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Well, we have made it into the second to last chapter of this story. I know that you realize that there are ‘similarities’ between this and my Hollow Fragment storyline, but I can assure you that they are two different storylines and not just two versions of the same story. Anyway, minor spoiler alert! There is going to be a cameo for a future major crossover to the sequel to this story, but I’m going to leave it to you to figure out which crossover that it is. Well, okay, everyone, I know that I’m repeating this same thing over and over again, however, I have to, so, I would like to give thanks and credit to Belletiger and Kanius and Kanius’ YuYuGiDigiMoon series, especially this author’s The Invasion of the Rajita story, for giving me permission to use the idea of Valkyrie Sailor Soldiers and everything that’s a part of them.


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Warning: This story contains intense violence, blood, possible gore, death, mild to explicit suggestive themes, including mind-control and brainwashing, mild to explicit bad language, and mature adult themes/situations!


Second Warning: Some to a lot of OOC (Out of Character) actions and mannerisms in this whole story!


Early October 2025, Sword Art World, Unknown location


Within a strange energy orb, Strea slowly opens her eyes and she looks around to find herself what looks like the inside of a massive palace covered and colored in red through it looks like that it is somewhat in ‘disarray’.


Strea asks, confused, “What?”


Just then a familiar male voice says, “I see that you are awaken my dear.” Strea then looks to see Heathcliff in front of a floating screen showing the events of what’s happening in the Floor 73 boss room.


Strea asks, “Who are you?”


Heathcliff responds, “Your creator, my dear. I am Akihiko Kayaba, creator of Sword Art Online and everything in it, including you, Strea.” Before Strea could ask anything more, she gasps to see the image of Alberich impaling Leafa’s virtual avatar and causing her to lose all of her health.


Strea yells out, horrified, “No, Leafa!”


Heathcliff looks at what happened, give a rare look of anger and rage, and he says, lowly, “You will pay for this Sugou.” Heathcliff then looks at Strea and he says, “And now, Leafa is lost.”


Strea yells out, “What?”


Heathcliff says, “That man, Alberich, has GM privileges and he has trapped Leafa’s mind in the game in which now, if she dies now, her mind will be lost forever. While the Amusphere can’t physically kill a person, Leafa’s mind is trapped in her avatar body and Alberich has reset the game to delete the avatar which means if she ‘dies’ now, she will disappear forever.”


That strikes a card in Strea and she says, lowly, “No…She can’t disappear…Leafa-chan is my friend…”


Heathcliff says, in a mock solemn tone, “I’m afraid that Alberich will now make her vanish for good, Strea-chan.”


Strea shakes her head in disbelief and she yells out, in pure horror, “No! No! Please don’t disappear Leafa-chan! You can’t disappear! You won’t!” Strea screams as she glows and Heathcliff’s eyes widen as he yelps as he is swallowed by the light that Strea is giving off.


Sailor Moon Online: Shadow of Aincrad


(Sword Art Online opening theme music ‘Crossing Fields’ starting)


As the opening ‘scenes’ being, we find Davis Motomiya, wearing an outfit similar to Kirito’s outfit expect his jacket is flame designed and two swords, an Elucidator and Dark Repulser, strapped to the sides of his waist instead of his back, walking down a street and looking at the sky.


Next, we find Kari Kamiya, wearing a pink and red version of Asuna’s Knights of the Blood Oath outfit with Crests of Light instead of crosses and strapped to her waist is a sheath for a rapier with a pink handle and a pearly white blade, also walking down a street and looking back behind her.


Then we see Suguha Kirigaya and her ‘alter ego’, Sailor Celestial, with their backs to each other with ‘thin wall of light’ separating the two of them in which the scene spins around as the two of them look at each other where Suguha is at her home on her side of the ‘wall’ while Sailor Celestial is in the Moon Kingdom.


All three of them are reaching out into the skies and then the world around them transforms into center of the Town of Beginnings for Sword Art Online in which the ground crumbles around them as those that died on Sword Art Online and more try to drag them into an abyss.


The scene then changes where Davis is cutting through legions of ‘monsters’ from SAO and ALO as well as youma in which a legion of Duel Monsters appears with Davis having a dragon similar to Stardust Dragon and another monster, Slifer the Sky Dragon, attack them with powerful strikes.


Then Davis is fighting against Heathcliff in which he transforms into the massive GM avatar that he used at the start of SAO in which Davis lands a series of blows before slamming him with Starburst Stream, the classic 16 Duel Wielding Sword Skill combo. Soon after, Kari and Leafa, Suguha’s ALO avatar, run at top speed behind Davis and the two of them leap into the air with Kari hitting the transformation Heathcliff with an attack that looks similar to Linear while Leafa does a forward flip and transforms into Eternal Sailor Celestial, also wielding an Elucidator and Dark Repulser, in which they glow with fire and wind power as Sailor Celestial prepares to attack.


Then the scene shows Kazuto as his Sword Art Online avatar of Kirito, Serena as her Sword Art Online avatar as Usagi, Keiko as her Sword Art Online avatar of Silica, and Rika as her Sword Art Online avatar of Lisbeth.


The scene then changes with Davis, Kari, Sailor Celestial, Sailor Moon, and Kirito looking over the worlds of Sword Art Online, Alfheim Online, the ‘real world’, the Digital World, and beyond.


Then there are displays of Darien/Tuxedo Mask, the Sailor Scouts, the Odiaba Digidestined, and Kayaba/Heathcliff before it switches back to a scene where Sailor Celestial, Davis, and Kari are standing in front of the ‘transformed Heathcliff’ with his back to their backs and cleaved into multiple pieces before exploding into hundreds of data polygons.


The final scenes show Kirito and Asuna, in her Knights of the Blood Oath outfit, along with Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask being watched over by Sailor Celestial, Davis and Kari resting in front of a tree, and finally, Asuna’s Lambent Light rapier, Usagi’s Lunar Excelsior one-handed sword, Tuxedo Mask’s cane, Leafa’s ALO katana, and an Elucidator and Dark Repulser swords are all together in a pile with Neo Domino City Duel Disks and Davis’ and Kari’s D-3 digivices ‘attached’ to them.


(Sword Art Online opening theme music ‘Crossing Fields’ ending)


Chapter 20: The Key to Ends and Beginnings


Early October 2025, Sword Art World, Level 73


Inside of the boss room of Level 73 of Sword Art World, our virtualized heroes and heroines with our female treasure hunter are looking at a scene of horror in which Leafa just lost all of her HP due to Alberich dirty sneak attack and her fading form collapses to the ground in which they run over to her.


Kirito says, fearfully, “Sugu! Sugu, don’t leave! Sugu, don’t give up!”


Leafa says, her fading form showing her eyes going blank, “Who…?”


Alberich laughs evilly and he says, stumbling to his feet, “I don’t know how you got in here Kirigaya, but I’m glad that you are here! You and that Meatball Head have taken everything from me and now, I have taken one thing that you have cherished the most…your precious sister!”


Usagi says, with tears in her eyes, “You can’t leave us…Please don’t go…”


Asuna says, weakly, “Leafa-chan…”


Silica says, with tears in her eyes, “Leafa-chan, don’t go…”


Alberich yells out, with an evil sadistic smile, “It’s too late! Her avatar will be deleted and her mind will be sent into digital oblivion!” Alberich laughs evilly in which both Usagi and Kirito gain a dark and deadly look that if looks can kill, Alberich would be dead millions of times over.


Kirito says, with an enraged expression, “You fucking worthless piece of scum! I will never forgive you for this! I don’t care where you run! I don’t care where you hide! I will hunt you down and I will kill you! I WILL KILL YOU FOR THIS SUGOU!!!” Kirito then draws his sword and rises to his feet to prepare to charge him in a blind rage while a bright light comes from the ceiling and slams down onto Leafa forcing everyone to cover their eyes.


Makoto asks, “What is this?”


Alberich yells out, “What is this? What kind of trick are you trying to pull?” There is no answer as everyone is engulfed in white light and deep within Leafa’s mind, we find her as Suguha Kirigaya and she is blinking as she finds herself within her room within her house in the real world.


Suguha asks, “Where am I? What is this place?”


Just then a female voice that sounds like hers responds, “Don’t you recognize it?”


Suguha asks, “Who is that?”


The female voice responds, “Who do you think?” Suguha then looks at the mirror and she is shocked to see herself as her ALO avatar of Leafa looking back at her.


