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Hinokami, Kage, and Tennku managed to cause massive chaos running about the universe. They were like brothers; always pulling pranks on each other as well as looking out for one another. Tennku and Kage being older made sure that the younger teen knew everything possible about the Outer Rim Worlds.
It was hard making people believe that the red head was from the Outer Rim. With his pale skin, vibrant red hair, molten gold eyes and his lithe body Hinokami was an exotic being that stood out amongst the muscular Saiyajins; who normally had black or dark brown hair and dark eyes with skin tanned from Vegetasai's desert like surface.
But then again he wasn't alone, Kage stuck out like a sore thumb as well. And his family didn't exactly like the Martian. Well… his cousin did but Hino was sure that Vegeta's father would cure him of that as the boy got older.
The past two years had been spent teaching him what it meant to be a Saiyajin. And soon he began to lapse into what could only be called a Saiyajin like attitude towards the Silver Alliance. His already failing faith in the Silver Alliance had finally vanished after spending time amongst the Saiyajins especially Tennku's family who had slowly but surely accepted the boy as well as many of the other lower-class families.
He had found out that Tennku had a brother named Bardock who had two sons named Radditz and Kakorrot. Bardock was a genius and one of the leading scientists on Vegetasai. Radditz was well on his was to being an Elite (the once well known Shinoshounin). Kakorrot who looked like his father appears to not be the smartest boy in the world, but the kid was a genius on the battle field much to his brothers' displeasure. You never really knew what that kid was thinking behind that stupid grin. But as soon as his feet touched the battle field, that's when his genius came to life.
Hino had never been one for wearing Saiyajin armor. It reminded him too much of the sailor fuku that the scouts wore for some odd reason. So he stuck to his loose training pants or his Martian General armor; which had be modified so he didn't make it known he was Martian.
He even found out that Kage's life HAD been as shitty as his had been, if not worse. Kage had only allowed himself to care about 2 people in his life other than Hino himself. One of those people being Tennku and the other being a slave named Asahi (who many of the Saiyajins claimed Hino reminded them of).
Asahi's mother had been one of the slaves captured in Vegetasai's attack on Solaria. At the time she was pregnant and gave birth to twins. Asahi's brother had run off as soon as he was old enough, promising to come back for her.
Asahi had become the playmate to a young Kage, but at the age of six she was taken away when her powers began to surface. Kage met her again a few years later when he joined the Shinoshounin. This time however they were more than friends. It ended with her and her brother leading a revolt with the other slaves against King Vegeta , where she died. The girl, I later found out was the reason why Kage and Tennku had acted like they did towards Haruki…she acted exactly like her…Kage said it was the look in her eyes, michevious but innocent.
He and Kage were nowhere near to understanding the bond; but they did know that it had gotten stronger the more they spent time together. But with the bond getting stronger some other things began to happen between Kage and Hino.
Neither liked to be left alone with the other and refused to explain why. At times when it couldn't be helped they could be seen standing uncomfortably together.
Despite who his father was Hino had always had some strangely feminine qualities. When asked he would grumble and then explain that every soul was like a yin-yang symbol, one half being the feminine or yin side of the soul and the other masculine or yang. He even explained that with rebirth a male could very well be reborn as a female, because it's not the body that is reborn but the soul that is reborn to a similar body.
Thankfully the only person who seemed to notice the tension between the two was Tennku; though he never asked. Hino knew for a fact that Kage didn't quite understand what was going on and didn't feel like understanding it himself. Every time he thought about it he would just get confused and completely pissed at himself. He was supposed to be in love with Serenity…but Serenity was to marry Endymion…well not if he went back and stole her away. And he knew for a fact that Kage wouldn't mind seeing Kaze…he and Tenkku said they felt a need to protect the girl.
In fact, that was what they were doing right now. Or that was what Kage and Tennku had said they were doing. They had left in the middle of the night rather quickly and without warning, caliming that Hino needed to see his family again as it was.
As of right now they were on the way back to La Naa, where the royals of the Silver Alliance just happen to be.
