Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ How to Make Love to a Saiyan ❯ Submission ( Chapter 27 )

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How to Make Love to a Saiyan

Chapter 27

Step 28 – Submission

Bulma hadn’t truly paid attention to the details in Vegeta’s master bedroom. Last she’d been in his royal suite, she had felt the grand aura of his private chambers, had even admired the deep blue drapes and gleaming masculine furniture around the lavish room, but the finer details had been lost to her. Now she sat in the middle of the royal canopy bed, her ass on sheets that were probably worth a bazillion zeni, taking in every aspect of the place.

She tilted her head and expertly worked the knots on her damp hair with every pass of her brush. It felt weird to not have to untangle industrial amounts of hair, but she could easily get used to the shorter locks. She smirked lazily at the imperial size of the Prince’s very lair, probably big enough to fit her own room thrice. Feh, and she’d thought she was rich. Not by extraterrestrial standards it seems. She felt small but incredibly enough, she felt secure. For all its quiet display of power, it was nothing short of inviting.

Vegeta observed her from door jamb as she brushed her hair. She was a glimmer of pale skin against the dark backdrop of his massive bed. It was rooted firmly to the floor by legs shaped into Oozaru claws, a rough contrast to her almost vulnerable femininity. And he stood by the “almost” bit. She was a tough girl, and to his eternal wonderment, he’d grown to appreciate it. A ball-breaker with a gentle touch and a devil’s streak. Exquisite to a t. Food for the gods.

He’d told her to wait in his room while he explored the place to size up the damage done by his captors. The diligent help still serving under the house of Vegeta had already cleared away most of it and it appeared healed from the abuse. Nevertheless, he took his time to pace through every room, looking into every nook and cranny with a clinical eye, his blood stained gloves sweeping over doors and windows to make sure his privacy wasn’t compromised.

He heaved a little sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose, feeling the tension gathered in his back. He was tired. Oh so tired. Exhausted in more ways than one, yet this simple moment… watching her in private and without her knowing gave him a measure of peace. She wore a sheer white, figure-hugging slip that teased him with its presence. Her expression that of a woman lost in thought. He wondered what she was thinking of. More to the point, WHO she was thinking of and if she hated his guts for all the shit he had put her through.

He’d spent countless days fantasizing about her bending to his will. He’d been arrogant and sexually manipulative, but then again hadn’t she done the same to him? It was a constant power struggle that somehow turned him on but left him wanting more.

Her submission.

The sweet nectar of triumph. Her legs opening for him and inviting him into his private Eden… to bury himself in her and never let go. But the maelstrom of his stormy will alone could never achieve that. It could only tempt her with what he had to offer.

“We have one, maybe two days before this place is swarmed with additional enemy forces from the closest system.” He said, making her snap to attention.

God, his tone. It chilled her to the bone. She loved how bitter-sweet it was. Searing cold and yet so capable of exciting her.  

He begun un-strapping his armor but kept watching her – carefully removing his dagger and his transact card from behind his broken chest-plate. Muscles flexing as he threw the plastic on the nearest surface then removing the chest piece entirely and letting it fall to the floor.

“I suggest you begin fixing the ship’s AC at once. I don’t want to hear your constant nagging on the journey back. Your beauty concerns, or the -clinginess of your clothes if you start getting sweaty…” He gave her a once over “…are not my concern and certainly not my problem.”

“Uhm… yeah. That shouldn’t take long.” She answered. “With the ship shut down and anchored it will be a matter of minutes.”

“Oh I don’t know, girl. Minutes may not be enough.”

A thrill filtered down her spine. The way he used words made everything sound sexual. He made her feel like prey, like she could run but couldn’t hide.

Moreover, she felt like a bit like a slut, sat there in his bed wearing almost nothing, but donning any other type of clothing at all felt unnatural. She was tired of playing games. Truth is, she had always been afraid of him and it was time to acknowledge it. She had always gambled with boys, never a man. It took a woman to handle this kind of guy and she was done acting like a scared little girl.

Vegeta, who was now bare-chested and wearing nothing but the tight leg-hugging bottom of his armor drew his face into a slight frown. He shifted his eyes. The bank of windows showed-off the metropolitan skyline in all its splendor, city-lights shimmering in the inky water.

“I release you from the terms of our relationship.”

She gave him the slightest of squints. “What?” A tiny silence followed. “Why?”

Those deep dark eyes turned back to her “You don’t owe me your body. You don’t have to thank me with sex or put out just because you think you should.”

