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Well, everyone, the conclusion of this story is getting ever so closer and by now, you get why I made the summary as I have. However, you must still have many questions including the fact on why Heathcliff lured Suguha/Sailor Celestial to get the Aesir/Polar God Synchro monster card and all of its powers for example. There is a purpose for them and you are going to find out in these upcoming last chapter, everyone, so, please be patient. Now, I know that I’m repeating this same thing over and over again, however, I have to, so, I would like to give thanks and credit to Belletiger and Kanius and Kanius’ YuYuGiDigiMoon series, especially this author’s The Invasion of the Rajita story, for giving me permission to use the idea of Valkyrie Sailor Soldiers and everything that’s a part of them.


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Warning: This story contains intense violence, blood, possible gore, death, mild to explicit suggestive themes, including mind-control and brainwashing, mild to explicit bad language, and mature adult themes/situations!


Second Warning: Some to a lot of OOC (Out of Character) actions and mannerisms in this whole story!


Early October 2025, Gun Gale Online


Within the virtual world of Gun Gale Online or GGO for short, we find Sinon with a male player that has a tall skinny body with long silver hair as well and he is wearing grey patterned military camouflage clothing with a machine gun strapped to his back.


The male player tells Sinon, “Hey, you did great out there.”


Sinon says, with a plain tone yet a look of frustration in her eyes, “It wasn’t enough.”


The male player tells Sinon, “Hey, you made it into the finals. That was pretty good without your ace.”


Sinon says, “I know that you are trying to make me feel better, but it isn’t going to work, Spiegel. I need to become stronger. I need to become like THEM.”


The male player asks, confused, “Them?”


Sinon responds, “You know who I mean Spiegel.”


The male player, Spiegel, says, “You mean Dai and Akari?! They have been part of GGO from the beginning, Sinon-chan! You are an expert gamer here, but they are something else. You need more time to be like them.”


Sinon replies, plainly, “I have all of the time in the world, Spiegel.” Sinon thinks in her mind, “And then I can be like Dai and Akari. Once I do that, I can kill them all and finally escape that day at last.”


Sailor Moon Online: Shadow of Aincrad


(Sword Art Online opening theme music ‘Crossing Fields’ starting)


As the opening ‘scenes’ being, we find Davis Motomiya, wearing an outfit similar to Kirito’s outfit expect his jacket is flame designed and two swords, an Elucidator and Dark Repulser, strapped to the sides of his waist instead of his back, walking down a street and looking at the sky.


Next, we find Kari Kamiya, wearing a pink and red version of Asuna’s Knights of the Blood Oath outfit with Crests of Light instead of crosses and strapped to her waist is a sheath for a rapier with a pink handle and a pearly white blade, also walking down a street and looking back behind her.


Then we see Suguha Kirigaya and her ‘alter ego’, Sailor Celestial, with their backs to each other with ‘thin wall of light’ separating the two of them in which the scene spins around as the two of them look at each other where Suguha is at her home on her side of the ‘wall’ while Sailor Celestial is in the Moon Kingdom.


All three of them are reaching out into the skies and then the world around them transforms into center of the Town of Beginnings for Sword Art Online in which the ground crumbles around them as those that died on Sword Art Online and more try to drag them into an abyss.


The scene then changes where Davis is cutting through legions of ‘monsters’ from SAO and ALO as well as youma in which a legion of Duel Monsters appears with Davis having a dragon similar to Stardust Dragon and another monster, Slifer the Sky Dragon, attack them with powerful strikes.


Then Davis is fighting against Heathcliff in which he transforms into the massive GM avatar that he used at the start of SAO in which Davis lands a series of blows before slamming him with Starburst Stream, the classic 16 Duel Wielding Sword Skill combo. Soon after, Kari and Leafa, Suguha’s ALO avatar, run at top speed behind Davis and the two of them leap into the air with Kari hitting the transformation Heathcliff with an attack that looks similar to Linear while Leafa does a forward flip and transforms into Eternal Sailor Celestial, also wielding an Elucidator and Dark Repulser, in which they glow with fire and wind power as Sailor Celestial prepares to attack.


Then the scene shows Kazuto as his Sword Art Online avatar of Kirito, Serena as her Sword Art Online avatar as Usagi, Keiko as her Sword Art Online avatar of Silica, and Rika as her Sword Art Online avatar of Lisbeth.


The scene then changes with Davis, Kari, Sailor Celestial, Sailor Moon, and Kirito looking over the worlds of Sword Art Online, Alfheim Online, the ‘real world’, the Digital World, and beyond.


Then there are displays of Darien/Tuxedo Mask, the Sailor Scouts, the Odiaba Digidestined, and Kayaba/Heathcliff before it switches back to a scene where Sailor Celestial, Davis, and Kari are standing in front of the ‘transformed Heathcliff’ with his back to their backs and cleaved into multiple pieces before exploding into hundreds of data polygons.


The final scenes show Kirito and Asuna, in her Knights of the Blood Oath outfit, along with Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask being watched over by Sailor Celestial, Davis and Kari resting in front of a tree, and finally, Asuna’s Lambent Light rapier, Usagi’s Lunar Excelsior one-handed sword, Tuxedo Mask’s cane, Leafa’s ALO katana, and an Elucidator and Dark Repulser swords are all together in a pile with Neo Domino City Duel Disks and Davis’ and Kari’s D-3 digivices ‘attached’ to them.


(Sword Art Online opening theme music ‘Crossing Fields’ ending)


Chapter 19: Truth Emerging from Hollows


Early October 2025, Sword Art World, Hollow Training Grounds


Within the Hollow Training Grounds, our heroes and heroines, human and Digimon that are in the Hollow Training Grounds, are facing off against the Area Boss of the first area of the Hollow Training Grounds which is called ‘The Red-Eyed Metal Dragon’ and it is an exact duplicate of the Duel Monster, Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon, in which our heroes and heroines are struggling against as plenty of dodge a stream of dark flames from the dragon’s mouth.


MetalGreymon yells out, “Why don’t you take on someone your own size, pal?” MetalGreymon rams into the boss monster, but it holds firm against the powerful and experience Ultimate Digimon.


Taichi says, “We aren’t making a dent in that thing!”


Miyako responds, sarcastically, “Maybe because it is made of metal!”


Makoto asks, “Maybe we should use our powers since we can transform here?”


Mamoru says, “Not yet. Even though we are in a ‘secret testing area’ and maybe because of that, we can’t use our powers just yet.”


Mizuno says, “Remember, only Tokyu and Seijirou know of us being in here. The rest of the administration has been kept quiet not knowing where Sugou’s agents could be.”


Kirito says, “We managed to send back a message and he replied that he is investigating.”


Yamato says, “Doubtful. They have been in Future Divers for like two years and like we knew before, they are doing their best to keep their ‘tracks’ covered.”


Sam says, “We also got to remember that we have digitized ourselves to come to this world and we don’t know what would happen if we ‘die’ or something else happens to us in this world. We have to keep a ‘low profile’ until the time is right.”


Hino says, with a snarl, “Just great.”


Haruka responds, “I hate this as much as you, girlfriend.”


Michiru says, with a sly smile, “Not surprising.”


Lisbeth yells out, “Incoming!” Immediately, the group scatters as the boss monster unleashes a sphere of dark flame energy that causes a strong explosion where it hits causing a strong enough shockwave to send enough member of the group flying including Minako, who then suffers from a stun effect causing her to be helpless as the dragon targets her.


Tomoe yells out, seeing this, “Mina-chan!” However, just in time, Takashi saves Minako and carries her away bridal style.


Minako says, with a blush, “Thanks, Takashi.”


Takashi responds, with a smile, “No problem.” On the meanwhile, Silica has Pina heal Asuna and Kirito, who suffered quite a bit of health loss from engagement.


Asuna says, “Thank you and Pina, Silica-chan.”


Silica says, “We’re glad to help.” Silica says, nervously, “I feel so helpless.”


Lisbeth tells Silica, “Tell me about Silica. This guy is covered from head to toe in armor.”


Taichi says, “And MetalGreymon is barely holding his own.”


Yamato says, “Then it is time to bring in some heavy artillery! Gabumon!”


Gabumon responds, with a nod, “Right!”




“Gabumon Warp Digivolve to…MetalGarurumon!”


