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Tempt of Fate: Chapter Four

By now, Bulma was used to waking up in the King's bed, but she wasn't exactly used to waking up clothed. The sun did not shine on this morning... in fact, Bulma was surprised to find that it wasn't even morning yet.

She had remembered fainting, remembered arguing with Vegeta about things. Bulma hated that she was so in love with his touch... in love with the feelings that he aroused. She mused with a smile on her face that while she said she was sated for the next few years, Bulma couldn't help but continue to crave the release.

She rolled over and found herself looking at Vegeta He seemed to be sleeping, but Bulma knew much better than to think that. She rested her head onto her elbow and just enjoyed the feeling in her stomach that laying there with him gave her. It escalated and shot down lower when his eyes opened and he was immediately looking into her own.

She leaned in towards him, for once willing to give herself to him completely. Vegeta wrapped his arms around her in a swift, affectionate movement. His eyes, his hands, his lips all said, 'mine' when he held her in his grasp. She rolled on top of him, straddling his muscular legs, and leaned her head towards his. A kiss, light, was placed on his lips enticing familiar stings of tense, pleasure throughout their bodies. She wanted it again.

How could she crave these things, how was she able to live with herself after being in his bed and arms night after night? Simple; it was the connection. She was not alone anymore. For once there was someone in her life that cared about her as much as she cared about them. Well, maybe.

Bulma wasn't all too sure about how true Vegeta's feelings for her were, but at this point, it was nice to have someone that cared, and even if she was the only one that was in too deep, it was nice to lose her breath once in a while.

His hands peeled her clothes off, hers returning the favor, and for the first time in her entire life, someone made love to her like she was theirs completely. He was gentle but forceful, needing but giving. His tail slid along the side of her stomach as they met thrusts halfway.

Bulma new he had a tail, but he had never touched her with it. In turn, she brought her hand down from his shoulder to caress the fur and rub it along her silky skin. Vegeta felt waves of prickling pleasure ripple down his spine, and his hand grabbed hers from his tail and raised to above her head. His lips nipped bruises down her torso in the midst of the thrusts, and Bulma felt the tail wrap around her waist drawing her closer as both their peaks were beginning to be met.

After the fact, Vegeta lay along side Bulma, her breathing even and soft as her back was pulled flush up against his chest. His tail pulled tighter on her stomach and his lips caressed her neck as he gave into exhaustion as well.

Bulma didn't expect Vegeta to be there when she awoke, and she wasn't surprised that he'd already risen for the day. She grabbed the bedsheets around her as she looked for her clothes. They were always thrown into a different part of the room, and if the sex wasn't so good – well, nevermind.

'Last night was amazing. It's totally worth being here; I kind of don't want to leave.' She didn't let herself think on that too much as she lazily slipped into her clothes and out the door.

Bulma didn't expect Atrono to be in their room when she got back, but he was – and it wasn't quite the pleasant surprise. It was a good thing that she'd checked herself to make sure Vegeta hadn't left any visible bruises or hickeys, and he hadn't.

“And where have you been, Bulma?” A deep voice from a not-so-happy husband rose through the room as he towered above her with his arms crossed. Atrono hadn't gotten cross with her too many times in their marriage, but when he had it was something that Bulma made sure she got out of quickly. Thankfully, Bulma had thought of a good excuse when she and Vegeta had started sleeping together. She had felt very guilty and was jumping around every corner and in her room just knowing that she would be caught.

“I was at Chi Chi's. We were talking girl stuff; we were celebrating for the baby. I'm sorry I've stayed out so much lately, but even you said I should make some friends while we're here. And Chi Chi is just the girl.


Speaking of the girl, Bulma wanted to find Chi Chi and tell her about the current predicament. She found her walking towards the kitchen, but before Bulma could say anything Chi Chi pulled her over for some lunch in the garden.

Chi Chi and Bulma had walked around the grounds after eating and now found themselves having tea on a terrace off of Chi Chi's apartment. Living in the palace had been luxurious, but bland she'd said; so Chi Chi had taken it into herself to create a small garden, brighten up the outside some. And so Bulma settled herself into the sweet smell of these alien flowers and sip at her tea. “So, I hear your pregnant.”

