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[ Y - Young Adult: Not suitable for readers under 16 ]
We’ve finally reached it! This is the last chapter of this story! We are going to determine the fate of Kayaba/Heathcliff though you might already have a good idea on what is going to happen, folks. We are also going to find out what happened to the ‘minds’ of the SAO players that died that are stored with the ‘super computer’ that was hidden in the SAO servers and then some, everyone! I hope that this makes it an enjoyable holiday gift, everyone! So for the last time, I would like to give thanks and credit to Belletigerand Kanius and Kanius’ YuYuGiDigiMoon series, especially this author’s The Invasion of the Rajita story, for giving me permission to use the idea of Valkyrie Sailor Soldiers and everything that’s a part of them.


I DO NOT OWN Sailor Moon, Sword Art Online, Accel World, Digimon series, Yu-Gi-Oh R/GX/5Ds/Zexal/Arc-V, Kingdom Hearts, Queen’s Blade/Queen’s Gate, Gundam series, including Gundam Build Fighters, Sekirei, Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed, Senran Kagura, Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden, Tenchi Muyo series, Ronin Warriors, Dot-hack series, Naruto, Stargate series, World of Warcraft series, Power Rangers series, Tron, Code Lyoko, Rave Master, Mouse, and anything/anyone that comes from these and other stories that end up in this fanfiction! Sailor Moon is owned/licensed by Naoko Takeuchi and its various studios and publishers, Sword Art Online is owned/licensed by ASCII Media Works, A-1 Pictures Inc., and its various directors/publishers including Reki Kawahara and Tomohiko Itō, and Digimon is owned/licensed by Toei Animation and its various directors, including Hiroyuki Kakudo, Yu-Gi-Oh is owned/licensed by Kazuki Takahashi, Toei Animation, and Studio Gallop, Yu-Gi-Oh GX is owned/licensed by Naoyuki Kageyama, Studio Gallop and its various directors, Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds is owned/licensed by Katsumi Ono and Studio Gallop!


Warning: This story contains intense violence, blood, possible gore, death, mild to explicit suggestive themes, including mind-control and brainwashing, mild to explicit bad language, and mature adult themes/situations!


Second Warning: Some to a lot of OOC (Out of Character) actions and mannerisms in this whole story!


October 14, 2025 (Earth time), another realm


Within a mysterious tower, we find an elderly sorcerer with a blue pointed sorcerer hat and blue sorcerer robes with a long grey beard, but while he is elderly sage sorcerer, you can tell from his stoic expression that despite him being advanced in years, he is far from weak as his very expression shows power and authority as well as wisdom. Right now, this powerful elderly sorcerer is looking at a book with contain images of four creatures that look like dragons.


The elderly sorcerer then looks outside of his window and he says, “So, you have open the door, have you? However, now, you must deal with the consequences of your actions, but you are prepared for that. Personally, I believe that you are even more dangerous than Master Xehanort…Master Heathcliff.”


Sailor Moon Online: Shadow of Aincrad


(Sword Art Online opening theme music ‘Crossing Fields’ starting)


As the opening ‘scenes’ being, we find Davis Motomiya, wearing an outfit similar to Kirito’s outfit expect his jacket is flame designed and two swords, an Elucidator and Dark Repulser, strapped to the sides of his waist instead of his back, walking down a street and looking at the sky.


Next, we find Kari Kamiya, wearing a pink and red version of Asuna’s Knights of the Blood Oath outfit with Crests of Light instead of crosses and strapped to her waist is a sheath for a rapier with a pink handle and a pearly white blade, also walking down a street and looking back behind her.


Then we see Suguha Kirigaya and her ‘alter ego’, Sailor Celestial, with their backs to each other with ‘thin wall of light’ separating the two of them in which the scene spins around as the two of them look at each other where Suguha is at her home on her side of the ‘wall’ while Sailor Celestial is in the Moon Kingdom.


All three of them are reaching out into the skies and then the world around them transforms into center of the Town of Beginnings for Sword Art Online in which the ground crumbles around them as those that died on Sword Art Online and more try to drag them into an abyss.


The scene then changes where Davis is cutting through legions of ‘monsters’ from SAO and ALO as well as youma in which a legion of Duel Monsters appears with Davis having a dragon similar to Stardust Dragon and another monster, Slifer the Sky Dragon, attack them with powerful strikes.


Then Davis is fighting against Heathcliff in which he transforms into the massive GM avatar that he used at the start of SAO in which Davis lands a series of blows before slamming him with Starburst Stream, the classic 16 Duel Wielding Sword Skill combo. Soon after, Kari and Leafa, Suguha’s ALO avatar, run at top speed behind Davis and the two of them leap into the air with Kari hitting the transformation Heathcliff with an attack that looks similar to Linear while Leafa does a forward flip and transforms into Eternal Sailor Celestial, also wielding an Elucidator and Dark Repulser, in which they glow with fire and wind power as Sailor Celestial prepares to attack.


Then the scene shows Kazuto as his Sword Art Online avatar of Kirito, Serena as her Sword Art Online avatar as Usagi, Keiko as her Sword Art Online avatar of Silica, and Rika as her Sword Art Online avatar of Lisbeth.


The scene then changes with Davis, Kari, Sailor Celestial, Sailor Moon, and Kirito looking over the worlds of Sword Art Online, Alfheim Online, the ‘real world’, the Digital World, and beyond.


Then there are displays of Darien/Tuxedo Mask, the Sailor Scouts, the Odiaba Digidestined, and Kayaba/Heathcliff before it switches back to a scene where Sailor Celestial, Davis, and Kari are standing in front of the ‘transformed Heathcliff’ with his back to their backs and cleaved into multiple pieces before exploding into hundreds of data polygons.


The final scenes show Kirito and Asuna, in her Knights of the Blood Oath outfit, along with Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask being watched over by Sailor Celestial, Davis and Kari resting in front of a tree, and finally, Asuna’s Lambent Light rapier, Usagi’s Lunar Excelsior one-handed sword, Tuxedo Mask’s cane, Leafa’s ALO katana, and an Elucidator and Dark Repulser swords are all together in a pile with Neo Domino City Duel Disks and Davis’ and Kari’s D-3 digivices ‘attached’ to them.


(Sword Art Online opening theme music ‘Crossing Fields’ ending)


Epilogue: Swinging into a Phantom Future


October 14, 2025, Rainbow Gardens


Within the living virtual world of Rainbow Gardens, Heathcliff is preparing to duel against Sailor Celestial and Dai in a two-on-one Duel Monsters match in order to retrieve the final set of codes to the ‘black box’ of the SAO servers containing the digitized minds of all of those that died in SAO.


Starting Scores:

Sailor Celestial: 4000

Dai: 4000

Heathcliff: 8000


Heathcliff says, drawing a card, “I’ll take the first turn.”


Dai says, with a sneer, “You’ll need a head start, jerk.”


Sailor Celestial then feels ‘pulse’ and she thinks, glancing at her deck, “What was that?”


Heathcliff says, sending card from his hand to the graveyard slot while putting another card on his duel disk, “First, I send one monster from my hand to the grave in order to play Quickdraw Synchron in attack mode.” Just then Quickdraw Synchron (700/1400) appears on the field in attack mode and Heathcliff says, putting one card into the spell/trap slots, “Next, I play Silent Doom! I use it to revive the monster that I sent to the graveyard: My Ancient Tool.” Soon after, Ancient Tool (1700/400) appears on the field in attack mode. Heathcliff says, “Now, normally, in order to bring out a Synchro Monster, I have to tune a Tuner and non-Tuner together, but not this one.”


Dai asks, “What do you mean?”


Just then Sailor Celestial feels that ‘pulse’ again and she thinks, “My deck. It is like that it is trying to tell me something.”


Heathcliff says, “This all-powerful Synchro Monster can only be summoned by release two level five or higher monsters, one Tuner and one non-Tuner, which I have.” Just then both monsters on Heathcliff’s field are engulfed in a powerful twister as a Synchro Monster card comes out of Heathcliff’s Extra Deck in which he says, “And now, I play this: The ultimate deity: Ultimaya Tzolk’in!”


Setsuna shouts out, stunned, “No, it can’t be!” The others look at Setsuna as the two monsters turn into a column of light and out of that light, Ultimaya Tzolk’in (0/0), a darker version of the Crimson Dragon, appears on the field in attack mode.


Yamato asks, “What the heck is that?”


Hino says, “Between you and me…Big trouble.”


Tomoe asks Setsuna, “Do you know what that is?”


Setsuna says, nervously, “I do, Firefly. Ultimaya Tzolk’in, the shadow of the Crimson Dragon.”


Kirito asks, “Wait! The same Crimson Dragon that’s supposed to be these guardian dragon of our world?”


Setsuna says, with a nod, “Correct, but every light has its shadow and Tzolk’in is the ‘shadow’ of the Crimson Dragon. It is a chaotic power that cause widespread destruction on the level of extinction level event.”