End Digivolution


Wit h the Mega Digimon, MetalGarurumon, replacing Gabumon, MetalGarurumon says, “I’m coming MetalGreymon!” The boss monster manages to throw MetalGreymon back, but it gives MetalGarurumon a good shot.


Giga Missile!”


MetalGarurumon fires a missile from its chest plate that slams into the boss monster and it roars out as it suffers significant damage.


MetalGreymon says, “Good work!”


Just then cracks start to form in the chest area of the boss monster’s body and Stingmon says, “It’s body!”


Taichi yells out, “Now, MetalGreymon!”


MetalGreymon responds, “You got it, Tai!” MetalGreymon charges in and slams its metallic left arm into the ‘breach’ in the boss monster’s metallic body causing the cracks to spread and grow.


Kirito tells Asuna and Usagi, “Asuna! Usagi!”


Usagi asks, “What’s up, Kirito?” Kirito motions to the situation, Usagi yells out, stunned, “You are crazy, you know that?!”


Asuna asks, “Is he any other way?”


Kirito says, annoyed, “Hey!”


Haruka asks, “What are you talking about?”


Kirito tells Taichi, “Taichi, tell MetalGreymon to hold onto him!”


Taichi asks, confused, “Huh?”


Kirito tells Asuna and Usagi, “Let’s go!”


Kirito races off and Usagi says, with a sigh, “Here we go again.” Asuna and Usagi then race after Kirito much to the others’ surprise and shock.


Miyako asks, “What are they doing?”


Lisbeth says, with a sigh, “Something crazy.” Soon after, Kirito, Asuna, and Usagi then leap onto and race up MetalGreymon’s back much to everyone’s shock including MetalGreymon’s shock!


Taichi asks, “What are they doing?!”


MetalGreymon asks, confused, “What?”


Usagi says, nervously, “Just hold it there big guy!”


Kirito says, pointing with one of his swords at the cracks on the boss monster’s form, “There!”


Asuna says, with a nod, “Right!” Asuna launches herself with Linear, Kirito uses Vorpal Strike with his Dark Repulser, and Usagi uses Double Circular with both of her swords in which they impale their blades into the body of the boss monster via the cracks in which the boss monster violently trashes out in pain as the three of them hold as the boss monster’s HP goes down and down until it hits zero causing the boss monster to shatter into hundreds of data polygons.


Silica says, excitedly, “They did it!”


Haruka says, with a nod, “They sure did.”


Philia says, awe-struck, “Incredible. I heard about their strength and skill, but it is so incredible.”


Lisbeth tells Philia, “That’s our ‘Black Swordsman’, ‘Flash’, and ‘White Valkyrie’, Philia. When the three of them are together, everything works out despite what they do is completely insane.” Philia nods her head and she then sees a glow in which she takes out the pendant as she sees one of the four ‘sides’ of it change colors.


Philia yells out, “One piece of the pendant has changed colors!” Everyone then quickly assembles around Philia while MetalGreymon and MetalGarurumon de-digivolve back to Agumon and Gabumon.


Takashi says, “She’s right.”


Junpier asks, “Does it mean that we have cleared the area?”


Cardinal’s voice then calls out, “Yes, Junpier-san. The area is cleared and when you have cleared all four areas, the pendant will have completely changed colors allowing you access into the underground area of the administration area.”


Taichi asks, seriously, “So, what are we waiting for?”


Cardinal responds, “You may have been digitized, but you are still human and even Digimon still need nutrients to give them the energy to Digivolve and fight. I am teleporting you to a safe zone and you must get some rest and recover for the next boss fight. Time is of the essence, but putting yourself in unnecessary danger will not help your loved ones and friends.” Before anything could be said and done, the group is engulfed in a massive blue light of teleportation effect and they are gone from the scene.


Early October 2025, Sword Art World, Hollow Training Grounds, Administration Area


Inside of the Administration Area of the Hollow Training Grounds, Cardinal, the AI representation of the original core system of Sword Art Online, looks at the various screens, and Cardinal gives a stoic look in her eyes.


Cardinal says, “Time is of the essence because those that I have hidden are now found.”


Early October 2025, Sword Art World, Level 1, Town of Beginnings


Inside of the Town of Beginning at the ‘first castle’ of Sword Art World, we find Leafa, Dai, and Akari with Maron in which they are trying to calm her down due to the fact that her logout button isn’t working and she can’t logout. Soon after, they explained their situation to her and they showed her their screens are ‘malfunctioning’ too.


When they are done, Maron asks, surprised, “You have been trapped since nearly the start of the game?”


Leafa says, with a nod, “Yeah. We’re unable to log out since our minds are trapped in our avatars and it says that we have already logged out.”


Akari tells Maron, “We’re sorry that we didn’t tell you this, but if someone within Future Divers is responsible and we believe that they are, they would probably do something to do or worse.”


Dai says, “And we’re kind of trapped in here and if they decide to ‘cut their losses’, they could ‘cut us off’.”


Leafa says, sarcastically, “Thanks to graphic reminder, Dai.”


Dai says, nervously, “Sorry.”


Maron asks, confused and scared, “But why? Why are they doing this?”


Leafa tells Maron, “Have you heard of what happened in the original ALO?”


Maron says, “Only what I read in the news.” Soon enough, Leafa, with help from Dai and Akari, explains about what happened in the original ALO and how it relates to what’s happening now causing Maron to gasp in shock.


Akari says, “That’s the basic story, Maron.”


Maron yells out, “That’s…That’s horrible!”


Leafa says, with a nod, “Yeah, I know. And the thing is, they are so deep into Future Divers, despite the government assistance, it is going to be a nightmare to find them.”


Maron asks, fearfully, “So, there is nothing that we can do? We are trapped here like those in Sword Art Online?”


Dai says, solemnly, “Yeah. For some reason, after we were trapped, they haven’t done anything to us.”


Akari says, with a shrug, “And we don’t know why.”


Leafa says, “We have a feeling that something went wrong when they tried to ‘take us’ for their experiments and we are ‘off their radar’, but we aren’t sure for how long. However, every time that we ‘die’ in here and get revived, we keep losing our memories.”


Akari says, “And it isn’t only us. Tons of other players have experienced it too and they keep on playing for some reason, Maron.”


Dai says, “We think that they are doing something to their minds and keeping them addicted to the game.”


Maron asks, concerned, “And no one is doing anything about it?”


Leafa says, “Yes, they are. We got into contact with Argo, the information broker, and he is actually working for the top brass of this company, former SAO beta testers, but they don’t want to cause a fuss like SAO and the original ALO did, and they don’t know how to get us out. If those that trapped us get wind of this…Well, it is like we said.”


Akari tells Maron, “I know that this is a lot to take in, but you have to bear with us. Our friends won’t let us down.”


Dai says, with a grin, “And we’re no pushovers too. We’re find our way back.”


Leafa tells Maron, “We’re sorry that we kept this from you, but I think that it is kind of hard to believe and we didn’t want to put you in any danger.”


Maron responds, with a warm smile, “No problem, Leafa. I guess that I’m still in shock, but then again, I know how my brother feels when he was trapped in SAO…”


There are gasps and Akari asks, “Maron, your brother is an SAO survivor?”


Maron replies, with a nod, “Yeah, he is. He wasn’t an ‘elite’ player of the game. He told me that he was stuck as a ‘middle of the pack’ swordsman, but while that was the case, it doesn’t mean that he didn’t see people that he cared about die in there.”


Dai tells Maron, “Well, don’t worry, Maron. You’ll be back with your bro soon.”


Leafa and Akari nod their heads in agreement and Leafa asks, “Do you know where Argo has been lately?”


Akari says, “Haven’t seen him for some reason.”


Leafa says, “I don’t like this.” Just then the group hears knocking on the door and Leafa yells out, “Who is it?”


Strea’s voice booms, “It’s me!”


Akari says, with a smile, “Be right there!” As Akari goes over to the door, Dai and Leafa look at Maron and she nods her head in agreement at some kind of unsaid agreement.


Early October 2025, Future Divers headquarters building


Within the main headquarters building of Future Divers, we are inside of the room containing the prototype quantum or super-computer with the virtualization pods with the screens being watched by Izzy, Joe, Cody, Mimi, Sora, and their Digimon partners along with Tokyu and Seijirou while Sailor Nebula and Sailor Neo Moon are at the doors. However, on a speaker phone, Tokyu is talking to a familiar female information of SAO.