Bulma almost sprayed the tea she'd been about to swallow all over her companion. “I beg your pardon? How did you know that I was supposed to be pregnant?” Chi Chi gave her an odd look.

“Bulma, your husband announced it in the dining hall. Between the maids and servants, everyone knows.” Her hand went to her chest, “wait, are you not? You said 'supposed to be' I'm so sorry if I'm spreading mistaken gossip.”

“No, you aren't wrong. My husband did announce it; but he's the one that's mistaken. I was trying to lure him to going home. He told me that things were almost over with the paperwork for our new contract, but the King had invited us to stay for a while longer. And in a panic I said some things that he took the wrong way, and now he thinks I'm pregnant.”

“Why didn't you correct him if he's wrong?”

“I don't know. When I said it, he looked so surprised and rushed out before I could say anything. And then he said that he was going to announce it and didn't ever really give me a chance to correct what I had said to him.” Bulma slumped a little in her chair, looking slightly unladylike.

“Well, he may have taken it the wrong way, but how can you be totally sure you aren't pregnant?”

Bulma looked at the teacup in her hands, she kind of did want a child, but it wasn't going to happen. “It's about that time of the month, I think. I found some spotting this morning. I'm not.” Chi Chi looked at Bulma.

“I know how you feel. Up until I had Gohan, I was so depressed that Goku and I hadn't had a child. But when I found out that I was pregnant, well, I was ecstatic. But Gohan is away training. They take your children away so young to get them ready... I miss him.” Bulma was a little surprised. She'd talked to Chi Chi a lot since she'd been there, but Chi Chi hadn't mentioned that she had a son. Bulma decided not to press it – Chi Chi looked sad enough already that 'Gohan' wasn't there with her. And by the tears in her eyes, the subject was dropped.

“Chi Chi, there's something that I have to get off of my chest.” Chi Chi stared at Bulma with a concerned look on her face. “You know Vegeta, right? Ah, what am I saying, of course you know Vegeta. He's the King.”

“Stop stalling, Bulma. What is it?”

“Well, I sort of ... “ she trailed off, but the next part came out as just a whisper, “I kind of slept with Vegeta.”

“What, you're whispering!”

“I slept with Vegeta.” Bulma thanked herself that she hadn't said that too loud, just enough for Chi Chi to hear. But she quickly placed a hand over Chi Chi's mouth to stop the exclamation that was about to come out of her mouth. She calmed down a bit for that.

“What do you mean you slept with him?” Her voice had taken to a whisper as well. “I know you don't love your husband, but is this really what you want? It happened once, right?” Bulma shook her head. “Twice?” She shook it again. “Multiple times? Wow, I really hadn't noticed that you and the King were hitting it off. But are you sure that you want to get yourself into this? Vegeta hasn't exactly been known as the pick of the litter when it comes to husbands.”

“He's great in private. So different from any other time, or with anyone else. I just need to know that you won't hate me for it. I know that I won't be on this planet forever, but I want to make the most of it while I can.” Bulma walked over to the railing of the terrace. Chi Chi stood and followed her there wrapping an arm around her shoulder.

“You don't have to worry about that. I'm here for you.”


Bulma thought it was weird to actually stay for an entire dinner. She had stayed through the whole thing a few times since they'd been there – but recalling the previous few, Bulma could only think about her running away from the King and his stares.

But this dinner had been more comfortable. Vegeta knew she wasn't pregnant, he was calm and wasn't staring at her too much, and thankfully since it was announced she was pregnant Atrono had left her alone sexually. It was nice.

And now they were walking along the hallway, Bulma a few feet behind her husband like the first night. She found it a little humorous that she was following the orders – and she could see that Vegeta found it as well.

“I'm going to walk around a bit before I retire. I'll be there shortly, my Lord.” Bulma left Atrono to walk to their suite while she wandered a bit further down the hallways and turned a few corners. She hadn't heard any noise, but Bulma knew that Vegeta was near.

It was confirmed when she was grabbed roughly by the elbow and placed between Vegeta's hard chest and the wall. He looked into her smirking face. “I knew you couldn't resist me being alone. All I want is a goodnight kiss.” Vegeta lowered his lips towards hers, but at the last moment turned and attacked her neck.

