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London Diaries Movie - The Longest Night

By: Lord Archive

V-mon waved sheepishly. "This entry does not feature any of the Odaiba characters you are familiar with, but the London Group. There are MANY spoilers for the London Diaries series contained within this part. Do NOT read this entry if you do not want to learn about future plot points of that series."

V-mon coughed. "A warning, this deals with character death and the effect it has on those left behind. This is a rather sad and dark fiction. If you are bothered by this, I suggest you don't read it."

V-mon fidgeted. "This is rated PG-13 for language, sexual situations and violence."

"Oh, and one last thing." V-mon smiled sheepishly. "The concept of Digimon as well as the digimon designs and the characters of Daisuke, Mrs. Motomiya and myself belong to Toei Animation and Akiyoshi Hongo and are used without consent. The London characters belong to Lord Archive."


"Another date tonight?" Daisuke questioned.

V-mon checked himself in the mirror. "You could say that."

"How many times have you visited Sorcerymon so far?" Daisuke asked.

V-mon shrugged. "A few."

"That would be the past week alone." Daisuke smirked. "And you still haven't gotten anywhere with her?"

"Well, I wouldn't say nowhere. Just not all the way," V-mon defended.

"Too bad it's Sunday night. I wouldn't mind being on a date tonight," Daisuke commented.

V-mon smirked. "Yeah. A shame you've got school tomorrow morning and I'm going to London where it's still Saturday."

"Whatever." Daisuke shrugged. "Let me know when you need to come back."

V-mon nodded, taking Daisuke's D-Terminal for that purpose.

Daisuke access his family's computer and inputted the location of Sorcerymon's home into the Digital Gate. "See you tomorrow, I guess." He held out his D-3 and called out, "Digi-port open!"

"Bye." V-mon vanished into the computer.

"V-mon's gone on another date?" Mrs. Motomiya asked.

"Yep," Daisuke replied.

Mrs. Motomiya smiled. "Good. Then you can do homework without blaming him for distracting you."

Daisuke moaned as if he was in pain.


V-mon shifted uneasily as he approached the tree home of Sorcerymon. He knocked on the door, and was soon greeted by a somewhat human looking girl with a pale-blue face and a white and blue outfit resembling the descriptions of storybook wizards.

"Hello, V-mon. Come on in," Sorcerymon said sadly.

V-mon had been taught enough English to understand that. Once inside she cast a spell with her wand so they could understand each other. If he had resisted the spell in the slightest, it would have failed.

"Is something wrong? If it's a bad day I can come back later...." V-mon trailed off nervously. He still felt a little unnerved to walk into a tree that was only a dozen meters around and find himself inside a room that was almost bigger than the entire tree, and that was just the main room. There were bedrooms, bathrooms, and a kitchen as well. While the tree home technically belonged to the entire London group, they only used it when they were stuck in the Digital World. Now only Sorcerymon stayed here.

Sorcerymon shook her head. "I'm sorry. I should've told you today was Susan's birthday."

V-mon sagged. "Oh. I guess you don't want to do anything then?"

"Not really, no," Sorcerymon replied.

V-mon fidgeted. "Perhaps I should be going?"

Sorcerymon put her hand on V-mon's shoulder. "You don't have to. I don't exactly want to be alone either."

V-mon scratched the back of his head, unsure of what to say.

Sorcerymon guided V-mon to her couch and fell against one end into a heap. "V-mon.... Do you...? Do you want to know about what happened to Susan?"

V-mon swallowed. "Well, I, um, guess... if you feel like telling me."

Sorcerymon closed her eyes as she began, "It all began with a party."


Susan Lords, a girl with long flowing blond hair and sea-blue eyes, looked over her white blouse and gray skirt she was wearing. She looked more like a girl going to a business meeting than to a party with her teenage friends at a local pub to celebrate their fourth anniversary of becoming Digi-destined. Though if anyone who didn't know about digimon asked them, they were going to a Christmas party.

Susan was satisfied her appearance wasn't too pretentious, considering most of her other dresses were more for the odd royal ball her family sometimes got invited to. While in line for the throne of England, there was little chance she'd ever see it unless a freak event killed over a hundred relatives. While there was a time she wished she could be a real princess, she no longer wanted to be one but still played the part because of her parents.

Susan entered the upstairs hallway of her home and called out, "William, are you ready, yet?"

"All set." William grinned. The ten-year-old boy saluted, his hand knocking some of his meticulously combed blondish-brown hair into his eyes. The young boy wanted nothing to do with the noble princely image his parents tried to make him into. He just wanted to be a young boy having fun.

Susan forced herself not to laugh as her brother tried to put his bangs back up with his hand, but only succeeded in messing up his hair more.

The multi-colored, horned lizard wearing a shining silver fur coat that seemed to change color as she moved had no such reservation as she broke into a fit of giggles.

William pouted as he stomped his foot. "Ha. Ha. Very funny, Psychemon." He then marched back in to the bathing room to comb his hair again.

Susan turned around to see her mother come up the stairs.

"Are all of you ready?" Mrs. Lords asked.

Susan nodded. "As soon as William gets done with his hair."

"Do be careful, and stay away from that Freddy kid." Mrs. Lords frowned. "He's nothing but trouble."

Susan turned away to scowl. "Mother, Frederick is a Digi-destined. I have to work with him."

"Working with him and socializing with him are two different things," Mrs. Lords commented.

Susan clenched her fist. "Don't worry, Mother. I won't let him involve me in anything I don't want to do."

"Just don't get involved with the lad, period." Mrs. Lords went back downstairs.

Susan glared as she watched her mother leave.

"Too late," William chirped.

Susan jumped. "Don't do that," she scolded.

"Mom's gonna be upset when she finds out you LIKE him," William grinned devilishly.

"Where did you get that idea?" Susan demanded in an authoritative tone.

"Your diary," William replied before running down the stairs.

Susan blinked. "My diary?!" She sprinted after him. "Get back here, you brat!"

"Wait for me!" Psychemon rushed after both of them.

"Bye, Mom," William called out in laughter as he grabbed his coat before dashing outside.

"Goodbye, Mother," Susan said as she took her coat, hot on William's heels.

Psychemon snatched her trench coat as she waddled after them.


Susan dragged William by the arm as she made her way over to the Marshall's residence, still quite upset.

William wished he knew how to keep his mouth shut. Sure teasing Susan was fun, but a bruised arm wasn't.

Psychemon wondered if dropping firecrackers into William's breeches would be going too far for a proper punishment.

Susan let go of William's arm as she rang the doorbell.

Mr. Marshall opened the door. "Hello, Susan, William, Psychemon. Teresa is almost ready."

"Thank you." Susan curtsied politely before entering.

Psychemon gave a small wave of her paw.

William just followed them in.

Mr. Marshall lead them into the main room, where Teresa stood in the middle of the room while her mother checked over the ball dress she was wearing. Teresa's older sister, Linda, looked on. She was home from her first year at college.

Psychemon smirked at the formal dress Teresa was in. Noticing how the blue dress did it's best to accentuate the young girl's small breasts and also showed a fair bit of cleavage. The shade of blue didn't help to highlight the girl's gray eyes or long brown hair, but it didn't contrast badly either. All in all, the dress was a bit much for this event, however Teresa wasn't wearing it for the party, but for another reason entirely.

Mrs. Marshall was tending to the details of her youngest daughter's dress. "Do you have enough money?"

Teresa sighed. "Yes, Mom."

"Cell phone?" Mrs. Marshall's continued.

Teresa gave a short nod. "Yes."

"Condoms?" Mrs. Marshall's added.

Teresa blushed deep red. "MOM?!"

"Well, do you?" Mrs. Marshall folded her arms. "I don't want to have to take you to an abortion clinic."

Psychemon noticed that Linda flinched as if punched.

Teresa looked away. "Yes, I do." She huffed. "And you won't have to take me there."

"More the reason you should have proper protection. I especially don't want to take you to a birthing room before you're an adult," Mrs. Marshall stated coldly.

"Yes, mother." Teresa rolled her eyes.

Psychemon noticed that Linda had flinched with Mrs. Marshall's comment of 'proper protection' as well. She didn't know much about the full story behind it, as no one had explained it to her when it happened three years ago. It had something to do about Linda being told you couldn't get pregnant if you have sex on a boat. It had confused Psychemon a lot back then, but she knew enough now to fill in the blanks of that story.

William blinked in confusion. "What's a condom?"

Susan blushed deeply. "I'll explain that later."

Mrs. Marshall, fidgeted. "Oh, hello. Didn't know you were there. Sorry."

"It's all right," Susan assured her, and then looked over Teresa. "Henry won't know what hit him."

"My nine iron, if I had a choice," Mr. Marshall commented.

"A novel idea," voiced Tapirmon, a miniature elephant digimon, as she entered the room.

Linda gave a short laugh. "Like that would do anything."

"It'd make me feel better," Mr. Marshall returned.

Mrs. Marshall sighed. "There's no point in making idle threats, or trying to change what has already been done." She then patted her daughter's shoulder. "Now have a nice time, and I'll see you in the morning."

Teresa nodded with a blush, knowing her parents wouldn't bother to stay up waiting for her to return. They expected that she would be spending the night with Henry and, despite the stormy relationship she had with him, she probably would be waking up tomorrow with Henry in the spare 'drunk' room at Smiley's Pub. While her parents disapproved of her relationship, thanks to Linda's relationship three years ago, they knew there was little they could do about it without hurting both Henry and Teresa.

"I'll see you tomorrow," Teresa said as she grabbed her coat and wrapped it around herself without putting it on in fear of messing up the frills on her dress.

"Farewell," Tapirmon added, moving to leave with her partner.

"Goodbye," Susan curtsied slightly before leaving with the others.


As Susan's little group entered Smiley's pub, it seemed really out of place. While the place had a rustic feel to it common to English pubs, there were computer terminals lining one of the walls and a giant screen television on the opposite end of the pub. Also, besides Patrick, the owner of the pub, the only other people here were several teenagers and six digimon freely enjoying having the run of the place.

