Sailor Jupiter says, “Well, you have to admit that you are always ‘high strung’ Sailor Mars.”


Sailor Mars shouts out, “Who’s side are you on, Jupiter?!”


Sailor Celestial leaps back and she shouts out, “Speaking of hot-headed, let’s see if you take the heat!” Sailor Celestial unleashes a powerful flame assault from her Elucidator right at Heathcliff, but when the flames reach him, he cuts through them with his sword!


The others gasp in shock and Lisbeth says, shocked, “You are kidding me!”


Miyako says, stunned, “He is cutting through the flames!”


Heathcliff says, with a sly smirk, “Next.”


Sailor Celestial gives a snarl and Sailor Uranus says, with a sneer, “He’s toying with her!”


Sailor Pluto says, “You must also remember that he was the first one to teach her the ways of the sword back in the Silver Millennium. He was one of the greatest of swordsmen back at the time and he knows her best for various reasons.”


Sailor Uranus says, “Meaning that she is at a complete disadvantage.”


Sailor Celestial says, seriously, “Try this one on for size, jerk!” Sailor Celestial’s two swords then glow as a pair of golden bracelets appear around her wrists and her two swords then transform into what look like two duplicates of Gundam Exia’s GN Blades which attach to those bracelets, one on each bracelets, with the left one having a black blade like Elucidator with other one having aqua-colored blade like Dark Repulser.


The others are surprised and Sailor Venus says, amazed, “That’s new.” Sailor Celestial attacks with a full force attack of her right GN Blade, but Heathcliff manages to block with his shield, barely.


Heathcliff says, “Clever. You must have had inspiration and assistance in using a bit of your hidden power to remodel your swords into these and most likely from Sailor Nebula herself.”


Sailor Celestial retorts, “She gave me quite a few good lessons like…The lesson of surprise!” Just then the blade of the GN Blade attached to her left arm retracts into its shield and Sailor Celestial fires a point blank blast from the blaster in the GN Blade causing Heathcliff to yelp as he is hit in the leg causing him to stumble. Sailor Celestial wastes no time to do a spin attack that knocks Heathcliff’s sword out of his hand and another one to knock the shield away. Before he could react, Sailor Celestial knocks his shield away and blasts him in the other leg causing him to collapse to the ground on his buttocks. Sailor Celestial doesn’t hesitate and she charges at Heathcliff in which she shouts out, “Game over, Kayaba!” But just as the her blade was about to impale him, she stops just inches from her face and she turns her head as she senses something only to cry out in pain as she is impaled in the left shoulder from behind by a samurai style sword!


The others gasp in shock and horror and Kirito yells out, “Sugu!” Sailor Celestial collapses in a heap from the blow and Sailor Moon, now completely shocked out of her stupor and on pure sisterly instinct, rushes forward to help Sailor Celestial, but a wall of violet flames block her and the others from getting to Sailor Celestial and Heathcliff.


Just then a female voice says, with an evil sly tone, “With her down and out, it is time to get to business Kayaba.” Everyone then looks to see what looks like the Heart Snatcher, Nekonneru, is over them and hanging on the upper walls of the cavern.


Sailor Uranus says, “A Heart Snatcher?! That’s not possible!”


Sailor Jupiter asks, “Isn’t that that cat one that we fought when Sailor Moon used her new Moon Spiral Rod for the first time?”


Sailor Mercury says, “I believe that you are right.”


Heathcliff says, showing an irritated look, “This doesn’t concern you and I am surprised to see a creature like yourself.”


Nekonneru says, with a sneer, “You thought that you managed to get rid of my mistress, don’t you? You thought wrong, smart aleck! She is gravely drained, but she managed to escape your wretched trap.”


Heathcliff says, with a smirk, “Not without cost from what you just said. You just said ‘gravely’, did you not? That means that she is on the verge of her demise.”


Nekonneru says, “Well, my mistress will be around longer than you since you are going to die right now!”


Heathcliff retorts, with a confident smirk, “And how is that?”


Nekonneru responds, “Like this!” While keeping hidden black sphere, she unleashes a whip in which Heathcliff easily deflects, but Nekonneru smirks as the black sphere rushes at Heathcliff and he grunts out in pain as it goes through his body and comes out with a blue glow.


Heathcliff says, with a grunt, “Clever. Your mistress is smarter than she looks.”


Nekonneru replies, with a wicked smile, “Now, it is time for you to die and my mistress to rise again!” The glowing sphere comes to Nekonneru’s hand, but then Sailor Celestial, who got the sword out of her shoulder, leaps in and grabs the orb in which the Heart Snatcher shouts out, annoyed, “No fair! That’s mine!”


Sailor Celestial responds, with a sneer, “Not in this life, you alley cat!” Soon after, the blue glowing sphere transforms into a gorgeous sword with a black and golden hilt, a dragon shaped hilt guard, and a blade made of rainbow energy.


Sailor Pluto says, shocked, “The Star Saber!”


Sailor Jupiter asks, “The Star what?”


Sailor Pluto says, “The most powerful blade in our universe. A blade with the power to cut a star in two!”


There are multiple gasps and Yamato says, stunned, “No way! A sword that can cut a star in two? That shouldn’t be possible!”


Takashi tells Yamato, “Like having partners and friends that are monsters made of Digital Information, bro? I think ‘impossible’ tends to be a word that shouldn’t be associated with all of us.”


Miyako says, with a nod, “Good point.”


As the Star Saber glows in Sailor Celestial’s hands, Nekonneru shouts out, “Give that back!” Nekonneru prepares to attack, but Sailor Celestial swings the Star Saber creating a massive energy that slams into the Heart Snatcher who yells out as she is vaporized into nothingness causing a strong explosion that causes the flames keeping the others away from Sailor Celestial to vanish as quickly as it appeared allowing them to go to her.


Sailor Mercury asks, “Are you all right, Celestial?”


Sailor Celestial says, “I’m fine.” Sailor Celestial then turns to face Heathcliff, who doesn’t lose his confident smile on his face.


Heathcliff says, “Well done, my dear. It seems like the Star Saber has chosen you to weld its power.”


Sailor Celestial says, “You know, I’m really getting tried that cocky look on your face.”


Heathcliff responds, “There is a difference between confidence and cockiness.”


Sailor Celestial yells out, with a sneer, “You really think that you know everything?”


Heathcliff replies, “My goodness, no. If I did, I would be omnipotent wouldn’t I? And I am no god.”


Kirito says, with a sneer, “That’s funny coming from you, Kayaba.”


Heathcliff says, “You have a point, Kirito. On the first day of SAO, I did act like I was some kind of deity, but I did say that I was the only HUMAN in control of SAO through I believe that I had forgotten my limitations as a human and becoming a cog in my own system was what lead to my final defeat. You taught me that human will was more powerful than the system and that’s why your sister is losing to me.”


