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Chapter 10

Bulma watched as her possessed dragon flew away.

"Stop gawking and lets get after it!" Vegeta snarled. Bulma grabbed Vegeta's arm.

"Don't fly there's a quicker way." Bulma said. With that said she teleported both her and Vegeta. They appeared 10 miles away from their original spot. Bulma persevered and teleported again. They travelled the same distance, the dragon was directly underneath them.

"What the..." Vegeta began but Bulma had teleported again.

"...hell are you doing?" Vegeta ended.

"I have to teleport it's faster." Bulma explained. "My distance is limited." There was a flash of light and they hopped further on. The dragon was now behind them.

"I feel sick." Vegeta complained.

"Shh!" Bulma said. "They haven't noticed us yet. If we teleport they can't spot us." They disappeared again now they were in the middle of a snow storm in the mountains.

"This is so stupid!" Vegeta yelled. Bulma didn't have time to answer she teleported again.

They reappeared on a green field. "Not far now." Bulma said as she held onto Vegeta tightly. She was trying not to think about how close she had come to loosing him.

Then they appeared in front of a small house. "We're here." Bulma gasped. She sat down on the grass out of breath.

"We could have flown." Vegeta spat.

"I can't fly for very far, not with my current energy levels." Bulma panted. "Fighting you for real took a lot out of me."

Vegeta remained silent, he wished to say 'sorry I didn't mean it', but the words refused to come out.

"So this is Kakarrot's hovel." He said instead. "What a dump."

"I can sense Goku and Gohan inside." Bulma said.

"The Namek-jin is there as well." Vegeta snorted.

"We can't go in looking like this!" Bulma exclaimed motioning towards her tattered dress and Vegeta's battered appearance.

"There's nothing we can do about it, the dragon will be here soon." Vegeta hissed.

Bulma ignored him and began making a soft chant. There was a shimmering light and the damaged clothes were replaced with clean and perfect ones.

"A glamour." Vegeta said.

"You're catching on, want to be a sorceresses' apprentice." Bulma joked.

Vegeta ignored her and hammered on the door.

Chi Chi answered and seemed shocked to see the pair of them. "Oh, hi Sorceress." She stammered. "I'm afraid everything is in a mess right now."

"That's okay Chi, I just came by to speak to either Goku or Piccolo." Bulma said standing in front of Vegeta.

"Goku's eating just now." Chi Chi said turning her shoulder. From the door way you could see Gohan and Goku stuffing as much food into their mouths as possible. Vegeta turned up his lip in disgust. Piccolo saw them and moved to the door.

"Hmm, we didn't sense you approaching." The Namek-jin said.

"We were suppressing our Ki's." Bulma explained. "We have to warn you all about something." She tried not to look too nervous towards the once Demon King. She still had memories of when he tried to kill her and her friends. In a way she was more agitated by Piccolo's presence than Vegeta's.

Piccolo nodded his head to tell Bulma he was listening. While Vegeta stood out of the conversation, watching the horizon.

"It's the Oni." Bulma said, Piccolo's face seemed a bit shocked.

"That wasn't what I was expecting." The green man growled. "You'll have to explain to me why and who released them."

"They.. they have managed to make a lair in this world." Bulma stammered. "I, I don't know how they got here but they're here."

Vegeta turned to see Bulma stuttering. *Why is she nervous?* Vegeta thought. *She doesn't show her fear to me.*

"So why are you here and not destroying the lair?" Piccolo asked.

"They've possessed my dragon and are making their way here." Bulma said. "They're coming for Goku."

"I'll place a protection spell on the house and keep Goku inside." Piccolo said. "Just contain the dragon, seal them inside it."

Bulma nodding, she already knew what she had to do. It possibly meant binding her dragon forever. Bulma had wanted to speak to Goku herself but she knew Piccolo would know best. He did have a connection to Kami and they had a greater knowledge of the Oni than she did.

"Say hi to Goku for me." She whispered.

Piccolo nodded and closed the door. Bulma couldn't help but feel she was being kept from something. She hadn't spoken to Goku since he came back.

"So what now?" Vegeta growled.

"We wait for the Oni to arrive in Binky." Bulma said.

"Will this work?" Vegeta said pointing to the thumb print on his forehead.

"Yes it should." Bulma answered.

"What do you mean should?" Vegeta snapped.

"It will work only if you let it Vegeta." Bulma said. "Keep your mental defences up and my mark will help you."

"I have a plan." Vegeta growled.

"Okay, tell me." Bulma said. "I'm listening."


Inside Goku's house Piccolo was explaining to the Son family what was happening.

"Bulma's here!" Goku cried. "But if she looks into my mind!"

"She won't." Piccolo said. "You have to create a mental wall and block any stray thoughts." *Plus it'll prevent the Oni creeping in.*

"Why do you have to do that Dad?" Gohan asked.

"He knows a secret." Piccolo said. "We can't tell anyone."

"How come you know!" Chi Chi yelled at Piccolo.

"I have very good hearing." Piccolo said wincing.

