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Digidestined Lovers Vacation

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Chpater 2 - The gifts and whips

"Really,*huff* Great now I can't go to the mall with the money I got for
allowance." Davis said.

"What were you planning on going to the mall?" Gennai asked.

"Next Saturday,with my family." Davis said.

"Oh,well then why don't you just go today?" Gennai asked.

"Cause I don't have any money." Davis said.

"Yes you do,you have plenty of money,all of you do." Gennai said.

"Huh?" Davis asked.

"*heh* You didn't think that you'd be going on a big vacation with no money
didn't you?" Gennai asked.

"What do you mean,what else have you set up for us?" Kari asked.

"Well there are two other things that I set up for you is one all of you
have as much as fifty million dollars to spend for next two years." Gennai

Immediatly upon hearing this Mimi and Yolei fainted.

"Mimi!" Sora said then she went over to her side to try to wake her up.

"Yolei!" Kari said then she went over to her side to try to wake her up.

"Fif..fifty million dollars." Tai said.

"Yup." Gennai said.

"Why so much?" Cody asked.

"Cause it's only fitting to give alot of money to the people who just saved
not one but two worlds." Gennai said.

"*sigh* We're very grateful for the gift,is this from the Digital World?"
Izzy asked.

"It's from both Digital World and your world." Gennai said.

"Our world,who did this from our world?" Tai asked.

"Who do you think?" Gennai asked.

"I don't know I'm not smart." Tai said.

"Obviously." Gennai said.

"*sigh* You'll have to forgive Tai Gennai he has more hair then he has
brains." Sora said.

"Ah..." Tai said as looked at his girlfriend.

"What,sorry but the truth hurts sometimes." Sora said.

"Yeah but still that wasn't nice." Tai said.

""Yeah,your point?" Sora asked.

"Um I don't have one right now but I will eventually." Tai said.

"Okay,I'll do some more waiting." Sora said.

"Okay now the people who did this for you are your friends who aren't
Digidestined and your families,so I'd advise you to thank them before you
leave." Gennai said.

"Of course we will." Tai said.

"Wait our parents know about this?" Davis asked.

"Yup." Gennai said.

"Oh crap man am I ever in trouble." Davis said.

"I don't think you'll be in trouble." Tai said as he looked at Davis.

"How do you know?" Davis asked.

"Because they said that they would forgive you for lying to them,cause you
had a very good excuse." Tai said.

"Really,wow I thought they'd ground me for life." Davis said.

"Nope,what's even more surprising is that Jun told me to make sure you came
back alive." Tai said.

"Oh,wait...what did you say?" Davis asked.

"I said that Jun told me to make sure you came back alive." Tai said.

"Wo..wow,I never thought that I'd ever her say that to anyone." Davis said.

"*sigh* Yeah well she does constantly worry about you." Sora said.

"Why, I can take care of myself." Davis said.

"Cause you're her younger brother,and older siblings always worry about
their younger siblings,right Kari and TK?" Sora asked.

"Yup." Kari and TK said.

"Hey,hey I've..." Tai and Matt said.

Sora shot a glare at both of them and said "Don't lie to me about that,
cause lets not forget I've dated both of you and the one thing that were
concerened about was Kari and TK and it still is." Sora finished by looking
at her boyfriend.

"Um,I..ah,well I *huff* sorry Sora." Tai said.

"Yeah sorry." Matt said.

"*sigh* Apology accepted." Sora said then she looked at Davis and saw that
he was on the floor laughing histerically.

"Are you okay Davis?" Sora asked.

Davis simmered down abit then said "Yeah,I'm okay.".

"You sure?" Sora asked.

"Yup,I just think it's hilarious how you've got both of them so whipped."
Davis said.

"Hey I'm not whipped." Tai and Matt said.

"Really?" Sora asked.

"Yeah." Tai and Matt said.

"So you won't be coming with to the Bahamas,cause we're only taking good
people." Sora said.

"Um,well I." Tai and Matt said.

"well,what?" Sora asked.

"Ah,nothing nevermind." Tai and Matt said.

"That's what I thought you'd say." Sora said.

"Like I said whipped ha ha." Davis said.

Sora looked at Davis and said "Davis you shouldn't even be talking about
someone being with the situation you have with Kari.".

"Huh,what do you mean my situation with Kari?" Davis asked.

"She's got you whipped and you aren't her boyfriend." Sora said.

"I'm not whipped." Davis said.

"Really?" Sora asked.

"Yeah." Davis said.

"Then why don't you tell that to Kari?" Sora asked.

"Um..well,I ah." Davis sttudered.

Kari giggled abit then walked over to Davis and said "Cause he knows he can't
say no to me,right Dai-kun?".

"Um well I ah *sigh* whatever,Gennai could you please tell us what the other
gift is?" Davis asked.

"Typical guy,always avoid the question you can't answer." Sora said then she
looked at Tai.

"What?" Tai asked.

"Nothing bonehead." Sora said then she leaned her head on his shoulder.

"Tired?" Tai asked.

Sora looked up at him smiled and said "Yeah.".

"Well once we get back we can go ahead and relax." Tai said.

"Just me and you?" Sora asked.

If that's what you want then yeah sure." Tai said.

"Thanks Tai." Sora said.

"Your welcome." Tai said then he kissed her on the forehead.

"Okay now the gift that you're being given is for the next two years you'll
be able to go to any big event that you want to go to." Gennai said.

"What do you mean big event?" Cody asked.

"I mean like you can go to big sporting events like the Super Bowl or you
could go to the big awards shows like the Oscars or the Grammys." Gennai

"Really,cool." Tai said.

"Um Gennai does this include wrestling events like." Davis said.

"Wrestlemania right?" Gennai asked.

"Yeah." Davis said.

"Yes that's included." Gennai said.

"Cool um guys?" Davis said.

"I'm coming." Tai said.

"Same here." Matt said.

"I third that." Izzy said.

"Same here." Joe said.

"Us too." Ken,TK and Cody said.

"Alright then it's settled it'll be a big guys night out this Sunday." Davis
said then he remembered one little detail "Um is that okay with you Sora?"
he asked.

"It's alright with me,I think us girls will take a trip to New York City to
do a little shopping." Sora said.

"Yeahy." Kari said.

"Perfect." Yolei said.

"And the best part about it is that we have all the money in the world to
spend." Mimi said.

"Well try not to spend to much." Tai said.

"Why?" Sora asked.

"Cause you only have fifty million dollars to spend for the next two years."
Tai said.

"Tai I don't think I can fifty million dollars in a couple of days." Sora

"It's not you who I'm worried about,it's Mimi and Yolei." Tai said as he
watched Mimi and Yolei dance around in a circle.

"You do have a good point there,me and Kari will make that they don't,right
Kari?" Sora asked.

"Right." Kari said.

"Okay,so Gennai could you please do that..." Tai said.

"Already done." Gennai said as he put away a little computer into his pocket

"Thanks." Tai said.

"Not a problem." Gennai said.

"Okay is that all that you want us for?" Davis asked.

"Davis!" Kari said.

"Oh,sorry." Davis said.

"*sigh* Yes that's all I came for,I'll see Tai and Davis before they head
off toward the meeting in Kyoto,bye." Gennai said then he disappeared
without a trace.

"Okay let's get back home." Tai said.

"YEAH." everyone else said.

The Digidestined then went through the warp that the older Digidestined came
through to go back home.


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