Sailor Celestial asks, stunned, “What?”


Heathcliff responds, “In terms of raw power, you are far superior to me in every way, Sailor Celestial. However, you are right here, losing to me, and I am beating you like an adult wailing a little child.” Sailor Celestial gives an angered sneer and Heathcliff says, “You wish to prove me wrong? I shall give you your chance, my dear.” Heathcliff then brings out a sword similar to the Star Saber, but it has a black and silver hilt and the blade is made of violet and bronze colored energy.


Sailor Pluto says, “The Shadow Saber.”


Tuxedo Mask asks, “Shadow Saber?”


Sailor Pluto says, “The dark counterpart to the Star Saber.”


Sailor Uranus says, “That’s interesting to know and leave it to that guy to always have a trick or two up his sleeve.”


Sailor Mars says, with a sneer, “No kidding, Uranus.”


Heathcliff asks Sailor Celestial, “Now, shall I demonstrate your weakness?”


Sailor Celestial charges in for the attack and Kirito shouts out, “Sugu, wait!” Heathcliff and Sailor Celestial clash with the Star and Shadow Sabers in which the clash of the two blades causes powerful shockwaves that shake the whole area.


Dai yells out, “Whoa!”


Akari says, stunned, “Such power!”


Miyako says, shocked, “No joke!” Sailor Celestial and Heathcliff continue to clash with the two powerful swords in which their energies are causing shockwaves that shake the whole area, but Heathcliff doesn’t lose the smirk on his lips.


Sailor Celestial asks, annoyed, “What are you smirking about?”


Heathcliff responds, “Forgive me, my dear. I’m just surprised at your weakness.”


Sailor Celestial yells out, “What was that?”


Heathcliff says, “If you allow me, I will enlighten you!” When the two of them clash blades again, Heathcliff rams his right knee into her gut causing her to gasp as she gets winded, but she doesn’t get time to recover as she is then backhanded by Heathcliff and bashed by his shield causing her to get knocked to the ground.


Kirito says, shocked, “Sugu!”


Sailor Saturn asks, “What kind of parent would do this to their child?”


Heathcliff says, “I was Selene’s father, but that ended one thousand years ago, Sailor Saturn.”


Sailor Mars yells out, angrily, “What about Sailor Moon, you asshole?”


Heathcliff says, “As I said, I wished that my moon princess wasn’t there, but it is what it was.”


Sailor Jupiter says, with a sneer, “Bastard!”


Heathcliff says, looking at Sailor Celestial, “Needless to say that I am disappointed in you, Selene. As I have said before, you are indeed more powerful than I am, but your will is lacking.”


Sailor Celestial says, with a snarl, “Like your words mean anything to me!”


Heathcliff retorts, with a sly smile, “Oh, then maybe you should know that your friend in Akiba that kept that NervGear you had plotted to use if SAO had continued was only kept because I allowed him to keep it.”


There are gasps and Kirito asks, “Wait! What?”

Kirito looks at Sailor Celestial, who becomes nervous, and Heathcliff responds, “Oh, she didn’t tell you? Well, allow me to enlighten you. I think that you know about the friends in Akiba. I believe that have a ‘neighborhood watch’ group known as the Akiba Freedom Fighters. After SAO started, many of the NervGear not being used by you, the SAO players, were taken away to be destroyed expect for one that I know of anyway. It was kept by a named Yuto.” Sailor Celestial’s eyes widen at the name and Heathcliff says, with a smile, “I think you get it, Selene. He was using that NervGear to find a way to get friends of their group who were also trapped in the game. But how can anyone keep that NervGear from the government since they were making sure that they got them all? Answer: I made sure that NervGear was kept out of their reach.”


Hana asks, “But why?”


Izumi says, with a serious tone, “Perfect bait for Sailor Celestial, that’s why.”


Heathcliff says, with a smile, “Correct, young warrior of Knowledge. It was part of my backup plans in case I had to bring Selene into SAO itself.”


There are gasps and Kirito asks, shocked, “You were planning to lure Sugu into SAO?”


Heathcliff says, with a nod, “Correct. In life, nothing ever goes according to plan and what happened with you exposing me back there on the seventh-five floor of Aincrad is proof of it, Kirito. You should know that due to the emotional energies of the players, the game was starting to get unstable and probably, errors would have started that would have forced me back to the Ruby Palace due to countermeasures that I had set would have activated even before the ninetieth floor which would have forced me to perform my backup plans. However, as you already realize, it wasn’t needed when you and Serenity defeated me on that day and in fact, I should thank you since it allowed me to continue with my original plans.”


Sailor Venus asks, “What?”


Sailor Uranus says, “He was counting on his defeat in SAO all around.”


Heathcliff says, “I believe that I said that one of my main reasons for Sword Art Online was a world for my own design, but I didn’t say or imply that I planned for it to last forever. However, I couldn’t imagine all of the ways that it could end. As I have said, I am only human.”


Tuxedo Mask says, “That statement is left for debate, Kayaba.”


Heathcliff gives a giggle and he says, “And humanity hasn’t done even worse things that I have done, Prince Endymon? However, I am not trying to justify my actions and you have right to condemn me for all of them. I am just pointing out to my former younger daughter that she isn’t doing anything that I didn’t want. Maybe I should also point out the fact that Kirito didn’t become an SAO beta tester by random chance.”


There are shocked looks and Kirito asks, “What?”


Heathcliff says, with a sly smile, “Yes, Kirito. I had made sure that you were chosen to be an SAO beta tester. I knew all about you from the beginning.”


There are gasps and Asuna asks, “You knew about Kirito-kun from the beginning?”


Sailor Celestial says, “That’s not possible!”


Heathcliff responds, “You made it possible. This isn’t the first time that we met in this life, my dear Selene. Don’t you remember what happened when you and your family visited Juuban during the Negamoon invasion?”


There are more gasps and Sailor Jupiter asks, stunned, “The Negamoon invasion?”


Sailor Moon asks Kirito, “You…You were there?”


Kirito responds, his eyes widening, “Yeah. And Sugu and I were there.” When everyone looks at Kirito, he says, his eyes widen in horror and realization, “We were there with mom and mom and I got separated from Sugu. Later on, mom returned with Sugu and said that a man found her…Oh no!”


Heathcliff responds, “Yes, Kirito. I was ‘that man’. I learned your sister’s name and thus, I learned about you.” Heathcliff tells Sailor Celestial, her eyes widen in shock, “I had just awoken since Serenity had recently got the Silver Crystal and the instant that I saw you, I knew that it was you. You had suffered a ‘reaction’ to the imitation of the true Black Crystal, but it wasn’t enough to awaken you. However, it was enough for me to realize that you were my former younger daughter reborn, Selene.”


