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Well, in the last chapter, I added elements of ‘Sword Art Online: Progressive’ into the mix, huh? Personally, I had to admit that it was quite fun, but I had to remember how I formed the plot of my original storyline and made sure that it fit in correct, everyone. However, if you think that Suguha/Sailor Celestial is going to be the ‘main focus’ of this story, you have got another thing coming when you read this chapter, fans! Now, before I would start this chapter, I would like to give thanks and credit to fanfiction authors, Belletiger and Kanius and as well as Kanius’ story series, the YuYuGiDigiMoon series, especially this author’s The Invasion of the Rajita story, for giving me permission to use the idea of Valkyrie Sailor Soldiers and everything that’s a part of them.


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Warning: This story contains intense violence, blood, possible gore, death, mild to explicit suggestive themes, including mind-control and brainwashing, mild to explicit bad language, and mature adult themes/situations!


Second Warning: Some to a lot of OOC (Out of Character) actions and mannerisms in this whole story!


August 5, 2025, Lyusula


Within the realm of Lyusula, our group that ventured into that ‘world’ are looking at the entrance of a tomb where there are statues of Team Ragnarok and their ace monsters, the Aesir, are craved into the side of the mountain.


Sailor Jupiter asks, “So, this is their tomb, huh?’


Sailor Celestial says, “Yeah.”


Rika says, with a whistle, “Wow, this is something.”


Mimi asks, “How could he have craved all that?”


Sailor Pluto says, “Most likely, he had help from the Minotaurs since they are strong, but he may have had gotten others to design the stone work.”


Izzy says, “The world wondered what happened to them.”


Tuxedo Mask says, “This gets me curious and concerned.”


Sailor Mars asks, with a nod, “Same here, Tuxedo Mask. Who was the enemy that they were fighting? Why were they fighting? And why did they entrust their cards to someone that they know was going to commit a horrible act like SAO was?”


Sailor Uranus says, “Those are very good questions, Sailor Mars.”


Sailor Neptune says, “What we do know is that Kayaba knew that Sailor Celestial was the successor to Halldor to weld the power of Odin and he set things up to make sure that she got this card.”


Cody says, “And he left those vague clues in the plot of Sword Art Online for her to find and follow.”


Kazuto says, “I don’t like this. Kayaba wanted Sugu to get that card.”


Asuna asks, as she lays down a reef of flowers in front of the tower, “Why, Kirito-kun?”


Kazuto thinks in his mind, “That’s a good question, Asuna.” As Kazuto looks at his Sailor Scout adoptive sister, in two lifetimes, in concern, he can’t help the ‘bad feeling’ of the final confrontation to follow when his sister meets her former father in her life as youngest Moon Princess once again.


Sailor Moon Online: Shadow of Aincrad


(Sword Art Online opening theme music ‘Crossing Fields’ starting)


As the opening ‘scenes’ being, we find Davis Motomiya, wearing an outfit similar to Kirito’s outfit expect his jacket is flame designed and two swords, an Elucidator and Dark Repulser, strapped to the sides of his waist instead of his back, walking down a street and looking at the sky.


Next, we find Kari Kamiya, wearing a pink and red version of Asuna’s Knights of the Blood Oath outfit with Crests of Light instead of crosses and strapped to her waist is a sheath for a rapier with a pink handle and a pearly white blade, also walking down a street and looking back behind her.


Then we see Suguha Kirigaya and her ‘alter ego’, Sailor Celestial, with their backs to each other with ‘thin wall of light’ separating the two of them in which the scene spins around as the two of them look at each other where Suguha is at her home on her side of the ‘wall’ while Sailor Celestial is in the Moon Kingdom.


All three of them are reaching out into the skies and then the world around them transforms into center of the Town of Beginnings for Sword Art Online in which the ground crumbles around them as those that died on Sword Art Online and more try to drag them into an abyss.


The scene then changes where Davis is cutting through legions of ‘monsters’ from SAO and ALO as well as youma in which a legion of Duel Monsters appears with Davis having a dragon similar to Stardust Dragon and another monster, Slifer the Sky Dragon, attack them with powerful strikes.


Then Davis is fighting against Heathcliff in which he transforms into the massive GM avatar that he used at the start of SAO in which Davis lands a series of blows before slamming him with Starburst Stream, the classic 16 Duel Wielding Sword Skill combo. Soon after, Kari and Leafa, Suguha’s ALO avatar, run at top speed behind Davis and the two of them leap into the air with Kari hitting the transformation Heathcliff with an attack that looks similar to Linear while Leafa does a forward flip and transforms into Eternal Sailor Celestial, also wielding an Elucidator and Dark Repulser, in which they glow with fire and wind power as Sailor Celestial prepares to attack.


Then the scene shows Kazuto as his Sword Art Online avatar of Kirito, Serena as her Sword Art Online avatar as Usagi, Keiko as her Sword Art Online avatar of Silica, and Rika as her Sword Art Online avatar of Lisbeth.


The scene then changes with Davis, Kari, Sailor Celestial, Sailor Moon, and Kirito looking over the worlds of Sword Art Online, Alfheim Online, the ‘real world’, the Digital World, and beyond.


Then there are displays of Darien/Tuxedo Mask, the Sailor Scouts, the Odiaba Digidestined, and Kayaba/Heathcliff before it switches back to a scene where Sailor Celestial, Davis, and Kari are standing in front of the ‘transformed Heathcliff’ with his back to their backs and cleaved into multiple pieces before exploding into hundreds of data polygons.


The final scenes show Kirito and Asuna, in her Knights of the Blood Oath outfit, along with Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask being watched over by Sailor Celestial, Davis and Kari resting in front of a tree, and finally, Asuna’s Lambent Light rapier, Usagi’s Lunar Excelsior one-handed sword, Tuxedo Mask’s cane, Leafa’s ALO katana, and an Elucidator and Dark Repulser swords are all together in a pile with Neo Domino City Duel Disks and Davis’ and Kari’s D-3 digivices ‘attached’ to them.


(Sword Art Online opening theme music ‘Crossing Fields’ ending)


Chapter 10: Igniting the Solar Flare


August 7, 2025, Odiaba, Motomiya household


Inside of the Motomiya household, Jun is preparing to head out and she waves to her family as she does so.


Jun says, “Later, mom! Bye, dad! I’m going on my date with Matt-kun!”


Mrs. Motomiya says, “Have a good time, sweetie!”


Jun responds, “I will!” Soon after, Jun heads out and leaving her parents alone in which the two of them sigh.


Mr. Motomiya asks his wife, “So?”


Mrs. Motomiya says, “He isn’t going to start his mad plan yet.”


Mr. Motomiya says, “That man…”


Mrs. Motomiya says, with a nod, “I know.”


Mr. Motomiya says, “I really hope that our kids don’t get involved.”


Mrs. Motomiya says, “I made sure to threaten Minaka if he dares to get them involved and he said that he couldn’t promise a thing other than he won’t do it directly, but if they involved without any influence from us or him, he won’t tolerate any interference from us.”