Suguha asks her ‘reflection’, “Who are you?”


Her ‘reflection’, ALO Leafa, responds, “I’m you silly.”


Suguha asks, confused, “Me?”


Suguha’s ‘reflection’, ALO Leafa, replies, with a nod, “That’s right. I’m you. A part of you as she is.” Soon after, Suguha’s ‘past self’ as Princess Selene then appears.


Suguha asks her ‘past self’, “Wait! You are me too?”


Princess Selene responds, in Suguha’s voice, “That’s right as much as Leafa is. You can’t lose yourself to this…this game.”


Suguha asks, “Game?” She then remembers the events of Sword Art World and she says, “Yes, it’s a game. A game that was supposed to be a safe version of that horror that my big brother…”


ALO Leafa tells Suguha, “He never surrendered him to a game. He overcame SAO and he overcame that sicko’s control of the original ALO. Your will is stronger than the game…stronger than that sicko! You can’t let it beat you!”


Suguha says, “I don’t know…I feel so weak…”


Another female voice says, “You can’t give up, Leafa-chan!” Everyone looks to see Strea appear before them.


Princess Selene, ALO Leafa, and Suguha ask in unison, “Strea?”


Strea comes up to Suguha and she says, with a nod, “Leafa-chan, you can’t give up. Your family still needs you. They still need you.”


Suguha asks, “They?”


Strea responds, with a weak smile, “The souls of those that died on Sword Art Online.” Suguha and her ‘other selves’ gain wide eyes and Strea says, “They live ‘inside’ of me and while you were lured into this world on that belief that you, Dai, and Akari could save them by my creator…You, three, are truly the ones that can save them. You saw their experiences as you went through this game, right? They have felt your strength and you have ‘bonded’ with them by bonding with me. Please, Leafa-chan, you can’t disappear and I won’t let you! I won’t let them take you away!” Strea then puts her forehead to Suguha’s forehead and she gasps as all of her lost memories return to her.


When Strea releases Suguha, she says, with a gasp, “I…I remember…” Suguha says, looking at Strea, “Strea…”


Strea says, with a smile, “Leafa-chan, you are my friend. I know that you will save me…you will save all of us from disappearing forever. Stop that bad man for hurting anyone else…Stop my creator, please…”


As Strea’s form starts to fade away, Suguha yells out, “Strea!”


Strea says, with a warm smile, “I know that you, Dai, Akari, and the others can save us. I believe you. We all believe in you.” Just many of the people that died on SAO including Sachi and the Moonlit Black Cats, Diabel, and Griselda appear as ‘ghostly figures’ and they are smiling at Suguha and her ‘counterparts before they vanish with Strea.


Suguha yells out, extending her hand towards Strea, “Strea, wait!” However, it is too late and she is gone, but Suguha can feel their hope, warmth, and strength. Suguha says, with a warm smile, “Thank you, Strea.”


Princess Selene asks Suguha, “Do you know what you must do?”


Suguha responds, with a nod, “Duh, you should already know that answer since you are a part of me.”


ALO Leafa says, with a grin, “We know.”


Suguha says, “If my brother can overcome this kind of game with his will, then so can I! I must have been lured here due to what that ass has done, but the spirit of those players believe in me and the others! I won’t lose to that madman and I won’t lose to him! I won’t give up! I can’t give up!”


Soon after, Suguha and her ‘counterparts’ are bathed in rainbow light and Princess Selene asks, “Do know you are now?”


Suguha responds, with a nod, “I do. Now that I think about it, I think that it was stupid to think such things. You are a part of me. I am you and you are mine as much as Leafa is a part of us. Suguha Kirigaya…Princess Selene…Leafa…It doesn’t matter! I am me and all of you are a part of me! We’re all one and the same!”


ALO Leafa says, with a grin, “You know it! Now, let’s kick some butt!” Suguha nods as she and her ‘counterparts’ come together and ‘fuse’ as they are engulfed in light and back outside of Leafa’s mind, in the boss room, the light starts to fade away and everyone then looks to find Leafa, in her current SAW avatar, up, solid, and she is at maximum health with a stern and determined look in her eyes.


The others are flabbergasted and Akari asks, amazed, “Leafa?”


Alberich responds, stunned, “But how? This can’t be! You should be gone! Your mind should have been shattered all over cyber-space! This is impossible!”


Leafa responds, sternly, “Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m back and better than ever! I used the very same weapon that Usagi and my big brother used to beat you in the original ALO and Kayaba in Sword Art Online: The power of human will! For all its realism, this is still just a game run by a computer system! All of the power that you have is not real! The only ‘real power’ is the power of your heart and your will! With some help, I’ve overcome the system itself and it submits to me!”


Alberich says, shaking his head, “No, that’s impossible! With the power of the system, I’m a god here! Do you hear me?! I’m a deity of this world!”


Leafa responds, “You are nothing, you scumbag! And now, I’m going to prove it to you!” Leafa thinks in her mind, “Thank you, Strea.” Leafa shouts out, “System command: Activate Aincrad Complete Override Code! ID Heathcliff! Code-word: Celestial princess of the skies!”


Just a series of menus appears around Leafa and a female computer voice says, in its stoic voice, “Password accepted. Access approved and all special administration privileges have been given to ID Leafa.”


There are stunned looks and Lisbeth says, “No way!”


Alberich yells out, shocked, “What?”


When he moves his hand to his GM menu, Leafa says, “System command: Adjust administrative privileges of ID Alberich. Set to level one only.” Just then Alberich GM menu vanishes and a screen prompt displaying a message that his GM privileges have been restrict causing him to gasp in horror.


Alberich shouts out, “No, not again! Not again!” Leafa then uses her new GM menus to unfreeze the other players including Dai and Akari and they get to their feet.


Dai yells out, “Sweet! We can move again!” Soon after, the other players of SAW vanish leaving only Leafa, Dai, Akari, Philia, and our virtual heroes and heroines with the Digimon with Veemon and Gatomon joining up with Dai and Akari.


Gatomon says, excitedly, “Kari!”


Gatomon leaps into Akari’s arms and she asks, “What are you doing here?”


Gatomon responds, “What do you think?”


Dai tells Veemon, “Great to see you, buddy.”


Veemon says, “Same here, Davis!” Alberich looks at the overwhelming forces against him and knowing that his ‘power’ is gone, he takes out what looks like an SAO Corridor Crystal.


Alberich says, “Open!” However, nothing happens and he yells out, panicky, “Open!” When nothing happens again, he yells out, “Open, you piece of junk!”


Leafa responds, “Sorry, I have removed your item’s ‘abilities’.”


Alberich yells out, “What? No!” Just then an energy field surrounds the whole of the area and Alberich glows for a second.


Leafa says, with a deadly glare, “Oh, by the way, I also prevented you from leaving and I got rid of your ‘immortality’.” Alberich yelps out in fear and Leafa says, as she starts to glow, “It’s time end this you freak once and for all.”


As Leafa is engulfed in this glow, Kirito says, shocked, “Sugu!”


Minako asks, “What’s happening?”


Setsuna thinks in her mind, “Selene…” When the glow fades away, Leafa is gone to reveal a brand new Sailor Celestial in her place.


With this brand new Sailor Celestial, her hair and hairstyle remain the same as before, but her hair is covered by golden Japanese Kabuto style helmet that tightly fit over the side of her head similar to helmets of the Ronin Warriors, there is a gorgeous pearl white crown with jewels depicting the sun, the moon, and all of the planets of in the galaxy with asteroids, comets, etc. that’s attached to her helmet, there is a leaf green chest and waist armor that’s designed like samurai armor with a prism-like heart broach in the chest area with the broach having two crossed rainbow colored kitanas with various animals all over the broach and ten rainbow colored fairy wings attached to the broach, there are leaf green armor in the style of fully armored Medieval European knights all over her arms and connected to the chest and waist, she has rainbow version of shoulder plate armor of Wildfire over her armored shoulders with white circle in the center containing a rainbow colored Milky Way in the center of the white circle, there are large ‘shields’ similar to Gundam Exia’s GN Blades with similar blades and blasters inside attached to the sides of the armored shoulder pads with one on each shoulder pad, she has an armored skirt connected to the lower half of the waist portion of her chest/waist armor that’s gold, white, and leaf green, she has white armored kneepads, and black armored high-heeled armored boots that end just below her kneepads with four inch heels on the boots. Strapped to her waist/skirt, the two swords that she welded in her previous form, Elucidator and Dark Repulser, are strapped to either side of her armored skirt and coming out of her back are eight crystal-like fairy wings that are glittering and glowing with an orb in each wing that’s glowing brightly with a mechanized ‘backpack’ similar to one helped by the Build Strike Gundam of Gundam Build Fighters with matching rail guns attached to it attached to her back with her wings coming out of it.