Just then memories come into Sailor Celestial’s mind, Kayaba’s face appears in her mind, and she says, with a gasp, “That man…It…It was you!”


Heathcliff responds, with a nod, “That’s correct, my dear. You had told me your name and from there, I had found out about your brother.”


Sailor Uranus says, with a sneer, “So, it was no accident that he became an SAO beta tester! You knew that he would go onto retail version!”


Heathcliff replies, “It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out, Uranus.”


Akari asks, shocked, “But why?”


Heathcliff replies, not losing his smile, “Why? What better ‘inspiration’ for Selene to awaken?”


Sailor Celestial roars out in rage and she yells out, enraged, “Kayaba!” Sailor Celestial then charges in at Heathcliff with the intent to kill, but Heathcliff easily dodges her sword swipe in which he slams his shield into the back of Sailor Celestial causing her to collapse to the ground and into unconsciousness.


Kirito shouts out, “Sugu!” Kirito charges in, but Heathcliff grabs Sailor Celestial by the leg and throws her into Kirito and sending both of them into the ground.


Asuna says, concerned, “Kirito-kun!” As the others gather around them, Heathcliff throws the Star Saber in front of them.


Heathcliff says, “The Star Saber has chosen its new master or in this case, mistress. It is hers now.”


Sailor Mars says, with a sneer, “How generous of you.”


Heathcliff says, “I am not one for generosity. She has earned the right to wield the saber and I have no right to take it away despite my defeating her. She isn’t ready. I shall wait for the time when she is at full power and we can settle things for good.”


Sailor Jupiter says, with a sneer, “What makes you think that we are going to let that happen? We’re going to stop you right here!”


Heathcliff responds, “You can stop me as you can stop Mother Nature herself, Jupiter. Selene and I have forged this destiny long ago with the choices of the Silver Millennium and of today. Choice one powerful element in the formation of fate and through our choices, this destiny is unavoidable.”


After putting Sailor Celestial into the hands of the others, Kirito says, drawing his swords, “What right do you have to say that? What right do you have to mess with so many lives? So many futures that were destroyed because of you? None of those people that you killed with your ‘death game’ were involved with the Silver Millennium and you stripped of all that they have! Diabel…Sachi…all of them! What right did you have to decide their own fate and take away the possible bright futures that they could have had? All for what? To force my sister to relive the betrayal that you did to her millennia ago? To settle a fight that’s one thousand years in the past? I thought that you were screwed up before, but you have surprised me beyond expectations and pissed me of as well Kayaba!”


Asuna says, lowly, “Kirito-kun…”


Heathcliff tells Kirito, “We are not in SAO anymore, Kirito. Yours and Serenity’s victory against me was completely valid because I fought with all of my strength as I had bound by the system of SAO and you and Serenity went beyond the system. You and Serenity won against me fair and square in SAO. However, this isn’t SAO. There are no ‘systems’ to bind me. You are only a swordsman and your sister is a warrior. Only she can beat me, Kirito.”


Kirito says, with a determined tone, “Let’s see about that Kayaba!” Before anyone could say anything or stop him, Kirito charges in right at Heathcliff and ready to impale, but the instant that he gets close, Heathcliff, with incredible speed, easily side-steps out of the way causing Kirito to gain an expression of pure shock before spins around and bashes Kirito right in the head and knocking him to the ground.


Asuna shouts out, shocked, “Kirito-kun!” Kirito gets to his feet and twists around only to see the Shadow Saber right in his face much to his shock and disbelief.


Heathcliff asks Kirito, “Now, do you see the difference between a swordsman and a warrior, Kirito?”


Sailor Moon yells out, “Stop this now!!” Immediately, everyone focuses on Sailor Moon, who has tears in her eyes, and she says, her eyes narrowing in rage not seen in her before SAO, “I can’t believe you! All the pain…the suffering…the death just for not only your own designs, but to settle an ‘old score’ for back in the Silver Millennium? Just because you wanted to prove that you were right and Celestial was wrong?!”


Heathcliff responds, “Partially, my dear. However, I am not one to leave a fight unfinished. To be honest, I don’t care if Sailor Celestial beats me in our fated battle. She and I are ‘relics’ of the past and it is time to put an end to this last story of the Silver Millennium. But there is another reason: I’m seeing if Crystal Tokyo is the proper future that Earth should be following.”


Sailor Pluto asks, “What do you mean?”


Heathcliff says, with a stern tone, “I can’t decide if Crystal Tokyo is indeed the way of the future or if it just a mere imitation of the Silver Millennium, which I believed to be the closest thing to paradise, Sailor Pluto. There is no replacement for it.”


Sailor Pluto yells out, irritated, “Crystal Tokyo is not a replacement for the Silver Millennium?”


Heathcliff asks, “Really? Or is just what you want to believe Sailor Pluto?” Heathcliff tells Sailor Pluto, “That’s where Selene comes in. She has many ‘powers and abilities’ even though they aren’t powers in a ‘normal’ sense of the word. She has the ability of unlimited potential which means that she can continue to ‘evolve’ and grow for as long as she lives and for another, she has the ability to alter the threads of destiny. With anyone, they can influence their own destiny through their choices, Selene is different. The choices that she can make will affect the destinies of many.”


Kirito asks, “What do you mean?”


Heathcliff responds, “You and Asuna have done it before Kirito back in SAO through you have done it better than her.”


Just then a familiar female voice asks, “So, I’m just a pawn in your game?” Everyone then looks to see Sailor Celestial stagger to her feet and she tells Heathcliff, “You haven’t changed a bit, jerk. You want use me as you used me in the Silver Millennium.”


Heathcliff retorts, with a smile, “Perish the thought, my dear. You are more valuable than a mere pawn. The power of Etherion will prove valuable to the war ahead.”


Sailor Pluto asks, shocked, “What did you just say?”


Sailor Uranus sees Sailor Pluto’s reaction and she asks, “What’s Etherion?”


When everyone looks at Sailor Pluto, she says, “Etherion is a great and dangerous power since it can be used to create or destroy. In fact, Etherion is the legendary power of creation itself. It was born at the birth of all existence itself and it has the power to do anything and I mean anything. It is only limited by the imagination, but it is a power so great that it could rip into the very fabric of space-time and erase existence itself if one isn’t careful using Etherion. Etherion is so powerful that no living mortal being has the power to weld Etherion.”


Sailor Celestial says, solemnly, “Expect me, Pluto.” When they look at Sailor Celestial, she then puts her Elucidator into a sheath on the right side of her skirt while putting Dark Repulser into a sheath attached to the left side of her skirt, she puts her hands together and creating a strange glow energy that’s colored gold, silver, bronze, white, and black.


Sailor Mars asks, stunned, “What...What is this energy?”


Sailor Pluto says, amazed, “That…That’s Etherion!”