There are multiple gasps and Taichi asks, stunned, “You are kidding me?”


Haruka says, “She doesn’t kid about stuff like this.”


As a dark powerful aura surrounds Heathcliff as insignia like those of the Dark Signers appear on his face, he says, “Do you really think closing the gate will be the end? There is more to way to skin a cat as the saying goes.”


Sailor Celestial says, strongly, “We’ll see about that, jerk! Make your move!”


Heathcliff says, putting three cards into the spell/trap slots, “As you wish. First, I place three cards face-down.” Heathcliff says, as a Synchro Monster card comes out of his Extra Deck, “And since I play a card face-down, I can play one ‘Power Tool’ or one level seven or level eight Dragon Synchro Monster from my deck.”


There are gasps and Dai says, shocked, “No way!”


Heathcliff says, putting the Synchro Monster card on his duel disk, “My Ascension Sky Dragon will change your mind.” Soon after, Ascension Sky Dragon (?/3000) appears on the field in attack mode and Heathcliff says, putting the last card in his hand into the spell/trap slots, “Then I play Card of Sanctity and force both of us to draw until we have six card in our hands.” Dai and Sailor Celestial draw one card while Heathcliff draws six more cards from his deck.


Sailor Celestial says, “Be careful. That’s his dragon partner.”


Sailor Moon says, “The vision…”


Mamoru says, “Yes, I remember.”


Heathcliff says, with a smile, “Now, thanks to my dragon’s ability, he gains eight hundred points for every card in my hand.”


Takashi says, “That’s not good.”


Yamato says, “Especially with a full hand.” Ascension Sky Dragon then goes from 800/3000 to 4800/3000 in an instant and Heathcliff says, “By the way, if you are thinking of taking on my ultimate creature, Tzolk’in can’t be targeted for attacks or card effects as long as there is another Synchro Monster on my field.”


Dai says, “Saw that coming.”


Heathcliff says, “It is your move now.”


Dai says, drawing a card, “Thanks a lot.” Dai says, putting one card on his duel disk, “Since I have no monsters on the field right now, I can special summon my Junk Forward!” Soon after, Junk Forward (900/1500) appears on the field in attack mode and Dai says, putting one card into the spell/trap slots, “Then I activate my One for One spell card! By discarding one monster from my hand, I can play one level one monster from my deck!” Dai discards Shield Warrior (800/1600) monster card, a card come out of Dai’s deck, and he says, putting the card on his duel disk, “So, I say goodbye to Shield Warrior and hello Tuningware!” Tuningware (100/300) then appears on the field in attack mode and Dai says, putting one more card on his duel disk, “Then I play my Junk Synchron as well!” Junk Synchron (1300/500) appears on the field in attack mode and Dai says, “And now, I tune my Junk Synchron with my Junk Forward and Tuningware, who is now a level two monster due to his nifty ability!” Junk Synchron turns into three stars that turn into three rings that surround Junk Forward and Tuningware, making them become transparent, and causing a column of light to appear on the field. Dai puts a Synchro Monster card from his Extra Deck on his duel disk and he chants out, “Clustering hopes will become a new shining star! Become the path its light shines upon! Synchro Summon! Okay, Stardust Dragon, time to really rev it up!” Out of the light, Stardust Dragon (2500/2000) appears on the field in attack mode!

Yamato says, amazed, “Whoa!”


Silica says, “Amazing.”


Dai says, drawing a card, “Since Tuningware was used for a Synchro, I get an extra card.” Dai says, putting two cards into the spell/trap slots, “I end my turn with a pair of face-downs.”


Sailor Celestial says, drawing a card, “Leading to my turn!” Sailor Celestial says, putting one card into the spell/trap slots, “I activate my Seed Cannon continuous spell card!” Soon after, a large grouping of flowers with thorn filled stems and cannon-like heads appears in the spell/trap zones of Sailor Celestial’s field in which Sailor Celestial says, “And now, I play my Seed of Deception spell card and I can summon one level two or below Plant monster from my hand! And I choose my Evil Thorn!” Sailor Celestial puts one card on her duel disk and Evil Thorn (100/300) appears on the field in attack mode in which Sailor Celestial says, “And she is a pain in the neck when she uses her ability to blast three hundred life-points from you!” Evil Thorn explodes in which Heathcliff yelps as the thorns rip into him while he loses 300 life-points with two cards coming out of Sailor Celestial’s deck in which she says, putting the cards on her duel disk, “By the way, two more thorns come out, but don’t worry, they don’t have their abilities.” Two more Evil Thorns (100/300 X 2) appear on the field in attack mode and Sailor Celestial says, putting one card on her duel disk, “However, my Twilight Rose Knight is different!” Just then Twilight Rose Knight (1000/1000) appears on the field in attack mode and Sailor Celestial says, putting one more card on her duel disk, “And now, I can put another level four or below Plant on the field and my Wall of Ivy will do nicely!” Wall of Ivy (300/1200) comes to the field in attack mode.


Minako says, excitedly, “You go girl!”


Sailor Celestial says, “And now, I tune my Twilight Rose Knight with my Wall of Ivy and Evil Thorns!” Twilight Rose Knight turns into three stars that turn into three rings that surround Wall of Ivy and both Evil Thorns and Sailor Celestial says, as she gets out a Synchro Monster card from her Extra Deck, “Lofty rose that buds in a garden of integrity! Bloom here, watered by the blue moonlight! Synchro Summon!” As a column of light appears on the field, Sailor Celestial puts the Synchro Monster card on her duel disk and she shouts out, “Remember this old friend, jerk? Black Rose Moonlight Dragon!” Out of the light, Black Rose Moonlight Dragon (2400/1800) appears on the field in attack mode. Sailor Celestial says, “And now, she forces one monster to return to your hand and I think that your dragon will do nicely!”


Heathcliff says, pushing a button on his duel disk, “I think not. I activate my Effect Downer trap card!” One of Heathcliff’s face-down cards is revealed to be a continuous trap card and he says, “By lowering my life-points by one grand, this card equips to one monster and negates their special abilities. I think that you get the idea on which monster I use.” Black Rose Moonlight Dragon roars as its abilities are negated and Heathcliff’s life-points drop by 1000 points.


Makoto says, annoyed, “That sucks!”


Sailor Celestial says, “Then I play the effect of my Seed Cannon! Every time that a Plant monster is played, this card gains a seed counter and I play Plant monsters three times. I release this card and now, you suffer five hundred life-points for each counter and that’s fifteen hundred.” The Seed Cannon unleashes a barrage at Heathcliff and he grunts as he loses 1500 life-points. Sailor Celestial says, putting the last card into the spell/trap slots, “And I end my turn with a face-down.”


Current Score:

Sailor Celestial: 4000

Dai: 4000

Heathcliff: 5200


Dai says, excitedly, “Nice one!”


Heathcliff says, drawing a card, “Don’t get too excited, my young prince.” Heathcliff says, putting one card into the spell/trap slots, “I place a card face-down.”


Miyako says, “That’s not good.”


Takashi says, “Here comes another dragon.”


Heathcliff says, with a sly smirk, “And it is going to be a surprise guest after all. The dragon that I choose…” Heathcliff points to Sailor Moon and he says, “Serenity’s Ancient Pixie Dragon.”


Sailor Moon asks, stunned, “What?” She then yelps out in pain as she puts her hands over her heart and groans as a dark energy goes from her body into Heathcliff’s Extra Deck.


Asuna says, shocked, “Usagi-chan!”


Many of the other Sailor Scouts say in unison, “Sailor Moon!” Soon after, Heathcliff takes a Synchro Monster card from his Extra Deck, puts it on his duel disk, and Ancient Pixie Dragon (2100/3000), but with a Tzolk’in’s eyes on its wings, appears on Heathcliff’s field in attack mode.


Silica says, shocked, “Usagi’s dragon!”


Lisbeth asks, shocked, “But how?”


Heathcliff says, “All cards bow to the power of Tzolk’in since they were born from him including the Duel Dragons most of all!”


Sailor Celestial says, with a sneer, “You coward!”


Heathcliff says, putting a card into the Field Spell Slot of his duel disk, “Coward is such a strong word, my dear. Now, I play my Ancient Draconia field spell.” Soon after, the field transforms into ancient ruins filled with dragon’s nests and Heathcliff says, “As long as we have Synchro Dragon monsters on the field, during my turn, all players with them can draw two cards.” Heathcliff, Dai, and Sailor Celestial draw two cards from their decks, Heathcliff puts one card into the spell/trap slots, and he says, “And then I play Infinite Cards continuous spell card. As long as this spell remains on the field, I can go beyond the six card limit.” Heathcliff says, drawing a card, “By the way, since I also played a Field Spell, Pixie Dragon grants me an extra card and Sky Dragon more strength.” The others sneer as Sky Dragon goes from 4800/3000 to 5600/3000.


Sam says, “That means his Sky Dragon can gain even more power.”


