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9:55 JST

One of the soldiers glanced up from his watch. He looked to the other four soldiers-for-hire behind him, all clad in balaclavas and gray urban camouflage BDUs, and then looked toward the school. He raised his radio and keyed the microphone.

“This is Anderson from squad one to all squads.” Anderson spoke with an English accent. “Squad one will secure the main office, and postpone the news of our arrival.” He took a breath and continued. “Then we will secure the ground floor. Squads two, three, and four will then head toward their objectives.” He paused to look at his watch and continued. “In two minutes we will start. Squad two will target Kazu and Kenta on the second floor. Squad three will target Jeri on the top floor. Any questions so far?” Anderson questioned.

“No sir.” Came the simultaneous reply from four soldiers.

“Excellent.” Anderson said with a smile. “Now, squad four, you have the most important targets. You will target Takato and Henry on the third floor.” His eyes narrowed and he frowned. “Failure to eliminate these targets is unacceptable. Understood?”

“Yes sir!” came the reply from the leader of squad four.

Anderson looked at his watch again. “One minute! Lock and load!” He bellowed. The soldiers then locked in their ammo magazines and chambered a round.

“Remember, every third round is an AP round! Count your shots!” Anderson yelled over the radio. He stared at his watch, watching the seconds count down.

“DEPLOY!” Anderson screamed.

With that order, twenty soldiers poured out of four vans surrounding the school. Three of the squads ran for side entrances while one squad, Anderson's squad, ran towards the main entrance. Anderson ran through the main door and looked into the office. Inside he could see the confused and terrified faces of the staff. He burst through the office door as his squad spread out behind him, two on each side, and they all raised their rifles. The principal's door flew open and Anderson trained his sights on the old man.

“Remember, count your shots.” Anderson said to his squad. He switched to Japanese and said, “Hands up! Don't move!” As the staff complied, Anderson motioned for the soldier on his right to move forward. “Find the cameras, and tell me when everyone's in position.”

He then motioned for the two soldiers on his left to move up. “You two will clear the office, and bring anyone you find out into the hall.” The soldiers all nodded and moved to complete their objectives.

Anderson looked back at the terrified staff and said, “All of you, out in the hall, line up on the wall to the right, and face the wall.” He waited for then to comply. When they didn't, he aimed for one of the secretaries and shot her in the head, blasting blood, bone shards, and brains against the wall.

'One.' He thought.

“Now!” Anderson yelled. As the terrified staff complied, Anderson motioned for the remaining soldier to watch them. Anderson tensed as he noticed movement coming from around a corner as a voice said, “Friendly inbound.” Anderson relaxed as a soldier approached.

“I found the cameras,” He said. “and everyone's in position.”

“Excellent.” Anderson replied. He raised his radio and said, “All squads, you are clear to move.” As the squads began moving to their objectives, two more soldiers walked into the front of the office.

“Office is clear, sir.” The one on the left said. Anderson nodded and motioned for them to follow him. They walked out into the hall and stopped behind the staff. Many were visibly shaking in fear.

“Don't worry,” Anderson said in Japanese. “all you have to do is cooperate, and you'll be fine.” Just as he finished saying this, he walked up to a middle-aged man in line. He raised his rifle and shot the man through the heart. The staff let out screams as he laughed.

'Two.' He thought.

“Did I say you would be fine? I forgot to mention I'm a liar.” He turned to the soldiers. “Kill them.” He ordered. As the soldiers fired into the backs of the staff, Anderson looked out the door to see police vehicles. His eyes widened and he gasped in shock as he pressed himself against the wall.

Anderson brought his radio to his mouth and spoke, “The police are here! It's only been,” He looked at his watch. “Ten minutes!” He finished.

'Fuck Dovev's orders. He's not paying us, and I'm not dying here.'

“Don't kill anyone yet! We'll need them to get us out of here.” Anderson commanded. He frantically wondered how the police had arrived so quickly. Several hundred feet above him, a drone with a strange emblem on its nose was circling the school. Upon closer inspection, the emblem was a black picture of the earth, with a black katana on the left pointing to the bottom right corner behind the earth, and a black AK-47 on the right with the barrel pointed to the bottom left corner, all with white outlining. On top was a closed fist, with the palm side visible, also outlined in white.

In a room in an unknown location

An airman pressed a few buttons on his keyboard and adjusted his web cam. When the connection was established, he gave a quick salute and quickly started talking.

“You were right to deploy a drone, sir. The mercenaries have assaulted the Tamers' school, and I've already alerted the authorities.”

“Damn.” The other person said, his voice coming out as a strange mix between auto tune and something like a robot. “What did you tell the authorities?”

“I told them there was a terrorist attack at the school, sir.”

“Good, that should buy us some time.” There were a few moments of silence before he continued. “What about Rika? Is there anyone attacking her?”

“Not at the moment.”

“Deploy a special operations team to the school under attack right now, and have a stealth commando follow Rika.” This time, the person on the other end of the call was talking to someone off screen.