There are looks of shock and Sailor Celestial says, “This is the great secret only known to a few in the Silver Millennium. It was the reason that I was born to be Sailor Celestial, the Soldier of Reality. I was born with the power to control Etherion, a power only rivaled by the Imperium Silver Crystal.”


Sailor Neptune asks, amazed, “Rivals the Silver Crystal?”


Sailor Pluto says, “The Silver Crystal is one of the greatest powers in universe and existence, but it doesn’t mean that there are powers that rival or exceed it, Neptune. There is no such as a true ‘ultimate power’ because there is something always stronger through not usually the case at first.”


Sailor Celestial says, as tears start to stream from her eyes, “Blessed and cursed with a great power. A power so great that if anyone would find out that they would presume me to use me and my power to no ends.” Sailor Celestial says, glaring at Heathcliff, “A power that you tricked me to use for your own selfish gain that caused the end of the Silver Millennium! For you and your original Aincrad!” There are more looks of shock and Sailor Celestial says, with tears in her eyes, “You said that it was the ‘gateway to a new tomorrow beyond the Silver Millennium’, but then I knew something was wrong and I knew better, however, I followed stupidly like a dumb little girl! And you betrayed my trust utterly, you put the fear and hatred into the hearts of the people of Earth, and allowed Metallia to influence them to bring them to darkness! You brought the end of everything! My home…My family…My people! Everything destroyed because of your selfish and self-righteous actions and ego!”


Heathcliff responds, “I could have saved it.”


Sailor Celestial rolls her eyes and responds, “And destroyed all of existence ATTEMPTING to use a power beyond your understanding! There is a reason only I was gifted and cursed with this power!”


Heathcliff replies, “That’s just conjecture, my dear Selene.”


Sailor Celestial says, with a sneer, “Oh, you say that you don’t act like you know everything and yet, you actions show the opposite.”


Heathcliff says, “It may seem that way, but life isn’t always what they seem. Did you think that I anticipated your brother and your sister exposing me on the seventy-fifth floor? No, I do not. I love RPG, but they are exactly like life itself: Completely unpredictable at times. And that’s how I like it.” Heathcliff then dodges a sword swipe from Kirito by backflip behind him much to his shock and surprise and when Kirito turns around, Heathcliff kicks him in the chest causing him to stumble backwards into the others.


Asuna, Lisbeth, and Silica say in unison, shocked, “Kirito!”


Kirito says, “I’m okay.”


Heathcliff says, “As I said, Kirito, you are only a swordsman and your sister is a warrior. She was…She is born and bred to be a warrior in this lifetime and the last.”


Sailor Celestial responds, with a glare, “And what makes you so sure?”


Heathcliff retorts, “And what makes you so sure that I’m wrong? What makes you think that Suguha Kirigaya and Princess Selene are any different?” Sailor Celestial winches at that and at that moment, Heathcliff swings the Shadow Saber at the roof creating an energy wave that slams into the roof and causes the whole cavern to shake.


Dai yells out, “Shit! The bastard has caused the cave to become unstable!”


Heathcliff takes out what looks like a Corridor Crystal and he says, “When you are ready, you will know where I will be.” The crystal shatters and a portal opens behind Heathcliff in which he steps into.


Sailor Celestial says, “Hey, I’m not done with you!” Sailor Celestial grabs the Star Saber and prepares to charge after him, but falling debris, including large boulders, falling all around her prevented that.


Kirito shouts out, “Sugu, we have to get out here!”


Tuxedo Mask yells out, “Get out now!” Immediately, the group starts to leave the caverns at top speed, but Sailor Celestial hesitates for a moment, however, when she sees the portal close, she rushes out after the others.


July 29, 2025, Rainbow Gardens, Little Leaf


Returning to Dai’s and Akari’s ‘home base’ in Rainbow Gardens, Little Leaf, our group is assembled together, minus Dai and Akari, as they discuss about what just happened some time ago.


Sailor Saturn asks Sailor Pluto, “You never knew that Sailor Celestial had such power?”


Sailor Pluto says, “I never knew at all, Firefly. However, I can understand the secrecy of such a thing. The Silver Crystal isn’t the only powerful ‘force’ in the universe and there are ones that are just as powerful, but much more easier to access than the Silver Crystal since they aren’t ‘bloodline specific’ like the Silver Crystal.”


Sailor Uranus asks, “And Sailor Celestial’s Etherion powers are one of them?”


Sailor Pluto says, “Yes, it is true. However, normally, it isn’t possible to control such incredible power at least through an ‘organic medium’: Namely a living being. Even we, Sailor Scouts, couldn’t harness such power in our own bodies. Sailor Celestial has been given a rare gift.”


Sailor Celestial says, solemnly, “And an ultimate curse.”


Matt asks, “Because of those that want to use your power for their own purposes.”


Sailor Mars says, “Not surprising since there were plenty of our enemies that wanted to use the Silver Crystal for their own selfish purposes.”


Tai asks, “And Kayaba, as Heathcliff, was the first to use Sailor Celestial’s power for a ‘bad purpose’?”


Sailor Celestial says, with a solemn tone, “Yes. It is the power that created the first Aincrad back in the Silver Millennium. Like Sailor Moon, I was tricked to believe someone when in fact, he was using it for his own agenda. There was a reason that we, of the Moon Kingdom and the Silver Alliance, never interfered the affairs of Earth. We didn’t want them to become dependent on us or to install the fear that we felt that we were some kind of deities or something like that. Kayaba believed that we were holding Earth and its people back from their ‘full potential’.”


Kendo says, “And events proved that you were right.”


Sailor Pluto says, with a solemn nod, “Yes, it is correct. As we have mentioned before, Prince Heathcliff’s actions created the ‘dark seed’ needed for Metallia’s influence to take root and led to the events that caused the end of the Silver Millennium.”


Sailor Celestial says, “He was going to correct his ‘mistake’ by using the Etherion powers that he took from me within Aincrad. I had to stop him or he would have destroyed the entire universe!”


Sailor Pluto says, “Etherion, if out of control, could have done that and so much more. There is more than just our universe in all of existence itself and his actions could have threatened all of existence.”


Lisbeth asks, nervously, “You’re kidding, right?”


Sailor Uranus responds, “Pluto isn’t one to kid around with that kind of stuff, Lisbeth.”


Izumi tells Sailor Celestial, “And you and Kayaba fought in the original Aincrad and struck each other with lethal blows?”


Sailor Celestial says, with a nod, “Yes, we did. However, we didn’t die right away. But before I gave the final blow, I ran back to the Moon Kingdom, but all I found were ruins…” Sailor Celestial says, solemnly, “My kingdom…my home…my family…all gone…I called out for my sister…for anyone…but all I was my mother…her body…lying down on a slab of rubble after she used the Silver Crystal. I tried to get to her, but my strength left me and I collapsed in which I heard Sailor Pluto call out for me. The last thing that I remember…I was in Sailor Pluto’s arms and she was looking at me with sadness in her eyes…I was crying…I felt that it was my fault…and then…all went black...”


