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With the upcoming chapter, I would have to say that I’ve always talked about that this story series and the ‘Hollow Fragment’ timeline are going to parallel each other throughout this and other stories, right? Well, I can tell you now that you are going to have to expect elements from both video games, ‘Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment and Sword Art Online: Lost Song’, going to be part of this story. Now, before I would start this chapter, I would like to give thanks and credit to Belletigerand Kanius and Kanius’ YuYuGiDigiMoon series, especially this author’s The Invasion of the Rajita story, for giving me permission to use the idea of Valkyrie Sailor Soldiers and everything that’s a part of them.


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Warning: This story contains intense violence, blood, possible gore, death, mild to explicit suggestive themes, including mind-control and brainwashing, mild to explicit bad language, and mature adult themes/situations!


Second Warning: Some to a lot of OOC (Out of Character) actions and mannerisms in this whole story!


June 2022, Misaki Shrine


Inside of the Japanese mountain countryside, we head over to a regular Shinto shrine known as the Masaki shrine for the family that runs this shrine. Sweeping in front of the main temple complex, there is a young teenage boy with short spiky black hair with a bit of it tied in a tiny ponytail at the rear of his scalp, brown eyes, and wearing regular teenage clothing. His name is Tenchi Misaki, the grandson of Katsuhito Masaki, the current head of the shrine, and he is spending another summer vacation in his grandfather’s shrine. Tenchi then hears footsteps and he looks to see none other than Akihiko Kayaba in his lab coat with business clothing walking up the stairs to the main shrine.


Tenchi says, “Hello.”


Kayaba responds, “Hello, young man. Is the head of the shrine?”


Tenchi says, with a nod, “Yes. He’s my grandfather. Let me get him.” Tenchi races off and he shouts out, “Grandpa! Grandpa! There is someone to see you.” Later on, Kayaba is sitting down in front of traditional Japanese tea table and facing an elderly man with grey hair tied in a ponytail, wearing simple glasses in front of his violet eyes, and wearing white and blue Shino kimono. He is Katsuhito Masaki, head of the Masaki shrine and Tenchi’s grandfather.


Kayaba says, “This is a very nice shrine.”


Katsuhito says, with a kind smile, “Thank you. Tenchi’s assistances is really appreciate.” Katsuhito’s eyes then turn into a glare and he asks, “So, may I ask what you are doing here…your majesty?”


Kayaba retorts, “I’m not surprised that you know. One such as you have kept his senses sharp, Katsuhito-dono, or shall I call you, Yosho?”


Katsuhito says, “I have to say that I’m surprised that the former lover of Queen Serenity and the man infamous known as the ‘Great Destroyer’ or at least, his reincarnation was at my door.”


Kayaba says, with a kind smile, “Great Destroyer, huh? Well, I can’t deny that isn’t accurate.”


Katsuhito asks, “Dare I ask when you regained the memories?”


Kayaba responds, “You know it too well, Yosho-dono. You sensed it.”


Katsuhito replies, “I thought so. I felt the power when your eldest daughter regained the Imperium Silver Crystal. The instant that I saw you, I knew that was the case.” Katsuhito tells him, “Haven’t you given your daughters, especially your youngest one, enough grief?”


Kayaba replies, “I dare say that I have to give my youngest even more grief.” Katsuhito gives Kayaba an intense glare and he asks, “Do you plan to stop me?”


Katsuhito retorts, “How can I when I don’t have an idea on what you plan to do?” Katsuhito then says, “Plus, it is a ‘family problem’. It will be up to your daughters to do.” Katsuhito says, with a serious glare, “However, I tell you now. You had better consider whatever you are planning to do. You have already destroyed a civilization with your actions…Anything more and heaven and earth can never forgive you.”


Kayaba responds, with a smile, “I thank you for your warning, but it is far too late.” Kayaba then takes out a chest from within his lab coat and he says, “I came here to put this into your hands, Katsuhito-dono.” Katsuhito then takes the chest, opens it up, and his eyes widen what he sees inside. Kayaba tells Katsuhito, as he gets to his feet, “When the time is right, they will come for those. I trust that you will keep them safe.”


Katsuhito closes the chest and he asks, “Do you know what will this lead to?”


Kayaba responds, with a smile, “No, I don’t. I’m not a seer or a deity. I’m just a human being. Life is just like MMORPG…Completely unpredictable and I love it that way.” Kayaba tells Katsuhito, with a bow, “Good day to you, Katsuhito-dono. I wish you and especially your grandson good luck.” As Kayaba walks away, Katsuhito can’t help to look down at the chest that Kayaba gave him.


November 6, 2022, Masaki Shrine


Within the Masaki Shrine complex, which has recently gotten the addition of house of Tenchi and his father, Nobuyuki Masaki, Katsuhito is with his grandson, Tenchi, along a series of new ‘house guests’, including his half-sisters, Ayeka Masaki Jurai and Sasame Masaki Jurai, princesses of the planet of Jurai where Katsuhito AKA Yosho was born and originally from, Ryoko Hakubi, infamous space pirate who was sealed on the shrine grounds by Katsuhito 700 years ago, Washu Hakubi, Ryoko’s mother and super-genius, and Mihoshi Kuramitsu, a member of a influential galactic family and a female space police officer for an organization known as the Galaxy Police in which she was once a great officer, but was demoted due to ‘accidents’.


Right now, they are watching news reports about the SAO in shock and horror and Tenchi asks, “Can you believe this grandfather?”


Katsuhito doesn’t respond and he thinks in his mind, “So, it begins, Kayaba. This is the plan to reawaken your younger daughter and I fear the Moon Princess herself is involved in this since you and she are again part of the same family. This is how far you will take it for the great power that she is blessed and eternally cursed with. However, I fear that your actions are just a prelude for the conflict to come.”


Sailor Moon Online: Shadow of Aincrad


(Sword Art Online opening theme music ‘Crossing Fields’ starting)


As the opening ‘scenes’ being, we find Davis Motomiya, wearing an outfit similar to Kirito’s outfit expect his jacket is flame designed and two swords, an Elucidator and Dark Repulser, strapped to the sides of his waist instead of his back, walking down a street and looking at the sky.


Next, we find Kari Kamiya, wearing a pink and red version of Asuna’s Knights of the Blood Oath outfit with Crests of Light instead of crosses and strapped to her waist is a sheath for a rapier with a pink handle and a pearly white blade, also walking down a street and looking back behind her.


Then we see Suguha Kirigaya and her ‘alter ego’, Sailor Celestial, with their backs to each other with ‘thin wall of light’ separating the two of them in which the scene spins around as the two of them look at each other where Suguha is at her home on her side of the ‘wall’ while Sailor Celestial is in the Moon Kingdom.


All three of them are reaching out into the skies and then the world around them transforms into center of the Town of Beginnings for Sword Art Online in which the ground crumbles around them as those that died on Sword Art Online and more try to drag them into an abyss.


The scene then changes where Davis is cutting through legions of ‘monsters’ from SAO and ALO as well as youma in which a legion of Duel Monsters appears with Davis having a dragon similar to Stardust Dragon and another monster, Slifer the Sky Dragon, attack them with powerful strikes.


Then Davis is fighting against Heathcliff in which he transforms into the massive GM avatar that he used at the start of SAO in which Davis lands a series of blows before slamming him with Starburst Stream, the classic 16 Duel Wielding Sword Skill combo. Soon after, Kari and Leafa, Suguha’s ALO avatar, run at top speed behind Davis and the two of them leap into the air with Kari hitting the transformation Heathcliff with an attack that looks similar to Linear while Leafa does a forward flip and transforms into Eternal Sailor Celestial, also wielding an Elucidator and Dark Repulser, in which they glow with fire and wind power as Sailor Celestial prepares to attack.


Then the scene shows Kazuto as his Sword Art Online avatar of Kirito, Serena as her Sword Art Online avatar as Usagi, Keiko as her Sword Art Online avatar of Silica, and Rika as her Sword Art Online avatar of Lisbeth.


The scene then changes with Davis, Kari, Sailor Celestial, Sailor Moon, and Kirito looking over the worlds of Sword Art Online, Alfheim Online, the ‘real world’, the Digital World, and beyond.


Then there are displays of Darien/Tuxedo Mask, the Sailor Scouts, the Odiaba Digidestined, and Kayaba/Heathcliff before it switches back to a scene where Sailor Celestial, Davis, and Kari are standing in front of the ‘transformed Heathcliff’ with his back to their backs and cleaved into multiple pieces before exploding into hundreds of data polygons.


