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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

“Episode 1: Tag Tamers

In a dark space, the crests spin around and go into the light in the middle. The Crest of Courage and Friendship appear first. Followed by Love, Knowledge, Reliability, Sincerity, Light and Hope. Three more crest follow the original eight. A dark pink rose like flower, the Crest of Kindness, a yellow twin sword crossing each other, the Crest of Loyalty, and finally a green shield with wings, the Crest of Protection. 

As the crests enter the light the number 02 spins on the screen. A rainbow of color appears behind it, revealing Digimon Adventures 02. 

In a background filled with Digi-Code, Daisuke appears in his usual flame jacket, burgundy shorts, and goggles. A showdown spins around, as it gets closer to him. When it hits him a light appears around him as he goes flying off the screen. 

Shadows appear around the rest of his team and they too fly off the screen. Miyako is wearing an orange helmet, yellow vest, and red pants. Iori is wearing a beige long sleeve shirt with purple pants. Takeru is wearing a yellow and green shirt, grey shorts, and a white hat. Hikari is wearing a pink and white shirt; yellow shorts, and has a camera around her neck.

Ken appears in a purple shirt and blue jeans. Her navy blue hair is tied into a ponytail. Ryo is next her. He is wearing a blue shirt and green army pants. Ryo and Ken are holding hands as they jump in the air with their partners, Wormmon and Monodramon, and land in Primary Village with baby digimon playing soccer with them.

Dark Towers appear on the screen. A Devidramon is seen flying with an unknown boy on top of his head. Followed by other evil digimon.

V-mon, Hawkmon, and Armadillomon heads appear.

A world globe spins around. This globe separates into two spinning globes and moves to be side by side of each other.

A younger Ken and Ryo are seen in a desert fighting Millenniummon. Paildramon and Wizarmon are attacking Millenniummon.

The camera rolls over the Chosen Children. Taichi and Daisuke are next to each other. Miyako is next to Daisuke. Yamato is behind Taichi and Sora is next to Yamato. Next to Sora are Mimi and Koushiro. Next to Miyako are Cody and Takeru. Joe is next to Koushiro and Hikari is next Takeru. 

Ken is seen in a cave with Ryo. On a pedestal is a pink egg that looks like a rose with the Crest of Kindness on it. Stingmon and Cyberdramon are standing behind them.

A Digi-Port opens on a computer followed by a D-Terminal opening up to reveal an egg. Different color lights leave the D-Terminal and go into a blue D-3. Light comes out of the D-3. 

V-mon, Armadillomon, Hawkmon, Patamon, Tailmon, and Wormmon fly into the light. 

In a fire background, Flamedramon appears in a fighting stance. In a purple, blue, and green bubble background, Shurimon appears with his shrunkens out. In a stone background, Digmon appears in a fighting stands with his drill out. In a blue background, Pegasusmon appears galloping in the air. In a pink and yellow background, Nefertimon appears. In a background that looks like an ocean, Submarimon appears. In a sky background, Halsemon appears in a mid flight position. In a lightening background, Raidramon appears. In a sparkly dark pink background, Pucchiemon appears and his pink finger is glowing as he points to the side. 

Monodramon jumps up in the air in a dark blue background. Behind him is his Champion and Ultimate forms: Strikedramon and Cyberdramon. 

Impmon comes spinning around in a green background. His Champion form, Wizarmon, and a shadow of his Ultimate form appears behind him.

Flamedramon throws fireball before his body is engulfed in flames. He jumps into the airs and is suddenly surrounded my light. He reverts back to V-mon and then evolves into Raidramon.

Shurimon is in a forest spinning and flying among the trees. After passing a tree Hawkmon is seen flying out of the trees and into the sky. Halsemon is now seen flying in the sky and is spinning around.

Digmon comes out from the ground and jumps into the sky. He releases his drills before turning back into Armadillomon. Armadillomon dives into the water and becomes Submarimon.

Pegasusmon swoops from the air and releases a shower of stars. Nefertimon flies into release with stones from her neck.

A close up of Daisuke riding Raidramon is shown. Halsemon flies into the air with Miyako on his back. Pegasusmon and Nefertimon fly in with Takeru and Hikari on their backs. Submarimon surfaces from the ocean with Iori inside him.

