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Hey people! It's me Uzume here and I'm finally writing one of the stories that I promised to write! This is another crossover between Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z and Gundam Wing. And I will try my hardest to not make this story as morbid as The Birth of Chaos. My life has gotten better so my stories will be a lot happier! Now here is the first chapter!
Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, or DBZ. The only things I own are Amaranth, Ishtar, and the name Kage!
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A red headed Martian is rare. To have one is seen as a blessing on Mars and is the highest honor a family would ever have. Mars, like Jupiter and Uranus, is a male dominated world. Women are not seen as weak; in fact it is seen as an honor to be female, for it is a female that takes up the mantel as Sailor Mars, the senshi of fire and passion. For a woman to be the General of War was something that was never thought of, something that would never be uttered. That would soon change, it all started when HE attacked, and ended with the Silver Millennium falling.
Who am I you ask? I am Prince Hinokami of Mars. I am the eldest son of King Aries and Queen Amaranth, and I am the General of War for the future Queen Serenity. Or should I say would have been, had I not left my destined path to follow my own desires and succumb to temptation. Normally the eldest of the royal children would become the heir to the throne, and heir to the powers of the senshi of Mars. Two problems with that though, I was male, and it was prophesized that I would be the best fighter and general that Mars would ever see; that I would be the one that would keep Serenity on her throne. And that with me as the General of War a new era would be seen. For years I followed that destined path and even accessed the fabled blue flame at the age of six.
I sat there watching my father train with his invisible partner in the training room of the Moon Palace. It was like a dance to me, so beautiful and majestic. I watched as he called on the blue flame and began using it with his kantana. I had always wanted to learn how to do that. But I was confined to a bokken for the time being and those could catch on fire if you tried that.
I heard a low whistle and turned around to see my Uncle Hades. “Wow Aries! It never gets old seeing you do that! And after all these years you still got it!”
I saw my father smirk, “Of course Hades you baka! I unlike you am not weak!”
Uncle Hades just waved him off, “Whatever man!” He then turned to me, “I see you've got Hinokami following in your footsteps! Look at you! I hear you are getting better and better with your fighting little one!”
I nodded quickly and smiled my little gap toothed smile, “YEP! I wanna be just like Papa when I grow up!” Uncle Hades smiled a little and patted my head ruffling my red hair. “Now we don't want you to be exactly like your Papa! We wanna keep you nice!”
“And what is that supposed to mean Hades?” My father growled out while menacingly toward the braided man.
“Uhhh…Nothing Aries!!” he laughed nervously while stepping away from me, getting ready to run.
My father's eyes narrowed as he leaped forth with a battle cry and chased after Uncle Hades.
“Looks like Hades did it again.” I saw Uncle Eros walk out along with Uncle Zeus, and Uncle Apollo.
I watched my father chase Uncle Hades around for a few more minutes before I finally got up the courage to ask what I had wanted to ask since I started training. “Papa… I wanna learn how to use the blue flame.”
Everyone stopped and looked at me and I swore I saw something close to pride run through my father's eyes for a few seconds before he covered it up. I stood my ground while he studied me. `I gotta show him that I can do it. I'm strong enough!”
“You can't even access your flame yet,” he started to turn away, “besides your just a-” I stopped that thought with a quick ball of fire to his back. Realizing my mistake a little too late as he turned to look at me with surprise.
I knew if I ran my punishment would be terrible, if not worse than it would be if I just stood there. Uncle Hades made to grab me up but was stopped but Uncle Apollo. “No he did it, let Aries work this out.”
“But he'll-WAIT! Are his eyes blue?! He's glowing too!” Uncle Hades exclaimed loudly.
“By Selene he is! Go get Selenity Hades! Quickly, before this gets out of hand!” Uncle Eros cried out.
He hesitated, “Quickly! Go Hades!” Uncle Zeus spoke up spurring the man on, and everyone turned back to look at me.
“I can do it.” I spoke quietly as the glow around me increased looking more and more like blue flames. My father began to glow in an attempt to show who the more dominate was, but my glow increased each time raising the temperature in the room.
With my own battle cry I charged him, my bokken hitting the floor with a clatter. The little fight lasted for all of ten seconds and ended when I landed a lucky punch to his face. He sat up on his elbows, and looked at me with surprise. I took one step forward before I wavered and fell forward to the ground.
*~* End Flashback*~*
I nearly died that day if Queen Selenity had not come running in when she did. I was never able to access that power again with my father around; though my training did get more vigorous. Queen Selenity said it was my need to prove myself to my father that allowed me to access it, but she was not able to figure out why I could never do it again
This path would have continued had I not met him. He is Kage, a saiyajin, one of the Silver Alliances most hated enemies. And it was Kage who helped me see that things are not always as they seem. I learned how easy it was to become one of the enemies when I spent time amongst their ranks, as well as what it was like to be a saiyajin.
It all started shortly after my sister was given her powers as Sailor Mars. We were all visiting Serenity's uncle King Souron of Pandorn, which is close to the Outer Rim (haha Star Wars reference!) when they attacked, targeting Serenity.
Everyone knows that Ki and Chi do not mix well. In fact in a fight between the two whoever lands the first hit wins. None of us were ready for this fight. Hell the majority of us were only ten years old. I was twelve along with Haruka of Uranus, and Michiru of Neptune. The eldest of our group was Setsuna of Pluto at fourteen.
All I could see and hear was Serenity crying. Everything seemed to slow down as I realized what I needed to do. I needed to access the blue flame in order to save my princess. But the last time I had used it I had almost died in the process.
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Originally I had the Gundam Wing guys as the fathers, but I wanted to work them in differently. I know from experience that if I use them with a Sailor Moon/DBZ crossover it's very busy, but my plans for the story changed. You will see however that the Gundam guys are somewhat the embodiments of their fathers, mirroring them in many ways.