He pushed himself off the doorjamb and walked over to the silver basin sitting on a table on the far side of the room. He used his hands to douse his face with the warm water then worked the knots on the back of his neck before running his fingers over his thick hair. All at a leisurely pace. Secure in his every move. He turned around to face her as he patted the moisture off his tanned skin with a monogrammed towel. His expression was unyielding as he tossed the towel aside and pierced her with an unwavering look.

“I can’t change what I am, Bulma, and neither can you. We are impossible together, you and I. Not even in bed can we function, and I have other priorities in mind.”

You’re holding me back. The unspoken message rang in the air loud and clear, and it stung. Here’s where she would verbally lash out at him and turn all attention to her needs. Here’s where the fighting would ensue and the clash of wills would leave them both bruised and broken and grappling with the left-over pieces of themselves.

He was breaking up with her.

The thought was chilling and it gave her a clarity of mind. All this time she had considered herself his, despite the distance, and by the same token she had considered him hers. But he was severing that tie with the unwavering hand of a surgeon.

And he kept going, centering on the inconvenience of being attracted to her.

 “You didn’t have to come and save me, I can’t thank you for stupidly placing yourself in peril for me.” There were traces of indignity in his words. He’d expected her to trust his ability to pull through, not mother him or put him at odds with himself. She could recognize that but she needed to appeal to his logic. Where was reason when you needed it?

“I didn’t save you Vegeta. I only enabled you to save us both. You know that. I am not your enemy, I only wanted to help…”

“To hell with that…” He let out a quiet growl. “You danced naked for my enemies. You were more intimate with them than you’ve been with me for months. You let them touch you… lust for you, want to fuck you.” He closed his right hand around his left wrist and gently massaged the bruises on his skin. “For that alone I dragged Zarbon across the hallways and executed him before the very eyes of those ready to judge me. I crunched his skull with my bare hands, looked at my captors straight in the eye and smirked in victory.” He bared a canine as he relived his disgust in his mind. “What do you think about that?”

She was drawn to the wild flame of his spirit, she wanted to rub against it and let it consume her. That’s what she thought.

“I only tempted them with what they can’t have.” She explained, her hands tingling with the need to run them over his full lips. “With something that didn’t belong to them.”

Some odd expression of pain flitted through his face, like he could recognize her actions as also being applied to him, and in that moment there was so much she wanted to say to him, but she bit her tongue.

“How can I make you understand that you are now a target?” Vegeta snarled “They’re not going to come for me, they’re coming for you. Your world, your people… that’ll be the easy access to me. Once we leave this planet, it may take years but the day of reckoning will come. Those imbeciles you call friends won’t be able to protect you, no matter how much faith you put in them.”

“Then you’d better get your ass ready to do the job of a Prince.”

“Can’t give you what you want.”

“How can you possibly know what I really want Vegeta…”

“Oh I think I do… I’m very good at reading you.”


“Try me…”

“Make love to me.”

He looked at her with a shocked expression and no words for a comeback. His saliva thickened and his lips went dry, and of course he hardened at the very thought of what she’d just offered.

“Why.” Was all he could come up with. Fuck, that was a lame response if he ever heard one. Maybe he should put on a tutu and kiss his manhood goodbye. What in the hell was the matter with him?

“Because I’ve wanted you since day one, and you know it. And the honest truth of it all is we both want to fuck each other’s brains out. Your presence alone is enough to make me wet and you know I’m going to cum so hard all night long while you’re doing pretty much the same in me.”

Sweet heavenly…

“Bulma… you dirty little…”

“You want me.” Her heart rate had picked up and he could sense it well through his heightened Saiyan skills. “You want me so bad it hurts. You need me in more ways than one. It’s clear as day Vegeta… and you’d rather fuck me than kill me any given day, and that’s just the truth of it.”

The air was charged with electricity and it was all him. Her creamy womanly scent pervading his senses, filtering through his veins and travelling head to toe. He could almost feel himself entering her over and over again, filling her up with his essence, then lapping at her saturated sex before kissing her where it counted.  

“Don’t play with me. Not again.” He whispered. To every other woman he’d been nothing but a practiced cock with a great reputation. Prince, warrior, beast. Whatever suited their fantasy. To her he wanted to be more than that. He wanted to be a Saiyan. He didn’t want to just get her off.

