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Chapter 3
Bulma's Mind
Vegeta leaned back against the wall. He had tried to understand his reasons for staying by her; she was only his hostess, he didn't need to be beside her. Her hospitality had given him a roof over his head; it could be because of that. He dismissed that thought, however, he didn't care about debts. He was a Saiyan Prince, it was an honour for her to do so.
Mrs. Blunt came in again to fuss over him. She brought him a sandwich; he took it and told her to go away. Bulma hadn't awoken since she collapsed, but every now and then, she would levitate. Vegeta would always grab her wrist or ankle and keep her earth bound. He doubted she knew she was doing it. Her state was caused by whatever she was dreaming about.
Vegeta looked down at her wincing face. He wondered what was going on in her dream. He did have some level of telepathy, but to read someone's mind he had to get close. They also had to be unaware. Bulma seemed more skilled in the mental powers than he was. If she realised he was in her mind she could lash back. His mental walls would be down, he'd be open to a mental attack.
Bulma turned over and mumbled something. She seemed agitated by whatever it was; Vegeta's curiosity was getting the better of him. He held his hand above her forehead and entered her dream.
He watched as he saw a young Bulma flying her broomstick. She was dressed in a traditional black witch's outfit with a purple pleat flying out from under the pointy hat. She seemed like she was trying to get away from something.
Suddenly Vegeta saw the thing chasing her. It seemed to be a large demon. It was black with red eyes, the form seemed to shift like dark clouds.
"Get back, I'm a powerful sorceress!" the young Bulma screamed. She hurled a large ball of fire at the monster. It swallowed the ball and burped. Bulma cried out and made her broom fly faster.
Vegeta gritted his teeth. He'd never seen Bulma this vulnerable before. He flew quickly to catch her hoping to discover the truth. If this was a premonition dream or a dream from her past.
The claws slashed at her, catching her cape. On instinct Vegeta lunged at it, punching the thing and freeing Bulma from its grasp. He only realised his mistake when he heard the girl speak to him.
"Vegeta? Is that really you or a dream you?" she asked.
"No, it's your fairy godmother," he spat, hoping she would let him be. This was a mistake; she was too powerful to not notice him.
"The real Vegeta." Bulma smiled. "Only the real Vegeta would be so sarcastic."
Vegeta turned away, his eyes focusing on the vanishing monster. "I shall go. I was only checking that you were...." He fell silent not wanting to say the last word.
"Thanks Vegeta, I think I might have lost that fight." The young Bulma changed; she grew a little in height, her hair turning a blue green colour. The witch's outfit morphed back into the more familiar Sorceress robes.
"That's better. I don't like it when I'm reminded of my more weak form."
"What was going on?" Vegeta snarled. More large black demons were rising from the shadows.
"The Oni are rising, they're trying to attack me in my weaken state." Bulma lips were tight as she said this.
"What are the Oni?" Vegeta growled, irritated that he didn't know what was going on.
"Demons from another world. They like to try and break into this world," Bulma explained. "I defeated them before a couple of years back. It is a Sorceress's duty to guard this plane of reality from other worldly threats."
"Doesn't Kakarrot help? I thought he was your hero."
"I couldn't ask for Goku's help; he doesn't understand real evil. He's too soft..." Bulma silenced her voice remembering Vegeta was one of those beings that Goku was too soft with.
Vegeta just crossed his arms gave her his best arrogant smirk. "I agree Kakarrot is far too soft. So you would kill me if I was your enemy."
"You're not my enemy Vegeta," Bulma sighed. The shadows started surrounding them. "Now is not the time for such debates. If you wish to return to your own mind you will assist me."
"Why does a powerful Sorceress need my help?" Vegeta snarled.
"It's not only me that's in danger, you are as well," Bulma snapped back. The shadows had begun a small taunt, low and menacing. "Look around Vegeta, we're surrounded. Now stop being so pig headed and assist me!"
