Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ Digimon Adventure 02: Amnesia and Hidden Secrets ❯ Disownment ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Leafmon1995: Welcome to another one of my stories! Now Ken, please, tell everyone your line! *Smile Innocently*
Ken: *Raise eyebrow* Which line? *Shuffle through notecards*
Leafmon1995: *Picks the third card* This one, silly!
Ken: *sweatdrop* Okay This is a Takeken story with Daiken friendship. If you don't like, don't read! You have been warned! Leafmon1995 does not own Digimon or any of its characters.
Daisuke: Yo, TJ you hear that we are in this one! *Takeru reads summary and chapter and blushes*
Takeru: Umm, yea great *Hides summary and chapter from Ken* And don't call me TJ it's TK or Takeru!
Leafmon1995: Boys, Boys, settle down!
Ken: *watches the argument and sees Takeru hiding the chapter and summary* Takeru, why are you hiding the story?
Takeru: *sweatdrop* No reason! Just thought you might want to wait and find out since it's about us and all. *Flashes a nervous smile*
Leafmon1995: That's a great idea Takeru! Wouldn't want to ruin the surprise.
Ken, Takeru, and Daisuke: *sweatdrop*
Leafmon1995: Again, this is a Takeken story. If you don't like, don't read! You have been warned! Also, this is an AU Digimon story. So, some parts of the Digimon stuff from 02 and 03 (mostly the Ryo story line) will be changed to fit my story. On that note ENJOY!!!!


The meeting was a total disaster. Takeru looked around to see everyone talking at once; yelling hateful remarks at the one person who deserved nothing but love and sympathy and reassurance that he was safe. But no everyone was blaming him. Saying that he had lied to them, saying that he deceived them, along with other accusation that Takeru toned out.

Takeru looked around to see that every Chosen Child was against his freighted friend. It was clearly obvious that he was reliving an episode of his rape. Why couldn't they see that? Sure he was shock when Daisuke called an emergency meeting on a snowy Sunday afternoon. He was curious and worried as to why Daisuke called a meeting instead of playing outside.

He was right to be worried. As soon as he entered the Motomiya complex he noticed that Ken was sitting on a couch chair, shivering slightly. Wormmon was in his lap talking to him quietly. He was alarmed to see the Child of Kindness in such a state. He desperately wanted to run to him and find out what he was so upset about. But the determine look in Daisuke's eyes and the demanding tone for him to sit with the others told him otherwise.

Takeru noticed that Ken's chair was purposely placed a few feet way from the main couch. Takeru frowned in worry when he saw this. Daisuke was next to Ken hovering protectively next to him. Daisuke had instructed Veemon to ready himself before focusing his attention to the rest of his guest. Takeru watched as Daisuke study the others before he spoke. Takeru suddenly got a feeling that something bad was going to happen.

“I assuming you all want to know why I call everyone here today.” Takeru was surprised to find Daisuke voice and expression neutral and guarded. This was not like him. Many of the other Chosen Children nodded their heads or relied `yes' to Daisuke's question.

“Why are we here Davis?” Taichi asked, who was seated next to his sister and best friend. “And what's wrong with Ken?” Taichi's questioned seemed innocent enough but something in his tone had Daisuke's eyes harden slightly.

“That's why I called you all here today.” He paused for a moment, placing his hand on Ken's shoulder. “Ken's been having frightening dreams, lately; memories actually.” Takeru frowned. Memories? What type of memories?

“Memories? What memories?” Taichi asked. Unaware that he was speaking Takeru's thoughts.

“Remember when Ken got kidnapped by Oikawa?” Everyone nodded. “Oikawa did something to him that he didn't recall until recently.”

Takeru changed his focus to Ken; not hearing the rest of what Daisuke was saying. Ken was shivering more now and holding his digimon closer to him. Wormmon was talking to him; reassuring him for some reason. Fear griped Takeru's heart. No! It couldn't be! It-it couldn't be, could it? Could Ken have been…

“…Oikawa raped him.”