“You lied to me…” He continued, enduring the sudden pressure in his balls. “You played me for a fool. Too dominate, too intense, too bad. It was all you could ever say, and you wouldn’t stop complaining about it.” He grated his molars. She was wet alright, he could smell it in the air and she was getting wetter by the minute. “As if I am to blame for who I am. Is it my fault that the sex is so good?”

She gave a short breathless laugh… “Good?”

“Yeah. Good.” He bit out.

“No.” She said with a quiet resolve. “Not your fault you make me cum with a single word or a single touch.”

At that he unconsciously licked his bottom lip.

“The thought of someone else’s hands on you drives me fucking crazy.” He said, his cheek twitching as he pinned her to the spot with piercing eyes.

“Is it my fault I drive you nuts?” Her chest swelled with her every breath. Her tits straining against that unholy mesh that covered her tight nipples. “Is it my fault I am so tight you are addicted… and you can’t think of anything but fucking me?”

He cupped his cock with his right hand, more to stay rooted right where he was than to to relieve himself like some sort of perv. He was not going to do that.

“Tell me Vegeta…” She pressed on. “Is it my fault, you want me so bad the thought alone drives you insane.”

“I am not yours to tame. I can’t change the way I take you, the way I’m going to posses you. Can’t help, dominating you in bed, wanting you to do real dirty things then hearing you scream my name while doing them. If that’s a deal breaker for you then too bad.”  

She clenched her thighs, chewed her bottom lip and battled down her pride as she kept on listening.

“I can’t help craving you to submit and hearing you call me Master. I am an insensitive jerk that way and you are not going to change me.”

“I don’t want to. And you are not going to change me either. I am not going to become your little puppet. I am not yours to control out of bed. And in bed, I will call you Lord and Master by my free will and my free choice.”

He un-palmed his crotch to crack his knuckles as he formed a fist against it.

“Make me your slave in bed, treat me like your personal pleasure-girl… be MY prince. I belong to you and through your ownership, you belong to me.”

“I thought I told you. I don’t make love. I fuck and I do a hell of a job.”

“You wanna fuck any other bitches?”

Fuck no. They weren’t worthy of him, and in all honesty… he was tired of picking up tail. This girl right here was a succulent sex slave, but what made things so good with her is that at heart, she was a queen. Fit for a Saiyan Prince, someone he might have even considered wedding if he only had a kingdom to preside.

“No.” He said honestly.

“Good, then with that in mind, make love to me so that I never want to leave your arms.”

Could this really be that simple? That an ex-con and a lost, homeless prince like him could have a chance to his own girl? To feel like a Saiyan with a sense of normalcy in his life?

He slowly approached her and she slowly rose to a standing position so they were both face to face, only a inch of separation between them.

“I can give in to this fantasy tonight, that we’re both for each other, but after the morning comes…”

He might very well leave her. That she knew. But if only one night is all they had… then she wanted to know what it felt to be loved by her dark prince.

She sought his mouth, nipped his bottom lip before whispering “Vegeta…”

And then it all happened too soon… his mouth crushing hers in a violent kiss followed by hands that wouldn’t stay in one place for too long. She felt the mattress against her back, the wall of solid muscle coming down on her in a delicious fight with sexual promise. His lips were unrelenting as they devoured hers, her lungs gasping for breath as she held on to him with trembling arms. He was moving against her parted legs, hard and hungry as he sought to sate the pressure he was feeling. And her mind could only scream… yes, over and over again.

He rained kisses all over her face… her neck, the valley between her breasts, pushing them together and up towards his mouth as he licked and sucked over the mesh. He was a hungry soldier after a battle. A dying man gulping down his last meal, a man desperately crazy for the one girl that could give him what he needed. The sound of kissing and her ragged breathing filled the air… her fingers hooking in the waistband of his pants and pushing down as he pulled her slip down to spill her breasts and suck on them naked.

“Oh… god” She broke into a million pieces as he pulled on her nipples with his lips and swirled his tongue over the hardened nubs, shooting pleasure straight to her pussy.

“Vegeta…” She was going to explode… if he kept it up, which he would, she was going to cum and still hunger for more of what he had to give.

He gripped her ass and stroked the plump flesh with his thumbs, making her part her thighs wide and push her hips up against him. He let out a long pleasurable breath and groaned as he ground his pelvis against her. “Oh yes…” he hissed… anticipating the feel of her sex gripping his hard cock. The way she was going to come undone as he pierced her where she needed it most.