Lisbeth says, shocked, “Whoa!”


Silica says, shocked, “Incredible.”


Philia says, amazed, “She…She is…”


Alberich says, shocked, “This can’t be.”


The new Sailor Celestial says, “That’s right. I’m a Sailor Scout. In fact, VALKYRIE Sailor Celestial at your service and your end, you bastard.”


(Sword Art Online music ‘Swordland’ starts)


The new Valkyrie Sailor Celestial says, drawing her swords, “Now, it’s time for the final battle: The thieving king versus the celestial princess.” Sailor Celestial says, “System command: Pain absorbers to zero.” When a screen appears to show the levels of the pain absorbers, it goes from ten right down to zero causing Alberich to yelp out in pure fear.


Alberich says, fearfully, “Please no…Not again…”


Sailor Celestial says, “Oh, yes, again. I think that you are going to learn why we say that when you don’t learn from history, you are doomed to repeat it!” Alberich looks fearfully as he remembers his confrontation with Kirito, Usagi, and the others on the World Tree in the original ALO causing his fear to turn into madness.


Alberich yells out, with an insane look on his face, “Not again! I won’t lose to you and your family again!” Alberich charges at Sailor Celestial, but she easily dodges his sword swipe and with one slash, Sailor Celestial takes off Alberich’s right virtual arm and hand which vanish in a group of digital pixels in which he screams out, in extreme pain, “My hand! My hand!”


Sailor Celestial says, with a dangerous tone in her voice, “Hurts, doesn’t it? How do you think that those that you used for your sick experiments felt? How the players in this game feel? Your pain is nothing what everyone who had ever suffered because of your sick desires and plans! Not even close!” Sailor Celestial then slashes at Alberich with dozens of sword attacks and Alberich screams out in pain as the attacks rip into his virtual avatar causing him a lot of pain due the pain absorbers being off while his HP goes to the red.


Alberich yells out, in pure fear, “You can’t do this! You can’t!”


Sailor Celestial responds, in a deadly tone of voice, “I can’t?”


Alberich says, fearfully, “Wait! Wait! I can get you what you want! Anything!”


Sailor Celestial retorts, with a sneer, “Can you bring Maron back?”


Alberich replies, nervously, “N-No…”


Sailor Celestial turns away from Alberich causing him to feel that he is going to be safe, but Sailor Celestial says, angrily, “Then…you are worth nothing to me!” Sailor Celestial bisects Alberich in half and he yelps out in pain as his HP goes to zero in which he shatters into hundreds of data pixels.


(Sword Art Online music ‘Swordland’ ends)


By this time, Asuna and Lisbeth covered Yui’s and Silica’s eyes at the sight and Kirito says, worriedly, “Sugu…”


Minako asks, “Is he…?”


Sailor Celestial says, lowly, “No…I couldn’t let that happen even to him. I changed the changes that he made to the game’s programming for him in which his avatar will be deleted along with the whole of his memories.”


Tomoe asks, with a surprise look on her face, “His memories?”


Sailor Celestial says, with a nod, “Yes. I used the corruption that he put in the game against him. All of his memories will be extracted from him and then deleted before he returns to his body. However, he can walk, talk, eat, and have much of his book smarts, but he won’t know even who he is.”


There are stunned looks, but Haruka then says, sternly, “That’s too good for him.” Sailor Celestial goes over to Kirito, takes off her helmet, and she looks at him with virtual tears in her eyes before she hugs him.


Sailor Celestial says, “Big brother…”


Kirito hugs Sailor Celestial and he tells her, “I’m here, Sugu. We’re all here.”


On the meanwhile, Junpier hugs Dai and he says, “You rotten squirt! Do you know how much our family is in chaos right now because of you? If I wasn’t so happy to see you, I would pound you into the dirt!”


Taichi hugs Akari and he tells her, “Don’t you dare do anything like this again!”


Akari hugs her brother back and she says, “I’ll try, Tai. I’ll try.”


Haruka asks, pointing to Philia, “By the way…?” When the others realize what Haruka was talking about, many of them yelp in shock.


Makoto says, nervously, “Oh, boy.”


Just then Cardinal appears and she says, “There isn’t time. We must hurry. Kayaba’s plan has been set into motion.”


Sailor Celestial gasps and Dai asks, “Who the heck are you?”


Veemon says, nervously, “Well, she is supposed to be the ‘living version’ of the system that ran Sword Art Online, Davis.”


Dai and Akari gasp and Akari yells out, stunned, “What?”


Gatomon says, “It is a long story.”


Sailor Celestial, releasing her hug of Kirito, and she responds, “One, I already know. She’s right. We don’t have time. We need to save Strea now.” She then sends energy into Dai and Akari in which they glow causing Dai to appear in the strange armor that looks a lot like Ryo’s Wildfire Armor from Ronin Warriors and Akari to become Valkyrie Sailor Sun.


Haruka asks, stunned, “What the?”


Dai asks, amazed, “Wow! How in the world?”


Sailor Celestial says, “We don’t have time. We need to save Strea and stop that ass, Kayaba, once and for all.” Sailor Celestial takes out what looks like a corridor crystal from SAO and she yells out, “Open!” The crystal shatters and a gateway appears.


Dai says, with a serious tone, “Well, what are we waiting for?!” Dai tells Veemon, “Let’s go, buddy!”


Sam says, “Davis, wait!”


Sailor Sun says, “I’m sorry, Ken…I mean, Sam. We can’t. Strea is a friend and we can’t abandon her especially to him.” Soon after, Sailor Celestial, Veemon, Dai, Sailor Sun, and Gatomon go through the gateway.


Philia asks Kirito, “Kirito, what’s going on?”


Kirito responds, nervously, “It…It is a long story, Philia.”


Lisbeth says, sarcastically, “A really long story.”


Hino tells Usagi, “She really is your sister, Meatball Head.”


Usagi yells out, annoyed, “What’s that supposed to mean Pyro?”

Taichi says, “We don’t have time! Let’s go after them!” Soon after, the rest of our heroes and heroines goes through the gateway and it closes behind them.


Early October 2025, Sword Art World, Unknown location


Inside of the mysterious and somewhat damaged palace, our heroes and heroines step out of the gateway to find themselves looking at Heathcliff with Strea, unconscious and trapped in a ‘bubble’, floating above him.


Sailor Sun says, shocked, “Strea!”


Heathcliff says, “Ah, you made it.”


Dai yells out, angrily, “Let Strea go you ass!”


Heathcliff tells Dai, “I’m surprised that you would be so emotional towards her since she is an AI after all.”


Sailor Sun asks, stunned, “What?”


Sailor Celestial says, “It’s true. Strea is an AI that was part of the mental health program of Sword Art Online.”


There are looks of shock from the others for different reasons and Sailor Sun asks, “Strea is AI from SAO?”


Sailor Celestial says, with a nod, “She gained self-awareness and she became something like Yui: An AI that’s more like a Digimon.”


Kirito asks, “Sugu, how do you know?”


Sailor Celestial says, “Strea told me when she returned my memories and saved me Kazuto.”


Heathcliff says, “She is quite remarkable. She is a true artificial life-form like Yui has become. A truly beautiful being.”


Dai asks, “What do you want with her?”


Heathcliff says, “She has a purpose. She is the guardian of the ‘hearts’ of those that died in SAO.”


Sailor Sun asks, “What do you mean?”


Mamoru says, “We already know.” Soon after, Mamoru explains about what they found out about the SAO servers including the ‘black box’ and how it relates to Strea.


Dai asks, “Wait a minute! You mean the operating system of SAO, which is connected to this game, has become an AI and she was the one that brought us here?”


Cardinal then makes her appearance and she responds, “That’s correct. I am Cardinal, the AI embodiment of the system that once ran Sword Art Online.”


Dai yells out, stunned, “Whoa!”


