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Warning: Lime-on (It's my new term. I coined it. It's when a lime wants to be a lemon but it doesn't quite get there… yet)
How to Make Love to a Saiyan
By Caprice
Chapter 9
Step 10 - It's a Date
“…a woman with spirit and not just a subservient little subordinate he could use at his pleasure. It was meant to pull him out from his shell… to tease the male… the big animal male in him… and she wanted him, but not like this… she wanted every part of him, the part that went even beyond lust.” Ch. 2
The sky, sparkling like a mantle of diamonds high above the clouds was a sight not many earthlings had a chance to witness. And to experience the purest of airs filling your lungs as you moved across the vastness of the heavens was a privilege not conceded to mortals. It was that knowledge, and perhaps the altitude, that began fooling with her brain and making her believe she was flying in the powerful arms of a deity. It was all grand and magnificent, like some outlandish dream… this ability to soar at a preternatural speed, high above the ground and feel every bit as safe as if the world was at her feet. It could have been perfect; absolute in its beauty… a thing to experience with as much childlike glee as was possible…
If only the damn dress didn't keep riding up her ass and scrunching around her waist.
Bulma groaned for the umpteenth time the second she felt Vegeta's hands slip up from her bottom and grab her waist. The confining leather of her scanty attire bunched over his powerful forearm even after her various attempts to keep it how it was supposed to be. She now felt completely un-sexy and was blushing profusely after realizing how there wasn't anything “cool” about flying with her legs dangling in the air and her white lace panties in display.
“What?!” Vegeta asked in her ear when he felt her little fist pounding on his chest. She appeared to be mouthing something unintelligible.
“Sss dow…..” She tried to speak over the rush of air but it barricaded her from his face. Vegeta was forced to reduce his speed so that he could listen to whatever she was saying, until they were practically hovering in place under the moonlight. His ki kept gleaming around them, crackling with its intensity and setting the hairs on her skin on end.
“I said, slow down! We were going at a great speed until you felt the need to spread your male peacock feathers and demonstrate just how fast you can be.” She huffed and puffed squirming in his grasp as she strived to pull the hem of her dress down.
Vegeta held her like a doll, both hands on her narrow waist so that she had some room to rearrange her outfit. “This is not as fast as I can be. If I flew at that speed you'd be clawing for air and dead within seconds. And what the hell's a peacock anyway.'”
She gave up on adjusting her clothing when it became apparent the scrap of black leather wouldn't obey her will. “You should use that TV in your room more often. The nature channel is the answer to all your wild life questions.”
“I have no interest in such matters. I'd sooner spend my spare time on top of you.” His tone was as matter-of-factly as could be and Bulma knew he probably had no idea he'd just given her his very own version of a compliment. She smiled at the way his ignorance of her culture could sometimes make him so candid and ingenuous. Her skin heat up at that realization but the cool air on her butt cheeks brought her temperature down almost immediately.
“Vegeta, could you grab me better? My dress is driving me crazy and I am now practically mooning the entire planet.”
What a whiny little… “Woman, do you see anybody around? Do you want me to drop you now just to make it dead clear how high above the skies we are?”
She circled his neck tightly with her arms and clasped her legs around his waist. “Oh no, you won't. And that's not the point! I feel horrible, and it's cold and uncomfortable and…”
Vegeta growled low in his chest as his arms secured her tightly to him. “One single more word and you'll make me regret falling for this little tryst. It's your damn problem for wearing inexplicable clothes that are meant for the bedroom only.”
She moved her head back to look into his eyes and felt his clean breath against her lips. “For the “bedroom” only? Is that code for you” only?” She smiled teasingly, her tone dipped in sensual foreplay.
She thought she felt his body temperature rise slightly, his cheeks changing color minutely. Vegeta only grunted and raised his nose to the horizon looking as proud and unyielding as the Prince he was. He appeared more interested in analyzing their destination than in answering any impertinent questions.
“Oujisama, I don't like my ass hanging in the air like this, could you put me down for a bit?”
He lip curled in protest. “Unless you mean sitting you over a fucking cloud I wouldn't know what else to do.”
She looked at him with big wide eyes, star-shine gleaming on them and making her appear like some cosmic nymph. Vegeta could only frown, a single beam of electricity coiling up inside his body. He was almost becoming used to experiencing this unnerving reaction whenever he held her so close. It seemed his body spoke its own language when it came in contact with her curves and he often wondered how a creature so powerless could be this bewitching. And tonight she was more so than usual, reminiscent of that first day he set eyes upon her.
Bulma put the edge of her hand against her forehead, scanning the emptiness in hopes of recognizing where they were and what the closest option for landing was.
“Great, this is Chiaki District, so the Chiaki Bridge must be just a little to the north.”