Mr. Motomiya says, “He has got some nerve.”


Mrs. Motomiya says, “Thanks to MBI, the technology that he took, and his own genius, he has great influence in the city, the nation, and the world as a whole.”


Mr. Motomiya asks, “What about…?”


Mrs. Motomiya says, “He has no plans to expose that unless Jun and Davis come to him first.” Mrs. Motomiya says, with a sigh, “I must have been drunk on that night.”


Mr. Motomiya says, nervously, “Sweetie, you were.”


Mrs. Motomiya responds, nervously, “Oh, yeah, I was. But he spiked my drink that time that he knocked me over with Davis!”


Mr. Motomiya says, with a smile, “It was still sake and he put some kind of potion into it.”


Mrs. Motomiya says, with a sneer, “Which I made sure to give him a real slap for it.”


Mr. Motomiya asks, “Does Miya know?”


Mrs. Motomiya says, “I sent her advanced her and she seemed to know that the time is drawing ever nearer.”


Mr. Motomiya says, with a groan, “If only Takehito were still alive…”


Mrs. Motomiya says, “I know sweetie.”


Mr. Motomiya asks, “What about…?”


Mrs. Motomiya says, shaking her head and giving a sigh, “I don’t know. My family hasn’t ‘called’ me in a while.”


Mr. Motomiya says, with a smile, “Still mad that you quit the ‘family business’ sweetie? I mean, you were riding high, but then again, your ‘flower’ was stolen by someone else and me.”


Mrs. Motomiya says, with a playful smile and glare, “Very funny, honey.” Mrs. Motomiya says, “They aren’t mad at me especially since I did well enough to put my name into the history of my family line.”


Mr. Motomiya says, “A line that extends back to the Feudal Era. Descendant of Iga ninja that escaped Oda Nobunaga’s invasion, but didn’t join up with the faction that became part of the Shogunate which are the ancestors of our government modern intelligence services. A legendary line of men and women thieves that have pulled off the greatest robberies in our history.”


Mrs. Motomiya asks, with a smile, “My case is still open?”


Mr. Motomiya says, with a smile, “As with all cases dealing you including the non-public ‘raid’ that you pulled on Argus during the early days of that nightmare.”


Mrs. Motomiya says, “Don’t remind me sweetie. Just seeing our sweet Jun just lying in that bad and Davis vanishing afterwards, I feel like that I aged two decades instead of two years.”


Mr. Motomiya says, after kissing his wife on the forehead, “I know darling.” Mr. Motomiya then tells his wife, “Anyway, your case is added to the series of case linked to your family bloodline and all the world knows is that the famous thief’s name has been held by various men and women throughout the centuries in which what’s known is that they are able to steal anything.”


Mrs. Motomiya says, with a smirk, “Including the hearts of the opposite gender sweetie.”


Mr. Motomiya says, “It must have been a large name to live up to.”


Mrs. Motomiya says, “Ever since I was born, I was trained to live up to standards of my ancestors as the next heiress in which we are to think outside of the box, think on our feet, endure any physical and mental pain, and always succeed in our goal to keep our ‘public name’ untarnished in which there is nothing that we can’t steal.”


Mr. Motomiya says, “Well, you can understand why I don’t want that kind of ‘double life’ for our children.”


Mrs. Motomiya says, “I know, my love. However, it is in their blood and even I have much of a hard time resisting it. Once you have experienced the thrill, there is no turning back until it is time to pass it on to the next generation.” Mrs. Motomiya says, “I just got back my children, both of them, but now, I know that they are getting into something so big that even I can’t completely understand it.”


Mr. Motomiya says, hugging his wife, “I know, my love. We just are going to have to trust our children.”


August 7, 2025, Kirigaya Residence


Within the Kirigaya home, Suguha is inside of her room and looking at her new acquisitions: Odin, the Father of the Aesir (4000/3500) Synchro Monster card and Halldor’s deck that came with it.


Suguha says, “I don’t get it. Why does that jerk want me to get this card? I also wonder what he did with the other two Aesir. I’m really not liking this.” Suguha looks at her Black Rose Moonlight Dragon (2400/1800) Synchro Monster card and she says, “Did he want me to get this card too? Well, it is best not to think about it. My mission is to take him down and make sure that he or anyone else can commit another SAO for the rest of eternity.” Suguha’s right eye then gains Halldor’s Rune Eye for moment before returning to normal.


August 7, 2025, Odiaba District


Inside of the Odiaba District of Tokyo, Davis and Kari relaxing inside of the park where Davis is lying against a tree, Kari is lying against his chest, and Veemon and Gatomon are relaxing nearby. However, what the two Digimon don’t know is that their partners are having ‘strange dreams’. Within the dreams, there is a young boy version of Prince Endymon with a young princess that looks like Kari being escorted over to a group of four royal looking people: One man, one woman, a young boy, and a young girl. The young girl looks similar to Jun Motomiya and the young boy, wearing golden version of attire of Prince Endymon, looks similar to Davis. The ‘dreams’ continue with the young prince that looks like Davis and the young princess that looks like Kari having fun as kids do with the young prince moving like a ninja and sneaking into places where he and the princess weren’t supposed to go. The ‘dreams’ also involve the princess being dressed in a Sailor Scout uniform and training with swords along with the prince, who is an excellent fighter and swordsman. Later on, the prince and princess are in their teens in which both of them are training with none other than Sailor Celestial, who is wearing a fuku more like Sailor Moon’s first fuku with the prince using two swords at the same time with incredible speed, skill, and ability with Sailor Celestial being hard pressed to match him with Sailor Celestial learning to weld two swords and adapting her style of sword fighting, kendo style, to it as well.


Just then a familiar female voice shouts out, “Hey, you two!” Davis and Kari abruptly wake up and look to see the other Digidestined and their Digimon looking at them.


TK says, with a smile, “It looks like you are enjoying yourselves.”


Davis asks, smirking as he looks down at Kari, “You think?”


Tai gives the ‘overprotective big brother look’ and Mimi says, “Uh oh. Tai has that look again.”


Sora tells Tai, with a smile, “Tai…”


Tai responds, “Hey! I’m Kari’s big brother!”


Matt tells Tai, with a smirk, “They have been together in a virtual world for two years which was ten years in Rainbow Gardens. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were in the same bed together.”


Davis and Kari blush at that remark and Tai yells out, stunned, “You have?!”


Kari tells Tai, annoyed, “Hey, Tai! I’m not a little girl anymore! I’m close to a fully grown woman here!”


Yolei tells Tai, “Yeah, come on, Tai.” Yolei says, snuggling up to Ken, “I can’t really blame the girl for wanting to snuggle with her man.”


TK tells Yolei, with a smirk, “As we can see Yolei.”


Davis says, “Anyway, what do you expect us to do? You said that we need more time in the ‘real world’ before we can go back to a ‘digital one’. It is so boring!”


Yolei tells Davis, “It is for yours and Kari’s own well-being, Davis!”


TK tells Davis, “Take it from guys and gals with personal experience, Davis.”


Ken says, “TK and Yolei are right, Davis. It took us quite a while to readjust to life here.”