Sailor Pluto says, solemnly, “It is a memory that I had hoped that would fade away with the centuries at the Time Gates. I had hoped that while even Princess Serenity would have be brought forward in case the Silver Crystal was needed again that at least her sister, Princess Selene, would find peace.”


Just then a familiar male voice says, “Well, it looked like Kayaba had other plans.” Everyone then looks to see Dai and Akari coming up towards them.


Hana asks, “Are you okay?’


Akari says, with a smile, “We’ll be fine, Mimi…I mean Hana.”


Dai says, “It is going to be kind of hard to let it go since we have been here for so long.”


Kirito says, with a smile, “We know that kind of feeling, Dai.”


Sailor Moon then asks, “Why?” When everyone looks at her, Sailor Moon asks Sailor Celestial, “Why didn’t you tell me the truth?”


Sailor Celestial responds, with a serious tone, “You know darn why, sis! After the crap that fucking ass put you through, you wanted me to say: ‘Hey, I’m not only your sister, but that fucking backstabber that you trusted in this life was our mother’s lover back in the Silver Millennium and our father!’ Seriously, Sailor Moon?! Or need I remind you of your reaction earlier?!”


Sailor Moon winches from that question and Tuxedo Mask says, “We understand your reasoning behind keeping this information from Sailor Moon, but I’m not sure that we approve.”


Sailor Mars says, with a sigh, “However, she does have a point.” When everyone looks at Sailor Mars, she says, “Like it or not, Meatball Head is still recovering from that nightmare and basically, so are the rest of you.”


Sailor Celestial says, seriously, “Which is why after we get Dai and Akari home, I’m continuing on alone.”


There are gasps and Kirito says, “Sugu…”


Sailor Celestial says, with a plain tone, “No, big brother. All of you just got back from that nightmare that fiend created and his legacy still continues to haunt to this day. He wants…He needs this battle and I can’t risk another SAO or Silver Millennium. I’m going after him and ending this.”


Kirito tells Sailor Celestial, “Sugu, you can’t…!!”


Sailor Celestial says, “I can and I have to! This is not only to honor those that died in SAO, but this is also for me too. When you found out about our ‘family relationship’ when you were ten, you felt out of place in our family, right? Well, I felt that for as long as I could remember.”


There are surprised looks and Kirito says, surprised, “Wait!”


Sailor Celestial says, with a sigh, “It always felt that small feeling in my heart that I always felt ‘out of place’ in everything. I basically ignored it and tried to come up with some kind of excuse based on how far apart we gone or what happened when we found out our ‘family relations’, but it wasn’t the truth. The truth is that I was out of place is because like it or not, the fiend and I share something in common.”


Taichi asks, “How can you and that asshole share anything?”


Sailor Celestial says, solemnly, “We are both relics of the Silver Millennium.” Everyone looks at her in surprise and she says, “Even though I didn’t know it until I awakened, I was ‘out of place’ not just in my own current family…I’m out of place in this whole time. For me, the Silver Millennium never truly ended because I still have that bit of ‘unfinished business’ in my previous life. However, it is more than just that. Ever since regaining my memories, I kept wondering: Who am I? Am I really who I thought that I am for all these years? Or am I…Am I just a façade for Princess Selene? Did Suguha Kirigaya ever really exist?”


Kirito says, stunned, “Sugu, that’s crazy!”


Sailor Celestial responds, “Is it, Kirito? Is it really that crazy? Did I really practice and do kendo just because my ‘love’ for it or was just training to be a warrior once more? Princess Selene…Sailor Celestial…was…is a born and bred warrior. Where Selene end and where does Suguha begin, if she ever existed at all? Those are the question that I need to answer. SAO was originally my story and every one of you that got trapped in that death game were all of you dragging into it. I mean: The Duel Wielding Sword Skill, the one who had it was the one that it being the ‘hero’ of the ‘story’, and Heathcliff against the Duel Wielder? That’s the exact story of our fight in the Ruby Palace in the original Aincrad!”


Kirito says, “And that means that I was just practice for you, Sugu.”


Sailor Celestial says, with a sigh, “Yeah.”


Yamato says, with a sneer, “Jerk.”


Miyako says, with a nod, “You said it.”


Takashi says, nodding his head, “No kidding.”


Sailor Celestial says, as she walks away, “As I said, this adventures is what I have to do and I have to do it much the same way that big brother did: Solo. You already got dragged into it and suffered so much from his madness. I’m not going to let you suffer anymore. This is my story and I will be the one to write the final chapter on him, the Silver Millennium, and Sword Art Online for good.”


Sailor Celestial then walks away and when she is out of hearing distance, Dai asks, “Geez! Weight of the world much?”


Lisbeth says, “You took the words right out of my mouth, Dai.”


Sam says, “I think that she feels that she deserves some of the blame for SAO. I believe that she felt that if she has struck the final blow against Kayaba back in the Silver Millennium, he would have not been reborn and SAO would have never happened in the first place.”


Sailor Jupiter says, “No way! She can’t be sure if that was the case!”


Sailor Pluto looks a bit solemn and Tuxedo Mask asks, seeing this, “Pluto?”


When everyone looks at Sailor Pluto, she says, solemnly, “Actually, there is validity in the belief if Celestial did strike the final blow against Heathcliff, he wouldn’t have been reborn as Kayaba.”


There are gasps and Taichi says, stunned, “You’re joking!”


Sailor Pluto says, with a sigh, “Sailor Celestial is the Sailor Senshi of Reality and she has powers beyond just all of our powers in which prevent reincarnation wouldn’t be a problem for her especially with something like Etherion. However, Heathcliff knew about this and he had protection through I can’t be certain about that. If Sailor Celestial delivered the final blow and slain Heathcliff…”


Sailor Uranus says, “The protection would have been lost and she could have used her powers to make sure that he remained in the grave. No Kayaba and thus, no SAO.”


Sailor Pluto says, with a nod, “Correct. And Sailor Celestial knows about this completely.”


Kirito tells Sailor Pluto, “She grilled you on that one.”


Sailor Pluto says, with a nod, “Indeed.”


Dai says, with a winch, “Ouch.”


Junpier says, plainly, “You said it, squirt.”


Sailor Pluto says, “However, there is also the possibility that Heathcliff would have found a way to be ‘revived’ even if Sailor Celestial struck him down. He was as highly intelligent back then as he is today. And I am not saying this to make Sailor Celestial feel better.”


Tuxedo Mask says, “We understand and believe you on that point, but I believe it will be hard for Celestial to accept that.”


