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Tempt of Fate: Chapter Three

Bulma rolled over in her bed. She was groggy; the night before had been a rough and confusing one. She lifted her hands to shield them from the sun to her right...

“What?” Bulma sat all the way up in the bed in one large swoop. 'Where the hell am I?' The windows in her room were to the left of the bed... And this bed was large, blue, silky, and definitely not hers. 'What the hell happened last night--'

Bulma cut herself short. What had she done?
Bulma tried to recall everything that happened after she was walking back to her suite after lunch.

She remembered being thrown into the nook in the walls by the King himself. There was plenty of kissing, enough touching to go around, but Bulma hadn't thought about where it might lead to... It was just fun, just some playing around.

But, here she was, naked and in the King's bed.

“Oh my...” How could she ever face her husband again? He wasn't the best of lovers -- of husbands either for that matter -- and she'd known that he'd had other women since they'd been wed... but was this the same? Did that make it alright, did it justify the fact that she had strayed into the arms of another man? Was it justifiable to say that she had just taken a lover like her husband had on multiple occasions, and could a King really be reduced to the term 'lover'?

She couldn't think about it at that moment.

Bulma didn't even want to think about how she'd face the King. Would it be awkward? Would he call her out if she disobeyed him, or worse, would he use this against her to do it again? Her arms and legs tingled from the night before – what all had they done? And of course how had they navigated themselves to his room of all places?

She felt around the floor for her clothes, noticing that the room was entirely clean, no speck of a man living there at all. But that wouldn't surprise her; he was a king, he had servants to clean for him. Her clothes were nowhere to be found. She looked around the room once more, this time glancing upon a silken robe at the end of the bed. It looked small, as if it was placed there just for her.

Bulma slid out of the bed, covering her nakedness with her hands even though the room was empty. The robe felt weightless on her shoulders, sliding beautifully over her bare skin. For that moment, Bulma forgot where she was as well as the situation she had gotten herself into.

Her clothes were no where in sight, Bulma noticed as she paced around. There seemed to be a bathroom right off the room, the door slightly ajar, but it didn’t contain a scrap of clothing either.

'Please don't tell me I have to do the walk of shame to my room in a robe as punishment for what I have done!'

And something she had done indeed. Bulma felt quite dirty, especially at the thought of the man that had pinned her to the wall by her neck touching her in places no man had been. The bathroom did look appetizing in her current state of dress – and emotions. Bulma decided that if she had to do the walk of shame, then she was going to be clean when she did it.

The bathroom was needless to say very large, bigger than any of theirs at home, but then again they were a smaller Kingdom with less taste and need for the regal. Did it surprise her that the water in the tub was warm as soon as it came from the faucet, or many oils were set along the tiled rim – including many different varieties and scents – not really. The queen figured that she would indulge a bit.

Bulma lay herself in the water and closed her eyes, but there were no restful thoughts. Whenever she blinked, images of what she could remember of the night before came flooding back to her. Of course, she was starting to envision exactly what had happened as the vestiges of sleep arose from her conscious. She had to keep her hands and her mind busy.

Bulma rubbed herself clean, even visiting the lower parts of her body to take extra care that there were no ruminants of that night left. But neither the spray of the faucet, nor the scrubbing or wonderful scents, could possibly remove the smell of his kisses and the feeling of his lips throughout her entire body. When she finally washed up and removed herself from the tub, Bulma felt warm but definitely not clean by any means. ‘Hmm. It must be about lunchtime by now. I should definitely be getting back to my suite to clean up and find some food; I’m starving!’

She left the bathroom, clad in one of the fluffy towels, and stared about the sunlit bedroom. It was extravagant – a beautiful blue overlooking the sea, just like her room. She stopped to admire the vision for a moment before turning to find any scrap of clothing she could use. But Bulma stopped short. Her blue eyes rested on a small pile of clothes laying upon the bed – which was made.

‘Were the maids in here? I heard nothing while I was in the bath, but I know these weren’t here and the bed wasn’t this neat when I went in, so someone had to have come in…’ Her hand rubbed on the fabric. These were definitely not her clothes, but they would most surely do (and cover) much more than the short robe could have.