A face of Osamu appears and floats away as the image of the Digimon Emperor appears with the Dark Towers behind him. In the background a white hair women and a man in a blue coat his watching him.

In a field filled with Dark Towers, Ken and Ryo have their Digivices up. Ken's violet D-3 and crest glows, while Ryo swipes a blue card into his white, and blue D-Power. JewelBeemon and Cyberdramon jump into the air and attack four DarkTyrannomon.

Flamedramon jumps into the air as a beam of orange light appears. Shurimon and Digmon jumps into the air when beams of green and yellow appear. Angemon and Angewomon fly into the air as light green and pink beams appear. JewelBeemon and Cyberdramon fly into the air as dark pink and golden beams appear into the air.

A close up of Daisuke running appears. Ryo, Cody and Takeru are on his left, while Ken, Miyako, and Hikari on his right. All the Digimon in their Rookie forms, except Tailmon, are running in front of them.

A group picture of Angewomon, Stingmon, Shurimon, Flamedramon, Digmon, Cyberdramon, and Angemon appears in front of a blue and green background. The image changes to a red and green background with Nefertimon, Pucchiemon, Halsemon, Raidramon, Submarimon, and Pegasusmon. Finally, in a blue and grey sparkly background are Tailmon, Hawkmon, Wormmon, Monodramon, Armadillomon, and Patamon, who are in front of their partners. Behind the children are Angewomon, Stingmon, Shurimon, Flamedramon, Digmon, Cyberdramon, Angemon, Nefertimon, Pucchiemon, Halsemon, Raidramon, Submarimon, and Pegasusmon.

Ken smiles as Paildramon reverts back to V-mon and Wormmon and Wizarmon reverts back to Impmon. She was so relieved. They have finally defeated Millenniummon. Millenniummon had threw at them one problem after another. She felt sorry for it though. All he wanted was his partner. But he wanted to destroy the Human and Digital World. He was capable of doing it. Because of this, sadly, he had to be stopped.

She wished she could help him though. He had showed her many things about himself. She had seen his heart when she put together the Armor Digi-Egg. There was so much pain and loneliness. He wanted Ryo, for they were destined to be together. She wasn't sure how an evil digimon could have a partner but it was the DigiWorld after all. Actually that was a lie. He wasn't exactly evil; he was more corrupted than evil.

Ken watches as the god slowly turns into data. “This is not over Tag Tamers! I will be back! Ryo, you and I will be together!” Millenniummon laughs evilly as he looses part of his body.

“We did it, Ken-chan! Osamu-kun!” Ryo screams in pure joy as he picks her up and spins her around. Sam was laughing as well. Ken made small sounds of joy as she held on to Ryo. Other than Wormmon, Ryo was her only true friend. She had trouble getting true friends that wanted to be her friend just because she was Ken. Sadly the only people who wanted to be her friends were the ones that wanted to get close to her older brother. He has been some type of celebrity ever since she was five. It hurt when people seemed to ignore her just because she was mute. The only ones who seem to notice her or to show any type of friendship towards her were the digimon, her brother, and Ryo.

Ryo gently places Ken on her feet when he hears Sam calling them. Ken looks up to see spikily black orbs coming at them. Filled with fear she pushes her friend out of the way. Ken closes her eyes and whimpers. She waited for the black orbs to hit her. As long as Ryo was safe she was fine with sacrificing herself. However, instead of feeling pain, like she expected, Ken found herself being pushed aside. Ken was temporally dazed when she hit the ground. However, she got to her feet pretty fast as she hears her brother scream in pain.

Ken sobs and runs to her brother's side. Ken movers her brother on his back and attempts to awake him. Ken noticed that Sam's glasses were gone. He must have lost it sometimes after pushing her aside. Tears blur her vision, as she shook her brother's shoulder. Ken ignored that Sam was now paler than her. She had to wake him up. He can't be dead! He can't!




“Ken-chan! Osamu-kun!”

Ken ignored the others as they ran towards her. Her brother was hurt. Ken tried to speak, to call his name. But all she could do was small sounds from the back of her throat. Once again from her short life she wished she could speak, even if it was just to say her brother's name.


Ken holds Impmon as he sleeps in her lap. The poor thing has been firing dark energy balls at the wall for the last three hours. She couldn't blame him. He was upset. They all were upset. Ryo and V-mon had fallen asleep in their room, while she crashed in the room that Gennai provided for her brother. Wormmon had fallen asleep on her bed, but she knew he would wake up pretty soon when he realizes that she hasn't come to bed yet.