Heathcliff says, “Speaking of whom, Sky Dragon, it is time to end your rivalry with Black Rose once and for all! Go, Ultimate Ascending Wave!” Sky Dragon unleashes a powerful attack against Black Rose Moonlight Dragon.


Sailor Celestial says, pushing a button on her duel disk, “Wrong, jerk! I activate my Half Unbreak trap card!” Sailor Celestial’s face-down card is revealed to be the Half Unbreak trap card and Sailor Celestial says, “Not only is Black Rose unable to be destroyed by battle this turn, all battle damage is cut in half!” Black Rose is protected from the attack by a shield, but the attack slams into Sailor Celestial and she yelps out in pain as she loses 1600 life-points.


Kirito says, concerned, “Sugu!”


Sailor Celestial says, “I’m okay.”


Heathcliff says, “Not for long, my dear. I activate the effect of Pixie Dragon and since there is a field spell, I can destroy one card on the field. Go, Spirit Burial!” Pixie Dragon roars as it prepares to unleash a powerful light on Black Rose.


Dai yells out, “Wrong! I activate Stardust Dragon’s ability! By releasing Stardust Dragon, your monster’s ability is negated and it is destroyed.” Dai looks at Sailor Moon and she nods her head in which Dai calls out, “Go, Victim’s Sanctuary!”


Heathcliff responds, pushing a button on his duel disk, “Wrong, my friend. I activate my Divine Wrath trap card.” Heathcliff’s next face-down card is revealed to be the Divine Wrath counter-trap card and Heathcliff says, discarding one card from his hand, “By discarding one card from my hand, your monster’s ability is negated and your monster is destroyed!” Stardust Dragon roars as it is hit with lightning from the sky and shatters into pieces while Sky Dragon goes from 5600/3000 to 4800/3000 since Heathcliff lost a card in his hand.


Dai shouts out, shocked, “Stardust!”


Taichi says, with a snarl, “He was ready for him.” On the meanwhile, Black Rose roars as it is engulfed by Ancient Pixie Dragon’s light and sent to the graveyard.


Sailor Celestial says, “Black Rose!”


Heathcliff says, pushing a button on his duel disk, “Next, I play my Sneak Effect Mine.” Heathcliff’s next face-down card is revealed to a trap card with a picture of monster unleashing light that’s hiding mines in which Heathcliff says, “Since monsters were destroyed with effects this turn, the owners lose life-points equal to amount of defense points that they had.” Dai and Sailor Celestial gasp in which explode hit all around and they yelp as Dai loses 2000 life-points while Sailor Celestial loses 1800 life-points.


Kirito yells out, shocked, “Sugu!”


Sailor Moon says, worriedly, “Hold on!”


Sailor Sun says, “Don’t give up, Dai-kun!”


Dai responds, with a smirk, “Give up? I don’t know the meaning of that phrase!”


Heathcliff responds, “If you don’t improve your game, I might teach you that phrase.”


Current Score:

Sailor Celestial: 600

Dai: 2000

Heathcliff: 5200


Dai says, drawing a card, “We’ll see about that! I draw!” Dai says, putting two cards into the spell/trap slots, “I place two cards face-down.” Dai says, pushing a button on his duel disk, “And then I activate my Call of the Haunted trap card!” Dai’s face-down card is revealed to be the Call of the Haunted continuous trap card and Dai says, “And now, I can revive a monster from the graveyard and you can guess who is coming back!” Soon after, Stardust Dragon (2500/2000) returns to the field attack mode.


Taichi says, with a grin, “Great job!”


Heathcliff says, pushing a button on his duel disk, “Not so great with my Celebration of Creation trap card.” Heathcliff’s final face-down card is revealed to be the Celebration of Creation trap card and Heathcliff says, “Since a monster was summoned through a trap card, your turn automatically comes to an end.”


Dai yells out, stunned, “What?”


Heathcliff says, “It is a legal move and now, it is Selene’s turn.”


Sailor Celestial says, “I’m not afraid.”


Heathcliff responds, “Let me remind you that I have three monsters on my field and on my turn, I will be able to play another face-down and that means another dragon.” Heathcliff says, looking at Kirito, “I think that next I will use Kirito’s Hot Red Dragon Archfiend.”


There are gasps and Makoto says, annoyed, “You dirty rat!”


Heathcliff tells Sailor Celestial, “This is your last turn, my dear. Trust me, I have the cards in my hand to make it happen.”


Sailor Celestial looks into Heathcliff’s eyes and she thinks, “He is perfectly confident! Damn it! Dai and I played right into hands all along! He had this planned out and we went into it like dogs on leash!” Sailor Celestial draws a card and she says, “It’s my turn!” Sailor Celestial puts one card into the spell/trap slots and she says, “I activate my Double Spell! By discarding one spell card, I can use one spell card from your graveyard!” Sailor Celestial discards a card from her hand, a card comes out of Heathcliff’s graveyard, and she says, putting it in her disk’s spell/trap slots, “And I choose Card of Sanctity, but this time, Dai and I are the only ones drawing since you already have a full hand!” Dai and Sailor Celestial draw from their decks until they have six cards in their hands and Sailor Celestial thinks in her mind, her eyes widening, “What are these cards? I never seen them before, but they are useless to me! I don’t have a single spell or trap to turn this around! What…What am I going to do?”


Heathcliff asks, “Is that all?” Sailor Celestial glares at Heathcliff and he tells her, “Is this the limit of your will or your strength? Are you about to get beaten in a ‘mere game’?”


Sailor Celestial shouts out, as she remembers the memories of what happened in SAO and what happened to Maron come into her mind, “Shut up! I’m far from finished, Kayaba! I won’t let you get away with what you have done in the name of your own madness and selfishness! I will end you and the legacy of Sword Art Online once and for all! And like my brother and Sailor Moon did… I will go beyond you!” Sailor Celestial then starts to glow along with her deck and the cards in her hand.


Minako asks, “Hey, what’s going on?”


Lisbeth says, “She’s glowing!”


Sailor Moon says, awe-struck, “Celestial…”


October 14, 2025, San Francisco, United States


Back in the ‘real world’ and within the United States, we are in San Francisco, California where we are inside of the apartment of Rinko Koujiro, the woman that had loved Kayaba despite what he had done, in which she looks over when she sees a glow. She is then shocked to see the glow coming from a suitcase.


Rinko asks, confused, “The cards?” Just then she yelps as the briefcase gives off a powerful glow and shoots a beam of light that heads straight for Japan and beyond.


October 14, 2025, Rainbow Gardens


Back in Rainbow Gardens, Sailor Celestial then sees cards in her hand change along with her duel disk. Her Neo Domino City duel disk into one where it has the top and body of a Neo Domino City Duel Disk, there is a display screen on top with a slot below the screen with pop up slot for the Extra Deck within the Duel Disk in which the monster slots has become a ‘blade’ made of energy with extra monster card like slot on each side of the ‘blade’ for a total of seven slots on the duel disk in which five of them are registered as monster card zones. Sailor Celestial then looks at the transformed cards in her hands and gains new information in which she reacts on instinct alone. Sailor Celestial then displays two monster cards, Stargazer Magician (1200/2400) and Timegazer Magician (1200/600), both of whom have card ‘borders’ having orange coloring in the top half like an effect monster while the bottom half is green like a spell card, in which she says, “I set scale one, Stargazer Magician, and scale eight Timegazer Magician, in the Pendulum Zones and set the Pendulum Scale!” Sailor Celestial puts the cards in the two zones that are on the edges of the ‘blade’ of her new duel disk causing the word ‘Pendulum’ in rainbow colored letters to appear in the monster card zones for a second in which the two said monsters appear in columns of light with one column of light on either side of Suguha with the number 1 appear below Stargazer while the number 8 appears below Timegazer.


Dai asks, confused, “Pendulum what?”


Miyako asks, “What’s going on?”


Hino says, “Somehow, Sailor Celestial has awakened a new power!” Immediately, an image of a strange heterochromic eyed dragon appears in the minds of Hino, Haruka, Setsuna, Kirito, and Sailor Moon while a crystal pendulum appears between the two columns of light and starts to swing. Sailor Celestial shouts out, “Now, I can summon monsters that are level two through seven once per turn! It’s time to swing Soul Pendulum! Draw the arc to victory!” Sailor Celestial puts the four remaining cards in her hand on her duel disk and she yells out, “Pendulum Summon! Swing into action, guys! Let’s rock: Spore, Timesword Magician, Cactus Fighter, and finally, the mighty dragon of worlds…Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!” The pendulum creates a circle of light and four beams of light come out of it in which they become Spore (400/800), Timesword Magician (1400/0), a small warrior-like spellcaster monster, Cactus Fighter (1900/400), and finally, Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon (2500/2000), tall red dragon with a left red eye and green right eyes protrusions coming out of the back that have with two green orbs, one large and one small, on the right one and a red orb attached to the left one with dragon-like horns on its head, appears on the field in attack mode.