Sailor Sun asks, “Did she become like this the same way that Yui did?”


Yui says, “Yes, we believe so.”


Cardinal tells Heathcliff, “You tricked me. You lead me to believe that they were the ones that could save the souls trapped within the quantum computer hidden within the SAO servers.”


Heathcliff responds, “In a way, yes. As I have told them, I just implanted that idea into your programming and you believed it with your ‘digital heart’, my dear.”


Hino says, with a sneer, “You snake!”


Sailor Celestial says, with a glare, “Not surprising. This piece of trash would manipulate his own creator to do his dirty work.”


Philia asks, “So, it is true? You manipulated her to trick me into this game?”


Heathcliff says, with a nod, “Correct. And you getting trapped in the ‘Hollow Area’ wasn’t an accident. I was the one that teleported you there.”


There are gasps and Kirito yells out, angrily, “You bastard! You were manipulating everything!”


Heathcliff tells Kirito, “You give me too much credit, Kirito-kun. It was Sugou and his associates that choose to do continue their barbaric work in mind control including now memory manipulation and it was them who choose to believe that a certain type of memory would open my ‘black box’.”


Haruka says, “Barbaric work, huh? Those are ironic words coming from you, you fiend.”


Heathcliff says, “Of course, I can’t argue with you since you are correct that my words are hypocritical.” Heathcliff says, “However, the things is, why I help lead Cardinal to believe that these three were the ones to save those ‘lost souls’, they were able to connect to them the instant that they stepped in this game.”


Usagi asks, surprised, “Huh?”


Heathcliff says, “Oh, yes, Serenity. It was incredible. Through Strea, they saw and experienced what happened in Sword Art Online from being from the collective memories of those that died as well as the ‘memory imprints’ that you and the other survivors made in the game through their dreams and nightmares as well as ‘visions’ that they saw as they played this game.”


Junpier asks, stunned, “They did?”


Taichi asks Sailor Sun, “Kari?”


Sailor Sun says, with a sigh, “Yeah, we did, Tai. We saw pretty much everything that you went through in there…including the deaths.”


The others gasp in shock and Asuna asks, stunned, “Everything?”


Sailor Celestial says, with a nod, “Yes, Asuna, everything.”


Heathcliff tells Sailor Celestial, “You said that you wanted to go where your brother went and now, you have arrived.”


Plenty of the others sneer at Heathcliff and Dai says, drawing his katana-like swords, “That does it! I’m turning this guy into digital hash!” Dai walks forward to fight in which Sailor Celestial and Sailor Sun draw their blades, but Sailor Celestial hesitates for a moment and she thinks about something. However, she gasps as the ‘vision’ of her past self along with Dai’s and Sailor Sun’s past selves are putting those keys into their bodies.


Sailor Celestial says, running over to Dai and Sailor Sun, “Get back! It’s a trap!”


There are looks of shock and Heathcliff responds, “Too late, my dear Selene.” Just then a mystical circle surrounds Sailor Celestial, Sailor Sun, and Dai and they scream out in pain as they fall into their knees.


Taichi says, shocked, “Kari!” The rest of our group prepare to help, but they are then blocked by a wall and Cardinal yelps as she collapses to the ground.


Silica says, “Cardinal-san!”


Cardinal says, weakly, “My functions…have been frozen…I can’t move…or assist in any fashion…”


Minako touches the wall, yelps out in pain, and Takashi asks, “Are you okay?”


Minako says, stunned, “Hey, that hurt!”


Heathcliff says, “A special ‘firewall’ that you can’t break even with your powers since you are virtualized which will inflict pain through not damage even if the pain absorbers are at their maximum.”


Kirito says, “It’s the special ‘command codes’ that he had implanted just in case something happened with Cardinal.”


Heathcliff says, “Correct, Kirito-kun.”


Sailor Celestial grunts out, “You…jerk…it was the keys that you wanted…”


Heathcliff responds, “Partially, my dear. However, there is more to it than that.”


Sailor Celestial asks, “What do you mean?”


Heathcliff says, “You have gathered the elements on my quest quite perfectly, Selene. You will see soon enough.” Heathcliff then slams his sword and Sailor Celestial, Sailor Sun, and Dai scream out in pain.


Veemon yells out, shocked, “Davis!”


Gatomon shouts out, fearfully, “Kari!” Just then the three strange ‘items’ that Sailor Celestial saw in her vision comes out of Sailor Celestial’s, Sailor Sun’s, and Dai’s virtual avatars.


Makoto asks, “What are those?”


Setsuna says, stunned, “They can’t be…”


Tomoe asks, “Setsuna-mama?”


Heathcliff responds, “They are, Sailor Pluto. Back in the Silver Millennium, they had managed to keep them from me, but now, they have returned to where it all began. It is a good thing that the game ended when it did. I was able to transfer my mind into cyber-space and prevent ‘them’ from using what I sealed away. I must say if SAO didn’t end the way that it did, they might have been able to remove the ‘item’ that I had sealed away and use it for their purposes before I could.”


Makoto asks, “What are you talking about?”


Heathcliff responds, “I believe that you should ask Lady Pluto, but I believe actions speak louder than words.” Heathcliff then points his sword at the strange ‘items’ that came out of Sailor Celestial, Sailor Sun, and Dai start to glow.


Asuna asks, “What are they?”


Mamoru asks Setsuna, “Do you know what they are?”


Setsuna says, “Ancient artifacts of incredible power because they are connected to another artifact of astronomical power.”


Michiru asks, “Meaning?”


Setsuna says, “Meaning great danger for more than the people in the game.”


Early October 2025, Unknown facility


Deep inside of an unknown facility, there are a group of scientists and workers looking at some kind of device what looks like orange-red version of the Stargate in which a group of figures look at it.


One of the workers says, “We finally managed to get access, sir.”


A person says, “It’s about darn time.”


One of the scientists says, “We would have gotten to it sooner if it wasn’t for ‘certain factors’.”


Another scientist says, “If SAO didn’t end so early, Kayaba wouldn’t have been able to get out into cyber-space and caused us so much trouble.”


Another person says, “Gentlemen, this isn’t time for a ‘blame game’. We can’t imagine what could have been. We can only see what is in front of us now.” However, the strange device starts to glow and everyone yelps as it is creating a powerful light.


One of the many scientists shout out, “The Queen’s Gate! What is it doing?!” Everyone is forced to cover their eyes as the light blinds them and when the light goes away a brief time later, they look and see that the ring shaped gateway device is gone!


One of the persons in the facility yell out, “It’s gone!”


Another one shouts out, “But how?”


One scientist says, with a sneer, “Kayaba.”


Another person says, with an angered tone, “He just keeps getting in our way.”


Yet another person says, “It seems like we underestimated him.”


Early October 2025, Sword Art World, Unknown location


Returning with our heroes and heroines in the virtual world of Sword Art World, the three ‘keys’ that came out of the virtual avatars of Sailor Celestial, Sailor Sun, and Dai float open and the device that the group in the unknown facility in the real world were looking at appears.


Setsuna says, “It is! The Queen’s Gate!”


Usagi asks, “Queen’s Gate?”


Setsuna responds, “It is a device that has exist since before history was ever written by any civilization or so they say. This device is very powerful because we can open the most stable gateways to other worlds, other realms, other dimensions, and other universes without any ‘backlash’ to reality and existence as a whole.”


Lisbeth says, shocked, “No way!”


Setsuna says, “Any world…any type of universe and realm that you can imagine and ones beyond ones imagination are there.”


Mamoru says, “Then those keys are connected with the Queen’s Gate.”


Heathcliff says, “Correct, Prince Endymon. Those three ‘keys’ allow a user to harness the full potential of the Queen’s Gate. While there are other ways to harness the Queen’s Gate, those keys allow the ‘core’ of the Queen’s Gate’s abilities. Back in the Silver Millennium, Selene along with the Solaris Prince and his chosen princess sealed the keys into their spirits to keep them away from me. And now, they have returned where it all began. This part of Sword Art World is actually the final level of Sword Art Online known as the Ruby Palace.”


There are gasps of shock and Asuna asks, “This is actually the final floor of Sword Art Online?”


Heathcliff says, “Correct. You should remember that the SAO servers were connected to servers for this game by Sugou and his associates and certain ‘land data’ from Aincrad got put into this world. This is the Ruby Palace, the final floor of Sword Art Online.”