Sailor Mars says, “Add that to her current identity crisis and she is messed up.”


Sailor Jupiter says, “No joke, Mars.”


Asuna says, stunned, “All that pain…that sorrow…that death just to force Suguha to awaken her powers and make her relive that painful history.” Asuna asks, “Why? What is the point of all that?”


Sailor Moon says, solemnly, “It is just the way that he is. He hates leaving things unfinished.”


Sailor Pluto says, “While that’s true, my princess, I fear that there is something more to his plot.” When everyone looks at Pluto, she says, “He could have started the battle that he wanted right then and there and it wasn’t just the ‘scene’ that he didn’t feel right. He left her the Star Saber without making any attempt to get it back.”


Sailor Uranus says, “He wants her to get stronger.”


There are surprised looks and Sailor Saturn asks, “Why?”


Sailor Uranus says, “That’s a good question.”


Tuxedo Mask says, “What we do know is that he has another plot in his wings and most likely, he won’t commit ‘another SAO’ to get it because he already got what he wanted.”


There are plenty of shocked looks and Miyako asks, “What do you mean?”


Kirito says, plainly, “What Mamoru means is that despite us clearing the game, Kayaba was the ultimate winner of Sword Art Online.”


There are gasps and Lisbeth asks, “What are you talking about Kirito?”


Kirito responds, “Remember Kayaba’s words on the first day? He said and he confirmed this: He wanted to ‘create and observe a world of his own design’. He knew that SAO wouldn’t last forever and it had to end sooner or later in which he disguised himself as a player to make sure that it didn’t end too soon. We followed his ‘pet narrative’ very well and one of the few things that he didn’t expect was Usagi and I exposing him so soon. Personally, I don’t think that he cared if he won or lost the battle that I challenged him too. If he won, the game goes on and he waits for the survivors at the Ruby Palace. If he lost, the game ends and he got to see and experience a surprise twist to his ‘story’. We have cleared the game, but Kayaba was the real winner of SAO especially since he got his other goal for SAO: Forcing Sugu to awaken as Sailor Celestial.”


There are plenty of surprised looks and Dai says, “Okay, that’s messed up.”


Lisbeth says, drolly, “You said it, pal.”


Sailor Jupiter says, annoyed, “That majorly stinks.”


Sailor Mars says, “Yeah, I know. All we know is that he wanted Sailor Celestial to awaken and he got it, but now, it seems like he wants Sailor Celestial to become stronger.”


Sailor Saturn asks, “Why?”


Sailor Pluto says, “That’s a very good question, Firefly.”


Taichi says, “Anyway, it’s time to bring my sister and Davis home with us.”


Akari and Dai look at each other and Akari says, “Dai and I finished up our final business, here, and we’re ready to go.”


Yamato says, “Then let’s get back home.” The others nod their heads in agreement, but Sailor Moon and Kirito can’t help to be concerned about Sailor Celestial as she is outside and looking up at the virtual sky of this living virtual world in which Asuna, Lisbeth, Silica, Tuxedo Mask, and the Sailor Scouts can’t help to be concerned for the two of them as well as plenty of them are wondering what Kayaba’s plan for Sailor Celestial really is.


August 1, 2025, Tokyo


Inside of the city of Tokyo, there is a slender, bespectacled man with tall and spiky white hair in which he is wearing all white as he looks down on the city of Tokyo from a massive skyscraper building as a youthful looking woman with short black hair, grey eyes, and wearing trousers, a black top and a white lab coat.


The man tells the woman, “How good for you to join us, Takami-chan?”


The woman responds, “What do you want Minaka?”


The man responds, with a sly smile, “Such hostility, Takami-chan. It seems like you got out of the wrong side of the bed.”


The woman retorts, “Stop with your typical attitude, Minaka! I have just gotten back my son after he disappeared to who knows where after my daughter was trapped in that nightmare that Kayaba had created!”


The man responds, “Ah, yes. Kayaba, I have to say is the only person that I call my one true rival and equal is him. But while his mighty intelligent matched mine, he was such a fool.” The man says, excitedly, “If you want to create a ‘dangerous game’, you do it in secret! Doing such a thing will render the only possibility of having to fry your body and transferring your mind onto the internet! Despite it being an interesting idea since who know what’s in the ‘digital plane’, I digress to say that if you want to create the right kind of ‘game’, you have to make a prize so wonderful…so incredible…that the players would risk their lives over…and when the time is right, I will prove the point so wonderfully when I let my birds fly the coop!” The man, Minaka, then gives such an insane laugh that the woman rolls her eyes.


The woman asks, “Don’t tell me…?”


Minaka responds, “No, Takami-chan. The time is not right since Kayaba has still his role to play in all this.”


The woman, Takami, responds, “What are you talking about? Kayaba is dead!”


Minaka throws the woman some files and he says, with a smirk, “Read this and you will disagree on that statement my dear.”


When Takami reads the papers in the files, she says, shocked, “No way! That coward!”


Minaka responds, “Coward? Maybe. Actually, he wanted to find his ‘own world’ without the interference of justice. And like I said, he still his role to play and until he is done, I can’t make my move. If he had met his final demise back in SAO which would have most like happened if he gotten you know who involved in his little ‘death game’, it would have happened and I could have moved up my timetable, but not at this moment.”


Takami asks, curiously, “What are you planning?”


Minaka responds, “That’s for me to know and you to find out…Unless…”


Takami shouts out, “No way!”


Minaka retorts, “Well, they are MY son and daughter too you know? You did seem to enjoy our romps in bed that gave us such a wonderful daughter and son, who is a hero no less.” Takami blushes at Minaka’s words and he says, “I was such a man and still man these days, you know? I have to admit that the man that you took as your husband is quite the guy too…”


Takami asks, with a glare, “Is that a threat?”


Minaka responds, “Perish the thought, my dear!” Minaka says, with a sly smile, “Anyway, that hubby of yours really knows his stuff. He may be nowhere near my intelligence, but I have to say that he has got his moments. I know that if I try anything, my dream is toast.” Minaka tells Takami, with a glare, “However, if our boy and girl get involved without a single bit of my interference, you know what the deal is.”


Takami responds, with a sneer, “Understood.”


Minaka tells Takami, “Anyway, you should be more worried about others that have interest in our boy and his girlfriend, who I must say is quite the looker, as well as Kayaba’s main interest these days.”


Takami asks, confused, “What do you mean?”


Minaka retorts, “You are smart girl, my dear. You can figure it out.” Takami snarls as she stomp away and when she is gone, Minaka says, “Well, Kayaba, you are casting the dice. We are going to have to see how the world responds.”


August 1, 2025, Neo Domino City


Inside of Neo Domino City, we are in the mayor’s office, formally known as the director’s office, of Neo Domino City where Lazar, the mayor of Neo Domino City, is talking with a group of figures on a screen with their features hidden.