She dressed; the dress suited her – a pale white number, silky, strapped, knee-length skirt. Apparently, unlike other Kingdoms, these Sayjins weren’t too concerned with covering much skin, which was obscurely obvious by how all the warriors (including women) dressed. But would even her husband find it odd that she was dressing in this manor, that she spent the night away from the room? Where had she slept, he might ask?

Or maybe not; he might have barely noticed, if at all. He was too involved in the politics of this treaty, and the activities that foreign diplomats would be involved in while they were staying abroad.

She stepped out of the room, her sandals tapping on the marble floor. She almost didn't want to run into anyone, as if they'd be able to tell what she'd done the previous night by just looking at her. She had taken a long bath, but it still seemed as if Vegeta was all over her. Bulma couldn't help but sigh in the deserted hallway. Could she even talk to someone about this? Was there some law that decreed that you weren't allowed to sleep with the King even though he seduced you in the hallway, or was there just some large possibility of it getting back to her husband?

Oh, yeah, sore subject. Not that she was complaining about her time with Vegeta, but Bulma rather wished it hadn't happened. Atrono was by no means faithful to her, but what was the plan of action if the Queen was found cheating?

Maybe he'd get a sense of humor and state that this was exactly the inter-planet bonding that they needed to renew this peace treaty...
Or maybe not...

Whilst she labor around her head searching for something to justify her acts in indiscretion, Bulma suddenly and literally ran into the largest man she'd seen on this planet yet. He was huge, he was bulky, and when he turned around he looked a little less than friendly.

His bald head reflected the lights overhead, but it was his mounds of muscle on top of muscle that told her he hadn't lost it from old age... Did he at one point have hair?

“Who the hell are you?” Bulma was taken aback by his tone with her, but then again she wasn't exactly dressed like the royalty she was. “You came from the King's chamber, must be Vegeta-san's current whore.” And just like that, he turned and walked away.

Bulma was struck with shock. In less than twenty words, she had been degraded by a man she knew nothing about, and mind you he knew nothing about her... as if she wasn't feeling low enough already. He just carefully assumed that she was nothing but a prostitute? No, not even that. At least prostitutes got paid, apparently she was doing it for royal kicks.

She slammed into her quarters like a bat out of hell. Who did the people on this planet think they were.

“Stupid sayjins...” Grabbing people by their throats, molesting people when there was only a door panel between them and their spouse, calling people names and such... and worst of all, seducing married women. She was getting out of these clothes and burning them. Maybe the feel of her own fabric on her skin would be a little more familiar and hopefully more comforting.

Well, Bulma vowed that she wouldn't be shown up, she would show that the previous night had meant nothing to her and done nothing for her... though it was amazing. Sex could be wonderful... not the five minutes 'sex' with her husband that she'd usually spend going over economics in her head while he pathetically thrust into her.


That evening, at dinner, Bulma stared either ahead, at her plate, or pretended to be interested in something boring that was being said across the table. But she refused to look at the King. He, however, was a little less interested in the happenings around him and had no reservations about staring at her blatantly over their food.

He was angry that she wasn't even giving him the time of day, even after their... meeting... the night before. He thought she'd be all over him after that. Staring at him with these 'take me' eyes from across the room, and waiting to jump his bones.

What pleasure it would be when he told her that he wasn't interested, setting her back on the ground. He was the King, he controlled when they would be intimate.

'But she's not doing any of that! She should be bowing at my feet for all that happened last night; so why is she not even acknowledging me at all?' Vegeta was infuriated. This woman wasn't breaking or bending to his will like she was supposed to. 'Well, some more persuasion must be in order... but this one, no matter how strong, will learn her place before she leaves my Kingdom.'

Bulma glanced over at him... she didn't like that look; she didn't like it one bit. There was a certain perversion to it, like he was undressing her right then and there with his eyes.

“Excuse me, my Lord. I'm going to retire. I don't really feel well.” She turned to her husband, who nodded at her request. She looked at Vegeta and then back at Atrono. “I'll just see you in bed then, darling?” She brushed his hair back from his ear, intending to put on quite a show for the other King in the room. He thought he was going to persuade her into his bed again... but he was mistaken, and Bulma was going to make sure he knew that.