Hino says, sarcastically, “How ironic.”


Heathcliff says, “Indeed, princess of Mars. Life can work in wondrous and mysterious ways.”


Mamoru yells out, “What insanity are you doing this time?”


Heathcliff says, “Much less insanity and more opening the gateway to answers. In order to that, I must, as the legend says: ‘Harness the eyes that sees beyond what’s seen, the power of the wingbeats of the divine dragon star, and the power of the light and darkness of the heart itself.’ Once I do that, I would be able to find it…The formula of life itself.”


Setsuna yells out, shocked and stunned, “The Life Equation?!”


Tomoe asks, “Life Equation?”


Haruka says, “What is that? Something tells me that it isn’t good.”


Setsuna tells Heathcliff, with a stern tone, “Have you gone beyond the boundaries of sanity itself?! That’s one thing other than Etherion that should not and cannot be tampered with!”


There are gasps of shock and Heathcliff says, “My work in the Silver Millennium suffered a flaw that cost Serenity her life.”


Setsuna responds, with a stern tone, “A flaw?! You were the one that inflicted fear in the hearts of Earthlings that allowed Metallia to corrupt the hearts of Earthlings and bring an end to the Silver Millennium!” Setsuna tells Heathcliff, “That’s what it is isn’t it? The Silver Millennium is dead and gone! The past is set in stone!”


Heathcliff says, “True as well as the truth that if you repeat the past, you are doomed to repeat it. However, it may not be as much as of a curse as one might think.”


Setsuna says, “We can only create a better future!”


Heathcliff says, “With the way that humanity works, creating fiends like I and Sugou, I doubt that Setsuna. I will give back what I took from Serenity, but that’s not my true goal. In my blood, a stirring compels me to keep me going. As I have told Serenity, Kirito-kun, and Asuna, I have dreamed of this castle, but what I truly was dreaming was of the ‘world beyond’ and that dream is engrained in my very being for I…am the last of the Ancients themselves.”


Setsuna says, in disbelief, “That’s not possible.”


Haruka asks, “Ancients?”


Setsuna says, “The precursor civilizations that existed long before the Silver Millennium and it is like the Earth tales about advanced civilizations beyond their ‘modern’ times. They have connections to great events, miracles, and cataclysms including…”


Setsuna gasps and Heathcliff says, with a smile, “I believe that you have figured where I wish to go.” Heathcliff then extends his free hand and out of seemly nothingness, Heathcliff produces a dark-grey version of Master Xehanort’s Keyblade in his right hand.


Lisbeth asks, “What is that?”


Setsuna says, shocked, “The Keyblade!”


Hino asks, “Keyblade?”


Setsuna says, “The most powerful weapon in existence. It has the power to open any ‘door’ without any problems including to the ‘heart’ of all worlds…the heart of all existence: Kingdom Hearts. The legend of the Keyblades speaks as thus: The wielder of the Keyblade has been known to save and protect all worlds in one legend and in the other, they have wreaked chaos and destruction on all worlds. Those that wield the Keyblade have the power to save or destroy…everything.”


There are gasps of shock and Heathcliff says, “Only those of a strong will and heart uncontrolled by the darkness can wield the Keyblade though those that can control the darkness within themselves and more can harness the Keyblades because they are controlling the darkness and the darkness isn’t controlling them.” Heathcliff says, holding the Keyblade, “It is time.” Soon after, the Keyblade in Heathcliff’s hands glow along with the Queen’s Gate with its ‘keys’ in which Strea screams as she is engulfed while Sailor Celestial yelps out as her Rune Eye appears in her left eye.


Kirito shouts out, “Sugu!” Usagi yelps out in pain and holds her right arm as her Mark of the Dragon appears on it.


Mamoru asks, stunned, “What’s happening?”

Setsuna says, “He’s tapping into the Crimson Dragon’s power through the Sun Prince and Sailor Sun!” Everyone gasps and they look to see Dai’s and Sailor Sun’s right arms have their Marks of the Dragon on them.


Early October 2025, Future Divers


Within Future Divers, we are in the room with the virtualization chambers with Izzy, Joe, Cody, Mimi, Sora, and their Digimon along with the Tsukino family, including Sammy, who have just arrived in which Izzy is going through the data.


Izzy asks, stunned, “What’s going on in there?”


Joe asks, “What’s wrong, Izzy?”


Izzy says, “There is a massive energy and data surge going on in Sword Art World! Something big is happening.” Just then Sammy yelps out in pain and holds his right arm.


Ikuko says, concerned, “Sammy!” When everyone looks at Sammy, he is holding his right arm which is showing his Dragon’s Heart Mark of the Dragon.


Biyomon says, “His arm!”


Cody says, “That’s his Mark of the Dragon!”


Sammy grunts out, “Kayaba…”


Kenji asks, “What?”


Sammy says, “It’s Kayaba! He’s doing something! I know it! I can feel it!”


Izzy turns back to the screen and he says, “Well, whatever he is doing, it is causing a massive power surge and it could overload a lot of stuff if it doesn’t stuff, but that’s the least of our problems!”


Joe asks, “How could it get any worse?”


Gomamon asks, solemnly, “Did you have to say that Joe?”


Early October 2025 (Earth time), Unknown world


Within a world, there is a place known as the Elemental Countries where people have a power over an energy known as chakra, we go to a nation of the Elemental Countries known as Fire Country and more specifically, a part of Fire Country known as the Leaf Village…Well, WAS the Leaf Village. The place is now a massive crater with a mountain showing five faces engraved in the mountain side, four male with the latest one being a female, in which there is also a massive orb of earth in the sky over the crater and down within the crater, there is a man with spiky orange hair, grey-violet ringed eyes, multiple piercings in his head and face, and wearing a black cloak with red clouds on the cloak though the cloak is torn to show part of his body showing more piercing in his body.


The man says, in a stoic voice, “The capture of the Nine-Tails is now complete.” Just then storm clouds start to form all around, lightning and thunder are heard, and the clouds start to swirl around in one place in the sky. The man says, stoically, “This is…not natural.” Soon after, a massive storm of winds hits the whole area and the orb in the sky starts to glow with a deep crimson red glow in which it starts to crack apart. The man says, stoically, “The Nine-Tails? No, it isn’t the Nine-Tails. It is something else…Something…Something more powerful…” The massive orb of earth in the sky then shatters into nothingness and reveals none other than the Crimson Dragon in which it gives a mighty roar. The man screams out, shocked, “A dragon?!”


Within a hidden cavern nearby, there is a red haired man with the same eyes as the orange haired male inside of some kind of spider-like device with black metal poles in his back and he looks suffering from major malnutrition since he is just skin in bones. With him is a lovely woman with short blue hair with a paper flower in her hair, amber eyes with blue eyeshadow on her eyelids, wearing a similar black cloak as the orange haired male, and white high-heeled open-toed sandals on her feet.


The blue haired woman asks, stunned, “What…What is that dragon Nagato?”


The red haired male responds, “I’m not sure, Konan. It isn’t using chakra, but it has great power…incredible power…possible divine power…”


The blue haired woman asks, “Divine, Nagato?”


The red haired male, Nagato, responds, “I am…not sure what I’m seeing or sensing, but I know that it is power beyond the Nine-Tails itself.”


The blue haired woman, Konan, replies, stunned, “Beyond the Nine-Tails?” Just then massive winds rip up the cavern that they were hiding in nearby and Konan yells out, “What’s going on?”


Nagato yells out, “It is the dragon! It’s power…Incredible…and it has bonded with the Nine-Tails Jinchuirki!”

Konan asks, stunned, “What?”


Nagato responds, “I am not sure, but I can feel it! This dragon has chosen the Nine-Tails Jinchuirki for some purpose!” Soon after, the two of them scream as they are sweat up by the massive winds and within the Crimson Dragon, we find a human form within it, a spiky blond haired male with three whisker marks coming out each of his cheeks and wearing orange and black outfit with black open-toed sandals. We go inside of his ‘mindscape’, which seems to be like a sewer, where he is facing none other than Red Dragon Archfiend and another dragon that looks like Stardust Dragon, but it has ‘markings’ that look like they are part of the full ‘Crimson Dragon mark’. Nearby, there is what looks like the bars of a massive cage with a massive orange-red fox with fiendish red eyes looking at the scene with anger.


The blond haired young teen, looking about 16-17 years of age, asks, “Who are you? What are you?”