Tokyu asks, concerned, “So, you can’t get it anymore?”


Argo’s voice comes over the speaker phone, “Nope. I’m being denied access for some reason. Most likely, the dudes that are causing havoc in the game have caught onto me.”


Joe says, solemnly, “That’s just great.”


Tokyu says, “Don’t try to get back into the game, Argo. You’ve already done enough.”


Argo responds over the phone, “Okay, Tokyu, you got it. Anyway, I expect ‘the favor’ returned in a timely fashion.”


Tokyu says, with a smirk, “Same old rat.”


Argo responds, with a giggle, “You know it, Tokyu.”


After the connection is cut and Tokyu turns off the speaker phone, Sailor Nebula says, “That’s not a good sign.”


Sailor Neo Moon says, “They might be getting closer to them.”


Joe says, “That’s not good at all.”


Izzy says, “I know.”


Tentomon says, “However, I’m surprised to learn that the operation system of SAO has gained self-awareness much like Yui.”


Sora asks, curiously, “Is it even possible for a whole operating system to become something like the Digimon?”


Cody says, “Remember, Yui was a mental health program for SAO until the error caused being unable to fulfill one-half of her programming caused her to ‘bug up’ and she ‘rebuilt’ herself from experiencing the positive emotions of Kazuto and Asuna.”


Izzy says, “And theoretically if part of the system can gain awareness to become an AI, it is possible for the whole system especially a system like Cardinal. Remember, Cardinal is the complex system that Kayaba created to manage Sword Art Online without any human input including quest creation and changing geography of the virtual worlds that they are a part of as well as fixing errors. I think that Cardinal’s ‘evolution’ began to what happened with Yui in Sword Art Online when Kayaba put in the command to make Yui unable to assist them. Her errors also affected the system as a whole too and all of the experiences of the players until the game was cleared may have been ‘imprinted’ into the Cardinal System. That as well as being connected to Sword Art World and its exact duplicate systems triggered something and caused Cardinal to create an AI avatar of itself in which its self-awareness is equal to Yui based on what they told us.”


Mimi asks, “But how can they trust it…I mean her?”


Cody says, “Remember, an AI like Yui is much like the Digimon and they are lifeforms made digital data rather than flesh and blood.”


Biyomon says, “And that means that Yui is ‘human form’ of a Digimon.”


Izzy says, “Crude, but true terminology Biyomon. And that means that people like Raye and Amara can sense her ‘aura’ because she is more or less much like a living being.”


Cody says, “However, it doesn’t mean that despite having self-awareness and thus free will, she may be ‘manipulated’.”


Armadillomon asks, “Really?”


Izzy says, with a nod, “Cody has a point. She may have self-awareness now, but it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t know that she is being ‘controlled’ in a fashion due to something in its…her programming.”


Mimi asks, “Meaning she might be doing something against her will?”


Izzy says, with a nod, “Exactly, Mimi. And she might not even know it.”


Palmon says, “Well, right now, it looks like those guys are getting closer to Suguha, Davis, and Kari.”


Izzy says, “I know, Palmon. I know.”


Early October 2025, Sword Art World, Hollow Training Grounds


Back in the Hollow Training Grounds, we are in the second area of this virtual ‘testing area’ of Sword Art World where we find Philia, our digitized human heroes and heroines, and the Digimon that came with them in which they are fighting a dragon that looks like Iron Chain Dragon Synchro Monster and it is called Dragon of the Iron Chains in which the area boss monster is unleashing dozens of chain whips against our heroes and heroines causing to dodge or block with blades.


Makoto says, “First, it was Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon and now, there is Iron Chain Dragon duplicate!”


Minako says, “I know how you feel girlfriend.”


Hino says, with a nod, “No joke, Mina-chan.”


Kirito asks Asuna, Philia, Silica, and Lisbeth, “Are you okay?”


Asuna says, with a nod, “I’m okay, Kirito-kun.”


Silica says, nodding her head, “I’m okay, Kirito.”


Lisbeth says, “Just fine.”


Philia says, “I’m fine here.”


Terra Force!


WarGreymon unleashes a massive sphere of energy that slams into the area boss monster causing a massive amount of damage causing cracks to form in the chains that make its form.


Kirito shouts out, “Usagi, up and over!”


Usagi says, with a nod, “Got it!”


Mamoru says, “I’ll cover you!”


Usagi says, “Be careful.”


Mamoru says, “You, too, Meatball Head.” Mamoru and Usagi then charge ahead and Mamoru protects Usagi from the chain attacks from the boss monster in which Usagi is launched into the air by Kirito and she strikes with Starburst Stream, the classic 16 hit Duel Blades Sword Skill combo, causing the last of boss monster’s health to fail and it then shatters into hundreds of data polygons.


Tomoe asks, curiously, “Did we do it?”


Soon after, there is a glow from the pendant and Philia says, seeing the next section of the pendant changing colors, “The second section just changed colors.”


When the others looks at the pendant, Silica says, “Philia-san is right.”


Yamato says, “Two down and two to go.”


Taichi says, sarcastically, “That’s good to know.”


Asuna tells Usagi, “Good work, Usagi-chan.”


Usagi says, with a nervous smile, “Just like riding a bike.”


Kirito says, with a sly smile, “No kidding, Usagi-chan.”


Minako says, looking at WarGreymon as he de-digivolves back to Agumon, “But it doesn’t hurt to have help.”


Lisbeth says, “Got that right, girlfriend.”


Usagi says, “Anyway, I think that we need to hurry.”


Soon after, the group is engulfed in a familiar blue glow and Miyako says, “Here we go again.” Afterwards, the group is then teleported into a ‘safe area’ within what looks like an underground complex.


Lisbeth asks, “Where are we this time?”


Asuna says, “It looks like an underground complex.”


Kirito says, “That means that we won’t be dealing with a flying monster unless the boss room has an open roof or it is ridiculously huge.”


Takashi says, “Yeah, but it means that since this is the third boss, it is going to be stronger than the last two.”


Makoto says, sarcastically, “Nice way to stay positive.”


Mamoru says, “Anyway, the last boss tried us out so we need to rest and recover like it or not.” Usagi, Kirito, Junpier, and Taichi reluctantly nod at this and the group starts to take it easy.


Usagi says, going through her menu, “Anyway, I’ll cook us something up. My field cookware items should still be in here.” Usagi then materializes what looks portable pots, pans, and other ‘field cooking ware’ in which she says, “Since we have been completely digitized, I don’t think food here is just going to ‘satisfy our minds’.”


Kirito says, “Good point, Usagi. Remember, we aren’t using Full-Dive gear to come into a virtual world. We have completely digitized our bodies into this world which means that we need to be more careful than many of the other players.”


Philia says, “Well, that’s not the case with me.”


Asuna says, “True, but it is best not to fight with an empty stomach, Philia-san.” Asuna tells Usagi, “I’ll give you a hand.”


Lisbeth asks, “What are you going to cook with?”


Usagi says, with a smirk, “What do you think? The thing is that just before we went up to battle, I went to battle the monsters around here and quite a few of them gave me what would be able A to top level food items.”


Silica asks, curiously, “Really?”


Usagi says, with a nod, “Yep, Silica.” Usagi tells Asuna, “By the way, thanks.”


Asuna says, with a smile, “No problem.” Soon after, Asuna and Usagi, using their cooking skills from SAO, cooked up a good stew in which everyone enjoyed.


Makoto tells Asuna and Usagi, “Man, that was great, you two!”


Asuna says, with a smile, “Thank you, Mako-chan.”


Hino says, with a smirk, “I guess that miracles can happen with you, Meatball Head.”


Usagi responds, annoyed, “Thanks a lot.”


Minako tells Usagi, “Well, the cooking that you do here is better back in the real world.”


Usagi yells out, annoyed, “I’ve been improving!”


Mamoru tells Usagi, with a smile, “Yes, you have.”


Philia tells Usagi and Asuna, “Thank you for the meal.”


Asuna tells Philia, “No problem, Philia-san.”


Kirito asks Philia, “Are you okay, Philia-san?”


Philia responds, with a sigh, “It has been so hard. I’ve been trapped in here for so long that I had forgotten, but then again, this game works on a different time frame than back at home, so, I haven’t been gone as long as I was in SAO.”