"Greetings, ladies, Sir William," Patrick greeted friendly. The overweight Irishman had been a friend of the London group since they saved his life and his pub years ago when the group fought against digimon on Earth. "What can I get ye?"

Susan smirked. "Beer."

Teresa grinned. "Vodka."

Psychemon giggled. "Bloody Mary."

Tapirmon nodded. "That sounds good. I'll have a Bloody Mary as well."

William blinked in confusion. His sister was drinking BEER?!

"All righty." Patrick winked. "Here you go, ladies. A Coca-Cola, Sprite, and two tomato juices. Enjoy."

"Huh?" William questioned.

Susan let out a short laugh. "It's an old joke. When Patrick started to let us hang out here, Henry kept on trying to order alcohol to drink and Patrick would give him the closest drink that didn't have any alcohol."

"Ah." William nodded, not quite understanding. He shrugged and wondered over to the computers, to see if Patrick included a few games on the terminals.

A young punk with black studded leather and a green mohawk approached the girls. "Glad to see you could make it, Suzy."

"Nice to see you, too, Frederick," Susan addressed him by his proper name.

"Thought coming here would be below you," Freddy commented.

"Why wouldn't I? Friends are a sign of status," Susan returned.

"I suppose you know how to dance?" Freddy remarked.

"I have taken lessons since I was four," Susan answered.

"Bet they were a waste of money," Freddy quipped.

"Care for me to prove you wrong?" Susan smirked.

"Any time, Suzy." Freddy mockingly guided her to the dance floor.

"I don't know if they're going to kill each other or screw each other," commented Goblimon, a meter tall green humanoid digimon who was Freddy's partner. He then cried out in shock as he felt something cold go down his lose fur shirt. He spun around to see Psychemon laughing at him.

"You think that's funny," Goblimon snarled. "I'll show you funny."

"What's that?" Psychemon giggled.

"You dancing," Goblimon chuckled and took Psychemon by her paw and led her to the dance floor as well.

Henry saw what was going on, and the expectant look Teresa was giving him. He hated to dance, but he hated upsetting Teresa even more. Swallowing his pride, as he didn't exactly know how to dance, he walked over to his girlfriend and bowed deeply. "Good evening. Would milady care for a dance?"

Teresa giggled. "Why, sir knight, I'd be delighted too dance with you."

Henry took Teresa lightly by the hand and went to the dance floor.

Tapirmon didn't wait for Tsukaimon, a dark furred mammal digimon with batwing-like ears. She grabbed him and forced him to dance with her.

George, a large burly teenager that looked older than his fifteen years of age, noticed all that had happened and, with a sigh, picked up the guitar next to him and began to play a song telling the tale of forbidden love. His voice surprisingly musical as he related the old Celtic tale.

Kokuwamon, a metallic insect digimon and George's partner, wished he could play an instrument.

Chuck, a sixteen-year-old boy with a decent build and well-groomed blond hair, stirred his drink as he watched his friends dancing.

Plotmon, Chuck's puppy digimon, looked up at him. "Jealous?"

Chuck gave a short laugh. "A little, Plots."

"You'll find a girl. There's a bunch at your school that LIKE you," Plotmon commented.

Chuck shook his head. "Yeah, and none that I care for."

"What about Melissa?" Plotmon asked.

Chuck gave a wry smile. "A bit too young. I'll be off to the college and she'll be here."

Melissa frowned as she stood behind him. She was well-developed for a fourteen year-old, sporting her brown hair in a bowl cut. She liked Chuck, but got the impression that he viewed her as a little sister. That was the last thing she wanted him to see her as. She grabbed him by the arm. "Well, you might not be here in a couple years, but you can still enjoy today with me."

"I guess...." Chuck trailed off as Melissa dragged him into having a dance with her. While Chuck wanted to dance at a respectable distance from each other like Susan and Freddy were, Melissa latched onto his chest and held him closely.

"Mac, I want a digimon," a young punk with purple spiked hair commented.

Another leather-clad teen with a rainbow colored buzz cut looked over. "Why's that, Davy?"

Davy pointed at the dance floor. "'Cause they all got girls."

"He don't." Mac pointed at George.

"With that voice AND a digimon, he's got to have a girlfriend," Davy retorted. "She's just not here."

Mac shrugged and glanced over at the large screen television and his mouth dropped. He saw a shaking image of Cyber Dramon picking up and throwing a television news van several hundred meters away from Stonehenge.

"Hey guys! You've got to see this!" Mac yelled.

The London Digi-destined turned and stared as they watched the image of Cyber Dramon march over to Stonehenge. While most of the Celtic druids that were there performing a ceremony to mark the winter solstice had run off, one druid had frozen in fear and Cyber Dramon took the guy in his massive claw. They heard the metallic voice of the draconian digimon question, "Are you a virgin?"

"N-no!" the druid answered nervously.

"Good. Can't have innocent blood in MY ritual." Cyber Dramon then raised the druid into the air and with his other claw cut open the guy's guts, letting the blood pour down, seemingly hitting something before spilling onto the ground. The blood began to glow and the draconian digimon began to fade out of existence until he had turned into a ghostly image. There also seemed to be a transparent altar with a book on it in front of Cyber Dramon now.

They all stood in silence, unsure how to respond.

Teresa buried her face into Henry's chest, not wanting to see the dead man.

"Look at that!" Melissa pointed as a ghostly image of a Black V-Dramon somehow walked into the Stonehenge circle from out of nowhere.

Chuck rubbed his chin. "I think Cyber Dramon is really in the Digital World, at the spot where Stonehenge overlaps."

"He probably needs energy from both the Digital World and Earth," Susan commented.

"To do what?" Henry questioned.

"To summon Morgamon, of course," Tapirmon replied shortly.

"Oh, right," Henry replied. He grabbed his digivice which morphed into a long sword. "Let's go to the Digital World and stop bucket brains."

"Perhaps his luck will final end and we can finally kill the twit," Goblimon added.

"Come on, Teresa. Let's make Cyber Dramon pay for what he did," Henry said in a calm tone.

Teresa nodded and pulled away, her hand moving to her digivice but not morphing it into a claymore just yet.

"I'm coming too!" William called out.

"Absolutely not! You are going home, now!" Susan ordered.

"But Susan, I can help!" William pleaded.

Chuck walked over and bent down to look William in the eyes. "I'm sure there will come a time you can help, but today is not that day."

William just looked down and pouted.

The young teens left the pub and formed a circle just outside the door, their digimon inside the circle. They each morphed their digivice into swords and held them out, tips of the blades pointing to the sky. Energy surged as the area around them began to glow.

William knew his chance to help wouldn't occur unless he did something. When he saw the glow of their teleportation begin, he jumped between Susan and Frederick, nearly landing on Psychemon. He felt like someone grabbed hold of his enter body and yanked him off the ground. Then he met a patch of grass headfirst as he fell. He looked around and saw what looked like Stonehenge, but those who surrounding the standing stones certainly weren't news reporters, but digimon.

"William?!" Susan yelled. "I told you to go home!"

William hopped to his feet. "I just wanted to help you."

"You don't have a sword nor a digimon. What can you possibly do?" Henry commented harshly.

"You're here! You're here!" someone chirped happily.

"Huh?!" replied many of the London group as they watched a Koromon bounce toward them, dragging along a digivice with his ear. The small pink digimon bounced straight toward William.

"You're MY digimon?" William questioned as if he just got the greatest present ever.

"Yep." Koromon bounced happily. "Take your digivice. It's heavy."

William smiled as he took the digivice.

Susan frowned. "William, stay here and get to know your digimon. If the fighting comes toward you, run away. A baby digimon won't help much against these guys."

William nodded. "Okay."

The London group rushed toward the Digital Stonehenge.

"Think he'll listen this time?" Freddy asked.

"I doubt it," Susan replied with a sigh.

They reached the outer circle of the Digital Stonehenge and Cyber Dramon glanced at them, looking like the cat who had just eaten the canary.

"It's too late, digi-brats. With three final words, my beloved Morgamon shall return and finally kill you!" Cyber Dramon gloated.

"Fat chance, rusty. But we'll be sure to kill you this time," Henry shot back.

"Try it," Cyber Dramon dared. "The time is now to awaken my love. Clapto! Verata! Nic--" Cyber Dramon was interrupted by Goblimon's club had just striking his nose. He yelped in pain and then his eyes widened in shock. "TO! I said all the words! CLAPTO! VERATA! NIC--OW--TO!" The giant mechanical draconian glared at Goblimon. "Stop throwing things at me!"

"Like I'd listen to YOU!" Goblimon shot back.

Cyber Dramon laughed as the book in front of him started to glow. "Your feeble attempt came too late. The Necronomicmon has reacted to the spell. My beautiful Morgamon, come to me!"

A gigantic skeletal hand shot out of the book and began to strangle Cyber Dramon. "Dung eating FOOL!" a demonic female voice hissed. "You messed up the spell!"

"Urk!" Cyber Dramon 'replied.'

More and more of a giant skeletal form emerged from the now glowing altar in the center of the Digital Stonehenge. Soon, the three story tall skeleton with still-decaying flesh sticking to parts of her body and half a head of black and gray hair. She wore a golden necklace and tattered robes that the London group knew too well, the necklace and robes of Morgamon.

Cyber Dramon stared at the figure in horror, pain coursing through his body. "You're not my beautiful Morgamon. You're too ugly to be my love!"

"You did this to me, and you dare say that?!" The giant skeleton threw the draconian digimon far away. She then looked at her hands and half-sobbed, half-laughed. "I'm ugly. Hideously undead ugly."

"Actually, I think it's an improvement to match your soul," Henry commented.

"Insolent brat! I may be ugly, but I'm more powerful than ever! Behold the might of Necro Morgamon!" The skeleton raised her hand. "Druid spell- DEATH!" A black dart shot out of her hand and would've killed Henry had he not dodged.

"Take her down, guys." Chuck held out his broadsword. "Plotmon go!"