Vegeta glanced around at the darkness. "Shit," he whispered, it was far too familiar to the hell he had recently visited when he died. A place he'd hoped he wouldn't see again for a while. He looked over to Bulma; she was white against the demons' blackness. She held up her staff, the orb at the end glowing illuminating light. A line of light encircled them.
"I'm feeling a little better now Oni," Bulma shouted. "I suggest you leave now, my mind is not a place for demons to tread."
The Oni merely sniggered. "We think you're bluffing Blue Light. We wants revenge."
Vegeta made a ki ball in his hand. "This is no bluff," he snarled, sensing an obvious battle. The warrior couldn't resist.
"We knows of you," hissed the shadows. "You is the Prince."
"You know nothing of me." Vegeta yelled.
~Stay calm Vegeta, these demons prey on your weaknesses.~ Bulma telepathically soothed him.
~I am not weak.~ Vegeta snarled back.
"We hears your thoughts." The Oni said in a singsong voice. "We thinks Prince is weak."
Vegeta roared in anger.
"Vegeta you're safe in the circle," Bulma pleaded. "They want you to pounce on them."
Vegeta saw the circle that she had created; it was made purely of blue light. "I do not need a circle to defend myself," he growled.
"Yes, yes show us how strong you are," the Oni said in their multiple voice.
Bulma sensed the danger; Vegeta seemed easy to anger. The same as she was when she first met the Oni. They had taunted and teased her until she attacked them. She had nearly died that time. Now she was older and wiser; she had to protect Vegeta from that same error.
"Trust me Vegeta," Bulma cried. "They cannot step inside the circle. It is a good strategy to stay inside and attack from here."
Vegeta just grunted his understanding. These beings were not something he had fought before. He was incredibly uncomfortable in Bulma's mind. This was a new battle ground for him; he fired a quick ki blast into the shapeless darkness.
There was a squeal of pain from the Oni. He smirked, recognising their weak taunts from before as what they were: a shallow attempt at making him leave the circle of light.
Bulma saw his evil smirk and smiled to herself. Vegeta was obviously a lot more observant than she had been.
"I'll show you just how weak this Prince is," he growled. Vegeta charged up hundreds of small Ki balls throwing them in the air.
"Missed us.." the Oni chanted.
It was too soon, the hundreds of energy balls changed direction. They homed in on the pointed heads from the shadows, exploding on contact. The circle of light flared up protecting the two figures from the blast.
As the dust settled, Bulma looked around her. "Wow, I'm going to get such a headache from this." The shadows had gone and her dream world was clear and sunny. If not a little scorched.
"That is what they get from challenging the Prince of Saiyans," Vegeta gloated.
Bulma sat down, letting her protective circle dissipate. "Thanks," she gasped, as her exhaustion took over her. The Sorceress robes disappeared and Bulma returned to the 16 year old witch form.
"Why did you change back?" Vegeta asked, still keeping his distance. He did not want to look in any way concerned.
"It happens when I've used up a lot of energy," the young Bulma explained. "I was close to being captured by the Oni. I was bluffing, my strength hadn't returned. My sorceress look was a glamour."
"Glamour?" Vegeta questioned, cocking his head.
"An illusion. I was still the scared 16 year old. Just one with a sorceress's skin on." Bulma pulled her knees in towards her, "Are you going to stay and keep me safe?"
Vegeta sat down opposite her and crossed his legs, "Maybe, I have other things to do."
Bulma waved her arm and a tree sprouted behind him. "You look nice sitting under a tree," she said. "When I saw you after Namek you looked at peace under the tree. Like you had finally found your own personal heaven."
Vegeta crossed his arms and leaned against the tree. "There is no peace for a warrior."
"There is no peace for you, Vegeta, because you won't let yourself have peace." The little teen smiled at him.
"If you're going to analyse me I'll leave."
Bulma's eyes went wide for a minute, "Okay I'll keep you entertained."
Vegeta stayed silent.
