Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ Digimon Tamers: Quantum Conflict ❯ Opening Shots ( Chapter 1 )

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Radio communications are in italics.


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It was a pleasantly warm summer day in Shinjuku, one that didn't confine everyone inside with drowning humidity. Many people were taking advantage of this by having a fun day at the park. Among the many people in the park were a group of teenagers gathered around a concrete hut; along with several creatures which varied widely in their appearance. The teenagers, now relatively well-known thanks to the fact that they saved the world, were the Tamers. The creatures could now be identified as Digimon, namely the partners of the Tamers. It had been four years since the D-Reaper attacked and three years since the Digimon returned. After the barriers between the worlds had been strengthened with the defeat of the D-Reaper, they almost immediately began to decay. The decay was not exponential and had entered a state Hypnos called 'variable stability'; where the strength of the barrier between the digital and human worlds was in flux.


Eventually, the weakened barrier allowed Digimon to begin bio-emerging again, and the first ones to do so were not their partners. The few Digimon who began to attempt to bio-emerge had been stopped by Hypnos and their Yuggoth program, but stronger Digimon eventually found their way to the human world and caused significant destruction before being contained or destroyed. With the threat of Digimon a major concern again, Hypnos launched a search for their partners. By manipulating the barrier near the Digimon, they were able to create rifts for the Digimon to return through. Once the Digimon returned, the lives of the Tamers had once again become similar to their lives before Juggernaut forced them to give up their partners. Currently, the Tamers were enjoying their summer break from school.


The Tamers, upon closer inspection, were separated into two groups. More specifically, one group of four clustered near the steps to the hut and a lone redhead lounging beneath a tree. The Digimon were playing some form of tag a small distance away, with the exception of a kitsune in the branches of the tree the redhead was lounging under. Said redhead appeared to be napping. The other group, however, was far more lively.




“Yeah, I beat you again!” The visor-wearing Tamer named Kazu said.


The only girl of the group placed a hand on her chin and looked toward Kazu.




“Isn't that your fourth win, Kazu?” The brunette girl named Jeri asked. She was, thankfully, lacking a sock puppet on either of her hands.



Kazu opened his mouth to reply, but he was interrupted by the blue-haired Tamer.


“It is his fourth win, and with the same strategy no less,” Henry said, glancing at Kenta as he said the last part. Kenta hung his head in shame as the rest of the group looked at him.




“Yeah! A chimpanzee could play better than you!” Kazu taunted, pointing at Kenta.




“Yeah, well, at least the chimpanzee would smell better than you!” Kenta shot back.  Jeri giggled while Henry rolled his eyes as the two tamers threw insult after insult at each other.




“Would you two loudmouths shut up?! Some of us are trying to take a nap!” Came a new voice. Both Kazu and Kenta froze in terror. They had made the mistake of waking the Digimon Queen, and with her, her wrath. The blood drained from their faces as they looked at each other hoping to come up with some way to save themselves. Their savior came in the form of the sudden appearance of the goggle-wearing Tamer named Takato with, Guilmon in tow.



Takato was tearing down the path through the park, only slowing when his goggles started to fly off his head. His hand shot up and grasped his goggles in an attempt to keep them on his head, where they belonged. Takato slowed even more as he neared the group.




“I'm here! Sorry I'm late!” Takato called finally stopping in between the redhead and the other tamers. He placed his hands on his knees as he tried to catch his breath. Guilmon immediately ran off to join in on the game that the others were playing.




'Typical Gogglehead.' Rika thought, shaking her head at his antics. She laid her head back on the ground and tried to resume her nap. The others had a similar reaction, and soon afterward they switched Kenta out for Henry and set up for the next game.



Takato was eventually able to breathe normally again and walked over to Rika. Rika was blissfully unaware of the approaching Gogglehead and was understandably surprised when she heard someone fall to the ground next to her. She jumped and quickly caught herself with her hands, now supporting her new sitting position.




“Hey, Rika.” Takato merrily greeted.



Rika turned her head to look at Takato, who had his hands behind his head and a smile on his face.




“What took you so long, Goggles? Did you forget about us?” Rika asked with a smirk.




“No,” Takato replied, “I was helping my parents with the bakery and I lost track of the time.”



Rika sighed at his response and shifted herself so that she was sitting against the tree. Takato remained where he was and only looked at her through half-lidded eyes. He watched her as her eyes traveled over all of their friends, and all he could think about were his feelings for the girl. He had come to like her quite a bit, but he still liked Jeri in a similar way as well. He hadn't actually told Jeri how he felt about her after they watched their partners return to the digital world. After losing Guilmon, he had lost his nerve. It seemed that in the meantime, he had developed feelings for Rika. Now, he wasn't completely sure of his feelings toward either of the girls. Takato could not, in good conscience, tell one girl he had strong feelings for her when he had similar feelings for another girl. He would only feel like he was lying to them. He was jerked from his thoughts when Rika started talking.




