Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ Hit the Floor ❯ Chapter 1

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Hit the Floor
By: May-VeggieGirl1

Hello again, hey, that wasn't too long, now was it? Anyway, sorry the last chapter might have been slightly confusing, but it should be the only one. Need a quick intro, ya' know? So, R/R please! (also, time is a bit distorted in this. It takes Vegeta and Nappa a whole year to arrive on Earth in the series, but I'm cutting it to a week's travel. How did they survive that long without food man? O.o;;; )

I don't own DBZ. I'm flattered if anyone thinks that, because my drawing skillz simple cannot be compared. It would put Toriyama-sensei to shame. x_x heheh...


Goku arrived at the Kame House only a minute or two before Raditz came the day before. Everyone rushed over to him, worried he was going to be late or not show up at all. Well, everyone but Piccolo ran over to him that was.
"Korin has these 5 senzu beans to give to ya' Goku," Krillin handed it to him with tears in his eyes. Goku chuckled at his best friend.

"Are you crying, Krillin?" The midget wiped his face on his sleeve before answering.

"Just... just be careful around them, alright...?" Goku smiled.

"Don't worry, Krillin, everything will work out. I can handle myself." Chichi, armed with rolling pin and bazooka for when her "brother-in-law" showed up, hugged him while crying. Goku rubbed her back with comfort while looking up to everyone else's concerned eyes. "Hey, come on now, it's not the end of the world! Just think of it as I'm going to go training for maybe a month or two! I'll keep in touch with ya'all, ya' know!" Honestly, their faith in him was beginning to depress him more, he wished they'd understand that but he couldn't bring himself to say something that selfish out-loud. Not that any of them would question him.

Then, just before everyone could get in their goodbyes, he came with Gohan, still half-asleep from crying all night in the pod. Of course, he woke up fully when he saw his mother and father there.
"MOMMY!! DADDY!!" He began to struggle in Raditz's grasp again. His brother smiled with a slight evil tinge.

"I assume, from the baggage you have, that you plan to accept my offer?" Goku nodded slowly while never tearing his glaring eyes off of his brother. "Excellent! Since I am not someone to go back on a promise, here," He tossed Gohan up in the air to have Goku catch him carefully and lovingly. He gently floated back down and handed the sniveling child to Chichi. Gohan latched onto her as she glared viciously at Raditz.

"You're the one who planned to take my son away from me, and now is taking my husband!!!" He sighed sadly while shaking his head.

"I'm guessing you're Kakarrot's mate..."

"Damn straight!!!" She instantly flung the rolling pin at him, him tilting his head slightly to the side to dodge the attack. He raised an eyebrow before turning back to Goku.

"Alright, Kakarrot, get your stuff and let's find you pod. The sooner we leave, the better," He grumbled the last part slightly.

"My... pod?" Goku asked while tilting his head.

"Yes, you know, the sphere-ish spaceship you came to Earth in?" Raditz growled. He had a shorter fuse today since Kakarrot's kid had the same pair of penetrable lungs that Kakarrot had when he was young.

"Oh. That might be near Grandpa Gohan's house..." He turned back to his friend silently. "I'll see you all later guys..." He wearily picked up his suitcase and called the familiar yellow cloud and hopped on it. Chichi quick gave him one last kiss and let Gohan hug his father. "Now, Gohan, I want you to be a good boy for Piccolo. You have a lot of potential, and I think Piccolo would be the best to help you grow."

"B-But, Daddy?" Gohan sniffled while holding back tears.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine. You just stay focused and diligent, alright?" He looked back up to everyone and gave a short wave before turning back to his slightly impatient older brother. "Alright, Raditz..." He sighed before continuing. "Let's get the pod." Raditz huffed before taking off into the air, Goku sadly following behind while glancing back at his friends and family as the Kame House slowly disappeared into the horizon.

"So, you have a vague idea about the whereabouts of your pod?"

"Yeah," Goku muttered. Raditz drifted back slowly behind Goku.

"You'll have to lead. And don't think about buying time with going in circle's either... what's with the cloud?" He asked while observing it like a lump of coal found in a stocking.

"It's name is Nimbus and I like riding it because my master gave it to me." Goku stated nonchalantly. Raditz sweatdropped while noticing the upcoming mountains ahead.

"Please tell me you can fly by your own means..."

"Yeah, but I already told you I like riding it more."

"You DO realize that you can't take it with you right?"

"I wouldn't put Nimbus through something like that," Goku growled slightly as if it were referring to animal abuse.