One of the figures, a male, says, “It has been confirmed.”


Lazar responds, with a smirk, “Yep! Daisuke Motomiya and Hikari Kamiya, who have just come out of their ‘comas’, have been confirmed to be two of the new Signers.”


The male figure responds, “Good, Lazar.”


The female figure says, “They needed to be tested right away.”


Lazar says, “Yes, but there is a problem: The original Signers are going to meet with the two new Signers.”


The male figure replies, “And this is a problem? The original Signers were chosen by the Crimson Dragon, as they have performed so well, in order to train the new Signers and the Duel Priests and Priestess for their mission.”


Lazar asks, “You mean Suguha Kirigaya?”


The female figure replies, with a nod, “Sailor Celestial has her own role to play, but she won’t be doing it alone. However, her role may not start just yet.”


Lazar responds, confused, “What do you mean?”


The male figure responds, “Kayaba still has his role to play in this ‘story’ that he is telling, but he is only telling it the way that he wants to. So far, it has been playing right into our hands, but we can’t be sure that if it will last forever.”


The female figure says, “It is a good thing that SAO ended early because if it would have lasted longer…”


The male figure responds, “I would have doubted that my dear. If Kayaba felt that he would have had to bring Sailor Celestial into SAO, it would have been because of them and he would have had Sailor Celestial ‘evolve’ even faster for that reason. You have read the reports about ‘them’ trying to influence Sugou-san.”


The female figure responds, “Yes, I did. If he had gone through, it would have caused havoc within the game itself and unleashed the pent up stored emotional energy, mainly negative.”


The male figure says, “And the enemy that Kayaba had sealed inside might have ended up in ‘better shape’ than she is now and caused Kayaba to bring Sailor Celestial into SAO.”


Lazar asks, “To force her to ‘evolve’ faster?”


The male figure responds, “That’s right, Lazar. However, right now, it is time for us to take the ‘driver’s seat’.”


Lazar responds, with a sly smile, “Understood, sir.”


August 1, 2025, Neo Domino City, Satellite Sector


Inside of Yusei’s shop within the Satellite Sector, we find the former Signers looking at our Digidestined group, now joined by a completely healthy Davis Motomiya, wearing an outfit similar to his Digi-World outfit, and Kari Kamiya, wearing an outfit similar to her Digi-World outfit, and their Digimon partners, now joined by Veemon and Gatomon, along with Darien and the Sailor Scouts, in their ‘civilian forms’, as they look at Davis’ and Kari’s right arms with Davis’ right arm having the Dragon’s Head Mark of the Dragon and Kari’s right arm having the Dragon’s Foot Mark of the Dragon.


Jack says, “That confirms that. They are the new Signers.”


Gatomon asks, “So, they are supposed to protect the world by playing a ‘card game’?”


Jack responds, “Don’t knock until you experience a Shadow Duel or fighting one of the Emperors of Yliaster, kitty cat.”


Gatomon yells out, annoyed, “I’m not a kitty cat.”


Kari says, “Easy, Gatomon.”


Trista says, “Being a Signer is no laughing matter, young Kamiya. It is a great responsibility.”


Davis says, with a grin, “Not like we haven’t saved the world before.”


TK says, with a smile, “No kidding, Davis.”


Yolei asks, “Are you and Davis sure that you are okay, Kari?”


Kari tells Yolei, “I’m fine, Yolei.”


Mina says, with a smile, “Those chambers were designed to keep their bodies healthy since it was saving their lives.”


Tai says, “They weren’t like us who had to go through months of rehabilitation just to get ready for school.”


Matt says, “Don’t remind me, Tai.”


Davis says, “Personally, it hurt just hearing about that.”


Veemon says, with a nod, “Yeah, Davis.”


Leo asks, “So, Davis is Yusei’s successor and Kari is Akiza’s successor?”


Akiza says, “It seems so, Leo.”


Leo asks, “Doesn’t that mean that they need Stardust Dragon and Black Rose Dragon?”


Lita asks, curiously, “Aren’t those your cards?”


Crow says, with a smirk, “Actually, I may have solution for all that.” When everyone looks at Crow, he holds up a poster and he says, “There is a big tournament in our honor going on and the prize is duplicates of our dragon cards.”


There are gasps and Luna asks, shocked, “Duplicates of our dragons?”


Jack asks, with a narrowing glare, “When did the announcement come out?”


Crow responds, “Just recently…Ah! I get it!”


Amara says, with a nod, “These two just ‘woke up’ and now, there is a tournament with duplicates of your dragons out? This isn’t coincidence.”


Jack says, “For once, we agree.”


Akiza asks, “A trap?”


Yusei asks, “Who is the tournament being hosted by?”


Luna says, looking at the poster, “It looks like the city is hosting it with Lazar.”


Jack says, “This doesn’t surprise me one bit.”


Leo asks, “You think that he is up to something?”


Jack responds, “I don’t think, Leo…I KNOW that he is up to something.”


Akiza says, “Yliaster is gone since the Emperors and Z-One have been defeated and we have changed the future. Lazar has proven to be a good mayor for the city…or at least, it is what I heard.”


Yusei says, with a nod, “True, Akiza. However, Lazar has been known to have secrets and gaining news one isn’t out of the bucket for him.”


Crow says, nodding his head, “Yep! He has proven to be sneaky and sly before and I wouldn’t put it by him to be up to his old tricks again.”


Davis says, with a grin, “I say let’s go for it.” When everyone looks at Davis, he says, with a grin, “Most likely, he is curious about Kari’s and my new ‘tattoos’ and I say let’s give it him. He has invited us to a party and I say that we should crash it.”

Raye asks, “No way! You just got back from being trapped in a living virtual world for two years! And now, you want to go into who knows what?!”


TK says, with a grin, “Hasn’t stopped Davis before, Raye.”


Ken says, with a smile, “That’s the Davis that we know.”


Yolei says, with a sigh and smile, “Unfortunately.”


Yusei asks, “By the way, where is your friend, Suguha Kirigaya?”


Serena asks, curiously and concerned, “Why do you ask Yusei-san?”


Jack says, “It is about that card that she used in her duel with Sayer: Black Rose MOONLIGHT Dragon.”


Yusei says, “We may have an idea about what it is.”


Mina says, nervously, “That’s going to be a problem.”


Jack asks, curiously, “How so?”


Amara responds, “Her brother called earlier to inform us that she left a note that she had important business today.”


Leo asks, confused, “So? Doesn’t seem like a problem to me. What’s the problem?’


Serena thinks in her mind, “It wouldn’t be a problem if Suguha wasn’t so messed up, Leo-san. I’m really worried about her now.”


