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Uzume: hey guys this is the last chapter of this part of the story! I hop you enjoy it!
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After leaving La Na Hino, Kage, and Tennku went to where Pandoron should have been. All that was left of this once great planet was a dark empty shell run over by the Negaverse. They had barely managed to escape with their souls when they had landed.
“What the hell is going on? Is it Attack the Universe Day or something?” Hino practically screamed.
Kage and Tennku winced and looked at each other. They could understand why someone would wanna get rid of Vegetasai..after all the Saiyajins were hated by many in the universe. That was a no brainer… but who would wanna attack a pacifist empire? Oh wait…they had…
“Hino…can you think of ANY reason why someone would wanna attack Serenity?”
Hino paused for a few minutes before he answered, “Well, there are plenty of reasons…I mean she is the heir to the universe after all… her family is the essence of pacifism…they want to spread it throughout the universe…” he paled quickly. “Oh shit…no way there is no way they could have figured that out! No one knows about that except the royal families… and even then not ALL of them know....”
Tennku looked at Hino, “What? What is it?”
Hino paused again, “Serenity isn't full blooded Lunarian.”
Kage rolled his eyes, “We knew that. After all her father is Solarian.”
Hino laughed, “That's what Queen Selenity wanted everyone to believe when Serenity was born…Apollo isn't her real father. Serenity is half-“
Suddenly the computer started beeping like crazy and a bright silver light washed over the ship.
Uzume: MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Awful way to end it huh? Well guys I hope you liked it! I know I sorta left it hangin and that it's really short…but I REALLY wanna wait till the next story to explain who Usagi's real father is and what she really is. And I was runnin out of ideas. If you can think of an Idea of WHO or WHAT Usagi is...then email me at pandora_.