Vegeta was a strategist at heart, a man who often knew when to pick his battles even if he was at his wits end. This was such a moment. He decided he'd rather comply with her wishes than deal with the high-pitched ring of her voice.
He flared into a spectacle of blue light as he propelled himself in the direction she signaled. This truly had to be the most exasperating race in he face of the universe. Chikyuu women, to whom everything was “cold and uncomfortable” and for some reason, always slightly off. He sometimes recalled how in the middle of sex she'd sometimes bring him back to lucidity with a tiny “Vegeta… throw the covers on...” or “Yes… no, no… not there… yes!” Who the hell got her? The worse had been fucking her in between her stupid stuffed animals only to hear some doll suddenly utter something about her name being “Mindy”.
“You're squashing Mindy” She had said.
He smirked. It was good to know that had been “Mindy's” last day on earth before being reduced to a pile of smoldering ashes.
“There” She exclaimed, nodding at one of the mighty towers of the imposing structure of West Capital's Suspension Bridge. He projected himself downwards until he landed on the incredibly tall tower with unearthly grace and as soon as he did she resorted to readjusting her minuscule dress.
His eyes roamed over the enormous body of water as it lay still and quiet like a silver mirror. The twinkling of the lights far away was enough to make him frown in remembrance of long days spent gazing through the vacuum of space, when stars seemed almost within grasp yet he'd been utterly confined. The need to break free, the claustrophobia of the tiny space pod had somehow transformed into this breezy night where nothing separated him from anything and each little light shone brighter than a constellation.
“Holy Kami!” She gasped the minute she looked down over the edge of the structure, a sudden sense of vertigo taking her over. She could feel that too familiar sensation of dizziness over again, the same one she'd felt only minutes ago when she'd thrown herself from the roof of the six story building that was the Capsule Corporation yellow dome.
“Not again.” He reprimanded gruffly, strong arms grasping her tightly, her back against his pectorals.
“Believe me, once was more than enough for me.” She laid her head back into the crook of his neck and sighed. “I just would have never imagined I'd ever stand here of all places in the world. You're used to this but I am not…it's just… different.” It was marvelous how she felt so at ease even while standing so high above in the middle of the turbulent winds.
They both remained quiet, and all he did was press her body to his during very long seconds of nothing but the rumor of the river. Then came the soft whisper of her voice “And something else… never again will I wear this blasted dress. I think it was alright for a sixteen year old body, but not for the fuller curves I somehow managed to sprout.”
He ran a heated hand up her thigh and raised her dress slightly in order to touch the tiny garment that lay underneath. His fingers slipped beneath the lace to massage her silky hairs, every movement a strong caress. “Woman could you explain to me what the hell we're doing standing on a bridge?” He breathed the words against her neck, his hardening shaft pressing firmly against her tailbone. “Let's go back to our quarters… now”.
The way he said the last word… with a husky need, made her close her eyes instantaneously. She slid bird-boned fingers over his forearms, indulging in the feel of the few veins that laced his muscles. “No… not yet.” It took all her willpower to utter the phrase. His moistened lips ran down her neck and a very hyperactive hand played inside her undergarment.
“Vegeta” She whispered, turning around in his arms to face him. His eyes, as black and deep as wells of darkness, called to her in primal hunger but she held firmly unto her resolve. There was a purpose for her dragging him out of Capsule Corporation. In fact there had been a purpose for her sleeping with him in the first place. Too many nights had already passed submerged in a lustful frenzy. Too many times he'd taken control and used her how and when he pleased. Her questions still remained unsolved, and the need to answer them had grown too strong. She wanted to pull him out of his comfort zone, to do things her own way, and at the end of the night the time would come for a little role reversal. Vegeta-ouji couldn't hide anymore, nor could she. She had to know him, really get to know him, as well as she knew his body.
She gasped when she felt a finger sneak into her core and all she could do was grab his biceps. She couldn't lose it now… not again. “Vegeta… no, not like this, not tonight.”
He frowned instantly, a feeling of icy cold doom sinking in the pit of his stomach. He knew these eyes and the fire within. He had seen them before and could tell they foreboded trouble. It was obvious she was up to something and he had to mentally brace himself for whatever wicked charm she was about to spew from her sugary lips.
“When we begun, that night a few weeks ago, I told you something important, have you forgotten what it was?”
His lips curled up in response. “Please, don't stop?”
“Not that, you jerk!” She said, pushing him lightly, yet glad his grip never wavered.
“Then I suggest you speak quickly before I run out of patience.” He whispered against her lips. Bulma had to ignore the way his long, thick eyelashes brushed against hers and how the touch sent tingles through her body.