The others are shocked and Lisbeth says, stunned, “Oh, crap! She just summoned four monsters at once!”


Kirito says, “And I think that dragon is a level seven monster!”


Asuna asks, shocked, “But how?”


Heathcliff gives a look of surprise, but a small unseen smirk on his lips in which Sailor Celestial says, “I’m not done! I tune my Spore with Timesword and Cactus Fighter!” Spore becomes a single stars that surrounds Timesword and Cactus Fighter making them become transparent and a column of light to appear on the field as a new Synchro Monster card appears on Sailor Celestial’s duel disk. Sailor Celestial says, “Hero’s blade that sets forth unyielding light, awaken with a flash! Synchro Summon! Time to end this…Enlightenment Paladin!” Out of the light, Enlightenment Paladin (2500/2000), a white and black armored clad warrior-like spellcaster monster with red hair and wielding two swords that have strange ‘Chrono’ shaped handles, appears on the field in attack mode.


Dai says, pushing a button on his duel disk, “I activate my trap card: Synchro Tuning!” Dai’s face-down card is revealed to be a trap card with a picture of a Synchro Monster with a Tuner monster in front of it. Dai says, “Since there has been a successful Synchro Summon, I can play one Tuner monster from my hand! And I choose Majestic Dragon!” Dai puts a card on his duel disk and Majestic Dragon (0/0) appears on the field in attack mode.


Miyako asks, “What’s that going to do?”


Sailor Celestial says, “Since my Paladin was Synchro Summoned using a Magician Pendulum monster as Synchro Material, I get one spell card back from the grave!” Just then a card comes from Sailor Celestial’s graveyard slot and Sailor Celestial says, strongly, “Battle!”


Dai says, pushing a button on his duel disk, “This is what I have been waiting for! I activate my Graceful Revival!” Dai’s next face-down card is revealed to be the Graceful Revival continuous trap card and Dai says, “And I use it to revive my Tuningware!” Soon after, Tuningware (100/300) returns to the field in attack mode and Dai says, pushing another button on his duel disk, “Next, I activate my Urgent Tuning!” Dai’s final face-down is revealed to be the Urgent Tuning trap card and Dai says, “And now, I can Synchro Summon during the Battle Phase!” As the full ‘Mark of the Crimson Dragon’ appears on his back, he shouts out, “I tune my Majestic Dragon with Stardust Dragon and Tuningware!” Majestic Dragon then grows and engulfs Stardust Dragon and Tuningware causing them to become transparent before a column of light appears on the field in which Dai takes a Synchro Monster card that comes out of his Extra Deck. Dai then chants out, “The shine of clustering stars will illuminate a new miracle! Become the path where its light shines upon! Synchro Summon!” Dai puts the Synchro Monster card on his duel disk and he yells out, “Let’s rev it up, Majestic Star Dragon!” Out of the light, Majestic Star Dragon (3800/3000) appears on the field in attack mode and Dai says, while drawing a card from Tuningware’s effect, “And now, I can negate the effects of one of your monsters!”


Heathcliff says, with a smile, “My Ultimaya Tzolk’in can’t be targeted by any effects.”


Dai responds, with a smirk, “Who said that I was going after him?” Heathcliff gives a confused look and he then gasps in realization. Dai yells out, “I’m going after your Sky Dragon!” Ascension Sky Dragon roars as its power is negated causing it to go from 4800/3000 to 0/3000!


Taichi says, excitedly, “Awesome! Without its special powers, it’s powerless!”


Sailor Celestial shouts out, “Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, attack Sky Dragon now with Spiral Burst!” Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon leaps into the sky and unleashes a powerful spiraling energy wave at Sky Dragon, hitting it in the chest, and Sailor Celestial says, “Due to Pendulum Dragon’s ability, all battle damage to you gets doubled!” Heathcliff yelps out in pain as Sky Dragon explodes into nothingness while he gets hits by the effects of the explosion causing him to lose 5000 life-points. Sailor Celestial yells out, “Enlightenment Paladin, attack and free Ancient Pixie Dragon now! End this duel!” Enlightenment Paladin charges in and Heathcliff just gives a smile as Paladin slashes through Pixie Dragon, who fades away soon after, before Enlightening Paladin slashes through Heathcliff causing him to lose 400 life-points as well as the duel.


Final Score:

Sailor Celestial: 600

Dai: 2000

Heathcliff: 0


With the end of the duel, Ultimaya Tzolk’in roars out as it vanishes while the heart shaped ‘jewel’ that Heathcliff took from Sailor Celestial floats from Heathcliff back to Sailor Celestial as Heathcliff collapses to the ground and starts to glow as he turns into data particles.


Minako asks, “What’s happening to him?”


Hino says, “We’re in Rainbow Gardens, Mina-chan.”


Kirito says, “It is like SAO. He lost and his life is over.”


Heathcliff says, weakly, “Correct, Kirito-kun…This is my final defeat.”


Sailor Celestial says, with a snort, “Don’t give me that, pal. I know that you must have made a duplicate of your digitized mind and have it hidden somewhere.”


There are gasps and Lisbeth asks, “How do you know that?”


Sailor Moon says, with a sigh, “It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out, Liz.”


Heathcliff says, with a weak giggle, “You know me all too well. Yes, you are right. There WAS a duplicate of my digitized mind…a shadow of an echo as you can call it…but no more…you destroyed it when you stopped my plans…”


Kirito says, realizing, “When Sugu, Dai, and Akari sealed the Queen’s Gate!”


Heathcliff says, with a nod, “Correct, Kirito-kun…Your detective skills are as sharp as ever…getting to the Life Equation was part of my goal…but that and my backup was destroyed…when Selene and the two warriors of the Sun…stopped me…as they did together so many centuries ago…I had underestimated them…and I had forgotten one thing…Those that dare repeat history are doomed to repeat…unless you take the correct steps to do so…I thought that I had…but I didn’t expect them to gain the power of the Keyblade…it is why I compare life to an RPG…so wonderfully unpredictable…Well, it is my loss…Congratulations…SAO is finally and truly over…and so ends the Silver Millennium…once and for all…”


Sailor Celestial says, “The Silver Millennium has long since passed, but you couldn’t let go of it.”


Heathcliff says, weakly, “I do not disagree with you on that point. Both you and I used to be relics of the past, however, you have moved on into the future. You have…found your answer…”


Sailor Celestial says, “Yeah, I know who I am. Suguha Kirigaya…Leafa…Princess Selene…It doesn’t matter anymore because they are all me. And now, I can leave you behind.”


Heathcliff says, “Maybe…or maybe not…As long as you and your sister still live, the legacy of Sword Art Online forever lives on…within you…you are my one TRUE legacy…it is up to you that you want to call it a gift…a curse…or make it into something else. Your ‘destiny’…are yours to make…and now, farewell…” Soon after, Heathcliff shatters into pieces to signify what seems to be the  final end of Heathcliff AKA Akihiko Kayaba, the creator and ‘ruler’ of Sword Art Online, the infamous ‘death game’ which has changed their world in so many ways.


For a moment, there is nothing and Miyako asks, “Is it over?”


Sailor Moon says, with a nod, “Yes, it is. It is finally truly over.”


Mamoru asks Sailor Moon, “Are you sure?”


Sailor Moon says, with a nod, “Yes, I do.” With a few tears coming from her virtual eyes, Sailor Celestial and Dai return to the others in which Sailor Sun hugs Dai.


Sam tells Dai, “Way to go.”


Dai says, with a grin, “No big!”


Sailor Celestial says, holding the ‘jewel’, “This is what will allow us to get to the ‘spirits’ of those that died in SAO.”


Yui says, with a nod, “Yes. They contained the codes that will allow you to access along with the codes that Strea gave to Dai and Akari.”


Asuna asks, “But what can we do with them?”


Kirito says, “That’s a good question Asuna.”


Cardinal says, “It is up to you.” Cardinal tells Sailor Celestial, Dai, and Sailor Sun, “Forgive me for what I have done to you.”


Sailor Celestial says, with a smile, “Hey, it’s no problem. You kept us from being used as virtual lab rats for that freak, Sugou.”


Kirito says, “Strea told you everything.”


Sailor Celestial says, with a nod, “Yeah.”


Yui says, with a smile, “She is safe with me. Once we get back home to daddy’s home, I’m sure that daddy and I can restore her and she can join us in ALO.”


Sailor Sun says, with a smile, “That’s good to know.”


Cardinal says, “And now, let me allow you to return home.” Cardinal then raises her hand and Sailor Celestial’s, Dai’s, Sailor Sun’s, and Philia’s forms glow in which their menus appear causing them to go their logout menus in which a prompt to ask them if they want to logout appears.


Philia says, excitedly, “I can logout!”


Sailor Sun says, “Same here!”


Kirito tells Sailor Celestial, “You had better get home before mom gets any gray hairs.”


Sailor Celestial says, “Yeah, I must have worried her and dad nearly to death.”


Kirito tells Sailor Celestial, with a smirk, “You are going to find out.”