The final scenes show Kirito and Asuna, in her Knights of the Blood Oath outfit, along with Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask being watched over by Sailor Celestial, Davis and Kari resting in front of a tree, and finally, Asuna’s Lambent Light rapier, Usagi’s Lunar Excelsior one-handed sword, Tuxedo Mask’s cane, Leafa’s ALO katana, and an Elucidator and Dark Repulser swords are all together in a pile with Neo Domino City Duel Disks and Davis’ and Kari’s D-3 digivices ‘attached’ to them.


(Sword Art Online opening theme music ‘Crossing Fields’ ending)


Chapter 11: No Need for Signers and Chaos


August 8, 2025, Unknown location


At an unknown location, a group of figures are watching a holographic screen displaying the image of Davis’ and Kari’s transformation with Kari’s new Sailor Scout form of Sailor Sun going from Eternal into Valkyrie Sailor Soldier.


One of the figure says, “Not only has Jadeite failed, but Sailor Sun has become the first Valkyrie Sailor Scout in millennia.”


Another figure says, “The legendary Valkyrie Sailor Senshi. I thought that it was just a myth.”


A third figure says, “Well, it isn’t. And if you think that she is strong, if Sailor Moon and Sailor Celestial achieve such levels of power…”


The first figure says, interrupting, “That would be a problem.”


The second figure that spoke then says, “There is also the Motomiya boy. He is the Solaris Prince for one thing, but that armor and those wings…”


The first figure responds, “I know. The armor was supposed to have been destroyed along with the others and those wings means he is…”


The third figure says, “It means that he is more dangerous than people give him credit for.”


The first figure says, “He is a ‘savior of the world’ when he was the core reason that MaloMyotismon lost to the Digidestined. His strength and Digidestined of the Light’s strength was weakened when they suffered that trauma, but now, this shows that they are slowly regaining that strength and coming back even stronger than before.” The figure says, with a serious tone, “They are going to be a problem.”


August 8, 2025, Moon Kingdom


Inside of the Moon Kingdom, Davis and Kari are inside of huge circular see-through pods as they are being scanned with Sailor Mercury at the controls with the rest of the Sailor Scouts, Tuxedo Mask, and the Digidestined, human and Digimon, as well as Davis’ sister, Jun, looking on with Davis having his arms crossed in front of him.


Davis says, “How long is this going to take? I’m getting bored!”


Sailor Mercury says, “Just a minute more.”


Yolei says, “Okay, I understand for Davis, but why are you scanning Kari too? She is a Sailor Scout like you despite her not being part of the Moon Kingdom.”


Sailor Saturn asks, “Is it being of her new Valkyrie Sailor Scout powers?”


Sailor Pluto says, “Partially, Firefly. She just awoke her Sailor Scouts power and she then ascended into a legendary form. We aren’t sure what kind of strain that it will have on her body. Plus, the Valkyrie Sailor Scout hasn’t been seen for millennia so much about has been lost to time itself and not even I could retrieve such information about it.”


Sailor Uranus says, “That means that Kari is running on guesswork on the limits of her powers and what power.”


Sailor Jupiter yells out, “No kidding! It was incredible!”


Sailor Venus says, “However, I’m amazed that Jadeite managed to survive that.”


Sailor Mars says, with a sneer, “He has been a slippery snake, Venus.”


Sailor Uranus says, “There is also the matter of Davis’ power. He is the Solaris Prince and heir to the throne, but that armor and those wings.”


Sailor Neptune says, with a nod, “Very mysterious and I don’t think that it comes from his powers originally.”


Ken asks, “What are you saying?”


Sailor Pluto says, “That armor that Davis-dono wore was supposed to have been destroyed.”


There are multiple looks of shock and Jun asks, “Wait! Are you saying that armor was originally in pieces and my brother somehow magically put it back together?”


Sailor Pluto responds, “No. Only Sailor Celestial could pull off that kind of feat.”


TK asks, “Because of her Etherion and Sailor Scout powers right?”


Sailor Pluto says, with a nod, “Correct.”


Sailor Jupiter asks, “Wait! Does that mean that someone recreated that armor and somehow Davis brought it out?”


Sailor Pluto says, “That seems like a possibility, Jupiter. The armor is known as the Armor of Wildfire. An evil warlord from a dark dimension known as Tapla tried to invade this world, but was stopped by a being known as the ‘Ancient One’. While Tapla’s spirit was sent back into his ‘dark dimension’, his armor remained. The ‘Ancient One’ separated the armor into nine different ones and infusing those pieces with nine powerful virtues. The nine mystical armors were created to make sure that Tapla’s armor was never to be reborn, but Tapla regained control of four of the armors, however, the other five armors, with the strongest virtues of mankind, found themselves into the hands of five brave warriors in which they succeeded in defeating Tapla’s plans twice as well as defeating the evil warlord once and for all. However, their five armors were destroyed in a great battle with another powerful armor.”


Ken says, “That means that someone rebuild this armor.”


Sailor Pluto says, “Yes, but something about this Armor of Wildfire is different. I can tell that it is the same armor, but it is different as if it had been purged of any connection to the evil warlord and completely rebuilt even through it is mainly the same armor.”


Sailor Neptune says, “You are wondering if the other four armors have also been rebuilt and they are in the same manner.”


Davis says, “Well, I have got to admit that it is pretty good stuff. That firepower is really kicks butt.”


Sailor Pluto says, “Well, you must be careful with that armor. It’s power is incredible and its rebuilding hasn’t weakened its power in the slightest.”


Yolei tells Davis, “Yeah, Davis. Don’t take out a city block with it.” Davis snarls at Yolei and sticks his tongue out at her while Yolei does the same back causing plenty of the others to laugh nervously at this situation.


Sailor Venus asks, “Okay, but what about those wings?”


Sailor Pluto says, “Those wings aren’t part of the armor. They are what are known as Light Hawk Wings and they are usually found on Juranian ships.”


Sailor Mars asks, “Juranian ships?”


Tai asks, “Are we talking about space aliens here?”


Sailor Pluto says, with a nod, “Correct, Tai. They are a people from place known as Juranian and they are a powerful force in intergalactic affairs. However, they stay away from this solar system since it is at the end of their influence and two, they were good friends to all of the kingdoms of the Silver Millennium.”


Sailor Uranus says, “And something tells me that they don’t want to piss off.”


Sailor Pluto says, with a smile, “You can say that, Sailor Uranus.”


TK asks, “So, what are these Juranian people like?”


Sailor Pluto says, “Actually, Juranian are very much human-like as any of us and in fact, they are like Lunarians with their long life-spans.”


Matt says, plainly, “Which you mean that they live for centuries to millennia and their bodies don’t physically age beyond their twenties and thirties.”


Sailor Pluto says, with a nod, “Correct…At least for the sake of the Juranian royal family. However, there is a difference. They need to be bonded to royal trees and their sacred waters because if they take root anywhere else, they will age and die like regular humans.”


Sailor Mercury says, “Anyway, those wings are actually part of their ships.”


Sailor Pluto says, “They usually are.”


Sailor Neptune asks, curiously, “Usually?”


TK asks, looking at Davis, “By the way, Davis, you seem a bit nervous about this ‘Jurai’ stuff?” Everyone then looks at Davis and while looks calm, plenty of the others can see the nervousness in his eyes.


Sailor Pluto says, with a plain tone, “That’s because he has distant relations that are Juranian royals by blood.” There are looks of shock while Davis and Jun get really nervous looks on their faces.


Matt asks, seeing this, “Jun?”


Yolei asks, stunned, “Wait! Are you saying that Davis and Jun are…part alien?!”


Jun and Davis laugh nervously and Jun says, weakly, “Yeah…from our dad’s side of the family. Our grandparents from our dad’s side look like little old people, but that’s just a disguise to hide that they don’t anything beyond their twenties…thirties at most.”


Davis says, “However, our dad or the two of us haven’t expressed any ‘Jurai power’ at all. It was thought that our ‘alien genes’ were greatly suppressed. Grandpa and grandma just planned to travel around the world if mankind survived anymore centuries and checkup if they have any descendants when they return to Japan.”


Tai says, “This is starting to sound like a fanfiction or something.”


Matt says, “You aren’t kidding, bro.”


Sailor Celestial asks, “What about these distant relations?”


Sailor Pluto says, “They are the Masaki family and they live in the Japanese countryside. The head of the Shrine, Katsuhito Masaki, is actually the crown prince of planet Jurai.”


Sailor Venus asks, “He is?”


Sailor Pluto says, “Yes, but you see, he has abandoned it seven hundred years ago to remain here on Earth. You see, his mother is actually an Earthling that’s descendant of the sister of the first emperor of Jurai. Katsuhito Masaki, his real name Yosho, is half-Juranian and half-Earthling.”


Sailor Neptune says, “But by the sound of it, he has enough Juranian blood to have their long life-spans as long as his ‘special tree’ remained bonded to the home planet. However, if he has been on our planet for so long, it can’t be possible.”