She sighs wondering if her brother's fever has gone down. After Ryo checked to see if he was still alive, he was alarmed to feel Sam burning up. Sam was fight whatever those black orbs were. She frowned. Gennai hadn't really been that helpful. He either didn't know what they were or he was simply not telling them. Ken wasn't sure, but who knows. She just hopes Sam will wake up soon.

Ken yawns. It has been a long day for all of them. She knew she was probably the only one still awake. She wasn't sure what time it was, but she assumed it was like four in the morning or something. Ken stretches in her chair slightly. Ken had been sitting in that chair for a good hour now. Her back hurt slightly, but she wasn't going to move. She gave one more look at her brother's sleeping face before dozing off to sleep.


Ken yawns as she wakes up a few hours later. She was shocked to she that she was no longer in the chair. She frowned. She doesn't remember moving, so someone must have moved her. She looked around the room to see that Impmon and Wormmon were not here. They were probably in the kitchen. Ken did noticed however that Ryo was sitting on the chair now.

“Hey,” Ryo says to her when she sits up on the bed. She waves a hello to him. “Please don't make it a habit to sleep on a chair. Osamu-kun would kill me if I allowed you to sleep like that.”

Ken pouted at him. She could sleep on a chair if she wanted to. Ryo shouldn't have to worry about that. She can handle her brother wrath a lot better than he can.

Ken gets up from the bed and walks towards her friend. She studies her brother's face. He was still pale, but it better than it was yesterday. She placed a hand on his cheek and pulled away immediately when it still felt really hot. She turns to Ryo and sighs to him. Ken was glad Sam thought the Digimon and Ryo basic sigh language. At least they know what she's saying when she sighs to them. This helped a lot when they kept getting separated over the last ten months.

“I checked before too. Gennai said there nothing we can do until Osamu wakes up. His body already has what it needs to fight this illness. What this illness is still unknown?” Ryo smiles slightly as he places a hand on her shoulder. “Hey don't worry so much. He'll be alright, Ken-chan. He's strong, just like his little sister.” Ken smiles at her friend, but then pouts when he ruffles her hair. She had learned over the months that the boys couldn't argue with her when she pouts and glares at them. Why this only seems to works on Ryo, her brother, and the digimon is beyond her? “Okay! Okay! I'm sorry! Please, enough with the pout!” Ryo says as hr tries to cover his eyes with his hand, laughing as he did so.

Ken nods at him and smiles sweetly at him. She glances at the digivices that they placed on the bedside table. Her digivice was an oval like shape. It was violet, with a white center. Gennai said it was a D-3. Ryo had D-3 as well, only his was blue. However, Gennai said that the D-3 was only borrowed. Ryo would get his digivice when he meets his partner and not one that is borrowed. I guess that's what happens when you are a Tamer. Sam on the other hand didn't have a D-3. His was more rectangular. It was pale blue, until Impmon digivolves. When Impmon evolves it turns green.

“Hey why did you go in the kitchen with the three bottomless pits?” Ryo asks when she turns back to him. Ken made small laughing sounds as she thought of how V-mon, Wormmon, and Impmon probably aten all the food by now. Ryo groaned as he thought of the same thing. “God! Gennai is so not going to let this down.” He sighs. Ken agreed.

Ken moved her hands as she asked Ryo a question. “Sure, a sandwich would be great. If they didn't eat all the food, make me one. I'll stay here just in case he wakes up.” Ken nods again before she walks out of the room and towards the kitchen. Hopefully the digimon didn't cause to much of a mess.


“Bada Boom!” Ken hid behind a table as Impmon tried to hit V-mon with a dark energy ball that he formed on his fingertip. V-mon should really know better than to anger Impmon when he is tired. It had been a long two weeks for all of them. Gennai said Sam should be waking up today, but it was now noon and he was still asleep.

This week did not help Impmon at all. V-mon had been trying to annoy Impmon for the last two weeks since Impmon refused to leave Sam's side. Wormmon stood next to her, watching the fight warily. She knew her partner wanted to help calm the other virus digimon, being a virus digimon himself, but seeing how he was ticked off at the moment probably was not a good idea.