Mimi says, with a nod, “Yeah. It took you a good amount of time to respond when we called you by your names and not your avatar handles.”


Sora says, “You and Kari have been only back here in mere days, you two. I think that it is best that you readjust to life in the ‘flesh and blood world’.”


Kari tells Davis, “Sora and the others have a point, Dai-kun. We have been so used to life in Rainbow Gardens and the VRMMO that it was the only world that we have ever known for the two years that have pasted here.”


Davis says, with a sigh, “Okay.”


Veemon says, with a smile, “Don’t worry, Davis. You’ll be back in action soon enough!”


Gatomon says, “With what’s happening, I don’t doubt that Veemon.”


Yolei says, drolly, “Don’t remind us Gatomon.”


Hawkmon says, “Indeed, Gatomon. With the way that things are progressing, it is most logical that we shall be playing our role in this venture soon enough. There is still the matter of the mysterious attackers that attack the orphanage that contained the medical healing devices that were based on the Medicuboid, which itself was based on the NervGear.”


Izzy says, with a nod, “Yes, we know for a fact that Kayaba hacked into them and transferred Davis and Kari into cyberspace where they ended up in Rainbow Gardens.”


Tai says, with a sneer, “Don’t remind me, Izzy. He already toyed with our lives and it really gets me pissed that he used Davis and Kari to further his own multiple twisted plans.”


Cody says, “We know, Tai. However, I don’t think that those that attacked the place were working for Kayaba. He took advantage of the situation since he was able to hack into their network since those devices were based on his work.”


Izzy says, “I believe that Cody’s theory is correct. Kayaba took advantage of the situation created by the attack, but I don’t know how he could have taken advantage of it since I don’t know how he could have known what happened.”


Ken says, “Well, the pods were based on his technology. Kayaba could have systems, programs, and devices to find them, how they are being used, and who is using them.”


Cody says, with a nod, “That’s a good theory, Ken.”


Yolei says, “Can we not talk about THAT guy? It makes quite ‘upset’ and I’m nothing compared to our two Moon Princesses.”


Tai says, with a nod, “Yeah, let’s forget him! Let’s try to enjoy ourselves for the day!”


Matt says, with a grin, “For once, I agree!”


Davis and Kari nod their heads in agreement and Davis says, “Yeah, let’s rock!” Kari wraps her arms around one of Davis’ arms and our Digidestined and their Digimon partners start to head off into the city.


As they head off, TK asks Tai, in a whisper, “Do you really want to do this, Tai?’


Tai tells TK, “They need to know that they are not alone in what they are feeling. We should know how they feel TK.”


Yolei whispers, solemnly, “I should have also shown them on who and what they saved those years ago. If I was a true friend…”


Ken tells Yolei, in a whisper and a comforting tone, “You can’t keep blaming yourself, Yolei. They wouldn’t want it.” Yolei warmly smiles at Ken and nuzzles against him, but she looks at Davis and Kari with a nod and with a weak smile. However, as the Digidestined and their Digimon head, they don’t notice that they are being watched and followed by figures in the distance.


August 7, 2025, Juuban District, Cherry Hill Temple


Right now, at Cherry Hill Temple, Darien, Rini, Serena, Ami, Raye, Mina, Lita, Hotaru, Amara, Michelle, Trista, and Molly are assembled together and discussing what happened recently with Molly.


When they are done, Rini asks, “What is that sicko of a granduncle and grandfather doing?”


Molly says, “That’s a good question. He didn’t make it easy, but he made sure that Suguha got her hands on one of the three Aesir monsters which are among the strongest monsters in Duel Monsters today as well as the few monster cards that rival the legendary Egyptian God cards that Yugi Moto wielded.”


Lita says, amazed, “Whoa! They are that powerful? That’s amazing!”


Raye tells Lita, “The Aesir is the name for the Norse deities, Lita.”


Michelle looks at her Aqua Mirror and she says, “I believe that it isn’t the card itself is what he wants Suguha to have.”


Hotaru asks, “What do you mean?”


Michelle says, “Doesn’t the card grant its chosen wielder a powerful insight ability? It is much the same as my Aqua Mirror.”


Trista says, with a nod, “Yes, the Rune Eye. It is similar to the Crimson Dragon’s power and it also give insight into things that can’t be seen like it helped original wielders of the Aesir to detect alternations in the timeline as well as be protected by them as well as the headquarters for the Emperors of Yliaster and Z-One, the Sky Temple.”


Raye asks, “Okay, so, Kayaba wants Suguha to gain the insight power of the Aesir monsters that give its owners. Why would he?”


Darien says, “I think that because the original Aincrad is hidden and only something like that can allow it to be found.”


Amara says, “That’s a good theory in which we should consider the Crimson Dragon’s power allows the same thing in which Davis and Kari possess as two of the new Signers.”


Mina asks, “What’s he trying to do? Recreate his battle with Suguha back at the Silver Millennium?”


Serena says, “Maybe.” When everyone looks at Serena, she says, “It might be only part of it. He always like a ‘grand show’. Remember when I told you that he was disguised as Heathcliff and ‘mingled’ with the players until Kazuto and I exposed him? He said that it was part of his ‘grand play’.”


Lita asks, “So, he is planning some kind of ‘grand production’?”


Raye says, “Not surprising. Remember, Lita, one of his goals in Sword Art Online was to force Suguha’s awakening as Sailor Celestial and he got it. However, he didn’t awaken her just to repeat some kind of feud. No, he could have finished that in Rainbow Gardens, but all he did was piss off Suguha and leave her with a super-weapon in the form of the Star Saber.”


Amara says, with a nod, “Raye is right. He has got some kind of plot focused on Sailor Celestial and we need to make sure that it doesn’t go through.”


Michelle says, “However, so far, it might be going as he planned. I think that Kayaba wants Suguha to get stronger.”


Molly says, “I think so.”


Rini says, “Maybe he wants Auntie Suguha to get stronger in order to get better control over her Etherion. It was what he used back in the Silver Millennium through Auntie Suguha to make the original Aincrad in Lyusula.”


Darien says, “It is a good theory, Rini.”


Serena thinks in her mind, solemnly, “Just great.”


Lita tells Serena, “Hey, Serena, don’t worry about it. We’re going to make sure that nothing like that nightmare ever happens again.”


Serena says, with a weak smile, “Thanks, Lita.”


Amara says, “Well, we know that our main focus is to keep an eye on Suguha.”


Raye says, “Easier said than done, Amara. You know how she is being at this moment.”


Mina says, with a grin, “Reminds of a pair of certain Sailor Scouts.”


Raye and Amara glare at Mina and they yell out in unison, “What’s that supposed to mean Mina?”


Raye and Amara then look at each other, Serena slaps herself on the forehead, Rini giggles, and Michelle says, with a sly smile, “I see a pattern starting to form here.”


Lita asks, “There is another question in my mind: There are two other Aesir cards, right?”


Ami says, “We know that Kayaba has or had them. We aren’t sure if they aren’t still in his possession and if not, what he did with them.”