Sailor Pluto says, “You are correct. It is due to ‘special circumstances’, he still retains a typical Juranian life-span.” Sailor Pluto then says, turning behind everyone, “I think that’s about correct, your majesty.” Everyone then looks at where Sailor Pluto is looking and Katsuhito Masaki comes out into the open.


There are gasps and Sailor Mars asks, “What in the world?”


Sailor Pluto says, “Easy, Sailor Mars. He is no enemy.”


Katsuhito says, “It has been a while, Sailor Pluto.”


Sailor Pluto says, “Yes, it has.”


Davis asks, “Hey, gramps, do you and Pluto know each other?”


Katsuhito says, “I see that you are the same as ever, Davis. You know, you really caused your family trouble when you ran off like that.”


Davis rubs his head nervously and Tai asks, “So, you are Davis’ ‘distant’ relations?”


Katsuhito says, “Yes, I am. My name is Katsuhito Masaki and I’m related to Davis and Jun through their grandmother from Davis’ father side. I was the crown prince of Jurai’s royal family.”


Sailor Jupiter asks, “Was?”


Jun says, “It has been taken by his grandson, who the squirt and I like to call our cousin, Tenchi.”


Katsuhito says, “And who can produce Light Hawk Wings like Davis can.”


There are gasps of surprise and Sailor Pluto says, “Funaho, your royal tree, sensed it.”


Katsuhito says, “It did. It also got the attention of Washu too.”


Jun says, with a groan, “Oh, great. Not that wacky interplanetary mad scientist.”


Katsuhito says, “Now, Jun. She may be extrinsic, but she is a good person. It is just that her creations tend to be used…the wrong way.”


Davis and Jun say in unison, drolly, “That’s a major understatement, gramps.”


Sailor Pluto tells Katsuhito, “I don’t believe that you are here on a ‘social visit’, Katsuhito-dono.”


Katsuhito takes out a photo from under his kimono and he says, “No, I’m not. I have something of interest for your princesses.” He throws the photo to Sailor Moon, who catches it, and she gasps to see a picture of Kayaba and Katsuhito together at the Masaki shrine.


Sailor Moon asks, stunned, “Kayaba?” The others, minus Davis and Kari, assemble together and see the photo in which they gasp in shock.


Katsuhito says, “We took this photo around several months before Sword Art Online started.”


Sailor Venus asks, “Wait! What?”


Tuxedo Mask asks, “Kayaba visited you?”


Katsuhito says, with a nod, “Yes. He entrusted some things with me. Davis and Jun can lead you to the Masaki shrine and we can discuss things there. I would also suggest that you bring your fellow SAO survivors since this is important to them too. Until then.” Katsuhito gives a respective bow and leaves out of the room.


Sailor Celestial shouts out, “Hey, hold on a minute!” Sailor Celestial flies after him only to find him gone and she says, shocked, “He’s gone!”


Jun says, confused, “He never had teleportation powers.”


Davis says, “Must have been Washu.”


Jun says, with a nod, “Probably.”


Sailor Celestial says, “Seems like a silly trick to me.”


Just then a distorted female voice shouts out, “Silly?!” Sailor Celestial yelps as she looks down to see a small mechanical doll of a pink child-like female on the ground and she picks it up causing Davis and Jun to get nervous.


Jun says, nervously, “I wouldn’t pick that up, girlfriend.”


Sailor Celestial asks, with a smirk, “Why? What can a stupid wind-up toy do to me?” Sailor Celestial then yelps out in pain as she is shocked, literally, and thrown to the ground on her butt by the electrical shock!


Sailor Moon says, shocked and concerned, “Celestial!”


Sailor Moon runs over to Sailor Celestial as she struggles to get to her feet and Jun says, with sigh, “Washu doesn’t like it when anyone insults her ‘genius’.”


Matt says, nervously, “No kidding.”


Yolei says, nervously, “Big time.”


Sailor Moon asks, concerned, “Are you okay?”


Sailor Celestial shakes her head and she says, “Yeah, I’m fine. But I’ll be better when I take care of that wretched little goblin of a doll.” Sailor Celestial glares at the robot doll and tries to crush under foot, but the doll zips all around her and making her unable to stomp it flat.


Sailor Jupiter says, amazed, “That’s one fast toy robot.”


Sailor Venus says, “I’ll say.” After a while, Sailor Celestial blasts it with a lightning attack causing it to explode and spray some kind of pink dye all over her sailor collar, face, and hair.


Sailor Celestial asks, “What the heck was that?” Sailor Neptune then uses her Aqua Mirror as a regular mirror to show Sailor Celestial her face and she yelps out in surprise and shock in which she shout out, angrily, “When I get my hands on this Washu, I’ll turn her into a living science experiment by turning her inside out literally!”


August 8, 2025, Masaki Shrine


Within the Masaki shrine, there is a young female that looks like an adolescent with long flowing pink hair and green eyes yelping as Katsuhito looks at her curiously.


Katsuhito asks, “Is something wrong Washu?”


Washu says, nervously, “No, I’m fine, Katsuhito-dono.” Katsuhito shrugs as he walks off, but Washu gets the feeling that she pissed off the wrong person.


August 9, 2025, Dicey Café


Inside of Dicey Café, our heroes and heroines are joined by Kazuto, Asuna, Rika, and Keiko along with Andrew, who is in front of the bar, as they look at the photo presented to them.


Kazuto says, “That’s Kayaba all right.”


Rika asks, “And this was taken several months before Sword Art Online?”


Ami says, “I checked the picture and it confirms that.”


Matt asks Jun, “What would Kayaba be doing at your distant relations?”


Jun says, with a shrug, “You got me. I can’t help to wonder if gramps knew Kayaba.”


Tai asks, “I’m not accusing your parents of anything, but since you keep in contact with all of your relations, did they know about this visit?”


Davis says, “I never thought to even ask, Tai.”


Tai says, “Good point, Davis.”


Kari asks Davis, “Anyway, Dai-kun, you said that your parents left?”


Davis responds, “Yeah. When Jun and I got home yesterday, we found that they left a note that they had to go somewhere right away. It must have been important if they had to rush out like that.”


Asuna asks Kazuto, “So, what do you think Kirito-kun?”


Kazuto responds, “I say that we visit this person and see what he knows about Kayaba.”


Just then a familiar male voice shouts out, “Hey, can’t I come along?” Everyone then looks to see Sammy Tsukino entering the café.


Serena yells out, stunned, “Sammy, what are you doing here?”


Sammy responds, “Geez, Meatball Head, you don’t think that I know the way to this place already?”


Serena tells Sammy, “That’s not the point, squirt.”


Sammy retorts, “I’m not a squirt, Serena. Anyway, I just wanted to meet up with my friends from ALO for one thing and I want to come along.”


Serena yells out, stunned, “What?”


Sammy responds, “Come on, Meatball Head, it isn’t like you are going to get into a great big battle.”


Mina says, “He has a point, Serena.”


Serena gives an annoyed pout and she tells Sammy, “Even so, this is a business trip Sammy.”


Sammy retorts, with a serious tone, “And Kayaba is a ‘family business’ or have you forgotten Meatball Head?!” Serena recoils in surprise and Sammy says, “He may have been your daddy in your past life, but he was my uncle in this life and that makes it my business too. After SAO, I realized as you do that you and I never really knew him. I want to learn about him and learn to make sure that ‘another Kayaba’ ever comes around. I don’t want what happened to my family and many other families like us to happen again.” Serena is surprised by Sammy’s words and a determined look in his eyes.


Raye gives a sigh and she says, “Meatball Head, just let him come. He has a point in all counts.”


Serena responds, with a defeated sigh, “All right!”


Sammy gives a wide smirk and Kazuto tells Serena, “Now, you see what I have to deal with as an older brother.”


Suguha yells out, giving a deadly glare, “And what’s that supposed to mean big brother?!”


Kazuto gives a nervous look and Rika tells Kazuto, “You knew that she was right there, didn’t you?”


Davis and Kari look at Tai and Jun and the two of them say in unison, confused, “What?”


Davis and Kari reply in unison, “Nothing.”


Tai asks Jun, “Why do I get the feeling of not pissing them off?”


Jun says, “Because both of our younger siblings have special powers with your sister having the power to blow up a planet.”


Matt says, with a nod, “Good point.”


Yolei and TK say in unison, “No kidding.”


Darien asks, “Shall we get going?”


Andrew says, “Give me the full story when you come back.”


Kazuto says, with a nod, “No problem.”


Keiko says, with a smile, “See you soon, Andrew-san.” Soon after, our heroes and heroines, also joined by Sammy now, prepare to leave for the Masaki shrine and they can’t help to wonder what they will find out there.


