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23:30 JST

Several mercenaries were currently waiting for their deployment orders in an unused warehouse in Yokohama's port. Most of the soldiers-for-hire were clustered around several tables, each table covered with uniforms, armor, and weapons. Two soldiers were inspecting the vans near the supply entrance.

“These are our deployment vehicles, da?” A tall, broad-shouldered man asked in a deep voice with a heavy Russian accent.

“Ja. Zey are not armored very vell, zo.” A shorter, much thinner man replied in a somewhat high pitched voice with an obvious Germanic accent. He placed his right hand on his chin and leaned forward to inspect the vehicle. The siding on the van would barely stop handguns, and would do nothing against faster rifle rounds.

“I do not zink ve can escape easily in zese vans.” The Germanic man speculated.

Before they had a chance to comment further on the subject, a door at the other end of the warehouse slammed open. In walked Dovev, along with a few other men, wheeling in two cork boards with maps pinned to them. Dovev walked inside a few paces, stopped, and clasped his hands behind his back. The boards were wheeled to spots behind and to the left and right of Dovev. The soldiers quickly lined up in front of Dovev and snapped to attention. Dovev looked them all over, and then began.

“Good evening, gentlemen. I will be briefing you on our mission objectives for tomorrow.”

Dovev turned to the map on the right and pointed to it. It was a map of a large building, with several markings in various colors detailing certain areas of the building or phases of the operation.

“The Tamers will be attending school again tomorrow, and they will also die tomorrow. You gentlemen will be killing them.” Dovev turned to look at them, and he studied their faces. He saw no hesitation.

“We already have their schedules, so you'll know exactly where they should be.” He continued. “They need to be dealt with immediately and efficiently. I cannot risk them interfering with my plans. Even the partner-less Jeri must die.” Dovev stared each man down, daring one of them to flinch. When they did not, he continued.

“We will discuss the specific details of each squads' plan later. First, I want to direct your attention to the equipment I have prepared for you over there.” Dovev said, pointing to the tables the soldiers were clustered around earlier.

“As I'm sure you have already noticed, the uniforms and armor are all assigned to individual soldiers. The weapons, however, are free game. They are all extremely common weapons, Kalashnikovs and Glocks and the like. They are all the same and should be no problem for any of you to use.”

Dovev looked them all over and asked one question.

“Do you all understand me?”

The simultaneous reply was, “Sir, yes sir!”

Dovev smirked and said, “Then let us begin.”

03:30 JST

A convoy of six black vans entered Shinjuku. As soon as the last van entered Shinjuku, it broke off from the line and drove toward the industrial area of Shinjuku. It's mission was elsewhere today. The rest continued deeper into the city for several minutes. Finally, another van broke off from the group and drove deeper into the city toward its objective; while the last four split up and surrounded their objective, making sure all entrances and exits were visible to the drivers.

Inside each of the vans were five heavily armed and armored soldiers and a driver. The men and the city remained deathly silent.

The silence in the vans was broken by a voice over the radio.

Good morning, gentlemen. Let's go over the missions for today again, shall we? Team A, your mission is a simple one. Kill some defenseless children and make it look as if terrorists killed them. That is a simple red herring to keep the government distracted while we get in position for phase two.” Dovev instructed his soldiers with an authoritarian tone.

Team B, your mission is to kill Rika. Tactically, you have the greatest chance of success. Rika is the only Tamer in the area, so she will have no backup.”

“Team C, your mission has no action today, as you need to secure the base.”

Once those brats are taken care of,” He continued, “Kill anyone you please until we evac. Then we have the Japanese Imperialist Front, the terrorist group we created, take the blame.” He stopped for a few seconds to let his instructions sink in until he continued.

After that, return to base.” Dovev finished. He took a breath and gave his last command until his operation began. “We start at ten hundred hours, local time.”

Henry was curled up in his bed dreaming, occasionally twitching in his sleep. A troubled look crossed his face, and he clutched the blankets closer to his body. In his dream he could see only blurred colors and shapes that vaguely resembled people. Henry also had a curious feeling, terror. No matter how he looked at something, he could only see blurred shapes and colors, and could only feel terror. Suddenly, muffled screaming reached his ears.

'Those screams sound like some of my classmates.' Henry realized, before he awoke with a start.

He sat up in his bed and took several deep breaths, and then looked at his surroundings. He saw Terriermon asleep at the computer, his face on the keyboard. His eyes moved to the clock by his bed. The numbers read 4:00. Having calmed down, Henry realized that he could barely remember what had woken him up. He closed his eyes, trying to recall more information, only to find he could not. He could only recall screams. Henry laid back down on his pillow.

'It was just a nightmare.' Henry reasoned. Having calmed sufficiently, Henry drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

Rika was sprawled out on her bedroll, her blanket tossed aside at some point in the night, dreaming as well. She could tell that she was outside in her dream, somewhere on the way home from her school. Annoyingly, she was unable to see anything aside from her surroundings. No people, no cars, just the road, sidewalk, and a couple of trees. Suddenly a feeling of surprise ran through her, before being replaced with fear.

'Why am I scared?' She wondered. 'There's nothing to be scared of.'