Takeru felt himself go into a calm state of shock. He couldn't believe it. Ken had been raped? But, why? He was so young? He didn't deserve that! Not after everything he's been through. Takeru looked round to see that everyone, except Ken and himself, were standing and yelling in anger. Takeru found himself toning out every noise around him. He could see the other Chosen Children's mouths were moving rapidly and were red in the face. Everyone was fighting. Even the digimon looked angry and seemed to be agreeing with their respected partners.

Takeru finally rested his sights on the Child of Kindness. Takeru felt sorry and an extreme protectiveness for him for the way the others were behaving. While everyone was yelling and sending accusation his way, Ken was shaking like a leaf, whimpering in fear. Takeru bit his lip in frustration. This whole situation was a mess. Ken was frightened, clearly reliving an episode and unaware of what was happen around him. Wormmon and Patamon, who flew from his position on Takeru's head to Ken's arms, were trying to reassure Ken and calm him down.

But the others didn't see it that way. They assumed that Ken's whimpering and shaking was because he was guilty of doing something bad and did this on purpose. It was ridicules really. Ken was not to blame. He was a victim. The victim should never be blamed. Takeru groaned softly. Maybe someone should tell Taichi that since he was the first one to explode and started the accusations. It was funny how everyone was ignoring Ken's needs and following Taichi, who was obviously wrong.

Takeru's head snapped up in alarm when Daisuke yelled back at Taichi and the others. Daisuke was no longer next to Ken but standing in front of his Jogress partner, protectively. Daisuke eyes were narrowed in unsuppressed rage. His hands were clenched to his sides and he too was snapping back at Taichi who was now marching his way angrily towards their direction.

Takeru snapped to his feet, wanting to help Daisuke and Ken, but froze in place when Taichi's voice snapped back something that made him gasp in shock.

“Ken is no longer part of this team!”

Takeru watched in horror as Ken head snapped up at the sound of those words. Ken's eyes were filled with tears and confusion. This was bad. Ken had just gotten out of his episode at the same moment Taichi spoke those words.

Takeru watched as Ken's face paled and his eyes widen in fear at all the looks and hateful words that was getting thrown into his face. Ken stood up from his seat so fast that both digimon fell out of his lap and onto the floor. Before Daisuke or Takeru could do or say anything Ken bolted from the living room and run out of the complex in fear.


Tears blurred his vision as he ran from Daisuke's apartment. Ken was suppose to be sleeping over at Daisuke's place for the week but he just couldn't be there anymore. The hurtful looks and words the others were yelling at him hurt too much. He had to get out of there.

Ken turned into one of the aisle and leaned heavy against a wall. Ken shivered as the wind and snow picked up. Ken had unfortunately left his coat at Daisuke's when he rashly retreated from the others. Ken slid down along the wall and sobbed. He felt very cold and very much alone. What did he do to make them hate him so much? He thought they were his friends, apparently not. Ken felt more tears fall down his cheeks. The other Chosen Children were treating him almost in the same way as his classmates were. It was well known among Chosen Children that Ken didn't have any friends at his school but they didn't know the extent of it. The truth was that he was constantly bullied just because he was a genius. The strange thing about this situation was that he was always so kind, polite, and quiet towards his peers. You would think that they would be nice back, but no, that was not case. They ignored his kind and gentle nature and pursued to make fun of him and push him around.

Ken rested his head on the brick wall and stared blankly at the sky. The others hated him. Why they hated him, he could not tell. Did Daisuke hate him then? No! Daisuke was very protective and concerned when he had first told him of his dreams. Daisuke had been there for him, comforting him when those memories started appearing about a week ago. He smiled faintly. Daisuke was his only true friend. Daisuke didn't yell at him or abandoned him when the memories came. In fact Daisuke was hurt and upset for him and vowed to protect him and help him get through this. But not even Daisuke could have fought the others' reactions alone. His best friend was brave, blunt, and stubborn but unstoppable was something he was not. He was glad to have Daisuke in his life, even if it was only for a short while.


