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The Prince and the Sorceress
Chapter 1
Sorceress v's Prince
It was the night after the mysterious youth had appeared. It had been a surprise for Bulma to learn that Goku had learned a version of her teleportation technique. There had also been that strange boy that hadn't said much. What he had said had been to Goku only and he had left before Bulma could read his mind. Goku had flown quickly away as if he had been warned she would try it. There had to be something about that new Saiyan but she couldn't figure it out. Vegeta hadn't been happy at the boy being a super saiyan, but he never was happy. It was hard to tell when he was. She glanced at her grumpy guest.
Vegeta sat silently at the table eating his meal. Bulma watched him eat; the youth and he did have a lot of similarities. They must have been related somehow, but Vegeta wasn't to hear this thought. It would only start a vicious fight.
The boy had kept his thoughts and feelings from her, just the same as Vegeta, another similarity.
"What are you looking at?" He snarled.
"Always polite aren't you," She retorted. "Any more and I won't tell you of my plan for your training."
Vegeta huffed, insulted by her offer, "I don't need help."
Ignoring him, she continued. "If I were to create a chamber that could intensify the gravity, it would increase your strength."
"With your witchcraft?" Vegeta still held the thought that he would be turned into a frog as she promised.
"I would make it so you could control it. I made one for Goku's spaceship." Vegeta growled at that name.
"How high did Kakarrot reach?" he asked quietly.
"At least 100g," she smiled; she had thrown a challenge, he had to accept.
"Then I will go to 400g and beyond. I will become stronger than that third class idiot." Vegeta had to beat Goku; it meant everything to him.
"Will you be training too?" Vegeta asked. "Your performance on Namek was pathetic."
"My powers are bound to this planet. I was still adjusting to the different atmosphere and elements when you attacked." Bulma, on the alien planet, had fought him for a dragonball. She had lost miserably, and he had never let her forget it.
Vegeta snorted, "Weak excuse woman, you just lost practice of sparring."
"Sorceresses do not spar, but I will make an exception considering the circumstances." Bulma had a premonition when she saw the boy. She was all alone on a dying planet just her and the faceless androids.
She shivered; premonitions were a glimpse into what could be; they were never certain. She had to train to make sure that future didn't happen.
"We will fight each other tomorrow at ten, after breakfast of course," she said. She rose from the table, wanting to calm her thoughts. Vegeta always managed to make her angry. Negative emotions were a step towards dark magic. A place she wished to avoid at all costs.
Vegeta returned to his large dinner. He was looking forward to beating some sense into that witch. She had taunted him with her high powers ever since he began living here. Now he would find out exactly what she was boasting about.
At 9:50, Bulma prepared the battleground. She flattened a large round circle into the earth. She began a small meditation wishing herself luck against the Saiyan. Bulma was not allowed selfish spells, which had been very difficult for her to learn. Her first tutor, Baba, thought she would head towards the dark arts but she stayed in the light. Only just though!
She wanted, as a young teenager, to conjure a prince, a boyfriend for herself. It had gone wrong, and Baba had taunted her for weeks with the monster she had conjured. Goku had saved her from it, and she vowed from that day never to use magic for selfish reasons.
She sat in the centre, deep in her meditation. She could feel the flow of energies all around her. One time Goku had told her about his ki sensing abilities, and she had said there was ki in everything. He hadn't believed her, saying it was only other fighters he could sense. She had tried to explain how everything was connected. He hadn't understood. It didn't include fighting so he didn't want to be taught. He was a good friend and she was glad he had came back. Even if he ran away from her so she couldn't read his mind.
Her clock tower chimed 10, waking her from her thoughts. Vegeta stood at the other side at the circle watching her. He had managed to sneak up on her without her sensing him. She cursed under her breath and stood up. She couldn't understand how he was always able to do that.
"Ready Vegeta?"
"For your defeat, it will be a pleasure." He smirked at her.
Bulma adjusted her battle robes, a simple long robe with slits for easy movement. It wasn't what she usually wore, but she wanted to win. She was going to wipe that arrogant smile off Vegeta's face.
"Let's just do energy attacks for now." She knew she didn't have the same physical strength as Vegeta. Fighting him with fists would be really stupid.
"I wouldn't hit a weak woman."
Bulma smiled; he always referred to her like a weak woman. Well, a sorceress was anything but weak.