He licked and sucked the soft, sensitive skin at her nape and crossed her collarbone to the other side. She tried to suppress her moan of approval, but failed. She bit the knuckle of her index finger to silence the sound as he attacked her with his mouth. Finally, after minutes of the torture, his lips dragged a trail up her jawline to her ready and waiting mouth.

“Tease,” was all she could get out before he rammed his lips onto Bulma's and invaded her mouth with his tongue. He deepened the kiss by turning her head, lacing his fingers onto her scalp. She liked it when he was forceful.

When Bulma pushed against his chest, he let her breathe. “That's all for tonight, Vegeta. I've got to go back.” His face said otherwise as a burning, lustful smirk took over his face. “No, I mean this. Atrono has found it weird that I'm never spending the night in our suite; I'm tired of his questioning glances when I see him, and I'm tired of lying. So, for tonight, I have to stay in there.” Vegeta understood. He hated it, but he understood. The last thing he needed was for anyone – let alone her annoying husband – to find out about their trysts.

He lifted his body from hers and released her with one more smooth kiss. She pushed from the wall and walked down the hallways back to her bed.

Vegeta tracked her ki all the way to her room before heading to who knows where. He wasn't tired. That woman had a way of waking up so many things in him... He would never let her go.

But someone had witnessed the entire show... 'Why would Bulma be so involved with such a hateful man?'


The next afternoon, Bulma was sitting in her room working in a project that she had hoped to accomplish on this trip. 'I've been going at this thing for so long; I'm almost done. I had hoped to be finished by now, but I didn't expect so much distraction on this planet.'

Her hands seemed to be doing all the work, however, for Bulma's mind seemed to be miles away. She'd neglected thinking about the predicament that she was in. Her husband thought she was pregnant with his child – how was she supposed to fake that? 'Can I even fake it? But how can I tell him that I'm not?'

'Ah... He's the only one who doesn't know...' She found herself shaking her head. As long as they were on this planet, she'd keep up the charade. Atrono was finally leaving her to herself now that his work with her was done.

A knock at the door was what penetrated her thoughts. 'Who could that be?' She put her 'project' into the bag she'd kept it in. No matter who it was, she wouldn't let them know that she was working on such technology; they might get curious.

Bulma half expected Chi Chi to be there... but she was pleasantly surprised to find Yamcha standing at her door.

“Hi, Yamcha. What brings you to this end of the palace?” Yamcha walked past her into the suite. Bulma was suddenly glad she had put everything away.

“I saw something last night that was troubling, to say the least.” They stood in the middle of the room, Yamcha's hand was resting on his hip. “I'm going to get to the point. Bulma, I saw you last night kissing King Vegeta. What's going on between you two?” Bulma flushed over her entire body; she hadn't thought anyone was around! Had he seen the whole thing? “I just can't believe that you would be involved with this guy after all we talked about in the library only three days ago! I mean, you were all about avoiding this guy because he's such a 'jackass' and now you're sleeping with him?”

Bulma flinched a little. So he had seen it all; what was she going to do? How was she going to explain what she'd done when it was so hypocritical of her.

Wait! Why did she have to explain herself to this guy at all?

“I can't really say anything in my defense, Yamcha; in fact, I'm not even going to defend myself at all. I can't explain my actions, but they're justified in my mind.”

“What are you saying, Bulma? Did he force you to do things with him?”

“Stop, Yamcha, just stop. He didn't force me to do anything; it was all willingly. I'm not perfect, and you can't put it in such a way that this won't be partially my fault.”

“Why him, though? I understand what you said about not loving your husband, about not feeling loved or wanted. But I could be that man. I am a better man for you than him; I'll make you feel more loved than that selfish bastard ever could.” He took her by the wrists and pushed her to the bed. Bulma squealed in surprise.


Outside, Goku was walking through the halls when he heard something from the room. “Get off me!” That was it, he was going in.

Goku burst into the room and found Yamcha on top of the visiting Queen, Bulma.

Bulma was struggling with him, and then suddenly he was laying limp upon her. His weight was crushing her ribs and she was loosing breath. When he was pulled off of her, she came face to face with Goku, Chi Chi's husband.

