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Hello! I present the third chapter of Digimon Tamers: Quantum Conflict!

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08:25 JST

“Takato Matsuki, Kazu Shioda, and Kenta Kitagawa have arrived late, as usual.” A soldier in the passenger seat mumbled into his radio, lowering his binoculars. His voice betrayed a Germanic origin. His name tag read 'Gottwald'

“Wong and Katou have already arrived, so all the Tamers here are accounted for.” He stated.

“Copy that. What about Bravo Team?” Dovev asked.

We are behind schedule.” a voice of Australian origin answered. “By the time we are in position, the operation will have already started.

With the delay, you won't be able to kill Rika immediately, if at all. Tactically, you had the best chance, and that's been compromised!” Dovev angrily said.

Dovev fumed for a few moments before he continued. “No matter, it can be salvaged. She still has no Tamer backup.

Her school will either be on lockdown or release the students.” Dovev surmised. “She is stubborn,” he continued, “If they release the students early, she will probably walk home. With her mother busy doing model things, it will take time for her to arrive to get her daughter. If the girl is picked up, however, we will kill her later tonight.” Dovev paused. “Continue as planned with the other Tamers. We will deal with Rika when the time comes.” Dovev ordered.

“Understood.” Gottwald replied. He glanced at the clock. 08:30 hours. The operation would begin soon.

Takato was tearing down the hallway toward his first class, algebra. He skidded to a halt in front of the classroom door and threw it open only to receive quite a shock. In the front of the class stood Ms. Asaji. He stared at her with his mouth open while she stared back with an annoyed expression.

“I see your habits haven't changed much, mister Matsuki.” She said in an even tone.

The students already in class turned to look at Takato and started snickering at his predicament.

“What? But I thought- Why are you-” Takato was unable to form a coherent response, so he decided on an apology.

Takato bowed and said, “I'm sorry I'm late, Ms. Asaji. It won't happen again.”

“I doubt that, mister Matsuki. To answer your unasked question, I transferred to the high school this year. Now go wait in the hall for your punishment.” She motioned toward the direction Takato came from.

Takato nodded and closed the door. As he leaned against the wall, he only had one thought. 'How bad could today get?'

Takato was left to his thoughts for a few minutes, and, as expected, his mind wandered until he wasn't even aware of his surroundings. So when the door finally opened, Takato was extremely surprised, causing him to jump several inches in the air. Ms. Asaji was unprepared for Takato's surprise, and she herself faltered in her stride in surprise.

“What was that for, Takato?” She asked with a hand over her heart.

“I'm sorry, I was just thinking about something and you startled me.”

Ms. Asaji shook her head. “We can't have any of that here, Takato. This is high school, and you must focus on your school work.”

“Yes, ma'am.”

“This means you can't be late every day as well. The rules are far more strict than in Elementary school.”

“I know, and I'm sorry. I won't be late again.” Takato finished his promise with a bow.

Ms. Asaji pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed. She had a feeling that wouldn't be the case. She turned to the door and opened it, then she looked to Takato. “Take a seat Takato.”

Takato was sprinting down the hallway toward his second class. He glanced up at a clock and started running. He had gotten lost in the hallways and was now dangerously close to being late to his second-period class. He grinned as he came to the door and turned into the class as the bell rang. He attempted to stop and succeeded after skidding several inches on the floor. He panted as he looked at the elderly teacher, who had a bored expression on his face. The class broke out into giggles and the teacher glanced at them.

“You're cutting it close.” The teacher said, looking at Takato. He then nodded towards the class and said, “Have a seat.”

Takato looked at the seats and saw Henry sitting in the row near the door. He then spied a seat in front of him and quickly made his way towards it. He sat down and gathered his supplies for the class on his desk. Henry chuckled and leaned forward a bit.

“The Takato Tornado has made his return, I see.” Henry whispered, snickering afterward.