The two dragons only lightly roar in reply and the massive fox in the cage yells out, “How dare you interfere with me?! Who do you think that you are?!”


The blond haired young teen looks at the doctors and he says, “I’ve been…chosen? I don’t get it.”


Just then a female voice calls out, “So much to do…so little time…”


The blond haired teen asks, “Who said that?”


The female voice responds, “Power slumbers within you…power that’s your own…Now, will you walk through the door?”


The blond haired teen asks, “Door? What door?” When the blond haired teen looks at the dragons, he gets information and he says, “Wait! Worlds need me? But I can’t abandon my friends and precious people!” The blond haired teen then looks at the dragons and he says, “I feel it…Something bad is happening in another place…some place far away…and if I do anything…my world…my friends…everyone will be in danger…” The blond haired teen then says, “I don’t know…if I can’t defeat that monster, Pain…What can I…” Just then various images from the teen’s life flash into his mind and he says, “What am I saying? Yeah…Yeah, you’re right! I have done so much for so many people! Tazuna…Tsunami…Inari…Koyuki…Toki&hellip ;Haruna…Sasame…Shion...and so many others! I really don’t understand what’s going on and I don’t want to leave the others, but I know that if I’m gone, the Akatsuki will forced to back off from the others and if someone needs my help, who am I to say no? Believe it!”


The massive fox yells out, angrily, “Don’t you dare?!”


The blond haired teen responds, annoyed, “Shut it, fox!” The blond haired male tells the two dragons, “All right, let’s rock!” Both Red Dragon Archfiend and the dragon similar to Stardust Dragon give off a mighty glow as a familiar ‘mark’ appears on the blond haired teen’s lower right arm. Back outside of his mind, the Crimson Dragon is in the center of a massive storm as he is engulfed in crimson light that engulfs Konan, Nagato, and everyone in the area including two females, one with short pink hair and jade green eyes, and another with deep blue hair with pupiless violet-white eyes.


Early October 2025, Sword Art World, Ruby Palace


Within Sword Art World, we return to the Ruby Palace, the final floor of Sword Art Online, Floor 100, which now has become a part of Sword Art World where we go inside as the situation unfolding with the Queen’s Gate in which Strea, trapped in a bubble-like force-field below the gate, is screaming out in pain as she glows a sinister ‘dark color’. Sailor Celestial, her Rune Eye activated against her will, Sailor Sun, and Dai are trapped within some kind of ‘mystical trap’ in which Sailor Sun, Dai, and Usagi, who is with the others, have their Marks of the Dragon activated.


Dai yells out, “Strea!”


Yui tells Kirito and Asuna, “Mommy! Daddy! He is hurting her! He is hurting Strea!”


Kirito yells out, “Stop this now, Kayaba! This is pure madness!”


Heathcliff tells Kirito, “Madness is based on one’s own point of view, Kirito. Of that I can’t completely agree with you on, but if you said immoral, I would have to agree with you.”


Haruka says, annoyed, “Wiseass.”


Asuna asks, worriedly, “What’s he doing to her?”


Hino yelps out in pain and she says, “He is channeling all of the emotions and memories of the SAO players especially those that died! It…It’s horrible!” Tears start to stream from Hino’s virtual eyes and she can’t contain them at all. On the meanwhile, Sailor Celestial, Dai, and Sailor Sun are seeing the images of what happened in Sword Art Online including what happened to their family/friends.


Sailor Sun thinks in her mind, “This is horrible!”


Dai thinks in his mind, “They suffered and died in what could be another world without even having the chance to say goodbye to the people that they loved and cared about! Innocent people twisted by this madman!”


Sailor Celestial thinks in her mind, “And now, even in death, they are still being tortured by this fiend! I won’t let this go on! I can’t!”


Sailor Sun, Sailor Celestial, and Dai think in unison, “I will stop him!!” Just then a glow appears by each of their right hands in which they look to see that Sailor Celestial has gained a Star Seeker Keyblade, Sailor Sun has gained a Destiny’s Embrace Keyblade, and Dai has gained an Oathkeeper Keyblade. Not taking the time to think, all three of them take the Keyblades and aim it for the Queen’s Gate while everyone else, minus Heathcliff, who had his back turned to all of them, give looks of shock.


Dai yells out, “Hey, jerk!” When Heathcliff looks back, his eyes widen in shock as he sees the Keyblades and Dai says, with a sneer, “Access denied.” Sailor Celestial, Sailor Sun, and Dai fire beams of light into the Queen’s Gate itself.


Heathcliff yells out, in a rare shocked tone, “No!” But it is too late as they hear a click and then the Queen’s Gate closes up with a massive shockwave that eliminates the bubble containing Strea, causing her to collapse to the ground unconscious, while the energy fields containing our heroes and heroines are shattered, but it knocks everyone including Heathcliff into the ground. Shortly thereafter, the Queen’s Gate collapses to the virtual ground with a ‘thud’ while the Marks of the Dragon on the arms of Usagi, Dai, and Sailor Sun along with Sailor Celestial’s Rune Eye fade away.


Our heroes and heroines get to their feet and Taichi asks, “Is everyone okay?”


Yamato says, “I think so.”


Miyako says, with a groan, “Tell that to my throbbing head.”


Sailor Sun says, seeing Strea collapsed, “Strea!” Immediately, Sailor Sun runs over to Strea with Dai following behind in which Sailor Celestial, Haruka, Raye, Kirito, and Usagi notice that Heathcliff is now missing, but the others follow Dai and Sailor Sun to Strea with Sailor Celestial helping her up.


Silica asks, “Is she okay?”


Kirito asks Yui, “Yui?”


Yui says, weakly, “She is really weak. Her programming suffered significant damage from what happened to her.”


Strea gives a weak smile and she says, “Leafa-chan, thank you…”


Sailor Celestial says, “Easy, Strea. We’ll help you.”


Strea says, with a smile, “You already did. You, Dai, and Akari-chan made me feel as if I was a real human. I had forgotten who or what I was, but as we gone on, my memory came back and I knew what I was programmed to do, however, I was so afraid…afraid of you disappearing. I didn’t want you to disappear.”


Sailor Celestial says, with a smile, “I’m still here thanks to you.”


Strea says, with a smile, “I’m glad. I wish that I could have gotten to known Kirito and the others, but I need you to take cares of these.” Strea creates three heart shaped jewels and she says, “These are the codes to the black box and to those poor people that died in SAO whose spirits are trapped in it. Please make sure that they don’t disappear forever.”


Sailor Sun says, with a smile, “We won’t, Strea.” Soon after, the three heart shaped jewels goes into Sailor Celestial, Sailor Sun, and Dai in which Strea starts to glow as she starts to fade.


Sailor Celestial says, fearfully, “No, Strea! You can’t go!”


Sailor Sun says, fearfully, “Strea, no!”


Yui says, “No, Strea-san! You can’t leave! You are my sister!” Yui then glows as she then starts to absorb Strea’s data and form much to the shock of the others and before Strea can ‘fade away’, Yui ‘absorbs’ her into herself.


Asuna asks, “Yui-chan?”


Yui says, with a smile, “Strea is safe. She is inside of me and we can restore her.”


Sailor Sun says, with a smile, “Thank goodness.”


Miyako asks, “Does this mean that we are done?”


Cardinal says, “No, you aren’t.”


Sailor Celestial says, “I know.” Sailor Celestial turn her attention in another direction and when everyone focuses their attention, they find Heathcliff standing in front of them. However, unlike most times, Heathcliff is display a real rare emotion: Irritation and anger. While his expression is neutral, Kirito, Usagi, and Sailor Celestial can tell that there is irritation and anger in his eyes. Sailor Celestial says, with a smirk, “Looks like someone is cranky. I guess someone is sore that we ruined their plans.”


Heathcliff responds, with a sigh, “That’s my fault. I underestimated you. I needed you to be stronger in order for your Rune Eye to see into the realm of the heart of all worlds and beyond, but I guess that I had underestimated your power. When I had trapped that young lady that you had made friends with, I didn’t expect her demise to increase your power so much.”


There are gasps and Sailor Celestial asks, “What? What did you just say?”


Heathcliff asks, “Did you think that Sugou was the one that trapped that young lady in here? I believe her name, here, was Maron?”


There are gasps and Cardinal asks, stunned, “But I thought…?”