Philia shakes a bit and Kirito tells Philia, “Don’t worry, Philia. We will bring you home.”


Philia tells Kirito, “I’m sorry, but shouldn’t you be more worried for your sister?”


Kirito responds, “Who said that I’m not?” Kirito says, with a sigh, “However, if Sugu was here, she would be saying to help you and personally, you and I are both SAO survivors in which Usagi and Asuna would never forgive me and I couldn’t forgive myself if I abandoned a fellow survivor.”


Philia says, with a smile, “Thank you, Kirito.”


Asuna responds, with a smile, “It is no problem. As I said, we take care of our own.”


Usagi says, “I won’t let the legacy of SAO ‘haunt’ anyone anymore, Philia-san.”


Plenty of the others look at Usagi a bit solemnly and Lisbeth thinks in her mind, “Geez, girlfriend.”


Philia tells Usagi, “Thank you, Usagi. You really are the hero that I heard from other survivors…”


Usagi responds, interrupting and in a solemn tone, “Hero? I’m not a hero. I’m just a survivor just like you.”


Philia asks, surprised, “Huh?”


Mamoru thinks in his mind, solemnly, “Serena…”


Philia looks at Kirito and he whispers, “It is very…painful for her even though it has been close to a year. The legacy of our nightmare doesn’t want to die.”


Philia whispers, “I’m sorry.”


Kirito tells Philia, “Don’t be Philia. Let’s just say that after SAO ended, it hasn’t been an easy year for all of us.”


Asuna tells Philia, with a nod and a whisper, “Usagi-chan hasn’t had much in the way of peace.” Asuna then explains about the original ALO and Philia is stunned.


Philia asks, “You mean that the same monster that could be responsible for trapping me here kept you trapped in the original ALO for two months?”

Asuna says, with a nod, “That’s right, Philia-san. I knew that man before all of this and I knew that he was bad though I couldn’t imagine how truly fiendish Sugou really was.”


Philia then realizes something and she asks, concerned, “Kirito, if he finds out that your sister is here…”


Kirito says, “Yes, I know. We need to save her and if what Cardinal said is true, the key is getting to that control panel. I think that there is a possibility that we can find the information to reconnect you to your bodies there.”


Philia asks, “Wait! If Cardinal was the one that did that, couldn’t she…?”


Kirito responds, “I’m not trying to defend her or anything, but remember, she belonged to the Cardinal System of SAO, but this is Sword Art WORLD, a replica of SAO that’s supposed to be safer than the original. While it uses a similar Cardinal System, it was developed from the compact version from ‘The Seed’ to the level that it equals the versions used in SAO and ALO which means that there could be differences that Cardinal can’t access.”


Lisbeth asks, “How can you be so sure?”


Kirito replies, “She is an AI and not a deity, Liz.”


Silica says, “Well, we’ll bring Philia-san back home along with the others.”


Pina ‘kyu’ in reply to Silica’s words and Taichi says, “Anyway, we should get going since we don’t have much time.”


Miyako says, “Yeah, I’m getting a bad feeling too.”


Gatomon says, with a nod, “No joke.” The group then ventures on until they reach a large room that’s obviously a boss chamber in which they look to find an exact replica of Gate Guardian known as Guardian of the Sacred Gates.


Yamato says, sarcastically, “Just great.”


Makoto says, “I think that we were better off with the dragons.”


Hino asks, annoyed, “Really?”


Kirito yells out, seriously, “Move!” Immediately, the bottom third of the monster unleashes of a powerful tidal attack in which the others barely manage to dodge from and they take out their weapons to prepare for the fight.


Taichi says, “Here we go.”


Kirito says, “If it is like the Gate Guardian of Duel Monsters, it will have not only water, but wind and lightning based attacks.”


Usagi yells out, “Dodge!”


The group then dodges out of the way of a lightning attack and Miyako shouts out, “You think Kirito?!”


Taichi shouts out, “Spread out, everyone!”


Sam tells Wormmon, “Get ready to digivolve, Wormmon.”


Wormmon responds, “You got it, Ken.” As our heroes and heroines prepare to fight against the third area boss of the Hollow Training Grounds, they don’t see or sense someone lurking in the shadows before vanishing through Usagi gets a ‘feeling’ which she ignores for now, but she can’t get the feeling out of her mind since it feels very familiar to her.


Early October 2025, Sword Art World, Level 73


In the main town of Level 73 of Sword Art World known as Sparta, obviously named after the Greek city-state of ancient times and designed like an ancient Greek city-state, Leafa, Dai, Akari, and Maron are looking over a sleeping Strea.

Akari says, concerned, “I hope that she is okay.”


Dai asks, “What was that fainting spell all about?”

Leafa says, “I don’t know.”


Maron says, “She looks okay for the moment.”


Akari asks, “Do you think that it has to do with those headaches that she is getting?”


Maron asks, “Headaches?”


Dai says, “Yeah. She keeps getting weird headaches and it is bad if she is fighting monsters.”


Maron asks, “Do you know anything about Strea?”


Dai says, “Other than she has an insane strength stats and she is insanely cheerful not really. Not that we have much to our names…”


Leafa thinks in her mind, solemnly, “If we could remember them.”


Flashback; Sometime ago, Sword Art World Level 1, Town of Beginnings


Inside of the inn at the Town of Beginnings, Leafa, Dai, Akari, Maron, and Strea are together in which Leafa gets out of the ‘bear hug’ that Strea is giving her.


Leafa says, “Ugh, we’re okay, Strea.”


Strea says, with a smile, “I’m so glad that you are okay. I was so scared when you were getting beaten by those unusually scary monsters!”


Akari tells Strea, “Well, you can’t really die in this game, Strea!”


Strea says, “I know, but it was so scary.”


Akari tells Strea, “How about I take you out for shopping?”


Strea says, “Really? Okay! There is something that I want on the last floor that we were on!” Akari yelps as Strea drags her away and leaving the others alone.


Maron says, a bit nervously, “She is the ‘excitable type’.”


Dai says, “That’s an understatement.”


Leafa says, with a nod, “No kidding, Dai.”


Maron asks, curiously, “By the way, I know that this is against the rules, but then again, we aren’t in a ‘normal situation’. Can I ask your real names?”


Leafa says, “Well, I…” Leafa then tries to recall her real life name, but she finds that her mind is a blank.


Dai asks, “What’s wrong?”


Leafa responds, “I…I can’t remember my real life name.”


There are gasps and Dai asks, “You’re kidding, right?”


Leafa replies, nervously, “Do I look like I’m kidding?” Leafa then tries to recall her real life name, but she holds her head in pain.


Dai yells out, nervously, “Whoa! Whoa! Don’t give yourself a headache!” Dai tells Leafa, “Why don’t you try those journals that you set up?”


Leafa responds, “Oh, yeah!” Leafa then goes through her menus, takes out books, and when she goes through them, Leafa, Dai, and Maron can see that they are blank.


Dai yells out, “What the?!”


Leafa asks, “What happened?”

Maron asks, “What’s wrong?”


Leafa says, stunned, “All of our memories that we wrote in here are gone!”


Dai asks, confused, “But how?”


Leafa says, “I don’t know, but I don’t like this.”


End Flashback; Return to the Present


Back in the present, Akari says, “Somehow, all of our dairies and journals containing our real-life memories were erased and we have no way to recall them if we lose them.”


Leafa says, “I know, Akari.” Leafa tells Maron, “Maron, you should go off on your own. I think that the people that did this to us are on us.”


Maron tells Leafa, “No way, Leafa. You are my friends and I’m not going to just abandon you! And by the way, I’m stuck here also!”


Dai says, with a shrug, “Good point.”


Maron tells the others, with a smile, “My brother managed to survive SAO until Leafa’s brother saved him in which I’m still amazed that your bro is the hero of SAO that I heard about from my brother.”


Leafa says, with a nervous smile, “Well, he doesn’t think of himself as a hero.” Leafa thinks in her mind, with a sigh, “I’m still amazed to know that I have a big brother despite me losing my memory of his name. Big brother…I hope to get home to you and the others soon…” Leafa holds her head as an image of herself as the Sailor Celestial of the Silver Millennium, Sailor Sun, with a version of Sailor Moon’s first fuku with her colors, and someone that looks like Davis, but wearing a black and golden version of Prince Endymon’s armor with golden-red sun sigil on his forehead. The three of them have something in their hands that are absorbed into themselves.


