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Chapter 11

Bulma clung to Vegeta as they flew back to the palace. She couldn't believe the past few hours. It had all happened far too fast, but the most scary thing to her was how she felt about Vegeta. It had become obvious to how much Vegeta meant to her. The pain of seeing him under the Oni's control, the way it hurt as he was so cold to her and the horrible feeling when he died.

"WOMAN LOOSEN YOUR GRIP!!" Vegeta roared.

Bulma jumped, a memory of his previous ferocity shot up in her mind. She had been holding on to his neck far too tightly.

"Uh... sorry." Bulma stuttered. "I don't like flying like this."

Vegeta grunted and continued over the mountains.

"I usually only fly on... on ... Binky, I don't fly by myself."

Vegeta grunted again.

"I mean I can levitate and fly a little but it's harder to fly long distances." Bulma explained, feeling more at ease by the sound of her voice instead of the silence. "I get tired too easily and you saw how far I can teleport. It one of my few weaknesses but I can control the elements with ease, maybe I should use the wind to fly? That actually might be a bit dangerous but I wouldn't mind trying it just one..."

"Woman." Vegeta growled.

Bulma ignored him and continued. "I mean the vortex of wind that I'd need to create would be huge, I know I'm not heavy but it would need a lot of wind to keep myself upright..."

"Bulma!" Vegeta snapped.

Bulma stopped her jabbering. "What?"

"Shut up."

Bulma blushed, embarrassed that she'd talked so much. She'd tried hard over the years to keep herself in check. She knew how much of a blabber mouth she could be. It was also partially the relief she felt that the Oni were now under control. All she needed now was to find Mrs. Blunt and destroy their lair.

They past the last peak and they entered her familiar valley. Bulma gasped as she saw the devastation she and Vegeta had left.

"Oh no Mrs. Blunt!" Bulma cried, she freed herself from Vegeta's grip and fell to the ground. She slowed her descent with a small levitation spell. As she landed she dropped her staff and ran to the kitchen..

The windows were all shattered and most of the walls were cracked and damaged.

"Mrs. Blunt!" Bulma called out. There was no answer. Bulma heard footsteps behind her and turned to see Vegeta had followed her.

"She's hurt." He said.

"How can you...?" But Bulma knew the answer as soon as she'd said it. He could smell blood. Bulma didn't wait for the answer she knew. She burst into the kitchen, Mrs Blunt was on the floor unconscious.

Bulma dropped to her knees and felt for a pulse. She was still alive. "Oh thank the goddess!" Bulma gasped. She lifted her head onto her lap and swept away the stray hairs.

"When the window shattered she was standing right beside it." Bulma said to Vegeta who stood at the doorway.

"Heal her." He said simply.

Bulma nodded and concentrated on focusing her ki energy. She had to gather enough ki to power her spell. She grimaced as she felt her power fade. She was too weak from her battles. She did what she could and stopped. Mrs. Blunt wasn't fully healed but her injuries had partially healed.

"I've done what I could." Bulma panted.

"You're not going to faint again." Vegeta growled.

Bulma ignored his jibe and said. "If you can be bothered please help me take my house keeper to her room."

Vegeta didn't answer but he did as she asked. He followed her as he held Mrs. Blunt in his arms. He held his breath, hoping that the ditzy woman wouldn't wake up. She was a terrible flirt and to have the biggest flirt he's found in his arms sent shivers of revulsion's through him. He preferred to carry Bulma in his arms. It had been nice to carry the sorceress in his arms. He knew it was only temporary, she would regain her strength soon.

Bulma opened a door. "Just put her on the bed, please." Bulma said. "I never go into Mrs. Blunt's room it would be an invasion of privacy."

Vegeta again did as she asked again. His quiet compliance was his way of making up for the 'Oni invasion.' After the Oni was finally destroyed he inwardly vowed not to be so submissive.

*You're like a great big bitch slapped cretin.* An inner voice said to him. He threw Mrs. Blunt down on the bed and turned away sharply disgusted with his own submission. Bulma gasped at his sudden roughness and rushed inside the room.

"Vegeta!" Bulma scolded, she pushed past him to get to her house keeper. "How can you be such an uncaring brute!" She fussed over her, getting her tucked in. It was then she noticed Mrs. Blunt's belongings. Framed photographs were hung on the wall. She noticed a purple haired old man with a cat on his back.

Bulma screwed up her eyes, he seemed so familiar. She glanced at another it was the old man again holding a baby. *That must be her daughter.* Bulma thought. The child's face was hidden from view. Bulma looked at another, this time of Mrs. Blunt beside a rose bush gardening. Again the scene was so familiar to her. There was another picture of Mrs. Blunt and she was holding a small toddler with lavender hair. She saw another picture and the realisation dawned.