He jerked the high collar of his Saiyan armour. "It's still not right, witch, it scratches."
She put her hands on her hips, "Well, excuse me frog prince. The tatters you gave me were hard to duplicate."
"Enough talking, show me how you'll fight the Androids." Vegeta sneered standing back adjusting his weight. He formed a small ki ball in his hand.
Bulma held her hands in front of her chest forming a triangle. She began to chant. Vegeta threw the ball at her head, hoping to singe her hair. Bulma shifted her head and made the ball curve away.
Then the chant was finished, and bright symbols flashed in front of Vegeta. Fire whirled and blasted him from both sides. He avoided most of the flames, but he was still burned.
He flew up, and cursing her, sent a barrage of ki balls. Bulma lifted an energy shield, deflecting them all. She started another chant. Vegeta was angry; it was clouding his judgement. He started a big bang attack, not caring if it killed the witch.
Just as he was about to launch his attack a waterspout erupted from the ground. It knocked him off balance and onto the ground.
Bulma laughed as he landed on his ass.
"That was cheap," Vegeta snarled, drying himself with his ki. He could see now why she had insisted on pure energy attacks. But he didn't say how he would finish it.
"I'm done with the warm up," he charged towards her. Bulma, seeing the look on his face, knew he would hit her. She transmitted above him and out of the way of his fists.
He looked up, "Not this time woman." He flew straight up; Bulma didn't see him coming.
'He was too fast!' She thought as she fell backwards from his uppercut. She powered an energy ball into his chest. He took the blow and kicked her stomach. Bulma collapsed but stayed afloat. She had to get him away from her.
Vegeta swooped in for another light punch. He wasn't using his full strength. The fool woman was physically weak, but her spells made up for it. More symbols illuminated and a cyclone tossed him away.
Bulma landed, keeping her concentration on the wind. It made Vegeta look like a rag doll. He was caught. 'Can't hit me now asshole.' She made some hand gestures and a rock hand appeared from the ground.
It caught him; Bulma clenched her fist. The rock hand mirrored her move. Vegeta screamed as he felt a bone crack. He flared up his ki fighting her stone fist. Bulma wiped the blood from her mouth. If the prince wanted to, he could have snapped her neck. She knew he hadn't punched her with full force, but it still hurt.
This made up for the embarrassment she had felt on Namek. He had changed since Namek; death must have sobered him up to what he had done. Bulma felt pity for him; she was the closest thing to a friend. She floated over to him, secure in the knowledge that he was held by her will.
"Apologise Vegeta," she said to him, "you said you wouldn't hit a weak woman."
He opened his rage filled eyes. Bulma was eye to eye with him.
"You're not weak." He muttered giving her a wink. Bulma relaxed her fist a little. Suddenly she realised but it was too late Vegeta was powering up.
There was a large explosion. It was felt down the valley and across the dessert. Anyone that heard the bang screamed.
Their beloved protector Sorceress Bulma lived in the mountain; Yamcha heard it on the wasteland. He looked at his friend Puar.
"Oh no it must be Vegeta!" he said to his little friend. They flew towards the palace anxious to what they might find.
Elsewhere, in a mountain cottage, the Son's were sitting around eating their lunch.
Goku stopped eating, "Hey Gohan did you feel that?" He had sensed a large familiar ki rise.
Gohan nodded his head. "Vegeta..."
"What is it?" asked Chi-Chi. "You're not leaving me again!"
"Sorry I gotta go Chi, Sorceress Bulma's in trouble." He said placing two fingers to his head. He instantly transmitted away.
"You better come back buster." Chi-Chi growled to the thin air. He had only returned from space yesterday. Gohan crept silently to his room as his mother ranted to an invisible Goku.
Author's Note: Do you want to know what happened between the prologue and chapter 1? Not much, the wishes were made as you remember except Vegeta made a wish for a spaceship to find Goku. Seeing as there's no Capsule Corps to steal/borrow from. That's it not much worth to write a paragraph with.
Also, Freya asked me in a review what I based Bulma's magic on. I haven't read the books you mentioned. I will say though that I play too many RPG's for my own good. (Including DBZ ones but they don't count.) So, the magic is a weird elemental, spirit, Wicca kinda thing. The main thing is that it is connected to her environment and has strong rules. So, Bulma can't use selfish spells, i.e. ones that would benefit only her. But I'll get into that further into the story.
Hope that helped Freya.
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