Sailor Celestial says, nervously, “Oh, great.”


Junpier tells Dai, “See you later, squirt. And if you do this again, I’m going to pound you into the ground.”


Dai says, with a smirk, “Whatever.”


Takashi asks, “But what about our Digimon?”


Just then Gennai appears in a stream of light and he says, “I can help with that.”


Taichi says, amazed, “Gennai!”


Gennai then creates a gateway and he says, “This will allow the Digimon to come to the Digital World and my place where you can come and pick them up later.”


Veemon says, “See you later, Davis.”


Dai says, with a grin, “Can’t wait, buddy.”


Sailor Sun hugs Gatomon and she says, “It is good to see you again after so long, Gatomon…Well, long for me.”


Gatomon tells Sailor Sun, “Anytime away from you is long for me, Kari. It always makes my tail twitch the wrong way.” Sailor Sun giggles at this as the Digimon go through the portal and Gennai goes through last causing the portal to close behind him.


Sailor Celestial says, “Catch you later, big brother.”


Kirito says, “See you, Sugu.” Soon after, Sailor Celestial, Dai, Sailor Sun, and Philia push the buttons on their prompts causing them to vanish as they return back to the real world.


Haruka says, “Now, it is our turn.”


Michiru says, “I think that we do as if we were using a Full-Dive machine.”


Mamoru says, “However, we do it four at time and we had better send a message ahead.”


Mizuno says, having her menu open, “I’m already on it.”


As Sailor Moon looks at where Heathcliff turned into data particles, Mamoru asks her, “Are you going to be okay?”


Sailor Moon responds, with a smile, “I’m not sure. But in time, I will.” Mamoru smiles warmly and gently at Sailor Moon as our heroes and heroines prepare to return to the real world in which Kirito prepares to talk with Cardinal.


October 14, 2025, Yokohama North General Hospital


Inside of Yokohama North General Hospital, a nurse enters the room where Suguha, Davis, Kari, and Kotone are being kept and she looks and yelps in which she sees all four of them up and in a sitting position in which they have their Amuspheres on their laps.


Kotone grunts out, “This feels familiar…”


Davis says, “Ah, man. My body feels like it needs to stretch out.”


Kari says, seeing the nurse, “Oh, hello.”


The nurse says, “You…You’re awake…”


The nurse then runs out of the room and Suguha asks, “Man, was it like for big brother and the others when they first came back from SAO?”


Kotone says, “Yeah, it was. The medical personal were shocked when we started ‘waking up’ after two long years in there.” Kotone says, with a smile, “Anyway, my name is Kotone.”


Suguha says, “Suguha Kirigaya.”


Davis says, with a grin, “Daisuke Motomiya, but my buds call me Davis.”


Kari says, “Hikari Kamiya, but my friends and my boyfriend call me Kari.”


Davis tells Kari, “Kari-chan actually. There is a difference.”


Kari says, with a playful pout, “Geez, Dai-kun.”


Kotone says, “I hope that Kirito and the others got back okay.”


Suguha says, with a grin, “I’m sure that they are just fine.”


October 14, 2025, Future Divers headquarters


Back in Future Divers headquarters, Serena, Kazuto, Asuna, and Darien are the last one of our group of heroes and heroines that got themselves virtualized into Sword Art World to step out of the virtualization pods and into the room which has the Digidestined that didn’t go into Sword Art Online and their Digimon partners, Sailor Nebula and Neo Moon, and the Tsukino family.


Sora says, with a smile, “Way to go!”


Joe says, “You did it!”


Izzy says, “Gennai says that your partners are waiting at his house and waiting to be picked up.”


Tai says, “Awesome!”


Sailor Neo Moon says, “And we have handed off the data to Seijirou-san to start making the arrests and to find Sugou.”


Rika says, “You mean what’s left of him.”


Sailor Neo Moon asks, “Huh?”


Serena says, a bit nervously, “That’s a bit of a story, Rini.”


Kazuto asks Izzy, “What about Yui?”


Izzy responds, with a smile, “Back home safe and sound.”


Asuna says, with a smile, “That’s good.”


Kazuto asks Izzy, “And Cardinal?”


Izzy says, with a smile, “Safe and sound.”


Kazuto says, with a smile, “That’s good.” Just then some circuits in the room spark and then they explode causing plenty of the others to yelp out in fright.


Lita asks, “What was that?”


When more of the circuits explode, Izzy yells out, “Overload! The surge of power from Sword Art World got transferred here and what we just did…!!”


After another explosion, Raye shouts out, “Doesn’t matter how! It’s going to blow!” Immediately, everyone evacuates the room as the equipment starts to ‘self-destruct’ in which once outside, Sailor Nebula covering everyone in a shield as a massive explosion blows the closed door to the room right off its hinges in which a lot of smoke comes out of the room as the explosion stops. Immediately, Sailor Nebula leaps into the breach and creates a cold wind that stops the fires that are burning up the remains of the equipment.


Tokyu and Seijirou arrive on the scene and Seijirou asks, “What happened?”


Izzy says, “Overload.”


Seijirou asks, surprised, “Overload?”


Izzy says, with a nod, “Yeah. The energy surge from Sword Art World fed into our systems.”


Amara asks, “Here is a thought: What about the Sword Art World servers?”


Sailor Neo Moon says, “Excuse me.” Sailor Neo Moon zips off into the distance and Sailor Nebula immediately follows soon after for obvious reasons.


Serena says, nervously, “Oh, boy.”


Rika says, with a nod, “My sentiments exactly girlfriend.”


October 16, 2025, Juuban District of Tokyo, Crown Fruit Parlor


Within the Crown Fruit Parlor, our Juuban based Sailor Scouts, including Molly and Rini, and Darien are talking with Seijirou about something in which there are several newspapers on the table that they are assembled around.


Darien asks, “So, it is the government that’s taking heat for this ‘incident’?”


Seijirou says, “Specifically, my division. It seems like a certain someone manage to get information out about what happened in Future Divers and Sword Art World including my report to the superiors that warned about something like this happening before Sword Art World.”


Amara says, “Which you must have wrote when Suguha got stuck in Rainbow Gardens.”


Seijirou says, with a nod, “That’s about right.”


Raye says, with a glare, “So, now, you are the ‘heroic whistle blower’.”


Seijirou says, with a smile, “I wouldn’t say that.” Seijirou says, “Anyway, the public is pissed off against the government in which those that aren’t for restrictions against VRMMO and Full-Dive technology have major ‘fuel’ for their fire and they are like an inferno.”


Rini says, “I’ll bet.”


Seijirou says, “They are arguing about the government restricting VRMMO and Full-Dive technology when they don’t give the needed information to protect the people from like Sugou and Kayaba. Speaking of Kayaba, the fact that he successfully download his mind into cyber-space and people weren’t told about it is another ‘black eye’ for the government especially the VR division.”


Darien says, “I suspect that anything that has to do with restriction of Full-Dive technology and VRMMO has been put on the ‘back burner’.”


Seijirou says, “Big time, Darien-san. However, I believe that most likely that they will try to get them through quietly.”


Amara says, “Something tells me good luck with that.”


Lita says, with a nod, “Yeah.”


Serena asks, “What about Future Divers?”


Seijirou says, “For the moment, Future Divers has closed their doors in which they are completely reorganizing themselves and making sure that Sugou and his associates didn’t tamper with any of the other VRMMO that they made for members of their club. However, the Sword Art World servers have been shut down completely due to all of the stuff that Sugou and his associates have done. Needless to say, these events haven’t been good my division’s image.”


Lita says, “No joke, pal. I’ve seen the news reports. People are blaming you more than Future Divers since Future Divers came to you for help to make sure that something like SAO and the original ALO doesn’t happen to them.”


Raye says, “However, something tells me that your job is safe.”


Seijirou says, with a smile, “Let’s just say that I’m in charge of picking up the pieces.”


Amara thinks in her mind, “That’s not a surprise.”


Serena asks Seijirou, “Seijirou-san?”


Seijirou asks, “Yes?”


Serena asks, “Who are you? Really?” The other Sailor Scouts and Darien are shocked for various reasons by Serena’s question.


Seijirou says, with a smile, ‘That’s something that you need to figure out, Miss Moon.” Seijirou then gets up from his seat, gives a kind nod, and he walks off in which our Sailor Scouts and Earth Prince can’t help to wonder about the former head of the SAO Victims Task Force in which Ami and Trista look at each other and nod at some kind of unsaid agreement.


October 21, 2025, Yokohama North General Hospital


Within Yokohama North General Hospital, Suguha, Davis, Kari, and Kotone, who is keeping herself up on a pair of crutches, is with the others as they discussing a lot of stuff.


Davis asks, “The Sword Art World servers didn’t get damaged at all?”


Ami responds, shaking her head, “Not even the data inside take much damage.”


Ken says, “By some fluke or something, it was the virtualization pods and the quantum computer that took most of the damage.”


Lita says, “And that’s saying it lightly, Ken.”


