Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ Play Alongs ❯ Memories, Pink Balloons and Haircuts ( Chapter 1 )

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1. Memories


Anonymous asked: You wanna play along? Scene: Vegeta open the door to Trunkss room and his eyes widen with surprise at what Trunks was doing ... You finish the scene

Vegeta’s eyes widened at the sight of his oldest child sitting on the floor, holding an old photo album in his hands and looking at it with sad, inquisitive eyes.

“Trunks?” He finally said, awkwardly.

Trunks raised his eyes, startled by his father’s unexpected presence.

“Uh, yeah?”

“Your mother sent me to tell you dinner is served. She just finished feeding your sister.”

“Oh, right…” He mumbled, closing the photo album and standing up, holding it tightly against his chest as he stared shyly at the floor. He walked towards his father, who was standing by the door with crossed arms.

“Um, dad?”

“What is it, boy?” The Prince asked, quickly realizing something was bothering his son.

“I… I was just going through this photos of me as a baby and, you know… I saw mom and grandma and grandpa but, uh… Not you… I was just wondering why that is…”

Vegeta’s eyes widened for an instant and he suddenly felt a lump in his throat. He’d known, ever since his wife had announced her second pregnancy, that things would be very different with Bra. What he hadn’t anticipated was his son asking these kinds of questions or, at the very least, not so soon.

He exhaled heavily through his nose, trying to find the right words so as not hurt his child’s feelings.

“Things… Things were different at the time, Trunks. I was a different man back then.”

Trunks’ face fell into a sad frown, and the Prince felt his chest tighten at the sight of the boy’s bright blue eyes filling with disappointment. It was the same look his wife had whenever he’d unintentionally hurt her feelings in the past.

“So… We didn’t do stuff together when I was a baby like you and Bra do now?”

Vegeta shook his head slowly.

“No, Trunks, we did not. It was only when you started to walk and I commenced your training that we started to spend some time together.”

The boy bit his lower lip, feeling his eyes burn with unshed tears. He knew his father detested public displays of sentimentality.

Before he had time to retort, he felt a warm, heavy hand on top of his head, softly ruffling his hair.

“I immediately saw your potential, boy,” his father said solemnly. “And I knew someday you’d become a fine Saiyan warrior and you’d make me proud.”

Trunks eyes brightened at his father’s unusual words of encouragement.

“Really?” He enquired excitedly.

His father grunted.

“You already have, Trunks. Now let’s go have some dinner, boy.”

Vegeta turned around, closely followed by his son, who seemed to be in much better spirits than he was before, but the Prince thought that, perhaps, he could still give him a little additional push.

“Are you done with your homework for the weekend?” He asked while they were entering the large kitchen, where Bulma and the rest of the family were already waiting at the table.

“Yeah, why?“

“If your mother is okay with it, we could do some night training after dinner. There’s no school tomorrow, right?”

“Really, dad? Cool!” Trunks replied enthusiastically. He then walked towards his mom, who was still holding a now very sleepy Bra in her arms and gave them both a big hug.

“Hey, sweetie! Aw, that’s nice!” Bulma said, hugging him back. “Did you wash your hands?”

Trunks rolled his eyes.


“Go wash them then, young man…”

Trunks run out of the kitchen while Vegeta took a sit next to his wife, who leant towards him curiously.

“What did say to him?” She whispered in his ear.

“What are you talking about?”

“I think he was feeling a bit down earlier.”

“Was he?” The Saiyan asked, feigning indifference and already digging into his first steak.

Bulma leant back on the chair, holding baby Bra a little closer and softly patting her back.

“I don’t know what you just said to him, but whatever it was, it worked. He was beaming.”

The Prince shrugged.

“I just told him the truth, woman,” he replied mysteriously.

Bulma smiled, lovingly kissing her newborn’s rosy cheek and whispering against her soft skin.

“You see, baby girl? Your daddy does have a heart…”



2. Pink Balloons


Anonymous asked: Play along: Bulma turned to Vegeta,exhaled and said, "Isn't this so romantic?"

Vegeta skeptically sided-eyed his wife as she held him tight.

‘Romantic? What the Hell?’