Immediately after that thought, five dark, blurry figures surrounded her. She could tell that the each of the figures were holding something long in their hands, and that the items were pointed at her. After a few seconds, a yellow and white blur impacted a blurry figure on her left. The dark figure went flying while the yellow and white figure hit another dark figure in front of her. Rika realized she knew only of only one thing that was yellow, white, and fast.

'Renamon is in my dream.' Rika realized. 'But what is she attacking?'

Renamon, now clearly identifiable, leaped up into the air and turned toward the two figures on Rika's right side. Renamon crossed her arms and launched an attack, and the figures released an agonizing scream. They fell to the ground and stopped screaming. Red quickly began pooling beneath their forms.

'Red?' Rika thought.

'That looks like blood.' She realized. Digimon don't bleed. The beings around her were people! Her attention was brought behind her only to see a rifle barrel in her face. She woke up with a gasp. She sat up and looked around her barren room to see Renamon standing near the foot of her bed.

“Are you alright?” Renamon asked, moving closer to Rika.

Rika took a few deep breaths and answered, “Yeah, it was just a dream Renamon.”

Renamon tilted her head to the side. “I sensed you were scared, so I came to check on you.”

“Do you remember anything from the dream?”

Rika thought for a minute and replied, “I remember screams, blood, and looking down the barrel of a gun. It was just a dream though,” she continued, “so I'm going back to sleep.”

“Sleep well.” Renamon left and Rika laid back down, drifting back to sleep.

Takato woke up in a cold sweat with a jump and found himself breathing heavily, his hand reached for his neck.

'A nightmare. That's all it was. But what happened?' Takato wondered. 'I remember fear, and a pressure on my throat making it hard to breath. And then, relief.' He shook his head, unable to make sense of what he remembered.

In red the clock blazed with the numbers 4:00. As he calmed down, he was filled with a sense of foreboding. He laid his head back on the pillow, but was unable to fall back into peaceful slumber. With a sigh, Takato slid out of bed and walked over to his desk. He stared down at the blank sheet of paper, and then looked at his clock.

'Why not? I've got plenty of time.' He seated himself at the desk and began to draw.

Scratch scratch scratch. Rub Rub. Brush. A constant cycle of drawing, erasing, and brushing away the eraser shavings. Slowly, but surely, a picture was emerging. A vague head shape, and the signature hairstyle of a fiery redheaded tamer. Takato absentmindedly glanced at the clock and did a double take. The clock glowed with the time 6:30. How had he spent THAT much time drawing!? It would be a miracle if he were to be on time to school. He carefully set the drawing in his bag, thinking he could work on it later that day.

As he began his morning routine he wondered how he could save time. 'Maybe if I do both of those at the same time? No, maybe if I skipped that? No, but maybe I can rush through that?'

An hour and a half later, Takato ran out of the bakery, a bag of day-old bread in one hand, some bread stuffed in his mouth, and his school bag and signature goggles halfway on. He tore down the sidewalk, his dark blue hoodie and jeans catching the air, as he made his way to the park. His dash down the crowded sidewalk was stopped by a crosswalk. He quickly adjusted his goggles and schoolbag as he waited for the signal to cross the street.

08:10 JST

'I might make it to school on time.' Takato thought as he bounded up the last of the steps to Guilmon's hut. He looked up to see his red-skinned, reptilian friend with a concerned look on his face.

“Takatomon! You're okay!” Guilmon exclaimed, wrapping his friend in a hug after he opened the gate.

“Why wouldn't I be okay?” Takato questioned with a confused look on his face as he set down the bread. Guilmon quickly dived into the bread and began feasting. He swallowed what he had in his mouth.

“All I remember is that I woke up and all I could do was worry about you.” Guilmon shoved some more bread into his mouth. “There's a bad smell in the air too.” Guilmon said, swallowing the bread.

'A bad smell?' Takato wondered, his eyebrows knotted together in confusion.

“I don't know what it is,” Guilmon continued, “but I don't like it.” Takato rubbed Guilmon on the head and stood up.

“I've got a weird feeling too, but I have you to protect me.” Takato said, finishing with a grin.

“Hey chumly! You're gonna be late!” a loud voice called from behind Takato. He spun around and to see Kazu and Kenta waving at him. Takato shut the gate and ran down the steps, waving to Guilmon as he did so.

“I gotta go! I'll see you later Guilmon!” Takato shouted. Guilmon merely waved his goodbye, as his mouth was currently full of bread.

Takato joined up with Kazu and Kenta, and the trio sped towards school.

“I can't believe this! I woke up early today and I'm still late!” Takato complained, pulling on his hair.

“You woke up early?” Kazu questioned, amazed.

“Yeah, I had a nightmare, or something I guess.” Takato replied, shrugging.

“Whoa, you had one too?” Kazu asked, flabbergasted.

“When you woke up, could you remember any of it?” Kenta asked, looking at Takato.

“I could remember a little of it.”

“We couldn't remember our dreams.” Kenta replied with a frown.

“That's not normal, even for us.” Kazu said as they arrived at school.

“I'll ask Henry about it in class and tell you at lunch.” Takato said, dashing into school.

He looked at the clock as he ran inside. 8:25. 'Late on the first day. Crap. What else is going to go wrong?' He thought grimly.

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