"Plotmon evolve!" the puppy digimon called out. A pillar of light reached to the sky and when it faded over three meters tall rock stood there in human-like form. "Golemon!"

"Golemon super-evolve!" The rock digimon stretched out his arms and pieces of full plate armor formed in the air around him. The armor slammed onto the digimon until he was completely covered for head to toe. Pulling out a broad sword, he sliced through the air. "Knightmon!"

Teresa raised her claymore to the sky. "Tapirmon!"

"Tapirmon evolve!" Light encased the elephant digimon in a shining pillar. When it subsided, a much larger black furred mammal digimon stood in her place with a metal mask. "Dark Lizamon!"

"Dark Lizamon super-evolve!" The black furred creature with metallic mask jumped into the air, curling up into a ball. Digital wire frame formed, encasing the digimon in an egg. With her feet breaking free of the now off-white shell, she cried out, "Digitamamon!"

George, a giant of a young man, held aloft his great sword. "Kokuwamon!"

"Kokuwamon evolve!" A pillar of light formed and when it subsided a giant red insect stood in his place. "Kuwagamon!"

"Kuwagamon super-evolve!" The giant red insect held himself tightly as his body began to expand, then his exoskeleton exploded away revealing a gargantuan gray insect. "Ookuwamon!"

Susan held up a jewel-studded rapier. "It is your turn."

Susan's partner nodded. "Psychemon evolve!" The multi-colored furred lizard was engulfed in a tower of light, which faded away to reveal a strange looking young woman dress with a pale-blue face and dressed in a white and blue outfit that was straight out of a fantasy novel's description of a magic-user. "Sorcerymon!"

Freddy held up a rapier similar to Susan's but a lot more pretentiously elegant with three times the jewels on it. "Time for the brute squad."

Goblimon gave a short laugh. "Goblimon evolve!" Light enshrouded the small green humanoid, only to be replaced by a much larger green humanoid with large horns and teeth on his head. "Ogremon!"

Henry raised his long sword up with one arm. "Tsukaimon!"

"Tsukaimon evolve!" The dark furred mammal with bat wings for ears called out. Covered in a pillar of light, he evolved into a large blue Chinese looking dragon. "Airdramon!"

"Airdramon super-evolve!" A light formed at his nose and swept across his body, changing flesh into metal and forming a pair of large metallic arms. "Giga Dramon!"

Henry took his sword and cut the back of his wrist. "With my blood, I do bond!"

"Giga Dramon ultimate-evolve!" The giant metallic digimon fired volleys of missiles into the air, exploding around him and obscuring his form. When the fiery destruction and smoke clear, an even larger metal dragon stood in its place with two gigantic canons on his back. "Machine Dramon!"

Ogremon slouched. "I feel so inadequate when he does that."

"At least you can fight here," Modoki Betamon commented. "Without water, I'm screwed."

Sorcerymon twirled her wand. "Just let Machine Dramon handle Morgamon, we've got other playmates to deal with." She motioned toward Cyber Dramon's troops that were still present and advancing toward them.

Freddy ran past the digimon, holding his gaudy rapier as he launched himself into the air over a Black V-dramon. The dragon digimon looked up and was about to attack but paused as he noticed the rapier grow to over four meters in length and then smash him between the eyes, breaking his skull and killing the digimon.

Freddy smirked as he then effortless swung the giant zanbato sword at another digimon. "Hurry up, Ogremon, or I'll defeat more digimon than you, again."

"As if!" Ogremon howled as he stormed into the troops Cyber Dramon had left behind.

"You guys take Morgamon while we deal with the fodder," Henry addressed Machine Dramon and the Perfection level digimon in his group. Without any further word, he rushed into the fray of battle only to have his first attack blocked by a Hyougamon's icy club.

"Go for a quick kill," Machine Dramon ordered. "Infinity Canon!" Both barrels fired, striking his target and obscuring Necro Morgamon from sight.

Digitamamon, Ookuwamon, and Knightmon rushed forward to deliver their more personal attacks only to crash into some sort of barrier.

"Did you think such base tactics could defeat me?" Necro Morgamon questioned haughtily.

"They did the last two times," Knightmon quipped.

Necro Morgamon laughed. "I didn't have half the power I do now, and I STILL have you all sealed from evolving into any higher evolution. You have no chance with your current powers."

"Won't know until we tried," Machine Dramon snapped before attacking again with his canons. Though he still had to wonder how Morgamon had managed to maintain the seal even after getting killed for a second time.

"Druid spell- Reflect!" Necro Morgamon called out, sending the blast straight back at the large mechanical dragon and hurting not just Machine Dramon but Henry as well from his blood bond. She then laughed cruelly as she reached out and touched Knightmon, blasting him into the air. She casually deflected an attack from Ookuwamon and the giant insect shrieked in pain from where she had touched him. Digitamamon sealed herself in her eggshell and head butted the giant sorceress skeleton, only to receive more damage from touching Necro Morgamon than the evil witch did from the attack.

Machine Dramon shook his head clear as he saw Knightmon struggle to his feet, Ookuwamon holding one of his arms defensively and Digitamamon rolling on the ground in pain. This was not going very well.

Meanwhile, the seven Digi-destined, two adult and one child digimon were quickly cutting down the number of Cyber Dramon's troops. Sorcerymon would send forth a blinding flash with her magic and Freddy, Ogremon and Susan render the affected digimon dead. George and Teresa both yielded two-meter swords and were dishing out damage better than Henry and Chuck did with their swords. The various types of V-dramon that Cyber Dramon had employed fell quickly to their onslaught. Unfortunately, that was not all that Cyber Dramon employed.

"I've had enough," growled Volcamon, a giant armored humanoid digimon with a volcano-like fire spewing from his back. "Booming Voice!" he bellowed with all the force of an exploding volcano, tearing up the ground and sending his foes flying.

A flying Devidramon snarled in delight as it swooped down and picked up Melissa with its hungry claws. The young girl shrieked as it flew into the air.

Sorcerymon tried to hurl a bolt of magic but was struck by the wind blades of a Harpymon.

Chuck looked over and saw the other digimon were too involved with fighting Necro Morgamon to be of any help. There was no way any of them could save Melissa before the dragon digimon was too far away. In fact they looked like they needed a lot of help themselves. If Melissa was to be saved, he had to act now. He gave a short prayer as he tried something he had only done once before and was warned not to repeat. He stabbed his broad sword into the ground in front of himself before spreading his arms wide and crying out, "Chuck MacArthur evolve!" Armor appeared around the teenager, slamming into place much like it had for his digimon. When he was completely covered, he picked up the broad sword which had grown to meet his now four meter height and raised it above his head. "Knightmon!"

The newly-evolved Knightmon hurled his sword through the air at the Devidramon and ran after the flying beast. The sword hit its mark, cutting deeply into the dragon's back. The creature deleted and Melissa and the broad sword fell from the sky. Knightmon dived as he caught Melissa before she could hit the ground and be severely hurt. He set her down politely before grabbing his sword and turning back to see the others dealing with the remaining threat.

Sorcerymon used her magic to give Ogremon a boost in his jump, sending him soaring into the air and catching the Harpymon in surprise. Ogremon smashed the bird-woman to the ground and Sorcerymon finished her off with a magical blast to her face.

The Londoners weren't fairing as well. Volcamon kept them at bay with either his sonic attack or by just burning everything around himself. They simply couldn't get close enough to hurt him with their swords, but he could nearly cause their eardrums to pop by just yelling at them.

The digimon fighting Necro Morgamon were in even worse shape. The undead witch was toying with them. Her spells protecting herself from harm while her very touch cause her opponents agony.

Chuck-Knightmon knew he had to do something about this. The first objective had to be to remove Volcamon so they could bring their entire group's might down on Necro Morgamon. He nodded to himself as he knew what he had to do. He broke in a run, raising his sword to strike despite still having some distance to go.

Sorcerymon noticed Chuck-Knightmon's approach. She raised her wand toward Volcamon and sent her flash spell in the form of fireworks at the digimon's face.

Volcamon glared at Sorcerymon. "That had no effect."

Chuck-Knightmon was now in range as he ran up behind Volcamon and swung his sword, lopping off the fire digimon's head.

Henry almost laughed, but was in obvious pain despite no visible injury. "I'd say it was pretty effective." He then screamed in pain, which was echoed by his digimon.

Just then Machine Dramon flew over the group and crashed bonelessly to the ground, and Henry collapsed as well.

"HENRY!" Teresa yelled, running over to her lover and positioning his limp body to be laying perfectly flat. She then kneeled to his side and placed her sword on top of him. "By the light of Compassion, heal," she murmured and the sword began to glow. She hoped this would not only heal Henry, but Machine Dramon as well through their link as they needed the power to defeat Necro Morgamon.

While Teresa was healing Henry, the others looked on in dismay. Digitamamon laid on the ground motionless, her shell cracked in places it was not supposed to be. Knightmon was crucified by his own swords onto one of the larger parts of the Digital Stonehenge. Ookuwamon's four arms were bent in unnatural angles as he struggled to get back up.

Necro Morgamon laughed. "Is this all that's left? I had hoped for a better fight." The skeleton shrugged. "I'll just kill you all to put you out of my misery. Who dies first?"

"How about you?!" Chuck-Knightmon howled rushing toward his hated foe.

Necro Morgamon seemed to be swallowed up by the shadows of the night, only to reappear behind Chuck-Knightmon. Her skeletal hand covered his helmet and he screamed in absolute pain. She let go as George scratched her leg with his great sword. "You'll pay for that," she hissed, sending energy blast at him.

George tried to get out of the way of the attack but was blown away as the blast struck the ground next to him.

Susan reared back with her rapier and gave a prayer as she threw it. The blade missed her target as it got caught in the golden necklace around the undead digimon's neck.

Necro Morgamon gasped for a second as she looked at where the sword lodged itself, but then sighed in relief. Her gaze then fixed on Susan as the digimon faded from view.

Without warning a large skeletal hand formed around Susan and carried her up into the air by Necro Morgamon as the undead digimon reappeared. Susan could only scream in pain from the digimon's unholy touch.