“Goku!” The saiyan looked at her. “Thank you. Bulma stood from the bed, looking at Yamcha's unconscious body on the floor.

“Bulma, what was he doing to you? Was he forcing himself on you?” What was with people assuming that everyone was forcing themselves on her?

“No, Goku. He was just talking to me about something, and then things got out of control. I don't really know what happened. But he wasn't going to ... rape me or anything. I don't think Yamcha has it in him to do that.” Goku walked over and sat Bulma on the bed.

“Just relax for a bit. I'm sorry that it happened like this, but I have to take him to the dungeons for a while.”

“No! He wasn't doing anything bad – he just... I don't know. Yamcha doesn't deserve to go to the dungeons. I won't tell.”

Goku sighed, “It doesn't matter if you won't tell. The King will find out somehow. And when he discovers that Yamcha was on top of you it won't matter what he was doing.” Bulma looked at him, confusion written on her face.

“Why do you say that?” Goku inclined his head towards her in a knowing face. “Oh... Chi Chi told you, huh?” Goku nodded.

“Yeah, Chi Chi's okay about keeping secrets, but not from me. She just has to tell me everything.”

“Okay, Goku. You can take him to the dungeons, but don't let anything happen to him. He didn't hurt me – I don't want him to get hurt either. And you can't tell Chi Chi about this! Promise!” Goku crossed his heart, knowing that Chi Chi would figure he was hiding something and beat it out of him either way, but for all Bulma knew he would be secretive.


After Goku left, Bulma summoned a servant and asked him to tell her husband that she wouldn't be at dinner – she wasn't feeling well. Atrono didn't know about anything to do with women, he'd think it was something to do with the pregnancy.

She just stayed in her room all day: watching the rain fall from the gloomy sky out the window, reading, working in her projects, anything to keep her mind from wandering towards more important things like Yamcha and the non-existent baby.

Her phone had been ringing, knocks at her door sounded, but Bulma locked the door and retreated to one of the other sitting rooms in her suite. She didn't feel like dealing with Chi Chi, who she knew all the calls were from. No doubt that spineless Goku had let it all out when Chi Chi threatened to beat him... or maybe she did just beat it out of him. Bulma couldn't help but smile at that image. Nevertheless, Goku had probably thought Chi Chi should know to come keep Bulma company... but she didn't want to talk t anyone, to explain to them what happened.

Hell, she didn't know what happened: one minute they were standing, and the next they were on the bed. That was it.

She took a nap instead, just to shut her mind up. By the time her eyes opened, it was dark outside. Bulma supposed she had missed dinner by then. She realized a minute later that it was a knocking at the door that woke her up.

She threw the covers off, livid that someone was disturbing her. She'd given the cold shoulder to the world for the entire day, why was it still bothering her!

“Go away,” she said to the door.

“I can't do that, Woman.” Vegeta. It was the King at the door! Bulma hadn't really thought he'd come. She was ecstatic the he had.

She fixed her hair and robe on the way to the door. “I'll knock the door down, Woman. Let me in.”

She opened the door, “There's no need for threats, Vegeta.” He quickly walked in and shut the door. Before Bulma could say anything, he pushed her against the door giving her quick but powerful kiss. When he released her, she noticed he was looking all over her body. “What are you doing?”

“Did he do this to you?” A question! That's the first thing he'd ever asked her! Noticing he was waiting for an answer, she looked down and saw that he'd lifted up her shirt and was examining bruises over her stomach.

“No, Vegeta, you did.” He smirked a little, knowing it was he who'd touched her. “Vegeta, he didn't do anything. I mean, he didn't mean anything that he did Just leave it alone.” She walked towards the middle of the room, Vegeta in tow.

“He will be punished.” Bulma raised her head towards him to say something, but he caught her jaw and stopped her. “No, I will make sure he knows not to touch what's mine. Ever.”

The door opened, and lightning fast, Vegeta swiped his hand from Bulma's chin and stepped back. Atrono was standing there having come back from dinner.

“King Vegeta, what are you doing here?” For a moment, Bulma could see some suspicion in his eyes, but Bulma cleared her throat and tried to cover it up.

“He's here to congratulate you on the baby, and he wanted to talk to you about... the completion of the treaty!” Bulma looked from Atrono to Vegeta and back. Both of them looked a little confused. Vegeta even raised an eyebrow at her.