Asuna says, with a smile, “However, a certain someone managed to keep a copy of the data after making sure that it is safe.”


Kazuto says, with a grin, “Well, if we can get turned into digital data and back again, I don’t see why a ‘virtual being’ can’t be turned real.”


Keiko says, with a smile, “It would be wonderful to see Yui-chan in the real world.”


Rika says, “Yeah, but the equipment and computer is scrap metal.”


Davis says, with a smirk, “Well, he has got a few geniuses in his corner to help rebuild it.”


Yolei tells Davis, “It isn’t going to be that easy. He is going to need material and such in order to rebuild the whole thing.”


Kotone says, with a smile, “I’m sure that Kirito…I mean Kazuto-san can do it.”


Suguha asks Kazuto, “Big brother, how is Strea?”


Kazuto says, with a smile, “She is okay. Her data was successfully saved and repaired so it is like what Kayaba did to her never happened.”


Asuna says, “She is in ALO now and she is a Gnome.”


Davis says, “A Gnome, huh? Seems appropriate with her strength.”


Kari asks, “So, how did your first meeting go?”


The others look at Suguha, Davis, and Kari with nervous smiles on their faces and Keiko says, nervously, “Well, she isn’t a bad person, but she is really…”


Asuna says, nervously, “Open.”


Suguha gives a giggle and she says, “I figured that would happen.”


Kari says, with a nod, “No kidding.”


Raye says, “And I thought that Mina-chan was ‘bubbly’, but she takes the cake and eats it as well.”


Mina says, sarcastically, “Ha. Ha.”


Davis says, “Don’t worry, you’ll get used it…I think.”


TK says, with a smirk, “Thanks a lot, Davis.”


Kotone asks, a bit nervously, “What about…?”


Darien says, “We found the codes stored in Suguha’s, Davis’, and Kari’s Sword Art World avatar data and we used them to get access to the ‘black box’ of the SAO servers which we found soon enough.”


Suguha asks, curiously, “And?”


Kazuto says, “They are all there. All of them. Every single mind of every single person that died in SAO…with a few exceptions.”


Ami says, “Those that died on the first day due to the ‘fail-safes’ that Kayaba used are the only exceptions.”


Davis says, with a snarl, “There is always a catch.”


Amara asks, “Question is: What do we do with them?”


Michelle responds, “I think that the question should be: What can we do with them?”


Trista says, “As you already know, their bodies have already been destroyed since the NervGear destroyed their physical brains while digitally encoding them into the ‘black box’, so, even if their bodies weren’t already cremated, they would be next to useless.”


Kazuto says, “Not to mention too much time has passed since they died.”


Davis asks, in an irritated tone, “So, what do we do? Leave them locked up? Send them to oblivion?”


Tai tells Davis, with a serious tone, “We’re not saying that! And personally, we feel the same way as you do, Davis.”


Yolei says, “Take it from a bunch of girls and guys that have been though that nightmare.”


Kotone asks, concerned, “But isn’t there anything we can do?”


Kari says, “There is one thing or should I say one place we can put them.”


Everyone looks at Kari and Gatomon says, “Rainbow Gardens.”


Davis says, snapping his fingers, “Yeah! That’s the ticket!” Davis looks at the others and he says, “Look. Their lives, here, have been basically destroyed thanks to that SOB, but we can’t just keep them locked away in that thing. Rainbow Gardens can be a tough place, but it is better than nothing. Plus, they have been trapped in a ‘game world’ for at least a good amount of time before they died. For most of them, it would be somewhat familiar and it would be no more dangerous than SAO.”


Hotaru asks, “But do we have that right to make that choice for them?”


The others look at each other and then Suguha asks, “What about that former ruler of Alfheim?”


Asuna says, nervously, “Well, they found Sugou…”


Rika says, “Basically, he can walk, talk, eat, speak, and he has most of his book smarts, but he doesn’t know who he is much less who any of us are.”

Darien says, “From what the experts say, his memories are unrecoverable.”


Amara says, with a sneer, “I say that it was too good for that scum bag.”


Rini thinks in her mind, “You might be right, Amara. And also Darien might be wrong. In my time, Sugou is still in prison and serving a life sentence, so, it doesn’t mean that he is finished. I think that it is highly possible that he’ll be back and worse than ever before. However, I think that it is best that Serena and Aunt Suguha don’t know that right now. They already have enough on their minds.”


Suguha nods her head and Kazuto tells Suguha, “Sugu, we might…”


Suguha tells Kazuto, solemnly, “Big brother, you must have already searched the intact Sword Art World servers and you didn’t find even a fraction of a piece of Maron’s mental data, did you?”


Kazuto says, with a sigh, “We went over it with a fine tooth comb.”


Serena says, “It doesn’t mean that she is…”


Suguha tells Serena, solemnly, “Sis, even I know when to throw in the towel.” Suguha says, with a solemn tone, “Since I’ve been discharged, I’m going home for some rest. I’m going to need it.”


Suguha then walks away and Kari says, “Suguha…”


Kotone asks, concerned, “Will she be okay?”


Trista responds, with a solemn tone, “That’s up to her, Kotone-san.” Serena and Kazuto can’t help to be concerned for Suguha for obvious reasons while looking towards the hospital in which inside of the hospital, we find a young girl that looks exactly like Maron in a hospital bed seemly in a comatose condition with an Amusphere around her head.


October 21, 2025, Unknown location


At an unknown location, we find ourselves looking at woman of late twenties with violet hair tied in a ponytail, glasses in front of her brown eyes, and she is wearing a long sleeved and classy white shirt that’s open to reveal much of her bust bordering obscenely with a black camisole under the shirt, tight fitting black skirt, black stocking that covers most of her strong and sexy feminine legs, and black high-heeled shoes. Just then another young lady enters the room and goes up to this young adult woman.


This young lady looks to be 17-18 years of age with tan skin, dark brown hair tied in a ponytail with a white ribbon with the ends of the ribbon somehow pointed upwards, and she is wearing all black sailor fuku with red trim with multiple swords in their sheaths attached to her back along with white loose socks and brown shoes.


The adult woman asks, “What do you have to report Homura?”


The young teen woman responds, “It seems like our new guests haven’t give us much trouble, Suzume-sensei.”


The adult woman responds, with a smile, “I believe that they wouldn’t be as much trouble after we had given them that information.”


The young teen woman replies, “Well, it was a good thing that they came here before he met his dad in his mind or it wouldn’t have been as easy.”


The adult woman tells the young teen woman, “You seem interested in him, Homura.”


The young teen woman responds, with a blush, “No, Suzume-sensei!”


The adult woman, Suzume, tells the young teen, Homura, “Well, I don’t blame you. In our world, he is a celebrity after all.”


Homura responds, “Yeah.”


Suzume tells Homura, “And you and he can understand each other. Remember, both of you have something in common.”


Homura says, with a nod, “Yes, we do.”


Suzume tells Homura, “Homura, you and the girls will convince him to join us.”


Homura asks, surprised, “Suzume-sensei?”


Suzume responds, with a sly smile, “Once he hears about our world and its ninja, he will think that the ‘good ninja’ are hypocritical, Homura, based on his outlook as a ninja.”


Homura says, “You have a point, Suzume-sensei.”


Suzume says, with a sly smile, “If that doesn’t work, it will pay to show a ‘little skin’.”


Homura tells Suzume, “Huh?”


Suzume tells Homura, “Homura, we are ninja and we will use anything to get our objectives. Our bodies if necessary.”


Homura responds, with a blush, “Yes, Suzume-sensei.”


Suzume says, with a smile, “Don’t worry, I will participating in this mission as well.”


Homura asks, shocked, “Suzume-sensei?”


Suzume responds, “While he hates perverts, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have his own ‘lustful desires’ through I believe his deepest desire is the desire for true love. And I have to admit it, I’m a fan of his too. It was the reason for my dream as a ‘super ninja’ after all.” Homura makes a twitch with her eyebrow and Suzume asks, “Jealous, Homura?”

Homura responds, a bit nervously, “No, Suzume-sensei.” Homura asks, “But what about Sailor Moon?”


Suzume replies, “She isn’t a lost cause. Something tells me what happened to her sister will help.”


Homura asks, surprised, “Wait! Are we targeting Sailor Celestial too?”

Suzume retorts, with a nod, “Correct, Homura.” Suzume takes out a group of files and she says, “Take a look at this information about Suguha Kirigaya. You might find it interesting.” Homura takes the files and she walks away in which Homura looks at the files in which her eyes grow wide as saucers. Suzume adjusts her glasses and she thinks in her mind, “Sailor Moon…Sailor Celestial…and Naruto Uzumaki…They could be my greatest triumph yet…”


October 28, 2025, Rainbow Gardens


Within Rainbow Gardens, we find ourselves within the ‘town’ of Little Leaf where we find none other than Sachi of the Moonlit Black Cats walking around.