Ken sighed and watched as V-mon got hit with a dark energy ball and landed into a pile of papers. They were so in trouble when Gennai gets back.

“V Headbutt!” Ken smacks her forehead as V-mon misses Impmon and slams into the wall instead. With a grunt, Ken turns to her partner and points to the troublesome dragon and imp. She then gestures for him to use his sticky net at them. When Wormmon understood, he left her side and got within a good distance from them before attacking.

“Sticky Net!”

The two troublemakers gasped when they found themselves in a sticky webbing of silk. Ken got up from her hiding place and marched towards the two-trapped digimon. They flinched when they saw her piercing glare. Ken signed, angrily, in sigh language. She yelled at the two about how irresponsible and immature they were acting.

She turned to V-mon and yelled at him that he should have been more sympathetic towards Impmon. They all were upset, but there was no need to annoy Impmon just to start a fight. If one did occur he should have found a way to settle it peacefully. If he couldn't he should have gotten Ryo or her before it had gotten out of hand. V-mon had a look of guilt on his, while Impmon snickered.

Ken reeled on his and told him he was no better. Impmon flinched again. She told him that he should have known better. They have all been a team and been through so much together for many months now. He should know how to handle V-mon in any situation. There was no need to start a fight and almost destroy Gennai's kitchen, especially since he started the fight.

Ken glanced at Wormmon when she heard him trying to hold back a laugh. She didn't say anything to him though. He was the one that got her and told her what was going on. The fight would have been a lot worse if he hadn't done so.

She glared at the two again and told them that they were going to clean and tidy every speck of the kitchen until it looked like how Gennai had it. The two moaned in despair when she signed that. However, all three froze suddenly. Ken blinked at them and signed what was wrong. They didn't have to tell her though.

“I couldn't say it better myself, Child of Kindness.” Ken turned to see Gennai by the doorway of the kitchen. She smiles nervously and rapidly makes hand gesture, giving him a bunch of apologies for the way they acted and for ruining his kitchen. But he waves her apologies away with a smile. “It's alright. I've been meaning to redecorate anyway.”

“So we don't have to clean up then?” V-mon asked hopefully.

“I didn't say that.” Gennai replied.

“NOOOOOOOOOO” V-mon yells from kneeling position, with his hands in the air.

They all sighed.


Ken sobs into her brother's chest as soon as he woke up. She was so relieved that he was all right. He did not die because of her! Now if only she could speak.

Sam rubs her back as she sobs. “Ken-chan, it's okay. I'm fine now. I'm just so glad that you are all right. Has Ryo been taking care of you in my place?”

Ken stares at him with teary eyes. How could he say that? He was the one in pain. He was the one who got hit with those black orbs. He was the one who was in a coma, with a fever, for almost two weeks! Why was he always worrying about her when he doesn't take care of himself?

She told him that and he simply shrugged. “Ken-chan. I'm your big brother. It's my job to take care of you when mom and dad can't. You are very special to me and I would hate myself if something terrible happened to you, even at the risk of my own health.”

She told him he should not risk his own health like that. He needs to take care of himself first.

“Ken-chan, you are my baby sister! I am the only one that watches out for you. It's bad enough that you can't make friends because of me being a genius and the fan girls and the press…”

What about Ryo? She told him that.

Sam blinked and glanced at Ryo, who was watching them from Ken's bed. Ryo smiled at him.

“I promised you that I would look out for her. You're not in this alone Osamu-kun. As long as I'm not pulled into another Digital World catastrophe, I will always be there. Besides I always wanted a little sister!” Sam rolled his eyes at the Tamer of Loyalty.

“Fine,” he said stiffly. “Thanks.”

Ryo smiled. “No problem.” Ryo's smile turns into a confused frown when Sam glares at him. “What?”

“Don't call me Osamu-kun,” he said huffily. Ryo's frown deepened. “Call me Sam.” Ryo's eyes widen in surprised, much to Ken's delight. “We are friend's after all. Besides,” Sam smiles slyly. “Ken now has another person to destroy at videogames.” Ryo huffed at that. What's up with guys and their videogame pride? They always act as it's the end of the world when they get beat in a strategic videogame.


“NO! NOT AGAIN!” Ryo yelled as GAME OVER WINNER: KEN flashed on the computer screen. Sam laughed and Ken made sounds of victory as she destroyed Ryo's troops before he even had a chance to come up with some type of defense.