'That the best you can do, Woman' his eyes said. He turned from Bulma towards Atrono.

“Yes, let's take a walk, King Vegeta. I've been meaning to read over the small print footnotes that were at the bottom.” He ushered Vegeta out the door. Bulma was left standing there with an open door, an empty room, and plenty of time to herself for a while – knowing how much Atrono was known to talk.

That night, however, Atrono made sure Bulma slept in their room.


Bulma mused to herself while she sat working on her projects in the garden on the palace grounds the next afternoon. She was starting to get used to being here. Sure, it wasn't as beautiful as her planet and it concentrated too much on fighting, but it was still a lovely place to stay for a while. She looked back on her conversation with Chi Chi when the woman had finally gotten a hold of her. She'd given her a real chew for not speaking to her earlier about the Yamcha fiasco.

“I was worried, Bulma. Goku told me all about it, and said you were okay, but I wanted to hear from you. He said that Yamcha was on top of you and you were screaming!” Bulma giggled a little.”Oh, I see this is funny to you, my worried nerves!”

“It's not that Chi Chi, I'm just happy that you cared so much; Yamcha didn't hurt me at all, it was just a misunderstanding. I'm not going to see him the rest of the time I'm here, of that I'm sure. Even if I wanted to, Vegeta wouldn't let him near me. I'm sure I have you to thank for that.”

Chi Chi blushed, “Yes, I told Vegeta. I figured he was the only person you'd open the door for. No telling how long I knocked. I bet you let him in as soon as he said something. But I'm glad to know you're okay, Bulma.”

“Me too.”

Bulma wasn't used to so much caring. There was only one girl on her planet that would care just as much as Chi Chi. She wondered how the young girl was doing without her there...

Chi Chi (and Vegeta) had both grown so much in her heart. She loved them both very dearly.

That was it! She loved them both: Chi Chi... and Vegeta! She had admitted it to herself finally. Bulma mused a little more that just one week, seven days, on this planet has shown her more love and drama than she's ever seen.

Was it even possible to find love in seven days? She was convinced thoroughly. When Bulma discovered this, she just had to go find Vegeta, to tell him these things. Who knows when Atrono would decided they were leaving, she had to tell him before they left!

Bulma rushed across the courtyards towards the castle, she clutched her notebook to her chest as to not loose it in her chase. She wanted to see Vegeta; she wanted to give him a look or something that would explain her feelings. Obviously since she was heading to the throne room, she couldn't just jump into his lap and announce that she was in love with him... but she could make sure that he knew that things in her life would never be the same since she met him.

Bulma slipped in the side door. There were certainly a lot of people in the path when you came in this entrance! She kneaded her way through the crowd and had almost reached the clearing when the sound of the large doors echoed through the large room.

Everyone looked. A young woman, about her own age it looked like, entered the room. She had an 'everybody look at me' expression on her face – and her body actions said the same thing. Her hair bounced, a lovely dark blue contrasting with her milky shoulders. Her green tank-top stretched over large breasts, and the short khakis and red ribbon she wore gave her that innocent yet man-eater look.

Bulma heard many mumblings through the crowd, “She's back” “It's her again” “What's she doing here?” “Not again. The Kingdom can't handle her again.”

The hushed tones were enough to worry Bulma just the slightest. Who the hell was this woman, what had she done, and what was her relationship to Vegeta?

Reaching her destination – as close to the throne as decency would allow – she loudly said, “King Vegeta, it's always a pleasure.” This woman had strode in, hips moving back and forth in a natural seduction, boobs bouncing. This woman put Bulma to shame in the 'sex-appeal' department. Her sway had been enough to distract the attention of the entire room to her approaching figure, and she was now so close to Vegeta. Again, Bulma started to get a little worried. Had she been wrong about Vegeta? Was he seeing multiple women, like her?

But Bulma saw the scowl that deepened on the King's face when he saw her. Bulma knew that he wouldn't scowl at someone that he liked; even he was slightly soft when he looked at Bulma.

The King's head was filled with thoughts of contempt. 'How dare she show up now, of all times. I thought I was done with this woman.”

“You've come back early, Launch.”


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