"Okay what do I have to do?" Goku said getting in the lotus position.

"Think of something you can focus on for a long time." Piccolo crossed his arms, he knew the answer but he wanted to see if Goku could get it.

"Food." Goku said smacking his lips.

Piccolo nodded, "Just keep focused on food and I'll create the shield to protect the house."

"We're under attack!" Chi Chi screamed. She flung the table up against the door. "Gohan stay close!"

"Mom it should be fine, Bulma is outside." Gohan said as he glanced out the window. "And Vegeta too."

"I can't sense him." Goku said looking up.

"Gohan perhaps it would be better if you took your mother upstairs." Piccolo said to the boy.

Gohan took Chi Chi by the hand, she looked like she was going to faint.

"I thought the androids weren't coming till another 3 years!" She stammered as she was lead up the stair.

"Goku, you have to concentrate hard on keeping your mental walls up." Piccolo growled as he saw Goku looking out the window.

"I wonder what happened to Vegeta?" Goku said as he saw the tense Saiyan Prince outside.

"Goku! Do not reach your mind out!" Piccolo shouted.

Goku sat back down like a scolded school kid. "Geez, I was only curious." He huffed.

"There's an evil power out there." Piccolo explained. "Bulma should be able to handle it."

"Did they look together?" Goku asked hopefully. He didn't like hiding from one of his friends.

"I don't know." Piccolo growled. "I'm more concerned with creating a shield."

Goku stayed silent and decided to concentrate on food as Piccolo advised. *Man, Piccolo sure seems tense about something, it must be serious.*


Outside Bulma could see Binky closing in.

"We were right!" Bulma gasped.

"I take it we can't kill it." Vegeta snarled.

"No, if we did the Oni would leap to the next body." Bulma said the dragon was getting closer. "If you can fight Binky without killing him, it will give me time to bind the Oni inside him."

"I can't promise anything." Vegeta said. He pulled at his gloves, underneath Bulma's ribbon was hidden. He made sure it was wrapped tight around his wrist. *I won't let it happen again.* He promised himself. *The woman is not to be hurt by anyone.*

"Just say you'll be careful." Bulma whispered. She avoided eye contact with Vegeta though she knew he was looking at her. She had been wondering if he'd heard the things she'd been screaming while performing CPR.

"You don't need me." He growled and took off to meet Binky.

"Ah, shit he did hear!" Bulma gasped but quickly tried to concentrate on her binding spell.

She felt Piccolo power up and a bubble of energy surround the Son's house. She tried to ignore her surroundings, knowing Vegeta would protect her. She trusted him, strange though he had nearly killed her 10 minutes ago. Her binding spell needed her full concentration, she couldn't split her mind on different spells or tasks. She had to depend that Vegeta would keep her safe.

~Vegeta, keep Binky away while I perform the spell.~ She said to him in his mind.

~I'll do my part if you do yours.~ He snarled back to her.

*Strange his telepathic voice seems clearer now.* Bulma thought. She brushed away any thoughts and put her mind on her spell. The plan she and Vegeta had thought up had to work, it was the only hope.


The Oni could sense their victory. The one that was more powerful than the prince was near. Soon the demons would leave this weak shell of a dragon and leap into their new owner. They had sucked Vegeta's mind for all the information, though there was still a part shut up from them. It didn't matter they had the information they needed. There was another stronger being that would house their power.

They hissed as they saw the Sorceress standing in front of the house. The Saiyan prince was behind her.

"What are they doing here." They hissed. "We left thems behind."

The dragon reared up determined to get past the pair and to his goal. Bulma was looking directly at him and smirking. Vegeta was behind her his head down and eyes closed. There was something wrong and they were going to find out.


Gohan who had his face up to the window was watching eagerly. "Whoa, Binky the dragon's here but he looks different." He said.

"Gohan get away from the window!" Chi Chi cried while pulling her son close. She glanced out the window. "What does Bulma think she's doing! She'll get herself killed!" She saw Bulma walking up to the dragon, it's eyes red and dangerous looking.

"Her dragon doesn't look so friendly." Chi Chi said.

"I don't think that's really Binky." Gohan said. "Binky likes Bulma, that dragon looks angry."

"Lets just keep away from the window." Chi Chi said. "We have to assume Sorceress Bulma knows what she's doing."

"I guess." Gohan said giving one last glance at Bulma. She wasn't standing like she usually did. She had her arms crossed and her feet apart. *She must be hanging out with Vegeta too much.* He thought as he was dragged back to his desk.


In the field the Oni stood in front of the weakling sorceress. The pulled the dragon up to its full height, dominating over the small woman.

"So its you we have to face." They snarled. "You does not trusts the Prince after what we mades him do."

The Oni watched as Bulma simply glanced up to them and smirked, as if she had the superiority here. They laughed at her expression. "We is not intimidated." The chuckled. "You is all ready too weak, we will defeats you easily and recapture the Prince."

"I don't think so." Bulma said to them. She levitated up into the air so she was eye to eye with the Oni. "You shall go no further."