While she had no intention of having sex with her husband that night, the look on Vegeta's face was enough to make up for the face her husband had given her... some kind of burning look meant to turn her on, she assumed. But, alas, her sexual needs for the millennium had been satiated the night before and she wasn't intending on being 'that woman' who had an affair and had no reservations about running back into the arms of her husband the next evening.

She guessed that there had to be some excuse she could come up with that would not require her going back to her room for the next few hours , and there were only a few places that she could think of. There were the sports courts outside, but Bulma wasn't exactly the sportsmanlike type.. and being alone on the courts left her vulnerable to nightly seduction. And there was ChiChi's room; but Bulma deemed that it was still dinner time and if she were ChiChi -- with that hunk of sayjin she had for a husband -- any time alone would be cherished.

She wasn't going to interrupt just in case something was going on.

But then, what else was there to do? From one of the pockets in the folds on her gown, she fished out the map Vegeta had slid underneath her door. Though she'd like to assume that she knew the layout of the place quite well from her exploring, Bulma had decided not to leave it behind just in case. That way, she wouldn't be walking about, not knowing where she was, and then risk running into the King who'd walk her back and kiss her senseless while her horny husband was waiting on the other side of the door. He was likely to

That was just a plain bad situation to put herself into.

But where to go? On the map she saw a library, a science lab, some kind of restricted development area that she wasn't intending to stick her nose into, training area (heck no, not in this dress), and... that was about it... Not too many choices, though the lab and the library both sounded promising.

And then the thought hit her.

Vegeta didn't seem the type to read any sort of books, not that thick-headed buffoon. He probably wouldn't even think to look in the library for her... should he come to find her, of course. She shouldn't think so highly of herself as to assume that he would come back for more, but knowing what she'd seen of his personality he'd definitely be back to try and humiliate her or use her.

She walked her path to the library, across the entire palace from the dining hall, which was how she wanted it. Bulma was putting space between Vegeta and herself, partially because she didn't want him to find her, but as well, she was attracted to him on some level. And most of all, she didn't want to make it easy for herself to fall back into his eyes... or his bed.


Upon entering the library, Bulma smelled the stale scent of books, relaxing. She figured that she was alone in this sanctum, and she couldn't help but turn her head and run her fingers along the bindings of the books, just thinking to herself.

Vegeta was so complicated. And at the time he seemed like the simple males that she was used to. She kind of liked it.

“Are you a fan of books, Miss?” Bulma turned about, startled. A young man, about her age, sat in the window sill high above her. “I'm sorry to have startled you, but I was just gazing out the window and heard you come in. No one ever comes in this place. I'm Yamcha.”

“Pleased to meet you, I'm Bulma. I just wanted to get some peace and maybe catch up on my reading.” In all truthfulness, she hadn't thought about getting a novel. As brainy as Bulma thought herself to be, this planet was too distracting to pick up a hobby. “Really I'm just here to get away. This place is starting to drive me nuts. I miss the security of my home.”

“I know what you mean.” Bulma looked at him questioningly. “What you said about missing your home, I mean. I'm not from this planet, mine was destroyed. I came here with a lot of the survivors and was a refugee, until I decided to make this my home. Guess I failed on that last part, though. I do reminisce about it.”

They'd struck up conversation, and soon Yamcha had come down from the windowsill to join Bulma. He told her about his home, the same place Chichi called home before it was gone. She asked how he'd adjusted to the planet and the King. It turned out to be a good place to have spent the day; Vegeta wouldn't think to look for her here.

Or maybe not...

Vegeta walked around one of the bookcases to spy her and Yamcha talking it out. A shock of jealously ran through his spine that she was paying attention to him so willingly. Not that he didn't get such company, but most the time he had to 'coerce' her into such affections before she was so compliant; maybe he just wasn't using the right tactics.

“If you're going to keep leaving meals early, you might actually be ill now and then.” Bulma and her companion turned their attention to the royalty in the room. “Woman, I demand to speak with you now.” She smiled, sadistically, and walked over towards him.

“You're in no position to demand anything from me. No matter what you say or do, I will not bend.”

