Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ The Prince and the Sorceress ❯ Healing Time ( Chapter 3 )

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Chapter 2
Healing Time
Goku had teleported in amongst complete chaos. The air was thick with dust and static with the release of the combined ki energies. The tall Saiyan squinted into the mess, trying to find his best friend and also his best rival. A twitching hand caught his eye. Bulma was lying on top of Vegeta but buried under a thick layer of rocks. He pulled their unconscious bodies out of the rubble. Bulma's housekeeper ran out to greet Goku. She was a nice lady, Goku thought, always ready to cook him a meal. Mrs. Blunt fussed about trying to wake them up.
"Whoa, what happened," he gasped looking at the unconscious faces. No one answered Goku's question. Mrs. Blunt was too busy scolding Bulma for over doing it.
"Mrs. Blunt do you want help?" Goku asked the ditzy housekeeper. "I could take them to their rooms if you like."
"Oh, Goku, that would be marvellous. You're an absolute sweetheart," Mrs. Blunt simpered.
Goku lifted Bulma up on one shoulder, Vegeta on the other. The housekeeper, Bulma's only servant, led him right in and told him where to put them. The old blonde woman chatted away to Goku while he tucked them up in their beds.
Goku was happy that everything had settled and he could leave before Vegeta or Bulma woke up. He knew how much the prince resented him, plus he didn't want Bulma peering into his thoughts. He sniggered, remembering what Trunks had told him.
"Bye Mrs. Blunt, I have to go before Chi-Chi threatens to starve me," Goku said before teleporting away.
"Okay dear, whatever you think is best. Now look who's awake," Mrs. Blunt chatted away.
As Bulma groggily opened her eyes, she mumbled a small chant. She then slipped back into unconsciousness before Mrs. Blunt could ask her anything.
A few hours later Bulma had awoken fully. She lay on the bed focusing away the pain. She heard a loud knocking, Mrs. Blunt was speaking to the visitor, but who ever had come, it wasn't a stop to be social.
Bulma looked up to see Yamcha and Puar skidding in. He looked stressed and anxious. Puar hovered behind Yamcha, scared at the thought of Bulma being injured.
"Bulma did Vegeta hurt you?" He examined the bruises on her face, "He hit you!"
"Yes," Bulma admitted. She concentrated on her lower ribs and sat up. "We were training. If Vegeta meant to kill me I believe I would be dead right now."
The look on Yamcha's face told her he wasn't so sure.
"But you've ascended to Sorceress, you don't need to train." Puar nodded in agreement.
Bulma sighed, "The androids remember, I can't get sloppy." She crossed her arms, slightly angry. Everyone treated her like a fragile flower. Just for her to look pretty, create nice spells and run when danger comes. The only person that didn't treat her this way was Vegeta.
"Come on Bulma, you don't need to train with HIM!"
"If you're volunteering, go look at Vegeta." Bulma had a mysterious smile on her face, "I'd quite happily challenge you next."
Yamcha stepped back, not sure what she meant. She always seemed scary when she smiled like this. It was serene and knowledgeable, a frightening look on the powerful woman.
"Go on Yamcha, take a peek. He's unconscious," again the smile was on her face. Yamcha felt he had to look now. He ran down the pink corridors until he reached a white one. Cautiously he peered into the bedroom. Vegeta was slung on the bed with more bandages, bruises, and even burns. He was in worse shape than Bulma. Now he knew why she had been smiling.
He winced in empathy. 'I'm glad I've never asked Bulma out now.' Yamcha made a quick exit before Bulma asked him to train. He was nowhere near the level of Bulma or Vegeta.
Mrs Blunt watched him go from Bulma's window.
"Oh that nice Yamcha is leaving." She turned and gave Bulma a goofy smile, "such a nice man never did have the courage to ask you out." Mrs Blunt had been Bulma's house or more fitting palace keeper since she ascended at 18. She had appeared from the village in the valley. She reminded Bulma of her mother. She had last seen Mrs Briefs when she was five. It was a blurry memory, but she had the same goofy smile.
Bulma had run away from her father. He had wanted to make her a scientific genius, and send her to college to get a degree. Bulma had plans to be the greatest sorceress there ever was, and she hadn't returned since. They hadn't contacted her so why should she? Bulma wondered sometimes if she should, but her stubbornness stopped her every time. She couldn't even remember the company they worked for.
"How's Vegeta?" Bulma asked trying to get her mind off her past.
"Oh fine, that binding spell is holding. His eyes look furious; you'd better heal him soon."
Bulma laughed slightly, causing her to wince in pain. She was unable to heal herself but once she was better, she could heal Vegeta. Not that she would get any gratitude.