Sure, he was the Prince of a dead race, a race of dangerous, deadly warriors, so he probably wasn’t the right person to decide on whether something was romantic or not but, seriously, how his woman could find this situation romantic at all was an enigma to him…

He reluctantly wrapped one of his powerful arms around her, only allowing himself this small gesture of affection due to the fact that Bulma had made sure they’d embark in this little adventure alone, just the two of them.

Just the two of them…

Alone inside a blasted, giant pink hot air balloon, flying in the middle of the mountains at sunset.

Damn humans and their yearly day dedicated to ‘love’, whatever the Hell that meant…

He used to kill people for a living, for fuck’s sake!

What happened?

One look at her beautiful, peaceful face told him exactly what had happened to him: through the years, little by little, he’d found himself falling in love irreversibly with this woman and, now, it was too late to go back to his cold-hearted evil self.

Now, it was pink hot air balloon time…

“What? You don’t find it romantic, babe?” She asked hopefully with a cute frown on her pretty face.

He simply grunted and shrugged lightly, not giving a damn about the pink balloon. Honestly, he was only enduring the pink torture because he knew Trunks was going to be spending the entire weekend at the Son’s family house and that always meant the little female had arranged some kind of intimate celebration for them afterwards, hopefully something really naughty…

But it seemed Mother Nature had others plans in store for him today.

“Oh my Gods! Kill it, Vegeta! KILL IT!!!” Bulma started yelling, frantically jumping up and down in the middle of the balloon.

“What? WHAT IS IT?” Vegeta yelled, his protective instincts kicking in in full force. He grabbed his mate and flew out of the balloon, immediately turning it into ashes with a ki blast.

He looked at his woman, but instead of the loving look of gratitude he was expecting to encounter, he was faced instead with a fierce scowl and a puny punch on his shoulder.

“You, idiot!”

“Hey! What did you do that for?” He asked, dumbfounded by his mate’s behavior.

“I told you to kill the damn bee, not to incinerate the balloon! Dammit, Vegeta!”

A bee.

A fucking bee.

She was yelling and jumping about a damned motherfucking bee.

He knew it.

Not only was he paying for the sins and evil deeds he had committed in this life, he must have done something terrible in a past life as well in order to deserve this kind of punishment…

Just as he was about to give his wife a piece of his mind he witnessed a change of attitude in her.

“Nevermind…” Bulma whispered miserably. “I just wanted the two of us to do something special together. I don’t know why I even bother…”

“Woman,” he asked quietly. “What is so special about flying in a damn balloon anyway? You do realize I can fly, right?”

“Well, yeah! But you never fly me anywhere anyway, Mister ‘I’m gonna spend every last minute I have left of life inside my precious GR until every single one of my bones dies of boredom’!”

He stared at her thoughtfully.

She was right, of course. He’d been neglecting her a lot recently, not spending quite enough time with her as he should. Between his training and her work duties, both in her father’s company and taking care of Trunks, he could see how his woman might feel like he’d been disregarding her feelings and needs lately.

Vegeta looked at her and smirked evilly.

“Hold on to me, little woman,” he whispered in her ear.

“Vegeta, what…? WOW!” She yelled, her frail arms clutching his neck, holding on for dear life as he flew her up, up into the sky, swirling, spinning and twirling playfully through the clouds.

Bulma could feel the cold wind against her face, her husband’s high-spirited movements forming butterflies in her stomach.

They kept ascending until they rised above the white clouds, which now looked like fluffy, cottoned candy from their new perspective.

When he looked at Bulma again, he knew he’d made the right choice: she was beaming. Her eyes sparkling in exhilaration, wiggling her legs in excitement, looking like a little girl that was just getting to play with a brand new toy.

“Oh, Gods! Vegeta! That was so amazing!”

She kissed him passionately, and Vegeta happily joined her, glad to see he’d finally done something that pleased her. When she finally broke the kiss, she smiled thankfully at him.

“Can we do this again sometime?”

The warrior nodded.

“I don’t see why not… But, Bulma?”


“No more giant pink balloons again, or the Gods help me…”  



3. Haircuts


Anonymous asked: Play Along 2: Vegeta throws open the door making it slam against the wall. "Boy, we need to talk."