“Lost again?” Sam asked smugly from the comfort of his bed.

“Shut it, Ichijouji!” Ken rolled her eyes at their antics.

It had been a week since they left the Digital World. When they got back Ken and Sam were surprised that only five minutes have passed in the Human World. However, Sam was still kind of sick. When their parents found Ken they, unsurprisingly, took him to the hospital. The doctor told them that Sam just caught a virus and was to stay in bed.

Ken thought that now that Sam was sick, she would at least get a little attention or at least spend more time with her brother. Sadly, that did not happen. Her parents gave her tons of excuses not to bother her `sick brother'. It stun when they snapped at her when she tried to sneak into his room. They simply sent her to her room and told her not to bother her brother again.

It hurt. They paid less attention to her now. At times Ken felt like she was invisible. She couldn't remember the last time her parents asked if she wanted something to drink or eat. She couldn't remember the last time they asked, “Where's Ken?” or “Are you alright? Is something wrong?” or even “How was your day Ken-chan?” Ken felt her heart ache a bit. Lately, all her parents' talk about is her older brother. They don't even acknowledge her when she talks about her soccer game or a musical she participated in. It's like she wasn't even there.

The only one who actually went to her games or musical was Sam. He helped her practiced and gave her tips, with soccer anyway. Sam was awful with the piano or any instrument for that matter. All Ken had to do was listen to a song and she would just play it. After a few tries she would play it perfectly. She got comments from both her brother, best friend, and music teacher that she was a prodigy. But that failed to make her parents noticed her. However, she was happy that Ryo and Sam often asked her to play something. In a way it was a great stress reliever. While she played she forgets about her parents. It's just her, Sam, and Ryo.

“Hey what's this?” Ken was taken out of her thoughts by Ryo's question. Ryo was looking at the computer screen. Over the videogame screen was a dancing icon of V-mon. Ryo tried to see if he could exit it out or something, but nothing wored. He frowned. “You think we should open it?”

“Open what?” Sam asked sleepily.

“There this icon of a dancing V-mon. It wont let me exit out, no matter what I do.” Ryo explained as he turned to face Sam.

“You tried rerouting the coding, to see if you can override it.”

“Yeah,” Ryo said as he tried to override the coding again.

“Well, click it than and see what it does. Don't break my computer though.” After Sam said that, he dosed back to sleep.

Ryo grunted in annoyance when it looked like he couldn't override the coding. Ken looked at the screen. She wondered what would happen if they opened the icon. It's not like anyone they know knows about digimon. Ken moved her hand to click the mouse, but Ryo snatched it away from her grasp. She glared at him.

“Sorry, Ken-chan. But it could be a trap and I don't want Sam killing me if something bad happened while you activated it.” Ken pouted at him, but understood and allowed him to proceed. Ryo clicks the icon and a quiz appears. Ryo raised an eyebrow at that. Ken read through the first set of questions. She frowned slightly. Only people who went to the Digital World would know this, she thought to herself.

Ryo glance at her, most likely coming with the same conclusion. “I wonder who made this?” Ryo mused to himself. Ken shrugged. Ryo's frowned deepen when question asked about their adventures. He eyed the screen with suspicion. “Only we would know this. We were there. Who else would know this?”

Ken frowned in thought. There was always Gennai. He always seemed to be hiding something. There's also the digimon they fought with in the war. There is also the other Chosen that Ryo rescued and teamed up with during his first adventure in the Digital World. Ryo eyes narrowed in suspicion when she told him this.


Ken raised her own eyebrow when the last question asked to select one of the Holy Beasts. Ken looked at the four digimon. One looked like a turtle, the other looked like a firebird, the next one looked like a tiger, and the last one looked like a dragon. Ken liked the dragon, turtle, and bird. Ken pointed to the three.

“I like the dragon and bird digimon too. But the turtle looks too old for me.” Ken made small laughing sounds, which made him smile. “Okay lets see,” Ryo moved the mouse from the dragon digimon to the bird and then back to the dragon. “How about this one?” Ryo clicked the bird digimon. After Ryo clicked the image, the screen began to glow. Ken and Ryo gasped as their D-3's started beeping. Ken found herself being sucked into a Digital Gate, along with Ryo. The last thing she heard before she disappeared from the Human World was her brother's surprised voice.


To Be Continued…