He was all glorious and all naked as he rubbed down against her, the tip of his cock pushing at the entrance of her lips… begging for a chance to slide in, if she only pleaded him to do so.

“Bulma… beg me to give it you.”

“Vegeta… please!”

That’s all he needed… he plunged deep and strong into her core till the base of his shaft hit her pussy lips, both shouting and shuddering in pleasure at the joy of rejoining. He lost control of his thoughts and his body as it moved out of its own volition, pounding against her hard and fast and unable to stop.

She whimpered at the feel of him, so thick and long and so very fulfilling. He was almost too big to take as she struggled with the bitter-sweet pain of his size. He hurt so good no woman could have asked for more, stretching her to the absolute fullest with every inch.

Her head was hanging off the edge of the bed, her nails digging into the unyielding muscles of his arms as she took the full force of his ramming. It must be killing him not to let go completely for fear of killing her with his power, but that master restraint was an absolute turn on.

“Bulma…” He repeated, lips against her neck, licking a hot trail to her mouth and engaging them into a messy kiss.

He broke out into a hot sweat… his muscles quivery, his penis entering her at an unnaturally high speed. God, if he came she was surely going to lose it.

She threw her head back and parted her lips abandoning herself to the mind-blowing pleasure of his body. He was going to split her in half any minute now. No woman had been fucked this intensely, this deliciously ever. Of that she was sure. “Yeah… yeah…” She gasped, clenched her pussy around him and screamed his name with all she had. She was stripped of the heiress exterior and of any inhibition. She was raw and she was human. That’s the kind of thing he did to her.

She orgasmed so hard her mind went spinning. And no manner of cumming made him stop. He didn’t let go or slow down as she came apart in his arms, he kept penetrating her through her orgasm, extending it out to the fullest.

“Yes please, touch me…”

 “Again, say it.” He breathed, grappling with his own need to let go and climax.

“Touch me.” She said, consumed in the heat of her fire… feeling like she was surely going to die but she would gladly go to hell for him more than a million times.

He moaned and swiped his tongue over her breast, burying his face between her tits, nipping and licking her damp flesh before latching onto her mouth again.

He grabbed her breast in a firm grip, rubbed his thumb against the peak and let himself go, bucking against her as he shot his hot seed deep within her pussy. He roared his release, feeling like this was his first time ever, fully saturated with images of her as he crashed and burned against her body. The melding of their sweaty selves, both holding onto each other tight, produced a gorgeous friction that kept dragging out the explosion.  And he went deep enough to lose himself.

She ran trembling fingers down over his arching back and hard butt. Her mouth parted as she watched him climb down from the cusp, his eyes closed and his face of absolute pleasure. Both sexes throbbing as they rubbed and squeezed the hell out of each other. When his mouth came down on hers she could have cried. His arms were strong as they locked around her, her legs doing the same around his hips. His cock buried so deep inside her she didn’t think there was an inch of him that wasn’t fused with her.

They lay in each other’s arms, fully ensconced in the afterglow, his breathing still deep against her neck and his heart beating strong. Her hand stroked slowly over his spine, her legs sliding against his, enjoying the feel of male and power, but mainly…. enjoying the feel of him. She had unleashed a force of nature and she now held it in her palm and the knowledge of that was enough to make her smile.

“You make me happy.” She said in the quiet of the night, her hand reposing on his back.  

He didn’t respond. He simply lay with her, lodged between her juice-slicked thighs, his nose buried against her neck.


What a word, he thought. So unexpected and so foreign to him. What was happiness anyway?

Happy. Not frightened, repulsed or terrified. He’d always wondered what it felt like and how to find it. Happiness was revenge and the cry of war. It was absolute power and pride and the acknowledgement of others, but then again she made him doubt. Maybe happiness was this moment in time.

Bulma felt him shift above her and capture her lips in one long drawn kiss, his hand sweeping south to feel her every curve and stroke her ass. He slowly hardened inside her again, kindling a fire deep within her. She knew he would go on for hours, and that he wouldn’t stop…not tonight. He was going to show her with actions what he felt, a man not of words but of deeds, as he always was. She’d be done long and hard, till her body was spent and his alien appetite satisfied.

She understood what it was like to be loved by him. Loved hard and without inhibitions… to be taken to the very edge and back and turned inside out in a dance of full passion. He was her anchor as he showed her pleasures unknown to men, and for one night he was probably right where she was. In that perfect, blissful place few ever found.

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