"That had come too close, but you won't win," Necro Morgamon gloated. She quite enjoyed the feeling of Susan writhing in agony in her hand.

"Let her go, bitch!" Freddy yelled.

"Not until she's dead." Necro Morgamon then blasted Chuck-Knightmon with her free hand as he had struggled to his feet.

Sorcerymon summoned all the strength she could into one blast, aiming for Necro Morgamon's necklace. The attack did little more than make Susan's rapier glow with energy.

Ogremon WANTED to evolve. He could feel the power coming from Freddy to do it, but Morgamon had devised a seal to prevent them from evolving past the levels they had obtained after her second resurrection. The only exceptions were Henry finding out how he could do a controlled dark evolution and Chuck evolving himself.

Melissa wanted to do something to help, but her digimon's next evolution was Dolphmon and couldn't fight on land and there was no water near enough to be of any help.

Teresa looked up after doing what she could to heal Henry, and saw her best friend in great pain. She was too far away to be of any help with her sword, and she wouldn't be able to heal Susan for another day at least as she used up most of her energy on Henry.

Henry groggily woke up and didn't like what he saw. He turned to see if his partner had awakened as well, but Machine Dramon was still out of it.

William had sneaked closer to the battle, to see his sister fight. He gripped his digivice tightly, wondering what he needed to do to get Koromon to evolve. He could prove his usefulness if he was the one to save her.

Susan gave an apologetic look at Freddy despite screaming in pain.

Freddy's eyes dilated. "SUSAN?!" he cried like a banshee.

Susan's body suddenly broke apart as she deleted like a digimon.

The next moment passed without a sound as horror gripped all of them and Necro Morgamon looked a little surprised that she had killed Susan. Then in the last remnants of deleting digital information that had been Susan sprang four beams of light, hitting Freddy, Sorcerymon, William, and Susan's rapier.

Necro Morgamon began to laugh. "I thought that would be harder. Who wants to die next?"

Tears came unbidden to Teresa's eyes as she clutched her claymore. With a guttural scream she raised it into the air and then slashed down in Necro Morgamon's direction and causing a deep gouge into the ground where she struck.

"You'll-" Necro Morgamon was interrupted as Susan's rapier exploded, destroying her golden necklace. She clutched at the pieces. "The seal...." she trailed off before hearing the sounds of Church bells. "NO!!!"

"Digitamamon Ultimate-evolve!" The egg digimon brought her limbs into the shell as it glowed perfectly white. Church bells appeared around it briefly as brilliant wings and white human looking arms and legs broke free of the shell. The eyes on the egg digimon were now golden surrounded by white energy. Also a golden halo appeared over her head. "Holytamamon!"

Sorcerymon glared with unholy wrath. "You shall not be...."

"Forgiven," Ogremon finished with a growl. He felt he knew what to do. "Ogremon!"

Sorcerymon did as well, calling out, "Sorcerymon!"

Then both of them cried out, "Jogress evolve!"

Ogremon and Sorcerymon appeared to go into some kind of dance that mirrored each other. Each taking a step closer at the same exact time. Just before their hands would touch, they spun around each other and flames erupted obscuring them from sight. Their steps could still be heard over the flames, which died down to reveal a giant with four arms and three faces on his head. Each of his hands was burning with fire, and he continued the dance of destruction. "Asuramon!"

"Asuramon Ultimate-evolve!" Smoke bellowed from the fires in the hands of the giant digimon as he began a new dance. He spun around and around as a cloud enshrouded his form. Then the sounds of the dance ended as strange Arabian music filled the air. From the top of the cloud arose a mighty looking green skinned genie complete with turban. "Lampmon!"

George gripped the blade of his sword, cutting open his hand and not caring if he got this wrong. "With my blood, I do bond!"

"Ookuwamon Ultimate-evolve!" The giant insect tore into the ground and disappeared from sight. Then two slashes appeared in the air and a gigantic black beetle with green highlights crawled through the dimensional opening. "Gran Kuwagamon!"

Melissa raised her own plain looking rapier to the stars. "Give me the power to avenge Susan!" Lightning crashed from the cloudless sky, striking her sword.

"Modoki Betamon Warp evolve!" The sounds of the ocean raged as the aquatic digimon turned sky blue and her form turned into Dolphmon, a dolphin digimon, and then briefly into Divermon, a humanoid digimon with a scuba tank and harpoon gun. Water seemed to come from all directions hiding the Divermon from view. A brilliant pink light appeared in the turbulent water before the ocean calmed. The pink light grew as it emerged as a small pink angel with a red heart on her chest. "Marine Angemon!"

"We shall defeat her," Chuck-Knightmon vowed as he touched his partner.

Both knight digimon glowed and their voices echoed, "Knightmon Jogress evolve!" On a green field the two Knightmon crossed swords in a sparring match as a darkness swept across them. They looked up to the sky and then in direction the darkness had come. They heard a galloping horse approach. A red, gold and black armored samurai figure with horse legs stormed past the Knightmon and with one swing of his serrated swords removed the heads of both the knight digimon. He then hissed evilly, "Zanbamon."

William still stared at Necro Morgamon, failing to notice the evolving digimon around him. Tears streamed from his eyes. He couldn't believe this. No one died on these adventures. It was all some great thing to be a part of. Susan enjoyed working with her fellow Digi-destined to defeat various foes, but no one ever got seriously hurt. This wasn't supposed to happen. She was his older sister and she promised to always be there for him.

William's grip on his digivice tightened and it changed into a short sword.

"William?" Koromon questioned nervously.

"Kill her!" William ordered pointing at Necro Morgamon with his sword.

Black lightning arced from his sword and struck Koromon who screamed in pain. William either didn't notice from his grief, or just didn't care. "Koromon evolve," was painfully uttered in the midst of the onslaught of dark energy. When the black lightning stopped, a huge tattered looking gray teddy bear with viscous looking claws on one hand stood up. "Waru Monzaemon!"

Necro Morgamon took a step back. Poised for battle in front of her were five new Ultimate digimon and a Perfection level, along with Machine Dramon who had just woken up and seemed to know what happened as he looked completely out of control. This didn't look good for her unless she could get at least one of the dark evolved digimon to work for her.

"You must like the power you possess. Kill the Digi-destined and I'll grant you the power to remain at your level," Necro Morgamon offered.

"The only head I want is yours, bitch," Zanbamon cursed as he moved to strike.

Necro Morgamon faded from existence and appeared behind Machine Dramon, trying to take him out first. However, she suddenly sensed something behind her. Before she could turn around, two giant pincers grabbed her by the wrists and pulled her into the air.

Gran Kuwagamon gritted his mandibles as he held tightly to the undead witch digimon. "Get her now!"

Machine Dramon hurriedly backed away and turned around. When he was in position, he fired his cannons. Holytamamon added the cleansing light of heaven from her eyes. Marine Angemon summoned blessed water from nowhere and blasted at her target. Zanbamon crossed his swords before slashing, releasing a powerful energy beam. Lampmon called upon magic to grant the wish of Freddy as he gathered golden smoke to kill with one strike. Waru Monzaemon glared sending dark energy from his eyes.

Necro Morgamon tried to teleport away, but Gran Kuwagamon blocked it with his own dimensional powers. She didn't even get to scream as all the attacks struck. The resulting explosion sent both the undead witch and her captor flying.

The gargantuan insect shakily stood up and watched as Necro Morgamon's still form exploded into data and deleted.

Everyone watched in silence as all traces of Necro Morgamon disappeared. The digimon slowly started to devolve. Machine Dramon's massive form shrank down into a ghost looking baby digimon, Poyomon. Marine Angemon turned into a flying seal like baby digimon of Pukamon. Holytamamon shimmered and became Koromon. Gran Kuwagamon almost seemed to disappear as he became Motimon. Then Waru Monzaemon glowed and turned into Numemon, a large green slug-like digimon.

Lampmon didn't devolve yet. He first moved over to the Digital Stonehenge and found Freddy sobbing behind a rock. He bowed his head and asked, "What is your wish?"

"Bring Susan back," Freddy choked out from his tears.

A tear trailed down Lampmon's face. "As much as I wish that myself, I cannot grant that."

"Then what use are you?!" Freddy pitched his digivice at him. "What use is that?!"

Lampmon shimmered and faded away. In his place stood Goblimon and Sorcerymon. The two digimon walked over and hugged Freddy as they all cried.

William just watched them. The tears on his face were dry as he stopped crying with Necro Morgamon's death. He didn't know why he wasn't crying. He knew he should be. That his sister was dead and wouldn't be coming back. It just didn't seem to be real.

Henry held Teresa tightly as she sobbed into his chest. He just couldn't believe this had happened, that Susan was gone.

Teresa couldn't take it. She kept wishing her sword's power to heal extended to bringing back the dead. But it didn't. No more would she hear her friend laugh, to hear her complain about her parents or Freddy. No longer to even see her friend save for pictures.

Melissa turned away from everyone, her emotions in turmoil and having less control over them than normal. She didn't know what to think or what to do. However, she noticed Zanbamon moving away from the group. She ran to him as fast as she could.

"Chuck, where are you going?" Melissa questioned.

Zanbamon glared at her. "It's Zanbamon, trollop. Remember that. As for where I'm going, I'm hunting for Cyber Dramon's head."

"You need to devolve!" Melissa told him.

Zanbamon laughed. "It took Chuck three days to devolve when he turned into Knightmon last time and he WANTED to transform back. I've got news for you, I'm not Chuck and I like this body. I'm NOT evolving back. Do you understand, you little twit?"

Melissa just stared as Zanbamon left, disappearing quickly into the darkness of the night. Zanbamon was right. He wasn't Chuck. The guy she liked would find nice things to say about Hitler, but the digimon Chuck formed into had gone out of his way to insult her. She wanted to chase after him and find out why. She almost jumped out of her skin as she felt a hand on her shoulder.