“School is going to start again soon.” Rika said with a frown.



The Tamers had turned, or were turning, sixteen this year, and were all in high school.




“You still go to a private school, don't you?” Takato asked.




“On the other side of the city, no less.” Rika replied with a roll of her eyes.




“You know what that means, don't you?” She asked, glancing down at Takato. When he didn't reply, she continued.




“That means I won't be able to see you all as much anymore.” She said with a hint of sadness.



Takato rolled onto his side and looked at Rika. “Don't be like that, Rika. We'll still see each other pretty often.” He thought for a moment before continuing. “I'll even walk you to school! Every queen has a knight, right?”




Rika rolled her eyes and let out a groan. “Gogglehead, I doubt you would ever get up early enough to walk me to school and get to your own on time.” Her eyes narrowed. “And I don't need a knight!”




'But maybe I want one.' She thought. 'No, he likes Jeri. He'd never like me like that.' She blushed as she realized what she had thought. 'Not that I like him like that or anything.' She banished her thoughts with a shake of her head. She leaned her head back on the tree and smirked. Takato rolled on to his back and closed his eyes. Rika's eyes went to the other Tamers as Kazu let out a shout of defeat.




“Just relax, Rika. It's summer, and everything is fine. What could possibly go wrong that we aren't already used to?” Takato asked with a light voice.




Rika looked at him and frowned. “You probably just jinxed it, you stupid Gogglehead.”




A tall white man of European, or possibly American descent, with light brown hair, walked down a nondescript hallway; complete with annoyingly bright lights which seemed to be a necessity for stereotypical hallways. His black, leather-gloved hands clenched into fists, his only company was the sound of his combat boots against the tile floor. His face seemed to be locked in a perpetual frown, which deepened as he began unbuttoning his black greatcoat.




'Damned lights.' he thought, piercing blue eyes flickering toward the ceiling.



He opened his greatcoat to reveal an older forest camouflage pattern for his shirt and pants.



The man's frown deepened even further as he thought, 'They keep the meeting rooms dark, so why are hallways so bright?' His face returned to a neutral expression as he rounded the corner to his destination.



He took in his unassuming destination, a plain wooden door at the end of a bland hallway. The man smirked.




'All I need to do is convince these idiots to support me, and I will take my rightful place at the head of the most powerful Empire in the infinite multi-verse.' he thought happily.



The man returned his face to a neutral expression, now halfway to his destination. 'I shouldn't get ahead of myself. All in due time.'



He reached his destination and took a deep breath, held it, and then released after a few seconds. The man opened the door and stepped into the dark room.



The room was surprisingly small, containing only a computer console and four screens. The screens were numbered one through four from left to right. The man glanced at his watch on one hand and activated the backlight with his other hand, turning him into a silhouette.




'If these fools are anything, they're punctual. The meeting is set to begin in ten seconds.' True to his prediction the screens came to life ten seconds later to reveal four silhouetted figures.




The man rolled his eyes. 'How cliché. Though, I look the same.' He thought. The man took a deep breath and started the meeting.




“I have called you all today to ask for your assistance in my campaign against our mutual enemy.” He spoke in English with an accent of the American Midwest.




The man on screen two leaned forward and replied, “Greetings, call sign Dovev, if I may start with a question?” This man's voice revealed nothing of his origins, with it being fed through a voice modulator first. The man, now christened 'Dovev' nodded.




“Why have you chosen this universe to start in?” The man on screen two questioned.




“As you all know, through the 'many worlds' interpretation of quantum mechanics, there are an infinite number of universes for an infinite number of possibilities. This has been proven to be a reality. Therefore, there are an infinite number of universes where zombies reign supreme, children share their bodies with gods, and where our enemy has no presence, just to name some examples. The last example is why I have chosen this universe, so our only obstacle is a few children and their Digimon.”




“What about the children and their Digimon? Will they not stop you?” The man asked, leaning forward.




“The best way to stop them is to kill the Tamers and their Digimon partners should go on a rampage. Though, perhaps only the virus Digimon will, as the others aren't nearly as aggressive.” Dovev said, contemplating the last part. “Nonetheless,” He continued, “I have plans in place to keep the Tamers from biomerging.”




“But why not a universe where the DigiDestined are not in contact with our enemy?” The man on screen four asked.




“The barriers between the human and digital worlds are weaker here, and there isn't some meddlesome digital man like Gennai to organize a defense.”




The man on screen four nodded in understanding.




The man on screen three asked, “Then why not a universe with some other powerful entities, like ghosts or demons?”




“Our enemy is capable of killing most creatures easily, like ghosts and most demons, but has trouble with Digimon. The weapons capable of killing Digimon are not mass produced in the Empire.”