Sailor Celestial says, look of anger gaining in her eyes, “You son of a bitch. That what that was. More ‘inspiration’ for me? She wasn’t just some character in a game. She was a human being and she had a brother that survived your wretched death game! And now…And now, she can never tell her brother what she experienced her and reconnect with him!” A powerful aura surrounds Sailor Celestial and she says, with a dangerous angered tone of voice, “Maron…She is the last person whose blood you have on your hands, flesh or digital. I’m ending this…RIGHT NOW!!”


Heathcliff responds, “As you wish, but allow me to give you more ‘incentive’.” Heathcliff activates his menu and creates dozens of screens showing various areas of Sword Art World leaving the others confused at what’s going on.


Early October 2025, Sword Art World


All over Sword Art World, players are looking up as holographic screens with the words ‘System Announcement’ appear in the sky and they are confused in which they are more so when Heathcliff’s face appears.


Heathcliff says, “Attention players of Sword Art World! I am Heathcliff! I’m sure that you know don’t realize who I am because this is the name that I had taken inside of a certain game. However, to make things simple, my true name is…Akihiko Kayaba, the creator of Sword Art Online, the infamous ‘death game’!” There are gasps from all of the players all over Sword Art World and Heathcliff says, “You must be thinking right now: It can’t be! He’s dead. He committed suicide instead of facing justice. Well, actually, it is yes and no. It is true that I fried my own brain with a modified NervGear, but what they, in the government, didn’t tell you is that my NervGear was doing a high-destiny scan of my mind and downloading it into cyber-space itself. Basically, I turned my brain into data and I’ve been here, in cyber-space, this whole time. And now, I am in control of Sword Art World, a game based on my Sword Art Online!”


The players are flabbergasted and one of them says, “No way!”


A female player asks, “Is this some kind of prank?”


Heathcliff says, “You must be thinking that this is some kind of joke or prank. Maybe it is some kind of event. I can assure you that this is no prank or in-game event. If you don’t believe me, you should check your logout buttons. Right now, they shouldn’t be working.” The players check their logout buttons, but when they push them, all they get is error signs in which prompts saying that the logout feature has been ‘disable’ appeared.


One player screams out, “My logout button! It’s not working!”


Another player yells out, “Mine neither!” Soon enough, the players of Sword Art World are in a panic as they find their logout buttons aren’t working and letting them leave the game.”


Heathcliff then says, “I believe I have made my point.” When the players of Sword Art World look up, Heathcliff says, “Now, I can tell you that the ‘strange events’, which you have heard, haven’t been my doing. I believe you have heard of Sugou Nobuyuki and the ‘ALO Incident’. Well, due to the government’s mistakes, Sugou and his associates have infiltrated Future Divers and they have been using this world and its players, you, in their mind control experiments and you should realize that since plenty of players have been speaking of ‘memory recall problems’ in which they can’t seem to recall certain memories, correct?” The players gasp in shock and Heathcliff says, “Now, you must be wondering why I’m telling you this and why I’m here. Is Kayaba here to turn Sword Art World into ‘another Sword Art Online’? Well, the Amusphere can’t kill you as you know, but I don’t think that government has mentioned about a process of downloading your minds into cyber-space where you could be trapped forever. The people that create and program Amuspheres have been given that information, so, there is no defense against it. I might plan to ‘separate’ your minds from your bodies and trap you in here and turn this into a second ‘Sword Art Online’ as you may fear.”


There are screams of shock and horror and another male player says, nervously, “No…No way!”


Heathcliff says, “However, it depends. You see, a few brave souls, those that survived Sword Art Online, are actually here with me and in fact, three of the players are the ones that beat me in SAO itself. If they and their allies defeat me, the logout feature will be restored and the game will run like nothing happened. If they lose…Well, I leave that to your imagination. Players of Sword Art World, I give to you…The final battle of Sword Art ONLINE!”


Early October 2025, Sword Art World, Ruby Palace


Back within the Ruby Palace, plenty of the others are stunned while Kirito and Sailor Celestial are seething in anger and Asuna yells out, angrily, “They defeat your plans and play this dirty trick? How can you go so low?”


Heathcliff says, with a smile, “You misunderstand Asuna. This isn’t some form of revenge. This is ‘inspiration’. I want Selene to fight me with her full power. I don’t want her holding back. Since she has stopped my plans, saved Strea, and Cardinal will return her, Sailor Sun’s, the Solaris Prince’s, and Philia-san’s ability to return to their bodies, while it isn’t in her nature, you may ‘convince’ her that she can ‘step back’ without any consequences. Now, there is a consequence.”


Dai yells out, angrily, “You fucking scum piece of trash!”


Kirito shouts out, angrily, “Do you really want to battle Sugu so badly?! Haven’t you done enough to them and Usagi already?!”


Sailor Celestial tells Kirito, “Don’t bother, big brother.” Sailor Celestial brings out her Keyblade and she says, “There is only one way that this can end. Only one way Sword Art Online can truly be finished.” Sailor Celestial then creates an Oblivion Keyblade and she says, crossing her two Keyblades together, “And I intend to win!”


Setsuna thinks in her mind, amazed, “Two?!”


Heathcliff says, with a sly smile, “I knew that you would and now, meet the final boss of Sword Art Online!” Heathcliff then glows as he transforms into what looks like his GM avatar that he used on the first day of Sword Art Online.


Lisbeth asks, stunned, “But that’s...?”


Heathcliff, in his GM avatar forms, responds, in a deep powerful voice, “That’s correct. This is the final boss avatar that I intended to use for the final battle in here in the Ruby Palace and now, let us begin.” Heathcliff unleashes a beam of energy that heads straight for Sailor Celestial, but she manages to cut it half with one of her Keyblades with one swipe.


Taichi says, amazed, “Whoa.”


Sailor Celestial says, “No, this is where it ends!”


(Sword Art Online music ‘Swordland’ starts)


Sailor Celestial charges in for attack, Heathcliff floats back, and he says, a huge form of his Keyblade appearing in his massive hand, “We shall see, daughter!” Heathcliff massive Keyblade clashes with Sailor Celestial’s Keyblade and after a struggle for amount a minute, Sailor Celestial throws him back and the two of them clash their Keyblades together in an incredible fight with each clash causing the whole of the Ruby Palace to shake and quake with every single clash.


Agumon says, amazed, “Incredible!”


Gatomon says, “They are making this place shake and a good chuck of this ‘digital world’ too possibly!” Sailor Celestial moves with incredible new speed and agility and easily avoiding the attacks of Heathcliff, in which they are really powerful in his GM form. He unleashes dozens of black spheres in which Sailor Celestial cuts through relentlessly with Heathcliff trying slash Sailor Celestial in the side with his massive Keyblade, but she manages to block with one Keyblade and unexpectedly, she throws the other one, which is glowing, right into the chest of his virtual avatar causing him to surprising explode and cover him in a lot of smoke.


Patamon says, “He got him!”


Takashi says, “I can’t be sure, Patamon.” Just then a shockwave comes out of the smoke and Sailor Celestial barely blocks it with her Keyblades causing her to yelp as she is throw back, her helmet thrown off, and her guard open in which she looks to see Heathcliff, back in his ‘human avatar’, bringing his Keyblade right towards her chest and preparing to impale her.


Heathcliff says, plainly, “Game over.” But before he could, Kirito appears in-between them and forcing Heathcliff to dodge a sword swipe.


Kirito says, “This isn’t over, Kayaba. Not yet. You shouldn’t have forgotten about me.”


Sailor Celestial says, “Big brother, you can’t!”


Heathcliff tells Kirito, with a smile, “Kirito-kun, you should take her advice. You can’t win.”


Kirito responds, “If this was SAO, you might be right, but…This isn’t SAO!” Kirito attacks Heathcliff and he easily manages to block Kirito’s attacks.


Asuna says, concerned, “Kirito-kun!” Heathcliff tries cut Kirito down with his Keyblade, but Kirito manages to use his two swords to block the attack.


Heathcliff tells Kirito, with a sly smile, “You may be a swordsman, Kirito-kun, but you are no warrior.”