Bulma looked down to Mrs. Blunt. Her eyes were open and she was looking at Bulma with tears in her eyes.

"Mom...?" Bulma whispered.

Mrs. Briefs sat up. "I.... I wanted to tell you...." She whimpered.

Bulma backed away, unsure if this was something the Oni had done.

"It's just that Teddi wanted to wait till you were ready." Her mother explained.

"You lied to me." Bulma hissed. "You should have said."

"Bulma honey..." Mrs. Briefs sobbed, her tears rushing down her face. "...I wanted to so many times."

"Why didn't you..." Bulma said but stopped as her own tears choked her. She turned at rushed out of the room. Vegeta stood by the doorway as he watched Bulma run down the corridor. He glanced at the now blubbering Mrs. Briefs. It was obvious were Bulma got her dramatic tendency from.

"Please... Mr. Vegeta..." Mrs. Briefs sniffed. "Make sure she doesn't do anything rash."

Vegeta rolled his eyes and followed Bulma's trail. He didn't like this one bit and his mood was getting angrier. He shouldn't be following these women's requests. He should kill them for asking such things out of the Saiyan Prince. He walked into Bulma's bedroom, the door having been destroyed by his previous rush. The hole in the wall that he'd created was still there. Everything was in disarray, books and potions scattered about the room. Bulma was curled up on her bed crying.

Vegeta sighed, these emotions were a weakness. "Stop crying." He ordered.

"I should have know..." Bulma sniffed.

"You're an idiot so what?" He snarled.

Bulma turned to him her eyes burning. "I've lived with that woman for 10 f**king years."

Vegeta was slightly taken back by her sudden swearing. He'd never heard her say that before.

"I took her in blindly! She said she was homeless, would work for food and shelter!" Bulma yelled. "She said she had fallen out with her family, had nowhere else to turn to! So she came to the powerful Sorceress Bulma! To ask for a small job to help me keep my new home! I believed her Vegeta! Every lie she told, I believed!"

Bulma stood up and started marching around the room. Her energy level matched her mood. It was at it's maximum, her aura of power electric blue. Sparks shot out causing the air to fill with static electricity. "All this while playing me for a fool!" A small bolt of lightening shot from Bulma's fist. "I respected the woman's privacy! I should have shot into her brain gouged out the information! The lying bitch! I hate her! I HATE HER!"

At those words a storm erupted around Bulma, rain lashed down inside the room. The clouds swirled around on the ceiling. Vegeta watched in wonder at how the storm matched her current mood. He now understood her need to control her temper.

"Woman..." Vegeta said in a warning voice. Anger was good he knew this, it was what he powered himself on. This seemed more dangerous, like it could loose control. "Woman, control yourself."

A small tornado had begun spiralling from the clouds. "Why should I?" Bulma cried. "She lied and manipulated her way into my home!"

Vegeta shifted his head as a piece of debris flew past him. "I think you should calm down." He yelled through the strong gale.

"I don't care anymore Vegeta!" Bulma screamed. "I've been lied to by my own mother!"

Her eyes met up with Vegeta's. He was shocked to see that they completely glowing blue. There was no pupil or whites of her eyes they were completely blue. The worse thing was the angry white fire that was behind it.

Vegeta marched towards her, rubble and electric sparks blocked most of his advance. He reached her and grabbed her arm. Her ki energy was overpowering as he felt it enter his body.

~Bulma stop this.~ He said to her telepathically. ~You are being controlled by your emotions.~

She looked into his dark eyes. His grasp was so firm and reassuring to her. True, he was as uncaring and cold as ever, but there was something in those eyes...

"Vegeta... I'm sorry." Bulma gasped. Her eyes returned to normal, tears now replaced her previous fury. "I don't know what came over me."

"I think I know." Vegeta said softly. "You figured out Blunt is really your mother."

Bulma pulled her hand away. "You knew!"

"It didn't take a genius to figure out." He said smirking.

"I am a genius!" Bulma spat her anger rising up again. "I should have known! I'm the most powerful Mage on this whole damn ****ing planet."

"So what?" Vegeta spat. "You're whining is annoying."

Bulma bared her teeth wanting to bite him. Her hair was now matted and stuck to her face. Her clothes were still in tatters from the fight. She didn't care about her appearance, what mattered was Vegeta and hurting him like she hurt now.

"You should take more pride in yourself." Vegeta sneered. "Learn who your so called allies are. You would never catch me being so blind." Vegeta kept her close, the storm avoiding both him and Bulma. She couldn't strike him with her magic being so close.