“Let's go, Bulma,” Yamcha stood up from the chair. “You have things to do, don't you?” Bulma could see the fear in his eyes, see the vision of Vegeta firing ki blasts reflecting in Yamcha's eyes. Bulma noticed that while she had seen Vegeta be a bit harsh... she hadn't seen anything at all. That's why everyone wanted to stay out of his way. Diplomatically he was ruthless, sure, but nothing compared to how he was to his people...

“Go ahead, Yamcha. I will try to see you later.” Bulma figured that Yamcha would probably say something stupid and get himself in trouble. The King obviously wanted to talk to her, and frankly, Bulma had a piece of her mind to give him. She watched as Yamcha exited the dusty room.

“What do you want? I'm tired of dealing with you, watching you watch me; I don't need this attention! I'm married, not to you, I'm married to King Atrono. He's sitting in the other room, I don't believe you've met. If you had, you wouldn't be all over me like this. Not if you had any respect for him.

Vegeta just looked at her like she needed to listen to herself. She gasped, “You don't have any respect for him, do you? Is that why you've forced my into your bed, teased me so much? If you don't have any respect for the man, then why are you continuing treaties with my planet?”

“I don't respect your husband, Woman, that is true. I am only continuing the treaty and peace with your planet because you're a neutral. And being on good terms with a neutral planet looks good the the Alliance. I am not yet ready to start taking over planets, but when I do, I will at least do it by surprise. Is that what you wanted to hear?”

Bulma just curled her upper lip. “I guess so. It's not like I would expect anything different from the likes of you!” She had to storm out, run away. Tears thrashed at her eyes, fearing to pave an acidic trail down her cheeks. She was starting be grow accustomed to the man. Not really endearing, not really fond, but the feelings that he put through her body would eventually make her care for that man. And even though it hurt, she was glad he stopped them from evolving.

Vegeta just stood in the library. He'd said things that hurt her, things that were true, but he didn't want to drive her away from him just yet. The plans with Atrono were coming to a close, they would be leaving in a matter of days, and Vegeta wasn't ready for things to remain unsettled between him and his woman.


Bulma was just relaxing in a nice warm bath thinking about Yamcha. He was such a gentleman, so in touch and nice with other people. He was at least in th library, so he probably liked books; maybe this was someone she could connect with on this planet, like Chichi. He probably wasn't as much of an idiot as Vegeta had said he was.

Thank goodness they didn't have too much longer on this dreadful planet...

First of all, in three days, she had been seduced by the King of this planet, cheated on her husband with said man, made a friend [a good thing], holed herself in a library hiding from this King, and wound up staying the whole day talking to some guy she didn't really know [but could in all find herself spending the rest of her life with from the looks of it].

Once again, thanks goodness they were days away from leaving this place. Bulma realized that she had met so many people, integrated herself into a 'social circle' of people that she would never forget, but at the same time was wistful about going back to her own mundane, sex-less home planet to be free to breathe and let her guard down.

She took in a deep breath and sank all the way into the bubbly, warm water letting out her breath in slow gasps. She was deep in thought until she heard someone burst into the bathroom very loudly.

Her whole body flew out of the water, hands covering the most important parts, and looked at the intruder. To her surprise it was her husband, even though she wouldn't put it past Vegeta to come barging into her private quarters.

“What is so important that you have to interrupt me?” Her husband looked at her like she was ruining his dramatic entrance.

“Great news! The contracts are going very well with King Vegeta that we may have this wrapped up before the week is out!” Bulma smiled at the news; they would be out of there earlier than expected! “And the best part is that the King has been so generous as to invite us to stay longer as his guests – this way we can just relax in this luxurious palace. It's much shinier than our own!”

“Bu-but, don't we need to get back to attend to our own planet's dealings, dear?” She leaned across the tub and tried to give him her cutest face. Maybe this would work. She couldn't take that stupid King for too much longer. “I mean, there are so many things that we should get through... maybe get some things out of the way so we can pave the way for our children?”

Atrono looked at her for a moment and his face lit up. “You mean... you're carrying my heir?!?” He was so easily pleased; but he had it all wrong. Bulma was thinking that the temptation of making an heir, to have sex and conceive, would be enough for him to pack up and get home. However, she wasn't pregnant and had not meant to put that idea in his head. “That's wonderful; I shall announce at dinner tonight, and we shall celebrate!” He turned on his heels and walked out of the room at once, not pausing to let her finish.