“I said I needed to do things my way. All this time, you've dominated me and gotten a mighty kick out of doing so, but once in a while you have to let me be on top and do things differently.”
When he scoffed and looked sideways, she pulled his face back with the touch of her fingertips. “Before you start going off about how you're the mighty Prince of all Saiyans let me give you a little update on your Ki situation. You're definitely improving, there's no denying that, but did you know you should be at a better percentage by now? Your progress rate has steadily decreased in the past couple of weeks and stalled at about 75% imbalanced in all Ki centers. That means you're still hanging on to whatever threads of calculating control you've imposed on yourself and unless you keep breaking those barriers you'd better kiss your lifelong dreams goodbye, Mr. I don't need your advice.”
He looked at her with a strange mixture of concern and surprise and the second she saw that, she felt the overwhelming need to pat herself in the back. The truth had never been more convenient. He seemed about to refute her words with some mordant quip, yet his lips quivered under the strain. Something twitched in his cheek. “Speak all you must at once. I know that's not where your story ends, am I right?'”
She pressed her breasts against his chest, and touched the tip of her nose to his. “That means you let me hold the reins tonight and be the one to call the shots, unless you feel intimidated, that is.”
He ran his hands over the roundness of her little ass before issuing a low threat. “Don't toy with me, girl, just how many times am I going to have to tell you that.”
“So that's that eh? The powerful Prince Vegeta can't handle some puny little female unless he's the one doing the handling. He needs to dominate others to feel in power.”
“Hush, little one, don't make me punish you.” He said biting her lip with calculated softness.
“She placed her palms against his chest and looked into his eyes. “Then prove me wrong…” He looked as imposing as that day he'd fallen on Chikyuu from the depths of space to wipe out humanity. Fire-like spikes flamed to the wind as he regarded her beneath a stern face. That harsh visage was a contrast to how soft she knew his lips were. They were like a delicacy, perfect as if they'd been dreamt by a goddess of pure desire.
“What is it you want.” He asked, a dark lock of hair covering his left eye by the force of the breeze.
“Just sit back and enjoy the ride. You'll know by the end of the night.” She smiled naughtily and run well manicured fingers over his lips. “For starters, have you ever kissed someone at this height?” His arms tensed at the unforeseen question but his eyes never lost that arrogance.
“I've killed someone at this height, does that count?” The corner of his lip lifted wickedly. To his infinite amazement she didn't bite the bait. Instead she looked at him with big luminous eyes.
“No, it doesn't count.”
She opened a small heart locket pendant she'd been wearing around her neck and the fruity smell of its contents seeped slowly into his nostrils. It was strong and mouthwatering, and he witnessed entranced as she moved a fingertip over the balm. She then dabbed it over her lips and they instantly became a glistening shade of pink. Their shape was now completely well-defined even under the silver shower of the moonlight. The woman was certainly full of surprises.
He waited for some sort of cue, a word of command from her viperous mouth, yet all she did was lock the pendant, close her eyes…
And wait.
Bulma knew who she was dealing with. She didn't expect a gallant reaction worthy of a romance movie. This was a warrior not a poet, yet somewhere in her heart, there was still hope for him to take the chance and seize the day. At least that's what she hoped.
Moments dragged by and she slowly began to realize just how emotionally stilted a certain monkey Prince was, in fact, a lot more than she had been able to foresee. She opened an eye and peeked at him. Unbelievable. He was staring at her like she was some strange creature from a forlorn planet.
“This is the part where you…” She saw him frown deeper and just like that she decided she'd cross the line and take him with her. “The part where you do this…” Her lips brushed against his, the tip of her tongue begging for entrance into his succulent mouth. Vegeta cocked his head slightly, holding on to the last little thread of restraint.
“Taste it…” She whispered, knowing fully well it was probably the first time his majesty would experience a strawberry chapstick kiss.
And just like that he felt his knees falter, his hands move of their own volition to hold her tightly as he savored her lips between his. His desire grew against the softness of her body, his tongue played, his mouth sucked, with a golden moon as a mystical backdrop to his need. His breathing was ragged against hers, a sudden need to sink into her heat beginning to toy with his sanity.
Kissing, at this altitude, with a Prince of an alien race was something she sure didn't think she'd ever experience, and this time, even through the coldness and the wind, this time, it was perfect… absolute in its beauty.
She could have prolonged the moment, extended it to sublime heights, yet she opted to end the kiss and let it be a teaser for more to come. Step one complete… a little preview for the rest of the night. She pulled her head back and delighted when she saw his head angle forward, his lips tangled with hers until she tore them away.
“What kind of behavior is this?” He grumbled as she turned around and sunk back into his arms.
“What kind of behavior? It's called a kiss, simple and clear and standing on its own. It's an earthling's way of saying you might get lucky later on.”