August 9, 2025, Masaki Shrine


Right now, at the Masaki Shrine, Mr. Motomiya and Mrs. Motomiya are actually in front of Katsuhito and discussing something with him.


Katsuhito says, “I see.”


Mr. Motomiya says, “I think that it is time that we tell them the truth. We nearly lost both of our children.”


Katsuhito says, “Nearly, but you didn’t.”


Mrs. Motomiya says, “Yes, but we didn’t know that at the time. Ever since what happened all those years ago, I worried for my son. He is a strong person. I mean, he saved two worlds, but there are limits to his ‘strength’ and I didn’t know how to help him at all. And then my daughter became trapped in that horrible Sword Art Online and every single I worried that she could have ended up in the morgue. Then Davis disappeared…”


Katsuhito says, “It is understandable.”


Mr. Motomiya says, with a sigh, “Personally, I thought that he was a bit ‘out of the box’, but I never thought that he would go to a level like that madman that nearly cost us our daughter.”


Katsuhito says, “Well, I don’t think that he is at the level of him. He was the one that brought down Argus. It shows that he truly cares for them.”


Mrs. Motomiya says, with a sneer, “Not enough to keep them out of his ‘sick game’ which is just as sick as Kayaba’s ‘death game’. Katsuhito-dono, he is blood of your blood. You have got to intervene before my children get involved in all this. All of Tokyo might get involved in this madness.”


Katsuhito says, “I know, but your husband and his family had banished him and you know that there are rules of Jurai about that.”


Mr. Motomiya says, “Katsuhito-dono!”


Katsuhito tells Mr. Motomiya, “I may have abandoned my position as the heir to the throne, but I am still a member of the Juranian royal family. If I disobey the rules of world of my birth and the ways of the nation that’s my home, how can I consider myself Juranian or Japanese? Also, don’t you think that HE would have planned for any attempt that I could make?”


Mr. Motomiya says, with a sigh, “Point taken, Katsuhito-dono. He is a nut, but like Kayaba, he is a smart nut.”


Mrs. Motomiya says, with a sigh, “I’ve got to agree with my husband. I’m glad that both of my children haven’t inherited his level of insanity.”


Katsuhito says, “But like it or not, Jun and Davis might have quite a bit of boldness from him.”


Mrs. Motomiya says, with a sigh, “I’m glad that’s all that they inherited from him.”


Katsuhito says, with a smirk, “Yes, it seems that they have inherited a lot more from you Takami…Lady Mouse.” Mr. Motomiya and Mrs. Motomiya yelp in surprise and Katsuhito asks, “I’ve been here for seven hundred years, you two. Do you really think that I have been living under a rock?”


Mr. Motomiya says, with a smile, “I guess not.”


Katsuhito tells Mrs. Motomiya, “Fear not, Takami. I won’t say a word.”


Mrs. Motomiya says, “Thank you, Katsuhito-dono.”


Katsuhito says, “However, it makes me wonder about either one of your children going into your family’s ‘family business’.”


Mr. Motomiya says, with a sigh, “That’s what worries me most, Katsuhito-dono.”


Katsuhito says, “For now, HE isn’t doing anything to advance his agenda.”


Mrs. Motomiya says, “It is pretty weird. I think that he is waiting for something.”


Katsuhito says, “I have a pretty good idea what.”


Mr. Motomiya asks, “What do you mean?”


Before Davis’ and Jun’s parents can ask any further, a familiar female voice call out, “Mom? Dad? What are you doing here?” Everyone looks to see our Digidestined and their Digimon, the Sailor Scouts in their Scout forms including Sailor Sun in her Eternal Sailor Scout form, Sammy, Jun, Kazuto, Asuna, Keiko, and Rika assembled together in front of the temple complex.


Mrs. Motomiya asks, surprised, “Huh? The Sailor Scouts?”


Katsuhito says, “I asked them to come over yesterday.”


Mr. Motomiya asks, stunned, “You what?”


Katsuhito says, “You see, they wish to ask about something that Kayaba left to me.”


Mrs. Motomiya asks, “Wait a minute! What?”


Sailor Celestial says, “He claims to have met Kayaba several months before the start of SAO.”


Mr. Motomiya asks Katsuhito, “Katsuhito-dono, you did?”


Just then a familiar male voice asks, “Grandpa?” Everyone then looks to see Tenchi with Ayeka, Sasami, Washu, and Ryoko walking over to them. Tenchi asks, amazed, “Grandpa, you actually met the madman that started Sword Art Online?”


Katsuhito says, “Yes, I did, Tenchi. It made me wonder why he did it and why he gave me what he did, but now, I think that I have a good idea on what he is after.”


Sailor Uranus asks, “What do you mean?”


Katsuhito says, “When I met Kayaba personally around June of Twenty-Twenty-Two, he didn’t show any of the madness of a man that would commit such a horror, but he could or should I say, he didn’t hide the ‘inner madness’ from me. I had no idea on what he was doing, but I could tell that he was planning a horrible event.”


There are stunned looks and Sailor Celestial shouts out, angrily, “And you just let him leave?!”


Katsuhito responds, “What should I do? He didn’t commit SAO at that time. I had no right to attack a man who had done no wrong despite the fact that he implied that he might do some kind of wrong.”


Sailor Celestial stomps forward and she yells out, angrily, “Tell that to the four thousand mainly innocent victims of that SOB and his madness! Maybe you forgot the saying: Evil wins when good people do nothing.”


Katsuhito says, with a smile, “I see that this generation remembers the words of wisdom of the past.” Sailor Celestial gives a growl of anger as she puts one of her hands on the hilt of one of her swords before vanishing with incredible speed and reappearing in front of Katsuhito and bringing down Dark Repulser on Katsuhito, who blocks it with energy shield, in which sparks of energy fly everywhere before they separate.


Sailor Moon says, shocked, “Celestial!”


Tenchi says, stunned, “Grandpa!”


Ayeka says, “I may not have a complete idea about this, but this will not stand, Lady Celestial.”


Katsuhito says, holding his hand, “Easy, Ayeka. I will take care of this one.”


Ayeka says, concerned, “Brother…”


Yolei asks, surprised, “Wait! Did she call that…sagely guy her brother?”


Mimi says, looking at Ayeka and Katsuhito, “Yes, she did.”


Davis says, with a sigh, “That’s because she is Princess Ayeka Masaki Jurai, gramps’ younger half-sister. She is pure Juranian.”


The rest of the Digidestined yell out in unison, “Younger sister?!”


Jun says, with a smile, “Yep. By only a few years too. Remember, like we said, Juranian royals are bonded to royal trees and as long as their royal trees remember connected to Jurai and its healing waters, they physically don’t age and live much longer.”


Many of the others are amazed and Rika says, “Oh, wow. I would like to get my hands on that water.”


Mimi says, “Same here.”


Sora says, “I doubt that’s the case, Mimi.”


Davis says, “Yeah, you have got to have Juranian blood in you for the royal trees to bond with you and the royal water to work for you.”


Sailor Mars says, “That’s a big obvious. However, let’s focus on the smack down that’s about to happen!”


Katsuhito tells Tenchi, “Tenchi, I will need to borrow the Master Key.” Tenchi, nodding his head, then takes out what looks like a strangely decorated sword hilt and throws it to Katsuhito in which he takes a deep breath and a blue energy blade comes out of the sword hilt.


Sailor Jupiter asks, “Whoa! Did you see that?”


Sailor Uranus says, “It is pretty obvious, Jupiter.”


Tenchi says, “Wait! Does it really have to come to this? I mean, I’m sure that we can work this out!”


Katsuhito says, “I fear that may not be the case since we are dealing with a ‘hot headed princess’.”


Sailor Celestial yells out, annoyed, “Hot headed?!”


Sailor Moon says, a bit nervously, “Well, he does have a point since you tend to get ‘flustered’ quite easily.”


Sailor Celestial responds, annoyed, “Who’s side are you on Sailor Moon?”


Sailor Mars tells Sailor Moon, with a sigh, “And by the way, Meatball Head, you are calling the kettle black since you haven’t been acting as your ‘kind and gentle’ self lately.” Sailor Moon gives a nervous yelp and lowers her head in defeat knowing that Sailor Mars has a good point.


Katsuhito tells Sailor Celestial, “If you believe that I should be punished for whatever ‘wrongs’ you believed that I did, then come at me.”


Sailor Celestial says, with a snarl, “Why you…” Sailor Celestial charges in for the attack with her sword before anyone can stop her in any way in which her sword clashes with the energy blade of Katsuhito and Sailor Celestial says, “If you think that your energy blade will cut through my sword, think again! Dark Repulser is a sacred blade that’s made to ‘cut through the darkness’.”