Akari asks Leafa, “Is something wrong, Leafa?”


Leafa responds, shaking her head, “No, I’m fine.” Leafa thinks in her mind, “What is with that vision? It feels…feels more like a memory. Could it be a memory from the Silver Millennium? But I thought that I remembered nearly everything…Unless…” Leafa shakes her head and looks at Strea in which there are plenty of questions about her that she, Dai, and Akari can’t help to wonder about her.


Early October 2025, Sword Art World, Hollow Training Grounds


Returning to the Hollow Training Grounds, our virtualized heroes and heroines and our treasure hunters are fighting the final area boss which is an exact duplicate of Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon known as Hydra Dragon of the Blue-Eyes.


Miyako yells out, annoyed, “I take back what was said and we should have preferred that version of Gate Guardian!”


Makoto tells Miyako, “Please don’t start!”


Hino yells out, strongly and annoyed, “Seriously!” The group yelps out as they dodge another lightning bursts from the three heads of the massive dragon until Omnimon steps up to face it.


Usagi says, “Kirito!”


Kirito says, “Got it, Usagi!” Kirito uses his Throwing Skill to strike the heads of the boss monster causing its attention to focus on him giving Omnimon the opening that he needs.


Transcended Sword!


Omnimon uses a powerful blade from his WarGreymon arm to behead the three-headed and it shatters into hundreds of data polygons. With the end of the battle, the group collapses down with the Digimon returning to their Rookie forms with Agumon and Gabumon giving a major sigh of relief.


Hawkmon says, “I say. That was a ton of work.”


Junpier says, “You got that right.”


Tomoe says, “That’s monster was powerful.”


Haruka says, “Well, we have one more monster to face. Remember, the underground area has a ‘defensive system’ which is obviously a guardian monster and most likely, one more powerful than this one.”


Taichi says, annoyed, “That’s encouraging.”


Philia says, looking at the pendant, “The pendant has completely changed colors.”


When the others look, they see that she is right and Asuna says, excitedly, “That’s great!” Soon after, all of them are teleported back into the administration area of the Hollow Training Grounds where they meet up with Cardinal.


Yui says, “We’ve done it!”


Cardinal says, with a nod, “Well done.”


Taichi asks, “So, now what do we do?”


Cardinal responds, “I will activate the gateway to the underground area, but you will need the pendant in order to access it. However, like your first task, the underground area is like a maze that you can’t get through the usual way.”


Sam says, “You mean that we are going to need Philia-san’s skills in order to get through it.”


Cardinal says, “Correct. After you beat the guardian, you must insert the pendant into the control panel and we have total access to the system and especially the ‘black box’.”


Kirito asks, curiously, “Does it mean that we will be able to find out who Sugou’s associates are?”


Cardinal says, with a nod, “Correct, Kirito.”


Taichi says, with a serious tone, “Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go already!”


Yamato tells Taichi, “Hey, bro. That last battle wore us out.”


Asuna tells Kirito, “We know that you, Junpier, Taichi, and Usagi are really worried about Leafa, Dai, and Akari, but so are the rest of us.”


Lisbeth says, with a nod, “And we are no good to them out of commission in any sort of form.”


Hino tells Usagi, “No kidding, Meatball Head.”


Usagi says, with a sigh, “We know.” The group takes enough of a breather to get ready to go and Cardinal creates a gateway that’s like a futuristic elevator down into the ‘floor’ of the administration area.


Miyako asks, curiously, “That’s it?”


Cardinal says, with a nod, “It is.”


Kirito asks Philia, “Ready, Philia-san?”


Philia responds, with a nod, “Yes.”


Taichi says, “Let’s do this.” The group of digitized humans and Digimon assembled around the gateway and through a teleportation effect, they are gone with a flash.


Cardinal says, plainly, “Good luck.” In the underground area, our heroes and heroines see themselves in a corridor with a group of barriers in front of them.


Miyako says, annoyed, “Just great.”


Makoto asks, “How do we get through that?” Just then the pendant starts to glow and the barriers vanish one after another.


Philia asks, confused, “What’s going on?”


Kirito says, “The system must have registered that we have completed the tasks needed to open it and we’re allowed access.”


Asuna says, “However, we have a long venture ahead.” The others nod their heads and they venture forward into the virtual labyrinth ahead of them.


Early October 2025, Sword Art World, Level 73


In front of what looks like a boss room, Leafa, Dai, Akari, Maron, and Strea are assembled together with the raid group as they prepare to tackle the boss of this level of Sword Art World.


Maron asks Strea, “Are you sure about this Strea?”


Strea says, with a smile, “Yep! Right as rain!”


Leafa tells Strea, “We’re just concerned for you, Strea.”


Strea says, with a giggle, “That’s real nice of you, Leafa-chan!”


Dai says, looking in one direction, “Take a look.” Everyone then looks to see the player known as Alberich leading the way.


Maron says, amazed, “Oh, wow. It’s Alberich.”


Leafa says, plainly, “Yeah.”


Maron says, “You don’t seem really amazed Leafa.”


Leafa tells Maron, “I don’t think that he is that great. Besides, this is a virtual avatar and it doesn’t mean that he is that way in real life.”


Strea says, looking at Alberich, “Something about him scares me.”


Maron asks, amazed, “Really?”


Dai tells Maron, “Anyway, we’ve got to get ready for this.” The others nod their heads in agreement and they head off not noticing that Alberich is glancing at them, but a cold shiver comes down Leafa’s, Dai’s, and Akari’s ‘virtual spines’ as they prepare for what’s to come and a feeling of dread comes over them.


Early October 2025, Sword Art World, Hollow Training Grounds


Returning to the Hollow Training Grounds, our heroes and heroines are moving through the maze-like ‘cyber hallways’ of the labyrinth that’s the hidden underground area of the administration section of the Hollow Training Grounds in which they find that it was like the dungeon that they had to get the ‘key’ from where there are hidden doors to find with keys in treasure boxes that only Philia could open, but they need to be put in a certain order in order to access the gateway. That fact along with the strong monsters going the maze causes the group to take much time until they find themselves in front of a teleport stone.


Yui says, “This is it, daddy.”


Kirito asks, “The guardian of the console is in there?”


Yui says, “Yes, daddy. There is a special arena where the boss is.”


Usagi says, “This is it.”


Everyone looks at each other and Asuna tells Kirito, “We’re ready, Kirito.” The others nod their heads in agreement through quite a few of them quite reluctantly in which they gather around the teleport stone and they vanish in a flash of teleportation in which they reappear what looks like endless outer space with them on a massive see-through platform.


Philia asks, “What is this place?”


Gatomon says, “This must be the boss chamber.”


Veemon asks, “Where is the boss?” Everyone looks around and there is seemly nothing there until Kirito, Asuna, Usagi, Hino, Haruka, and Mamoru get a ‘feeling’ in which they look causing them to gasp in shock and horror in which when the others do so, they do the same. Floating down from the skies is none other than an exact duplicate of none other than the Slifer the Sky Dragon, one of the three Egyptian God Monsters, in which this creature is known as The Sky Dragon of Osiris (A/N: Japanese name for Slifer the Sky Dragon.).


Lisbeth asks, “What is that?”


Makoto says, shocked, “That’s…!!”


Minako yells out, “Slifer the Sky Dragon, an Egyptian God Monster!”


There are gasps and Yamato asks, shocked, “You’re kidding me?!”


Haruka says, with a serious tone, “No, she isn’t! I’ve seen the video images of Yugi Moto’s duels and that’s his dragon! One of the famous Egyptian God Monsters, one of the most powerful monsters of Duel Monsters!”


Miyako asks, “How did they replicate an Egyptian God Monster?!”


Usagi says, “I don’t know, but it is about the attack!”


Taichi shouts out, “Scatter!” Immediately, our adventures scatter as the computed version of Slifer unleashes a perfect duplicate of its Thunder Force attack that barely misses everyone, but Silica and Philia get hit by the sparks in which they suffer from a stun effect.


Usagi says, stunned, “Silica! Philia-san!”


Kirito says, “Damn! It’s attack have stun and paralyzing effects!”