Amara says, “Nor his plans for them.”


Darien says, “Loki and Thor. They are the Aesir sovereigns of mischief and thunder.”


Rini says, “Well, I know that having those powerful cards in his hands isn’t a good thing.”


The others nod their heads in agreement and Mina says, “It was pretty interesting to see that place.”


Trista says, “Lyusula only has things seen in modern day humans think are in myths, legends, and stories. However, it isn’t a ‘fantasy world’. It can be a dangerous place.”


Michelle says, “I don’t doubt it.”


Raye says, “Anyway, we should also consider the Dark Agency too.”


Lita says, “Yeah, they have been getting quiet lately.”


Mina says, “Well, we have been beating their asses.”


Amara says, “Maybe…Or maybe not. If they managed to hide the fact that they’ve been recovering ever since you joined up with the Inner Sailor Scouts, they might be pulling back for some kind of sinister plot. Remember, they waited until they sensed that Dumpling was ‘out of action’ when she was trapped in SAO before they started the chaos that it is involved today.”


Darien says, “I have to agree with Amara. They might be up to something and they aren’t the only enemies that we may have to deal with.”


Rini asks, “What do you mean Darien?”


Darien responds, “Remember the attack on the Digidestined orphanage facility containing the medical recovery chambers based on the Medicuboid technology, Rini? I doubt that the people that attacked were in league with Kayaba. He just took advantage of the attack to hack into their Full-Dive units and sends Davis and Kari into Rainbow Gardens.”


Raye says, “That’s a good point. We aren’t sure why they wanted those devices. However, it was weird that after the attack, they never went back for them.”


Lita says, with a nod, “Yeah, that’s weird. With Davis and Kari ‘disabled’, why didn’t they go back at any time during the past two years? It just seems weird.”


Amara says, “That’s also a good point. Sure, they had enhanced security, but I don’t think that it would have stopped them.”


Molly says, “I think that I know.”


When the others look at Molly, Serena asks, “You do?”


Molly responds, “Remember, I had become Sailor Nebula shortly after Serena freed Galaxia of the influence of Chaos and from what I remember, I had a mission a good enough distance from that orphanage where I believe that I had found the base of the attackers.”


There are gasps and Ami asks, “You did?”


Molly says, “Aurora found a powerful ‘digital signature’, but when I got there, there didn’t seem anything until I found what looked like an abandoned town, however, hidden inside was what looked like a high-tech base. But the facilities that made up the base were in ruins in which I found that it was recent. For some reason, they left and they were quick about it as well as making sure that there was no evidence of who they were or what they were after. But I did find maps of the Digital World, knowing of the Digimon and the Digimon Sovereign, and the like. However, the only well-known group of Digidestined are the ones from the Odiaba District of Tokyo and they had their hands full with two of their number ‘missing’ and another half-a-dozen trapped in SAO. My mind also went back and forth with the growing darkness in the city and the fact that Serena was also trapped in SAO. I had decided to put up a stasis field to keep it and created defenses to alert me if anyone came back as well as an illusion to make sure that no one finds it.”


Michelle asks, “Has anyone found it?”


Molly says, “The sensors that were set up especially by Aurora would have said something. Once in a while, we sneak over to make sure and secretly put in more sensors just in case someone is watching us all around the area.”


Darien says, “Well, I think that we need to talk to the Digidestined and bring them to this site.”


Mina says, “Well, Molly went over it.”


Molly says, with a nod, “True, but I’m a Sailor Scout, not a detective. I don’t have the skills of deduction like you, girls, have. I also don’t have a computer like the one Ami is wielding. It might detect something that I missed and the field is supposed to leave anything the way that I found it a few years ago.”


Amara says, “And the Digidestined have quite a few ‘deductive minds’ that could help especially Izzy Izumi. As much I hate to admit, it seems like our ‘affairs’ are merging with their own.”


Lita says, “Not surprising since Digimon are turning into a similar problem. There have been plenty of them and lately, they have been ‘renegade Digidestined’ roaming around with their partner causing all sorts of havoc as well as giving the ‘good Digidestined’ a boat load of headaches.”


Hotaru says, “There is also the ‘stuff’ with the Signers and these Duel Dragons too.”


Trista says, “We might be dealing with more than one enemy and quite a number of them might be out of our ‘specialty’ in which an alliance with the Digidestined is going to be a necessity.”


Amara says, “Let’s discuss this information with the Digidestined. We are going to need to plan our next move.” The others nod their heads in agreement and they prepare to meet with the Odiaba Digidestined with this information from Molly in order to find out who was the people that attached the orphanage and what they wanted the medical healing chambers based on the Medicuboids for.


August 7, 2025, Odiaba District


Inside of the Odiaba District, our Digidestined and their Digimon with Jun Motomiya are having a day in their home district in which they are heading somewhere.


Davis says, “Man! That was great!”


Kari says, with a nod, “I’ll say, Dai-kun.”


Mimi says, with a smile, “It seems like the two of you enjoyed yourselves.”


Kari says, with a nod, “We did, Mimi.”


Davis says, “Guess we have been in Rainbow Gardens so long that we fought to enjoy ourselves here.”


Ken says, with a nod, “We know that feeling Davis.”


Jun says, “Yeah, all too well.”


TK says, “It took us all a while to adapt back to life in the real world.”


Matt says, “And we have that Moon girl to thank for all of that.”


Yolei says, with a nod, “Yeah, but I don’t think she has gotten over it.”


Tai says, “To be truthful, I don’t think any of us have gotten over it.”


TK says, with a plain tone, “I think that Yolei meant Serena-san getting over Kayaba’s betrayal of her. You have to remember her ‘relation’ to the whole thing.”


Tai says, a bit nervously, “Oh, yeah.”


Davis says, “Man! It must be rough on her and that other girl.”


Kari says, solemnly, “All that pain and death…all for Sailor Celestial’s power…”


TK says, with a deadly serious expression, “It was only part of what Kayaba wanted, but he got all that he wanted from SAO.”


Yolei says, with a snort, “Personally, I think that really stinks. Kayaba was beyond a monster. He was heartless fiend. He was willing to let his niece, who was his daughter in his previous life, die just for his stupid…”


As Yolei starts to shake, Ken hugs her and he says, “Easy, Yolei.”


Yolei says, with a weak smile, “Sorry, Ken.”


Ken says, with a smile, “It has been hard on all of us, Yolei.”


Davis says, “Anyway, let’s not think about that jerk for the moment.”


Ken says, with a smile, “Yeah.”


Kari asks, curiously, “So, where are we going?”


The others look at each other and TK says, “Somewhere important.” Davis and Kari give confused looks and later on, the group enters a restaurant where they find Yolei’s family waiting for them in which Yolei’s mother is holding a young girl of around 5 to 6 years of age.


Kari asks, seeing the child, “Who is this?”