Katsuhito responds, with a smile, “I know, but that’s not my plan.” Katsuhito then quickly side-steps away causing Sailor Celestial to trip forward and with one blur of a karate chop to her neck, Sailor Celestial rolls into the back of her head and she collapses in a heap onto the ground with her sword clattering to the ground beside her.


There are shocked looks and Sailor Moon says, stunned, “Celestial!” Immediately, Sailor Moon and Kazuto with Asuna head over to the unconscious Sailor Celestial.


Sailor Jupiter says, shocked, “Unbelievable!”


Sailor Venus says, with a nod, “Just one hit and she is on the ground.”


Davis says, with a grin, “That’s gramps for you.”


Cody, Sailor Uranus, and Ken look at Katsuhito and Ken thinks, “He may be elderly, but he is well-skilled. He knows perfectly the right pressure points to hit to disable his opponent in the way that he wants to, but then again, he has been around for seven hundred years and who knows what kind of skills he knows.”


Sailor Uranus thinks in her mind, “I thought that I sensed a strong wind about him. He may be advanced in years, but his ability is nowhere inferior to anyone.”


Ryoko says, with a sigh, “Saw that coming a light year away. Poor girl didn’t stand a chance. I mean, he fought Kagato and made him look like an idiot. I just wish I could remember most of the fight since that worthless bastard had me like a puppet on strings.”


Ayeka says, with a grin, “Not to mention that my brother easily beat you, Ryoko!” Ryoko snarls at Ayeka and Ayeka puts her right hand in front of her mouth in a royal type manner.


Tai says, looking at the scene, “Ouch. That has got to hurt.”


Matt says, with a nod, “Yep.”


Sammy says, stunned, “Man! That old guy is good! I’ve seen her on television and she kicks ass!”


Rika says, “Well, she is now eating dirt.”


Keiko says, concerned, “I hope that she is okay.”


Katsuhito says, “Don’t worry, young one. I had only knocked her out and hopes that she will ‘cool down’.” Katsuhito then gives Tenchi back the sword hilt that he produced the ‘energy blade’ from and he says, “Tenchi, help these people take the young lady inside. Hopefully, we can have a civil discussion.”


As Katsuhito walks towards the house, Tenchi says, nervously, “Okay, grandpa.” Tenchi tells the others, “Sorry about that.”


Kazuto says, “No, we’re the ones that should be sorry. She shouldn’t have acted so rashly.”


Mrs. Motomiya asks, “What is this all about?”


Davis tells Mrs. Motomiya, nervously, “It’s a bit of a long story, mom.”


Jun adds in, with a sigh, “A REAL long story.”


Mrs. Motomiya asks, with a groan, “Why do I feel that I’m going to go grey WAY before my time?” Plenty of the others give nervous looks and/or smiles from her question in which of this becoming a ‘long day’ is coming to mind.


August 9, 2025, Tokyo, VR Division headquarters


Back within Tokyo, we are inside of the building that serves as the headquarters of what’s known as the ‘VR Division’ and we find Seijirou Kikuoka discussing something with another official, a female one.


Seijirou says, “I see.”


The female official says, “We don’t understand why that of all things would be taken.”


Seijirou says, “You know that those aren’t any ordinary servers.”


The female official responds, “Yes, sir, but with SAO over and remaining survivors freed from the original ALO, they would be useless.”


Seijirou says, “When dealing with Kayaba, one shouldn’t underestimate him. It is the reason why we kept those severs intact and worked with Ymir on them in which why New Aincrad was born in ALO.”


The female official asks, “Are you saying that there could still be secrets that no one knows about?”


Seijirou says, “Someone may think so or why would they take those? Kayaba seems to be a man of many secrets.”


The female official asks, “What shall we do?”


Seijirou responds, “As you know, we can’t let this information get into the public eye. They wouldn’t understand why we didn’t destroy those severs especially those SAO victims that are no longer among us.”


The female official says, “Of course, sir.”


Seijirou says, with a sigh, “Kayaba…Even now, your legacy still continues to haunt us all.”


August 9, 2025, Masaki Shrine


Within the Masaki household that’s on the grounds of the Masaki shrine, Suguha grunts and groans as she dreams of images come to her mind and she finds herself within the center of the Town of Beginnings on Aincrad/New Aincrad. However, Suguha then notices that the players all around aren’t the fairy avatar forms of ALO, but the human avatars in the ‘starter outfits’ of SAO like she saw in the vision caused by the duel between Leo and Serena.


Suguha asks, “What’s going on here? They don’t look like the fairy avatars of ALO, but…Wait! Could it be…?” Just then time seems to slow down and the whole scene starts to turn into an old fashion black-white screen all around her causing her to ask, “What’s going on?!” She then looks to see someone that looks like a young girl with blue hair and wearing a simple green and white dress attire in which the other players seem to walk by and even go through her without noticing causing Suguha to look at her in confusion for many reasons.


The girl says, “Return…”


Suguha asks, confused, “What?”


The girl says, “Return to where it all began…return to the world to uncover…”


Suguha asks, “Uncover? Uncover what?”


The girl responds, “The greatest secrets…and complete legacy of Sword Art Online…”


Suguha gasps and the whole scene start to turn into static and she screams out, as the mysterious girl vanishes, “Wait!” Suguha then walks up with a start in the living room of the Masaki household and Suguha says, holding her head, “Oh, crap. My head. Anyone got the license number of that monster that ran over me? The GM should remove it.” As Suguha starts to focus, she finds the others assembled around her and she looks around causing her to ask, “Where am I?”


Rika responds, “Inside of the house of the guy that just knocked you out with one chop to the neck.”


Suguha then remembers what happened and she says, sitting up quickly, “Now, I remember! Wait! Why am I not in Scout form? That means…”


Trista tells Suguha, “Easy, my princess. Katsuhito-dono and I have known each other for quite some time now.”


Suguha asks, “You do?”


Yolei tells Suguha, “Girl. Trista has been watching the Gates of Time or whatever for one thousand years and this guy came to this world around seven hundred years ago. You think that they would have met at least one?”


Suguha replies, “Point taken, Yolei.”


Trista tells Suguha, a bit sternly, “However, I am disappointed in you, my princess. Katsuhito-dono, despite him being not born on Earth, has Earthling blood in his veins and he has proven himself to be noble and true when he fought against the space pirate, Ryoko, as well as keep Kagato, the one controlling and manipulating her, from getting his hands on greater power. You had no right to lash out on him like that!”


Suguha yells out, irritated, “Hey! He knew that Kayaba was going to do something horrible and he sat on his old ass!”


Ayeka shouts out, “How dare you?! What could have my brother done against someone like that madman? Even the most intelligent of the Sailor Scouts couldn’t find a way around the defenses that he put on the NervGears and despite my brother being a wise tactician and powerful warrior, Kayaba’s intelligence was far superior especially since he regained his Silver Millennium memories! He obviously had a plan if my brother did decide not to ‘stand aside’ despite him not knowing what Kayaba was planning at all. I can’t believe that you are a daughter of the last Queen Serenity of the noble Lunarian kingdom.”


Trista tells Ayeka, “Well, Princess Selene has the ‘temperament’ of a Marian Princess, Lady Ayeka.”


Raye and Suguha shout out in unison, annoyed, “What’s that supposed to mean Trista?!”


Plenty of the others sweat drop from this and Ayeka says, nervously, “Yes, I see what you mean, Lady Trista.”


Katsuhito then comes over and he says, “Well, she did have a point. As the saying goes: ‘Evil wins when good people do nothing’. I knew he truly was and what he has done, but let me ask you this: Since he had recovered his memories, shouldn’t he have access to some of his power as well? I doubt that he would let his ‘danger instinct’ dull after he had just got it back. I believe that he was already ready to escape in case I did try something and thus, my effort would have been for nothing. SAO would have gone on as usual because no one would believe that the inventor of the revolutionary NervGear was capable of any wrong until that wrong happened.”


Suguha says, with a sigh, “Point taken. I’m…sorry.”


Katsuhito says, “Apology accepted and your anger is understandable, my dear. However, I do have one question.”


Suguha asks, “What?”


Katsuhito responds, “Suguha Kirigaya or Princess Selene?” Suguha’s eyes widen at the question and she slumps down in which former Juranian Prince responds, “I see. As much as you hate being compared to him and I can understand why, the two of you share something in common now: You are both prisoners of the past. It had shown with Kayaba more with the creation of Sword Art Online.”


The others give surprised and/or confused looks and Tenchi asks, surprised, “His prison?”


Katsuhito says, “Yes, Tenchi. Sword Art Online was an expression of Kayaba’s prison: He is a prisoner of the past. However, he brought ten thousand people into his prison in order for the past to become part of the present in the form of you, Suguha. Jurai’s power is nothing compared to the power of Etherion. It is the universe…No, existence’s greatest powers. It was not meant to be handled by ordinary mortal hands, but you aren’t an ordinary mortal, you realize this.”