George gave her a sad smile. "He'll be back. He was insulting you in case he can't evolve back, to not get your hopes up. I'm sure he'll be our Chuck again in a week at most." The boy would bet money on it, and he hated gambling. He also knew that everyone needed hope right now, no matter what form it was.

George led Melissa back over to the Digital Stonehenge. He hated doing this, but he called out, "Let's go home."

Sorcerymon pulled away from Freddy, shoulders slumped. "Do I even have a home now?"

"Of course you do," William replied with a distant tone to his voice. "How do we go back without Chuck?"

"We can teleport with only four of us, but we should use the Digital Stonehenge to give us a boost," George replied.

The others nodded and slowly trudged into position, with a few words of instruction to William, they were ready and energy built up and the group disappeared.

Zanbamon wiped away his tears as he watched the group from a distance. He hoped he hadn't just lost a friend today but his own humanity as well. The dark impulses of his body coursed through him, and the part of the digimon that was Chuck channeled it in a direction he could live with-- killing Cyber Dramon. His purpose solidly etched into his mind, he began his trek in the direction Necro Morgamon had thrown the draconian digimon.


The six children and seven digimon appeared in front of Smiley's pub. They each hovered there unsure of themselves.

William was the first to move. He turned around and called out, "Numemon, Sorcerymon, let's go home."

The two digimon began to follow the young boy when Freddy spoke up, "Do you want me to tell your parents?"

William looked at him for a moment. "No. They'd blame you if you did." Without another word, he continued his trek.

Teresa shambled over to Henry, latching onto his arm. "I want to go home."

"Okay." Henry nodded. He glanced sadly at the others. "Bye."

Melissa sagged as she watched the couple and their digimon walk away. She wished she had someone to comfort her, but Chuck was a digimon-- an evil one at that. She hated to feel alone, but that's all she could feel at the moment. With a sigh, she said, "Good night." She left with Pukamon, her shy, constant companion.

George placed his hand on Freddy's shoulder, wanting to say something but words seemed too shallow. He closed his eyes and offered, "Remember you have friends. If you need to talk, don't hesitate to come to any of us."

"You all knew, didn't you?" Freddy questioned while looking at his hands. "You knew we loved each other."

"Yeah, we did," George reluctantly replied. "We thought you had all the time in the world."

"All we ever did was play our stupid games, delaying what we knew we felt." Freddy punched the brick wall next to him, unminding as the rough surface cutting into his knuckles. His arms then fell limply to his side as he began to walk home.

Goblimon followed his partner, dragging his club behind him. A myriad of questions running through his mind, mostly on the summoning ceremony. If he had let Cyber Dramon complete the spell, would Necro Morgamon have come back as Morgamon instead? Had his 'timely' intervention been the cause of Susan's death?

Freddy didn't pause in his steps as he called out, "Don't waste time when you find love, George. You'll never know the future."

George nodded. With a heavy sigh, he left as well. He looked over at Motimon. "I think I'm ready to write my own songs."

Motimon nodded, knowing his partner needed to vent his emotions musically, and preferably privately. George somehow seemed to broadcast his feelings to others, and right now he was beyond depressed.


"Welcome home, Master William," Mr. Worthen, the Lords elderly butler, greeted. "I'll alert your parents to your return."

William nodded gravely. "Can you get them for me, please?"

Mr. Worthen didn't like the tone of voice, nor that William had actually used 'please.' He briefly wondered if the large slug was Susan, but dreaded the idea. He replied, "I'll get them."

William slowly took off his coat and hung it on the coat rack. He paused as he looked at the empty peg next to his coat. He then shook his head clear of where his thoughts were going. He left the foyer of his family estate and went into the main hall. The frown on his face deepened as he saw his parents came down the stairs and then froze upon seeing Sorcerymon and the long looks they got from the trio.

"Where's Susan?" Mrs. Lords asked.

William looked down. "She's dead."

Mrs. Lords fell against the stairs as her legs gave out.

"What?" Mr. Lords questioned in disbelief.

"Morgamon was resurrected, and Susan was killed in battle. Morgamon didn't get long to celebrate, though. Susan destroyed the evolution seal that witch cast the last time. After that, we all evolved our digimon, and killed Morgamon in one giant combined attack," William explained in a tone not all that different from how he'd explain a boring day at school.

"You mean that Numemon is your partner?" Mr. Lords questioned, knowing that type of digimon thanks to being pulled into the sewer during the digimon invasion last Christmas.

William nodded, holding up his digivice and morphing it into a short sword. He then put it away and walked towards his parents. "I'm going to bed. Goodnight, mother, father."

Mr. and Mrs. Lords were too much in shook to say anything. While part of them wished that this was just a joke on William and Sorcerymon's part, but they knew what their son said was true. There was no way he could say the things he did the way he did. Also, while Susan tolerated her digimon's practical jokes, she wouldn't back it up by giving William a digivice and evolving her digimon to Sorcerymon.

William just passed his parents as he climbed up to his room, followed by a confused Numemon.

The only sound in the spacious hallway was the sounds of sobbing.

"I'm sorry," Sorcerymon broke the pseudo-silence. "I failed. I was suppose to protect her, to die for her. I'm so sorry." She palmed her face and fell to her knees.

Mrs. Lords stumbled down the stairs and took the digimon into hug. "Don't be sorry. I know you would've done everything you could if you had the chance. You two were like sisters."

Mr. Lords almost collapsed as he sat down on his stairs. His large home suddenly becoming much larger. He could never remember feeling more alone, that despite his wife and Sorcerymon were crying together in a hug only meters away-- he felt like he was the only person in their small mansion.

Mr. Worthen had watched the scene and now wished his earlier thought had been the truth. The idea that he could no longer see Susan's bright smile or hear he kind words was unthinkable. Without her, the world was a darker place to live in.


Mrs. Marshall was a little surprised to see her daughter return home so early. Surprise turned to dread as her daughter's clothes were torn in many places, her face etched in sadness and crying uncontrollably. The last time Teresa looked like this was just after the girl had lost her virginity in a not so pleasant manner. However, Mrs. Marshall doubted rape considering how Henry was protectively holding her and that their digimon were in their baby forms.

"What's wrong?" Mrs. Marshall questioned.

"S-Susan's...." Teresa trailed off before burying her head into Henry's chest.

"Susan died so we could defeat Morgamon," Henry said with a shaking voice.

Mrs. Marshall gasped. She didn't know what to say. She oddly wished her daughter had been, sort of, raped again than this. Susan was Teresa's closest friend, and was far too young to have died.

Henry carefully brushed some hair out of Teresa's face. "I guess I'll go home now."

Teresa didn't let go of the death grip she had on his arm. "Please stay with me," she choked. "I don't want to be alone."

Henry looked up at Teresa's mother questioningly.

Mrs. Marshall closed her eyes, and nodded. "I'll call your mother."

"Um, Mom doesn't know that Teresa and I...." Henry trailed off, not wanting to complete that sentence.

Mrs. Marshall grimaced. "She knows you're dating, right?"

"Ah, yeah," Henry answered sheepishly.

"She should understand you watching her tonight then," Mrs. Marshall replied before leaving. She didn't want to see her daughter in such pain, and was thankful that Henry could be there for her this time.

Henry carefully guided Teresa up to her room, while their digimon decided to go to the Marshall's guest bedroom.

It was only when Teresa touched her bed that she let go of Henry. He knelt down and removed her shoes for her. However, when he stood up, she reached out and grabbed his shirt and buried her face into his chest again.

"I can't believe she's gone. It was only an hour ago we left for the party. She only got to joke around with Freddy and got one dance, and then... then...." Teresa sobbed.

Henry held her tight. "I can't believe it either." He closed his eyes, squeezing out his own tears. "But there had to be something we could've done."

"Don't say that!" Teresa weakly punched him. "You evolved your digimon to Machine Dramon, knowing any damage he takes, you also get. If I hadn't healed you, you might be dead too!" Her hands tightened their grip on his shirt. "I couldn't bare to lose you."

"But if I hadn't, then...." Henry trailed off as she glared at him through her tears.

"Then Morgamon would've beaten our digimon much sooner and attacked us with her troops. We'd ALL be dead. And don't ask about if I hadn't healed you, because I didn't have a chance to even try! She died in Morgamon's hand," Teresa ranted through her sobs. "She's dead, and it was no one fault but Morgamon's. We did what we could! I would die in her place if I could, but we didn't have the time to do anything to save her."

Henry held her tightly as her body shook with the force of her sobs. He knew Teresa was right, that they really couldn't have done anything to prevent it. He still couldn't help but think there could've been something, anything they could have done to save Susan.

"Let's go to bed," Henry whispered as he looked down at Teresa.

Teresa nodded and broke out of his hug. She then made it very clear that she wanted something else besides sleep. She needed him to make love to her.


"Now calm down, dear," Mrs. Marshall said sternly, pushing against her husband's chest.

"I'm not letting him get away with that in my house," Mr. Marshall snarled, holding his nine iron. "I tolerate it when I can't stop it, but I'll be damned to let him do that to her under my roof."

"You don't understand," Mrs. Marshall returned.

"Oh, I understand all right. That gigolo is fucking my daughter, and I'm stopping it now." Mr. Marshall's grip on his 'weapon' tightened.

"Dear, Teresa needs him right now," Mrs. Marshall explained.

"The hell she does," Mr. Marshall retorted.

"She needs him because Susan's dead," Mrs. Marshall called out.

"I don't care what reason, he can't--" Mr. Marshall froze. "WHAT?!"

"Susan died fighting Morgamon," Mrs. Marshall told him.

The nine iron fell limply from Mr. Marshall's grasp. "But she was just here not that long ago. How could that have happened?"

Mrs. Marshall sighed. "Henry didn't explain all of it, just that Morgamon was resurrected and Susan sacrificed herself so they could destroy her."

"How is Teresa?" Mr. Marshall questioned.

"I haven't seen her so upset since she had been drugged," Mrs. Marshall replied.