Vegeta trailed the tip of his tongue over her ear, arms surrounding her possessively. “We're heading back now, to our bedroom. I'm going to spread your legs, and I'm going to make you com…”
“No… I said I'd be in control tonight, didn't I? That means you'll have to deal with my Chikyuu-jin ways.” Her voice was still sufficiently determined even while moaning halfway through her sentence. Being in charge was a major task to pull while subject to his licking and nibbling.
“Hn”. He thought he heard her say something but his hands were too busy exploring her body over her tight dress. “You speak too much…. haven't I told you that…” His palms sweat as they sought a breast, his breath was humid against her skin, and each pump of his heart far apart yet thunderous.
His words were mixed with the distant sound of music, chatter and the squeals of children carried forth by the wind. She squint her eyes and followed the direction of the noise, the tiny tinkle of fairy lights in the distance catching her attention.
“It's the weekend fair… at the park…”
God he was so aroused, she knew his body too well, his movements, the way he resorted to nipping when he was beginning to fall into the pit of desire. He spread his legs to grind his groin against her bottom, fingers fumbling with her breasts and attempting to set them free. His biceps flexed and un-flexed as he touched her all over, his wet lips and hot breath at the base of her chin.
“No… no more… `Geta…” She feared she'd loose her round if she didn't manage to get it all under control. “That's not exactly how dates in Chikyuu go.”
“Dates?” He said, thrown off by the rarity of the word.
“Yes… dates…” She said between a deep inhalation.
“What is that supposed to mean?” He reared his head to clear his thoughts and try to appease his ever raging lust for her.
She smiled and looked longingly ahead. “That means I want to see Moondust park at 12 in the morning…”
The plaza seemed to have fallen under an enchantment. It was engulfed in that same magical aura that she remembered from when life was a lot simpler. The gazebo she'd often ran around as a little girl was now lit with tiny white lights and sitting upon it was a jazz band playing an age-old melody. Even though it was late evening, some couples still danced to the slow-paced music and it was evident half of them were seniors who came every weekend to relive precious memories.
The ones who didn't dance sat around the square, their soft murmurs mixing with distant sounds of laughter or the voices of children as they ran in the playground nearby. She smiled when she saw a couple of teenagers painfully trying to get the little ones off the inflatable games so they could fold them up and call it a night. It reminded her of many years ago, when her parents brought her to this very place and she ate cotton candy until her tummy ached.
“This is Chikyuu.” She said in a small voice, her eyes wandering over the park in obvious adoration. His warrior instinct compelled him to scan the place and asses each pitiful stranger. It was something he was used to doing every single time he stepped into unknown territory, yet he looked at her intrigued, unable to figure out the actual point of landing in the middle of such a peculiar scenario.
He lifted an eyebrow. “Of course it's Chikyuu. I wasn't expecting Vegita-sei.” She could almost sense his discomfort as he stood there, arms crossed and a sour disposition. It was his typical way of setting up a barrier against the outside world but this time it wasn't going to work. She'd do whatever it took to tear down every wall tonight.
Bulma moved to face him, her lips a few whispers away from his. “Damn smart I'd say, but as long as you're here, you might as well benefit from trying to fit in…” Her eyes took in the wild mane crowning his head “…well as much as you're going to fit anyway…”
Vegeta's lip quirked and he glared at her through a thin veil of impatience. “I have no interest in fitting into your species. Your words hold absolutely no meaning to me, nor does this, irritating display of…” His dark daggers darted back and forth over the square. “…vulgarity”.
She graced him with a slanted smile. “Don't worry Vegeta, I most definitely won't ask you to dance with me. I know just how much you can do with that body, but somehow I fail to see you as that type.” She backed off and offered him a look of teasing femininity. “So taking your extreme “alienness” into consideration, I'd better take care of this part of our date myself.”
His thick eyebrows knitted together as he saw her turn around and stride into the square. The mystifying sounds of the instruments had just shifted into a quicker pace and sooner than he'd expected she was there, among the couples, contemplating the entertainers and moving slightly to the beat.
She swayed her hips slowly yet gracefully, with a smooth quality that was almost hypnotizing, and that's when he knew he'd never seen something quite like this before. He'd witnessed the dance of death and the cries of agony. He'd experienced first hand the sinful elegance of a planet exploding into stardust, yet these movements… her waist bending slightly, her hair brushing her back and a hand digging into her deep turquoise hair. This reminded him of her body squirming in bed, of her fingers as they intertwined with the locks of his hair.