Suguha says, with a plain tone, “Yeah, some great flipping power. All that it is caused is nothing, but pain and misery. Everyone wants this power because it can come close to do anything.”


Katsuhito says, “Unfortunately, it is a burden to those that guard such power, young princess.”


Suguha says, with a strong tone, “Well, no one said that anyone else had to suffer for ‘my burden’!”


Katsuhito says, with a nod, “True, but when have villains ‘played by the rules’, young princess? You can’t let his actions rule over your life. A Sailor Senshi, a warrior like yourself, is one that endures such hardships and pains and move on. And they also endure to find their place in the universe.”


Suguha says, with a plain tone, “Easy for you to say. You aren’t one born and bred to be a warrior.”


The others are shocked and surprised by her words in which Kazuto thinks in his mind, with a sigh, “Sugu…”

&nbs p;

Katsuhito tells Suguha, “I have found my own place and I know that you will too, young princess.”


Suguha responds, annoyed tone in her voice, “Would you please stop calling me that?”


Katsuhito smiles and he takes out the chest that Kayaba gave him over two years ago and he says, “This is the chest that Kayaba gave me to watch over.”


The others look at it and Ryoko asks, “All this for a little box?”


Amara says, “If Kayaba had it, then it must contain something important.”


Katsuhito says, preparing to hand it to Serena, “Since he was part of your family, I believe that this should go to you, your majesty.”


Serena responds, “Thank you.” However, Katsuhito stops as he senses something in which Raye, Amara, Kazuto, and Suguha also get the same ‘feeling’, but then a mechanical claw smashes through the sliding window doors and grabs the chest.


Matt says, “The chest!” Immediately, everyone runs outside where they find a robot of some kind taking the chest.


Tentomon asks, “What’s that?”


Biyomon says, “It looks like it’s a robot!”


Gatomon says, “It’s stealing the chest! Stop him!” But before the robot could take the chest, it is hit by a powerful beam of white lightning causes it to be vaporized and forcing everyone to cover their eyes from the blast while the chest seemly floats up and floats off. When the blast dies down and everyone can open their eyes, they see that the robot has been turned into ashes.


Palmon asks, surprised, “What was that?”


Just then a male voice responds, “That was me.” Everyone then looks to see someone that looks like the Duel Monster Kaibaman walking towards them.


Mimi asks, “Who is that?”


Ken says, “That looks like Kaibaman.”


Keiko asks, “Kaibaman?”


Rika says, “The Duel Monster card. It was made by Seto Kaiba as a support card for his Blue-Eyes White Dragons.”


Serena says, with a nod, “You’re right. I have that card in my deck.”


Kaibaman responds, “And I don’t believe that you are worthy to have that deck, Moon Princess! I’m here to take it from you before you cause chaos for your world and mine!”


There are surprised looks and Lita yells out, “Hey! Who are you to say that she isn’t worthy of her deck?”


Kaibaman says, “Don’t be a fool, Soldier of Jupiter! You have seen what darkness encompasses the heart of your precious princess! I’m sure that the Soldiers of Mars and Uranus sense it too!” Raye and Amara winch at that and Kaibaman says, “There is a great darkness within the Moon Princess’ heart and spirit! A great malice and spite lives inside of her!”


Serena asks, shocked, “Malice and spite?”


Kaibaman responds, “Indeed. And if you try to deny it, you know better than that I do that it is true. Or does the name ‘Kayaba’ stir such feelings in your heart, princess?” Serena winches at that and Kaibaman says, “You know it to be true! Or have you forgotten that you nearly took the head of that wretched punk that tortured your brother so much? What if you didn’t stop right then? What if you don’t stop the next time that it happens? And it will happen. There are always going to be enemies like that princess. You possess great power, your majesty! And that power could destroy the world! You know as well as I that the power of the Silver Crystal can blow up a star itself!” Serena winches from his words and Kaibaman says, displaying a duel disk that looks like a Blue-Eyes White Dragon’s wing and it has a dueling deck inside, “However, if you wish to prove me wrong, then prove it! Prove your strength and with it, you can win this!” Kaibaman then displays the chest that Kayaba gave Katsuhito in his hands!


Kari says, “Kayaba’s chest!”


Kaibaman says, “Indeed. And if you want it, the young princess has to duel me for it. What do you say? Do you accept my challenge, your majesty? If you are a true duelist, then you will accept my challenge!”


Serena then takes out her duel disk from her subspace pocket and Raye says, “Whoa, Meatball Head!”


Serena responds, plainly, “Pyro, I want you and the others to stay out of this.” Serena attaches her duel disk to her left wrist and puts her dueling deck inside in which she kisses Darien on the cheek before she goes off to face against Kaibaman.


Asuna says, “Serena…”


Katsuhito says, “This is her battle.”


Kaibaman says, “You have spirit, but will it be enough? The cards will tell.” Kaibaman and Serena activate their duel disks, their decks are shuffle, and after their duel disks display 4000 life-points for each duelist, both of them draw five cards from their decks.


“Duel!” Serena and Kaibaman say in unison as their duel begins.


Starting Scores:

Serena: 4000

Kaibaman: 4000


Suguha, Kazuto, and Darien think at the same time, concerned, “Be careful.”


Serena says, drawing a card, “I’ll start this duel off! I draw!”


Kaibaman says, “You are going to need the head start little girl!”


Serena gives an annoyed look and she says, putting one card on her duel disk, “I play one monster face-down and end my turn.”


Kaibaman says, drawing a card, “Is that all? Pathetic! Now, let me show how a true duelist duels! My turn!” Kaibaman says, putting one card on his duel disk, “I play myself: Kaibaman!” Soon after, a duplicate of Kaibaman (200/700) appears on the field in attack mode.


Rika asks, confused, “Himself?”


Keiko says, amazed, “I’m seeing double.”


Lita says, “And it is double trouble for Serena.”


Kaibaman says, putting one card on his duel disk, “And your friend is right, princess! I use my ‘brother’s’ ability: By releasing him, I can play my mighty Blue-Eyes White Dragon!” Soon after, Kaibaman vanishes and Blue-Eyes White Dragon (3000/2500) appears on the field in attack mode.


The others are shocked and Kazuto says, “Serena is in trouble now.”


Kaibaman shouts out, “Blue-Eyes, destroy her pathetic face-down monster with White Lightning!” Blue-Eyes White Dragon unleashes its attack and Serena’s face-down monster is revealed to be Twin-Headed Behemoth (1500/1200) before it is vaporized in a strong explosion. Kaibaman says, putting one card into the spell/trap slots, “Next, I place one card face-down and…”


Serena yells out, “I activate my Behemoth’s ability! During the End Phase of the turn that it is destroyed, I can revive him with a grand in power!” Just then Twin-Headed Behemoth (1500/1200-1000/1000) returns to the field in defense mode.


Kaibaman says, with a smirk, “Your move, princess.”


Serena says, drawing a card, “My turn!” Serena says, putting one card into the spell/trap slots, “I play The Melody of Awakening Dragon! I discard one card and then I get to draw two dragon monsters from my deck as long as their attack points don’t go over three thousand and their defense points over twenty-five hundred!” Serena discards a card and two cards come out of her deck in which she puts them into her hand. Serena says, putting one card into the spell/trap slots, “Then I play Discard Recycle! If a monster was sent from the hand to the graveyard this turn, I can summon it back to the field, but the owner of that monster must discard the top card of their deck! Now, I revive my Lord of Dragons!” Lord of Dragons (1200/1100) appears on the field in defense mode and Serena discards the top card of her deck in which she says, putting one more card into the spell/trap slots, “Then I play my Flute of Summoning Dragon! Since Lord of Dragons is on the field, I get to play two dragon monsters from my hand and you should know them since you played one last turn: Blue-Eyes White Dragon!” Serena puts two cards on her duel disk and two Blue-Eyes White Dragons (3000/2500 X 2) appear on her side of the field in attack mode.


Lita says, excitedly, “Way to go, girlfriend!”


Davis says, with a grin, “Sweet move!”


Kaibaman says, with a smirk, “Not bad, but if you can use them is let to be seen.”


Serena says, putting one card into the spell/trap slots, “My Banner of Courage spell card can help with that! As long as this card remains on the field, all of my monsters gain two hundred attack points!”


Rika says, with a grin, “And thanks to her Lord of Dragons, he can’t target dragon monsters for spells and traps! His face-down card is useless!”


As her Blue-Eyes White Dragons go from 3000/2500 to 3200/2500, Serena yells out, “Blue-Eyes, attack!” Serena’s Blue-Eyes White Dragon attacks Kaibaman’s Blue-Eyes White Dragon, but the smirk doesn’t leave Kaibaman’s face.