The man on screen one leaned forward and asked, “Will other versions of our enemy not stop you or help our version?”




“The infinite number of our enemy operate independently most of the time. The low threat I represent, and the fact that I have successfully evaded all attempts at surveillance guarantee that we will have no problems like that.”




“Basically,” Dovev surmised, “I am his problem, so the others won't interfere.”




The man on screen one surmised, “You want access to our resources so you can raise an army and take command of our enemy’s Empire.”




Dovev turned to screen one and replied with a smooth, “Correct. You will all be rewarded greatly when I have taken my rightful place as head of the Empire.” The man on screen one nodded.




“We have a deal.” all four people on the screens said simultaneously. “Everything you have requested will be sent to you in three weeks.” With that, the group cut the transmission.




Dovev turned on his heel, and left the room, entering the plain hallway again. He hissed and squeezed his eyes shut when they were assaulted by the bright lighting. He stopped to let his eyes adjust to the light, and then made his way out of the building. He turned into the lobby of the building and closed his greatcoat. Walking to the main entrance of the building, he made a few adjustments to his coat and emerged onto the streets of Osaka. He turned to his right and joined the crowd on the sidewalk as he walked toward his hotel.




'The Tamers will fall and I will have my revenge!' Dovev thought. 'Such a shame though, I kind of liked them.' After finishing that thought, Dovev donned a grin, his first grin in many months, a grin full of venom and malice.




Unknown to Dovev, a man smirked as he followed him, moving fluidly and unnoticed in his advanced stealth suit.




“Positive ID on target Dovev, sir. Shall I dispatch the target?” The man asked into his built-in radio as he snaked through the crowds of people.




Negative. There is something we're missing right now. Continue to follow the target Stealth Commando 2942.” Came the reply through the radio.




“Understood.” the stealth commando replied, focusing his efforts towards remaining undetected while following the target.




Five weeks later




Takato was sitting at his desk, drawing. He tried to erase the landscape but only succeeded in ripping the paper. He grumbled and threw the ruined paper in his trashcan by his desk. Takato grabbed a clean sheet and leaned back in his chair. Takato had recently embarked on a personal mission to draw each and every one of his friends with his improved skills. Lately, however, he had worked himself ragged finishing the several he had done. In order to do his best work, he had decided to take a small break, hence the ruined landscape. He scanned his wall in front of his desk, now covered in drawings of landscapes, buildings, and Digimon.




Takato had greatly improved in his skills from four years ago from when he drew up Guilmon, and he was using his improved talents to draw his friends. He had finished Henry, Kazu, Kenta, and several others that he didn't actually see often, like Ryo, along with their respective Digimon. Those drawings were now stored in a binder on his desk. His attempts to draw two of his very best friends were less than successful. Takato was having difficulties trying to draw Rika and Jeri. Staring at his blank paper, a thought occurred to Takato.


'What would Rika do if she knew I was drawing her?' That train of thought quickly led to several possibilities, many of which weren't good. Shaking his head, he returned his train of thought to its' original subject. No matter how hard he tried, he had yet to create something he deemed even 'good.'  He glanced to his right at the binder of completed drawings. Simple pencil sketches, but he was able to capture so much in them. He then glanced to his left at the much thicker binder of failed attempts, most recently filled by Rika and Jeri.




'Jeri and Rika.' Takato's mind drifted to his two best female friends. Time had changed them both. Puberty had taken effect and both had developed impressively in the physical sense, but Rika pulled ahead of Jeri in that area. Rika had inherited her mother's beauty, among other things. Takato mentally slapped himself as a blush was forming on his face.




'Bad hormones.' Takato thought with a scowl. 'They're my friends, I shouldn't think about them like that.'




His mind wandered toward a less hormone-driven direction. 'Jeri and Rika had also changed mentally, or emotionally, which would be applicable here?' Takato shook his head and refocused his thoughts. 'Jeri had mental wounds from losing Leomon and the torture inflicted upon her by the D-Reaper. Rika, on the other hand, had warmed up to the others. Though she was still aggressive, so it was in everyone's best interests not to anger her.'




Takato thought about the two girls a little more. 'I like Jeri; but is it friendly, sibling-like, or a simple crush? Maybe something more perhaps?' And then there was Rika. 'Do I like her as a friend? A crush? Perhaps even love?' That thought caused him to pause. 'I feel strongly for Jeri, along with Rika. Are these feelings love, or something else?' Takato sighed and looked down at the blank paper. It was late, and he had school tomorrow.




“I'll finish later.” Takato mumbled, sliding out of his seat toward his bed. After sliding under the covers he suddenly felt drained. As he drifted off to sleep, one last thought entered his mind. 'I have plenty of time to sort out my feelings, don't I?'