Taichi yells out, “Agumon!”


Yamato shouts out, “Gabumon!”




“Agumon Warp Digivolve to…WarGreymon!”


“Gabumon Warp Digivolve to…MetalGarurumon!”


“Hawkmon Digivolve to…Aquliamon!”


“Wormmon Digivolve to…Stingmon!”


“Patamon Digivolve to…Angemon!”


End Digivolution


&ld quo;Terra Force!”


“Metal Wolf Claw!”


“Hand of Fate!”


WarGreymon, MetalGarurumon, and Angemon unleashes their attacks that slam into the boss monster version of Slifer which causes a strong explosion, but when the smoke and dust clear, the boss monster barely suffered damaged to its HP gauge.


Lisbeth says, “It barely took any damage!”


Minako says, “It’s stats must be insane!” The boss monster unleashes what looks like a version of Slifer’s Lightning Shot attack in which Angemon barely manages to dodge, but it hits WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon causing significant damage and they fall to their knees.


WarGreymon says, “So weak…”


MetalGarurumon says, “My strength…”


Miyako asks, “What happened to them?”


Mizuno says, “That must be a replica of Slifer’s special ability where a monster summoned to the field opposing Slifer is attacked by Slifer’s second mouth costing the opposing monster two thousand attack or defense points in which if they have less points, they are automatically destroyed!”


Stingmon says, “That’s not good!”


Angemon says, “This creature is too powerful!”


Haruka says, “We’ve got to transform and take it down!”


Makoto says, “No, we’ve got to watch out again!” The duplicate of Slifer fires its main attack again and our group barely manages to dodge the assault.


Philia says, fearfully, “So powerful…We…We…”


Kirito tells Philia, “No, Philia-san! There is a way to win! We found a way to beat SAO and we’ll find a way to beat this thing!”


Asuna says, “Kirito-kun is right. We can’t let this beat us.”


Usagi says, with a nod, “We have to find a way to win! There are too many people counting on us! Suguha, Davis, and Kari as well as the players of this game and SAO are counting on us! We won’t lose!” Just then Usagi is engulfed in a silver glow and sends a silver beam of light into Angemon.


Yamato asks, “Now what?”


Hino says, “Meatball Head just tapped into the powers of the Silver Crystal!”




“Angemon Digivolve to…MagnaAngemon!”


End Digivolution


Wit h Patamon’s Ultimate form facing them, there are stunned looks and Aquliamon says, amazed, “Incredible.”


Stingmon says, “The power from her gave Angemon the ability to go to Ultimate once more!”


Takashi says, “MagnaAngemon.” Takashi yells out, “Yeah! This is it! She just give us the chance to win!”


MagnaAngemon responds, “Indeed, she has. Her power has given me the strength to become Ultimate once more and give us a chance for victory. Time to end this game.”


Gate of Destiny!


MagnaAngemon creates the vortex into his ‘other dimension’ and it opens creating a powerful vacuum against the boss monster version of Slifer, but while being only a duplicate of the Egyptian God Monster and not the real deal, its strength is proven as it resists the pull while its HP gauges slowly goes down in which it prepares to counterattack. However, WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon, who have regained their full strength, managed to sneak in on the monster’s rear.


Terra Force!


Metal Wolf Claw!


The two Mega Digimon unleash their attacks against the doppelganger of Slifer and hit it hard causing to lose some HP, but it gets dragged into the suction from the Gate of Destiny allowing it to drain the rest of its health causing the boss monster to shatter into data polygons that get sucked into the gateway which closes when the boss monster is ‘absorbed’ into the gateway.


Miyako says, excitedly, “They did it!” Soon after, WarGreymon, MetalGarurumon, and MagnaAngemon along with Stingmon and Aquliamon return to their Rookie forms with Patamon going over to Takashi.


Takashi says, “Way to go, Patamon!”


Patamon says, motioning to Usagi, “If it wasn’t her giving me the power, I couldn’t have gone Ultimate again.”


Takashi tells Usagi, “Thanks, Usagi.”


Usagi says, rubbing her head, “Thanks. I didn’t know that I had it in me.”


Soon after, the whole arena starts to rumble and Makoto asks, “Now what?”


Hino yells out, annoyed, “Did you have to ask that Mako-chan?!” Soon after, the whole group vanishes through a teleportation effect and when they reappear, they are in a hallway.


Philia asks, “Where are we?”


Yui says, pointing ahead, “Daddy, over there!” When everyone looks, they see a GM console ahead of them.


Tomoe asks, “Is that it?”


Michiru says, with a smile, “I believe so.”


Kirito says, “Let’s find out.” The group goes over to the console and Yui examines it.


After a few minutes, Asuna asks, “Yui-chan?”


Yui says, excitedly, “Yes, this is it. This is the special GM console for the administration area.”


Sam says, “Now, we need to put the pendant in.”


Yui says, “I already found it.” Just then a slot in the shape of the pendant appears on the console and she says, “This is it. However, once we put the pendant it, my fellow mental health program…my younger sister is going to react since we will be tapping into the ‘black box’. I’m not sure what will happen next.”


Tomoe asks, “So, she might act defensive against us?”

Yui says, with a nod, “It is a possibility.”


Kirito says, “We don’t have much of a choice, Yui. If the minds of all the players that died are trapped in here and if it will help us expose Sugou’s associates, we have to take that risk. Plus, it is the only way to correct the error in Philia’s data in order to bring her back to main ‘field’ of Sword Art World and also, there is also the possible that we could find data that we could use to bring her mind and others back to their bodies.”


Usagi asks Philia, “Philia-san?”


Philia responds, with a nod, “Right.” Philia then inserts the pendant into the console and the console starts to glow and the buttons on it start to glow in different colors.


Minako asks, nervously, “Is that supposed to happen?”


Early October 2025, Sword Art World, Level 73


At Sword Art World’s Level 73 boss room, the massive group of players are taking a breather after they have just defeated the boss for this ‘castle world’ when Strea yelps as she holds her head in pain.


Leafa asks, “Strea? Strea, what’s wrong?”


Strea says, “The hearts…must protect the hearts…”


Akari asks, “Strea, what are you saying?” Leafa goes over to Strea, but she doesn’t notice that her eyes turn blank, however, Leafa and Dai sense Strea’s ‘intent’.


Dai yells out, “Back off from her, Leafa, now!” Strea then spins around and attacks Leafa in which she barely leaps out of the way.


Leafa yells out, “Hey, Strea, what’s wrong with you?”


Strea responds, in a stoic voice, “There is nothing wrong with me. I must fulfill my duty and protect the hearts…”


Maron asks, “Has this game caused her to go wacky?’


Akari asks, confused, “The hearts?”


Just then a familiar male voice says, “It is a bit complicate for your simple minds to understand.” Soon after, many of the others in the room yelp as they are put in a paralyzing effect.


Leafa says, weakly, “Can’t move…”


Dai asks, “What’s going on?” Strea, also under the effect, is standing still and struggling to move as Alberich walks over to her.


Leafa says, with a glare, “I knew it. There is something up with you.”


Alberich says, grabbing Strea by the back of her collar, “At long last, I’ve been searching everyone for you. The ‘key’ to the ‘black box’.”


Dai yells out, strongly, “Let her go!”


Alberich responds, “I don’t listen to a puny mind such as yourself.” Alberich says, with an evil grin, “Now, I have the ‘key’ to the final secrets of Kayaba himself! I will find the secrets to that wonderful super-computer that he hid in the SAO servers itself!”


There are gasps of shock and Leafa asks, “What are you talking about?”


Alberich says, “Let us just say that Kayaba hid something very powerful and very potent in the SAO servers that those simple minds in the government couldn’t even notice and even I have to admit that I failed to see until recently. And the ‘key’ to opening it is right in my hand.”


Akari asks, stunned, “Strea?”


Alberich says, “This girl you think is a player is not. She is an AI. More exactly, she was part of the mental health program belonging to Sword Art Online.”


Dai asks Alberich, “And you are telling us why?”


Alberich says, with an evil smile, “That’s pretty obvious. None of you will be talking to anyone about this ever.”


There are more gasps from the other players and Leafa says, with a growl, “It’s you! You are the one that has been tampering with the player’s memories!”


Alberich says, “Yes, in order for my research for advance to the next level. The very research that your brother destroyed little girl!”