Kaibaman says, pushing a button on his duel disk, “Your friend underestimate me! I play my trap: Tyrant Wing!” Kaibaman’s face-down card is revealed to be the Tyrant Wing trap card and Kaibaman says, “Now, my Blue-Eyes gains four hundred points of power and it is enough to edge out your Blue-Eyes!” The others gasp as Kaibaman’s Blue-Eyes goes from 3000/2500 to 3400/2900 and he shouts out, “Now, take out her dragon and show the power of a true Blue-Eyes!” Kaibaman’s Blue-Eyes counterattacks and destroys Serena’s Blue-Eyes causing her to yelp as she loses 200 life-points.


Darien asks, concerned, “Are you okay?”


Serena says, “I’m okay.”


Kaibaman says, with a smirk, “Not for long.”


As Serena’s Battle Phase ends and her monster’s attack points return to original levels, Serena says, putting one card on her duel disk, “We’ll see! I release my Behemoth in order to play Gravi-Crush Dragon!” Twin-Headed Behemoth vanishes and Gravi-Crush Dragon (2400/1200) takes its place in defense mode and Serena says, “Due to its ability, by getting rid of one Continuous Spell card, I can send one of your monsters packing!”


Kaibaman asks, stunned, “What?”


Serena says, “I release my Banner of Courage and send your Blue-Eyes packing!” Serena’s Banner of Courage Continuous Spell card vanishes from the field and a chasm appears below Kaibaman’s Blue-Eyes in which it vanishes as it is destroyed.


Mina says, excitedly, “She did it!”


Kazuto says, seriously, “Don’t celebrate just yet. This duel is far from over.”


Serena says, putting one card into the spell/trap slots, “I end my turn with one card face-down.”


Current Score:

Serena: 3800

Kaibaman: 4000


Kaibaman says, with a serious tone, “Well, if your mission was to make me mad…you have succeeded! Now, there will be no mercy!” Kaibaman says, drawing a card, “My turn! I draw!” Kaibaman says, putting one card into the spell/trap slots, “First, I start with Pot of Greed and draw two cards!” Kaibaman draws two cards, puts one into the spell/trap slots, and he says, “Then I play Silent Doom and revive my Blue-Eyes in defense mode!” Soon after, Kaibaman’s Blue-Eyes White Dragon (3000/2500) returns to the field in defense mode and Kaibaman says, “Then I play my Stamping Destruction spell card! Since I have dragon monster on my field, I destroy one spell or trap card on the field and the owner of that card loses five hundred life-points!”


Raye says, “And Meatball Head is going to be the one paying since she is the only one with a card in the spell and trap zones.” Kaibaman’s Blue-Eyes crushes Serena’s face-down card causing her to lose 500 life-points.


Kaibaman says, putting one card into the spell/trap slots, “Next, I play this! Go, Burst Stream of Destruction! This mighty spell can only be used when Blue-Eyes is on the field and it destroys all of the monsters on your field!” Kaibaman’s Blue-Eyes unleashes three spheres of energy at Serena’s monsters and they are all destroyed.


Keiko says, concerned, “Oh no!”


Asuna says, “Don’t worry, Keiko. Serena is still in this.”


Kazuto says, “Plus, when you play that card, you can’t attack with the dragon through he couldn’t with it stuck in defense mode.”


Kaibaman says, putting one card into the spell/trap slots, “My Blue-Eyes can’t attack, but it doesn’t mean that I’m not without options! I play my Card of Demise! This spell card allows me to draw until I have five cards in my hand, but in five turns, I have to discard my hand, however, this duel will be done long before then!” Kaibaman draws five cards, he puts one card into the spell/trap slots, and he says, “Now, I play my White Dragon Ritual!” Kaibaman discards Blade Knight (1600/1000) and he says, putting a Ritual Monster card on his duel disk, “I discard my Blade Knight in order to summon my Paladin of White Dragon!” Just then Paladin of White Dragon (1900/1200) appears on the field in attack mode and Kaibaman yells out, “Paladin, direct attack! Teach this princess a lesion with Ionic Spear Burst!” Paladin of White Dragon charges at Serena and she grunts as she is hit causing her to lose 1900 life-points.


Darien says, concerned, “Serena!”


Kaibaman says, “You have a right to be worried since I play my Paladin’s ability! I release him to play a monster from my deck that you know so well! Take a guess at who.”


As Paladin of White Dragon vanishes and a card comes out of Kaibaman’s deck, Serena grunts out, “I rather not.”


Kaibaman says, putting the card from his deck on his duel disk, “Let me give you a clue: It has white scales and blue eyes…Namely, Blue-Eyes White Dragon!” Soon after, another Blue-Eyes White Dragon (3000/2500) appears on the field in attack mode.


Yolei says, drolly, “Oh, great. Double trouble.”


Matt says, “And triple trouble if Moon girl doesn’t get her act together.”


Jun says, “That guy’s deck must be like Seto Kaiba’s legendary deck.”


Hotaru says, concerned, “That means…”


Amara says, “Our princess may have to face down a monster that’s usually one of her strongest dragon monsters, Firefly: Blue-Eyes ULTIMATE Dragon.”


Kaibaman says, putting one card into the spell/trap slots, “Since you already know what’s coming next, I won’t spoil it for you! I play Polymerization!” Kaibaman then displays one more Blue-Eyes White Dragon (3000/2500) monster card and he says, “That’s right! I have my final Blue-Eyes! And now, I fuse them together to form the mightiest dragon of them all!” As the third Blue-Eyes appears on the field, it goes into a fusion vortex with the other two Blue-Eyes as Kaibaman takes a Fusion Monster card from his Extra Deck and puts it on his duel disk. Kaibaman says, “Now, meet your doom: Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!” Out of the fusion vortex, Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (4500/3800) appears on the field with a mighty roar in attack mode.


Sasami holds onto Tenchi’s side and she says, “I’m scared.”


Tenchi says, “It’s okay, Sasami.”


Ryoko says, with a whistle, “I’m still amazed at how realistic these things are.”


Washu says, with a nod, “I have to say that I’m pretty impressed.”


Ayeka says, “I feel that it is a bit unnerving to me.”


Tenchi says, “Well, Serena-san is more unnerved because she is facing one of the most powerful dragon monsters in Duel Monsters with no cards in her hand and no cards out on the field at all.”


Kaibaman says, with a grin, “This is your final turn. Make it count.”


Current Score:

Serena: 1400

Kaibaman: 4000


Rika asks, “What can Serena do? She is out of options!”


Asuna says, “I know that Serena-chan can pull through Liz.”


Kazuto says, “She has been in plenty of tough scrapes before.”


Kaibaman tells Serena, “Nervous, princess? I would be too if I was facing this mighty dragon! Now, let’s see if you have the courage to overcome this! In the history of Duel Monsters, there are only two people that have ever truly defeated this dragon! One was my creator: Seto Kaiba! The mighty genius that gave me life and made Duel Monsters the sport that it is today! The only one that ever defeated this monster was none other than Yugi Moto himself! I can understand why you are afraid and why I know that you can’t win! Now, make your move and face your fate!”


Serena thinks in her mind, nervously, “What can I do? This is probably my last chance. If I don’t draw what I need, I’m finished!”


As a thousand thoughts raced through Serena’s mind, a female voice says in her mind, “Trust in your own power.” Serena is surprised by the voice and the female voice says, “Believe in yourself, princess. You have gone through the worst that anyone in humanity had to face and you have endured. You must honor the memory of those were lost to the great tragedy of Sword Art Online. You have to endure for them in order to honor their memory.” Serena then gasps as she remembers SAO and what she went through in the horrible ‘death game’ created by her uncle, who was her father in her past life, as well as her adventures as Sailor Moon. While the experiences, especially the ones from SAO, scar her heart, right now, it also gives her strength and the female voice says, “Let me help you, princess.”


Serena says, drawing a card and with strength and conviction in her voice, “My turn! I draw!” Serena says, putting one card into the spell/trap slots, “I start off with my Card of Sanctity! This forces us to draw until we have six cards in our hands!” Both Kaibaman and Serena draw from their decks until they have full hands and Serena says, putting one card into the spell/trap slots, “Then I play my Ancient Rules spell card! Now, I can play one level five or above Normal Monster from my hand to the field! And I choose my Luster Dragon Number Two!” Serena puts the card on her duel disk and Luster Dragon #2 (2400/1400) appears on the field in attack mode. Serena then says, putting another card on her duel disk, “Then I add my White Stone of Legend to the field!” Soon after, The White Stone of Legend (300/250) appears on the field in attack mode and Serena says, “And now, I tune my White Stone of Legend with Luster Dragon!” White Stone of Legend turns into a star that turns into a ring that surrounds Luster Dragon #2, turning it transparent, and causing a new Synchro Monster card to appear on her duel disk. Sailor Moon then says, “The holy light of protection, shine now and become eternal life! Synchro Summon!” As the new Synchro Monster card on her duel disk glows, she yells out, “Come on out, Ancient Fairy Dragon!” Out of the light, Ancient Fairy Dragon (2100/3000), with her shining blue body and glowing/shining rainbow fairy wings, appears on the field in attack mode.