His eyes couldn't have left her even if he tried and so they didn't miss when an older couple broke their embrace. The wrinkled old man bowed down at her and took her hand, leading her in slow movements due to his old age. He was grabbing her hands and smiling at her, at his female… and she seemed happy. No, she looked delighted really as she twirled around and laughed in utter merriment. She swayed like a siren, flicking her hair, making it cascade against her body. He could smell her, feel her energy as strongly as if she'd been standing right next to him. Was this a Chikyuu woman? Was this the kind of thing that brought them satisfaction? Could they possibly be content with something so simple...
Vegeta regarded her like a statue, standing with his legs slightly apart and an air of complete severity. He was spellbound by those tiny quirks and the notion that there was so much he still didn't know about her. It was all lulling him into some sort of trance when suddenly something caught his eye. He darted his pupils sideways to observe one of those small creatures, a human child, who was holding on to his mother's hand as he licked some sort of dessert piled atop a cone. Gods he was ugly, freckled and red-haired and wearing enormous glasses the thickness of the windowpane on a space pod. He slurped at the chocolate ball and, for some reason unknown to him, insisted on gracing him with a fixed stare. Vegeta felt his entire body tense with a distinct need to get rid of the bug. He was bothersome to say the least and just what the hell was he looking at?
He exhaled through his nostrils in a conscious effort to appease his id and ignore the twirp. Yet right that moment something insulting and offensive happened… and… what in the seven hells! The brat stuck his tongue out, blew hard and made the most upsetting, irritating sound he'd heard in his entire life. He slurped on his treat some more, wiped his nose with the back of his hand and readjusted his viewing device before laughing like a devil.
Vegeta swallowed hard, grinding his teeth as the all familiar chill of murderous intent crawled over his spine. He tried averting his eyes again and thought he'd forget about the insect… at least that's what he intended to do, yet there was that sound, again! The kid vibrated his tongue at him and he glared back in his direction, giving him the mother of all scowls. His eyes heat up to a supernatural temperature, flashing in the night, and an invisible beam of ki turned the delectable treat the earthling was holding into a molten liquid mess.
It screeched. The brat screamed and he thought his eardrums would explode.
How could this race even stand itself, let alone think about reproducing such puny, whiny pieces of… gods, it was worse than the sound of a possessed banshee. It wasn't only the howls but the horrible face as it wrinkled in contorted misery.
“Kami, Vegeta, that wasn't very nice…” Bulma was suddenly facing him and he actually started. Why hadn't he noticed her approaching? “Can't I leave you alone for a few minutes before you feel compelled to make little angels cry!”
He merely grated his teeth, snarling in disbelief. “Don't go there, or I'll give you what I had in store for that little piece of…”
“Shhhh… for the love of Kami.” Bulma thanked the heavens the minute the woman decided to retreat, dragging a very loud, squirming son behind and trying desperately to hush his wails.
She grabbed his bicep and pulled him delicately towards a table at the very back of the plaza to an area that bordered the gardens.
“You're raising your voice and I don't want to call any unnecessary attention.” She looked around noticing how a few other couples still danced the night away, one or two sitting on secluded benches under the night blooming jasmines.
“Unnecesary attention?” He hissed. “Unnecesary attention is you bolting into the middle of that square and putting on a show for the rest of the viewers while half naked.”
Bulma placed her palms flat against his chest, pushing him into an ornate seat. “I am not half naked and the guy I was dancing with was half blind if that's your main concern. Do you want to stamp your royal seal on my ass or something to put your mind at ease?”
“Stop daring me.” He grated, not realizing he was suddenly sitting on the white chair.
“Why do I actually believe you'd do something like that…” She blew upwards, her bangs fluttering slightly and falling down in disarray. He was about respond with a phrase worthy of her poison when he felt her weight sitting on his lap and her legs tucking under his own.
His eyes widened. “What… ”
Bulma smiled and whispered in his ear. “No one's watching us…” His entire body had gone tense, muscles hard, as she shifted in his lap. They both watched as the jazz band announced the last tune of the day in the middle of the scattered applauses from the few gathered. “This is a Chikyuu-jin ritual…” she explained, her voice as soft as the breeze around them. “It's a step after the dance, and a move before what we usually do when we're alone.” His palms had balled into fists and even though he was quiet she could feel his discomfort. She was sure he was overwhelmingly uneasy, pushed out of his comfort zone to the extreme. It was the result of a life devoid of anything resembling the pleasures of regular dating.
She repositioned herself over him to slide a dainty arm around his shoulders and glide a palm over the muscles of his chest. Her fingers moved up and up until they grazed the side of his chin and her thumb found his lips, brushing over them as lightly as a feather. “You know, if you think about it, Saiyans may have had something like this as well… things males and females do that don't necessarily involve tossing around under the sheets. You probably never realized it because you didn't have a chance to grow up in your world. There was no way for you to know.”