Mrs. Inoue responds, “This is Kiseki, which means ‘Miracle’ in our language. I was pregnant with her on THAT day, Hikari-san.” Davis and Kari gasp in shock and Mrs. Inoue says, with a weak smile, “I’m really sorry. I should have told you when I heard that you were suffering from that day, but I had horrible visions of that day and like you, I have suffered from PTSD. However, it doesn’t excuse me from not thanking you for what you and Daisuke-san have done for us that day.”


Davis and Kari are shocked and Yolei says, with a weak smile, “I’m sorry, too. I should have thanked you. You didn’t just save our family’s lives, but you also saved our baby sister before she was born. If it wasn’t for you, two, we wouldn’t have Kiseki.”


Davis and Kari were too stunned to speak and Jun tells Davis, “Hey, squirt, just listen and don’t open your flap. We understand how you feel and what you have been going because…because…” Jun lowers her head and she is unable to speak in which Matt, in the bed next to her, manages to extend his bony hand to take Jun’s hand.


TK says, “We were forced to kill too.”


Matt says, solemnly, “In Aincrad…In SAO.”


There are looks of shock and Tai says, solemnly, “Our cursors remained green because those were criminal players and not just criminal players, but the murderers of Laughing Coffin.”


Mrs. Inoue asks, “Laughing Coffin?” Soon enough, Jun and the Digidestined trapped in SAO explain about Laughing Coffin.


When they were done, there were looks of shock and Mr. Inoue says, shocked, “Are they insane? They are really killing people!”


Tai says, plainly, “They know and they don’t care in which plenty of them are also insane thanks to their leader.”


Ken says, solemnly, “The number of people that they killed rose into the hundreds. We had to stop the killing, so, the top players assembled a boss raid team to try to capture them. We were part of team.”


TK says, “We had gotten the information from someone that had a conscious to stop the killing and a scout team, led by one of the greatest heroines of SAO, confirmed that. We went after them to capture them, but someone else had leaked information about the operation and our lead scout barely managed to warn us in time for us to throw up any kind of defense since they attacked since Laughing Coffin was exposed.”


Tai says, “We restrained ourselves since it was the unwritten rule of SAO to make sure that no player’s HP reaches zero since if you really died there, you would really die. However, Laughing Coffin didn’t have that restraint and we were the ones to lose people, but out of grief and rage, we counterattacked and hacked a few of them to pieces. It then turned into a bloody nightmare.”


Yolei says, her body starting to tremble again, “We lost around ten of our number and twenty of Laughing Coffin let themselves die rather be taken alive.” Yolei says, with tears starting to form, “During the battle, I was engaged against one of them and I got tripped up in which Sam…I mean Ken used a skill to save me, but he got hit hard from a sneak attack. Out of pure fear for his safety as the Laughing Coffin nut tried to finish him off and the insane look in his eyes, without thinking, I…I rammed him through with my rapier.”


There are gasps and TK says, solemnly, “Out of those twenty Laughing Coffin members, each of us claimed one of them.”


Davis says, lowly with a shocked tone, “Oh, shit.”


Kari says, shocked, “Tai…”


Mr. Inoue tells Yolei, “You had no choice sweetie!”


Yolei says, as the tears run down her eyes, “I know, dad. I know. But I…I felt so sick. I kept seeing his face every single night and…” Ken, sitting in the bed next to Yolei’s bed, manages to lift his weakened hand to hold onto her hand.


Momoe Inoue, one of Yolei’s older sister, says, solemnly, “Oh, Yolei…”


Mantarou Inoue, Yolei’s older brother, says, angrily, “That monster and those fiends…”


Jun tells Davis, “It is the same for all of us, bro. It has been months since that day and we haven’t gotten over it. Maybe…we never will.”


Tai says, “Feeling guilty on doing shows that you consider life precious, but you have to stop on thinking on the lives that you were forced to take and focus on the lives that you saved…on those that you protected from wicked people like them. You have more than earned the right especially from what we heard and know.”


Yolei tells them, with a weak smile, “You saved so many lives, you two. So, please, move onto the future.”


This strikes a chord within Davis and Kari and Mimi says, “I have to agree. Before we got, the Digidestined and their Digimon partners were really worried about you. They said that you were both heroes and so many would have died if you didn’t risk your lives to save them.”


Kiseki asks, curiously, “Who are they, mama?”


Mrs. Inoue responds, “They are the brave people that saved mama and your family from the bad people that wanted to hurt them, Kiseki.” Mrs. Inoue says, with a kind smile, “Now say, thank you to Davis-san and Kari-san.”


Kiseki says, with a cheerful smile, “Thank you!” For Kari, it felt like the weight of the world that was on her shoulder was taken away and her left hand goes over her heart as her eyes widen at this in which she then feels someone taking her other hand and arm causing her to look to see Davis’ smiling face in which Kari know what it means causing tears of happiness to flow down her eyes causing to give a joyful smile. In their mind’s eye, Davis and Kari then see themselves as Dai and Akari, in their ‘gear’ in Rainbow Gardens, smiling at their ‘other selves’ in which Dai and Akari hold their hands together and walk away, arm in arm.


When the others see their smiles, TK thinks in his mind, “Finally, they can start to move on. And maybe one day, we can too.” However, before the touching moment can continue, there is a huge ‘crash’ as the nearby wall crashes down in a strong ‘explosion’ filling the inside of the restaurant with smoke and dust. Just then two figures surge into the cloud of smoke and dust and before anything could be said or done, they grab onto Tai and Jun as well as knock Matt down to the ground in which they zip out before the smoke clears.


Joe asks, stunned, “What was that?”


Agumon shouts out, “Tai?! Tai!”


Gabumon says, seeing Matt down, “Matt!”


Matt yells out, “Someone grabbed Jun!”


Davis asks, stunned, “What?!” Immediately, on instinct, Davis runs for the hole in the wall and leaps out in which the other Digidestined and their Digimon follow afterwards.


Yolei shouts out, “Davis!” Just then they hear Jun’s scream from above them and they look up in which they see two harpy-like youma flying in the sky with Tai and Jun in their claws.


Kari yells out, shocked, “Tai!”


Davis shouts out, “Jun!”


Jun yells out, “What are you waiting for Davis? Get Veemon to turn this bird into hot wings and get me down!”


Jun yelps as she then gets shake around and Matt and Davis shout out in unison, angrily, “Don’t you dare hurt her!”


One of the harpy youma retorts, tauntingly, “Make us!”


The other one then says, with an evil smirk, “If you want them back safely, the Kamiya girl and her boyfriend better come to us alone or these two will be drained into husks! Come and get us if you dare!” The two harpies then fly off into the distance with Tai and Jun in their clutches.


Davis yells out, “Veemon!” Veemon nods his head as Davis’ D-3 digivice starts to glow as it activates.




“Veemon Digivolve to…ExVeemon!”


End Digivolution


Davis leaps onto ExVeemon and he shouts out, “After them!” Without hesitation, ExVeemon takes off after the two harpy youma before anyone could say or do anything to stop him.


Joe yells out, “Davis, no!”


Kari shouts out, “Digi-Armor Energize!” On the meanwhile, a beam of pink energy goes from Kari’s D-Terminal into her D-3 causing the Digi-Egg of Light to appear.