Takato nodded at Henry's remark as he settled into his seat. A few minutes passed before Takato remembered what he had to talk to Henry about. The teacher was currently droning on about whatever subject he taught. Takato had long forgotten and turned to Henry who sat behind him.

“Hey Henry,” Takato whispered, “Kazu, Kenta, and I all had strange dreams last night. Do you think it means anything?”

Henry tapped his chin, his face having a look of contemplation.

“I had one too, and I remember something from mine.” Henry spoke, glancing away from Takato. Takato had a look of surprise before he began to question Henry.

“Do you remember anything specific, or was it vague? Do you remember if anyone was in it?”

Henry cut in before Takato could ask any more questions. “I don't remember any specifics.” Henry said. Henry's face shadowed and had a look of fear. “All I remember is screaming. Screaming and a feeling of terror.” After finishing, Henry slumped down in his seat. Takato had a thoughtful look on his face.

“So four of us had nightmares. I wonder if Rika or Jeri had one as well.” Takato pondered. He turned around in his seat and looked at the clock. 9:45.

As soon as the class had started, Kazu and Kenta had stopped paying attention to the teacher and had put all their efforts into passing the time. Currently, they were flicking rubber bands at each other; since they sat next to each other. Kenta had a thoughtful look cross his face as he took aim at Kazu.

“Do you think those dreams mean anything?” He whispered to Kazu as he launched his rubber band. Kazu dodged and readied his own shot.

“You're asking me? With our luck, it could be anything! Heck, it could have been Rika invading our dreams or something.” Kazu launched his own shot, which impacted Kenta's arm. Suddenly, a piece of chalk impacted Kazu's head and both Kazu and Kenta's eyes shot toward the teacher.

“If you two wish to go down to the office on the first day, I recommend you continue what you were doing. Otherwise, face the board and pay attention!” The old teacher barked.

Once the teacher turned back to the board Kazu leaned back in his seat and put his hands behind his head.

Kenta, while pretending to take notes, whispered over to Kazu, “But those dreams were really weird. They probably mean something.”

“Well,” came the reply, “We won't figure anything out by guessing. We'll just have to wait and see if they do mean anything.” With that, Kazu looked over at the clock. 9:50

Jeri was sitting in her class only halfway paying attention. She was currently staring at her paper while her mind was a million miles away. 'I have a terrible feeling about today.' Her eyebrows furrowed in frustration. 'I had a terrible dream last night. I hope everything will be alright.' She frowned as the thoughts of fear led back to Leomon.


She stood there in shock as Leomon lie on the ground, gradually dissolving into data. He looked to Jeri and said, “Be brave, Jeri. Part of me will always be with you. Remember, you have a lion's heart.” Leomon then completely dissolved into data and was absorbed by Beelzemon as she screamed.

Flashback end

Jeri's breathing hitched and she closed her eyes. She slowly exhaled and then slowly took a breath in. Jeri let the sadness come and go, as had become so easy for her in the recent past. She straightened her back in her seat and looked forward toward the front of the class.

'That was four years ago. It's been hard Leomon,' she thought, 'but you've helped me through it. Thank you for the strength you gave me, the strength that let me forgive Beelzemon and move on in life.' She finished her thought with a grim smile. Her smile became a frown as she remembered why she was worried in the first place.

'That dream.' She thought as she fidgeted in her seat. 'I remember that dream too well. I've remembered all my nightmares too well since the D-Reaper kidnapped me. I was in a classroom.' She glanced around the classroom. 'This classroom, actually. I remember fear, blood, and screaming. So much screaming.' Jeri leaned forward in her seat and supported her head with her hand. 'I hope Takato, and all my friends, were alright then. I know it was a dream, but still...'

Jeri's thoughts returned to Takato and the fluttery feeling that he caused in her chest. A small smile graced her features. 'Oh Takato, I know you have a crush on me, but I'm not sure I know how I feel about you. Do I like you like a crush, or maybe like a sibling?' She looked up at the clock and saw that it was 9:55.

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