Just then a familiar male voice shouts out, “Sachi!” Sachi looks to see none other than Usagi, Kirito, Asuna, Silica, Lisbeth, and Leafa walking over to her in which everyone, but Leafa, is in their SAO avatars with Leafa in her ALO avatar.


Sachi says, excitedly, “Hey, Kirito!”


Sachi runs over to Kirito and Silica says, “Hello, Sachi-san.”


Sachi says, “Nice to see you again, Silica-san.”


Asuna tells Sachi, “It seems like you are doing all right.”


Sachi says, with a nod, “Yes. It is taking a while to adjust, but we are doing fine over here.”


Kirito says, with a smile, “I’m glad Sachi.” Kirito asks Sachi, “How are the others doing?”


Sachi says, with a smile, “They are doing fine, Kirito.”


Kirito says, with a smile, “I’m glad.”


Sachi tells Kirito, “Kirito, they feel the same way as I do. They don’t blame you for what happened. In fact, Ducker said that you warned him not to do it, but he did it anyway.”


Kirito says, with a sigh, “Yeah…” Kirito tells Sachi, “Sachi, while the equipment was destroyed, I have the specs and the data on the virtualization. When I am able to materialize Yui and Strea…”


Sachi tells Kirito, “Kirito, I know that you want to help us and I thank you for it, but where would we go? I mean, our bodies have been destroyed long ago. We’re ashes now right?”


Lisbeth says, with a solemn tone, “That’s about the short end of it.”


Sachi says, with a smile, “At least, here, we have a chance for a life of our own. If we start coming back to life years after we died, it is going to cause major problems.”


Kirito says, with a solemn nod, “Yes, I know.”


Sachi tells Kirito, with a smile, “At least you fulfilled that other promise to me. You found out the truth about Sword Art Online.” Sachi says, looking at Usagi, “However, it was a shock to learn that Kayaba’s niece is none other than Sailor Moon.”


Usagi says, with a nervous smile, “I’ll bet.”


Sachi says, with a solemn tone, “However, it hurts to know that our suffering was to make your sister to awaken her hidden powers. It is…so wrong.”


Leafa says, with a plain tone, “He just a fiend plain and simple Sachi-san. I just wish that you didn’t have to get involved in our ‘family problems’.”


Sachi says, with a smile, “I don’t blame you for what happened to us.” Sachi says, with a sigh, “Through I’m not sure if some of the others feel the same way.”


Leafa says, with a plain tone, “Not that I blame them.”


Asuna says, with a sigh, “Leafa…”


Sachi tells Leafa, “You aren’t to blame as much as Usagi for what happened to us, Leafa. In fact, if it wasn’t for you, we would be forever trapped in that limbo that Kayaba put us in. It was like Cardinal believed, despite it was Kayaba that manipulated her, you, Dai, and Akari truly saved us just as she said that you would.”


Leafa says, with a smile, “Thanks, Sachi-san.”


Usagi tells Sachi, “Sachi, there might be a way for you to return to the ‘real world’ without any problems.” Sachi and the others look at her and Usagi says, “The Moon Kingdom.”


Lisbeth asks, “Huh?”


Leafa tells Usagi, “I don’t know, sis. Sure, it is completely rebuilt and able to sustain life easily, but they would be completely isolated and I mean that literally.”


Sachi tells Usagi, “Thank you for your offer, Usagi.” Sachi tells Usagi, “However, you can’t this guilt on you forever. Please Usagi, you are so focused on the bad that you couldn’t see the good that you did as the ‘White Valkyrie’. In my mind, you are a hero.”


Usagi says, with a sigh and a weak smile, “I wish that I could say the same.”


Sachi tells Kirito, “And Kirito, I hope that you and Lady Asuna are happy together. I just hope that you can move on from what happened.”


Asuna tells Sachi, with a smile, “We will, Sachi-san.”


Sachi asks, a bit nervously, “So…what happened with…?”


Leafa says, “Kayaba is gone for good, Sachi-san.”


Usagi says, with a nod, “We know that he is gone for good. For once, he told us the truth and he is no longer part of this ‘mortal plane’ in the real world or the virtual one.”


Sachi says, “I’m sorry. I just hope that you can move on from him.”


Asuna looks at Usagi and Leafa and she thinks, “I hope so too, Sachi-san. However, I fear that Kayaba’s words are prophetic, but not in the fact that the legacy of Sword Art Online lives inside of Usagi and Leafa. However, I believe that we have yet to see the end of his legacy.”


November 9, 2025, Gun Gale Online


Inside of the virtual world of Gun Gale Online or GGO for short, we are inside one of the bars within the main city of GGO where a group of GGO players are watching a holographic screen of a program known as MMO Stream where two GGO players, XeXeeD, a blue haired male avatar with sunglasses over his eyes and wearing white and blue clothing/outfit, and Yamikaze, a male avatar with spiky brown hair with wildly spiky red hair in the center of his scalp, red sunglasses over his eyes, and wearing a green cloak, green pants, and brown boots, are with a moderator, who is a female avatar with short blond hair, cats ears on her scalp, and wearing orange top and shorts that shows plenty of mid-drift, orange gloves, and orange boots that looks like an ‘outer space’ outfit. All three of them are obviously in their virtual avatar forms.


As the two of them debate over GGO’s biggest events and Bullet of Bullets as well as type, one male player says, “You remember how he said how great an AGI type was? That jerk totally scammed us.”


Just then another player, one wearing a large black hooded cloak and a metallic skull mask as his ‘face’, walks over to the screen, pulls out a gun, and he yells out, “You are nothing, but a fraud XeXeeD. And now, you’ll face judgment from someone with real power!” The others player laughs at what it seemed to be a display of foolishness as the player fires into the screen causing some damage and XeXeeD continues to talk on, but he then starts to make sounds as if he is choking. And the GGO players in the bar look on as he holds his heart and he vanishes as he is disconnected. The GGO players are shocked and they look at the mysterious player as the player starts to swing around and point the gun that he shot the screen with at all of them. The mysterious player says, “This is real power! Real strength! Let your fear craved one name into your brains! The name that I share with this weapon: Death Gun!” He then brings out his player menu and pushes the logout button causing him to vanish. The players start to look and start to talk, but at the table furthest away from the mass, we find a familiar twosome looking at each other.


Akari, in her GGO avatar, asks Dai, in his GGO avatar, “Dai-kun?”


Dai says, with a serious tone, “This is major trouble.”


Akari says, with a nod, “No kidding.” Akari asks, “Should we…?”


Dai tells Akari, with a sigh, “You know that she is going to find out sooner or later.” Akari nods her head and she and Dai head out in which Akari gets a ‘bad feeling’ that the legacy of a certain Moon Princess’ uncle in this life has a hand, despite how small that it is, in this ‘incident’ and the events to come…


(Sword Art Online opening theme music ‘Crossing Fields’ starting)


With the first scenes, we see Kirito, Asuna, and Usagi in their battle against the floor boss of the first floor, Illfang the Kobold Lord, and the scene switch in rapid session to their various adventures in SAO along with Silica, Lisbeth, Klein, and others including the good, the bad, and embarrassing moments.


The next scenes shows Kirito’s and Usagi’s adventures with the Sailor Scouts with Darien/Mamoru in ALO to the World Tree among with Leafa.


The third set of scenes is showing the reunion of SAO survivors that are close to Kirito/Kazuto and Usagi/Serena in the Moon Kingdom with the revelation of Suguha being Sailor Celestial.


The fourth set of scenes has their adventures before Sword Art World including going to Rainbow Gardens and Sailor Celestial’s first battle with Heathcliff.


The next set of scenes has the ventures of our heroes and heroines during Sword Art World including with Strea, Philia, and more as well as the final battles with Sugou/Alberich and Heathcliff.


The final scenes shows a NervGear and an Amusphere together and then with Kazuto, Serena, Asuna, Suguha, Davis, and Kari surrounded by all of their friends, comrades, and/or loved ones: The Sailor Scouts, Tuxedo Mask, Digidestined and their Digimon partners, Rika, Keiko, Andrew, and Ryoutarou.


(Sword Art Online opening theme music ‘Crossing Fields’ ends)


The End


To be continued in Sailor Moon Online II: SAO Shippuden.


Preview for Sailor Moon Online II: SAO Shippuden:


Arc 1: Phantom Bullet


(Start Scene)


After the teleport effect ends, Kirito finds himself back within the lobby where he started to go for the Bullet of Bullets preliminaries in which he looks to see Dai, Akari, and Usagi waving at him.


Dai asks Kirito, with a grin, “What kept you?”


Kirito asks Usagi, surprised, “You are done already?”


Dai tells Kirito, “Dude, Usagi is a veteran or something close to a vet since she has already created an account in here to ‘investigate’ this game.”


Usagi gives a glare at Dai and Kirito says, “That explains it. Man, this is tough.”


Usagi tells Kirito, “I told you, Kirito. Even with your transferred specs, it is going to be tough.”


Kirito looks at the screens and he asks, “How is Sinon doing?”