He had been staring elsewhere but he suddenly turned his head back to look into her eyes. There was puzzlement in his midnight gaze. “I don't like riddles…”
She gave him a wicked smile and leaned forward, licking his lower lip in earnest. “Well how about I explain it to you, or better yet, demonstrate it? This particular phase is called “making out”.”
He grunted as her slender fingers snuck under the collar of his shirt and curled around his back. “Making what?”
She chuckled softly and nibbled at his lips. “Open your mouth `Geta…” Her words were whispers, the kind you hear in the most decadent part of a wet dream… the type he'd fantasized over when he was nothing but a fourteen year old toiling with Saiyan hormones.
Bulma didn't know what he'd do. She really hadn't thought too deeply about this part. She was merely acting upon instinct, taking him as far out as possible to play the game according to her rules and regulations. She'd bowed to touch him deeply, to make him experience the reality of what it meant to be human and she sure wasn't going to bail out now. There was too much satisfaction in seeing him experience them for the first time ever.
She felt the sweet taste of victory the moment a big, warm hand smoothed over her thigh and squeezed it gently. His mouth surrendered to her lips and his touch got lost under the hem of her dress. Such a quick learner… so smart.
He sucked and tasted her sugar, drinking with the passion he always used when kissing her in bed. There was no denying he wanted her and he did so fiercely. Yet he tore the fervent kiss and breathed raggedly against her cheek. “What's the point of this… do you want me to take you here in full view of others?”
She sighed into his mouth, sneaking her tongue inside and savoring him. “No… that's the whole idea, getting as far as possible without going all the way. Doing something forbidden to build up the heat and have it explode later.”
“Quit talking like you're about to orgasm, you're not helping.” He said between licks. “I still don't see the point of “building any more heat” as you put it.” He was engorged and she could feel it pressing against her hip, the entire length of his manhood becoming solid hard.
“It's almost like making love with your clothes on, can you do that or is it something you can't handle?” She was baiting him and he knew that, but he couldn't quite care less. He could rise to meet any challenge she threw at him easily, and this shouldn't be any different. She was testing his control while placing him under her witchcraft and he almost considered dumping her for her insolence. But her mouth tasted so sweet, and she was such an amazing fuck he couldn't pass on the chance of doing her tonight. Low and vulgar sure made a good bedmate. Those were his thoughts as he squeezed her body and kissed her chin…and beyond.
“Stop wandering to my neck… you're one step away of pulling my clothes off.” She said in a feverish whine. “Vegeta…”
He nipped and licked all the way back to her mouth, thrusting his need forward to sooth it against her body. “Pointless… pointless… “ His hand grabbed her waist and his other one snuck under her blue green tresses to cup the base of her skull.
Bulma seriously considered straddling him, but that would have basically meant doing him in public, and even though the thought proved more than enticing, it would defeat the whole purpose of teaching him what a makeout session was. God, but his hands were roving with such expertise, handling her like a doll he wanted to have his way with. “Vegeta…” She moaned… as he lowered his head to her neck once more, nibbling and sucking. “No…no… don't…” her lips sought his again and she began drinking out of him with such madness she thought she'd drain him dry.
“Oh …g.. god.” She began arching into his arms, one hand lifting the edge of his shirt and snaking its way under the waistline of his pants.
He groaned and raised the hem of her dress until he reached her panties and attempted a pull down. He fumbled with the flimsy garment and exhaled into her mouth. No.. this man wasn't safe enough to do this with, she through as his finger slid inside her heat to test her waters. Bulma jolted in place and grabbed at the last thread of her sanity before losing all dreams of control. “No… not here…”
“No… No…it's all you've said all night long. I swear if I hear that word one more time I'll lose my temper girl…” He rasped, grinding his sensitized package against her.
Bulma reared a very flustered face to look around and realized they were in real danger of being caught any minute. She directed wide blue eyes at him, took in his very pissed off expression and decided she wanted third base, desperately. She pulled away from his embrace, stood up, and ushered a shaky little whisper. “Come over…”
She tiptoed into the darkness, between tall birch trees that lined the river. He followed her with an odd discomfort between his thighs. There was a cruel pull at his groin that he could feel every step of the way and it forced him to walk more than a little bit funny.
The place was darker, hidden from the view of any other human around, or so it seemed. The soft murmur of the water and the rustle of the leaves seemed the only companion to the pounding he felt in his ears.
Bulma walked a fine line, knowing just how dangerous toying with a heated Saiyan could be, yet the idea of missing this chance was too much for her. Heavy petting in a public place seemed like a lesson she'd be more than happy to teach her “master”.
She turned around to face him and… gasped. Her breath literally caught in her throat and her jaw dropped. “Veg…Vegeta.” He stood there paralyzed, looking at her dumbfounded. What the hell was the matter with her?