The Oni roared in anger with her challenge. She was already proven to be weak. She had shown her need for the Saiyan. He was expendable like she was now. The Oni had a new goal, a gullible fool that Vegeta called Kakarrot. If she was wanting to waste her life defending the Saiyans then so be it.

"This is wheres you dog us no longer witch." They hissed at her. The forked tongue flicking out inches from her nose. "You is withouts your staff. The focuss of all your powers. You is helplesss, even your Prince has abandoned you."

"The Prince of all Saiyans is not a coward." Bulma snarled, a sudden ferocity in her voice. "He has given me a chance for vengeance."

"You is not allowed vengeance its against your little rules." The Oni chuckled and with that the whipped the dragons tail round to flick the witch out of the way. Instead Bulma caught the tail and gave a lopsided smile.

Shocked by her sudden strength, they couldn't react fast enough as she whirled them over her head by the tail and let go. The possessed dragon slammed into the ground further away.

"Tricksy witch!" The Oni screamed picking the dragon's body up. "Whatever spells you do won'ts work when your dead."

"You have to kill me first." Bulma taunted. She pulled at her glove, tugging at it. The superior expression still on her face.

The Oni charged and aimed for Bulma. She phased out and was behind them. "Missed." She chuckled. "You're going to have to do better if you want me dead."

"Something's not right." The Oni mumbled. They looked over to the silent Vegeta. The Sorceress was in a fight and he hadn't interfered. They didn't have time to think as Bulma grabbed their head.

"I wouldn't concern your little heads about it." Bulma said as she tightened her grip.

The dragon choked and gasped for air. It didn't make any sense how the Sorceress was now physically strong. They coiled and twisted the snake like body of the dragon. They couldn't break free.

"How...?" They gasped.

Bulma bent down till she was level with its ear. "It's magic."

Then Vegeta looked up, his eyes blue and he held a staff; white light was streaming out of it. The Oni screamed as they realised what had happened.

"Glamors..." They hissed.

"That's right." Bulma said smiling her eyes were black, the Oni could see that now.

The illusion was over. The Sorceress who had been out of the reach the whole time; dispelled the glamors' she had cast. The binding spell was now complete and Vegeta's distraction had worked.

The Oni were now being held by their true captor Prince Vegeta. The spell revealing his true masculine self.

"You know I think I made a good woman." He chuckled. The binding spell was taking effect, the white light was now surround the dragon. Large coils of light wrapping around the dragons body.

"Vegeta let go, or you'll be sucked in too." Bulma shouted.

Vegeta obeyed and flew over to where Bulma stood. "It seemed like they fell for the trap." Bulma said her brow furrowed in concentration. "It's lucky we're similar in height or the glamour wouldn't have worked."

"I am taller than you." Vegeta spat.

The light was swallowing the dragon. "We is not to be tricked this way, we will be strong again." The Oni shrieked.

"Only just Vegeta." Bulma sniffed, ignoring the Oni's feeble taunts. The dragon was now lost in a large ball of light.

"You're unwilling to concede that my plan was sheer brilliance and that your mind would never have thought of it." Vegeta sneered.

"At least I stayed in character." Bulma said. The ball containing the Oni was now crusting over with black matter.

"I wanted to keep the surprise going. I couldn't act all weak and pathetic." Vegeta said smirking.

"I am not weak and pathetic!" Bulma screamed. "I whooped your ass!"

Vegeta laughed at her getting annoyed at him. She was finally giving in to her anger and he was finding it more amusing than threatening. "A surprise attack woman, I won't fall for that again." He was stopped by Bulma hitting him with her staff across his head.

"Surprise!" Bulma snapped. He was thrown on the ground by the blow and was about to retaliate when...


The pair turned to see Piccolo standing his arms crossed. "I hope I'm not interrupting..."

"No." Both Bulma and Vegeta said a little too loudly.

"We were just having a slight disagreement." Bulma added. "The Oni are now contained in that ball." Bulma pointed to the large boulder that was now in front of the house.

Piccolo inspected the large lump of rock. "You have to find the lair quickly." He said. "This will hold but not indefinitely."

"It should last at least 3 days." Bulma agreed. "The lair should be around my palace somewhere."

"Then you should find it." Piccolo said. "I can stay and watch the Oni."

Bulma nodded understanding. "I'll have to tell Mrs. Blunt..." Bulma paused as she remember her house keeper. "Oh, Vegeta, Mrs. Blunt was in the palace when the Oni attacked!"

Vegeta growled, he didn't like the ditzy woman but she was the only cook. He didn't want to imagine what Bulma's attempt at cooking would be like. "Then we should go find her, can you fly?"

Bulma shook her head. "I wouldn't last very far, I'm exhausted."

Without saying another word Vegeta picked up Bulma and flew back to the Palace.

Piccolo was left standing watching them go. *Mammals.* He thought. *Such strange mating rituals.*


Author's Note: So the threat is over...or is it? You'll just have to wait till next chapter to find out.

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