"That's so hypocritical coming from you." Bulma growled. "A Prince who served a tyrant for 20 years and didn't even realise he was the one that destroyed his own planet!"

Vegeta snarled and pulled her closer. "You have no right to speak of such things!"

"And you have no right to speak to me!" Bulma snarled back. Her eyes mirrored the storm that was raging above them. Slowly they began to soften. The sheer intense gaze of Vegeta was melting her. Bulma knew she was loosing control. She had to bite it back, hold it down again. The sheer presence of Vegeta, by him being so close, was drawing all her anger away.

She just could feel the heat and anger from him. There was also an alien emotion emanating from Vegeta... concern.

"Let me go." Bulma gasped. She wasn't sure what to make of this. *Does Vegeta have feelings for me?* She thought. *Those eyes they're so intense with emotion. How could I ever think he was cold.*

"Are you calm now?" Vegeta said softly, he moved his body back and held her at arms length. "I don't want to be killed twice in one day."

"It.. it was the only way." Bulma mumbled. "I didn't mean to kill you... I've never taken a life... I don't want to again."

Bulma tried to pull away his grip was too strong.

"Sometimes we do things we don't want to." Vegeta said.

He released her and walked back to the doorway and added. "Get into some decent clothes Woman, we have some demons to destroy."

"Sure." Bulma said weakly, she looked around her room. She starting to feel exhaustion from her tantrum and sat down on her bed. She could feel her whole inner balance was completely gone. It would take weeks of meditation to put her centre back to normal. She concentrated on her breath, trying to forget everything that had happened. To focus on the present state of emergency. The Oni had to be destroyed soon or they would break free and go for Goku again.

She had almost found a slight harmony when...

"Oh Bulma honey..."

Bulma opened her eyes to see her mother.

"What_do_you_want." Bulma stated, punching every word out.

"I.. I just thought you'd like some help getting dressed." She said.

"Perhaps." Bulma sighed. "I am in a bit of a mess." She wiped her tear stained face, she needed a shower and a change of clothes desperately.

"I brought you a senzu bean, I gave one to Mr. Vegeta." Mrs. Briefs said meekly.

"Okay, come in... Mrs." Bulma hissed. "I'm not going to call you Mom."

Mrs. Briefs shook her head. "Of course not."

"I don't know what to call you."

"Mrs. Briefs if you must." The blonde woman said quietly. "I just want to explain."

"Not now Mrs. Briefs, I'd rather get dressed and don't speak to me." Bulma growled.

Mrs. Briefs nodded her head sadly and carried on organising Bulma's clothes.

Bulma remained still on the bed chewing her bean. The only thing certain in her life just now was Vegeta. She was banned from seeing Goku, her house keeper was really her mother, the Oni weren't after her any more. Her friends hardly stayed to visit anymore. Only Vegeta, the proud Saiyan prince was her only constant thing to cling onto. In his own distant way he was there for her.

*When did that occur?* Bulma thought as Mrs. Briefs fussed around her.


Author's Note: What I should have written when Bulma clicked about her Mom:

Suddenly there was a flash of light and angels floated down from heaven. All singing a chorus of "Hallelujah, at last Bulma gets it!"

It was getting a bit silly.


Mz D: "I just make her a little self absorbed and unobservant! That's in character!"

Chibi Bulma: "Oh Vegeta, were you defending me?" *Sneaks up behind him fluttering eyelashes.*

Chibi Vegeta: "AHHH CHIBI GIRL!!" *Jumps onto the ceiling.*

Chibi Bulma: "Get down here 'Geta so you can get your hug!"

Chibi Vegeta: "I take it back, Bulma's a big stupid ****!"

Chibi Bulma: "What's a ****?"

Chibi Vegeta: "I don't know but that's you, ****!"

Chibi Bulma: "I'm guessing it's a mean word used by potty mouth little dirt bag like you!" *Battle aura erupts.*

Chibi Vegeta: "I ain't no dirt bag, slag!" *Jumps down and starts shaking his fist.*

Chibi Bulma: "Just bring it, doo doo breath!" *Shakes her fist right back at him.*

Chibi Vegeta: "Like you can take me!"

Chibi Bulma: "HI-YA!!" *Punches him out the window!"

Mz D: "No my window!"

Chibi Bulma: "Nobody calls Bulma Briefs a stupid ****!"

Mz D: "You showed him!"

Chibi Bulma: "Don't even make me start with YOU!"

Mz D: *Sweat drops.* "Yes Miss Briefs." *Goes back to typing.*

So um... next chapter the Oni are going to be finally purged from this dimension? Find out next chapter!