"Speaking of which, we need to get some things straight here." Raditz darted in front of Goku and halted, forcing Nimbus to halt also and almost flinging Goku and his stuff off the ride. "First off, you don't address the other saiyans, you only address me."

"How come?" Goku asked suspiciously.

"I'm your superior, and they're my superiors." Goku felt a cold sweat come on.

"T-They're... your superiors?!"

"Yes, and since you're third rank trash, you do not speak to them unless they speak to you. Secondly, you do as we all tell you to without question, or we might not spare you or your family, got that?" Goku bit his bottom lip angrily but nodded with understanding. "Finally, try not to get in the way, since we'll the the ones having to do most of the work."

"Yeah, I get it... hey, is that the 'pod' you were talking about down there?" Raditz glanced down below in the mist of a valley to find a small speak of green with vegetation trying to re-grow around it.

"That is, I'm pretty sure, since you haven't used your pod in so long. Alright, land here." Both swept down to the area and cleared the path mostly. Raditz banged on the door soft enough not to make a dent in it. It opened up, releasing some dust into the air near them. There was a small, fairly soft cushiony seat, a red-tinted window in the front and a small panel with unknown buttons and numbers on it. It looked somewhat cozy. "Okay, get in. I'll set the destination point," He said while snatching a black remote from a little hidden compartment on the inside and playing with the buttons. He pointed to a button on the inside panel of the pod. "This button will turn on the communication system between your pod and mine, since that's how I set it. Don't push it unless you really have to talk to me," Raditz said, partially annoyed. "Well? Get in already!!" Goku sighed while squeezing in his suitcase and fitting in himself.

"It's... kinda small."

"You'll get used to it. Besides, it's not meant for adults, you were supposed to leave when you were still a kid," He murmured irritated while closing the door. Goku pressed his face and hands against the window as Raditz played with a few more buttons on the remote. He glanced up over the side of the mountain, where his Grandpa's house rested. Raditz flew off with the remote, probably to get in his own pod before launching them both. The tinted window began to fog up as Goku breathed on it, keeping his face plastered to the glass.

"Grandpa... Please forgive me," Goku asked as the pod levitated silently off the ground and shot up and out of the atmosphere.

Goku sat cramped in his pod as he watched the Earth slowly disappear into space. He sighed and looked back at Raditz's pod a little bit ahead of him. He glanced down at the control panel and pushed a button.
"Hey, Raditz?"

"What do you want," he muffled. Goku observed that he sounded like he was just woken up.

"When will we get there?" He asked anyway.

"'Bout a week." Raditz turned off the intercom. Goku sat quietly in his pod in utter shock.

"It'll take... a week?" He repeated in a weak voice. Raditz expected both of them to live without food or space to move for a week? What about going to the restroom and such?! Goku frantically pushed the button again but Raditz had turned off his intercom completely. Ignoring the little red light still on and letting out another heavy sigh, Goku slouched down in his seat and tried to open his suitcase when he learned there wasn't enough room to open it. He hung his head before tucking it away again.
Might as well try to get some sleep then, while I still can with a semblance of a conscious mind...
He reached back in his pocket and dug around before pulling out a cd Yamcha lent him. Now, Goku wasn't really a music person, but Yamcha insisted it would help him. What Goku couldn't figure out what how it was going to help him. So, he figured, maybe it will help him sleep.
He slipped the disk in the player and, after pushing multiple buttons in confusion, finally hit play and put on the headphones. After a few seconds of intro, it started to suddenly slam guitars and make him almost jump out of his skin.
No... definitely not to help me sleep...

There are just too many
Times that people have tried to look inside of me
Wondering what I think of you
And protect you out of courtesy
Too many
Times that I've held on when I needed to
Push away
Afraid to say what was on my mind
Afraid to say what I need to say
Too many
Things that you said about me when I'm not around
You think you have upper hand of me
But you gotta keep putting me down
But I've had too many
Stand off with you, it's about as much as I can stand
So I'll wait until the upper hand is mine

Next you're not, watch it drop
Just before you hit the floor
Next you're not, missed your shot
You think you won and then it's all

Goku leaned back and tried to get comfortable while yawning.
Hey, Yamcha is right... stupid saiyans...
"I'll work for you now, but I'll bring you down... so don't get comfortable using me..." He mumbled before falling asleep.
What Goku failed to realize was that the little red light for the intercom was still on...

Hi, so, how important will Goku's mumbling be? It will have significance, but it won't be apparent until mmuuuuccchhhh later. Until then just keep it in mind. Ja~
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