She opened her mouth once more “W---what's…” Her eyes never left his as she studied him for what seemed like ages. Thankfully, slowly but surely fear began giving way to fascination which was definitely a more comfortable feeling to experience. She approached him, extending her fingers to graze his face ever so delicately. “What's happening to you?”
Vegeta frowned in confusion catching the hand she was touching him with. “What are you talking about? Nothing's…”
Something was different.
Yes, he could feel it, his heart pumped stronger, each beat drumming distinctively and reverberating in his chest. He didn't think about it, he merely looked at the sky in a sudden attempt to determine whether his suspicions were correct. “It's a full moon.” He said in a simple voice. His frown deepened… no wonder she was so taken aback. It was the beast in him, the shadow of the Oozaru that still peered forth during nights of full moon.
“Your eyes, they glow in the dark like the eyes of dogs or…or wolves.” She was positively transfixed, her lips quivering slightly as she spoke.
He lowered his jaw and looked at her with those penetrating eyes and their sheer intensity. “It's the vestige of my animal form. The reflective retinas of the beast's eyes allow me to have night vision as an ape.” She felt suspended in air, staring into the predator-like irises in utter amazement. Her lips parted, as she concentrated on studying such unbelievable transformation. It wasn't only the eyes…
Her fingers trailed their way to his incisors and felt their sharpness; they'd grown slightly pointier, giving him a very animalistic appearance.
He slid his tongue over a newly acquired fang and grimaced, feeling a pang of humiliation wash over him. Why did he suddenly feel so inadequate, like a creature of the night fighting the urge to skulk back in the darkness? He'd felt like royalty up until now, like a man about to have his way with what was his but she was now positively terrorized.
Distraught? Disgusted. Yes, she was probably disgusted.
Her eyes were riddles as they wandered over him as if he were some beastly apparition brought forth from the depths of hell itself.
He gnashed his teeth and fought a revolting sensation when he felt the change in his throat. It was definitely going to turn his voice graver, like a growl. “I hate…” He stopped at the sound of his own words and how foreign and echoey they sounded in his ears. “I never necessarily liked the idea of being a werecreature. But the rush of power, the feel of such monstrous strength flowing through my veins…”
She dropped her arm to her side and looked at him with an indecipherable expression, and that's when he knew…. she had won the round; She would reject him and turn her nose at him in repugnance. It was the perfect chance for her to pull out and refuse to lay with someone she considered an abomination inside out. And she was Chikyuu-jin after all, weak yet flawless in her frailty, soft like a petal and delicate as if she'd been spun from sugar. Prim and proper… Bulma was it? Princess of her own world and about to kick him in the groin. The bitch. Served him well. What the hell had he been thinking all along? Had this night somehow managed to fool him into believing… what? That she wasn't who she was and he wasn't himself either?
She kept looking at him wide-eyed “I'd never seen such a thing. Does it last all night?”
“And what the hell is it to you'” He snapped, “Does it hurt your human sensibilities?” his tone was harsh and unyielding, a preternatural rumble that was enough to raise her hairs on end.
She backed into a tree and leaned against it, not once taking her eyes off the otherworldly spectacle he'd become. He looked dangerous, menacing, pissed off and inhuman. But above all he looked… beautiful, like a creature of wanton. She swallowed hard and reveled in the look of his eyes, the flames of his tousled hair, Kami, could anything be this mesmerizing? Was there ever someone this fascinating? It held her under arrest, made her tether on a fine thread between insanity and reason…
Vegeta approached her slowly, pressed his body against hers and looked at her haughtily. “See something you hate” He snarled, ready to give her one last good scare before taking off into the night and reassessing his entire Ki situation. For the first time he seriously considered whoring around as a possible way of easing his frustration. That's all he was used to having anyway, wasn't it? Whores. What the hell had he been thinking?
She ground her teeth and regarded him with that same unsettling look of nothingness, and Vegeta growled one last time, before pulling away.
“Third base… do you know what that is?”
He was beginning to turn around but paused in mid motion, twisting his neck to glower at her. “Third…”
Bulma issued a slanted smile and pulled a strap down to bare a shoulder, then the other one, and the cleavage opened wider to reveal the upper half of her breasts. He froze, his pupils sliding slowly down her chest until they rested on the hardened nubs that had popped partially into view.
“Will you say something, or would you rather I showed you?” She teased rubbing herself against the trunk of the tree. “Are you going to put your paws on me?”
He grunted in derision as his eyes raked her body. He wanted to bolt yet, oh the smell of her sex was strong, like some sort of forbidden nectar. Was it possible she wanted him still? The beast in him roared and banged inside his chest, suddenly desperate to drink her in and assuage his lowest needs.