Trunks and Goten immediately dropped the controllers of the videogame they’d both been playing for the past couple of hours, knowing oh, too well they wouldn’t be allowed to see each other, let alone play together for a really, really long time.

“Beat it, boy!” Vegeta yelled at Goten, making Goku’s kid get out of the house faster than the speed of light without so much as a ‘good luck’ to his friend.

Vegeta stood menacingly in front of his son, arms crossed and a fierce scowl on his face that would scare off the Devil himself.

“What did I fucking tell you about turning Super Saiyan in the house, boy?”

Trunks was as pale as a ghost by now.

“D-Dad, I… I’m s-sorry…”


“I-I know, dad… B-But Goten and I, we were just… You know, h-he told me he was finally stronger than me and I… I j-just wanted to prove him wrong…”

“We already know you’re stronger than that third-class spawn, boy! That’s not the fucking point! Did you even think about your mother?”

Trunks winced and shook his head shyly.

“N-No, dad… We weren’t thinking about that…”

The Prince finally lost it, grabbing Trunks by his gi and lifting his body in the air.

“Well, that’s the fucking problem, boy! Your mother is only human! Do you have any idea what could have happened if…?”

He shivered.

No, he didn’t even want to think about what could have happened if Bulma had gotten closer to those brats while they were in their ascended state at full power. Today, they’d been lucky the consequences had been so insignificant, at least, in his opinion.

“Your mother has been crying for the past couple of hours, boy, and she apparently had to call some idiot to fix the damage you’ve caused!”

“B-But, dad, it was just her hair…” Trunks whined, not fully understanding what the big deal was anyway. It wasn’t as if he’d actually hurt his mom, he’d only burned her hair off a bit…

“I don’t give a shit about it either, Trunks, but, apparently, she does! And that’s not the fucking point! You could have killed her, boy!”

Trunks remained silent for a moment, horrified by the image of his mother getting hurt or even killed by his own power. He was sweating profusely and didn’t know what to say anymore.

“Alright, boys, that’s enough…” A soft voice said.

They both turned towards the door, where a much calmer Bulma stood, arm crossed, waiting for her two favorite men to stop fighting.

“You can put him down now, Vegeta,” she requested gently.

“But, woman! He could have…!”

“I know, Vegeta. But he didn’t. Besides, Trunks is sorry, aren’t you sweetie?”

Trunks nodded nervously, real tears of regret in his eyes.

“I’m sorry, mom! I really am!” He said as Vegeta finally put him down. He run to his mother and gave her a hug, which she gratefully accepted.

“It’s OK, baby. But you have to be more careful the next time, and always listen to your dad’s advice, you promise?”

“Promise!” The boy replied with conviction, clumsily drying off his tears with the back of his hand. He knew how much his father hated it when he cried.

“Go straight to the GR, boy. I want you to start doing push-ups at 200G until I get there. Understood?” Vegeta ordered, cooler than before but still extremely angry.

“Yes, Sir!” The child responded, nodding again and running out of the room. When he was in the middle of the hallway, he stopped, turning around and looking at his mother again.

“Mom…” Trunks timidly said.


“You look nice!” He smiled, turning back again and running in the direction of the Gravity Room.

Bulma chuckled, shaking her head.

“I guess it’s the price I have to pay for living amongst strong, powerful Saiyan men, uh?” She asked almost to herself. However, when she raised her head and turned her gaze towards her husband once again, she found him staring at her in an almost mysterious way.


He didn’t talk, slowly walking towards her and standing right in front of her, uncrossing his arms.

“What is it?”

The moment Vegeta licked his lips she realized what this was all about and she smirked knowingly, relieved that the whole thing hadn’t turned out to be a complete disaster.

“Well, well… It looks like somebody really likes my new haircut…” She whispered seductively, running two of her soft fingers lazily across her husband’s now very hot cheek.

He grunted, grabbing her ass all of a sudden and picking her up, making her automatically wrap her arms and legs around him. He crashed his lips against hers as he walked her determinedly to their room.

When he finally reached their bedroom, he locked the door and dropped her unceremoniously on the bed, making Bulma giggle in delight.

Oh yeah…

It looked like poor little Trunks would be doing push-ups in the Gravity Room for a very, very long time…