Armor Digivolution


“Gatomon Armor Digivolve to…Nefertimon, the angel of Light!”


End Armor Digivolution


Kari then leaps onto Nefertimon’s back and she says, “Nefertimon, we can’t let them get away!”


Yolei shouts out, “Kari, no! It’s a trap!”


Kari yells out, in a determined tone not heard in her before, “I don’t care! I nearly lost my brother once and I’m not going to lose him again!” Nefertimon takes off before the other Digidestined and their Digimon can stop them.


Matt says, “We have to go after them!”


Joe says, “Hold on! Those weren’t Digimon!”


Cody says, “Those look like the monsters that Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts are fighting.”


Mimi asks, “Why are they after Davis and Kari?”


Yolei says, “I don’t know, but we need to call them!”


Izzy says, taking out a communicator, “Ami gave me this communication in case of an emergency!”


Yolei says, “Call them on the way since we are going to lose them!” Soon after, Sora, Izzy, Ken, and Yolei take out their Digivices and prepare to digivolve their partners to follow Davis, Kari, and their partners as they race off after the two harpy youma that have just kidnapped Tai and Jun to lure Davis and Kari into a terrible trap.


(Later on; Elsewhere in Odiaba)


In front of an abandoned warehouse, Davis, Kari, ExVeemon, and Nefertimon are looking at the front.


Nefertimon says, “An abandoned warehouse? How original.”


Davis says, “No kidding, Nefertimon.”


ExVeemon says, “This has got to be a trap. When the heroes confront the villains in abandoned warehouses, it is always a big fat trap.”


Davis says, “Got that right, buddy.”


Kari says, “We need to be careful, Dai-kun. And you know it.” Davis nods his head as he, Kari, Nefertimon, and ExVeemon enter the warehouse and they look until they see Tai and Jun with their wrists bound and hanging up in the ceiling.


Davis yells out, shocked, “Jun!”


Kari says, horrified, “Tai!” As the two Digimon and their Digidestined race over, they scream out as they are entrapped in an energy field that forces ExVeemon and Nefertimon to de-digivolve back to Veemon and Gatomon immediately.


Tai says, shocked, “No! Davis! Kari!”


Davis yells out, “What the heck is this?”


Veemon says, “I can’t move!”


Gatomon says, “I’m so weak…This field has drained me of my power!”


Just then a male voice shouts out, “That’s right, kitty cat!” Soon after, Jadeite and the two harpy youma appear in the air by Tai and Jun.


Davis asks, with a growl, “Who are…you…?”


Jadeite says, “The name is Jadeite. You don’t need to remember it since you and your precious girlfriend are going to die.”


Gatomon says, with a growl, “No…We won’t let you…!!”


One of the harpy youma says, with an evil smile, “Don’t even think about it!”


Jadeite says, “Your ‘Digimon pets’ can’t use their powers while trapped in that field and they are as powerless as you are!”


Tai yells out, “Leave them alone!”


Jadeite retorts, with a sneer, “Don’t demand anything of me, human!”

Tai retorts, with a snarl, “Or what? You lay one hand on my sister and Davis and I will turn you inside out, you blond haired worthless piece of trash!”


Jadeite shouts out, angrily, “That’s it! Your precious sister and her boyfriend can watch you die before they meet their final ends as well!”

Kari yells out, fearfully, “No, stop!”


Jadeite snaps his fingers and he yells out, “Harpus sisters! Drain them until they are mummies!”


The two harpy youma reply in unison, “With pleasure!” Tai and Jun then scream out as two harpy youma grab onto them and they start to drain them of their life-energy.


Davis shouts out, angrily and fearfully, “Stop it!” Jadeite just laughs evilly as Tai and Jun scream in pain and agony as their life-energy continues to fade away while Davis, Kari, and their Digimon can only watch as the Davis’ sister and Kari’s brother are slowly having the life sucked out of them literally! As Davis and Kari watch helplessly, the memories of what happened on the first day of SAO come back to their minds in which they were originally the ones to get the retail version, but they had to go to therapy in which they allowed Tai and Jun to use it on their NervGear only for a nightmare when they found out about them being trapped in SAO and about them along with TK, Ken, Matt, and Yolei dying if they lose their life in the game. They also go back to the day that filled their minds with nightmares for years: The day that they were forced to kill those murderous yakuza in order to save their lives and the lives of Yolei and her entire family including Yolei’s unborn child. They knew if they did nothing that day that they would have died along with Yolei and her family, but the memory of the events overshadow any right or wrong in the event. However, it makes them realize now if they don’t fight with all of their strength that the fear that they felt when Tai and Jun were first trapped in SAO would come true. This causes something deep inside of them to ‘strain’ as it makes it way to the surface and the more that Kari and Davis pull at this ‘strain’, the stronger that it gets until the obvious happens.


Davis and Kari shout out in unison, “Leave them alone!” Soon after, golden-red sun sigils appear on their forehead and they unleash a powerful golden energy that destroys the energy field that they are trapped causing the two youma to stop draining them in which they and Jadeite look out in shock.


One of the harpy young yells out, stunned, “What’s going on?!”


Jadeite yells out, “Oh no!” On the meanwhile, Sailor Celestial, the Moon Kingdom Sailor Scouts, and Tuxedo Mask are with the remaining Digidestined as they are riding on MegaKabuterimon, Garudamon, Stingmon, and Aquliamon with the rest of their non-Digivolved Digimon partners and see a bright column of golden light in the sky.


Sailor Jupiter asks, “What’s that?”


Sailor Mars says, “I’m sensing a great power and it feels…”


Sailor Uranus says, “A Sailor Scouts awakening!”


There are gasps and Sailor Pluto says, with a nod, “Sailor Uranus is right.”


Sailor Jupiter asks, “A new Sailor Scout?”


Sailor Mars says, “Come on, let’s go!” Immediately, without any more words need to be said, the group rushes off to the warehouse in which they quickly arrive as the light dies back down and everyone is allowed to see in which they gasp at what they see.


Davis is wearing that exact same Wildfire Armor that Ryo of the Ronin Warrior wore expect that the insignia on the shoulder pads is a golden-red sun now and he has a eight crystal clear energy wings coming out of his back with a golden-red sun sigil on his forehead with another silver sigil under the sun sigil that looks like an underside down triangle divided into three parts.


There is a brand new Sailor Scout with Kari’s brown hair in Sailor Venus’ hairstyle with a pink bow on the top center portion of rear of her scalp, a crown of small pink feathers across the forward portion of her scalp a golden-red sun sigil on her forehead, her lips are a deep and gorgeous shimmering pink color, she has a pink cloth choker around her neck with a golden-red sun jewel in the center of the choker, she is wearing a fuku similar to Eternal Sailor Moon’s fuku in design expect that the sailor collar is pink in color, the main bodysuit is silver in color with a pink heart-shaped broach with four golden wings attached to the sides of the broach with golden-red sun jewel attached to the front of the broach, her shoulder pads are ruby red in color, she has black fingerless versions of Sailor Moon’s gloves on her hands with golden colored fingernails, her skirt is golden, pink, and black in color with a pink bow attached to the rear of the skirt, and on her feet, there are silver versions of Eternal Sailor Moon’s high-heeled boots with golden-red sun jewels on the top center portion of the boots instead of golden crescent moon jewels. There is also a rapier similar to Akari’s rapier from ALO attached to the right side of the skirt.