“Good work, soldier.” This was directed at the airman sitting at his desk. “Keep an eye on the situation, and report any updates to central command. They'll be organizing this for now.” He cut the transmission.

The airman turned back to his control station and resumed his mission.

Tamers' School

10:05 JST

Kazu and Kenta were still trying their hardest to avoid learning about anything when they, and their entire class, were startled by a loud sound. Everyone jumped in their seats and looked at the closed door. The class erupted in a chorus of questions.

“What was that!?”

“Was that a gunshot?”

“Now way, a gunshot!?”

“Everyone, calm down!” The teacher yelled, attempting to restore order. “I'm sure it was nothing.”

Moments after he finished that sentence, the door flew open and two soldiers burst into the room, one behind the other.

“Nobody move!” The first soldier yelled. When the teacher jumped up from his desk, the soldier shot at him. The teacher screamed and fell over, clutching his left hand with his right. Kazu and Kenta, along with the rest of their classmates screamed.

“Line up against the wall!” The second soldier said, aiming his rifle at the students. As they moved to comply, two more shots were faintly heard elsewhere in the school. The teacher, still on the ground, was grabbed by the first soldier and hoisted up. The teacher was then tossed toward the students; he then slowly rose and faced the soldiers as he stood in front of the students. He clutched his hand tighter as he saw them moving. The first soldier moved to the corner next to the windows and faced the group. The second soldier said something to someone outside, then closed the door and set his weight against it. While they were doing that, Kazu and Kenta began whispering to each other.

“Is this what that dream meant? That we were gonna die today!?” Kazu whispered to Kenta. Another gunshot sounded off, followed by several more close by.

“Looks like it buddy.” Kenta whispered back. “It was nice knowing you.” As they prepared themselves for the end, a voice came from the radios and the soldiers looked out the windows.

“Dammit!” As soon as they saw what was outside, they moved away from the windows. Instead of shooting the teenagers and teacher, they merely stared at them with contempt.


Jeri was jerked from her memories by the faint sound of a gunshot. The class was quiet for a few moments until a few people started to panic. Jeri looked to the teacher as she rose from her seat and drew the attention of the entire class.

“Everyone get in the back corner and keep your heads down. We're going into a lock down.” The teacher said. As she went to the door, locked it, and turned off the lights, Jeri could only think of her dream. Jeri sat down next to her classmates as the memories of her dream ran through her head. Memories of blood, screaming, and fear.

Barely a minute passed before another shot was heard and Jeri flinched. Many whimpered in fear and some were crying a little. A few moments later, another gunshot was heard, closer this time. Everyone in the classroom was completely silent, as they waited for the next shots. Unexpectedly, the next two shots tore off the doorknob, and with it, the lock. The entire class screamed as two soldiers entered the room. The first one turned on the lights and pointed his rifle at the group. The last one lingered at the door, facing the hallway.

“You two set up in the hallways, and you wait by the door.” He said with an Italian accent. He walked into the room and faced the huddled mass. Faintly, everyone heard another shot, and then a volley of shots. The soldier who had done all the talking so far chuckled and approached the group. He stopped when his radio crackled to life. He quickly backpedaled and leaned back up against the wall.

“Go put the blinds down.” He ordered to the first soldier. He complied and quickly put them down over the windows. He glared at the huddled group, and settled on Jeri. As she met his gaze, she felt a wave of terror pass through her, and she huddled closer to the group of terrified students and a teacher.

“Looks like we'll be here a while.” The first soldier said in an amused tone.


Henry was dutifully taking notes while the majority of the class, Takato included, was struggling to stay awake. They were all jolted to alertness when they heard a faint noise resembling gunfire. One student even fell out of his desk. That earned a few chuckles, but everyone grew quiet when another shot was heard, closer this time. Everyone grew tense as they waited for someone to do something. The entire class jumped at the sound of two more shots close by.

“Stay at your seats.” The old teacher commanded. He got up and walked to the door. As he went to open it, he was pushed backwards by the door being pushed open forcefully. He landed hard on the ground and didn't get up. Henry and Takato, along with several other students gasped in shock and looked at the door to see two soldiers enter the room. One immediately turned around and said a few words to someone outside. He then closed the door and leaned up against it, aiming his rifle toward the class. The other soldier sauntered over to the desk and climbed on top. He let his rifle hang on a strap as he stared at the terrified faces. The group barely heard another shot, followed by a large burst. The soldier on the desk took a deep breath and looked to be preparing a speech when a voice came from his radio. The soldier let out a surprised screech and listen to the voice.

He stared at the second soldier, who looked at him and said one word. “Shit.”

Guilmon's Hut

10:05 JST

Guilmon sat up and his eyes turned into slits. 'Takato is in trouble!' He thought as he stood up. He didn't know how he knew, but he just knew. Guilmon bashed the gate open with his head and charged towards the school.

“I'm coming, Takatomon!” Guilmon yelled.

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