August 1, 2025, San Francisco, California


Within the streets of San Francisco, California in the United States, a petite woman with black hair and looking in her late twenties sitting in front of a beach side café and looking out towards the ocean. Her name is Rinko Koujiro, the woman who loved Akihiko Kayaba, the man that created Sword Art Online and the NervGear, the ‘instruments of death’ that killed nearly 4,000 people in two years in an event known as the ‘SAO Incident’. After being confronted by the Sailor Scouts and taken into custody as an accessory to Kayaba’s crimes, it was found that there was a micro-bomb planted to the left of her sternum and it was believed that she was forced to help Kayaba during the two years of the incident. Only known to Rinko and the Sailor Scouts with those closest to them, the bomb was fake planted by Kayaba to make the world think that she helped him against his will and she was released and cleared of any charges. After that, she left Japan to live in the United States to start a new life and away from the horrors that she had helped in, unwillingly and willingly, since she was one of the programmers for Sword Art Online not knowing about Kayaba’s true master plan until it was too late, but she knew where he was and didn’t do anything to stop him as well as take care of him as he committed this act. However, her past is coming back to haunt her once more as she plans to meet someone here.


As she looks around, Rinko hears a female voice say in Japanese, “I’m here.” Rinko looks to see Suguha Kirigaya, in casual attire, walking up to her.


Rinko asks, “Suguha Kirigaya?”


Suguha responds, “It’s me.”


Rinko says, with a smile, “I’m sorry, but I need to see your broach.”


Suguha’s eyes widen for a moment and she says, showing Rinko her transformation broach, “He told you about me.”


Rinko says, with a nod, “Before he died, yes. However, he told me not to mention it when your ‘sister’ and her friends arrived.”


Suguha tells Rinko, with a snort, “He thinks that he is so smart.” Suguha tells Rinko, “Now, let’s get down to business. I’m not very happy with you.”


Rinko responds, “I would be surprised if you weren’t, Suguha-san.”


Suguha tells Rinko, “You got my interest.”


Rinko tells Suguha, taking out a tablet, “Taking a look at this, Suguha-san.” When Suguha looks at the tablet, her eyes widen and she gains a snarl.


Suguha says, “That ass!”


Rinko says, “He also wants me to tell you to watch out for Seijirou.”


Suguha asks, with a plain tone, “And why should I do that?”


Rinko responds, “Akihiko told me that he knows that Serena and Sailor Moon are one in the same person.”


Suguha yells out, stunned, “What? But how?”


Rinko says, “I’ve put it on there.” Suguha looks confused, looks at the tablet, and she then pushes a button on the tablet causing her eyes to widen again.


Suguha says, plainly, “I see.”


Rinko says, “He hasn’t told anyone and most likely, he had figured that since Sailor Moon was trapped in the game, one of the Sailor Scouts, most likely Mercury, was part of the task force and made sure that information didn’t get out.”


Suguha says, “So, they wouldn’t figure out that someone in the task force knows that Serena and Sailor Moon are one in the same.”


Rinko says, with a nod, “That’s right.”


Suguha says, “Along with the fact that they were the ones that fought Kayaba, it is the reason that he is so ‘buddy-buddy’ with my brother and sister.”


Rinko says, “There is something else.” Rinko motions for the tablet and when Suguha gives it back to her, Rinko pushes some buttons and she gives the tablet back to Suguha, who gains another look of shock looking at it.


Suguha says, “It looks like Darien, sis, and the girls didn’t find everything…” Suguha asks, “Hold up! You should know it was there! Why didn’t you take any of it?”


Rinko responds, “Akihiko told me not to bother with it. However, he did mention that if he had to go with a ‘backup plan’ of his, he would have given you what was in the briefcase.”


Suguha nods her head, having an idea of the ‘backup plan’, and she asks, “You want me to go get them?”


Rinko replies, “Yes. Please bring the briefcase back to me, but you can keep the journals.”


Suguha retorts, sarcastically, “And how do I do that?”


Rinko responds, “Look at the tablet, Suguha-san.” Rinko points to a button, Suguha pushes it, and her eyes widen at it.


Suguha says, with a snort, “He has to be a clever bastard, doesn’t he? What a wiseass.”


Rinko asks, “Do you really hate him?” Suguha doesn’t reply as she gets up to leave and Rinko says, “You know that you are following his narrative.”


Suguha says, “Yeah, I know. And it really ticks me off, but right now, it is the only lead that I have to end this once and for all.”


Rinko says, “I don’t have any right to ask you for anything, but I ask that you end this for all of our sakes.”


Suguha responds, plainly, “I will.” As Suguha walks off into the distance, Rinko can’t help to look into the distance and wonder about the man that she loved as well as all of his actions up to this moment and more. Suguha think in her mind, “I’m sorry, big brother…and you too, sis. But I need to do this if I’m going to advance further in my life. As long as this goes on, I won’t get the answers to my questions and I will be stuck in the past as Kazuto’s ‘spirit’ was still trapped in SAO after he got of the game. To get to the future and to finally give the souls of SAO some final peace along with the Silver Millennium, I need to end this with him once and for all.”


End of Chapter 7


(Sword Art Online closing theme ‘Yume Sekai’ starts)


As the scene floats down in front of us, we see the Moon Palace in front of a massive lake where instead of the palace, Aincrad is being reflected by the pool of water instead of the Moon Palace. As Aincrad is being shown, we see Kirito, Usagi, and Asuna, in their SAO forms with their ALO forms behind them, floating down and as we float down, we see Suguha Kirigaya surrounded by her ALO avatar of Leaf and as Eternal Sailor Celestial with the form of someone that looks like Princess Serenity, but with Sailor Celestial’s sigils on her forehead. And finally, we float down to see Davis Motomiya, in his Kirito’s style outfit, and Kari Kamiya, in her version of Asuna’s KOB outfit, together surrounded by the three Egyptian God Cards, the Sacred Beasts, Signer Dragons, and many more ‘out of the ordinary’ Duel Monsters including the Aesir.


The final scene appears where it shows Kazuto, Serena, Asuna, Suguha, Davis, and Kari surrounded by all of their friends, comrades, and/or loved ones: The Sailor Scouts, Tuxedo Mask, Digidestined and their Digimon partners, Rika, Keiko, Andrew, and Ryoutarou.


Preview (Leafa’s voice)


“Next time: Dangerous Game of Dragons.”


That’s the end of this chapter! Anyway, I think that plenty of you have noticed that there are ‘parallels’ between this chapter and what happened in a previous Sailor Moon/SAO multi-crossover fanfiction that I have completed, did you not? I had mentioned in my ‘Hollow Fragment’ fanfiction that the main Sailor Moon Online storyline and ‘Hollow Fragment’ fanfiction storyline are going to be ‘parallel’ to each other, but they are going to have differences, trust me on that one folks. You are going to have to read and find out what they are everyone! Later and best wishes, Crossover Fans!