Sailor Jupiter asks, “Who are they?”


Gatomon says, “That’s Davis and Kari!”


The others gasp in shock and Ken says, “Then it’s true!”


Yolei says, amazed, “Kari is a Sailor Scout!”


Jadeite yells out, strongly, “I’ve heard enough! Kill them!” The two harpy youma then rush in to attack, but quickly as a whip, Davis draws his two new swords, vanishes with incredible speed, and before anyone can say or do anything, he appears in front of the two harpy youma and with incredible speed that only Sailor Moon, Sailor Celestial, and Sailor Uranus could follow, Davis cuts them to pieces before they explode violently. Jadeite, seeing this, glares at Davis, but he lowers his guard causing him to get bashed in the face by the new Sailor Scout, who quickly cuts down Tai and Jun, in which Davis takes Jun into his arms while the new Sailor Scout puts Tai on her shoulders.


Matt rushes over to Jun and he says, concerned, “Jun! Jun!”


Jun opens her eyes and she tells Matt, weakly, “Hey…not too loud…a girl has got to get her beauty sleep…”


Mimi asks, concerned, “Is Tai okay?”


Sailor Mercury says, using her visor and computer, “He’s okay. He’s just greatly drained.”


Sailor Pluto tells the new Sailor Scouts, “Welcome, Sailor Sun.” Kari, in her new Sailor Scout form of Eternal Sailor Sun, nods her head and gently lies Tai on the ground as she turns to face Jadeite, who has just teleported back.


Sailor Sun says, “Dai-kun, please take care of big brother for me.” The others look at Sailor Sun and she says, her eyes filled with a determination not seen in her before, “This battle is mine.”


Davis asks, shocked, “Huh?”


Sailor Sun starts to walk forward and Jadeite says, with a sneer, “The new Sailor Wench thinks that she can battle me?! I shall enjoy cutting that pretty head off your shoulders!”


Sailor Celestial says, “Wait! It’s too dangerous!” However, Sailor Sun doesn’t listen as she remembers the history of her life start from the beginning.


Sailor Sun thinks, as her memories from when she was young, to her time as Digidestined, and now race through her mind, “All my life…I had others to protect me…others to fight for me…others that had to suffer for my sake…Well, no more! This time, I will protect Tai…I will protect TK…I will protect Dai-kun…and I will protect everyone!”


(Gotenks’ first Super Saiyan 3 transformation music starts)


Sailor Sun then closes her eyes and her broach in which a powerful wind erupts from her form as sparks of energy form at her body causing everyone else to be shocked.


Gatomon says, shocked, “Kari!”


Sailor Venus asks, “What’s happening to her?”


Sailor Uranus says, “I don’t know, but her power is growing rapidly!”


Sailor Saturn asks, “Her power is growing?”


Sailor Mars says, amazed, “It is! I never felt such incredible levels of power!” Sailor Sun’s fuku also starts to glow with her hair as well before she is engulfed in a golden light and forces everyone to cover their eyes.


Jadeite yells out, in disbelief, “What kind of trick is this?” As soon as the light appeared, the light fades and everyone then looks to see Sailor Sun in a radical new form!


This brand new Sailor Sun has her brown hair flowing down to the end of her back behind her back, she has a golden armored helmet in the style of Greek Thracian Helmet that has a piece covering the chin and connecting the two part that are covering the sides of her head along with a design of a mighty and majestic phoenix on the top portion of the helmet, she has pink eyeshadow on her eyelids, deep, full, and gorgeous shimmering pink lips, her fuku is now similar to samurai style armor that’s so tightly covering her chest and waist that her strong feminine figure can be seen through not in an obscene manner, the armor is pure golden in color in which there is a new larger heart-shaped broach in the center in which the heart-shaped broach is golden in color with two crossed swords in the center with Black Rose Dragon and a majestic phoenix over the two crossed swords, a button on top, and ten wings attached to the broach, attached to the armor on her chest and waist, there are red armored gloves that cover the whole of her arms in which the armor looks like it comes from European knight armor with armored shoulder pads like Magnamon’s shoulder pads covering over the armored gloves over the shoulder area in which armored shoulder pads are black with golden-red sun sigil in the center of each shoulder pad, she has thick armored pink bracelets over her now armored wrists with a shield like a Hoplite’s shield attached to the left bracelet with the shield being bronze in color with a picture of the Winged Dragon of Ra in the center of the shield, attached to the chest and waist armor, there is an armored skirt that goes down one-half of her thighs in which the armored skirt is pink, golden, and red in color with a similar broach to one on her chest attached to the top center portion of the skirt, and she has thick armored high-heeled boots that goes just above her kneecaps with five inch knife-like heels. Attached to her skirt is a pair of Lightning’s Omega Weapon Gunblades from Final Fantasy XIII and she has eight huge and fluffy golden feathered wings coming out of her back.


(Gotenks’ first Super Saiyan 3 transformation music ends)


Sailor Celestial says, shocked, “Whoa!”


Sailor Jupiter says, flabbergasted, “Her hair…her outfit…She…She has become completely transformed!”


Sailor Pluto says, in complete disbelief, “I can’t believe it…after so many millennia…A Valkyrie Sailor Senshi has finally emerged!”


The others look at Sailor Pluto in surprise and Tuxedo Mask asks, “A VALKYRIE Sailor Scout?!”


Sailor Pluto says, awe-struck, “The legendary form of the Sailor Solider.” When everyone looks at Sailor Pluto, she has a rare amazed look on her face and she says, “It is a powerful Sailor Soldier form that even I only believed to be legend. This is a level of Sailor Soldier power that said to be held only by the first Moon Queen before the formation of the Moon Kingdom and it is level that’s so powerful that in terms of raw force, you could destroy entire solar systems and more with it.”


There are multiple gasps and Yolei says, shocked, “Solar systems?! You have got to be kidding me!”


Sailor Pluto says, shaking her head, “However, it was so long since any Valkyrie class Sailor Senshi were ever since that this form was lost to time and legend.”


Jadeite roars out, angrily while creating a black crystal blade, “No, I won’t be defeated by the likes of you!” Jadeite then charges right at Valkyrie Sailor Sun, who seemly doesn’t put up any defense, but when Jadeite swings his blade, Sailor Sun just puts up one armored finger and hits Jadeite’s blade causing it to shatter nearly instantly!


Everyone else gasps and Hawkmon says, stunned, “My words!”


Sailor Jupiter says, flabbergasted, “She shatters his sword with just a finger!”