Mr. Marshall just stared at his daughter's bedroom door, hearing her impassioned cries of pleasure echo through it. He didn't know what to think. His daughter was in pain, and she wanted to find comfort in the arms of a guy that had practically raped her over a year ago. If it hadn't been Henry that had saved his life and that the boy did everything imaginable to make amends for taking Teresa's virginity, despite that it hadn't been his fault they were drugged, Mr. Marshall would've done more about the boy that was having sex with his daughter. Now, Mr. Marshall just felt powerless, unable to stop his underage daughter from having sex, unable to ease her pain, unable to bring back the life of his daughter's best friend.

"Dear, let's go to bed," Mrs. Marshall suggested.

Mr. Marshall nodded wearily.

Linda sighed as she had watched her parents argue. She was a bit envious of her sister being with her boyfriend. The last time she had seen Richard, the guy who had gotten her pregnant, was shortly after she had told him about the pregnancy. Her father had beaten the crap out of him and didn't give them the option of trying to raise the baby. Richard practically ran out of town, fearing her father. Then the only option seemed to be abortion, and not one day passed that she didn't regret it.

Now all Linda had was regrets. She hadn't had any real boyfriends since Richard, and wasn't willing to have sex with anyone. Still, she wished for someone to share her bed, to keep her warm at night, to help her when she was in pain.

Linda was suddenly sickened as she heard her mother moan in pleasure, much like Teresa was. While it disturbed her that her little sister was getting laid, that her parents were also doing the deed sent unwelcome thoughts through her head. She wanted to throw up.


Freddy and Goblimon entered the back door of a richly ornate house, with gaudy Christmas lights flashing all over the front and back yards. He stopped as he spotted a petty officer tapping his foot in the kitchen that he had just entered.

"What are you doing at this hour?" the petty officer questioned sternly.

"I'm not in the mood, Dad." Freddy waved him off. "I'm going to bed."

"But Freddy, aren't you going to tell him?" Goblimon questioned in surprise.

Officer Mason was startled to see tears in his son's eyes. "What happened?"

"You tell him," Freddy told Goblimon before running off to his room.

"I guess all I can do is just say it." Goblimon sighed. "Morgamon was resurrected at Stonehenge. We killed her, but...."

"But?" Mr. Mason pressed.

"Susan died," Goblimon finished sadly.

"Holy cow," Mr. Mason breathed. "How's Freddy taking it?"

Goblimon glanced in the direction of his partner's room. "I'm not sure."


"Where am I?" questioned a ten-year-old girl in a pink and white somewhat-medieval looking frilly dress with short golden locks of hair. She looked from a cliff across a strange landscape of fields, mountains, forest, and lakes.

"I'd say Butt-Fucking Egypt," replied boy her age clad in black clothes that also seemed to be medieval in appearance, with his blond hair slicked into place.

The girl's eyes widen in shock upon seeing him. "You kidnapped me, didn't you?! I demand you take me to my mother and father immediately, or you shall be in serious trouble!"

"And who crowned you princess of England?" replied the boy.

"My parents did," replied the girl. "I'm Princess Susan, 127th in line to the throne of England."

The boy laughed. "Well, then I'm Freddy, Duchess of York."


Susan stared at the talking head with a horn on its head. "Ew, what is this disgusting thing?"

The head looked upset. "I'm Tsunomon. You're partner... I think."


Lady Devimon stood before seven children at a place that sort of looked like Stonehenge, but the rocks were placed differently.

Susan looked at the leather outfit of the evil digimon and then glanced at Freddy and asked, "Friend of yours?"
Lady Devimon stretched out her arms. "I can't believe Jijimon sent you to stop me. You don't stand a chance. With three words, I shall achieve my goal. Clapto!"

The children and digimon knew they had to stop her, but weren't sure what to do. One of them moved in a desperate attempt to interrupt the spell.

Lady Devimon stretched out her arms. "Verata!"

Goblimon gave a quick prayer of hope as he launched his club into the air.

"Nic--" Lady Devimon was interrupted painfully by Goblimon's club striking her nose. She rubbed her injury and hissed angrily, "Dung Eating Fool! You ruined the spell!"

"That's the idea!" Goblimon snapped back.

The book Lady Devimon was reading from exploded, sending pieces of the spell scattered across the Digital World. One piece lodged itself into Lady Devimon, who shifted form. She still stood taller than any normal woman, but her hair was black and was wearing hunter green and blue robes. She looked at her hands and laughed. "I evolved! Thanks for your 'interference.'" She then disappeared in a swirl of smoke.

Freddy sagged. "Sure she's not related to you?" he questioned Susan.

"My family doesn't allow anyone evil to be part of it," Susan huffed.


"You're older than Grandpa!" Susan chirped while pointing at the meter tall human like digimon covered in shaggy gray hair and beard.

"It's not polite to point," Freddy shot at her.


"Sword of Compassion?" Susan questioned. "Must be mine. I'm nothing if not compassionate."

"Look a bug!" Freddy pointed.

"Eek! Kill it!" Susan shrieked.


"Sword of Bravado?" Susan asked. "I'm brave enough!"

"Is that a Bakemon?" Psychemon asked.

"SAVE ME!" Susan pissed her panties. She then glared at Freddy.

"Why look at me? Your digimon did it," Freddy clipped.

"You taught her," Susan huffed.


"Sword of Faith?" Susan grinned. "My family is the leader of the Protestant Church! Has to be mine."

"You going to touch that one?" Freddy asked Psychemon.

"Not even with a very long pole," Psychemon returned.

"Hey!" Susan huffed.


"Sword of Nobility?" Susan folded her arms. "Should I even bother for this one?"

"Might as well. You tried for all the others," Freddy pointed out.


"I'll gut you with my Regal Rapier!" Susan threatened, drawing her silver, gold, and jewel-encrusted rapier.

"That's not a 'Regal Rapier.'" Freddy unsheathed his sword, which now was gold, platinum, and had three times the number of jewels as Susan's. "Now THIS is a 'Regal Rapier.'"

"You jerk!" Susan took a swing at him.


The children and digimon sat on bated breath as they prayed their last desperate gamble succeeded and watched as Morgamon deleted.

"We won!" Susan cheered, grabbing Freddy in a hug. She then let go and jumped away. "Ew. I hugged him."


"Frederick Alexander Mason, get your ass into the house!" Mrs. Mason called out angrily.

Susan's eyes widened and then had a giggling fit. "Your name is Frederick? My, how noble!"

Freddy glared at her.


"Is that your girlfriend?" Davy asked.

"Hell no! She's a stuck up bitch," Freddy replied.

Susan punched the back of Freddy's head with enough force that his head bounced off the ground from him falling down.


"What are we doing here, Frederick?" Susan questioned.

"It's a soup kitchen. We serve hot meals to the homeless," Freddy explained before glaring at her. "And the name is NOT Frederick, it's FREDDY!"

Susan blinked. "There's homeless in England?"

Freddy growled. "Yes. You think they dress that way as a fashion statement?" He waved his hand towards a few people in tattered clothes.

"Well, yeah. It's all the rage in Paris, Frederick," Susan replied.

Freddy fell to the ground from sheer shock.


"What is it?" Freddy asked as Susan was staring at him.

"You're glowing in golden light," Susan breathed.

"I'm what?!" Freddy questioned in surprise.


"See! I told you he was evil! I saw his dark soul!" Susan gloated.

"Yeah, and you said I have a golden one." Freddy smirked.

Susan shrugged. "Can't be right all the time."


"Freddy, stay away from Teresa," Susan warned.

"Why? Afraid I like her?" Freddy taunted.

"No. Henry just raped her," Susan replied seriously.



"It was all a mistake. Henry and Teresa were exposed to a drug. It made both of them very horny. It could've been any of us. I shudder to think if it was us," Susan informed. "You didn't do anything to Henry, did you?"

Freddy nervously smiled. "Well, nothing permanent...." Though his wooden bat needed to be replaced.


"I just couldn't feel any compassion for her. I let her die," Teresa said sadly. Despite being in her hand, her digivice had not transformed into a sword.

Susan stepped forward and placed her hand on her friend's shoulder. "We understand. Forgiveness is not always easily given."

"Yeah. Susan still hasn't forgiven me for 'kidnapping' her and taking her to the Digital World," Freddy joked.

"I was naive. I didn't know any better!" Susan shot back.

"What do you mean, WAS naive?" Freddy returned. "You still are."

Teresa cracked a smile at their antics, despite her heavy heart.


"And there goes Cyber Dramon, flying off to a painful landing again," Freddy sighed.

Susan smirked. "We'll kill him one of these days. But now to deal with the old witch."

"Old?!" Morgamon hissed. "I didn't come back to life to be insulted."

"Yeah, yeah. We know. You're here to conquer the two worlds, spread evil, yadda, yadda," Sorcerymon quipped. "We killed you once, we can kill you again."


"I suppose you know how to dance?" Freddy remarked.

"I have taken lessons since I was four," Susan answered.

"Bet they were a waste of money," Freddy quipped.

"Care for me to prove you wrong?" Susan smirked.

"Any time, Suzy." Freddy mockingly guided her to the dance floor.


Susan looked at him with apologetic eyes despite screaming in pain. ~I love you, Frederick.~ Her name ripped from his lips and then her body exploded in to data.


Freddy clutched his head. Somehow he knew she sent that message of love to him. That she wanted him to hear her final words alone. The only times Susan displayed anything remotely telepathic was when she somehow sensed good or evil souls from a person or digimon. But he had heard her thoughts clearly in that one instant.

Tears once again poured out of his eyes, his thoughts remembering the past they had shared. At first they had hated each other. She was a pretentious, naive uppity bitch, but she had learned that nobility didn't come from birthright. She was the kindest person he had ever known, willing to help others whenever she could. She even had to sneak out of her house to help in the soup kitchen he worked at.

How many times had they played pointless games, toying with love but never saying the words. How long had he loved her? How long had she loved him? They had fought for so long, tried so hard. In the end, it was for nothing. She was dead and all he could do was mourn.

Freddy curled up into a ball as he began to sob again.