"How about I show you how I met Goku?" Bulma asked; she knew he had been curious about it.
"Kakarrot's a fool," Vegeta snarled, but he didn't object too much. Bulma accepted that he did have some curiosity. He just had far too much pride to admit it.
Bulma now had full control of her mind; the Oni were long gone. Vegeta for now was her protector. It meant she could shape the world around her without fear of demonic repercussions. Not that Vegeta would learn how much she was indebted to him.
She conjured her broom into her hands. "Okay the story is I was collecting dragonballs to make a wish."
"What was your wish?" Vegeta smirked, seeing how ridiculous she looked on a broomstick. He tried to stop his dirty thoughts.
Bulma blushed slightly, embarrassed at her selfishness, remembering her boyfriend wish. She was unaware of what Vegeta was smirking about.
"My wish was silly," she murmured. "It doesn't matter. It wouldn't have worked."
"Woman, you're going to have to tell me." Vegeta smirked. He found it amusing to see her flustered with a mixture of barely controlled anger and embarrassment.
"I wanted to wish for a life time supply of strawberries," Bulma said, unsure why she hadn't said the full truth. At first, she did want strawberries, and then the boyfriend idea had popped into her head. "Look can I do the reconstruction or not?"
"I don't really care," Vegeta said, making a mental note to tease her later.
Bulma flew up in the air. "So anyway, I had collected two dragonballs already and I was following my tracking crystal to the third."
Vegeta arrogantly yawned to show his boredom. Bulma frowned but continued, happy in her memories.
"When I hit a walking fish." A large fish appeared with legs.
Vegeta sat up, a puzzled look on his face.
"So naturally I scream and Goku comes out and tries to attack me." A young Goku appears from under the fish. "He thinks I'm after his fish, which I'm not."
Vegeta glared at the small Goku who was looking at Bulma as if she was the alien.
"Goku had never seen a girl before, never mind a witch. Luckily, his grandfather had the dragonball I sought. So I convinced him to help me find them all."
"For a life time supply of strawberries," Vegeta repeated not really believing it.
Bulma froze her imagined friend. "Look would you rather go and train? I have some personal healing to do and mental walls to strengthen." Bulma's eyes were narrow with her annoyance. She had hoped to build up a bit more trust with her guest. Especially since he had saved her from the darkness.
Vegeta walked up to Goku and tried to kick him. His foot was stopped dead as if Goku was made out of steel.
"Vegeta that's not nice to pick on small boys," Bulma yelled.
"Just checking." Vegeta smirked, "I wouldn't want to waste the opportunity."
Bulma couldn't answer back; Vegeta had left her mind. She presumed he didn't want to appear too concerned for her.
'It's strange, I thought he didn't care about anybody but himself.' Bulma was distracted by the feeling of her skirt being lifted up. She turned to see the small Goku.
"What do you think you're doing?" Bulma snapped at him, being drawn back into her dream.
"Well, I was just checking to see if you had a tail." the little Goku said sweetly. "But, don't worry I'm sure witches and girls take a little longer to grow theirs."
Bulma looked down at him with a big nervous grin. "Do I look like a saiyan."
This was the wrong answer; the boy looked extremely puzzled.
"Oh, go away Goku. I have a lot of repair work to do," Bulma sighed. The image of Goku and his fish disappeared. For some reason Bulma was more worried about Vegeta than the imposing Oni threat.
Her mind occupied with strange thinking. She was finding him very, very attractive. He was even more attractive when he was arrogant. He would be the weakness that the Oni would want to exploit in her.
'I have to purge these emotions from me. When I'm well I'll get Vegeta's Gravity chamber made to help detain him.' Bulma thought to herself. She returned to her Sorceress form and levitated in a deep meditation; for some reason she had meditated a lot more since Vegeta returned from space.
Author's Note: So Vegeta saved Bulma from this new dark threat. Will the Oni draw them closer or apart? Will Vegeta be beside her when Bulma wakes or will it be Mrs. Blunt?