Patamon struggled through the cold winds and snow as he searches for the raven-haired boy. Patamon landed on a nearby lamppost hoping to find Ken. Where is he? He couldn't have gotten far, not in this storm! Patamon was worried. Ken was so frightened when he saw the looks the others were giving him. It wasn't fair. Ken was innocent! It wasn't his fault he didn't remember what happen until recently. His mind must of blocked it for a reason.

Yeah! That's it! Takeru mentioned that some humans block certain events in their lives if their minds feel it was something traumatic. Rape, defiantly sounded like a traumatic event.

Patamon scanned the streets one more time before taking off again. He had to find Ken. Daisuke, Wormmon, and his partner were counting on him. Patamon remembered how distress his partner was at the meeting. Takeru was clearly worried about Ken. Maybe a little more worried then he should be or would like to admit. Patamon smiled slightly. He knew of Takeru's crush and secretly wondered why he never told anyone. Was it really wrong to not admit his feelings towards Ken?

Patamon shook the thought for a minute. He had to find Ken first and make sure he was all right. He just hoped Ken found some kind of shelter or something. The storm was bad and Patamon was sure Ken could get very sick if Ken got caught in the storm.

Patamon landed on another lamppost in order to catch his breath. He looked around and noticed a small figured in one of the aisle. Hoping it was the person he was looking for, Patamon left his spot from the lamppost and flew in the direction of the small figure. Patamon landed in front of the human child and was glad to see it was Ken. However, Patamon's happiness dispersed into worry when he saw Ken's condition. Ken's complexion was more pale than usual and had blue lips. He was shivering furiously and he had his arms wrapped around himself as if trying to keep himself warm. Patamon tried to wake Ken up but to no avail. Ken was unconscious and cold to the touch.

What was he going to do? Ken could die if he stays out in the cold. He couldn't digivolve and Takeru was nowhere around. Oh how he wished he were Angemon right now. At least he could of carried Ken to safety and use his body heat to keep him warm in that form. Patamon flew into Ken lap and tried to wake him up again.

“Ken-san?” Patamon turned around to find a girl coming his way. The girl had light brown hair, emerald eyes, and almost had the same skin color as Takeru, if not darker. Patamon watched as the girl kneeled next to him and pulled Ken into her lap. The girl wore a frown on her face when she felt how cold he was. Patamon panicked when he saw her expression.

“Can you help him? He wont wake up!” The girl smiled in reassurance.

“Yes, but we need to take him to the hospital. I'm not sure how long he's been out here in the cold but it is a bad thing that he's not conscious.” Patamon flapped his wings nervously. Takeru, Daisuke and Wormmon would have a heart attack if they could see Ken now. Patamon blinked in confusion when the girl pulled out a small tube with some kind of green liquid. Patamon gave her a concern look. What was that green liquid? And why was she putting it near Ken's lips? When Patamon asked those questions the girl replied, “This is very special medicine. It will keep him stable until we get to the hospital.” Patamon felt his spirits fill with happiness. Ken would be okay and would not die! Wormmon wont be sad and Daisuke would give his usual happy, goofy grin. Even his partner would be happy now that the one person that he murmurs in his dreams will be alive and well.

Patamon was startled out of his thought when the girl with emerald eyes carefully cradled Ken in her arms and picked him up from the snow-covered ground. Patamon wondered how the girl was able to pick Ken up so easily. Was Ken really that light? Patamon began to worry about that information for a while. Ken must not be eating or sleeping again. If that was the case then Ken's body was already weaken. Who knows what damage being in the cold for so long may have cause? Despite how much he wanted to go back to Takeru and tell him the good news; he couldn't leave Ken. Ken was so vulnerable and helpless right now. He wasn't going to leave Ken only with the girl. She may be nice and helpful right now but there was something about her that didn't settle right with him. Whatever it was he was not going to leave Ken's side. He would have to keep an eye on him and hope Takeru would come to him instead.