Goblimon nervously knocked at the open door, but Freddy paid him no mind as the digimon entered the room.

"I'm sorry," Goblimon uttered. "I know that sounds lame, but I am sorry. If I hadn't interrupted the spell, we would've had to fight Morgamon instead of her next evolution. It's my fault Susan died."

"Life is change, Goblimon," Freddy muttered. "Life, death, and rebirth. Meetings and partings. All are parts of life. Susan is dead, nothing can change that, but blaming ourselves for things we did or didn't do gets us no where. I don't blame you for interrupting the spell. You might have saved all of us as Morgamon might've been stronger if the spell had been cast right."

"But, Freddy...." Goblimon trailed off.

"She's gone," Freddy choked. "She's gone and I didn't even realize I loved her until... she died. I think of all the time I wasted with her, but I can't think of it as being wasted. I have to cherish those times, remember her for who she was."

Mrs. Mason opened the door and saw how hurt her son looked. "Your father told me about Susan...." She went and hugged her son. He began to cry into her shoulder. "Dear, it's all right to let it out. Don't try to hold it in. It'll only hurt you if you try."

"It's not fair," Freddy sobbed. "We should've had years. All I could do was watch as she died. I couldn't do anything! It's not fair!" He let out a cry of sadness that should never come from anyone.


Christmas Eve passed with a sense that it wasn't real. Between the Lords's political connections and Officer Mason, they were able to declare the death of Susan Lords. However, when the Lords told their relatives about Susan's death, they made sure they all understood they didn't want anyone over until after the funeral, that they wanted to be alone.

Then came Christmas morning. Sorcerymon awoke from the guestroom she had claimed for herself as Psychemon. There were a few things she could claim as her own in here. Yet the room no longer felt like it was hers. The reason she stayed at this house was because of Susan, but now Susan was dead. When Sorcerymon looked at the mirror in her room, she stared at her reflection. She had never maintained the form long enough to see what she truly looked like before. However, she suspected she would never be Psychemon again, that she was permanently Sorcerymon.

Sorcerymon glanced over at the clock, noticing it was after nine in the morning. While that wouldn't seem odd, William hadn't come to wake her up to open Christmas presents. With a sigh she staggered out, to see if they had started without her.

"Mornin'," William waved with a yawn, still in his pajamas.

"Thought you would be up sooner," Sorcerymon noted.

"It's just Christmas," William replied. "I'll be sure to kick you awake tomorrow."

Sorcerymon nodded. Tomorrow was Susan's funeral, and if she failed to wake up in time, she would want William to do whatever he could to get her up.

Sorcerymon was about to go downstairs and go through the act of having Christmas, but she paused at Susan's bedroom door. She felt compelled to open it. Part of her half expected to see Susan smiling cheerfully from her bed, but her partner would never smile again. She doubted she would ever smile either.

Sorcerymon was drawn to the closet and grabbed Susan's desk chair. She climbed up and peered at the top shelf. She knew that this was where Susan had put all her Christmas presents to keep them safe from prying hands and paws. She carefully pulled down the presents one by one to make sure she didn't break any. While she couldn't see anything else, her hand blindly groped around and eventually came up with a two envelopes. Sorcerymon only knew about one of them and had forgotten about it, as it was meant as a joke. The other one she didn't know anything about, but was addressed to Frederick.

Mrs. Lords gasped as she saw Sorcerymon coming down the stairs with all the presents. "Those aren't Susan's, are they?"

"Of course they are. I'm sure she wants us to open them," Sorcerymon replied.

"That's just--" Mrs. Lords began.

"What she should've done," William interrupted. "Mother, she knows Susan better than any of us. In a way, she IS Susan. Now more so as Susan left part of herself in Sorcerymon, which is why she won't ever be devolving."

"How would you know that?" Mrs. Lords demanded.

"Because I am Numemon and he is me," William pointed at his digimon. "Also, while I can see Sorcerymon glowing gold, I also see Susan's golden soul hovering over her."

Sorcerymon's eyes widened. "You have Susan's sword ability?"

William turned toward his mother, seeing her dim gold and silver aura with patches of darkness. "Better than Susan, I'm afraid." He then looked into the mirror. "At least it doesn't work in reflections."

Mrs. Lords never liked talk of Susan gaining such a strange ability from her sword, but now her son supposedly had it as well. In hopes of changing topics she stated, "Fine, we'll open Susan's presents."

It wasn't long before the family began to open presents. Mrs. Lords changed a few of them from Psychemon to Numemon as they contained winter clothes that wouldn't fit Sorcerymon. Also, it came as a mild surprise that William was sharing his presents with his partner.

They had all silently agreed to open Susan's presents last. While the gifts weren't the prefect present, they all carried more meaning as they were the last gift Susan would ever give them.

"Where are you going?" Mrs. Lords asked as Sorcerymon stood up and grabbed a pile of presents.

"These are for her friends," Sorcerymon answered.

"Is there one for that punk, Freddy?" Mrs. Lords frowned.

"MOTHER!" William hissed angrily.

Mrs. Lords was taken back from her son's outburst.

"Don't take that tone with your mother," Mr. Lords scolded.

"I won't have anyone speak ill of the boy Susan loved, even Mother," William shot back.

"Loved? That punk?" Mrs. Lords questioned with an upset tone. "He's a good for nothing. He won't amount to anything."

Sorcerymon frowned as she opened one of the letters she had. "Perhaps I should read you this....

"'I'm sorry I had to leave you, Mother. I need you to know I love Frederick. He cares for people enough to work the soup kitchens on weekends, and yet until I met him I didn't know that homeless people even existed. He may look like a punk, but he has a heart of gold that I haven't seen in anyone else. He may look tough, but he's really very vulnerable emotionally. I know you think he's trouble, but he would never break the law. I know you don't like him because he's not nobility, but I checked how you came up with me being the '127th' in line for the throne. You didn't count yourself and father because you were a commoner by birth, and not capable of being true royalty yourself. Please, Mother, don't judge Frederick by how he was born or how he looks, but by who he is... the man I love.'"

Sorcerymon stopped reading as she wiped away a few tears.

Mr. Lords swallowed. "Did Susan write that knowing she was going to...."

Sorcerymon shook her head. "Actually the next paragraph is about not trying to track her and Frederick down as they eloped and went into the Digital World for a honeymoon. Susan wrote this on a dare I gave to her, but kept it in case she did have to use it."

"But he's a punk," Mrs. Lords retorted, but didn't have her earlier conviction to her statement.

"Mother, Frederick was in worse shape over Susan's death than anyone else. I've never seen anyone crying like he was. None of us, even you, didn't cry as hard as he had. He loved her. Please respect that if nothing else." William stood up and left.

Mr. Worthen rarely said anything that dealt with family matters, but he couldn't help but say something. "I fear more than William being right about Frederick. I fear that William has lost his childhood."

Sorcerymon nodded. "Innocence is a treasure to be guarded, and a terrible thing to lose." Without any more words, Sorcerymon gathered Susan's remaining presents and left.

Mr. Lords didn't know what he should say, or who to side with. He felt so incredibly lost. He got up and left, going to his study and do a little indoor golf putting.

Mrs. Lords remained in her chair. She thought that she had always known what was best for Susan. She knew that getting involved with digimon would kill her daughter. She had reluctantly agreed to let Susan fight because her daughter was needed. Now she was left with questions. Her own son had yelled at her because she didn't like a punk that Susan was supposedly in love with. How could Susan be in love with him? She had constantly told her daughter to not go near him. Had Susan been disobeying her all along? Did she even know her daughter?

Mrs. Lords stood up and walked around the house, calling up memories of her daughter's presence. She frowned remembering how often they amounted to her telling Susan what to do and nothing else. When had been the last time she had just talked to Susan?

Mrs. Lords stopped at her daughter's bedroom. She noticed the door had been left open a crack and pushed it open. Somehow the room felt like a tomb to her, like it was something that should not be touched. Then something caught her eye. Susan's diary was sitting on the desk. Mrs. Lords knew that if she wanted some answers to her questions, they would be in that. With shallow steps, she made her way to the desk and sat down to read.


"These are from Susan," Sorcerymon nervously handed Freddy a gift and the letter.

Freddy reluctantly sat up from his bed and accepted them. Inside the gift was a golden scarf, which he immediately put on. Then he opened the letter.

Hello, Frederick,

I can't believe I'm writing this letter, or how childish I'm being. There are some words I've been wanting to tell you, but I'm too much of a coward. I'm too scared for many reasons, but mostly because I don't know how you would respond. I know my mother would have a heart attack if she found out.

Frederick, I love you. I don't know when I fell in love with your defiant attitude. I admire the way you rebel against society by doing what everyone should be doing, but aren't. I even like the way you joke with me, at least I hope you were joking.

Frederick, you, more than anyone else, has taught me who I am. You showed me what it means to be brave, compassionate, and faithful. How to feel with my own senses. To know when I should cry or be happy. To understand that life is always changing and we must adapt to it. And you, more than my 'noble' parents, taught me what nobility truly meant.

And please don't think I'm being insulting by calling you Frederick. I call you that for it is a name I've associated with true nobility. Not the status granted by birthright, but the nobility that comes from a person's character. The lowly knight that rises up to face a challenge that all of the 'great and shining' lords were too afraid to even attempt.


I'm really a coward. I couldn't even give you this letter on Saint Valentine's Day. I wrote down the date so that you would know that this isn't something out of the blue.

Freddy slumped back onto his bed. Tears once again poured from his eyes. "Was I the only one who didn't know?"

"Susan's parents didn't have a clue," Sorcerymon replied sheepishly.

Freddy closed his eyes. "Please go."

Sorcerymon nodded and left without another word. She stopped as Goblimon met her in the hall.

Goblimon fidgeted nervously.

"What is it?" Sorcerymon asked.

"I, ah, well... I think I love you," Goblimon admitted.

Sorcerymon sagged. "I'm sorry."

Goblimon's eyes widened, while feeling incredibly hurt.