"I can feel his anger. It's absolutely emanating from his room. I am going to have one massive argument when I go through the door."
"Yes Sorceress, but heal yourself first. How are your ribs?" her housekeeper pleaded.
"Bruised and cracked, I'll have to get better defending spells."
Mrs Blunt moved over to see and apply some more healing cream. "Oh my I can see a shape of a fist in your bruise."
Bulma smiled again, she hadn't felt this much pain since Namek. Even then, Vegeta must have kept most of his strength from her.
"He won't kill me. I think he has changed, even if he won't admit it." She coughed as her lungs screamed at her. 'Damn it I really need to work on my defences.'
It was then she felt the furious Saiyan's thoughts. He was projecting all his hatred and anger.
~Woman what have you done? I can't move~ he yelled in her head.
Bulma sighed; he was getting better at throwing his thoughts at her. Before, he only could do it in close quarters. Now she could hear his mind scream from across the palace.
~It's for your own good Vegeta. Just lie down and relax. I'll only let you go when you're healed.~
His curses were heard as echoes in her head. Bulma cut off the mental link. It was disturbing her concentration.
Vegeta growled in frustration, furious that he was subjected to her spells. He hadn't realised how powerful she could be. 'What the hell happened in Namek then?' She had only thrown one small fireball, no strength at all. 'So that explains baldy's shock at her pitiful performance. She is the most powerful human on this planet.'
It seemed to add to his anger the fact that she had been so powerful. She could easily defeat him from a distance. Maybe even kill him with a single thought. It sent a chill down his spine. If the sorceress had put her mind to it, she could have disposed of him long ago.
Vegeta's thoughts were broken by his door opening. Bulma limped in holding her side. She looked angrily at him. As if it was his fault she was here.
'I thought I was to remain here till I was better?' He tried talking to her telepathically, but she didn't reply or she blocked his thought. His mouth was restricted along with his other muscles. He had been unable to shout or even growl.
Bulma muttered something under her breath. Vegeta was surrounded by a green light. His wounds tingled and sparkled. His confusion was stopped when he realised he could move again. His injuries were fully healed. He opened his mouth to say something but Bulma's gentle eyes caught his attention.
Bulma gave a half smile and turned away, shuffling back towards her room.
"Woman," Vegeta called standing up.
Bulma kept moving away.
"Sorceress," He hissed.
Bulma stopped and turned a small smile on her face, "Yes Vegeta?"
"Why don't you heal yourself or are you too weak?" he asked, hoping to hide his small concern in his insult.
"A Sorceress of the white light cannot do selfish spells," Bulma said as if reading from a book.
"That's stupid; what was that spell you cast keeping me prisoner," Vegeta growled.
"That was a binding spell. It was to keep you from doing harm," Bulma said calmly. She was still in pain and felt close to collapse. The healing spell had taken a lot of energy. Her knees buckled, and her legs gave out beneath her.
Vegeta tried tapping her cheek gently; she was unconscious and in his arms. He had managed to grab her mid fall.
'How can she be so powerful and yet so defenceless.' he thought while stroking her soft cheek.
Mrs. Blunt wandered upon the pair. "Oh Mr Vegeta what happened?" she cried while dropping her tray.
"She used all her energy healing me. Get her bed ready; I'll carry her back."
The housekeeper scurried back to Bulma's room. Vegeta followed, trying to hide his own worry.
Placing her petite form back into the covers, he watched the servant fuss over her.
"You act like a mother," Vegeta said quietly.
"I get called many things," Mrs. Blunt said in her usual bubbly manner. "I enjoy my work it's the only way to get close to her."
"What?" Vegeta questioned, confused by her enigmatic statement. The woman ignored his questioning and hurried to clean up the mess she'd made in the corridor.
Vegeta sat down on the chair. He should be training, with his power restored there was nothing holding him back. Except there was her. She had sacrificed her own health to help him.
He growled irritated at his sudden guilt. 'The prince of Saiyans has no guilt.'
"Vegeta you can go; I'll look after her," Mrs. Blunt said gently.
"I'd rather not, it's a matter of pride now," Vegeta said.
"So you like her then," Mrs. Blunt said, sitting opposite him.
"She is less annoying than the rest of the earthlings," Vegeta said, glaring at the old blonde.
"She's one of a kind," said Mrs. Blunt, proudly. "I'll go make your lunch then if you want to watch her."
Vegeta remained silent. He did want to watch her; he just didn't like to admit it or even deny it.
He watched her breathing, all the while trying to ignore strange emotions going on in his mind.