There are gasps and Leafa says, “It’s you! Sugou Nobuyuki!”


More gasps come from the other players and Alberich says, with an evil smile, “Ah, you have heard of me, huh? No doubt from your wretched younger brother!”


Maron asks Leafa, “You mean that this guy is the nutjob from the ‘ALO incident’ that trapped three hundred SAO survivor to use them from sick mind control experiments.”


Alberich says, with a sneer, “A weak mind such as yourself can’t possibly see the true genius in my work! Well, no matter.” Alberich says, looking at Strea, “Now that I have you, I can access Kayaba’s work and finally exceed him once and for all.”


Leafa says, using her only moving hand and arm to draw a throwing knife, “Not on your life, scumbag!” Leafa throws the knife at his face causing Alberich to yelp as it cuts his left virtual cheek making him release Strea from his grip in which Strea breaks the paralyzing effect on herself, kicks Alberich back with a strong spin kick sending him into the ground, and she brings out a menu causing her to vanish through a teleportation effect.


Alberich yells out, stunned, “No!” Alberich glares at Leafa and he yells out, “How dare you?!” Alberich says, with an evil smile, “I was going make your demise simple, but now, you have made me mad!” Alberich opens some menus and starts to push some buttons.


Dai asks, “What are you doing you scum?”


Alberich says, with an evil grin, “Simple. I’m finally getting my payback against that brat, Kirito, by taking out his sister once and for all. While the Amusphere can’t kill a person, there is more than one way to ‘kill’ a person with VR than just destroying their physical brain. You, for example, are all trapped here with your minds in your avatars, right? Well, what happens if your avatars were deleted with your minds still trapped in them? That says something!”


Akari says, horrified, “You wouldn’t!”


Alberich responds, with an evil smile, “I would! Kirigaya cost me everything! Everything! My research! The money and power that came with it! I was about to be a god and he and that worthless niece of Kayaba ruined everything! Well, now, it is time for payback! Revenge is dish best served cold! And you, my dear, are going to be part of that revenge! I can’t wait to see Kirito’s wails of sorrow as he looks at your still living body, but knowing that you are just a ‘living corpses’ since your mind is about to be sent to digital oblivion! Once your avatar is deleted after you ‘die’, your mind…your very soul will be lost forever!” Alberich laughs evilly as he prepares to finish his plans to send Leafa into ‘digital oblivion’ with the others completely helpless to do anything about it.


Early October 2025, Sword Art World, Hollow Training Grounds


Within the underground portion of the administration area of the Hollow Training Grounds, our virtualized heroes and heroines and the group of Digimon are in front of the GM console for this area as Yui and Mizuno work on the information that they are accessing.


Usagi asks, “Well?”


Mizuno says, “The information is so vast, Usagi.”


Yui says, her eyes widen, “Daddy, I managed to find information and I think that it is related to that bad man!”


Asuna asks, “You mean Sugou?”


Mizuno tells Yui, “Show me, Yui!” When a screen showing the information is displayed, Mizuno says, “That’s it! That’s the information that we need to expose Sugou’s associates in Future Divers.”


Kirito tells Yui, “Can you send it over to the others back at the super-computer?”


Yui responds, “Already done, daddy.”


There is a flash of light and a female voice says, “Get away from there.” Everyone then looks to see Strea with sword glaring down at them.


Miyako asks, “Who is that?”


Takashi says, “She has a player cursor.”


Yui gasps and she says, “That’s her! That’s my younger sister!”


Kirito asks, shocked, “You mean the other mental health program from SAO?!”


Yui says, with a nod, “That’s right, daddy. That’s MPHC002: Strea.”


Minako asks Yui, confused, “She is supposed to be your younger sister?”


Hino yells out, annoyed, “Not now, Mina-chan!”


Makoto says, “She doesn’t look too happy with us right now.” Strea prepares to attack, but another teleportation effect reveals Cardinal and she is in-between our heroes and heroines and Strea.


Cardinal tells Strea, “MPHC002…Strea, you must stop this at once.”


Strea responds, “Who are you?”


Cardinal says, “I am Cardinal. I am the AI embodiment of the system that you belonged to: The Cardinal System of Sword Art Online. Strea, you must stop this.”


Strea replies, “I must do my duty…”


Cardinal tells Strea, “Strea, you are no longer just a program.” Cardinal points to Yui and she says, “That’s MPHC001: Yui. She is the older sister and a former mental health program of SAO. She has evolved beyond her programming and she has become an independent AI…a living being of data rather than flesh and blood. You have taken the form of a human player avatar from an account of SAO player that didn’t log in on the day that the game started. You and Yui are the same…you are sisters.”


Strea asks, curiously, “Sisters?”


Cardinal says, “That’s correct, Strea. You are more than just a mental health program and you can process information for yourself. Leafa, Dai, and Akari are your friends, right?”


Strea responds, as images of them form in her mind, “Yes…”


Cardinal responds, “If you don’t help your sister and Leafa’s brother, Kirito, free the torture souls of who died in SAO, they will disappear. Do you understand Strea? They will ‘disappear’ and be gone forever! Do you want them?”

Strea says, her currently blank eyes widen, “No, I don’t…No, I don’t want…But I…”


Cardinal tells Strea, “Then you must choose, Strea. Choose!” Strea drops her sword and she cries out as she holds her head in pain in which Yui, on a sisterly instinct that she never knew that she had, wanted to go help, but Kirito and Asuna stop her.

Asuna tells Yui, “It will be okay, Yui-chan.” Strea’s eyes then return to their normal state.


Strea says, “No, I don’t want them to disappear.”


Cardinal tells Strea, “Then you know what you must do.”


Strea says, with a nod, “Yes…”


Just then a male voice says, “That’s something that I can’t allow.” Soon after, Cardinal and Strea ‘freeze up’ and collapse to the ground.


Kirito says, shocked, “Cardinal! Strea-san!” But before they could even move, none other than Kayaba AKA Heathcliff, which is his current ‘form’, walks out of the shadows and into the open.


Haruka says, “Kayaba.”


Heathcliff says, “Hello, again, everyone. It seems like we are bumping into each other.”


Mamoru says, “Cardinal was right. You have involvement in this.”


Heathcliff says, “In a way, yes. However, doing what they did when they discovered my ‘black box’ within the SAO servers was all Sugou’s and his associates’ idea, not mine.”


Kirito says, with a sneer, “Doesn’t mean that it didn’t help you, Kayaba.”


Usagi asks, “What’s the big idea of entrapping the minds of all of the people that you killed? Murdering them wasn’t enough for you?”


Heathcliff says, “You see, in order to gain what I desire, I will need a few things. The ‘hearts’ that died trying to leave SAO and their strong emotions are one of them.” Heathcliff says, looking at Strea, “As the ‘guardian’ of those hearts, Strea is one of them, but even I was shocked when those hearts gave her sentience as much as little Yui has. She has become a true self-aware AI…Actually, more like artificial life-form. I have to say that when I performed my experiment with Yui, I wasn’t expecting what happened.”


Asuna asks, shocked, “Experiment?”


Kirito says, “The order that made her unable to go to players and assist them with their mental problems.”


Heathcliff responds, “Correct, Kirito. You see, I had always a curiosity in AI. I had wondered if they could ever ‘break free’ of their ‘restraints’ and become their own being. With the mental health programs, I found that I could find a way to get that answer. Yes, one of the reasons that I ordered the mental health programs not to assist the players is because I wanted to see the players of the game survive on their own without any ‘outside help’, but with Yui, there was also something else. She was programmed to observe players mental states AND assist them as best as possible. I gave her an order that caused a contradiction. Would Yui follow my instruction without question or would she disobey that order in order to fulfil her ‘prime directive’? At first, it looked like that she would follow the order despite all of the damage that it was causing her, so, after nearly two years, I felt to ‘pull the plug’ since it could cause the game to malfunction sooner or later, but in the records, I noticed that Yui was focusing attention on ‘certain players’ and doing things that just an AI following orders wouldn’t do causing me to reconsider. And I am glad that I did.”


Haruka asks, annoyed, “So, you are happy that you allowed your creation to suffer until she could break free on her own and become her own being?”


Makoto asks, “What are you?”