Kirito says, “You’re right…I am most likely not a warrior.” Kirito says, with an intense glare in her eyes, “But unlike you, I have something to fight for! Something meaningful to protect and save! And that’s what helps me…EXCEED YOU!!!” Kirito’s swords glow and he manages to flinging Heathcliff’s Keyblade right out of his hands, much to his shock, in which he grunts out in pain as Kirito unleashes a powerful assault of sword slashes and attacks in which Heathcliff tries to block, but Kirito is too fast for Heathcliff as he strikes a powerful assault against him sending him skidding back greatly.


Asuna says, stunned, “Kirito-kun…”


Silica says, amazed, “Kirito…”


Lisbeth says, with a smile, “Just like him. Give him a reason and he turn into a ‘super swordsman’.”


Kirito tells Heathcliff, “You’re right. This is the true final battle of Sword Art Online: The Black Swordsman and the Betrayed Princesses versus the Fiend King of Aincrad. But we are writing the ‘final chapter’, Kayaba, not you.” Kirito asks, “Isn’t that right, Usagi?” Usagi, seemly out of nowhere, appears by Kirito and the others, minus Sailor Celestial, look back and forth and then Usagi glows in which she transforms into Valkyrie Sailor Moon.


Philia asks, stunned, “Usagi-san?”


Hino says, slapping herself in the forehead, “Oh, geez!”


Valkyrie Sailor Moon takes off her helmet, revealing her face and showing her stern and strong expression, and she says, dropping her helmet, “I, once, loved you like a second father and thought that you couldn’t do anything wrong. I thought that together that we would be bringing a brand new world with Sword Art Online and then…you turned that dream into a living netherworld that I went through two long years. I fought with all my heart and soul and saw so much death. You are such a fool. You had everything and you threw it away for your obsession. However, I don’t hate you. You were just like you are on SAO. You were just a ‘cog’ in a ‘wheel’ and let the past dominate you. But…I will never forgive for what you have done and I will never consider any part of my family now or ever. To me, you are now and forever, Akihiko Kayaba, the Demon King of Aincrad, and I plan to bury you forever.” In Heathcliff’s eyes, you can see a bit of pain in his eyes, but they fade away as Sailor Moon draws her swords.


Mamoru says, with a sigh, “Serena…” Sailor Celestial, Sailor Moon, and Kirito look at each other and quick as a blur, they attack Heathcliff in which he tries to counter with his shield and sword combo and the keyword is: TRIED. However, Heathcliff is a complete disadvantage as Kirito, Sailor Moon, and Sailor Celestial are beating him despite Heathcliff is fighting them one at time before switching with one another. But then at one point, Kirito, his Dark Repulser glowing, rams it into Heathcliff’s shield, but unlike his last fight with Heathcliff in SAO, Kirito as his sword goes through Heathcliff’s shield and shatters it into digital pixels much to his disbelief. Soon after, Sailor Moon shatters his sword and when Heathcliff brings out his Keyblade, Sailor Moon knocks it away with one kick and she goes back to Sailor Celestial, who is glowing with a powerful light along with Kirito, causing her to glow as well.


Kirito yells out, strongly, “End this Sugu!”


Sailor Celestial shouts out, “You got it!” Sailor Celestial’s Keyblades then combine into a ‘sword of light energy’ and she screams out, “Game over, Kayaba!” With a mighty yell, she brings it down right on Heathcliff and he smiles as the attack slams into him causing a massive explosion of light that everyone yelps out as it engulfs them.


(Sword Art Online music ‘Swordland’ ends)


Early October 2025, Sword Art World


All over Sword Art World, there is a computerized female voice saying: ‘On October 14, 2025, the main quest of Sword Art World has been cleared’ and the voice repeated the message in which the player’s menus then pop up going to the logout button in which the error signs vanish with the voice telling that all of the players will be logging out for some kind of reason, but it isn’t heard over the players yells and cheers as they realize that they were going to be just fine and they were saved from becoming victims of a ‘second Sword Art Online’.


October 14, 2025, Rainbow Gardens


Within Rainbow Gardens, we are in a castle at the top ‘level’ of Rainbow Gardens where our heroes and heroines find themselves and they are confused at what’s going on.


Miyako asks, “Where are we?”


Sailor Sun says, “We’re back in Rainbow Gardens!”


Taichi asks, surprised, “We are?”


Philia asks, “Rainbow Gardens?”


Asuna says, with a smile, “It is a bit of a story, Philia-san.”


Yamato asks, “What are we doing here?”


Kirito says, motioning to in front of him, “He can tell us.” Everyone then looks to see Heathcliff, still standing, right in front of him.


Minako yells out, “Hey, didn’t you just beat that guy?”


Heathcliff says, “In the game, yes. But while I had taken down the logout features for the other players, I also restored the rest of the game back to the rest of its functions including the non-deletion of the avatars.”


Sailor Celestial says, “Give it up, Kayaba. You’re beaten.”


Heathcliff responds, “Not between you and me. And I think that you should fight me for a rematch.” Heathcliff then displays a certain heart jewel in his right hand.


Sailor Celestial yells out, “Hey!”


Heathcliff says, “Your part of the codes for the black box of SAO, my dear.”


Sailor Celestial says, angrily, “You dirty!”


Heathcliff then transforms his Liberator shield and sword into the duel disk that he dueled Kirito with and he says, “However, I think that another type of duel will do nicely.”


Sailor Celestial says, “Huh? But I don’t have my deck and duel disk.” Just then an exact duplicate of Akiza’s duel disk appears on her armored left wrist with a dueling deck inside and Sailor Celestial says, taking out the deck, “Hey, this is my deck!”


Heathcliff says, “The power of your deck just doesn’t just lie in your cards.”


Dai says, without his armor and showing that he has a Neo Domino City style duel disk attached to his left wrist, “Then maybe you should count me in too! He sent Kari-chan and I on a merry-go-round and he is responsible for Maron’s demise too! It’s time that we put this madness to its final rest!”


Dai inserts a dueling deck inside of his duel disk and Heathcliff says, with a sly smile, “As you wish. This shall be a two-on-one match and I will have eight thousand life-points with each of you having four thousand. All of us shall take a turn and I will start, but none of us can attack until we each took a turn. You can use each other’s cards on the field, but you can’t use anything from each other’s hands unless due to a card effect. Plus, you can’t discuss tactics or strategy.”


Sailor Celestial says, activating her duel disk, “Fine!”


Sailor Moon says, concerned, “Wait!”


Kirito says, “Too late.” Dai and Heathcliff activate their duel disks, their dueling decks are shuffled in their disks, and while Heathcliff’s life-point counter displays 8000 life-points, Dai’s and Sailor Celestial’s counters display 4000 points for each of them. Heathcliff, Dai, and Sailor Celestial then draw five cards from each of their deck and they glare down each other.


“Duel!” Sailor Celestial, Dai, and Heathcliff say in unison as their duel to determine the future of many ‘lost souls’ is about to begin.


End of Chapter 20


(Sword Art Online closing theme ‘Yume Sekai’ starts)


As the scene floats down in front of us, we see the Moon Palace in front of a massive lake where instead of the palace, Aincrad is being reflected by the pool of water instead of the Moon Palace. As Aincrad is being shown, we see Kirito, Usagi, and Asuna, in their SAO forms with their ALO forms behind them, floating down and as we float down, we see Suguha Kirigaya surrounded by her ALO avatar of Leaf and as Eternal Sailor Celestial with the form of someone that looks like Princess Serenity, but with Sailor Celestial’s sigils on her forehead. And finally, we float down to see Davis Motomiya, in his Kirito’s style outfit, and Kari Kamiya, in her version of Asuna’s KOB outfit, together surrounded by the three Egyptian God Cards, the Sacred Beasts, Signer Dragons, and many more ‘out of the ordinary’ Duel Monsters including the Aesir.


The final scene appears where it shows Kazuto, Serena, Asuna, Suguha, Davis, and Kari surrounded by all of their friends, comrades, and/or loved ones: The Sailor Scouts, Tuxedo Mask, Digidestined and their Digimon partners, Rika, Keiko, Andrew, and Ryoutarou.


Preview (Leafa’s voice)


“Next time in the conclusion: Swinging into a Phantom Future.”


Well, there is just one more chapter to go everyone! Now, you must be thinking about that scene from that ‘other world’ and yes, it is like what happened in the original Sailor Moon Online story that started this one, it is a cameo of a crossover that will happen in the sequel of this story. Yes, there will be a sequel, folks. However, you are going to have to read and find out what’s going to happen everyone. Later and best wishes, Crossover Fans!