The others are shocked and Sasami says, amazed, “Pretty!” Then Sammy’s, Davis’ and Kari’s Mark of the Dragon, the Dragon’s Heart, Head, and Dragon’s Foot, then glow on their right arms in which Serena’s form glows a bright crimson red as Luna’s Mark of the Dragon, the Dragon’s Hand, appears on her right wrist.


Sammy says, amazed, “Serena’s right arm!”


Raye says, “The Mark of the Dragon!”


Amara says, with a serious tone, “It means that she is a Signer!”


Ryoko asks, confused, “Signer?”


A card comes out of Serena’s deck and Serena says, “Thanks to my White Stone of Legend, I get one Blue-Eyes White Dragon from my deck when it is sent to the graveyard!”


Kaibaman says, with a smirk, “The power of one dragon can’t stand up to one that has the power of three!”


Serena responds, with a smile, “Want to bet, Kaibaman?” Kaibaman gives a confused look and Serena says, putting one card into the spell/trap slots, “I play my Trade-In spell card! By sending one level eight monster to my grave, I get two more cards!” Serena discards her last Blue-Eyes White Dragon (3000/2500) from her hand to the graveyard and draw two more cards in which she says, putting one more card into the spell/trap slots, “Then I activate my Dragon’s Mirror spell card! By removing Fusion Material Monsters from my graveyard from play, I can play a Dragon Fusion Monster! So, I remove my three Blue-Eyes White Dragons!” As said monster cards come out of Serena’s graveyard slot, all three of her Blue-Eyes White Dragons (3000/2500 X 3) appear on the field and go into a fusion vortex in which Serena says, putting a Fusion Monster card from her Extra Deck on her duel disk, “Now, meet my Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!” Out of the fusion vortex, Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (4500/3800) appears on Serena’s field in attack mode.


Rika says, excitedly, “Way to go, girlfriend!”


Kazuto says, “Don’t celebrate yet, Liz. Their dragons are equal in power.”


Serena says, putting one card on her duel disk, “Not for long! I release my Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon and play the true ultimate Blue-Eyes: Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon!”


Kaibaman shouts out, stunned, “What?” Serena’s Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon cracks apart and shatters in which Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon (3000/2500) appears on the field in attack mode.


Serena says, “Thanks to my dragon’s ability, he gains three hundred attack points for every dragon in my grave and I currently have five in my grave in which Shining Dragon gains fifteen hundred attack points.”


As Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon goes from 3000/2500 to 4500/2500, Kaibaman says, with a smirk, “It seems like all that effort was for nothing. Our dragons are even again!”


Serena says, putting one card into the spell/trap slots, “Not for long! I activate my Take Over Five spell card! Now, I can take the top five cards in my deck and discard them in which as long as this card remains in my grave, effects that would send cards from my deck to my grave are negated!” Serena takes the top five cards from her deck, discards Red-Eyes Black Chick (800/600), Debris Dragon (1000/2000), Mirage Dragon (1600/600), and two Troop Dragon (700/800 X 2) monster cards, and Serena says, “And since they were all dragon monsters, my dragon gains another fifteen hundred attack points!” Kaibaman gasps as Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon goes from 4500/2500 to 6000/2500!


Lita says, excitedly, “Awesome, girl! Bring it on home!”


Serena yells out, “Shining Dragon, attack with Shining Neutron Blast!” Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon then unleashes an attack that vaporizes Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon and costing Kaibaman 1500 life-points. Serena shouts out, “And now, Ancient Fairy, direct attack with Ancient Sunshine!” Ancient Fairy Dragon unleashes a burst of rainbow colored sunshine energy that causes Kaibaman grunt as he loses 2100 more life-points.


Kaibaman says, with a smirk, “Impressive, but this duel isn’t done.”


Serena says, putting the last card in her hand into the spell/trap slots, “It is with my Dragon’s Gunfire! Since I have a Dragon monster on my field, I can use one of two powers and I use the effect where you lose eight hundred life-points!”


Kaibaman says, shocked, “Oh no!”


Serena says, with a nod, “That’s right! Game over!” Ancient Fairy Dragon unleashes a sphere of energy at Kaibaman, who only smirks before the attack hits him, and he then yelps as he is hit by the sphere of energy which costing him 800 life-points as well as the duel.


Final Score:

Serena: 1400

Kaibaman: 0


As the holograms fade away, Kaibaman says, with a smirk, “Well played, your majesty. Well played.” Soon after, Kaibaman vanishes in a series of lights while the chest floats over into Serena’s hands.


Mina says, excitedly, “You were awesome, girlfriend!”


Rika says, with a grin, “Yeah, you kicked butt.”


Serena says, with a sight nervous smile, “Thanks.”


Tai says, “I’m more worried about that robot that tried to steal the chest.”


Ken says, “That’s a good point, Tai.”


Amara asks, “And a good question is: What would someone want with it?”


Davis says, “Well, maybe we should find out what’s inside.”


Darien says, “It is best that we don’t do it out here. It is too out in the open.”


Washu says, with a grin, “I know just the place.”


Suguha asks, curiously, “Really?”


Tenchi, Ayeka, Ryoko, Davis, and Jun think in their minds at the same time, solemnly, “Oh, boy.” As the group heads off inside, they don’t seem to see or sense that some distance away is someone is indeed watching them through binocular and they have a sly smile on their lips.


August 9, 2025, Tokyo, VR Division headquarters


Back within the headquarters of the VR Division, Seijirou is doing his usual thing when one of his subordinates, a male one, runs into the room.


Seijirou asks, “What’s up?”


The male worker shouts out, “Seijirou-dono, Sugou Nobuyuki just escaped from prison!”


Seijirou yells out, stunned, “What?!”


The male worker says, “You should be getting the information now!” Seijirou gets onto his personal computer and opens a file in which his eyes widen.


Seijirou asks, shocked, “But how?”


The male worker retorts, “We aren’t sure, sir.”


Seijirou says, with a plain tone, “Get agents to the Tsukino family at once and also get agents to the Kirigaya and Yuuki families as well.”


The male worker responds, “Yes, sir!”


As the male worker runs off, Seijirou says, “It looks like somebody is interested in him after all. They must have been biding their time or could it be something else? However, it is pretty obvious what a madman like him would want over all other things. You are going to have to be careful…Kirito…Usagi…and even you, Miss Kirigaya, or should I say, Sailor Celestial.”


End of Chapter 11


(Sword Art Online closing theme ‘Yume Sekai’ starts)


As the scene floats down in front of us, we see the Moon Palace in front of a massive lake where instead of the palace, Aincrad is being reflected by the pool of water instead of the Moon Palace. As Aincrad is being shown, we see Kirito, Usagi, and Asuna, in their SAO forms with their ALO forms behind them, floating down and as we float down, we see Suguha Kirigaya surrounded by her ALO avatar of Leaf and as Eternal Sailor Celestial with the form of someone that looks like Princess Serenity, but with Sailor Celestial’s sigils on her forehead. And finally, we float down to see Davis Motomiya, in his Kirito’s style outfit, and Kari Kamiya, in her version of Asuna’s KOB outfit, together surrounded by the three Egyptian God Cards, the Sacred Beasts, Signer Dragons, and many more ‘out of the ordinary’ Duel Monsters including the Aesir.


The final scene appears where it shows Kazuto, Serena, Asuna, Suguha, Davis, and Kari surrounded by all of their friends, comrades, and/or loved ones: The Sailor Scouts, Tuxedo Mask, Digidestined and their Digimon partners, Rika, Keiko, Andrew, and Ryoutarou.


Preview (Leafa’s voice)


“Next time: Prelude to a Nightmare’s Return.”


Another day and another chapter done, folks! Originally, I had another idea for the development of this story, but due to a preview of the next Sword Art Online video game after Long Song, I just got a major inspiration and I have already developed the plot already. Personally, I’m not sure that if you are or aren’t going to be surprised by this. Anyway, with the upcoming chapters, this will be the end of the ‘SAO Aftermath Arc’ of this story and coming up, it is what I call ‘The Dark Legacy Returns Arc’ of the story. If you want to see what I mean, you are going to have to ‘stay tuned’, everyone! Later and best wishes, Crossover Fans!