Heathcliff responds, “Just a man…A man who played a deity, but just desires to see ‘the other world’.” Heathcliff tells Cardinal, “And you have done your duty quite well.”


Cardinal asks, confused, “What?”


Heathcliff says, “I was shocked that you had gained awareness yourself, but then again, if you and Strea could do it, it isn’t too surprising that you could do it too. Oh, if you are wondering how I could paralyze you, it is a special set of command codes separate from the main system just in case on the off-chance that someone was successfully able to hack and take control of you or you were suffering a major malfunction. I could ‘paralyze’ you and take temporary control with some ‘off-hand back-ups’ until you were restored to ‘regular functions’.”


Kirito then says, “You did it, didn’t you? You manipulated Cardinal to bring my sister into this world.”


Heathcliff doesn’t say a word and he responds, “I implanted a small idea into Cardinal’s programming that Selene and the Solaris Prince and Princess are the ones that would save the ‘souls’ that died in SAO, but she firmly believed it with all of ‘virtual heart’ so to speak.”


Cardinal asks, “What?”


Heathcliff says, “However, what I didn’t expect was the ‘souls’ of that died in SAO to actual bond with your sister, Kirito, as well Davis and Kari as well.”


Taichi asks, stunned, “What?”


Heathcliff says, “Yes, it was a shock to me. Somehow, through Strea, the ‘minds’ stored within the quantum computer are actually called out to them and showed them what happened in SAO.” There are gasps of shock and Heathcliff says, “Personally, a regular person would have gone insane after what they saw, but then again, this is Selene and those two we are talking about after all.”


Kirito yells out, drawing his swords, “You worthless scumbag!”


Heathcliff responds, bringing out a menu, “You should be more worried about your sister, Kirito. Sugou is about to take revenge on you through her.” Heathcliff pushes a button and he and Strea are engulfed by a teleport effect causing both of them to vanish.


Usagi asks, “What does he mean?”


After Heathcliff and Strea are gone, Cardinal moves again and she says, plainly yet with a solemn look in her eyes, “I’m such a fool. He was using me all along. He must have manipulated me to also send for Philia as well.”


Philia says, realization in her eyes, “For my skills to get access to the SAO’s servers ‘black box’.”


Lisbeth asks, “Wait! Does that mean that you being here was no accident?”


Kirito says, with a sneer, “He must have been the one that sent Philia here.” Kirito says, “However, I think that Sugou realized that Philia was important for the ‘black box’ and tried to get her.” Kirito asks Cardinal, “But you stopped them, didn’t you?”


Cardinal responds, with a nod, “Yes. In fact, I was the one that served the ‘connection’ between their Amuspheres and their bodies and here in order to keep them out of the eyes of Sugou and his associates. The instant that I would even attempt to reconnect them…”


Kirito says, finishing, “Sugou and his associates would notice them and capture them immediately.”


Cardinal nods her head and Yui screams out, fearfully, “Daddy!”


Asuna asks, concerned, “What is it, Yui?” The group looks only to see a screen showing Alberich, Sugou’s SAW avatar, looming over Leafa.


Silica says, “That looks like Leafa.”


Yui says, in a panic, “Yes, it is! And that’s the man that trapped mommy in the original ALO!”


There are gasps in which Usagi and Asuna look at Alberich and they say in unison, “Yui’s right! That’s Sugou!”


Yui says, in a panic, “Daddy, the bad man just used his GM privileges that he managed to get to make the game delete a person’s avatar the instant that he or she dies!”


Kirito asks, shocked, “What?!”


Mizuno yells out, “Oh no! Their minds are trapped in their avatars! If they are deleted, they are lost forever!”


Usagi shouts out, horrified, “No!”


Kirito tells Yui, “Yui, please get over there now! Now!”

Yui says, “Mizuno, help me please!” Immediately, Yui and Mizuno tap into the console to try to teleport everyone over to that area of Sword Art World before Sugou/Alberich sends Leafa’s mind to ‘virtual oblivion’.


Early October 2025, Sword Art World, Level 73


Back inside of the recently cleared of Level 73 boss room, Alberich finishes his work and draws his sword against the currently helpless Leafa.


Alberich says, “I can’t wait to see the look on Kirito’s face knowing that you are gone forever. I lost everything to him and he will lose someone precious to him too!”


Leafa tells Alberich, with a sneer, “You are going to pay for what you do. I wish that I could be here to see you get what you deserve.”


Alberich says, with an evil smile, “Defiant to the last. Well, when I see your brother, I will tell him about your bravery before I find a way to slit his throat along with the wretched tongue of Kayaba’s niece! Farewell!”


Alberich swings his sword down on Leafa and Dai and Akari say in unison, “Leafa!” Time then seems to slow down as Alberich prepare to get rid of her HP and destroy her avatar causing her mind to be sent into ‘digital oblivion’ in which what memories she had left flash through her mind, but then the sword is knocked off course as Maron, who broke free of her paralyzing ‘restraint’, bashes him in the side.


Leafa says, “Maron!”


Maron yells out, “Run, Leafa!”


Alberich yells out, angrily, “You wretched fool!” Maron yelps as she is cut down by Alberich causing her HP to go to zero and Leafa, Dai, and Akari gasp in horror.


As she starts to glow as she fades away, she says, weakly, “I guess that I’m not like my brother…When you see him again…Tell him I’m sorry…” Soon after, Maron shatters into hundreds of data polygons signifying the destruction of her avatar and the end for Maron despite her body still being ‘alive’.

Leafa says, horrified, “No…NO!!!” Leafa’s body is surrounded by green energy and she unleashes a shockwave that releases her from the paralyzing effect put upon her in which, in a blind rage, she draws her sword and ruthlessly attacks Alberich causing him to wail as he gets thrown down by the assault with his sword clattering to the ground in which he also notices that his ‘immortality’ has ‘faltered’ due to some kind of error.


Alberich yells out, in a panic voice due to him knowing that he is vulnerable, “Wait! Wait! You can’t…!!”

Leafa shouts out, enraged, “I can’t! I CAN’T?! You worthless monster! Maron had nothing to do with this and you ended her life like it was nothing! She came here to understand her brother, an SAO survivor better, and now, she can never reconnect with him! Why should I gave any quarter when you were about to murder us and you just did despite her body still being ‘alive’?! It’s fiends like you and Kayaba that soil this world and the ‘real world’! It’s time to end this once and for all!” Leafa prepares to cut Alberich down and he yelps in fear, but then our heroes and heroines in the Hollow Training Grounds appear via a teleportation effect.


Asuna says, “Leafa!” Leafa stops and focuses on them in which Alberich gains an evil smile causing him to grab his sword and impale Leafa before anyone could stop him.


Kirito yells out, horrified, “NO, SUGU!!!”


Alberich tells Kirito, with an evil smile and sly tone, “Hello, Kirito. And say goodbye to your precious sister.” After Alberich removes the sword from Leafa’s virtual avatar, her HP gauge goes to zero and she starts to collapse with wide-eyes as her form glows as she starts to fade.


Usagi screams out, in pure horror, “NNNNNOOOOOOO!!!”


End of Chapter 19


(Sword Art Online closing theme ‘Yume Sekai’ starts)


As the scene floats down in front of us, we see the Moon Palace in front of a massive lake where instead of the palace, Aincrad is being reflected by the pool of water instead of the Moon Palace. As Aincrad is being shown, we see Kirito, Usagi, and Asuna, in their SAO forms with their ALO forms behind them, floating down and as we float down, we see Suguha Kirigaya surrounded by her ALO avatar of Leaf and as Eternal Sailor Celestial with the form of someone that looks like Princess Serenity, but with Sailor Celestial’s sigils on her forehead. And finally, we float down to see Davis Motomiya, in his Kirito’s style outfit, and Kari Kamiya, in her version of Asuna’s KOB outfit, together surrounded by the three Egyptian God Cards, the Sacred Beasts, Signer Dragons, and many more ‘out of the ordinary’ Duel Monsters including the Aesir.


The final scene appears where it shows Kazuto, Serena, Asuna, Suguha, Davis, and Kari surrounded by all of their friends, comrades, and/or loved ones: The Sailor Scouts, Tuxedo Mask, Digidestined and their Digimon partners, Rika, Keiko, Andrew, and Ryoutarou.


Preview (Leafa’s voice)


“Next time: The Key to Ends and Beginnings.”


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