"I don't think it would be right," Sorcerymon continued. "I do care for you, but I'm not ready for a relationship now." She cast a look toward Freddy's room. "Besides, would it be fair to him?"

Goblimon slouched. "I guess you're right. It's just I didn't want to lose my chance to tell ya before it's too late."

Sorcerymon frowned. "I'm afraid it might be too late."


Sorcerymon was quite surprised at the low turn out for Susan's funeral in terms of her family. The Lords usually liked doing things large and fancy, and yet there were barely any Susan's relatives here. None of the foreign Digi-destined were here either, but while George informed the other teams of Susan's death-- he also told them not to come to the funeral.

That didn't mean that few attended, most of the sleepy suburb of London they lived in was here. The London Digi-destined and their families were here, so was Patrick, most of the police department, teachers and classmates from Susan's school, and almost everyone else she had touched personally. Sorcerymon didn't have a clue how all of them knew of Susan's death, but word of mouth had spread this quickly.

It was a shame that Chuck and Plotmon couldn't be there, but it didn't surprise the London group as those two were probably still Zanbamon.

Sorcerymon thought it best not to find which of the two Gennai clones sitting in the back was Gennai, or who the girl completely covered in a gray cloak next to them was either. Though she wondered why Jijimon never showed up. If Gennai knew about it, Jijimon should as well.

When mass began at the Protestant Church, Freddy, Goblimon, Mr. Lords, William, Henry, and George carried Susan's empty coffin toward the altar.

While this wasn't the first time Sorcerymon had gone to mass, today there was something different about it. Before she felt it was overly long and tedious, but today she listened intently as the pastor preached from the bible. She tried to understand what happens to a person when they die.

The mass seemed to be shorter than normal to Sorcerymon, and yet was one of the longer masses she had attended. The pastor made sure to inform everyone at the end of mass that they were all invited to attend Susan's Wake at the Lords's house.


The somber air to the party held steadily as it progressed. The food may have been delicious and the music upbeat and cheerful, but it left people feeling more down. The food they served was Susan's favorites and the music belonged to Susan.

An hour into the party, Mrs. Lords called for everyone's attention.

"I thank you all for coming here," Mrs. Lords began sadly. "It's good, but heartbreaking, to see how many people my daughter has touched in her short life. I had always thought I knew my daughter, but it wasn't until she died that I took the time to find out. Please, do yourself all a favor and talk with your children or your parents, get to know them. I stand here and can only say Susan was one of the most kind and caring people I've ever known, willing to help others, and wouldn't back down from doing what needs to be done. I should know her better than that. To remember more than the little things that happened. In the past four years, my daughter has changed in many ways I never knew about." Mrs. Lords motioned for her husband to speak next.

Mr. Lords swallowed hard. "I don't know what to say either. I was always busy with work. The only things I can remember is her asking for a little attention as a baby, and getting annoyed at her. I thought I had all the time to get to know her later. I never thought that I would have to bury my baby girl."

William stood up to speak next. "Susan was a neat sister. She had the best kind of friends. She told me about all of her adventures. I wanted to be a Digi-destined for the longest time, to do the great things she has done. I never thought about what I could lose though. I didn't hear Susan when she told me about the days she went without food in the Digital World, only how their digimon evolved and defeated their foes. I loved her more than any little brother would care to admit."

Sorcerymon closed her eyes. "Susan... Well, Susan was my best friend, my partner, my sister. In some ways, we are the same person. We fought together for four years. My whole life was devoted to protecting her, and yet I failed my task. She died and I couldn't do anything to save her. I don't know how any of you can forgive me for failing her."

"You would die for her a million times if you could, we all know that. None of us could've prevented what happened. The only person that needs to forgive you, is you," William assured her.

Teresa held Henry's hand tightly as she spoke, "None of us blame you, Sorcerymon. All of us who were there wonder what we could've done to save her. But if there had been a way, we would've done it. She was my best friend, always there to cheer me up even through the darkest time of my life. She even got me to smile right after I lost my trait of Compassion. And it's thanks to her that not only did I get my trait back, but learn to accept what happened between Henry and me, and love him as well. Without Susan, I'd still be afraid of guys. I owe her everything."

Henry sighed. "I can never thank Susan enough for her helping Teresa and me get together. Hell, I still owe her thanks for saving my life a few times as well. She was a great friend and comrade-in-arms. I'll never be the same without her around."

"I always admired how Susan understood what she was feeling," Melissa admitted. "I keep bouncing between emotions and don't always know what I'm feeling. Yet Susan knew how to face her fears, to be brave. I thought I'd always live in her shadow, but now I'm afraid of the light."

George stirred uneasily. "I wanted to have a song written to convey how I feel about all of this, but I couldn't get anything right. Perhaps I'm too much of a perfectionist." He smiled sheepishly. "Susan was always a capable young girl. Even when she didn't quite understand what life was, she still did what was needed of her. She was a friend to all of us, and will sorely be missed."

Relatives, friends and acquaintances each added a few words about Susan. When no one moved to speak, Mrs. Lords asked, "Is there anyone else who would like to say something?" The room was silent and she nodded. "Then I'd like to ask Frederick to finish this."

There were a few gasps at Mrs. Lords announcement.

Freddy stood up, dressed in a black suit with his mohawk dyed black. He swallowed as he began, "I really don't know what to say. Susan was a wonderful girl. When we first met, I hated her. She was hopelessly naive and was a snobbish bitch. Her world was everything her mother told her, nothing more. I made it a point to open her eyes, to show her what the real world was like. That there are homeless people in our own community. That crime didn't happen 'to somebody else.' That the world wasn't black and white or pastels, but many shades of gray. I also showed her other things, like where's the best place to view a sunrise in town and the wonders of fast food."

Freddy wiped away a few tears. "I don't know when I fell in love with Susan. When we first met, I started mocking her. Somehow it became a joke, a game between us. We'd toss taunts and insults at each other, knowing neither of us meant them. It slowed things down so we wouldn't let our guards down and openly admit we loved each other. She knew she loved me. She wrote a letter admitting it last February, and I didn't get it until yesterday. I hadn't figured out my own feelings until she died. I never felt such sadness as I did then. I wanted Morgamon to pick me up and kill me as well just to end the pain.

"I wasted a lot of time playing silly games. Instead of joking about her being nobility to say three simple words. Words I'll never get to tell her."

Freddy looked up with a stern look. "Susan saw something in me that I would refuse to admit I have. That while I'm not noble in blood, I have the nobility of a true knight. That is why she called me by my given name of Frederick, and that is why I ask all of you to use that name as well."

Mrs. Lords walked up to him. "Susan knew how you felt. She didn't try to tell you because I didn't approve of you. All I ever saw you as was as the punk boy in leather. You did not look like the type of boy any mother would want her daughter to bring home. I'm sorry I had misjudged you. I'm sorry for taking time you might've had with Susan away."

"I..." Frederick paused. "Thank you, Mrs. Lords."


"After Frederick's speech ended, everyone began to leave for home. That night Mr. Lords and I got into a little drinking contest with some very strong rum. I may have won, but I lost to the toilet the following morning. Hangovers aren't fun," Sorcerymon said with a weak smile.

"Tell me about it. I still get a headache remembering the hangover I had after Takeru's bachelor party," V-mon replied with a slight joking tone.

Sorcerymon nodded. "It's a shame Susan didn't live to see the wedding. She would've loved going to see it."

"Yeah," V-mon replied. "Now what happened with Chuck, and why doesn't Koushiro know about him evolving with his digimon to Zanbamon?"

"Well, the first clue that Chuck was coming back was in the form of Cyber Dramon's head being stuck on a pike in front of the Lords family graves the day after the funeral. Somehow Zanbamon has the power to preserve the heads of slain digimon if he chooses to do so. It was New Year's Eve that Chuck finally returned home, with Nyaramon, as they had only just devolved then." Sorcerymon took a sip of her drink. "Koushiro and Gennai know about Chuck evolving to Knightmon and jogressing to Zanbamon. However, there's a risk to Chuck's evolution that it will become permanent, and Gennai felt it best that this bit of information wasn't something to be given out. We don't want any Digi-destined trying to evolve himself into a digimon and get killed in the process or to succeed and permanently become one."

V-mon blinked. "Koushiro agreed to keep it secret?"

Sorcerymon smirked. "I'd bet you'd be surprised what Koushiro has been keeping from you."

"I doubt it," V-mon replied. "He'll talk your ear off about anything given half a chance."

Sorcerymon giggled, wondering how she could make a bet out of it. She then turned and glanced at the clock set to London's standard time. "Midnight already?"

V-mon looked at Daisuke's D-Terminal and read nine in the morning, Tokyo time. "Whoa. I've been up all night."

"Guess we should both get some sleep." Sorcerymon stood up, and gave a longing look at V-mon. "I still don't want to be alone...."


Author's notes:

The events of Susan's death occurred on December 23rd, 2003. So in terms of War Diaries, this occurs months before the series started. As for Red Digivice Diaries, the scenes with V-mon occur after 'Entry 18 - Chocolate and Whip Cream' and after War Diaries Entry 18 and before War Diaries Entry 19.

Teenage Pregnancy in England:
Despite boasting a statistic of having one of the highest contraceptive use among sexually active teenagers, England has seen a sharp increase in teenage pregnancy in the past couple years. The reason why is because many teens believe various old wives' tales like 'you can't get pregnant on a boat' and view that as using protection. Hopefully by 2004, England will have done something to inform teenagers what contraceptives really are.

Why Machine Dramon instead of Mugen Dramon:
As I pointed out in the wedding entry's author's notes, when the name is in Japanese and it doesn't make sense for a foreign kid's partner then I'll use the American name if it makes more sense to the kid.

Then why Modoki Betamon:
Because there's a variant of Betamon called Modoki Betamon who kept that name when brought over with the Digi-Battle card game.

Why Digi-destined instead of Chosen:
Considering Dingo (Derek) announced himself as being 'Digi-destiny' there are multiple names the children are known by. The most common, per Diaries timeline, is Chosen for Asian countries and Digi-destined for most of the rest of the world.