Hino walked out of his room on the ship, his loose training pants hanging low on his hips and a towel slung across his shoulders. He now stood at a good 6 ft and still retained his lithe body, but had gained some muscles along the way and if possible his exotic look only increased. His once short red hair had grown out but was cut in an asymmetrical style with the front reaching his chin and the back very short. He now wore a constant smirk that he was sure mirrored his fathers. All in all he was the embodiment of the god that the he was named for; the God of Fire. And made quite a few heads turn.
He was still not sure exactly how he would steal her away…but he would and there was nothing that weak human prince could do about it.
Passing by the training room he saw Kage practicing with his broad sword that Hino had had forged for him. (He had convinced Kage that weapons did not limit your mobility in a fight.) His heart thudded against his chest and he cursed knowing Kage felt it, luckily Tennku chose that moment to tackle him to the ground.
“AH! SHIT! What the fuck man?!”
Kage stopped and turned around and shook his head at the site of Tennku sitting on Hino's back bouncing up and down like a kid begging for candy. (A.N no Tennku isn't gay he just knows that it annoys the hell outta Hino. And tries to keep the guy on his toes.)
“You were distracted again! You should've been able to sense me from across the ship!” Tennku answered.
“Yeah well if we're gunna pull this off then I've gotta think of somethin!”
He felt Kage's heart speed up before it slowed down again.
*~*Kage *~*
He had never really liked Serenity. Well that's not true, he did like the girl it's just that she caused Hino so much pain. At least that's what he told himself constantly. But he knew that Hino would never truly get over the girl. He had loved her for too long to just up and get over her, who he had to admit was pretty with her silver hair and innocent sapphire eyes.
He was truly sorry for attacking her, but he didn't regret it one bit. If he hadn't then he and Hino would have never met. He smiled, so he probably should be nicer to her when they finally got her. Besides his smile broadened, because of the bond some of Hino's feelings were transferred to him for some reason. So when Hino's heart would beat for her so would his. And it also helped that she was cute. `Ugh this shit is too confusing!'
A very interesting scene involving the three of them popped into his head and he shook it away hoping beyond hope that he had erased it before Hino caught it. Looking at Hino he noticed that he was too distracted with getting Tennku off of him, and thanked the gods silently. Then smiled again as a thought of Haruki come to his head. This one stayed long enough that he KNEW Hino had caught it. He looked at Hino again and confirmed that yes Hino had caught that one and was indeed glaring at him for it. HE just grined and shrugged at him.
*~*Third Person*~*
The computer beeped suddenly catching their attention. Tennku climbed up off a Hino and helped the younger guy up.
“I guess we are almost there. Let's go get ready for `Operation: Kidnap Serenity!!” Tennku threw his fist in the air.
The other two just looked at him for a few seconds, looked at each other then back at him.
“Why are we friends with him again Kage?”
“Because he entertains us.”
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Should I end it here? Nah I'm not that mean so I'll keep going!
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An hour later they had finally made it to where they would be staying for the short time they were there. Now all they had to figure out how to get Serenity. Hino knew for a fact that she was never alone; maybe he could distract Minako or somethin. Suddenly he smiled like the cat that got the canary.
“I've got it!”
“Minako and Makoto!”
The others just looked at him as if he had lost his mind. Hino rolled his eyes and sighed, “Minako and Makoto are known to be boy crazy. All you gotta do is distract them enough with a cute guy and you got them hook, line and sinker!”
Now all they had to do was decide which one of them would distract Minako and Makoto while Hino grabbed Serenity.
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On their way to execute the plan they heard some news that made Hino's heart stop. The royals had returned home because the attacks on Serenity had gotten worse. There had even been a few on La Naa of all places. Shortly after the return home each of the kingdoms had been attacked and had fallen. Now the only two kingdoms that were left were the Moon Kingdom and the Earth Monarchy.
Another bit of information that had surprised Hino was that Vegetasai had fallen as well. Though it was said that the planet was destroyed by a large asteroid, it was rumored that it was Freeza . Though Kage and Tennku looked sad they were by no means shocked. They explained that they had been warned years before that it would happen. That was the reason they had left so quickly.
Now all they had to do was get to the Moon Kingdom before it fell…
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