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Hey! I'm back! And thank you for the one review… I hope more people will read! It makes me sad that I've only had one review…but I'm gunna keep writing because I like it and so did that one reviewer. Well here it is the third chapter. I'm gunna say this now. There will be slight hints of Yaoi in here. Only hints though! You might not be able to catch them.
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“This is getting ridiculous!”Hino muttered under his breath. He peaked around the dark corner and let his eyes adjust to the surrounding inky blackness.
He honestly felt like he was sneaking away to see some forbidden lover. “HELL NO!” he shook his head in disgust. “That's just sick!”
“What's sick Hino-kun?”
“AH SHIT!”Hino jumped and turned. “Uhhh Serenity-hime! Uhhh what are you doing here?”
“Silly I wanted to see what you were doing!” She giggled. “You've been so distant lately…”
“Well you've been so busy with Endymion.” Hino frowned.
Serenity's eyes widened. “Is that what this is about?”
“What what is about Serenity-hime?”
“Would you stop calling me that?! What happened to just calling me Ren-chan or Usako?”
Hino sighed, “Look, Ren, it's just-”
“It's just-”
“PSSST! Hino!”
Serenity tilted her head, “What is it Hino-kun? And who is that?”
“It's no one. It's just-.”
“HEY!! PSSST!!!”
“WHAT?! Would you hold on one damn second? I gotta take care of something!” turned and shouted into the darkness.
“Well geeze asshole…” the voice muttered
“Bastard…” Hino countered.
“Heard that!” Another voice added
“Good!” He turned back to her. “Look you're engaged to him okay? That's what my problem is! And dad is talking about engaging me to Hotaru! I like Firefly and all, but she is like a sister. We can't keep up with the type of relationship that we had if you're engaged to him and she is engaged to me. It isn't possible!”
“But-” Serenity whined.
He put his finger in her lips, “No but Usako… We can still be…friends...” Hino winced “but that's all.”
His nickname for her effectively silenced her. He smiled and hugged her. “I'm going away for awhile… I lost myself…. and I've found some friends that can help me back `kay? Tell my dad sorry I'm not the son he always wanted, but I'll make him proud of me one day. Tell Rei I'm proud of her and mom that I love her, and Wufie that he will make a great general.”
Holding her out at arm's length he was about to let her go when she crashed into him and wouldn't let go. “Don't leave me! I don't like him! He is so boring! And all he talks about is himself! And he is so possessive!”
He sighed and knew that if she asked again he wouldn't leave. And obviously so did Kage because he stepped out into the light effectively catching Serenity's attention.
“What is he doing here Hino-kun?” She looked up at him, “You're…You're going with him?”
“Look I promise I'll bring him back to you okay? I'm helping him just as much as he is helping me.”
“Usako…you remember how your mother said that I was connected to him somehow? Well the bond is a lot stronger than we thought. We can tell what the other is thinking, and feel what the other is feeling…and Kage…isn't that bad…besides…he's sorry aren't ya Kage?”
“What?! Oh yeah! Yes I am.” Kage smiled suddenly.
Tennku stepped out “Guys seriously we gotta go! Oh! Hey Princess!” he waved and gave a huge grin before running off.
“Hey…” she said half-heartedly.
Hino unsheathed his Kantana. “Here Usako…I want you to have this. Whenever you miss me just look at this and it will be like I'm right beside you okay? Don't let anyone know that you have it. In fact go put it in your room before you wake anyone up.”
All she could do was nod. He smiled at her and kissed her on her forehead. “I'll be back I promise… I'll come back and get you and we can leave all this behind…just you and me!”
He could feel something within Kage stir a little at his proclamation to Serenity and decided that it was time to go. Letting her go he turned and ran off into the darkness, leaving Kage and Serenity alone. Kage looked at Serenity one last time glaring at her and turned to leave.
“Kaze is in tears because of you…”
He turned to look at her, but she had already walked away.
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Well there ya' go! The third chapter! Not that long I know. But yeah as you can see there is tension between Serenity and Kage and I'm gunna go ahead and tell you it isn't because he tried to kill her either. Again the idea I have will be explained in later chapters and thoroughly explained in a side story that explains Kage's part of the story.
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