Sailor Sun tells Jadeite, with a deadly determined tone never heard in the Digidestined of Light before, “Jadeite, I will never forgive you for what you have done! And I will never allow you to hurt my family after all of the suffering that Sailor Moon’s uncle, Kayaba, have given to them and those that Dai-kun and I love on the day that he betrayed Sailor Moon with Sword Art Online! It is time for you to pay for your crimes!” Sailor Sun then bashes Jadeite right in the chin, sending him crashing through the roof of the warehouse, and miles into the sky above. He manages to stop himself and he turns to attack only to see a light coming from the hole which was Sailor Sun creating a massive solar energy sphere. Sailor Sun yells out, strongly, “You days of terror end here and now, Jadeite! Solar Light Blaze Dragon!” With a cannon-like ‘boom’, Sailor Sun unleashes her attack that shakes the whole area and Jadeite can only look in horror as the attack slams into her causing him to yell out in pain and agony as he is hit and seemly vaporized in the massive explosion that follow him getting hit by the attack.


When the attack is done, the others are flabbergasted and TK says, amazed, “Kari…”


Sailor Venus says, stunned, “I don’t think that Pluto was kidding about ‘planet to solar system busting’ terms of power.”


Sailor Mars says, in an irritated tone, “No duh, Sailor Venus.” Valkyrie Sailor Sun turns away to walk back to the others, but then Jadeite, so badly scorched that this form is still greatly smoking, teleports in and he charges at Sailor Sun with the intent to take her head!


Jadeite yells out, enraged, “You worthless little wench! I’ll kill you!” But before Jadeite can attack Sailor Sun, he is ruthlessly bashed back by Davis in which he gains a fiery aura.


Davis shouts out, angrily, “No one threatens the girl that I love and you also nearly murdered my sister! Payback time, you fucking ass!” Davis takes out his two swords and unleashes flames that turns into a flame twister in which Jadeite screams out in agony and pain as the twister engulfs which skyrockets into the sky before exploding.


TK says, “It looks like Kari isn’t the only one that gained a power up.”


Matt says, “No joke, bro.” With that done, Sailor Sun goes over to Tai and Jun and her broach as she sends energy into them causing them to regain their strength and get back on their feet.


Sailor Saturn says, amazed, “She healed them.”


Sailor Pluto says, with a smile, “Not surprising, Firefly. As Sailor Moon represents the light in the nighttime, Sailor Sun is similar yet opposite equal in which she represents the daytime.”


Sailor Neptune asks, “So, it means that she has similar powers to Sailor Moon?”


Sailor Pluto says, with a smile, “And more. Remember, it is our planets that orbit around the sun after all.” Davis and Sailor Sun take off their helmets and Tai and Jun recognize their siblings instantly.


Tai asks, “Kari? Davis?”


Davis says, with a grin, “Yeah, but we’ve been through some ‘changes’ today.”


Ken asks, “How do you feel?”


Sailor Sun says, “Better…Better than I have felt in years.” Sailor Sun says, with a determined look, “And knowing what I need to do.” Sailor Sun tells Sailor Celestial, “Celestial, we have an idea on where to locate Aincrad.”


There are gasps and Sailor Celestial asks, “You do?”


Davis responds, with a nod, “Yeah. We remember that it had a special ‘barrier function’ that acted as a cloaking device and it negated any and all ‘special senses’ like those of Sailor Mars and Sailor Uranus.”


Sailor Uranus asks, “And this doesn’t surprise us why?”


Sailor Mercury says, “That means that my computer is also useless.”


Sailor Sun says, “Yes, Mercury. However, it can be broken by powerful force of insight. You have one of those powers, Celestial.”


Sailor Celestial says, her eyes widen, “My new Rune Eye when I gained Odin!”


Davis says, “Yeah, but you are falling directly into that rat’s trap!” When everyone looks at Davis, he says, “I remember plenty of my Silver Millennium memories and I know enough about that rotten jerk to know that his brain matches his ego which are quite big. He didn’t just bring you back just for kicks.”


Sailor Uranus says, “That much we know for certain.”


Sailor Celestial says, with a sneer, “Well, he is going to get his wish, but not in the way that he wants it.”


Davis says, with a serious tone, “Not without us, you aren’t.”


The others look at Davis in surprise and Sailor Sun says, “Kayaba sent us into Rainbow Gardens for a reason and something tells me that we are more than a backup plan. He cost us years of our lives and manipulated them as well as kill a lot of innocent people with something that should have stayed buried. He destroyed so much in order to get to his ‘world beyond’ and he has to be stopped.”


Davis says, “And if you don’t join up with us, Kari and I will go after him on our own. The power of the Crimson Dragon can help us find that place too.” Sailor Celestial wanted to argue, but looking at them causing the words not to leave her mouth.


Tai wanted to speak up, but Ken tells Tai, “You know what will happen, Tai.”


Tai knew that, but he seriously didn’t like this and TK thinks in his mind, “Don’t us all, Ken? However, I fear that this is going to lead to major trouble. If Kayaba does want the three of them for some reason, they might just be falling into his hands.” On the meanwhile, Sailor Pluto is looking at the armor and the strange ‘energy wings’ that Davis has in his ‘new form’ and it has put her into deep thought that’s noticed by her fellow Outer Sailor Scouts. At the same time, the others don’t notice that various people are observing with observing equipment from multiple skyscrapers and there are unmanned observing aircraft with their camera equipment focused on that location.


End of Chapter 10


(Sword Art Online closing theme ‘Yume Sekai’ starts)


As the scene floats down in front of us, we see the Moon Palace in front of a massive lake where instead of the palace, Aincrad is being reflected by the pool of water instead of the Moon Palace. As Aincrad is being shown, we see Kirito, Usagi, and Asuna, in their SAO forms with their ALO forms behind them, floating down and as we float down, we see Suguha Kirigaya surrounded by her ALO avatar of Leaf and as Eternal Sailor Celestial with the form of someone that looks like Princess Serenity, but with Sailor Celestial’s sigils on her forehead. And finally, we float down to see Davis Motomiya, in his Kirito’s style outfit, and Kari Kamiya, in her version of Asuna’s KOB outfit, together surrounded by the three Egyptian God Cards, the Sacred Beasts, Signer Dragons, and many more ‘out of the ordinary’ Duel Monsters including the Aesir.


The final scene appears where it shows Kazuto, Serena, Asuna, Suguha, Davis, and Kari surrounded by all of their friends, comrades, and/or loved ones: The Sailor Scouts, Tuxedo Mask, Digidestined and their Digimon partners, Rika, Keiko, Andrew, and Ryoutarou.


Preview (Leafa’s voice)


“Next time: No Need for Signers and Chaos.”


Well, that’s the end of this chapter! If you are an SAO fan, I think you know where I got inspiration from to write this storyline for Davis and Kari, right? Anyway, there are going to be plenty more surprises and there is a reason that Davis has those ‘energy wings’ and that armor, but you are going to need to read and find out, everyone! Also, you should remember that I had a similar transformation happen to Sailor Celestial and Sailor Moon at the end of Hollow Fragment, correct? Well, I thought that it would interesting twist to see someone else gain that power, folks! Keep reading and find out what other surprises are in store! Later and best wishes, Crossover Fans!