All Bulma could do was sit there in the water, grasp the edge of the tub with her worried, white fingers, and stutter a bit from her throat. “Oh, no...” She gasped. She wasn't pregnant, that she knew for sure. But when her King announced that she was tonight... what would Vegeta think? Would he believe it, not that he would have any reason not to. Would be think it was his? She couldn't tell.

But he'd certainly track her down and question her about it; of that she was sure.

She pulled the cord with her toes and let the water drain, not rising from the tub until the water was completely gone.


Dinner was as usual, the quiet talk and banter filling the blank spaces. She could feel the excitement in her husband next to her; he was eager for the right moment to tell everyone that he would soon have a successor. Bulma was dreading it. She kept glancing at Vegeta, who was usually staring back. He was probably taking the looks as a sign that she wanted him again... that his appearance in the library the night before was enough to make her come back to him.

The inevitable sound of a knife tapping lightly on a glass sounded through the dining hall. Vegeta's eyes (and everyone elses') moved to her husband. Bulma writhed underneath the sudden attention to her part of the table.

“If I may interject for a moment, fellow noblemen, I have an announcement to make. As you all know, I have brought with me my wife,” he gestured to Bulma at which Vegeta's eyes bore into her skin and never left. “And just this morning, she informed me that I will soon have an heir, a successor to my throne! I am proud to announce that I will soon have a son.” A small round of applause circled the room, of course all the noblemen would be proud that he was increasing his line. That's probably all they cared about.

Bulma risked a look at Vegeta, who had not taken his eyes from her face. They were unreadable, but she could guess he was trying to decide if it was his, if he should ask her, corner her and demand to know what was going on. She had to admit, Bulma wouldn't mind talking to him and setting things straight that she wasn't pregnant with his child, or anyone's actually.

Her husband sat down next to her and brushed his hand over her shoulders. He was trying to be possessive, obviously oblivious of the other King's attentions. She once again excused herself from the table and left the hall without looking at her husband or Vegeta or anyone else. This night was going horribly, she just wanted to go home!

She wished Vegeta had never kissed her!

But Bulma hadn't expected the King to follow her. Stopped in the hall outside the dining room, Vegeta's hands on her shoulders were oddly gentle, shocking her as she turned to look at him. His eyes were not as gentle, however, for they were questioning and demanding. Bulma didn't want to do this now, she tried to turn but his hands threw her into the wall.

“Careful, Vegeta, you'll hurt the non-existent baby.”

“You deny what he said. Your husband announced you told him you were with child.”

“I'm tired of your statements, and having to repeat myself multiple times. I'm not pregnant. He misunderstood something that I said. So you don't have to worry, it's not yours.”

His grip loosened, and she walked down the hall.

But he was faster and followed her, throwing her again into one of those convenient nooks that were so strategically placed. She wasn't pregnant, he could be a little rough. Vegeta would admit that it was a relief to know that the hypothetical child was not his but also that she wasn't pregnant at all. “Then why do you run, Woman...”

“Vegeta, let me go.” Struggling was no use, and everyone of importance was getting drunk in the dining hall, yelling rape wasn't going to do anything but get her in trouble with this man. “I just wished that I had never come here, met you, kissed you... I just- just wish that you hadn't shown me what a real man can do to arouse feelings in me that I've never experienced, but you have! I hate you; I hate that I like being around you!” The tears that had almost spilled the day before outside the library were coming down fast; Bulma turned her head to hide the weak expression from this sadist. Her voice was just a whisper among their breaths, “I just wish that we hadn't gotten so involved; when I leave, what will I do without you?”

Even as her face was turned away, looking at the cracks of the stone wall beside her, he raised his gentle voice ever so slightly and said, “I don't regret a thing.” And Bulma fainted. Was it shock from hearing him say those words or was it just exhaustion from struggling with her lover, Vegeta didn't know. His eye twitched a bit at her cliché exit when he was just trying to be unusually affectionate, but nevertheless he picked up her limp body and strode down the empty corridors to his chambers.


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