Her arms were drawn back as she grabbed the tree, looking at him like a little bitch in heat. It was all he remembered before the taste of her skin, the feeling of her body squeezed against the trunk of the tree. His hands raised her dress enough for him to grab her bottom and knead it softly as his pointy fangs grazed her neck ever so slightly.
“Yyes…” she purred when he dipped his head lower to grab the fullness of a breast in his mouth and suckle at it. Doing this had never felt so lewd with previous boyfriends, especially with Yamcha who had been nothing but gentle and kind. Kami, why was it she liked it so rough? Why would she rather fuck an animal? What was wrong with her?
Her hand unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his fly so she could slip a hand inside and cup his warmth. It was already moist and throbbing and she couldn't help but feel a thrill run down her spine. Her other hand grabbed his fingers and placed them between her thighs. Yes… this is what she wanted, and only he could give it to her, no one else.
She smiled against the spikes of his hair when she felt him catch the idea and two of his fingers began moving inside out. In… out as she moved her hand up and down over his shaft.
“Spread your legs…” He growled against her humid skin.
“Is there anyone there?”
Bulma tensed immediately and he felt her muscles clench against his fingers.
“Hello? Anyone there?”
She breathed against his face. “Shit, it's a policeman...”
The short man in uniform adjusted his glasses and ventured between the bushes in the direction he thought he'd heard the voices come from. He seldom encountered real trouble during his rounds but it wasn't unusual to run into teenagers doing things they definitely shouldn't be doing. It seemed this was one of those nights. Right behind that tree…
Bulma clenched her jaw in panic, her heart fluttering inside her breast. “Vegeta…”
He ground his teeth in response. Dammit.
“There… I knew I'd heard something… huh?” The man stared wide-eyed at the darkness ahead, the beam of his flashlight projecting itself infinitely over the area where he thought he'd find the scoundrels. He moved the light around, back and forth until he was sure he'd scan the area well enough. Perhaps it was the sound of the river or the whisper of the wind. Who knew. He simply scratched his head and retreated, vowing to seriously consider retiring for once and for all. This job was beginning to toy with his nerves.
“pffft” Bulma shook her head to make Vegeta remove his hand from covering her mouth. They hovered up above next to the top of the enormous tree.
“And just why is it we came here again? Why don't you remind me.” He said bitingly. Her heartbeat was just beginning to normalize as she breathed against his shoulder. His arms held her securely, but she knew the embrace hid a strenuous sense of sexual frustration. That idea served to pull her out from her haze and reorder her thoughts.
Now that she realized just how fast they were going, it was easy to see how it was a good thing they had almost been caught. The night wasn't over yet and if she wanted things to go her way, she had to put her hormones under control. “Vegeta, I think it's been enough of fooling around…” She stated, not oblivious to the double entendre of her words. “I think we should move forward.”
“Damn glad you're done testing my patience. I think we have something we need to finish.” He said zipping up his pants and beginning to fly eastbound, in the direction of Capsule Corporation. Typical, she thought. Another night of raw, earth shattering sex under the Prince's mighty rule. Not tonight. After all, this whole warm up phase was over. He was hot and very bothered and all he could think about was sinking into her and appeasing his desires. That meant he was vulnerable.
“Wait, I don't want to go back home.” He began tensing up and she knew he was about to start cursing. “Before you go wild on me, let me finish. I want us to… do all we want to do, but I want it to be every bit as loud as it used to be before my parents barged in.”
He looked at her in puzzlement. “What do you mean?”
“It means I want to scream.” She said against his lips. He exhaled through his nostrils and held her tighter.
“Then I'll take you to the top of the highest mountain, I'll fly you to the fucking moon if need be so you can scream your lungs out, as long as it's now. Don't toy with me, not tonight.”
God, he was gonna be livid when he realized what she was driving him into. “I have a better idea, and it involves the comfort and luxuries of the best penthouse in town.”
He frowned in poorly concealed impatience. “Speak at once.”
“I'll show you how to get to the most expensive hotel in West Capital, and more specifically the top floor, where the Capsule Corporation presidential suite is.” She smiled at him. “It's nothing short of great, believe me.”
“It can be a shack as long as you fulfill your duties.” He muttered, already beginning to increase his speed as they flew over the city lights.
Bulma swallowed hard and held on. Her terms, her night. It was the moment to unearth every truth and find out who Vegeta truly was. Memories of so many times being his victim, of being used and controlled were enough to give her the determination she needed… and God knew she wanted to make him pay. So this was it, Prince Vegeta was going to face punishment.
Bulma of Chikyuu would be the perpetrator.
A/N: Chapter 10 is a thunderous showdown… Do I smell lemons? (Hangs head in shame)