Dai asks Kirito, with a smirk, “Want to make sure that she doesn’t get you in-between the eyes?”


Kirito glares at Dai and Akari says, with a chiding tone, “Dai-kun!” Usagi also giggles at Kirito’s displeasure, but then she and Dai get a ‘bad feeling’.


Akari asks Dai, “What’s up?”


Dai says, “Nothing really…Unless the player with the freaky metal skull mask has a problem with us.” Dai glares in one direction and the others turn to see none other than the player with a baggy and ragged cloak, metal skull mask with red glowing eyes, and combat boots is looking at them.


Kirito thinks in his mind, “I didn’t sense him. I’m either getting rusty or it is probably due to Dai’s experience in the game.”


Akari thinks in her mind, nervously, “It’s him! It’s the guy from before! That’s player that’s calling himself Death Gun!” The player with the skull mask, revealed to be the mysterious Death Gun, who supposed really killed two players with a virtual weapon, looks straight at Usagi and Kirito.


The so-called ‘Death Gun’ asks, in a deep sinister voice, “Are you, two, like the real deal?”


Death Gun is making Usagi and Kirito nervous and Usagi asks, confused, “Real deal?”


Kirito asks, “What do you mean?” Death Gun brings out his menu, sets it to visible mode, brings out the display for the Bullet of Bullets or BOB for short tournament rackets, and displays the brackets for both Kirito’s and Usagi’s matches that they just won.


Death Gun says, “Those names…Those Sword Skills…So, are you the real deal or what?”


Kirito thinks in his mind, nervously, “This player…I…No, Usagi and I have met him before. Wait! That’s it!”


Usagi thinks in her mind, nervously, “He…He’s an SAO survivor just like Kirito and I! There are so many SAO survivors, but wait! No one other than my other close friends in SAO like Kirito and Asuna knew my player handle! Everyone else knew me as the ‘White Valkyrie’! Who…Who is this player? And why…Why does he put this chill on me?” As Kirito’s and Usagi’s minds race, Dai and Akari can tell the nervousness in them from looking at their avatars in which then they see Death Gun’s right arm covered in bandages unwrap a bit to show a tattoo of a black Western coffin that’s slightly open with a creepy cartoon face on the lid of the coffin with a bony arm coming out of the coffin. Usagi thinks in her mind, her nervousness starting to turn into fear, “No, it can’t be…!!!”


Death Gun asks, “Answer the question or don’t you understand it?”


Kirito says, “No, we don’t.”


Just then a male voice says, “Hey.” Everyone looks to see Mamoru walking over to them and he says, with a stern tone, “You are creeping out my girlfriend. I suggest you leave or I’ll find a way to get the GM on you for harassment.”


Dai thinks, nervously, “Yeah, it won’t make you his next target, dude.”


Death Gun responds, “Fine. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you are fakes using those names or the real deal. Sooner or later, I will kill you both.” Soon after, Death Gun walks away leaving a quite fearful Kirito and Usagi in his wake.


(End Scene)


Arc II: Accel World


(Start Scene)


At the area where the Crown Fruit Parlor is supposed to be Serena and Rini are looking at a massive fancy restaurant looking complex known as Crown Fruit Gala.


Serena yells out, stunned, “What happened?”


Rini responds, “Andrew and Elizabeth made an awesome combination in which they made some awesome new desserts, cakes, and such in which they deliver and they had wonderful business success. If you want the best sweets of the city, this is the place to go and it is also a place where everyone goes these days.”


Serena says, amazed, “I’ll say.”


Rini says, “Andrew still runs his old arcade and he has plenty of customers since you know how ‘retro’ can be, especially the old prize games, which are liked by this generation of kids, but plenty of the kids prefer his VR arcade in his private VR network.”


Serena asks, surprised, “VR arcade?”


Rini says, with a nod, “Yep. It is how people play these days.”


Serena says, with a groan, “I think that my future self is more used to this than I will be.”


Rini says, with a grin, “I’ll bet.” Serena glares at her future daughter as she and Rini head inside of Crown Fruit Gala.


(End Scene)


Arc III: Ninja Dragon Creed


(Start Scene)


Sailor Celestial, Rika, Keiko, and Hiyori are shocked to see the blond haired male before them along with the duplicates of himself.


Rika yells out, “No way!”


Keiko says, amazed, “You…You are…”


The blond haired male looks at them with his blue eyes and he says, with a foxy smile, “That’s right! Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze at your service, believe it!”


Sailor Celestial thinks in her mind, stunned, “You have got to be kidding me!”


(End Scene)


(Start Scene)


Suguha is locked in an embrace with Naruto and she moans out, “Naruto-kun…”


Naruto tells Suguha, with a warm smile, “It’s all right, Suguha-chan…”


Suguha asks, her face flush, “What about Hinata…?”


Naruto tells Suguha, “I love her as much as I love you, Suguha-chan. You are both so kind, so strong, and so beautiful.”


Suguha says, “I’m not…”


Naruto responds, “Yes, you are, believe it.” Naruto then kisses Suguha and she can’t help to return it with passion and love in it. Some distance away, Suzume is watching with a sly smile on her lips.


Suzume thinks in her mind, “Sailor Celestial now belongs to us.”


(End Scene)


Arc IV: Worlds at War


(Start Scene)


Tsunade tells Naruto, “Look here, gaki…”


Naruto screams at Tsunade, strongly, “No, you look here, Granny! Why should I gave you a hint of respect after you had betrayed my parents by abandoning me to those asses that you call villagers? The very same villagers that scream about the ‘Will of Fire’ while producing sickos like Danzo and Orochimaru and spit on my family’s and clan’s grave!”


Kakashi tells Naruto, “You are treading on dangerous ground.”


Sailor Celestial says, sternly, “And you are one second of getting your butt kicked if you threaten Naruto-kun again.”


Kiba says, in a stern tone, “Hey, girl, this doesn’t concern you!”


Naruto tells Kiba, “It will and if you don’t, I will break your face!” Naruto then unleashes such KI that Kiba and Akamaru whimper back in fear of Naruto.


Yamato says, “Naruto…”


Naruto responds, with a deadly glare that makes even Yamato winch in fear, “What are you going to do? Trap me in those weak version of First Hokage-sama’s jutsu. If you hadn’t notice, they don’t work on me anymore especially since I have the Rinnegan now.” Naruto says, “I’ve had enough of you and your betrayals of my family and my clan! You wear my clan’s symbol on your backs and you tried to erase my clan from history! It’s no wonder the Teme’s clan went and tried to take over the village! Just like me, you blamed them for something that they had no control over. So, are you going to do to me what the Old Man had to do the Uchiha clan? Well, I won’t be as easy as the Teme’s clan to bump off and you should know better than to get an Uzumaki pissed off!”


Kakashi thinks in his mind, nervously, “Don’t we know it, Naruto?” Kakashi then remembers the temper of Naruto’s mother, Kushina Uzumaki, and it still brings shivers down to his spine.


Naruto tells Tsunade, “I want more than empty promises, Granny! I’ve heard from them all of my life! There are going to be some changes or I will go up to the Fire Daimyo, prove my heritage, and discontinue the alliance treaty that the Uzumaki had with the Leaf permanently and remove everything that my clan gave to the Leaf!”


There are gasps from the Leaf group and Tsunade yells out, “You can’t! The village just got barely reconstructed from Pain’s assault!”


Naruto retorts, with a scoff, “Well, you can blame Danzo since he was the one that formed the Akatsuki of today by what he done behind your backs. And guess what? That’s not a threat, that’s a promise, believe it! And you know that I don’t go back on my promises!”


Ino asks, “What can you do?”


Sakura responds, rolling her eyes, “Destroy the Leaf without even trying since the security seals and field that our village uses were made by his clan after all.”


Tenten says, shocked, “No way!”


Naruto says, “And if I remember, my clan and family had a lot invested into the village and it still applies…”


Tsunade says, horrified, “Naruto, you can’t!”


Naruto responds, with a stern tone, “Watch me, Granny! If the Leaf started the problem, then it is either change your ways or go the way of the First Hokage, believe it!”


Sailor Celestial says, with a stern glare, “And remember, I’m the Soldier of Reality and you know what that could mean if you try anything against Naruto-kun.” The Leaf group is shocked and they look towards Sakura and Hinata causing the Leaf group to gasp as Sakura and Hinata flank Naruto to show their loyalty to him without question.


(End Scene)


End Preview


And that’s concludes the second story of my ‘main’ Sailor Moon Online series and based on the previews and cameos from this and the previous chapter, you have an idea on what’s to come, huh? However, while this story series and my Hollow Fragment fanfiction series have ‘interchangeable elements’, they are going to be very different stories, I can assure you that. And Kayaba? Well, I can tell you that for the most part, he isn’t going to be part of the sequel to this story, folks. Now, please read and review to tell me what you, but no flames, please! I’ll catch you later on, Crossover Fans! Merry Christmas!